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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> a high school principal is now on life support after he was shot. >> the whole community lost a great person. paul has been an important part of the community. we are struggling with our loss. ss.
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>> the principle of the adult education program was shot at his house early yesterday morning. >> and i am julie haener. police arrested paul shatswell shatswell's wife for the attempted murder. >> reporter: he is at john near medical center on life support. it is not looking good. he has eight children. the community is struggling for answers. >> we are helping everyone cope with this horrible situation. >> reporter: many people in the pittsburgh community are trying to make sense of a community that has left paul shatswell, a woman educator, fighting for his life. michel baez and it is his best friend of 41 years. hours later, around 1:20 saturday morning, police were called to shatswell's home on
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barry drive, where they found him with one gunshot wound. >> i just wrote to the hospital as fast as i could only to find out it was even more horrible than i had imagined. police say shatswell's wife, maria vides shot him with a handgun. she has been booked for attempted murder. her facebook profile is nothing but photos of the couple during happier times. bazinette says they've been married for 15 years. he saw no signs of marital trouble. >> we all have problems, sometimes, you know? i wasn't there. i can only imagine. that's all i can do. this is a huge loss to our community. paul was involved in so many good things. >> i am still confused. i don't know what happened. i don't know why it happened. >> reporter: dan lucas garino was across the street. he never saw them argue. to him, he looked like the ideal
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couple. shots will has eight children, some from a previous marriage. the youngest, five years old. flowers now lay in front of the home. >> in my heart, i am hoping it was just an accident. actual very bad for both of them. i'm thinking about a little boy's. >> reporter: the pittsburgh native is the principal at pittsburgh's adult education center. in a statement, the school superintendent said in part, "along with shock and grief, there will be many memories of his love for music, friends, family, pittsburgh and his passion for education. it's in times like these that we lean on each other and the strength of our community." grief counselors will be at the adult education center, as well as the schools of his children tomorrow. history youngest children are currently staying with other relatives. frank? >> thank you. in oakland, police are investigating the shooting of a
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man who was driving early this morning about 1:30 this morning in east oakland at the intersection of 96th avenue and sunnyside street. police say 38-year-old man was driving alone when someone on the street shot him in the head. into a parked car. police say the victim remains in critical condition at the hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. new details about the mass shootings at two new zealand mosques. the prime minister says gun law reforms will be announced next wednesday after the cabinets but the day discussing new policies as australian police say they have rated two homes in new south wales as part of the investigation. we also learned today the owner of a gun store in christ church says he sold guns and ammunition to the shooter. jacqui heinrich has more. >> translator: let's pray together in silence for our muslim brothers who were killed. >> reporter: pope francis
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praying for those killed in the deadly mosque attacks in new zealand. during sunday prayers, the pontiff saying these victims add to the pain of wars and conflicts afflicting humanity. police say 28-year-old white supremacist from australia is the suspect. the gunman, opening fire at two mosques in christ church. at least 50 dead and dozens injured, including some in critical condition. the shooter, facing one murder charge, but police say more criminal charges will likely follow. meanwhile, prime minister jacinda ardern is pressuring to tighten gun laws. >> we cannot be deterred from the work we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. >> reporter: the governor government receiving positive reaction from gun owners. >> you've got to have some sort of freedom, but you need a weapon appropriate for what you are using it for. >> reporter: the cabinet will consider banning semiautomatic rifles like the ones used in the christ church shooting.
