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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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aught what the highway patrol is saying about the investigation. and a pay area principal is opinion life support after police say he was shot by his wife inside their home in pittsburgh. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening everyone. >> the highway patrol today i tent guyed the young woman killed yesterday in a drive-by shooting on highway 4. >> the shooting happened yesterday just before 2:30 in the afternoon near the willow pass road exit. now to more on the investigation. lee. >> yeah, police do not have a suspect or a motive in this deadly attack. chp does confirm they have
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surveillance cameras along i-4 but are not revealing what evidence they collecting in this investigation. the emergency call came in saturday at 2:25 in the afternoon as a crash on highway 4. >> immediate kl personnel were also on scene tending to the driver of the honda. as the units were investigating, the crash, that is when they discoverered the bullet holes on the driver side door. >> california highway patrol says witnesses reported seeing the silver honda hit the center divider and then crossed all four lanes before its final crash at willow pass road off ramp. several bullet holes were found ton dri the driver, 25-year-old destinee hillary of antioch was killed. her family declined to offer a statement definitely an ongoing active investigation at this point. we are asking for witnesses to come forward. >> police do not have a motive for this shooting and at
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this time cannot say exactly where the shooting took place. for years there have been 4, most connected to gang violence. >> this is kind of the first big incident that we have had this year >> hillary died at the scene. police are not releasing details into her fatal injuries. now because of several shootings on highway 4 police say that they there are surveillance cameras shot spotter and also license plate readers all along highway 4 but are not revealing what evidence they collected out here. they are asking forto come forw. back to you. police are investigating another case of someone who was shot while driving t. shooting happened around 1:30 this morning in east oakland. police say a 38-year-old man was driving alone when someone on the street shot him in the head. he then crashed into a parked
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car. police say the victim remains the hospital in pittsburgh a well known school principal remains on life support after police say his wife shot him after they got into an argument. police say the victim is paul shatswell. he's 4 5 years old t. shooting happened inside their home in pittsburgh early yesterday morning. officers say the victim's 39-year-old wife was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. no one else was hurt. shatswell is a 1992 graduate of pittsburgh high school. he has eight children between the ages of 5 and 29. in vacaville a 12-year-old in to protect a man in his 60s who was being attacked. it happened last friday night at a home on mono drive. authorities say the boy suffered cuts on his arm and is in stable
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condition. police posted this picture of their response to the home on mono drive. a 36-year-old man was also stabbed. one suspect is under arrest. a second suspect is still on the loose. in the east bay muslims and worshippers e from other faiths joined together. people gathered this afternoon and said they wanted to show quote we are stronger than hate. they also wanted to express their opposition to intolerance and violence in any form. >> this event was put together at the last minute just to have a place to show muslims they are supported and they are loved and also give our interfaith a community also a chance to express their love and support. >> since the around the country have been patrolling mosques. the prime minister of new zealand is expected to meet with her cabinet tomorrow on proposed changes to new zealand's gun laws following that massacre at
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a mosque in new zealand. >> authorities in christchurch are working to identify the victims. >> lets pray together in silence for our muslim brothers who were killed. >> pope francis praying for victims dp killed in the deadly mosque attacks in new zealand. during his sunday prayers he said these victims add to the pain of wars and conflicts inflicting humanity. police say a 28-year-old white supremacist from australia is the suspect. the gunman opening fire at two mosques in christchurch. at least 50 people dead and dozens injured including some in critical condition. the shooter facing one murder charge but police say more criminal charges would likely follow. mean while prime minister is pleading to tighten gun laws. >> we cannot be deterred from the work we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. they need to change. >> the government receiving positive reaction from some gun
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owners. >> you got to have some sort of freedom but -- you -- you -- you need -- [ indiscernible ] >> the cabinet will consider banning private ownership of semi-automatic rifles like the ones used in the christchurch shootings. >> this will be an opposition to it because -- there is no movement here in new zealand for that. >> two days after new zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history, relatives are still waiting for authorities to release the goodies. police commissioner mike bush says they are working with pathologists and coroners to complete the investigation. >> we have to be absolutely clear on cause of death and confirm their identity before that can happen. >> islamic law requires bodies to be cleansed and buried within 24 hours after death. >> we are so aware of the cultural and religious needs so we are doing that as quickly and
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sensitively as possible. >> the prime minister says authorities hope to release all the bodies by wednesday a local candle light vigil in new zealand is society the set to begin in a few minutes. another candle light vigil will be held tomorrow night at 5:30 on the campus of santa clara university. facebook says they removed one and a half million videos of the shooting video. they continue to work around the clock to remove violating content from the site using a combination of technology and people. authorities say the gunman wore a body camera and live the attack. the new zealand government alerted online platforms that sharing any version of the video is a violation of the law. ethiopia's transportation minister said they have recovered a lot of information from the black box found at the
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crash site. the ethiopian government said data from the flight recorder shows clear similarities to the crash last -- a couple of months ago in wind doe nearby ya that invol -- indonesia. ethiopia's accident investigation bureau plans to release a preliminary report in 30 days. last sunday's crash prompted authorities around the world including the united states to temporarily ground all boeing 737 max airplanes. the chp says an 80-year-old man survived after jumping out of his moving car on interstate 280. it happened at about 6:45 last night in south san francisco. officers say the man tumbled several times and then got upive while his car veered across several lanes of traffic before coming to a stop on the shoulder. the m hospital for scratches to the head, back of the head and a psych logical evaluation. a safe parking program for homeless people living in their
