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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 . solidarity from new zealand to the bay area tonight after 49 people were shot and killed at two mosques in new zealand. we are here to show our support to our brothers and sisters in faith because an attack on one is an attack on all. here in the bay area people of
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all faiths gathered to remember the lives lost in yesterday's massacre. good evening. >> tonight the death toll stands at 49 with another 48 hurt. the suspect a gunman appeared in court today. he has been identified as brandon harrison of australia, 28-year-old identifies as a white supremacist. detailed analog manifesto. he is charged with one count of murder but officials say more charges will come. here are details of the story. >> reporter: right now it is 6 pm saturday in new zealand, people are still in shock. funeral preparations for victims are beginning today. the horror of the attacks at two holy places of worship and christchurch new zealand has left families who want to play in peace on fridays now praying for the victims. 49 people dead, caravans of a billets took four dozen to the
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hospital. by saturday morning doctors of the victims ranged from the elderly to the very young, a two-year-old boy recovering, a four-year-old girl in critical condition. through the night police collected evidence, as many as 150 bullets reportedly fired just at the first mosque where the gunman went at 1:45 pm friday afternoon. the shooter then moved to a second mosque just three miles away. >> everybody ran toward the back doors. >> i never thought in my life i would see something like this. >> reporter: one woman driving by so she got caught in the middle of the gunfire, she said she could not reach one injured man who died on the road. she helped another victim into her car and tried to call his wife. >> i wish i could've done more. >> reporter: the suspect, brendan harrison tarrant reportedly broadcast a 17 minute video of himself shooting victims in his pass from a camera on his head that lifestream the footage on
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social media. the suspect appeared in court saturday, investigators say he is a 28-year-old australian identified himself as a white nationalist in a 74 page manifesto that included right- wing means, not the symbols, and descriptions of muslims as invaders. the statement railed against mass immigration, and he said he hoped to pit races against each other in the u.s. and called president trump a symbol of renewed white identity. some called on the president to be careful of his rhetoric. >> the impact the lives of innocent people at home and globally. >> reporter: trump condemned the attack. >> is a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime minister that the united states is with them all the way. 100%, whatever they need. >> reporter: new zealand police say they found two improvised explosive devices in the suspect's car. on saturday, investigators went to his home just south of christchurch with a bomb robot. australian police say his record shows only traffic violations, the new zealand prime ministers said illegally
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purchased the five guns believed used in the attack back in december 2017. >> i can tell you one thing right now. our gun laws will change. >> reporter: in the manifesto, the suspect said three months ago he started planning to target christchurch, or people were arrested yesterday, police say that one is a member of the public who wanted to get their kids home and decided to take a fire. the other two apparently are a couple, they are still being arrested by police. >> i hope they get to the bottom of this. thank you so much. >> hundreds of muslims gathered at the islamic center of san francisco today for afternoon prayers. they prayed for the dead and the injured in the new zealand attack. they were also joined by leaders of different faiths in a show of unity after the tragedy. one worshiper said no one
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should ever have to be afraid to come to a mosque, church, or synagogue. >> i will not be afraid, i will not be frightened of anything that has happened anywhere. i am going to pursue my religion and i am going to say my prayers. >> san francisco police say they have stepped up patrols at several mosques in the area in the wake of the attack. >> tonight hundreds attended a multifaith gathering in marion county. they held candles and stood in solidarity with the people of christchurch. >> reporter: we are at the islamic center of mill valley, established in this community for 30 years. it pulled together an event in just a few hours, and got a heartfelt response. a prayer calling on muslims in time of hardship to rely on prayer. and patients. in this diverse crowd the arabic not understood by all, but the message universal. >> because we are all from the same ancestor.
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>> reporter: the jewish community's shoulder to shoulder with those who supported them after pittsburgh synagogue shooting. >> each and every individual has infinite value. infinite worth. infinite dignity. each and every one of us by virtue of the fact that we are all, each and every one of us, a child of god. >> reporter: inside the mosque, friday prayers. everyone mindful this is where innocent worshipers in new zealand, this is what they were doing when they were so cruelly cut down. >> i hear your cries. i see your sorrow. and i am moved by your grief. some speakers urged individual action, calling out oppression wherever it appears. >> people are taught to hate. that means we need to be influencers of this hate and respond with truth and love.