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>> there is no movement here in new zealand for that. >> reporter: after new zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history, residents are waiting for authorities to release the bodies. commission president mike bush says they are working with coroners to complete the investigation. >> we have to be absolutely clear on cause of death and confirm their identity before that can happen. >> reporter: islamic law requires bodies to be cleansed and buried within 24 hours after death. >> we are so aware of the cultural and religious needs, so we are doing that as quickly and sensitively as possible. >> the prime minister says they
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hope to release all the bodies by wednesday. jacqui heinrich, fox news. organizers of new zealand's largest gun show have called off the event. they say they are canceling the march 23 show out of respect for the christ church massacre victims. on the show's facebook page, most people left comments saying they support the decision. hundreds of members of the muslim community gathered across the bay area today to remember the victims and survivors of that massacre in new zealand. andre senior is in freeman with that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: the wound of what happened in new zealand will take time to heal. that was evidenced by the number of gatherings held across the bay area to remember those lives lost and draw attention to issues people of the muslim faith says continues to spiral out of control. it's often after tragedy we see unity, and that was on display in central park in fremont. >> sometimes, words can't describe it. when i read about it, it was shocking. >> hopefully, in the future, with everyone standing, as we say here, united, hopefully, that will bring unity. >> reporter: those here are unified in sorrow for those killed in christ church and
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condemnation for the attack. >> we want to stand united with the people. >> they were here to be shoulder to shoulder with the muslim community. we are here for they are suffering. >> reporter: a tragic act committed against a single group of people brought together, those of many faiths, burning candles in remembrance of those lost. the bay area has one of the largest muslim populations in the u.s. with 250,000. the shock of the tragedy was felt all the way here. at the muslim community center in hundreds gathered to pay their respects. >> i think the reason we felt so connected to the community in christ church is because they look so familiar. >> reporter: the names were read aloud. victims of a crime steeped in hatred for those of the muslim faith, migrants two new zealand. the alleged attacker, citing those reasons for carrying out
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the carnage that shocked the world and the bay area. >> in the last three years, we seen an increase in islamaphobia across the country. >> reporter: long before what happened in new zealand, a banquet was planned to raise money to fight islamaphobia. >> i think people were coming to understand the crisis we are having. >> reporter: what happened was an event that spoke to the very existence of this organization. with reports of a steady rise in crimes against muslims over the past several years. >> the more we are able to put a spotlight on these evil ideologies that turn innocent people into victims, and that allow our social problems to be cast in two forms of blame against particular pockets of people, until we can eliminate that, we are going to have problems like this. >> reporter: members of the seek sikh community turned out here. a similar vigil was held here at central park when a shooting
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took place at a sikh temple. mayor libby schaaf says it shows the city is welcoming of all faiths here in the city. a message of unity meant to fly in the face of those who would commit such atrocities in a place like new zealand. back to you. >> thank you. vigils for the victims will continue tomorrow in the bay area. there will be one tomorrow at 5:30 in the evening at the multifaith sanctuary. that will be at santa clara university. the arab resource and organizing center is also planning on hosting a vigil at 6:30 tomorrow night, at the lake merritt amphitheater. facebook says it removed 1.5 million videos of the shooting rampage within 24 hours of the attacks. the spokesperson says it continues to work around the clock to remove violating content from the site using a combination of technology and people. authorities say the gunman wore a body camera and live streamed the attacks. the new zealand government alerted online platforms that sharing any version of the video is a violation of the law.
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for the very latest developments on those shootings, visit or you can follow our facebook and twitter pages. developing news from the sierra. a five-year-old girl is missing after she slipped off of a rock and fell into the stanislaus river. it happened about 5:00 this evening about 30 miles northeast of modesto near the knights very covered bridge. the sheriff's department says family members and bystanders tried to rescue the girl but they couldn't reach her. crews used boats and helicopters to try to reach her but they had to suspend the search due to darkness. deputies will be back out in the morning. a 29-year-old woman shot and killed driving on an east bay freeway. what we are learning about the victim and the latest on the investigation. a couple bay area cities got into the 80s today. temperatures will be nice tomorrow but rain is back in the forecast. i will see you back here with
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the forecast. we are thrilled. we have been waiting a long time for this to happen. >> time for takeoff. southwest kicked off their long- awaited service from the bay area to hawaii with a big celebration today.
