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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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new details about the hateful ideology that may have motivated the suspected gunman in the new zealand mosque shooting in the white house downplays the threat of violence. >> people should focus on what the authorities are saying so we can avoid copycat. the san francisco mayor and domestic violence groups asking major league baseball to take action against the giants ceo after an argument with his wife turned physical. >> we have to hold our leaders to a high standard. this afternoon the chp continues to search for the person who shot and killed a 25- year-old woman as she drove along highway four. welcome everyone. >> the shooting concord was one of two shootings.
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it happened saturday afternoon and yesterday another woman was injured on interstate 580 in livermore. >> our crime reporter joins us now where you just got an update on the investigation. >> reporter: we just got an update from chp. there have been three shootings in the bay area the most recent this morning. these are all unrelated but taken together they are alarming because no arrests have been made. this is video from earlier in the weekend, three more shootings that happen on bay area freeways. a 25-year-old died after shots were fired on saturday afternoon . her honda smashed into the center divide on highway 4 near concord. authorities do not know she died as a result of gunfire, crash or combination. 5:45 pm sunday afternoon a woman shot in the leg while riding in a
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car on interstate 580. chp believe that to be the result of road rage. investigators will be checking surveillance camera, gun fired detective and license plate readers. >> we have victims that are cooperating. chp investigators will be looking at the shot spotter camera system located both on highway 4 and also interstate 80. >> the footage is viewable now so if any of the cars involved in the incident this weekend were on the areas of the freeways where license plate readers and cameras have been installed, potentially they could be used. >> reporter: all three shootings were targeted. the deadly shooting on highway 4 was most likely gang-related. they are asking for the public in all three of the cases with the first one happening this
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morning and in that case a driver reported a bullet hitting his car but he was not hurt. and east bay school principal is in life-support after pittsburgh police say his wife shot him inside their home over the weekend. the 45-year-old is the principal of the pittsburgh adult education center and the father of eight children. we spoke to stan family members and coworkers. >> reporter: he says his dad has a long list of accomplishments that felt most at home teaching young adults in pittsburgh and his hope was to change their lives. >> it seems like another day pittsburgh adult education center but there is one notable absence. >> the fact that this is happened goes beyond -- you
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cannot put it into words. strike out the school principal is in the hospital on life support. pittsburgh police say his wife shot him during an altercation in their home early saturday morning. >> we just have to move forward and hope for the very best for paul and his family. it's unimaginable. >> george is a community employee liaison and he says he saw him on friday. >> he was speaking with the group in the administrator's office. >> he is surrounded by loved ones up the hospital as he fights for his life. his son jonathan did not want to speak on camera but said, this is been a tragic incident for the whole family impacting friends and relatives but there such a strong support in such a big family and so many friends that make a tough time like this a bit easier. he says his
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dad is religious, family oriented and loves to play the piano and guitar. and george as he was very involved with the school and hopes he will pull through. >> he was -- he brought a new level of energy and creativity. >> reporter: we got an email from the wife's best friend and says she does not know what went on behind closed doors but she was a hard-working woman in a good mother. a new zealand prime minister said today that she has ordered an investigation into whether government agencies could have prevented last week's deadly mosque attack. 50 people now confirmed dead and 31 remain hospitalized. new zealand's leaders are now also working to overhaul the countries gun laws. >> people are still mourning
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those who died in the mass shooting. 50 people lost their lives when a man describing himself as a white supremacist allegedly opened fire it two different mosques. officials now know where the suspect about the guns used in the shooting. they were purchased legally using an online police verification system. the owner of the store said he does not feel responsible. >> what we are doing is legal. >> the prime minister says the incident shows the gun laws are not working and need to be reformed. >> we will have announced reforms which will i believe make our community safer. >> the political fallout continues in washington. the gunmen left a manifesto praising president trump as a symbol of renewed wife's identity. the president pushed back strongly and monday tweeting, the fake news media is working
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overtime to blame me for the horrible attack in new zealand. they will have to work very hard to prove that one, so ridiculous. the white house says the presidents critic should direct their energy towards making sure tragedies like this one did not happen again. >> people should focus on what the authorities are saying so we could avoid copycats. >> on friday president trump says he doesn't believe violence by white nationalist is a serious problem. be sure to stay with us right here on the 4 for continuing coverage. at 4:30 pm we talk with an expert about the rising threat of white nationalism and what may be behind it. the san francisco mayor is calling on major league baseball to discipline the san francisco giants ceo larry baer. on march 1 he was involved in a physical altercation with his wife that was caught on video. the incident remains under
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investigation. while he has apologized and expressed remorse, it does not excuse his actions. >> i want them to focus on addressing the issue very thoughtfully and to hold him to the same standard that they would in any instance. there needs to be consequences. >> larry baer still on a leave of absence and so far no criminal charges have been filed. it is reveal week at the chase center, the new home of the golden state warriors. the arena is being built and we are now 172 days away from the very first event at that new arena. a news conference was held today to announce the opening act and it is a collaboration between classical musicians and classic rockers. >> 20 years ago there was a store collaboration between two iconic forces in music.
