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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 . tonight the death toll in the new zealand mosque attacks rises as the country's leader pledges changes to laws will communities around the world continue to morn the tragedy. >> we are here to say no to racism. no to dental phobia and all of these.
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>> we begin with new information out of christchurch, new zealand. prime minister is vowing changes to gun law policy as early as monday. it is 6 pm in new zealand where prime minister arden says all of the bodies will be released tonight. at the same time a, a growing the moral of the victims of the mass shooting. people brought flowers, prayed and broke down crying remembering the dozens of men, women and children gunned down as they worship. today we were told the death toll was updated from 49 to 50. 36 remain hospitalized with two people and medical condition. k logan has more. >> reporter: police said on sunday that the desk death toll in the mosque shootings rolled again after another body was discovered. they now believe a lone gunman carried out the shootings at two mosques in this city of
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christchurch. >> we were able to take all of the victims from both scenes and in doing so, we have located a further victim. that brings the number of those who have died 250. >> reporter: the latest announcements, as the country tries to get with the griffin shock. there are dozens injured including a child. might also want to say the number of injured is also 50. 36 of those remain in christchurch hospital. two remain critical. >> reporter: the two terrorist attacks of the deadliest mass shooting in new zealand modern history. the gunman opened fire at one mosque and then drove across town to another mosque where he continued the rampage vicki was arrested half an hour later. the prime minister says the country is focusing on security for all but especially for muslims.
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>> the commissioner has advised that security from the police will continue at mosques throughout new zealand until it is deemed that there is no longer a threat. >> reporter: a 28-year-old white supremacist from australia is the primary suspect in the shooting. he appeared in court on a single murder charge that new zealand police say he will face more charges later. two others were arrested friday, one with possession of a work and of a weapon. both have since been released. >> at this point, we do not believe they were involved in these attacks. >> reporter: the suspect has been remanded in custody and will appear again in court on april 5. in london, casey logan, fox news. >> people in the city of christchurch are trying to come to terms with the tragedy. many returned to lay flowers or light a candle within the blocks of the mosque. people pay respects with handwritten notes, condolences
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and a memorial site has been created at the cities botanic gardens near a hospital where many are undergoing treatment. controversial comments about the attack, and australian senator considered far right was a good headaches are not him. you can see it right there. then he struck back at the aggressive. the senator has a history of making racist comments and on friday, he released a statement saying the cause of bloodshed in new zealand was the immigration program which allowed muslims to migrate to the country. his comment sparked outrage across the country. police say they arrested the man who threw the eggs but released him without charging him. for the latest developments on the new zealand shootings, visit or follow our twitter and facebook pages. we go to developing news and contra costa county in what looked like an ascot than is
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being looked at as a possible freeway shooting. the chp says a silver honda accord veered into the center divider on eastbound highway 4 at willow pass road north of concord around 2:25 pm this afternoon. a woman from antioch was found dead inside the vehicle and tonight, the chp revealed investigators found bulletholes in the drivers side door. there is no word on a suspect, witnesses are encouraged to call chp about the crime. a 7-year-old boy from antioch has been out of school for nearly 6 weeks, fearful of returning because he says he is being bullied. the pittsburg unified school district has been aware of the situation since last month with the child's mother says nothing has happened to make the family feel safe. alyana gomez appeared in the studio with this story . >> the mother reach out to ktvu for help because she felt like neither the district nor the school work doing enough to make her son feel safe. she says the principal even admitted to dropping the ball. >> reporter: 7-year-old justin
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keys is a second-grader at stoneman elementary in pittsburgh. he is polite, athletic and motivated but his mother, shannon riley says his behavior changed in january when she learned from a teacher he was being bullied. >> she told me he was kicked in his head and had a knot on his head and was sent to the principal and nothing happened. >> reporter: just in, a bit reluctant to talk about it, says he has been defending himself against two second grade boys . >> one time i was just walking and they came up to me and pushed me so i pushed them back. >> justin had begun to completely shut down meaning he would be in class, he is an a student. he went and would not do his work and would sit there and cry. >> reporter: his mother says she contacted principal, terry done on january 28 and took them out of school saying the principal had no way of ensuring his safety. >> i said well what happened when he got the knot on his head when he was dragged across