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>> we come together in defiance of terror. >> reporter: near and the sentimental the crowd california needs to spend more on grants for targeted groups. so places of worship, schools, nonprofits, can harden their defenses. >> there are significant hate groups in california. we are well aware of them. we need to make sure that everyone who is a target of hate is protected. >> even though they might be dead in this world, we strongly believe they are still alive with god. >> reporter: faith provide solace and so does the community, 49 people stepped forward representing each victim. and helped and held candlelight aloft 449 seconds of silence. >> we see the outpouring of support that is come since yesterday afternoon. that is what matters. we are stronger as a community. >> reporter: people were invited to linger afterward here at the mosque and meet new people, and many did. this vigil was all about love and empathy as the best weapons against hate and bigotry. >> well said.
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thank you so much. stay with us for more on the story at 1030, we will hear about the role tech companies played and how they can prevent violence from spreading online. a 14-year-old girl is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries after an accident in san francisco. police say the girl and her mother were walking their dog near lake merced at about 6:15 pm. they were hit by a car. the girl's mother suffered injuries but is expected to survive. the driver did not leave the scene and was said to be cooperating with the authorities. there is no word on what caused the crash. a group of bike advocates formed a human barrier calling for improved safety measures along howard street in san francisco. that is the area were 30-year- old tess roski was killed a week ago. witnesses say a driver and a parked car open their door, forcing her to swerve into traffic. you can see volunteers in yellow vests creating a lien for cyclists, this is video from today.
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san francisco companies including yelp, line, medium encouraged employees to turnout for the event. the demonstrators say they want the city to set protective bike lanes for all of howard and fuller streets in the embarcadero. crews in san francisco sought new safety measures at the side of the collision. they posted a new bike lane on howard street between fifth and sixth roads, city says it is also temporarily restricted parking on the north side of howard street as it works on longer-term improvements in the area. south pacific students went on strike today. >>@action on climate change, the protesters were inspired by a swedish student, year ago she started protesting by herself outside if swedish parliament. her fridays for future movement grew as the weeks went by it today she was joined by tens of thousands of fellow students from around the world. >> we call for a real national emergency. we need to cause an uproar.
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we need a green new deal. we demand to end all fossil fuel development. >> rallies have been taking place once per week and dozens of european cities and today protests were scheduled in more than 100 countries and in u.s. cities from new york to st. paul minnesota. to los angeles. >> [ shouting ] >> as many as 1000 students held a rally and marched in san francisco today, demanding that elected leaders take action on climate change. the students and supporters started at the office of house speaker nancy pelosi, and then went by senator dianne feinstein's office before marching to union square for a rally. the students want congress to declare climate change a national emergency. >> don't reject the green new deal, we are here to tell them that our voices matter even if
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we can't vote, this is the planet we will live on and they need to make a change now. >> the green mobile sponsored by alexandria ocasio-cortez seeks to fight climate change and create thousands of jobs in renewable energy. other bay area rallies were set for berkeley, alameda, cupertino, sonoma, napa. the raiders will stay in oakland for now. but the deal comes with significant rent increases. we've had a beautiful day today, a lovely night, what to the weekend hold? i will have your details coming up. few people know his name but he is running for president of the united states, he is in san francisco for a rally.