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there was an album recorded over two days in berkeley right across the bay in april 1999. that album went on to win the grammy that year for best rock instrumental performance. we are proud to announce that on friday evening, september 6 that on friday evening, september 6, 2019 the first- ever concert at chase center will be, metallica and the san francisco symphony. >> that is a very cool lineup. advance tickets available starting tomorrow at noon through thursday. tickets then go on sale to the general public. more artists will be announced throughout the week. 200 events will be held each year at the chase center. a new partnership in oakland aimed at helping the homeless. the space that will soon be available to people living in their cars. the flintstone house on the
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peninsula is now being called a public nuisance. the lawsuit over some new additions that recently popped up. we have had incredible warmth and sunshine that you can see behind me we've also got some fog rolling in we talk about current conditions and where we are going. the forecast is next. get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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dutch police say they suspected gunmen is now in custody following a deadly attack on a
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tram in the netherlands that is been investigated as a possible act of terrorism. investigators say three people were killed and five others injured in this mornings shooting in the dutch city. dutch authorities say that police have arrested the suspect following an eight hour manhunt identified as 37-year- old gokmen tanis. a man who was born in turkey. the dutch justice minister says he was well known to police in the netherlands but he says it is too early to definitely say if the shooting was motivated by terrorism. >> the suspect was known within the justice department. he had a criminal record that is indeed what we know and i can give no more details but rest assured, we will take this investigation upon us very
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intensively. >> they also took another person into custody in connection with this mornings attack but did not provide any further details. today marks one year since two sacramento police officer shot and killed car burglary suspect stephon clark. it happened when they were responding to reports of a person breaking into cars they then chased clark and repeatedly told him to stop and show his hands. this morning the clark family was joined by the reverend al sharp on the capitol steps. he is calling on state lawmakers to require all police shootings to go before a grand jury. >> by not bringing it to a grand jury we have no public record at all of what witnesses told the da who lied to the da. draka is also calling on lawmakers to pass a bill in investigations concluded that
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the two officers did not break any laws in the shooting was justified. community leaders kicked off a new program that offers homeless people living in their cars a safe place to park williams chapel baptist church became the first of four churches to open up the parking lot. the interfaith council said those living out of their cars will have access to affordable toilets, handwashing stations and drinking water entering the day job training and other help will be available. at night security officers will patrol the parking lot. organizers say the first lots will focus on students and families and emphasize the program serves as a bridge toward securing permanent housing. >> it's a tragedy that young people that are trying to further their education has nowhere to lay their head but in a car. >> let's commit together that
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these parking lots are going to be a gateway to permanent housing. >> alameda county and housing committee are partnering up. some unusual additions to the property in this house sits in hillsboro and now that the town is suing the owner of the property calling it a public nuisance. >> the house is hard to miss. >> i love having that landmark there. >> named after the cartoon the flintstone house is known for its bright colors and quirky architecture but lately it's gotten even more quirky. there are dinosaurs on the lawn and went seemingly out of place to wrap dress in a giant sign.