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the school grounds being kicked and beaten? he said, again, i dropped the ball and i apologize. >> reporter: shannon says she was getting nowhere with the district but was assured by educators that justin would be safe . >> i put him at school and first recess, i don't even want to tell you what he called him, this principle is not doing anything to protect these kids. >> reporter: shannon contacted ktvu for help. we reached out to the school district. in a statement, they say, "this district is aware of the situation and is working with the family on a resolution. we have no further comment." >> reporter: immediately after, she says she met with the superintendent and the parents of the children involved. a no contact contract is in the works but she said the penalties offer no protection. >> if he harms my son again, he is to clean the cafeteria. >> reporter: just in, at just seven years old, says he does not feel safe at school . >> i worry about the school
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because i feel like he's going to bully me again. >> shannon says a school mediator has gotten involved since then. the no contact order is being reworked but shannon says it still has not been signed by the other parents. keep in mind, justin has been out of school for nearly 6 weeks and will not be returning until the situation is resolved. i should tell you that i plan to follow up with the district once again on monday and find out what is going to happen from here on out. of course, his mother is very anxious and frustrated to get her son back in school . >> will look for to the follow- up but i will mention we normally have you sitting next to me at the desk, but because of her voice, she is getting a break on the stories. thank you very much for that story. a vallejo family is mourning the death of a snowboarder who was found dead in the lake tahoe area. 40-year-old denison crowder went on a solo trip to north star monday.
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it was reported missing on wednesday.'s body was found i the ski patrol later that day. the plaster county officials say hi snow will levels created treacherous conditions for skiers and snowboarders. >> off the ground and 3, 2, 1. nose off the ground. continue to hoist. chp helicopters carried out two rescues in the tahoe area for injured snowmobiles. you can see the crew hoisting an injured woman into the chopper south of the north star schema sport ski resort. she was taken with injuries to the hospital. then the chopper headed to mount lincoln where another snowmobilers suffered injuries. no word on their conditions tonight. authorities and contra costa county say remains found last week in lafayette belong to a man who went missing back in january. a hiker found skeletal remains on march 11 in lafayette. we are told they were found on a hiking trail behind burton valley elementary. the sheriff's office says the
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remains belong to donald booth in lafayette. teleplay is not suspected in all of this. new at 10:00, 4 men are under arrest in an alleged atm skimming ring in sacramento. they found skimming devices in fulsome and renal. about 40 people have their account information compromised. sacramento county detectives say they tracked them down through a rental car they were using. a search uncovered about 20 atm skimming devices and other equipment as well as re-encoded debit cards. monday will mark 1 year since the police shooting death of stephan clark. there are a series of events this weekend meant to bring the can community back together. >> peace and love and community and that is really why it is important that we do this. >> reporter: just two days shy
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of the one-year anniversary of the death of stephan clark community members come together with the clark family to show support and offer ways to heal. >> we have been working with his family for this entire year. they have become family to us. >> reporter: jacky rosen the legacy campaign has been helping the clark family deal with their loss for the last 12 months. she helped to organize this mothers branch to remind the community, stephan's mother and other mothers who have lost a child to violence need to know they are lot along alone . >> a lot of our mothers in our communities have lost their sons and daughters and it was really important that, from the clark smothers stephan clark's mother's standpoint, they were brought together to share experiences. >> din at jefferson was one of the 75 guests. she felt it was important to
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show up for the clark family and other families who have lost sons and daughters to let them know they are not alone in their healing. >> the community can heal and we can come together and just do things in a more positive way, support one another. >> the death of 22-year-old stephan clark led to months of protest. earlier this month, the district attorney announced the office would not file charges against the officers who shot and killed him. the shooting happened as sacramento police were looking for a suspect in carb break- ins. they chased stephan clark into his grandmother's backyard. the officers say they mr. k cell phone for a gun and that is the reason they fired we wanted to turn around and give it back to people in greater need that our community. after the government shutdown a local food bank kept coast guard family fed and now those families are giving back
