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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 18, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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morning. we'll tell you what, traffic is developing steve. >> we are getting more people on the road now. let's go to the commute from salono county. looks good driving out toward the mcarthur. from here, a lot of people drive all that way. so far so good as you get out to the maize. when you get to the bay bridge, it's light. we're getting some crowding. if you're getting on the road, you should get the better of the commute. it's 4:30. let's go back to the desk. . all right. we want to out of the netherlands. police are investigating a shooting in a 45 minutes south of amsterdam. police say someone shot multiple people in a streetcar
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in a busy intersection. trauma helicopters were sent to the scene. police are not ruling out terrorism. we're going to keep monitoring the story as it develops. the 2020 field of candidates for the white house is expanding again. now there are more than a dozen democratic candidates that want to take on president trump. we have the latest with doug. good morning. >> good morning. democrats have made changes in the way things operate. the parties nominating structure means that this means this field is getting larger and larger. the was just a 5k, but beto o'rourke was there. he posted a decent time crossing the finish the reward >> he jumped in the race last week, and he is not alone.
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>> kirstin jillibrand announced she's in. one big name hasn't announced or has he? >> i have the most progressive record of anyone running for the -- for anybody who would run for -- . >> i'm optimistic joe bind will formally announce soon he's a candidate for the presidency. >> when we come out, it's going to be a big one. >> after bernie sanders lost to hillary clinton in 2016, the better chance to changed underdog candidates. you still need to lock in enough early support to score debates. >> if you're not on the debate, you're not the radar of voters. >> you can qualify for debates
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based on performance of polls or if you show democratic fundraising. rules have changed to get in the debates. >> thank you. time is 4:33. house democrats are preparing their next move after president trump vetoed a bill that would have blocked the border wall declaration. the trump administration says it's not worried and expects any attempt to override the veto to fail. >> the white house is not worried about the vote to override the president's veto. acting white house chief of staff mulvaney says it has no chance passing the house. as republicans that voted against the president's emergency declaration this week, mulvaney said the president is not happy about it and viewed it as a vote for nancy pelosi and against border security. >> i had a bunch of phone calls from former colleagues saying this is a big constitutional issue or worried about where
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the money is going. bottom line, this was a border security issue. it's up to them to go back and tell voters why it was more important to over turn the president than secure the southern border. >> senator toomey is one of the 12 republicans that voted against the president's emergency declaration. on nbc's meet the says for him, about the wall. it was the separation of powers. >> what we voted on thursday was not a question of whether the president has broken the law. we voted on whether we approve of what he did. i approve of border wall construction i don't approve of the way the president is funding it. when that question was before me, i voted to disapprove the declaration. the courts may end upsiding with him. >> the house will try to override the president's fight both the courts and congress.
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at flh floods and mud slides in indonesia. torrential downpours triggered flooding and i have tore through mountain side villages. authorities expect the death toll to go up. >> time is 4:35 here in the u.s. the midwest is cleaning up after historic flooding damaged homes and businesses. many are using garden hoses to pump water out of their basements. bright pink condemn signs are posted on homes around the city. rising flood waters destroyed the foundations of some homes there. many still have a foot of water inside their homes. >> water levels in the east river appear to have drareas the neighborhoods. >> many roads, many bridges affected by the flooding. they're still closed because of permanent damage. two people were hurt after a tanker leaking gasoline caught fire and exploded in los angeles. it happened yesterday morning
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in south la. the fire department says the explosion through storm drains and sent manhole covers flying through the air. it took an hour to put tout flames. two were hospitalized. one had burns, another with breathing problems. in the east bay, the malfunction began around 12:15 yesterday emitting unknown quantifies of vapor. they say it doesn't pose environmental or health risks. chevron to pay a $3 million fine last year. our time is 4:36. today marks one year since two sacramento police officers fatally shot 22-year-old clark. as reporter kevin oliver tells us, clark's family spent this weekend trying to bring the community together. >> at a community center not
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far from where stefon clark was shot and killed, his family and friends in sited people to enjoy and express themselves in a variety of ways. they called it a day of love and peace. the event brought out a lot of smiles, clark's brother said marking one year since the shooting hasn't been easy. >> it's a time to honor and remember what he meant to us, to share that with our community. >> clark described the to cope that wohis day. >> she's been grateful for