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new at 10, an english teacher is now facing child pornography charges. police say they arrested this man at his home in richmond on wednesday. officials say the 41-year-old was put on administrative leave immediately. investigators say this case does not involve current students at the high, but they are not releasing any other details. now to the crowded race for president, tonight to democratic hopefuls rallied supporters of the bay area. together greater potential voters, and andrew yang spoke to a large crowd in san
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francisco. >> reporter: the rally was held here at spark social, a food truck parked in the mission bay neighborhood. the self-described problem solver has attracted a large crowd. >> there is an asian man running for president. who wants to give everyone $1000 per month. >> reporter: andrew yang, a tech entrepreneur, is an unlikely candidate for president. on this friday night, speaking at a rally in san francisco. few people know who he is. but his flexion proposal, that would give every american adult $1000 per month, is attracting attention. he says companies that benefit from automation have taken away millions of jobs. >> we are expecting the greatest technological and economic shift in human history. >> reporter: before the rally he spoke with me about his plan to tax large companies such as
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amazon to help pay for what he calls the universal basic income. >> we have to start thinking bigger about what is happening to our fellow citizens and that have solutions at the ready. >> reporter: the native new yorker says he is a democrat who is neither a socialist nor a progressive. but a futurist. he says as president he would put people first. he supports universal healthcare, forgiving student loan debt, and providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. >> it is not immigrants causing the problems, it is technology and the way it impacts our labor market. >> reporter: audience included people ranging from their 20s to 70s. >> i like the fact that he is working for the future and not afraid to talk about our economy. >> i find it really exciting and intriguing. >> the people who are with them ... >> i am the guy who beat donald trump because the opposite of donald trump is an asian man
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who likes math. >> reporter: the 44-year-old dotted center for america, that helps interpreters create jobs in cities such as cleveland, detroit, and pittsburgh. he says a french description of washington dc is a town of followers, not leaders, help spark his interest in running for president. >> the only way we in washington dc are going to do anything about this is that you create a wave and the rest of the country, and bring it crashing down on our heads. >> reporter: his next campaign stop is new york, he tells me he plans to return to california many times since the state has moved up its primary elections to march 2020. >> thank you. kelsey gabbert spoke to a packed crowd at a home in fremont.? i'm running for president to bring about an end to these -- and an end to this new cold war. >> the hawaii representative gathered supporters at the home
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of --, she told ktvu as an iraq veteran she knows firsthand the cost of war and as president would work toward ending what she calls -- complex. >> unless and until we do that, we take the trillions of dollars were spinning on the source, we cannot begin to make the kinds of real change and investments we need here in our communities, things like making sure we have healthcare for all, and investing in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, making sure we are investing in our kids and their education. >> she is scheduled to hold to town hall meetings in the bay area this weekend, >> there are 15 democrats in the race, including kamal harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, and bernie sanders cory booker.
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the county health department has forced a supermarket and two restaurants to close after roads were discovered on the premises. the market in danville was shut down after health inspectors found road out rodents throughout the store. there's no word on when it will reopen. in, or the cafi inside the jungle was forced to close for the same reason. the restaurant in the hilton was forced to close on monday because of rodents and has since reopened after passing every inspection. a stunning day in the bay area, this was the view from sky fox around 5 pm. no clouds in the sky and a clear view of the san francisco skyline. here is a look at the weather as we head into the weekend and what we can expect for saturday and sunday. >> i do have more of this great stuff. we have a lot to talk about. it is beautiful out there
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tonight. it is been a lovely day, lots of sunshine. we are going to see more of that as we head toward the weekend. temperatures right now, 60 degrees in hayward, believe it or not, 56 in san francisco, 51 in santa rosa, 52 down in san jose. taking a live look at the radar, you can see we have clear skies, the high-pressure off the coast will keep it that way. it is lovely out there, barely a cloud in the sky. that will continue because of that high-pressure. saturday and sunday expecting warm and dry conditions. as we get into tonight, overnight lows should be lovely as well. pacifica 48, 46 san francisco, 41 santa rosa. tomorrow, if you are heading out to the parade, it will be a nice day out there. look for 49 degrees, relatively clear skies, about 55 around 11 am. into our afternoon, highs about 64. not bad at all. are heading to the parade, 64 is a high. you should look out for maybe a light jacket in the morning, it
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should be looking great after that. we will have your extended forecast in a bit. the saga continues. >> raiders, turns out they will play, at least one more season in oakland. the coliseum authority board voted unanimously to approve at least an extension under the deal, they will play $7.5 million to play their home games at the coliseum later this year. that is a $4 million increase in rent for the raiders. it's a lot of money. the team also must pay the $750,000 it owes and parking fees. and the coliseum board will get 100% of any money for stadium naming rights. board members admit they have a clear advantage in their dealings with the raiders, but the team currently has no place to pay for >> we deftly had leverage. the nfl recognizes that the raiders need a place to play. the raiders were not successful in finding another location to play.
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so they have to defaulting continue to play here of the coliseum. >> they have an option to renew the lease for the 2020 season if their new stadium in las vegas is not ready in time. >> it's going to cost them a lot of money. president trump issued his first veto in an effort to keep funding for his border wall. coming up, the effort underway to override that veto. the nba's number one draft pick this year, showed his birth tonight, he showed out, the duke and north carolina game. a home burned to the ground, questions about how quickly firefighters responded and whether resources have kept up with growth.