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the identity of a 29-year- old woman killed yesterday on
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the hollow password has been identified. >> adequate personnel were also on the scene, tending to the driver of the honda. as the units were investigating, the crash, that's when they discovered the bullet holes on the driver's side door. >> reporter: california highway patrol says witnesses reported seeing this silver honda hit the divider near the port of chicago exit and cross all four lanes before it finally crashed at willow pass offramp. several bullet holes were found on the driver's side door. 25-year-old destinee hillery avante art was killed. her family declined to offer a statement at this time. >> this is definitely an ongoing, active investigation, at this point. we are asking for witnesses. >> reporter: police do not have a motive for the shooting and at this time, cannot say exactly where the shooting took place. for years, there have been frequent shootings on highway
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4, most connected to gang violence. >> this is kind of the first big incident that we've had this year. >> reporter: hillary died at the scene. police are not releasing details into her fatal injuries. because of several notorious shootings along highway 4, police say there are now surveillance camera shotspotter's, and license plate readers along the highway. in this particular case, they are not revealing what evidence they have collected. instead,, they are asking for more witnesses to come forward. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. in vacaville, a 12-year-old boy is recovering from stab wounds after police say he stepped in to try to protect a man in his 60s who was being attacked. it happened last friday on mono drive. authorities say the boy suffered cuts on his arm and his in stable condition. police posted this picture of their response to the home on mono drive and eleanor street. a 36-year-old man was also stabbed. one suspect is under arrest. a second suspect is still on
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the loose. legal experts say it's unlikely prosecutors will file charges following the death of a cyclist in san francisco. tess rothstein was killed while riding her bike on howard street. investigators say she was in a bike lane when a driver and a parked car opened their door, forcing her to swerve into traffic. she was then struck and killed by a truck. bay area bicycle law group says cases of cyclists like this are rarely prosecuted. police have not identified the person who opened the car door. the mayor says she wants to do more to make streets safer for cyclists. last friday, crews installed new safety measures at the site of the deadly collision. the sfmta posted this photo of the greenbike lane along howard street. parking is also temporarily restricted as it works on long- term improvements in the area. the city of hillsborough is
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suing the owner of what is known locally as the flintstone house. town leaders say the owner of owner violated local codes when she put dinosaur sculptures in the back yard and added a driveway sign. they say she did not get a permit to change those items and the decorations create a public nuisance. the bright orange and purple home is visible from i-80 near crystal springs reservoir. the owners commented on the lawsuit. two bear cubs found on the side of the road are now safe in loving caring arms. the five week old cubs are being nursed to help that the tahoe wildlife care center in south lake tahoe. the brothers were found along highway 96 in yreka last weekend. no one knows what happened to their mother. wildlife officers tried to find her but did not have any luck. the two cubs will remain at the tahoe facility for the next year. >> these bears are on a special formula. they are getting special care. we know when to start pulling
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back to let them develop into wildfires. you have to be trained to do this. >> the bears are fed four times a day. the plan is to return them to the wild when they reach 100 pounds. it turned out to be pretty nice today. temperatures outside, 80 in morgan hill, santa cruz 79 degrees. 75 degrees in antioch, 75 in fairfield. temperatures tomorrow, a little bit cooler. a little more of the cloud cover today. a little more tomorrow. filtered sunshine. by wednesday, we are getting into an opportunity for a few showers. here is the system we are tracking offshore. it's gone or it stays out there for the next 36 hours or so. by tuesday night into wednesday morning, we will see some clouds. by wednesday morning, we have showers. in the meantime, we have a few clouds out there. temperatures generally on the mild side, running a little
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warmer than they were last night, at this time. if you are planting your garden, not anticipating freezes anywhere. most temperatures will be 36 or 37 degrees. right now, it's 5 degrees warmer in napa than it was last night. a little cooler in livermore. overnight, above freezing. a few clouds out there. kind of a mild start to your monday. temperatures tomorrow, a lot like today. back into the low 70s. we're not going to see the mid 70s or low 80s. it will be a nice day. we transition tuesday. tuesday is about clouds increasing. tuesday night late into wednesday morning, it's wet. that means your morning commute will be a little wet on wednesday. the shift tomorrow, fog comes to the coast. that's the pattern shifts, the change from a north easterly wind offshore to an onshore wind ushering in that event on wednesday. forecast highs tomorrow, yellow is low 70s and greens are 60s. a couple 80s showing up toward modesto. i will see you back here to run the computer model through wednesday.