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to google show you how. later in sports, how the warriors veered in oklahoma city without kevin durant. tarmac tomorrow is st. patrick's day with celebrations starting today in the bay area and one in a very special way ahead of the annual tradition that had dozens of people shaving their heads for a good cause. in weather, a beautiful sunny day in the bay area. the warmest day and about 4 months temps in the 70s. it looks like the warm weather pattern will continue in the short come short-term but eventually some rain and patchy fog showing up. we will talk more about the sunday forecast coming up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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during the government shutdown, furloughed coast guard families relied on food bank donations to put meals on their tables one paychecks stopped coming in. as ktvu leigh martinez reports, the coast guard families gave back to the same food bank that help them during a critical time. >> reporter: 40 people packed up boxes upon boxes of canned foods to feed the less fortunate. all of the same food they had received from the same food bank just over a month ago. >> the bay area at large gave more than any other community in the united dates. we are overwhelmed by that. we still have some left and so we wanted to turn around and give it back to people in greater need in our community. >> reporter: the north bay coast guard families stopped receiving paychecks during the 35 day government shutdown.
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local spouses clubs called area food banks to find locations but the san francisco food bank instead delivered food directly to the coast guard's homes. the government shutdown and on february 15 and families began collecting paychecks. >> when they were feeling stable and felt like things were back on track emma right away, the first thing they thought about was coming and helping. >> reporter: the coast guard families brought with them truckloads of food and volunteers saturday morning to package donations. >> roughly 27,000 pounds, 27,000 meals. >> reporter: as difficult as the furlough was on families, it brought the community together . >> this is a level closer than i have seen in 23 years. we have never had, i have sisters for like life now because we went through this experience together. >> reporter: the families say their breathing a sigh of relief now that they're getting their paychecks however there is still the anxiety that another government shutdown
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could be coming and if so, the spouses club and the food banks say they will be ready . >> if it happens again, we have learned a lot of lessons and as soon as it happens, we will be there. >> reporter: the food bank is open to volunteers throughout the week. in san mosel, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news . san francisco, thousands of people turned out to celebrate irish heritage in the cities annual thanks patrick stay st. patrick's day parade. as you see there, there are even people here from ireland. >> we actually came from ireland to san francisco to see the parade. we are here for like 5 days. people are really friendly here. they are really warm towards eyeless irish people.
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irish wolfhounds and their owners got into the events as well. families gathered for st. patrick's day fund today in dublin. melissa harrington reports organizers estimated tens of thousands of people were at this event. >> it is not dublin ireland but dublin, california. this is one of the biggest st. patrick's day public parades on the west coast. a city known to draw up to 800,000 people for a two day festival. a sea of green stretched through downtown dublin for the annual st. patrick's day parade. >> for rail. real. >> reporter: this is the 35th year of the event. spectators lined the sidewalks. >> the town of dublin loves st. patrick's day. everybody is irish in dublin, california today and all weekend. >> people through beans to the
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festive crowd. floats, tractors, animals and school bands paraded through town. >> this is our biggest holiday here. >> reporter: democratic congressman, eric caldwell custard green rubber ducky's. he used to march in the parade when he was a child . >> i was in the parade at 11 years old so it is equal to be here with my wife and two kids. >> reporter: the parade kicked off a two day festival at the doubling dublin civic center. >> today i'm writing patrick. >> reporter: volunteers with east bay safety patrol got into the spirit alongside their animals, a horse with glittering hooves complete with a lucky hat. >> i like to see the festivities, crowds, children smiling, horses, just the camaraderie with everybody. >> reporter: in dublin, alyssa
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harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. bald was beautiful today in oakland at a charity event. the 12th annual brave the shave fundraiser for pediatric cancer research. more than 150 people signed up to go bald. the event includes a raffle for prizes including an autographed steph curry jury, sailing on the bay and a week in a luxury condo in maui. one participant said he has been growing his hair for two years and this was the perfect time for a makeover. >> i signed up for the event. i talked to my company. i raised money and my company match the money. >> over the years, the foundation has raised more than $2 million for the hospital. for all of the celebrations today, there was lots of sunshine as well.