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firefighters in los angeles county are battling a raging fire in an oil refinery. it was first reported around 7:30 pm tonight at the phillips 66 plant in carson city located by the about a dozen miles south of la. firefighters have been able to stop the flames from spreading beyond the refinery. no injuries have been reported and authorities have not ordered evacuations. a hazmat team is working to assess the air quality in the area. after a fire destroyed three homes last night, people are questioning how quickly firefighters can respond to the growing community in the delta. the fire protection district says it is has fewer than half
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of the firefighters it needs. >> reporter: just before 6 pm last night, the contra costa fire district responded to a fire call on the 2700 block of taylor road, when firefighters arrived, they found three homes fully engulfed in flames, all total losses. >> our first engine arrived at approximately, in approximately 11 minutes. it was from our station 53 right here in oakley. >> reporter: the fire station on bethel island was closed seven years ago. the next closest station, 4.5 miles away, was also closed almost 2 years ago. >> we just don't have the budget to stop the stations. >> reporter: that leaves the district with only three stations to respond. oakley station, six miles away, brentwood station, almost 9 miles away, and discovery bay station, 15 miles away. it's a regionwide problem in this rapidly developing rural
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area. bethel island homeowner james ray wants to return to the old days when they had a fully equipped, fully staffed volunteer fire department. >> everything, it was fine. the county would come in and decided to take it over, they basically pushed our volunteers into their group, and they promise never shutters, and they shut hours and disbanded it. >> reporter: despite that, get this, there's a brand-new firehouse being constructed just one mile away from bethel island, part of a deal between the city of oakley and shea homes when they built this big development out here. it is almost done. but guess what? the district does not have enough money to staff it. and that is on the taxpayers. >> if i had my druthers i would have eight fully functional fire stations covering this area with minimum three person staffing and all the stations. >> something is wrong with the system, they need to fix it.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: and fire season is knocking on the door. a young music lover waiting for a kidney transplant receives a huge surprise. later tonight, one of the surface nurses gave him his first guitar signed by a major pop star. coverage of the new zealand mosque shootings continues with a message tech experts have to social media sites. >> it's a wake-up company for these tech companies. to start taking full accounting for what they are hosting online. >> captioning brought to you by mancini sleep world, head over to mancini's best buys mattress sale or visit sleep
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bay area voters got an early taste of campaign 2020. presidential hopefuls met with supporters this evening, they are and regain, he drew a crowd in san francisco. talking about a universal basic income. hawaii representative was in fremont discussing her platform of withdrawing the u.s. from military conflicts >> three the family of the man suspected in the law shootings is helping authorities with their investigation. the suspected government was identified the court as a 28- year-old responsible for killing 49 people in shootings at two mosques in the city of christchurch. >> tonight there was an
10:31 pm
interfaith gathering at the -- islamic valley of mill valley. lawrence jewish community stood shoulder to shoulder with muslims to support them after pittsburgh synagogue shootings. 49 people stepped forward during the prayer vigil holding candles one for each victim of the shooting. >> it is prompting renewed calls for social media companies to do a better job policing their sites. >> as paul chavers reports, the shootings are live streamed and shared around the world faster than they could be taken down. >> reporter: in the wake of this deadly attack in new zealand social media giants are looking to ways to prevent such violence from going viral. we chose not to show any part of the video because it is horrific. 49 people lost their lives in the hate filled video broadcast live across the world via facebook, and shared millions of times later on other platforms. >> is a wake-up call for all of these tech companies which i also work in one of them, to start taking full account of what they are hosting online.