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support her family has received. >> i'm thankful for a voice coming out of my son. >> it's going to be there no matter what we do. it's tremendous of this family to try to bring everybody together in the name of stefon clark rather than dividing them. >> with a memorial service planned and more call for action at the capital, the clarks are seeking changes and justice in some form. >> honor his namecommunities. stefon is peaceful and effective protesting. earlier this month, the district attorney says no charges will be filed the police officers who shot and killed stefon clark. the shooting happened as sacramento police railroad searching for suspected of breaking car windows. police chased clark into his grandmother's backyard where he was shot and killed after police said they mistook his
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cell phone for a gun. a study by uc berkeley scientist led to a break through that could eventually cure blindness. research done on mice led to mice being able to see. some were able to get around obstacles, detect motion, changes in brightness. researchers say the same therapy would one day be used to help with blindness in humans. the time is 43:67:89 up next, the st. mary's in the big dance. we'll hear from the basketball team after finding out who they'll play in the ncaa tournament. we're thrilled. we've been waiting a long time for this to happen. >> see how the long awaited service from the bay area to hawaii has a big celebration. . all right. looks pretty good on the roads
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so far if you're driving 24 looking good to and into oakland. we're on board for another nice day today. temperatures well above t day of the week. the system to the left we'll tell you when.
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southwest airlines is flying from the bay area to hawaii. these are the first photos of those first flights te it landed in honolulu. that inaugural flight left
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oakland after 11:00 yesterday morning. alyssa reports a sendoff started with the celebration including hula dancers and hawaiian music. hula dancers greeted passengers lucky enough to have tickets on the first flight to hawaii. >> we're thrilled. we've been waiting a long time for this to happen. >> enthusiasts from all the country say this is like being a part of history. >> i flew in from orlando broug a keepsake for the crew. >> i got a bag the macadamia nuts for the flight agents and everyone >> at the terminal, it was a party, music, dancing, cake, passengers mingled with sout west and got into the
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aloha spirit. >> can't tell you what an honor it is. >> he says this is his first time flying to hawaii. pilots fly on simulators. >> technology is a simulation. the faa has approved us and the training program. >> danny and anna gave the aircraft a traditional hawaiian blessing, a cleansing for safe travel. >> we for the ceremony. >> the excited crowd cheered as airport, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> jealous.
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>> should have been you. time is 4:45. still ahead, march madness begins this week. a lot of basketball. we're first going to check in with sal. you'll check basketball and watching our commute. >> i am dave. claudine, right now we see traffic is off to a nice start. there's no major issues if you're driving into livermore. however, it's already slow, very slow 580 and 205. you can see the area is going to be slow on it doesn't get better to after you make it over the altamonte pass. when you do, it should be a nice smooth shot for you. the traffic is moving well in both directions. once you get to bridge, most of it is going to be okay. especially nder. if you're paying cash, there's a small delay. less than five minutes.
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let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> how was your week off? >> it was very nice. i occasionally caught you on tv. >> that's fine. >> thank you sal. we do have a nice day today. not probably as warm as yesterday. tough to beat that. we will still be warm here on the temps. gillroy 82 yesterday. morgan hill was close at 80 degrees. santa cruz missed 80 by 1. san francisco 72. there were many 73, 74, 75. please tell them we want sunny weather this week. >> i told her. >> i'll take it. i want sunny weather this week. do you think i don't? >> she's put her order in for april. >> i want sunny weather for a h not too and alley. >> sunny and warm above average 70s. rain return tuesday into
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wednesday. not a lot. it will open the door for 've h our system to the left is going to work towards us. 30s 40s, 50s. upper 40s, 50s santa clara valley. low 40s in the santa cruz mountains. upper 40s to 50s around saratoga, campbell. 37 now in truckee. sunny, nice, warm today. it could be a little patchy fog. we're looking for a quiet pattern today and tomorrow clouds start to increase. we'll get rain in here. not the first system. there's another system friday night. it looks like the beat goes on. it does not look like februaand today nice and warm. tomorrow increasing clouds. early into wednesday, rain. we get a break thursday. clouds friday night and early saturday.
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rest of the weekend looks okay. march madness start this is week up next, a look at favorites on the men's ncaa men's basketball tournament. the local tournament looking to be a bracket buster.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2:00. 4:51, season of busted brackets and championship dreams.