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just everything, warm temperatures, it was great. it was great to be outside across the area. temperatures this time of year are in the upper 60s but look at the 70s we had today. santa rosa 75, oakland, 72, san jose, 71, san francisco, 71. the last time with this warm in san francisco was november 8. that is just over 4 months ago so it has been a stretch of temperatures in the cooler side and a little bit of a dry stretch. last week we had rainfall in the bay area. the next dance for rainfall, a slight chance on tuesday but right now it looks like it could be on wednesday, probably a better bet and that could lead to a ten-day break in the rain. we have been watching that break and we definitely needed. satellite shows you this, the high clouds, a weak system moving into the state, high clouds and the live camera shows patchy fog making a comeback near the golden great golden
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gate bridge. we should be talking about fog near the coastline and the bay shoreline. temperatures in the 50s to lower 60s. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it looks like june weather here. we are showing in the golden gate and patty pod patchy fog. it is not widespread. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. afternoon, st. patrick's day, we are expecting temperatures in the mid-60s to the mid-70s. partly cloudy tomorrow morning, patchy fog and increasing sunshine for the afternoon. ready warm forecast once again, mid-60s to mid 70s. eventually as we showed you, we are talking about rain chances and big changes in the 5 day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> in the meantime, we will enjoy the night. it is national lumpy a day. >> i love lumpia.
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it is national lumpia day. this is a popular filipino cuisine that is a favorite across the nation. sal castaneda spoke with the owner about the dish and why it is so popular. >> reporter: the crunchy hot goodness of lumpia is something people outside the filipino community are beginning to discover. it is a deep-fried spring rural like appetizer in filipino cuisine that is beginning to gain popularity as a late night snack make late-night eating was our favorite go to thing after a show or travel but there was no filipino food offerings that matched our hunger at night. >> reporter: 42-year-old alex started the lumpia company
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taking advantage of the food that a lot of people become hooked on once they try a. we watched as staff made fresh ones in their oakland kitchen. lumpia is made using a thin pastry or a lumpia wrapper and is filled with various festivals and sometimes meet . the key to making good lumpia, he says is the pastry wrapping technique . >> you have to have good hands, a finesse, i would say and make sure it is sealed right so that the lumpia is not floating in the oil and you get the air bubbles turning into burns. >> reporter: here, hundreds of lumpia are ready to go and the popularity means they will all be fried and eaten soon. filipino food has grown in popularity and the idea of starting a company that specializes in lumpia caught the attention of investors. earl stevens, also known as e 40 is an investor in the lumpia company . >> i grew up in vallejo. lots of filipinos.
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lumpia is a filipino food. i love lumpia. that is my favorite dish in the world. >> reporter: he and others are expanding the repertoire and making lumpia with nontraditional fillings but the concept is the same. make sure they are hot and crunchy. how do traditional filipinos feel about this? alex says he ran it by his filipino aunts. mckay came in and it was a critique of my rolling style. they couldn't believe how fast and effortless our team would do them. then as soon as they saw the skill that we put into it, then they are like, yeah, this is, they would say, they know that it is innovative. >> reporter: sal castaneda, ktvu fox 2 news. democrats are campaigning for the 2020 presidential election. beto o'rourke made a stop in
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iowa. find out when bernie sanders will make a stop in the bay area. north korea could pull out of negotiations with the u.s. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini sleep world. head over to mancini's best by mattress sale or visit sleep world .com.