10:32 pm
and seeing the real-world effects of what is happening, not only in america but around the world. this is >> this is the outcome when you allow to come is to have such a prominent and powerful role in our media system. we now have to turn to tech companies which are unelected officials to deal with what could be a large-scale crisis. >> reporter: the video was taken down but was still circulating on facebook hours after the attack was over. this is a concern for many since the social media giants are having hard time keeping troubled content other platforms. >> facebook tried to remove it but the other accounts were uploading it. other accounts were faster. nathan best book itself. >> what incentive do they have to take on the video. once the flak wears off from traditional media covering them and people complaining, this continues. there is no pressure. to take them down. >> reporter: currently internet giants and others are protected by federal code known as two 230, it states, no provider or user of any interactive computer service shall be
10:33 pm
treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by any information content provider. however issues dealing with illegal acts against children is not covered. >> this is a crime. there is no crime for posting some paint videos. >> there should be the same libel standards. if you damage others with the reporting of content, the platform is held liable for it. >> experts say ai tools and human moderators did not find the lifestream in time. it took new zealand police to notify facebook. cesar sayoc allegedly targeted several democrats before the 2018 midterms. investigators say he sent 16 explosive devices to people across the country including two packages addressed to the
10:34 pm
bay area activists. none of them exploded, he is facing life in prison. there is word the suspected golden state killer was behind bars in the mid-1990s. that was 22 years before joseph d'angelo was taken into custody for a string of violent crimes that terrorize the state. the sacrament dopey reports he was arrested in 1996 on allegations he held at the gas station but the charges were dismissed. authorities say at the time there was no way of knowing the suspect golden state killer was in custody and authorities did not usually take dna samples from suspects then. the police said there was nothing unusual about his arrest. president trump issued the first veto of his administration this afternoon, he vetoed a resolution it was aimed at blocking the president's national emergency declaration. this sets up a battle on capitol hill as the house prepares to try to override the veto. president trump surrounded
10:35 pm
himself with a supportive crowd during the signing ceremony in the oval office but now he will need the support of republicans on capitol hill who can put a stop to a congressional override. president trump's first veto came on one of his signature issues, border security. after the house and senate passed a resolution terminating his declaration of an emergency on the southern border. >> to defend the safety and security of all americans i will be signing and issuing a formal veto of this reckless resolution. >> reporter: he signed it like by members of his cabinet, law enforcement, and relatives of people killed by illegal immigrants. >> the system is breaking. the very humanitarian protections that we hold dear in this country, are at risk. >> reporter: according to attorney general william barr, the president is on solid legal ground. suspect the crisis that we are dealing with today is right on our doorstep.
10:36 pm
the presents a real clear and present danger to the american people. >> reporter: however democrats are already working to get enough votes for an override. house speaker nancy pelosi put pressure on house republicans in a statement saying quote, you have to choose between your partisan hypocrisy and their sacred oath to support and defend the constitution. senate minority leader chuck schumer rebuked president trump today stating, it is no surprise that the president holds the rule of law and our constitution and minimal regard. there is no emergency. speaker pelosi confirm the house will try to override the president's veto with a vote on march 26. to succeed they will need a two thirds majority. if they do, the senate will need the same margin to override the veto. in washington, rebuilding, fox news. in san francisco man is under arrest accused of tossing a puppy into a trashy. he was found badly injured in a dumpster in an apartment complex.
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backups every 25th. the four month old chihuahua mix all three stories down that chute and stayed in the dumpster for four days without food or water. that's had amputate one of his legs because the extent of the injuries. the puppy was named rocky by the staff and animal care and control, we are told one of the investigative officers has adopted her. the suspect, ronald lewis jones, has pled not guilty to felony animal cruelty. after a weeklong teacher strike, the oakland unified school district faces a new challenge. what some educators might be losing their jobs. we have a gorgeous weekend on tap but we also have a little rain in the forecast. your extended forecast is next and we will talk all about it. finding a way to prevent alzheimer's, a new study that suggests that simple solutions are fending off the disease. it's st. patrick's day weekend, everyone's irish, what you should know about the parade and irish beer maker is helping well are victims with a simple hashtag.
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. layoffs are coming to the oakland unified school district, as many as 250 people could receive pink slips by the end of next month. that move follows a decision by the district to cut almost $22 million from the upcoming school budget. a district spokesman said is unlikely that all 250 people will lose their jobs. about a dozen positions were already bacon, and others may be covered by grants. medical researchers are
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suggesting a novel treatment in dealing with chronic age- related diseases. they have determined that skin moisturizer may help fend off such diseases as alzheimer's. diabetes. and heart disease. the medical team at ucsf found inhalation may further the development of another of these chronic diseases and one simple way to help treat these problems is by applying moisturizer. research shows human skin begins to lose moisture and deteriorate around age 50. eli month elon musk's plan to build a high-speed transit tunnel under the streets of las vegas has cleared its first hurdle. this week the convention and visitors board voted in favor of his futuristic people the project. las vegas is just one of a growing number of u.s. cities considering his plan for underground tunnels that would carry electric vehicles at high speeds. he wants to have it ready to go in time for the city's consumer electronics show in 2021.