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look at the timing on the rain coming up. cleanup is underway across the midwest after historic flooding damaged homes and businesses in green bay, wisconsin. many residents are using garden hoses to pump water out of their basements and bright paint condemn signs are painted across the city. rising floodwaters destroyed the foundations of some homes, and many still have more than a foot of water inside. >> the water levels in the east river do appear to have dropped significantly. unfortunately, we still have standing water throughout many areas of the neighborhoods. >> many roads and bridges affected by flooding remain closed because of the standing water or more permanent damage. the democratic race for president just got more crowded. coming up, the announcement. plus, another candidate visited the bay area this weekend. a little later in sports, the st. mary's big dance. who the gaels will face at the
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ncaa tournament. it was a first for southwest airlines and a first for the pilot to flu the plane. we will tell you about the first flight to hawaii.
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when the warriors open at the chase center this fall, it will host much more than just the warriors. team executives will hold a news conference for what they call reveal week. all this week, they will reveal eight entertainment acts or events coming to the chase center. while the team has been keeping the list hush-hush, the warriors are promising top-tier performers for a wide range of audiences. hundreds of people celebrated st. patrick's day at jack london square. >> ♪ >> the irish pubs hosted a block party in honor of the holiday. y.
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irish dancers, beer pong and bagpipes were there. this was the second annual st. patrick's day block party. southwest airlines is now officially flying from the bay area to hawaii. these are photos of the first flight landing in honolulu. the inaugural flight left oakland just after 11:00 in the morning. hula dancers and hawaiian music sent the passengers off in full style. elissa harrington has more on the celebration. >> reporter: hula dancers greeted passengers lucky enough to have tickets for southwest's very first flight from the mainland to hawaii. >> we are thrilled. we've been waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: aviation enthusiasts from all over the country bought tickets for the inaugural flight from oakland to honolulu. they say it's like part of history. >> i had to be part of it. i flew in from orlando to san
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francisco to spend two nights in the bay. i've been waiting all morning to get on the plane. for robert corner from orlando brought a keepsake for the crew. >> i got a bad of macadamia nuts for the gate agents and flight attendants. dants. >> reporter: at the terminal, it was a party. music, dancing, cake, passengers mingled with southwest officials and got into the aloha spirit. >> words can't tell you what an honor it is. >> reporter: the pilot says this is his first time flying to hawaii. pilots train on simulators in dallas. >> our simulator is so advanced these days, the technology and the visualization, and the simulators, that the faa has approved us in this training program. >> reporter: danny and anna from oahu gave it a traditional cleansing for safe travel. >> it's all ready for its voyage.
