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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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after 50 people were killed in a shooting rampage at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. starts now. people of all faiths have gathered in solidarity with the muslim community after those shootings and it's been no different in the bay area. i am julia hanner. >> and i am frank somerville. the vigils, as we learn more about the man who covered carried out the attack. the police commissioner in christchurch announced he carried out the attacks alone but may have had support. australian police raided two homes as part of the investigation and we learned today, a g new zealand sold the guns and ammunition to the gunman. the gun store owner said the items were sold through a police verified online mail- order process.
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andre senior's in fremont tonight, where people of different faiths all gathered to remember the victims. >> reporter: the wound inflicted is sure to here in time. we can tell you there are a number of gatherings across the bay area to remember the victims in this case and for people of the muslim faith who say it brings attention to an issue they say is spiraling out of control. it's often after tragedy that we see unity, and that was on display in central park in fremont. >> hopefully, in the future, with everyone standing as we have signs here saying, united. hopefully,, that will bring unity. >> reporter: those here are separated by faith but unified >> today, we are here to be shoulder to shoulder with our muslim community and we are here for their suffering. >> reporter: a tragic act committed against a small group of people brought together. those of many faiths, burning
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candles in remembrance of those lost. the bay area has one of the largest was in populations in the u.s. with 250,000. the shock was felt all the way here. at the muslim community center in pleasanton, hundreds gathered to pay their respects. >> i think the reason we felt so connected to the community in christchurch is because they looked so familiar. >> reporter: the names were read aloud. victims of a crime that speaks hatred for those of zethand. the alleged attacker citing those reasons for carrying out the carnage that shocked the world and the bay area. >> we have seen an increase the last three years in islamaphobia across the country. >> reporter: long before what happened in's new zealand, a banquet was planned to fight islamaphobia. >> i think people are coming to
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understand this crisis. >> reporter: what happened was an event that spoke to the existence of this organization, which reports a steady rise in crimes against muslims over the past several years. >> i think the more we understand and know each other, the harder it is for tragedies to happen like the one we saw this past weekend. >> reporter: a mass murderer 7000 miles away from the bay area that had all intentions of ripping people apart but instead is having the opposite effect. >> it's obviously a huge tragedy, but i think we need to not see this as a tragedy just against muslims. we need to see it as a tragedy against humanity because it . >> reporter: seven years ago, there was a shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. it was at this location here, the same area, where the event was held today. back then, seven years ago, there was a similar event held for the sikh temple victims. they showed uptoalso
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showed up at the event and said it shows the city is inclusive of all faiths in the area. >> thank you. a show of support at a mosque in lodi. this picture shows a human chain of non-muslims lined up outside of the mosque during prayers yesterday. they wanted to make sure the people inside were safe. "my hat is off to the good people of lodi," they said. new zealand's government is ger gun control laws. the country's prime minister says gun reform laws will be announced next wednesday. as jacqui heinrich tells us, families are having to wait to properly bury their loved ones due to the inpray together in silence for our muslim brothers who were killed. pope francis praying for victim during his pontiff saying these victims add to the payne wars and
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conflicts affecting humanity. a 28-year-old white supremacist from australia is the suspect. the gunman, opening fire at two mosques in christchurch. at least 50 people dead and dozens injured, including some in in critical condition, the shooter facing one murder charge, but police saying more criminal charges would likely follow. meanwhile, new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern is pleading to tighten gun laws. >> we cannot be deterred from the work that we need to do on our gun laws in new zealand. they need to change. >> reporter: the government, receiving positive reaction from some go no worse. >> you have to have some kind of freedom. but you need a weapon that is appropriate for what you are using it for. >> anning private position of semiautomatic because there is no movement here in new zealand for that.
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>> reporter: this was the deadliest shooting in new zealand's modern history. families are still waiting for authorities to release their family's bodies. >> we have to be absolutely clear on cause of death and confirm their identity before that can happen. >> reporter: islamic law requires bodies to be cleansed and buried within 24 hours after death. >> we are so aware of the cultural and religious needs,so we are doing that as quickly and sensitively as possible. >> the prime minister says authorities hope to release all the bodies by wednesday. jacqui heinrich, fox news. tomorrow, a pakistani man who died trying to tackle the gunman will be honored. a day of mourning will be honored for the victims. neymar sheet will be honored with a posthumous national award. he was killed along with his 21
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year-old son. pakistan's prime minister tweeted today that she'd was martyred trying to attack the white supremacist terrorist and his courage would be recognized. for the latest developments on the mosque shootings, visit or follow our facebook and twitter pages. a school principal in pittsburgh is fighting for his life after he was shot by his wife after an argument at their home. he has eight children. ashland smith talked with some of his friends today. they are devastated. >> we are helping everyone cope with this horrib pittsburgh community are trying to make sense of a community that has left paul shatswell, a for his life. michael is his best
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friend of 41 years. hours later, around 1:20 saturday morning, police were called to shatswell's home on barry drive, where they found him with one gunshot wound. >> i just road to the hospital. as fast as i could only to find out it was even more horrible than i had imagined. police say shatswell's wife, maria vides shot him with a handgun. she has been booked for attempted murder. her facebook profile is nothing but photos of the couple during happier times. bazinette says they've been married for 15 years. he saw no signs of marital trouble. >> we all have problems, sometimes, you know? i wasn't there. i can only imagine. that's all i can do. this is a huge loss to our community. involved in shings. >> i am still confused. i don't know what happened. i don't know why it happened. >> reporter: dan lucas garinowa. he never saw them argue.