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>> we have jurassic park up there. at the conversation piece but i'm glad i don't live there. >> the town of hillsboro is suing the homes owner a former publisher of the san francisco examiner. she did not get proper permits and called the property a public nuisance. >> we don't like it when people build things first then come in and ask for permission later. >> a code violation citation in a hearing in front of an administration panel made up of neighbors and the lawsuit is a last resort. >> if successful the judge would order her to remove the statues and the mushrooms in the sign. there are other safety code violations she needs to correct and the judge would order that as well. >> statement the grandson says
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i think the dinosaurs are beautiful and they make everyone smile and should stay. at least some residents agree. >> they should totally be allowed to do what they want to do. it's their house. >> she had been ordered to remove the dinosaurs and decorations by last december and she did not and she did pay a $200 fine. the gorgeous weather we had this weekend, we kept it going for monday. >> it has been beautiful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder like that house in weather is an eye of the beholder. take a look at this, we have some fog that has rolled in to san francisco with an onshore flow happening with the seabreeze kicking in the clouds you see it right there coming across the bay but you also see sunshine here in blue skies
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they are and some incredible temperatures. you could see this creeping in and you see the arrows indicating the wind coming from the west battling with winds coming off shore. this is what happens when you start to have a pattern change with two forces struggling. in napa the wind is coming out of the east but in oakland 17 mile- per-hour wind gusts coming from the northwest. east and west all at the same time. temperatures that the coast are starting to push downed, meanwhile in san jose at 77 degrees and 78 here in oakland. 75 in santa rosa with incredible warmth out there. through the night we will cool down but it will be mild up there with overnight low about 50 in san francisco. just 50 in san jose and clouds will increase as we get into
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tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, little break is the early part of the day goes on but as the afternoon starts to roll through we start to the clouds move in. taking a live look here at stormtracker 2 the clouds held off shore all morning now starting to push in. it's an indication of the next system coming our way. you see the counterclockwise circulation and that will bring us showers. there is an increase westerly swell that will be happening as we go into tomorrow morning and because of that we have a danger of waves, do not turn your back to the ocean or just stay away from it from 4:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on tuesday. the clouds increasing and then we have rain coming our way. i will talk about that in just a few moments. at least two people are
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dead and several others missing after a mix of heavy rain and rapid snowmelt led to historic flooding in some parts of the midwest. rising rivers have breached levees and some homes are submerged some under 6 to 7 feet of water. flooding prompted private pilots to offer free flights for stranded residents. mandatory evacuations ordered in nebraska, iowa and missouri and many residents were told to grab what they could and get out. >> i was petrified. i did not know how fast it was coming up. >> with more rain and snow melt expected, several waterways could remain at major flood stage. the u.s. army corps of engineers said the u.s. compromised 200 miles of levees. priceless items stolen from
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the city of berkeley is following through on plans to improve safety at one of its parks. surveillance cameras up and running at san pablo park in response to increased violence in the area including drive-by shooting last year that injured three people. the city council improve the approve the council -- approved
4:25 pm
it last month. priceless record books stolen have now been returned. a woman found the historic books in a dumpster and reached out to the church. the records date back to talk to 1876 when the church was founded. they were offering a $10,000 reward but the woman who found the books did not accept the money and now the church is planning to put that money toward a reward for information about whoever blow broke in. the $9000 in gift cards that were in a safe stolen have not been recovered. lyft kicks off the roadshow for its initial public offering. they will meet with investors all across the country before listing on the nasdaq. they are putting 30 million chairs up for sale with an anticipated price between 62
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and $68 a share and that would raise more than $10 million for the company which could then be valued between 20 and $25 billion. the bay areas number 1 on a new real estate list. an annual study says the san francisco metro area is the worst part of the country to buy your first home. the survey results based on affordability, culture, job market market tightness and safety. sacramento and san jose ranked number 3 and number 4. the best city for first-time homebuyers, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. crashes along highway 17 have spiked during the first two months of the year and that's raising concerns that 2019 could be another bad year for the highway in the santa cruz mountains that's been known as one of the bay area traffic trouble spots. a report found a staggering 228