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>> the plane is adorned and blessings. >> reporter: the excited crowd cheered as they boarded. a celebration as the crowd jetted off to paradise in style. at the oakland international airport, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come tonight, on the democratic candidates running for president and how a slip of the tongue will give us a better clue about whether former president joe biden will join them. plus, the ever-growing 2020 field expands as new york senator kirsten gillibrand enters the white house race as a full-fledged democratic candidate. i am jacqui heinrich in new york with the details coming up. also ahead, a breakthrough at uc berkeley. why scientists believe they could be one step closer to curing blindness. closed captioning for the
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several events tonight honored the victims of the mosque shooting in new zealand. central park in fremont gathered for a candlelight vigil well hundreds gathered at the muslim community center in pleasanton. in newark, a fundraiser to fight islamaphobia was planned before the attacks but held new
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meaning this evening. in pittsburgh, a well-known school principal remains on life support after police say his wife shot him following an argument. the victim is paul shatswell. he is the principle of pittsburgh adult education. the shooting happened inside their home in pittsburgh early yesterday morning. officers say the victim's 39- year-old wife was later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. 25-year-old destinee hillery of antioch has been identified as the woman who was shot and killed while driving on highway 4 yesterday. chp says hillary crashed near the willow pass road offramp in concord. several bullet holes were found on the driver's side door. no arrests have been made. officers are asking for witnesses to come forward. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is officially joining the ever-growing field of democrats, hoping to unseat president trump. >> the 52-year-old ended months
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of speculation when she entered the 2020 race for the democratic nomination. jacqui heinrich now with the latest from new york. >> we need a leader who makes big, bold choices. someone who isn't afraid of progress. >> reporter: new york senator kirsten gillibrand, officially joining the 2020 presidential race, declaring her democratic candidacy with a campaign video titled "brave winds." >> i chose brave, too. that's why i am running for president and why i am asking for your support. >> reporter: the nearly 3 minute video features her saying although the national anthem calls america the home of the brave, the lyrics ask an important question. >> it asks, will the brave win? has it always? it isn't right now. >> reporter: she is one of six women seeking the democratic nomination, so far. she announced her exploratory committee in january with
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stephen colbert. her first week as a democratic candidate will include a trip to michigan, iowa, and nevada. last week, she faced claims of mishandling sexual harassment allegations in her senate office after a former female employee accused a male senior advisor of sexually harassing her in 2018. the mail staffer was not fired but just in gillibrand defended the handling of the investigation. >> we did a thorough and complete investigation. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden has not yet announced his candidacy but teased eight potential run making a stunning choice of words at the democratic delaware party dinner, leading many to believe he has eyes on 2020. >> i am the most progressive of anyone running or anyone who would run. of anybody who would run. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: kirsten gillibrand is set to hold a rally outside the trump hotel and tower on march 25. jacqui heinrich, ktvu fox 2 news. presidential candidate tulsi gabbard made two stops in the bay area this weekend. the hawaii congresswoman was in fremont for a town hall style
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meeting. the 37-year-old is in an iraq war veteran. she told voters today she is running for president in what she calls wasteful wars. >> i'm running for president to end these wasteful regime change wars that have been so costly to the people of this country and our veterans, to work to end this new cold war and nuclear arms race that is threatening our very future. >> gabbert has served in the army national guard for nearly 15 years and was deployed twice to the middle east. she was also an outspoken supporter of vermont senator bernie sanders. democratic candidates need to stand out in a crowded field with more than a dozen in the race including kamala harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and cory booker. house democrats are preparing their next move after the president vetoed a bill blocking his border wall emergency declaration. garrett tenney tells us the trump administration says they
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are not concerned, and they expect any attempt to override his veto will fail. >> reporter: the white house is not worried about the house's upcoming vote to override the president's veto. mick mulvaney says it had no chance of passing the house. as for the 12 senate republicans who voted against the president's emergency declaration, mick mulvaney said the president is not happy about it and viewed it as a vote from nancy pelosi and against border security. >> i had a bunch of phone calls from my former colleagues saying this is a constitutional issue. but the bottom line is this was a border security issue. it is up to them to tell their voters while he why it was more important to overturn the president and secure the border. >> reporter: senator pat toomey is one of the republicans who voted against the emergency declaration. on nbc's meet the press, he said this boat was never about
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the wall. it was about the separation of powers for him. >> what we voted on, on thursday, was not a question of whether the president broke the law. we voted on whether we approve of what he did. i approve of border wall construction. i don't approve of the way the president is funding it. when that question was before me, i voted to disapprove the declaration. the courts may sign with him. >> reporter: the house may vote to override the veto on march 26. at this point, it is not expected to pass, but even after that, the larger fight over the president's emergency declaration will continue in both the courts and congress. at the white house, i am garrett tenney, fox news. ethiopia's transport minister says they have recovered a lot of information from the black boxes found at the crash site involving an ethiopian air watch jet last week. the ethiopian government also says data from the flight recorder shows clear similarities to the crash last october in indonesia that involved in other boeing 737 m.a.x. 8 passenger jet.