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he did hear yelling from the home that night. to him, he looked like the ideal couple. shatswell has eight children some from a previous marriage. the youngest, five years old. flowers now lay in front of the home. >> in my heart, i am hoping it was just an accident. i feel very bad for both of them. i'm thinking about a little boy's. >> reporter: the pittsburgh native is the principal at pittsburgh's adult education center. in a statement, the school superintendent said in part, "along with shock and grief, there will be many memories of his love for music, friends, family, pittsburgh and his passion for education. it's in times like these that we lean on each other and the strength of our community." grief counselors will be at the as the schools of his children police are asking for witnesses to come forward after a young woman was shot and
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killed near concord. the driver was 25-year-old destinee hillery of antioch. she was killed shortly before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. chp says witnesses report seeing her honda hit the center divide and then crossing over all four lanes before crossing at the willow pass before crashing, excuse me, at the willow pass offramp. >> when units arrived on scene, medical personnel were also on scene tending to the driver of the honda. as the units were investigating the crash, that's when they discovered the bullet holes on the driver's side door. >> police don't have a motive for the shooting and at this point, they can't say exactly where it took place. arre but in the past there have been several shootings on highway 4, many and a mother freeway shooting. this time on fire 80 near the
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isabelle avenue interchange in livermore where a 24-year-old woman was shot in the leg about 5:45 while riding in the car. officers say the woman was taken to eden medical center center in castro valley. she is expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. coming up, why stephon clark's family says it's important to organize positive events in his honor. also ahead, a tropical celebration as one airline makes its inaugural flight from the bay area to hawaii. a warm one today. a little cooler tomorrow. still nice but rain comes back into the forecast in the 5-day forecast after the break. ♪ ♪
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developing news from the foothills after a five-year-old girl went missing after she slipped on a rock and fell into the stanislaus river. it happened around 5:00 this evening 40 miles northeast of modesto near the knights ferry covered bridge. the sheriff's department says family members and bystanders couldn't rescue the girl but they couldn't reach her. crews used boats andhelicopters to try to reach her but they had to suspend the search due to darkness. deputies will be back out in the morning. tomorrow marks one year since two sacramento police officers fatally shot stephon m was killed in his grandmother's back yaiver tells us the family spent the weekend trying to bring the community together. er.
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>> reporter: a community center not far from where clark was shot and killed, family welcomed people to express themselves in a variety of ways. they called it a day of love and peace. while the event brought out a lot of smiles, clark's brother said marking one year since the shooting has not been easy. >> it has not been a happy time for us but it's a time to honor who he was to us, who he meant to us, and share that with our community. >> reporter: clark described the last year as tumultuous, as their pain became public and a rallying cry for protesters. >> we are moving forward, keeping our faith in god. >> reporter: clark's mother says marking one year after stephon clark's death has been particularly hard to cope with. >> i resent the word anniversary. niversary. i don't like that word. i resent anyone referring to tomorrow as the anniversary of his day.
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>> reporter: but she says she's grateful for support the family has received. >> i am thankful for a voice coming out of my son. i am so proud of him. >> it's going to be there no matter what we do, so i think it's tremendous of this we will to bring everything together in the name of stephon clark. >> reporter: with a memorial service plan and more call for action at the capitol. the clark's are still seeking changes and justice in some form. >> just honor his name and basically bring people together, you know? he's not just legislative change. he is uniting communities. he is peaceful and effective protesting. >> reporter: in sacramento, kevin oliver. earlier this month, the d.a. announced no charges would be filed against the officers who shot and killed stephon clark. the shooting happened as
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sacramento police were looking for a man suspected of breaking into car windows. police chased clark into his grandmother's back yard. authorities say he was shot and killed when he walked toward officers and refused repeated commands to show his home hands. today, the field of democratic candidates running for president got a little more crowded. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is now officially in the 2020 race. she made the announcement with a video on twitter this morning writing, "let's prove brave wins." she is the 14th major democrats to officially launch a campaign for the white house. her first speech as a candidate is next in front of there, she says she plans to deliver "her positive, brave vision of restoring america's moral integrity, straight to president trump's doorstep." fellow democratic presidential
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candidate kelsey gabbert made a stop in the bay area today. she is a congresswoman from hawaii. she was in fremont for a town hall style meeting. gabbert is 37 years old and an iraq war veteran. today, she told voters she is running for president to end what she calls wasteful wars. >> i'm running for president to end these wasteful regime change wars that have been so costly to the people of this country, and to our veterans, to work to end this new cold war and nuclear arms race that is threatening our very future. >> she is served in the national guard for nearly 15 years. oyed twice to the middle east and was an outspoken supporter of vermont senator bernie sanders when he ran in 2016. another democratic presidential candidate, beto o'rourke, made a trip to wisconsin for a meet and greet with supporters.