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democratic residential candidate, bernie sanders is planning a campaign visit to the bay area next week ricky was sent to appear at a rally sunday, march 24, one week from tomorrow at mason. organizers say the rally is open to the public and will follow campaign stops in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada and san diego. meantime, candidate beto o'rourke was off and running in iowa in his own bid for the white house. he took part in a st. patrick's day themed 5k race. the former congressman entered the 20 funny race thursday after months of speculation. later, he took time to campaign
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for in iowa senate candidate and talked about teachers. >> we need to make sure that when we say we support public education k-12 and sooner than later, pre-quay break eight through 12, it means getting behind educated educators and librarians and school bus drivers. other candidates were in the state of iowa including amy klobuchar and cory booker as well. kim jong-un is expected to announce whether his country will cut off talks with u.s. and resume nuclear testing. as julie turner tells us, the trump administration it expects kim to live up to his promises not to test. >> reporter: new speculation as the trump administration scrambles to throughout kim jong-un's next move in the wake of yesterday's announcement. a korean official disclosed kim is considering ditching negotiations with the u.s. altogether and resuming nuclear
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weapons testing, a worst-case scenario for the united states. the secretary of state jumped in yesterday with a pointed reminder to pyongyang. >> on numerous occasions he spoke directly to the president and made a commitment not to resume nuclear testing or missile testing. that is chairman kim's work word. we have expectations that he will live up to it. >> reporter: talks between president trump and kim jong-un fell apart in hanoi last month. trump has opposed five rounds of sanctions against north korea during his presidency. kim jong-un is asking for them to be released, something trump is only willing to remove after. >> i make this clear. the forceful stance of the u.s.
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will make the situation more dangerous. >> reporter: everyone from the secretary of state to the national security advisor to the president himself has proclaimed the cessation of testing to be the top achievement so far so should the north resume, it would be a major blow to there's energy and worse thrill, a majors major threat to stability. more news locally, antioch police say they arrested a man today accused of making and selling illegal firearms locks away from a high school. terry ferguson who is on parole, we are told, was arrested early this morning at his home on j street not far from prospect high school. police say they seized a number of firearms found inside the 33- year-old's bedroom. it was booked into the martinez jail on a number of charges including suspicion of possession of privilege firearms, illegally manufacturing and selling firearms. this poster will win first prize in a santa clara county contest called post parkland
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speaking out against school shootings. it was made by a student whose name is eileen roth. the poster shows hands clenching guns paired with the slogan #never again. it will be used in a campaign to recover illegal guns. a new study shows there are more than 100,000 vacant residences in san francisco. according to the company, lending tree, the san francisco area has a 5% vacancy rate which is low compared to other cities big by comparison, miami's rate is 70%, likely due to the number of vacation homes. a study suggesting the bay area is low vacancy rate is the sign of a healthy county but some say vacant homes should bring housing costs down. a free parking program for homeless people living in their cars will open up. 4 church parking lots in oakland will open up where.
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will can park for 90 days. the lots will be patrolled by security and portable toilets, handwashing facilities will be available and job help be available during the day. the first site is expected to open at williams chapel baptist church next week pick months after the camp fire, a special surprise for a group of kids from paradise. how the san francisco giants came together to help them have a fun day at the ballpark pick in weather, a very warm saturday out there, patchy fog trying to reformulate in portions of the coastline. a nice quiet weather pattern. a break in the rain call rainfall but we could have more coming up. ktvu was there when the first ever southwest flight takes off from hawaii. meta way to get people off of their couch. a preview of the spartan rate race. tomorrow on ktvu.