10:42 pm
wall street finished the week with solid gains, the dow was up 138 points, the nasdaq gained 57, and the s&p 500 rose 13 points. wall street was able to bounce back from last week which was it last week for stocks and 2019. snapchat once it's users to be able to play games in between taking their selfless. multitasking on the cell phone. >> trying to keep you hooked. >> they will launch a new gaming platform early next month. the company is calling it project cognac, it will feature a handful of games from outside developers, designed to work specifically on the popular snapchat app. >> authority bad enough, you get lost for a long time and there. now you want games in between checking all that out? that's a lot. a special surprise for a teenager waiting for a kidney transplant. >> this is so special, having this. i never would have thought i would've ever gotten anything like this. >> awesome story, how one of
10:43 pm
his nurses made this possible. are meteorologist is seeking more sunshine, she will have a complete forecast coming up.
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a big surprise for an ed
10:46 pm
sheeran fan, a 15-year-old boy just got a signed guitar from the musician thanks to a generous gift from one of the nurses at lucille packard children's hospital. ? here's hoping it will bring him comfort while he waits for a kidney transplant. >> don't expect me to sing. i'm not singing. for a 15-year-old, music is a welcome distraction. >> we've been here for eight months in dialysis waiting for a kidney. to pass the time while at lucille packard children's hospital, he has been doing music therapy, learning to strum and pick on a borrowed guitar. his favorite musician, ed sheeran. which turned out to be extremely lucky considering what has happened next. >> ♪ >> reporter: this nurse on the
10:47 pm
scar as part of the guitar as part of a radio contest. immediately kayana bristow came to mind. >> he is 15 years old, i've never seen him cry. and for the first time he broke down and cried. >> he comes from a family of musicians, it was his grandfather that taught him to play. but he never had a guitar of his own. >> it is so special having this. i never would've thought i would if ever gotten anything like this. >> reporter: the side of that signature left him speechless. but it was the inscription that he took the heart. >> i will play this. it is my first guitar. and it will not be displayed, it will be played. >> ♪ >> it will empire him to keep
10:48 pm
playing and never give up. it will inspire him to keep playing and never give up. >> reporter: is hoping to take the guitar home soon. his family says he is now at the top of the transplant list. at lucille packard children's hospital, and ruben . love that story. that was a great one. let's talk about another great thing which is the weather. it has been gorgeous today. take a look at some of the current temperatures. 51 in santa rosa, they hit 71 there today. first 70+ day they have had since november 12. right now it is 39 in napa, oakland 56, 49 livermore, 52 san jose. the skies are clear, as we zoom out, you get the idea, the high- pressure off the coast is why clouds are shooting right over the top of us.
10:49 pm
it is keeping us nice and dry. that is the case not just for today but for tomorrow. and sunday and monday. here are the overnight lows, mid 40s mostly. about 41 in santa rosa, 43 napa, 43 in morgan hill, a little chilly compared to others. livermore 42. tomorrow is another gorgeous day, we will see lots of 60s and 70s again in spots. san francisco will be about 64 for the high, oakland 67, just a lot of sunshine. here comes a parade tomorrow. if you are heading out and wondering what the weather is like, early in the morning, about 9 am, 39. sunshine. noon about 68, a high of 64. just a light jacket will be just fine if you're heading out early. by the afternoon you probably won't need that. also gorgeous on sunday and monday.
10:50 pm
we get more son and even warmer temperatures. you will see that warm-up sunday and monday, the peak of this month before the next system roles are way. speaking of the next system let's time it out, this is saturday afternoon, whether looking great, staying nice and dry. there goes monday, and then here comes the next system, rolling into tuesday, the model is not in agreement, it looks like clouds roll in tuesday afternoon. possibly some rain tuesday evening. we will keep an eye on that. here is your five-day forecast, it is a good one. i'd say a fantastic one. just a beautiful weekend as we head across saturday and sunday. we start the work week glibly as well, nice and dry, notice are overnight lows are going up, from 40s and 50s for overnight most by the time we hit sunday and monday. a parade on saturday, actual st. patrick's day sunday, monday looking great, tuesday evening we might start to see a little bit of rain. some beneficial rain.
10:51 pm
hopefully nothing that will stop us in our tracks. >> i still have my he going. coming up, this weekend marks one year since stephon clark was shot and killed by sacramento police. his family is hosting an event in his honor, kicks off tonight. coming up in sports, the outcome of tonight's duke and north carolina game.