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ethiopia's accident investigation bureau plans to release a preliminary report in 30 days. last week's crash prompted authorities around the world here in the united states included to ground all boeing 737 m.a.x. 8 jets. ethiopia held a mass general for some of the 157 crash victims on flight 302. 17 empty caskets were draped in the national flag and carried through the streets of ethiopia's capital. bags of white flowers, the traditional color of morning, and pictures of the victims, were placed beside the coffins. relatives also received a sack of charred earth from the crash site because most of the bodies were destroyed by the impact of the crash. back at home, chp says an 80-year-old man survived after jumping out of his moving car on interstate 280 about 6:45 last night the westborough boulevard on-ramp in south san francisco. officers say the man tumbled
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several times, then got up and walked to the center divide while his car veered across several lanes of traffic before coming to a stop on the shoulder. the man was taken to the hospital for scratches to the back of his head and a psychological evaluation. still to come, a groundbreaking study from cal. the research being done that could one day help cure blindness. it was warm today. we saw low 80s in of the bay area. not as one tomorrow with rain in the 5-day forecast. firefighters in menlo park called on for a very delicate rescue operation. the story right after the break. p.o.s.t.
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this morning in south los angeles, a fire was caused by two tankers exploding. the explosion blew through manhole covers and storm drains. it took dozens of firefighters about an hour to put out the flames. two people were hospitalized. one with burns. another with breathing problems. two homes were also damaged. chevron issued a warning today after a flaring at its refinery in richmond. the malfunction began around 12:15 this afternoon admitting
10:41 pm
sulfur dioxide vapor. chevron says he flaring is the result of a problem with a process unit there but does not pose any environmental or health risks. last year, chevron agreed to pay nearly $3 million and spend nearly $160 million on environmental upgrades following allegations the company violated pollution laws. flames broke out in petaluma this morning prompting a large-scale response from firefighters. the fire was reported shortly before 6:30 on wilson and jefferson street. neighbors woke up to the sound of breaking glass as firefighters worked to contain the flames. crews managed to keep the flames from spreading to other homes but the house suffered major damage. a kitten is alive and well thanks to firefighters with menlo park fire department. they were called last friday after the kitten got trapped inside a drainage pipe. authorities say a firefighter worked with a probationary firefighter to fashion a rope,
10:42 pm
and they were then able to pull the kitten to safety. the probationary firefighter is now considering adopting the kitten. a study by uc berkeley scientists has led to a breakthrough that could eventually cure blindness. scientists say a form of genetic therapy used on blind mice led to the mice showing signs of being able to see. some were even able to get around obstacles, detect motion, and changes in brightness. researchers say the same therapy could one day be used to help cure blindness in humans. the results of the study were published in the journal "nature." the largest st. patrick's day celebration in the world coming up. how people in new york marked the holiday. another beautiful day around the bay area but a new round of rain could be on the way. bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast coming up.
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nearly 2 million people lined the streets for the longest-running st. patrick's day parade on the planet. reagan medgie shows us the celebration. took the new york city st. patrick's day parade is the largest and the oldest in the world going on 257 years strong. typically, this parade is held on march 17, but since that's a sunday this year, it's held the
10:46 pm
day before, on march 16. for religious observances. for many, like christopher, pat and mary o'donnell, the entire experience includes a sea of people. the sun shining warmly upon their faces and the wind at their backs, celebrating irish heritage. >> we are all irish on a day like today. >> reporter: except lisa and liam walsh really are. >> new yorkers just love irish. every pub we go into, it's like irish. it's great. >> it's like being at home. it really is. >> reporter: about 150,000 people march in the parade, something mary o'donnell recalls. >> i march except this year and last, since i was about two years old. >> reporter: what does this parade mean to you? >> are you kidding? the world. >> reporter: people receive all sorts of cheering and support for the performers.