4:27 pm
crashes happened on that highway in january and february alone. that is the highest crash figure in more than 10 years and it comes out to nearly 4 crashes a day on highway 17. a focus on the spread of white nationalism in the wake of the new zealand attack. we talk live with an expert on whether or not there is a threat here in the united states. plus a chance to say thank you. celebrating transit driver appreciation day. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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president trump has condemned the new zealand attack. 50 killed and more than 30 souther 30 others injured when a white nationalist opened fire . president trump was asked about the issue of white nationalism last week. >> do you see today white nationalism as a rising threat around the world? >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very serious problems. if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's the case, i don't know enough about it yet. we are just learning about the person and the people involved but it's a terrible thing. >> joining us live is bryan levin from the center for hate and extremism. we appreciate you coming on today. we heard from president trump there and critics have said that the president is sort of
4:31 pm
downplaying the threat of white nationalism in this country and abroad. what do you make of the response that he has given so far to the shootings in new zealand? >> it's inaccurate and it really stands in contradiction of some of the main reports that are out there. euro pole for instance found white ring extremists have doubled. hate crimes in the united states according to the fbi were up 17% in 2017 and the center for the study of hate and extremism at cal state found in 2018 and 30 of america's largest cities including san francisco which hit a decade high and it might've been an all-time high in 2018, the fifth consecutive increase for america's major cities in 2018.
4:32 pm
we've also found at our centers an increase in homicides by white nationalist and for right- wing extremists. i really don't know what facts he bases his contentions on but even his own report from 2018 mentioned quite significantly the threat of violence from white nationalist. >> what do you attribute this rise to? >> great question. there are several things. one is, there are charismatic political leaders who have a message that is attractive to white nationalists particularly with respect to immigration. we have seen this happen around the world. in europe, far right parties are pulling in the double digits. not conservative parties but far right parties.
4:33 pm
also, the advent of social media and what that has been able to do, spread radicalization to the far corners of the earth. we saw that with respect to dylann roof who got radicalized largely on the internet. we sought in the tree of life shooter also get engaged with hate on the internet as well as this killer in new zealand. >> we know the fbi and department of homeland security have issued warnings talking about the rise in these hate crimes in these white supremacist groups in the country. do you think the federal government is focusing enough on these groups? >> no. i don't think they are but there are some wonderful people within the federal government that i have had the opportunity to talk to who believe they should be more of a priority and i'm asking congress to hold
4:34 pm
hearings. it would bode well that we do some things within the state too. one thing real quickly, this week there will be hearing to sacramento to help the state better track hate crimes and i think everyone should support their bay area legislator in that regard. a lot of things that can be done at the local as well as national level. >> what are some of those steps at the national level and local level that can be taken? >> first, we have to recognize that this kind of threat is a national security domestic terror threat. also with regard to the information sharing systems with respect to law enforcement, we have to have them put more of a focus on white nationalists and many of the local law enforcement involved in these joint task forces know about this.
4:35 pm
the bully pulpit, the political leaders have to be strong and say this kind of islamophobia and terrorism has no place in the civilized society and when muslims are slaughtered it's terrorism too. >> thank you for your time. be sure to stay with us for the very latest on the new zealand mosque shooting and you can also get updated information on and their social media sites. the department of transportation is investigating the faa approval of boeing 737 max jetliners. we have the latest from washington. >> all boeing 737 max airplane still grounded as investigators continue looking into the cause of the crash. preliminary data is similar to that of another 737 crash in indonesia.
4:36 pm
the findings reinforcing critics to say the faa acted too slowly. >> on monday the ceo said flat out, the pilot have flight control issues and at that point i believe they should have acted on that. >> their opening investigation into the faa approval of the 737 max focusing on the anti- stall system and whether the faa knew it was faulty. boeing says it will cooperate fully with the investigation riding in part, as part of our standard practice we examine our aircraft design and operation and when appropriate institute product updates to further improve safety but that doesn't go far enough for some passengers who say they will think twice before flying on another 737. >> we really should ground those. >> industry experts are predicting a minimal impact to the bottom line for boeing.