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visit your local chase branch. one of the main reasons so many people are watching basketball, college basketball, is zion williamson, ... >> he is living up to the hype. it's not just hype, he is something else. college basketball out here in california, we don't pay as close attention to it. but back on tobacco road the classic north carolina versus duke, it would only even better if it was for the acc championship. as it was, number one reason to watch this game, is for the guy who will be the number one draft pick in the nba. the number one player in the country, that is true 19, his second game back from the injury. he is just playing and imposes
10:55 pm
his will. 31 points, 11 rebounds. steals, slams, duke up 5, one minute left, duke up only 1, cody whitehair, for north carolina, loses his handle that little will get it to go and the tar heels go up by 1 with 48 seconds left. here is what i'm talking about, imposing your will. dianne does all things, even when he misses he does all. he puts it right back in. and duke goes up with 30.3 seconds left, fast-forward, final 6.6, kobe white, a little out of control, he panicked put up a weld shot, tip no good, and duke winds up a 1 point winter. that wry smile tells you everything you need to know. they are moving on. ecc final now pits duke versus florida state, who knows what zion has up his sleeve necks. the kind of seems like the nba
10:56 pm
was put on hold with all of this college stuff going on, but the golden state warriors will be back at it tomorrow night. national tv, against okc, you just kind of wonder who is going to show up so. for the warriors. the team that lost to phoenix last sunday night, or the team the talks about opposing the ball, they went out on the road and beat the rockets and hung in tough even without kd, they have to get consistency going toward the postseason. it's not as bad as a lot of fans think. >> we have a standard we hold ourselves to. and it's not just to be like the number one seed, we want to play a certain way feel good about the way we play. every now and then -- can seem so bad. and it's like it's not that bad we're still number one but at the end of the day he always want to play well. >> leave it to him to size
10:57 pm
things up. it seems like it's getting lost in the shuffle but one of the more entertaining golf tournaments, is the players championship down in florida, the very recognizable horse. it can be great, he could be misery. and it can put you in the water with no problem. tiger, water bows on 17. a quadruple bogey. he did make the cut but you see him go waterworld right there. shot a 71. 3 under after two rounds. rory mcelroy, 7 under 65, long birdie. get it to drop, and he is tied for the lead. with yesterday's leader, tommy fleetwood, doing his thing on the green end of the cup and number two got himself an eagle and a 5 under, 67, he is 12 under. we are going to have some meaningful baseball games in the very near future. the a's have taken to the far east, to get their season open. this is a couple of shots of them landing in tokyo today.
10:58 pm
they will play a couple of exhibitions against japanese teams, there is ricky, he looks refreshed after that 16 hour flight. he is ready to go. and then they will play their opener wednesday versus the mariners and it will be interesting to see. we have the giants in action, that's a margin looking pretty good, gave up 3 runs, maybe a name to remember, a giant hitting a ball out of the park, that's anthony garcia, picked him out of the cardinals organization, they wind up calling it after nine, 5-5. nothing like exhibition baseball. we have friday night at the videos and you do need to check this out. this is my favorite. this is nebraska's coach so happy they won earlier in the
10:59 pm
week, down he goes. this when i love. you know how self-important some coaches are, he gets up, he took a pratfall, enjoying it. that's how it should be. this is colorado, university of colorado mascot. made a half-court shot without even looking. i want to show you this, because i love his name, admiral schofield, from tennessee, we have a lot more coming up for you at 11 pm, or to check out. that is the sporting life at this hour. it is 11 pm and time for more news. >> thanks so much. next at 11 >> we come together in defiance of terror. to share a love for our neighbors. >> a show of support in the bay
11:00 pm
area, 49 seconds of silence for 49 people killed in a shooting rampage at two new zealand mosques. >> the 11:00 news starts now. sorrow and outrage shared around the world and marked with vigils and prayer services. >> 49 people were killed and dozens injured after a gunman stormed two mosques in christchurch new zealand. police identified the suspect as 28-year-old brenton tarrant, he appeared in court today to face murder charges. two other suspects are being questioned. he identifies as a white the premises. >> jenna will tell us more about the suspect, first in interfaith visual in mill valley. >> reporter: a few hundred people came here to the islamic center of mill valley, a mosque with a 30 year history in


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