10:47 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: the us park police and even the sanitation department? sure, they wear green. why not? a second-generation irish- american agrees. >> you get all dressed up and go to the parade. >> reporter: or ended up in it because even though it's a slow walk, today i am a wee bit irish. in the city of dublin in alameda county, st. patrick's day lasts all weekend. it kicked off with the annual parade yesterday, which of course featured lots of irish music. >> ♪ thousands of people lined the streets to enjoy the irish dances and the school bands. today, there was a festival at the civic center, where authentic irish food, fabric
10:48 pm
and toys were center stage. some of the people we met say everyone in dublin feels a little bit irish today. the jackpot for the powerball drawing next wednesday is expected to hit $550 million. no one matched all six numbers including the powerball in last night's drawing. someone in north dakota matched five balls to win $2 million. 30, 34, 39, 53, and 67 were the numbers. the number for the powerball is 11. another quick glance at the temperatures we achieved today. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. i don't think we will see '80s. dana cruz was 79. low 70s and upper 60s tomorrow. there will be some upper level clouds. some filtered sunshine, basically. the next weather system is winding up offshore. that lines up tuesday night into wednesday, but wednesday is your wet day. the wednesday morning commute looks pretty wet. you can see the few clouds
10:49 pm
remaining keeping us mild tonight. ford wants to return tomorrow night to the coast. this is a harkening of spring weather, when the phone comes back. the summertime fun. 54 novato, 56 napa. temperatures running a little warmer than they were yesterday, at this time. that's a good sign if you've got your garden in the ground. we are not expecting temperatures below 35 degrees tonight, so i don't think we will see frost. there is the civic center let up for st. paddy's day. just a beautiful weekend it was. tomorrow, there is the fog creeping back into the coast. that's the wind shift. when it shifts, it brings the fog back but it also will bring in the higher clouds on tuesday night into wednesday. that brings us the rain. wears the model, there's the fog, there's tomorrow morning and afternoon. the fog comes in and that's your whole day. tuesday morning, you see the high clouds coming in.
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this is a slow shift. partly cloudy tuesday. tuesday afternoon, pretty dry. here comes the rain. tuesday evening into wednesday morning, wednesday morning looks wet to me, so it's not a washout. not a major storm, but you will get a winter weather advisory for the mountains. we shouldn't see flood advisories. we will probably see a quarter inch to a half inch utmost. by wednesday afternoon, it looks like it is kind of winding down. your forecast highs tomorrow, i guess there is mid 70s. brentwood 74, 74 in santa rosa. like i said, no valley fog tomorrow morning, or there shouldn't be any frost. temperatures warmer overnight. mid 30s, low 40s, daytime highs something like this. a nice looking 5-day forecast with some rain. i was talking to my wife today. i said wouldn't it be nice? you get this really nice weather and the rain.