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after losing most of their equipment in last year's campfire, the paradise high school baseball team had a surprise from the san francisco giants. the team hosted the paradise bobcats at organ park today for their game against the corning cardinals. the giants say they wanted to help because after the fire, the team has traveled to find places for games. even though he is in arizona for spring training, giants catcher, buster posey had a message for the teams. >> paradise, we know you have been through a lot and it will be a long road to recovery but we want you to know that the players are with you, the giants community is with you. >> a very good gesture from the team. more than 650 people attended the game. the corning cardinals ultimately defeated the paradise bobcats, 7-2. they had a good weather day for . >> it was beautiful for the game. >> absolutely, what we had was
10:39 pm
whether in the 70s. a quiet weather pattern and then we could be talking about more rain chances in the 5 day forecast a little break in the rainfall, a quick up date on the rain totals, going back to october 1, we are still showing most areas of above 100%, especially in the north bay, santa rosa, over 38 inches of rain. the rainfall season is not over yet we had a nice break over the past couple of days. satellite shows this, clouds moving into the northern portions of the state and with an onshore breeze, we have patchy fog trying to form on the coastline. right now, patchy fog making a comeback near the coastline. we will check in on the current numbers, most areas in the 50s and a few spots around six the, 61 in hayward, san francisco, 53, san jose, 58. here is the live camera looking towards the golden gate ridge. we have been tracking patchy fog, a little bit of a patch
10:40 pm
left ear dissipating. it might be just going in for the night. tomorrow we could have a few patches out there but into the afternoon hours, lots of sunshine. san francisco, back up into the upper 60s, maybe flirting with 70 degrees downtown. the area of high pressure is still in charge of the weather pattern. we have lots of 70s especially for the inland spots. this is sunday and monday and tuesday, we will pick up the cloud cover and we are watching this movie and so this will cool us off by tuesday and by wednesday, we could be talking about the chance of rain. here we are tomorrow morning, 80 am showing you this, patchy clouds out there, increasing sunshine for the afternoon hours. monday, not too bad. for the most part, partly to mostly sunny. tuesday we will thicken up the cloud cover. shower chances throughout the day on tuesday. it looks like the best chance will be by tuesday evening and
10:41 pm
into wednesday. we could be tracking worse hours. at least for tomorrow, still, a break in the rain continues and we need that break. the forecast highs will be in the 60s and 70s. a few spots approaching the mid- 70s. san jose, high 75, half moon bay, 66, san mateo, 71 degrees. here is a look ahead at the 5 day forecast enjoy the dry weather while we have a because it could be making a comeback, increasing clouds to say, scattered showers into wednesday and a slight chance into thursday. i wanted to pinch myself walking outside today because it was so beautiful with the warm temperatures we could be getting more pinches tomorrow. >> that is good. everybody needs to get outside. that is it for us. conference championships being settled tonight for men's college basketball and the warriors put on a show in oklahoma city. sports rep is next. >> the new fox 2 weather app powerful features like having
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the power of the fox 2 weather team in the palm of your hand.
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fox 2 sports rep starts now. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to the saturday sports rep. there has been some handwringing about the warriors in recent weeks. tonight was one of those nights and they wonder what all the fuss has been about. the warriors in oklahoma city's has reached the halfway point. kevin ratigan set this up with his injured ankle and other people pick up the slack. cousins pulled a rebound and does all himself, making a move on steven adams on the way to the who. the warriors led the game from wire to wire stephon curry goes to work on marty's morris and pulls up for a 3. he had 5 of those tonight. the warriors scored 40 points in the first quarter. cousins at 12 points in 27
10:45 pm
minutes. when he was not hitting, the warriors were hitting the board. cousins missed, followed by klay thompson, 23 tonight for thompson. thompson flexing his muscles there and doing so again on the way to a jam, riving at the hoop and increasing part of the game this year. now watch the move by curry to get rid of the ball. keep moving and get to the corner, hitting another 3. carla the warriors with 33. once more, the warriors play and they are doing it right, cousins with a beautiful assist to livingston. a rare one these day when the warriors can coast to the finish. they win 110-88. they need to keep winning as the lead over denver is just 1 game with the nuggets winning tonight. greenfield, like the warriors, has turned a corner since the loss to phoenix . >>


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