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car s is about to begin. they will open up four church lots where people can park for 90 days. the lots will be patrolled by security officers at night and offer portable toilets's, hand washing stations and drinking water. during the day, job training and other help will be available. the first site is set to open at williams chapel baptist church tomorrow morning. the jackpot for next wednesday's power ball drawing is expected to reach 550-00-0000. no one matched all six numbers including the power ball in last night's drawing. someone in north dakota though did match five white balls to win $2 million. here are those numbers. they are 30, 34, 39, 53, 67 and the power ball is 11. still to come here, one of the democratic presidential hopefuls is in the bay area tonight. what she said she wants to change if she becomes the president. also ahead the southwest
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airlines long awaited service got off the ground today with a lot of fanfare, another warm one out there today but don't get too used to it. we will get back into some rain here in the 5-day. see you back here with the details. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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democratic presidential candidate made two stops in the bay area this weekend. >> the hawaii congresswoman was in fremont this afternoon. she is an iraq war veteran. she wants to end what she calls wasteful wars. >> i am running this country and to our veterans, to
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work to end this new cold war and nuclear arms race that is threatening our very future. >> she hassed in the army national guard for nearly 15 years and was deployed twice to the middle east. she was also an out #130e7b supporter of bernie sanders. also today the field of democratic candidates running for president got more crowded. new york senator is now officially in the 2020 race. she made the announcement with a video on twitter this morning writing lets prove that brave wins. she is the 14th mayor democrat to officially launch a campaign for the white house. her first speech is next sunday in front of the trump hotel in to deliver quote her positive, brave restoring america's moral integrity straight to president trump's doorstep. former vice president joe biden hasn't officially announced a run for the white house but a slip of the tongue
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during a speech in delaware last night may gave clue topls. >> i know i get criticized and told -- i'm told i get criticized by the new left. i'm the most progressive of anybody running for the -- of anybody who would run. [ cheering and applause ] i didn't mean -- [ cheering and applause ] of anybody who would run. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] we have to -- we have to bring this country back together again. >> biden polls at the top of the list of democrats even thoughnsiders say it is just a matter of time before he joins the race for the democratic nomination for president. when the warriors open the chase center in san
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francisco this fall it will play host to a number of this fall. from tomorrow through friday they will reveal eight entertainment acts or events coming to the chase center. warriors owner joe is taking part in the announcement the team is promising top tier performers from a wide range of audiences. in oakland hundreds of people celebrated st. patrick's day. >> [music playing] >> an irish pub hosted a block party in honor of the holiday. there was a wide range of activities for people to enjoy including irish dance shows, beer pong and face painting for the kids. this is the pub's second annual st. patrick's day block party. southwest airlines is now officially flying from the bay area to hawaii. the inaugural flight left oakland airport just after 1ng r honolulu. alyssa was there and has more now on the celebration. >>
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[music playing] hula dancers greet passengers. >> we are thrilled. we have been waiting a long time for this to happen. >> aviation enthusiasts from all over the country bought tickets for this flight from oakland to honolulu. they say its like being apart of history. >> i had to be apart of it. i flew from from orlando and i've been waiting all morning to get on this plane. >> robert from orlando even brought a little keepsake for the crew. >> i got a bag full of nuts for the flight attendants and everyone to share with southwest. >> [music playing] at the terminal it was a party. music, dancing, cake, passengers mingled with southwest officials an e spirit. >> i can't tell you what an honor it is. >> he said this is his first
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time flying to hawaii. pilots train on simulators in dallas. >> our simulation is so advanced these days, the technology is a simulation. the visualization and the simulators that -- the faa has approved us in this training program. >> they gave a cleansing for safe travel. >> may each corner of the aircraft -- its all ready for its voyage. >> and we also placed a lei on the dash board of the cockpit which will fly with the plane. >> the excited crowd cheered as they boarded. a celebration as passengers and crew jetted off to paradise in style. at airport, i lisa, ktvu fox 2 news. to our weather. not quite spring yet but boy it sure feels like it. here's a look at mount diablo in
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the east bay after weeks of rain we finally got a sunny weekend. there is a chance of rain later on this week and our chief meteorologist bill here now with a look at what we can expect. >> a little bit of rain back in the forecast. even a few clouds out there today. the clouds really didn't mess with the temperatures too much. you can see the clouds out here now. just some fair weather middle level and high level clouds that are going to linger tomorrow and as the day goes on tuesday, we will see increasing clouds , the chance for some rain. that sort of is the plan. these are the current temperatures. 71 in walnut creek. 67 in livermore. outside is just absolutely stunning. its -- really a beautiful weekend. probably the nicest weekend we have seen -- its probably -- yeah the nicest weekend we have seen temperature wise and weather wise. really all this entire winter season certainly. the air quality is good. you can see it all way from the
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tower. just a beautiful day. days are getting longer and we claimed the clocks last weekend. the overnight lows tonight not going to be that cold. not into the low 30s. we will see lots of low 40s. so freezing temperatures should not be an issue for those of you who are planting gardens this time of year a little bit early. the weather looks like it will cooperate the next -- the rest of this week actually for no freeze. as you look at the forecast model for tomorrow, you saw that -- area coming in. that is some coastal fog. that indicates a bit of an on shore flow. that is what opens the door for tuesday night into wednesday afternoon showers. you will seee. so tomorrow there is a few more clouds tomorrow morning. then there comes the fog so there is the wind shift. that some stuff out here. that is tuesday morning. tuesday is dry. time we get to tuesday night this shows up. wednesday morning's commute looks wet. we are back into the some rain.