10:51 pm
wouldn't it be nice if we had in the summer months just like a week of really warm hot and then some rain? but twice a month if we had rain? it would just refresh. it would keep everything so much greener. this time of year, the rains come, the spring flowers. the whole thing. >> we have been getting a lot of rain. we've had a little bit of sunshine. it was nice to dry out. >> especially on the russian river. there's a lot of drying out taking place all over the bay area. >> bill, thank you. captain marvel sores atop the box office for the second straight week. >> i was ready to hang it up until i met you. >> captain marvel learned around $190 million worldwide, bringing its sales to $760 million in the two short weeks it's been in theaters. the rest of the top five include wonder park about a girl who dreams up an amusement
10:52 pm
park. it's a very distant second with $16 million followed by five feet apart, how to train your dragon and tyler perry's a madea family funeral. coming up on the 11:00 news. the family of stephon clark is marking one year since he was shot and killed by police in sacramento. the event organized by his family meant to send a message of peace to the community. and we hear from the st. maries basketball team after they learn who they are going to play in the first round of the nc to a tournament. joe fonzi has the details after the break.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
exciting times for the gaels. we now know they will play in the ncaa tournament. >> not quite as much on pins and needles as they were last time this year. this time last year. they waited an hour through the selection show only to find out they were left out of the ncaa tournament. no such drama this year. >> they will go against the 11th seed st. mary team. >> [ applause ] >> after beating gonzaga for the guaranteed birth, the only thing left for the committee to decide today was where st. mary what play. what would be the seed and who
10:56 pm
would be the opponent? those answers are 11, defending national champion villanova, a 6, hartford, connecticut on thursday. randy bennett, happy with the outcome and the way his team is trending. >> when you have real confidence, it doesn't go away. a win like that, a run like we have had, with a tavarres last nine. that builds real confidence. i feel good about us there. we have really grown. it's unbelievable. we have a lot of confidence going into the game. we couldn't be more excited. >> we are capable of beating any team in the country. to take them down gives us a lot of confidence, especially going into the tournament to be like hey, we can take down anyone in the country. just confidence. a lot of confidence. >> the top seeds in the tournament or not surprising despite gonzaga's lost to st.
10:57 pm
mary's. the bulldogs, number one in the west. north carolina gets the top seed in the midwest. virginia, the team that was knocked out by a 16 last year was number one in the south. duke was the top seed in the east. three of the top four seeds are from the atlantic coast conference. a nice storyline on the golf tour today. a final-round in florida. a couple of weeks ago, vijay singh came up just short. today, jim furyk put on a spectacular final day charge. he played well ahead of the third round leaders finishing 18th right on the money with an approach scary shot. -5. he had the lead but rory mcelroy was on the course. rory mcelroy started one-stroke off the lead. here's his second shot. mcelroy easy on a 2 putt for a birdie. mcelroy with 15. that many had to play it safe. per 17 and 18 for the win.
10:58 pm
that's what he did. john romm, who was the third round leaders a lot of contention today with a 76. the warriors her halfway through a four game road trip that has seen them win in houston and oklahoma city. there will be a glitch last night. demarcus cousins goes down on this play, guarding paul george. he will have an mri on his right foot. cousins left in the fourth quarter when his foot started bothering him. he is listed as questionable for monday's game in san antonio. the achilles industry injury last year was on the other foot. andrew boegarts has been stepped up. he will be there tomorrow night. chris paul and the rockets still trying to improve their standing in the western conference playoff picture, hosting minnesota. it was all houston, all toys with the wolves. a career-high six three- pointers. james harden scored two of his
10:59 pm
20 on the drive. apparently, you're not required to dribble. the rockets win 117-102. there are now four games behind the warriors. roger federer was after a record six championships at indian wells in the california desert. he is in the near court, serving two dominic came of australia in the third set after they split the first two. nice falling hurricane now, it's match point. the match ends when roger federer hits into the net and the final 7-5. going to see you back in a half hour with jason appelbaum for sports rep. >> congratulations to st. mary's. >> very exciting. >> joe, thank you. coming up next here at 11:00. >> today, we are here to be shoulder to shoulder with our muslim community and we are here for their suffering.
11:00 pm
>> somber vigils continue in the bay area tonight, two days after 50 people were killed in a shooting rampage at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. starts now. people of all faiths have gathered in solidarity with the muslim community after those shootings and it's been no different in the bay area. i am julia hanner. >> and i am frank somerville. the vigils, as we learn more about the man who covered carried out the attack. the police commissioner in christchurch announced he carried out the attacks alone but may have had support. australian police raided two homes as part of the investigation and we learned today, a gun shop in christ church christchurch, new zealand sold the guns and ammunition to the gunman. the gun store owner said the items were sold through a police vif


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