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he is running for the democratic nomination for president. wisconsin is expected to be a key player in the 2020 race. o'rourke appeared at a coffee shop in madison addressing a packed house. >> this is our defining moments of truth. this may be our last best chance to get things right for one another for this country and for the planet. >> beto o'rourke got a lot of attention during the midterms. he ran a close race against incumbent ted cruz in the deeply red state of texas. southwest airlines is now officially flying from the bay area to hawaii. these are pictures of the first flightional airport just after 11:00 this morning. hula dancers and hawa sent the passengers off on their tropical vacationerthe country bought tickets for the inaugural flight. they say it's like being part of history. >> i had to be part of it. i flew in from orlando to san francisco. i have been waiting all morning
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to get on this plane. >> two residents from hawaii gave the plane a traditional hawaiian blessing, a cleansing for safe travel. they blessed each corner of the aircraft and placed a lay on the dashboard. looking at temperatures from today. it looks pretty nice out there. 80 morgan hill, 70 concord. 75 in antioch with highs a couple degrees cooler than this. we are looking at a beautiful day. just not as warm as we saw this afternoon. it will be cooler this week. as we head toward the next weather system, which looks to bring us some rain on wednesday morning, the wednesday morning commute looks wet. wednesday afternoon looks wet. snow in the mountains. a few clouds outside right now. nothing to really cause any problems. it will keep us warmer overnight. current temperatures, running a little warmer than last night by five degrees. it's a little warmer. don't worry about freezing
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tonight. must temperatures will be above 38 degrees. civic center lit up for st. paddy's day, and a beautiful day at the coast, but things are going to change. see behind me? the fog coming back in at the coast. this is very springlike. we are not quite there yet but this is a very springlike pattern and the weather has been spring light except we haven't seen coastal fog. this returned it. as the fog comes back, there's tomorrow morning, tomorrow the fog back tomorrow night. as it comes in, it starts the onshore flow. tuesday, the upper clouds come in over the top. that's where the rain comes from. tuesday night, increased clouds, mostly cloudy by evening. showt into wednesday afternoon. it's not a big deal storm, but it's a storm nonetheless. a quarter inch to a half-inch. these are forecast high totals for tomorrow. forecast high in concord and brentwood. low 70s. 76 morgan hill. 72 in redwood city.
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not 80 in morgan hill, as we saw today gotta a few degrees cooler. here is the 5-day forecast. plenty of sunshine with rain mixed in, especially wednesday. we might see a little something on friday and a slight chance on saturday. pretty standard springlike weather. sports rep just minutes away. here is joe and jason with what they are working on. brackets are set. march madness is here. we will hear from st. mary's after learning they will matchup against villanova. the latest on demarcus cousins foot injury and what this means for andrew bogan. when we might see him. bear cubs from their mother in northern california. a new kitchen appliance could hit the market for ice
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cream lovers. lg has created a prototype that makes softserve ice cream with little pods the same way a kurd makes singleserve coffee. one pod makes her ice cream, frozen custard, yogurt or gelato. another pod is used for the flavoring.
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the department of fish and wildlife believes a person is responsible for illegally moving two bear cubs found along the northern california highway. >> while officers investigate, the cubs are being cared for at a rehab center in south lake tahoe. ta >> reporter: safe in loving arms. >> they have big claws and they find comfort at the lake tahoe wildlife care center. >> our job is to make sure they grow big, healthy, and strong, and they get released back into the wild. >> reporter: the five-week-old cubs were rescued last saturday. their mother was nowhere in sight. officers believe someone illegally separated the cubs from their mother. after all, they can't just wander off. >> they scoot but they can't walk. >> reporter: officers tried to find the mother but didn't have any luck. >>something happened to mom
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but we won't ever know. >> reporter: fish and wildlife brought the brothers to tom and cheryl, who will care for them erhe next year. >> this is blaze. you can see the blaze on his chest. >> these bears are on a special formula. they get special care. we know when to pull back to let them develop into wild bears. you have to be trained to do this. >> reporter: fed four times a day, but soon they will head to a larger habitat to climb, play and be more independent. >> these guys are siblings. they are brothers. that makes a good thing, also. >> reporter: when they reach around 100 pounds and they are ready, these little guys will return home to the wild. >> we are the surrogate parents. we have to teach these guys what to look r reporting. also, fans of a giraffe in new york received good news over the weekend when they learned she gave birth to a healthy baby. the birth was live streamed.
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april the giraffe was in labor for an hour 40 minutes. she is now the mother of five. there will likely be a contest to name her latest baby. that will do it for us. sports rep with jason and joe is coming up next. >> thank you for joining us tonight. join us again tomorrow for morning sun 2. good night. >> see you later. ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another nese creation from panda express.
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a brackets ready. why the gaels believe they can beat the championship contenders. daniel morgan was supposed to make his debut. why we are expected to see him sooner than that. biase get a warm welcome into tokyo with their season opener just days away. if tiger wasn't a factor, another big-name player posted his biggest win in years. time to chill like clay or go a little crazy if you want.


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