4:37 pm
>> i expect orders to continue as long as they can fix the problems. >> families say there claiming to see boeing saying the company is ultimately responsible. today is transit driver appreciation day and bart is using the opportunity to think it's train operators. the drivers not only operate the train but they are the eyes and ears of bart and handle issues including mechanical problems, emergency situations and evacuations so they are encouraging both writers and staff to think the train operator today. >> we want to highlight the front line in employees. it's important for anyone on the job to get that extra appreciation.
4:38 pm
and especially for bart in the bay area we are caring 400,000 people during the week day and we cannot do that without the train operators. >> they also have thank you posters on display for writers to sign. a poppy showdown. how two months of a good thing has closed a popular tourist spot. lots of sunshine out there but a little rain in the forecast. i time it out for you and we talk about the fog as well in the forecast next.
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a serious warning about soda. doctor say sugary drinks may be linked to early death. new research shows people that drink beverages with a high sugar content are at an increased risk of death from heart disease and even cancer. the study found a man that had more than two servings a day had a 29% increased risk for premature death in women who did the same had a 63% increased risk. the study also found that substituting one sweetened beverages day with the drink that's artificially sweetened was associated with just a slightly lower risk of death. researchers say water is still the healthiest option. strike a study by uc berkeley scientists led to a breakthrough that could eventually cure blindness.
4:42 pm
a form of gene therapy used on blind mice led to those mice showing signs of being able to see. some were even able to get around obstacles, detect motion and changes in brightness. the same therapy could one day be used to help cure blindness in humans. the results of the study are published in the journal of nature. a wild flyer -- file file -- wildflower attracted visitors in this spectacular display so popular that officials are asking visitors to stay away. >> this is what crowds are flocking to see, the fiery orange poppy super bloom. >> it's beautiful. >> my parents came out here from new england to see it. >> the crowds were so large over the weekend with 50,000 visitors that officials had to shut down the super bloom
4:43 pm
viewing and traffic was backed up for miles and they shut down the poppy viewing since it escalated beyond resources. >> you can see how bad the traffic and parking is in this area. that's why the city officials are trying to figure out a plan to alleviate the problem. >> we heard people were destroying the flowers and that's not good. >> we heard it was a crazy weekend. >> with the sun shining in warmer temperatures people are flocking to see mother natures display. it really is pretty. it's almost like too much of a good thing. >> i can understand how tempting it would be. check out this fog right now.
4:44 pm
it is a real bay area moment with the fog rushing in and that's why temperatures along the coastline are starting to drop. taking a live look at the bay bridge abc lots of sunshine and you start to notice wiese we start to see the fog creeping in. the wind for onshore and offshore flow and on the coast onshore is winning. on the coast a very warm day, 75 degrees right now in santa rosa. very warm earlier san jose, 77 degrees. you can see the onshore flow happening with the fog starting to creep in but as you look over here you start to see the winds coming the other way. that's a pattern change we will start to see for the next 72 hours. it will eventually bring us a little bit of rain. not tonight and not tomorrow
4:45 pm
but coming wednesday. let's take a look at futurecast . this is tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. the clouds roll in a cooler day out there without all the sunshine. 8:00 p.m. on tuesday relatively dry with the cloud cover thickening and as we get into the overnight hours that's when the scattered showers kick up and we see rain all the way through sonoma county through monterey. it starts to clear out as we get later into wednesday and thursday morning. it's not a huge system so i'm not expecting a lot of rain, 0.25 to 0.5 inch. we will be getting rain and the other affect is temperatures will go down. taking a look at oakland, it should be 64 today in the 70s and heading down back to normal wednesday and thursday. tonight a mild night with an
4:46 pm
overnight low of 50 degrees upper 40s and low 50s around the bay area. we get some of that cloud cover in there tonight and tomorrow will be cooler with some breaks of sunshine with patchy fog in the morning, breaks of sun through the early part of the day. the high tomorrow in san francisco 63 thomas still warm and spots. san jose about 70 degrees, 68 in nampa and santa rosa. also by the way we've got sierra snow coming our way and this will be a winter weather advisory in place 8:00 p.m. tuesday night until 11:00 p.m. wednesday and that could mean reduced visibility and chain controls put in place. looking for 6 to 9 inches of snow at the 6000 foot level. i want to remind you that the first day of spring is on wednesday on march 20. i feel like it was bikini
4:47 pm
weather today. but are 5-day forecast shows we will see clouds increase tomorrow with temperatures pulling back a little bit, showers rolling tuesday night into wednesday and we start to get a little clearing on thursday and the next system on friday and it could likely stay just north bay rain scenario. it doesn't look like a big push of rain more like a shower. you see the pattern is changing. we are shifting getting out of all that warmth and sunshine with a little rain. we could use it after all this heat. frank is here now with a look at some stories we are working on for 5:00. a lot of people concerned about violence in the bay area freeways. >> three freeway shootings in the past three days in the east bay. our crime reporter will be back with what the chp says they are trying to do to stop the shootings.