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it will last most of the day on wednesday. the forecast highs tomorrow 74 in stan rosa. 74 in brentwood. about where they were today but a little cooler filtered sunshine because of the cloud cover we will see tomorrow. then more clouds on tuesday. cooler still but still nice -- nice weather. there is the 5-day forecast. those showers come in on wednesday. wednesday looks like a wet day. we get back into a few more showers on friday. with maybe a sprinkle on saturday. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. we will update the models. a kitten is alive can well tonight thanks tofighters with e kitten had become trapped inside drapipe. they pulled the little cat out safely. now that probation nary firefighter the kitten. >> awe. coming up here, one of the
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stars on the warriors lands on the injury report. we will tell you what happened also ahead it is march madness. find out who they will face in the first round of the ncaa tournament. joe fonsy with the all the details next in sports. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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a new kitchen appliance could soon hit market for ice has created a pro toe type. one pod makes your ice cream, frozen custard. no word yet when it might hit the market. >> i sure hope my daughter didn't see that story because that is the last thing she needs. . all right. joe is here now with sports. we learned the nc parents and -- well saint mary's is in but they are facing the national champions. >> yeah the bay area has at least one team. selection sunday was not a lot of fun for saint mary's last year. they were left out of the ncaan.
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they will go up saint mary's. after beating gonzaga for the guaranteed birth the only thing left for the committee to decide is who think will play and where. they will meet villanova. the location is hartford, connecticut on thursday. randy happy with the outcome and the way his team is trending. >> when you have real confidence, it doesn't go away. a win like that, a run like we have had -- winning eight of our last nine, it builds real confidence. i feel good about us there. i think the -- we really grown. its unbelievable. >>. >> we have a lot of confidence going into there game. we couldn't be more excited one of the stories was 48-year-old jim who put on a
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spectacular final day charge. he played well ahead of the third round leaders finishing 18. right on the money with his approach. netsim birdie. five under par, 67 gave him the lead. rory mcilroy was still on the course. mcilroy started the day one stroke off the lead. here's his second shot to the par 5 16 hole. he two putted from there for a birdie. mcilroy had just birdied 15. that is what he did edging him bay single stroke. john who was the third round leader fell out of contention today with a 76. another glitch in the warriors dominate performance last night. on his right foot. cousins left the game in the fourth quarter when the foot was bothering him. he's listed as questionable for monday's game in san antonio. the achilles injury cousins
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suffered last year was on the other foot. andrew's return to the team has now been stepped up. he will be there on monday. that is so great for saint mary's. didn't they beat villanova a few years back? >> yeah. that is when they got into the final 16 that year they did that. >> oh, yeah >> that will be a tough game. what do you think about that? >> villanova is not the team they were last year when they were the national champion. she were six seeds. saint mary's has the feel the way they are playing right now coming off an upset off the number one team in the country -- >> if you can beat the number one team you have to beat villanova. >> what about you? >> we thought with 21 plus wins that they would, and they did not make the nit. they just announced that. which is the -- there isr the another one after the nit. they were in that tournament last year and got to the finals but lost in the finals. it feels like if they get invited they will go. then of course the women's
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selections are tomorrow. >> right. >> and stanford will get a high seed there. most likely a 2. >> when does saint mary's play villanova? >> thursday in hartford, connecticut. >> okay. that will be a good game. >> it could be a tough one. >> all right. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, bear cubs separated from their mom in northern california. >> how rangers are caring for them right now and the effort to find who is responsible for leaving them along the side of a highway. so cute. thanks for making ktvu your source for news tonight. we are always here for you online at and facebook, twitter and our ktvu app.
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