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the st. mary's men's basketball team knew they were in the tournament after winning the west coast conference championship. yesterday afternoon it was a matter of seeding. >> they'll go against the 11 seed st. mary's gaels. >> yeah, i think they're happy. st. mary's is an 11 play defend national champion villanova thursday. their coach says the team wa to bust you have real confident, it doesn't go away. a win like that, run like we've had. winning eight of our last nine. that builds real confidence. i feel good about us there. i think we really have grown. it's unbelievable. we just knocked tout number one team in the country. we have a lot of confidence going into this game. we couldn't be be more excited. >> this is their number one team in the country top take them down gives confidence
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going into the tournament. we can take down anyone in the country. it's just a lot of confidence. >> way to go st. mary's. here's a look at the number one seeds in the tournament. despite gonzaga loss to st. mary's, bulldogs are number one in the west. north carolina is a top seed in the midwest. virginia, the team knocked out by a 16 seed last year is number one in the south. duke is the top seed in the east. three of the top four seeds are from the atlantic coast conference. college basketball fans are going to spend the next couple days filling out brackets. ktvu scott reese offers a unique perspective on this year's tournament field. it's march madness, the tournament ready to dominate the landscape. so sound the horn for what just might be the best sports days of the year feature featuring
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the cream of the crop whether you're just the guy, manly man or the girl in search of a key to your brackets. if you want to be smart, i mean it is vital. if we may be so bolden, allow us to quickly wreak down the tourney. >> it will be colorful be black white, gr, green, reddish. it will be presidential, washington, monroe, johnson, hayes, deletenixon, ford, carter, clinton or if you prefer a king and queen, maybe a different brand of hero, admiral or muscleman ready to battle and ward off any outlaw, savage, hazard to keep you out of harm's way. you'll be one with nature, a bear and bird, plenty of woods.
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a forest, perhaps with a round tree, rose, likely moss on a stone. you'll be refreshed with a pool, a lake, bay, beach, ponds, brooks, basically anything that allows you to wade into the waters. you'll see a hunter, porter, painter, butler taylor, houser, wheeler, gardener, walker, baker, even a bona fide cook serving up a morsel or two, maybe something french or far eastern or maybe something simple like a taco, possibly crisp with a side of rice and bean. i should warn you he might sneak in livers, lard, kale, don't forget the salt, broom to tidy up. it's much adieu about something
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the ncaa tournament promises a daily dose of entertainment. it will keep you young and wanting more and more. simon says sit back, relax, grab a little coffee or if you prefer something stronger, maybe remi martin. do not forget the cocktail cherry. >> very well done scott. time is 4:55. still ahead, breaking news this morning. it's from dutch ities in the netherlands. coming up, how a pakistani man died trying to tackle the gunman in new zealand is being honored. the presidential race just became more crowded. jillibrand and the other candidate that visited the bay area this weekend. boom. it's off to a nice start if
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you're driving now. looks good so far getting a to the peninsula. our weather will be pretty good again today. enjoy today, changes around the corner right there. it will be more tuesday, not today. we'll have more on that.
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we are helping everyone cope with this situation. community is trying to make sense. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome to mornings onto, it is monday 18, i am clotting long . >> good morning, i am dave clark. the weather's going to change? >> i enjoyed the last weekend of winter. >> this right, it went out,
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very springlike yesterday. santa rosa is 76 degrees, a lot of 74 to 76 readings yesterday. today will be a bit warmer with average temperatures but rain returns late tuesday into wednesday. it's a weak system but will give us some cloud cover and very light rain. a few high clouds around, maybe some patchy fog but is not going to amount to anything. 40s and 50s, a few 30s to the north. even down around monterey, pebble beach, we will get sunshine and nice temperatures. the rain is on the way, tuesday afternoon, and then again late friday into saturday. nothing heavy but it is a sign of a pattern change starting
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tomorrow. 60s and 70s on the afternoon temperatures. super commute, first time we do have traffic already slow on 580 as we go to the altamont pass. traffic is going to be busy driving out from the 205 tracy area. 205 and 580 is a normal is kind of a long line of traffic. as you drive over to livermore, continues to get better pass the livermore area into dublin. this is a look at


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