4:48 pm
also we hear from the sister of one of the victims. the city is trying to figure out what is causing a nasty smell. people have been complaining for years and now the city is prepared to spend a lot of money trying to figure once and for all what is causing it that's all coming up at 5:00. still to come, get those brackets ready. coming up next all the excitement over this years march madness.
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4:50 pm
4:51 pm
it is march madness four-two bay area women's college basketball teams, sanford and l are going. they will host number 15 uc davis. the aggies coming up on saturday. as mentioned the cow bears making it in there the eight seed and will take on north carolina. strangely enough we should not be learning about this just yet but it makes up had the field released hours earlier than planned. espn apologized and hustled to get the bracket show on the air three hours earlier. championship dreams, the st. mary's men's basketball team knew they were in the tournament after winning the west coast conference championship and yesterday afternoon it was all a matter of seeping.
4:52 pm
>> they will go up against st. mary's. >> there is a reaction, st. mary's is an 11 seed and they will play the villanova wildcats on thursday. the coach said his team wants to bust some brackets. >> when you have real conference confidence it doesn't go away. it builds real confidence. i feel good about it. i think that we have grown. >> we have a lot of confidence going into this game and we cannot be more excited. >> we are capable of beating any team in the country. to take them down gives us a lot of confidence especially going into the tournament. we can take down anyone in the
4:53 pm
country. >> there you go, take down anyone including the defending champions. here's a look at the number 1 seed. despite gonzaga lost to st. mary's they are the number 1 in the west, north carolina the top seed in the midwest. virginia the team knocked down by the 16 seed last year is number 1 in the south and duke the top seed in the east. three are from the atlantic coast conference. college basketball fans will be spending the next few days filling out those brackets. >> and we have a unique perspective on the tournament field. >> march madness in the tournament ready to dominate the landscape. sound the horn on what just might be the best sports days of the year featuring the cream of the crop in college hoops. whether you're just a guy, a manly man or a girl in search
4:54 pm
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provide your daily dose of entertainment and will keep you young and leave you wanting more and more. so simon says sit back and relax and grab a little coffee or if you prefer something stronger maybe and do not forget the cocktail cherry. enjoy march madness. >> very creative and well done. that does it for us.
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com bare baer. three shootings on bay area freeways in three days the chp said 5eu8 three were targeted shootings. we received new information on freeway shootings in the east bay. there have been 185 shootings on east bay freeways since 2015. another 65 have been hurt. helpry henry lee is live. >> we did get new information
5:00 pm
been the last half hour about three freeway shootings including one this morning. the most serious was deadly and happened on saturday. >> a memorial marks the spot where destiny hillary died after someone shot at her car. she crashed. the chp says her death was the most serious of three freeway shootings since saturday afternoon. investigators say none were random. >> investigators believe that it was gang-related. >> in an unrelated incident sunday a woman was shot in the lightning while in a carer in isabel avenue in livermore. ch investigators will be


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