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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a controversial plan to relocate san jose's first ever sanction tent village for the homeless settling halted tonight among growing neighborhood opposition. >> i am disappointed, more worried because it means more work for me to try to figure out what we're going to do. >> hope village would not be coming to san jose's willow glen.
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good evening. i am julie haner. >> city leaders made that announcement as what was expected to be a contentious community meeting. the proposed sought is that willow street. we told you about the backlash from residents last week. live coverage from as annette smith with the developments. >> reporter: frank and julie, some 200 residents packed tonight's meeting armed with signs and ready to give the city and county an ear full. hours early, water board members heard from outraged residents and voted not to move forward. >> the water district ad hoc committee on homelessness met today and they did not vote to move that item forward. >> reporter: tears for many residents claiming a small victory monday night after a
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proposal to relocate 16 homeless individuals from san jose's hope village sanctioned homeless encampment to their neighborhood was shot down. >> this isn't going to happen now. >> reporter: the city and county changing course after dozens of residents spoke against the plant water district board members. hope village his current location or rough drive has been deemed unsafe, too close to the airport. the new location on lay long and willow street is water district owned land near coyote creek. >> there were so many reasons. this is putting the homeless people in jeopardy from the flood zone, how it impacts the creeks and the local community. joke after hearing from residents about quality-of-life concerns, water board members dethey needed more time. >> we have to help the people who want help and we have to do what is right.>> reporter: when councilman is disappointed.
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the homelessness crisis is complex with 5000 on shoulder individuals in the county. >> it won't be the last time we are in this district. we're going to keep coming back into districts and other cities because we have to build housing. the only alternative to building houses is not tolerable.>> reporter: one disagrees with the water district decision. she wanted hope village in her backyard. >> they are here and they need sanitation. they need safety. >> i don't want hope village to die and i don't want to allow them to kill it. >> reporter: the founder of hope village says the hostility from residents was likely more than they could handle. he has no idea what will happen come march 30, the deadline to relocate hope village away from the airport. >> in my heart i don't think we are going to close. we will either stay where we
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are or move someplace else.>> reporter: and to that end, hope village is founder says he is working closely with the county to try to find an alternate interim location, government owned property. it remains to be seen where these homeless individuals will go. >> azenith smith in san jose. in oakland, portraiture to come up with any way to do with the homeless crisis. there opening up their parking lots to help students and families who are living out of their cars. it is called the safe car parking program and was launched by the interfaith council of alameda county and other local leaders. each church will have a portable turned toilet, watch station, surveillance cameras and armed security. organizers say it is a temporary fix that will hopefully be a gateway to permanent housing. hundreds of people marched in step mental to remember stephon clark. it was on this day one year ago that the 22-year-old was shot and killed by two sacramento police officers. >> stephon clark!
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>> protesters held signs criticizing the sacramento police department. the shooting happened is police were responding to reports of a person breaking into cars. police chased clark and repeatedly told him to stop and show his hands. officers said they opened fire as clark advanced toward them with what they thought was a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. earlier today the clark family was joined by the reverend l sharpton on the capitol steps. sharpton called on state lawmakers to require all police shootings go before a grand jury. >> by not bringing it to a grand jury we have no public record at all. of what witnesses told the da, who lied to the da. >> he is also calling for lawmakers t would change the use of for standard. investigations by both the sacramento district attorney and the state attorney general concluded that the two officers did not break any laws. chp is investigating three
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separate shootings on freeways in the past three days. they were all in the east bay including one on saturday afternoon that killed a 25-year- old woman. the highway patrol says all three shootings are believed to be targeted attacks. crime reporter henry le tells us how investigators are trying to find those responsible. >> reporter: a memorial of lanterns marks the spot were 25- year-old destiny hillary died after someone shot at her car on highway 4 in concord. she crashed her honda . the chp says her death was the first and most serious of three freeway shootings in the bay area since saturday afternoon. investigators say none of them were random attacks. >> right now investigators believe that it indeed was gang related.
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>> reporter: in an unrelated incident at around 5:45 sunday afternoon, obama was shot in the leg while riding in a car on interstate 5 federal near isabel avenue in livermore. >> this also appears to be a target shooting and may have involved road rage. >> reporter: investigators will be checking surveillance cameras, gun fire detectors and license plate readers along highway 4 to solve deadly shooting. >> we have victims that are cooperating. chp investigators will be looking at the shot spotter camera systems that are located both on highway 4 and on interstate 80 four to of incidents that occurred. >> the footage is viewable now and if any of the cars involved in the incident this weekend were on the areas of the freeways where license plates readers and cameras have been installed, potentially they
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could be used in this investigation. >> reporter: drivers we spoke to were concerned. >> it is scary and really sad because you think you travel down highway 4 all the time with their kids in the car and for people to do random acts like that is really fearful. you don't know what can happen with road rage and things like that. my heart goes out to her family. >> reporter: the most recent freeway shooting happened monday morning on i-80 near mcdonnell avenue in richmond. a car was shot up but no one in sight was hurt. at chp headquarters in vallejo, henry le amateur into. >> today we spoke with the sister of the young woman killed on highway four. she said that destiny hillary had many friends and was a wonderful aunt. >> she was really loving to her family and had plenty of nieces and nephews who loved her. she was a really amazing, amazing person and she will be missed. >> alicia westbrook also told us that her 25-year-old sister had just left her job on saturday afternoon when someone fire into the drivers destiny w valley high school in antioch and worked at the safeway in alamo where she was recently promoted to manager. her family says they want to know who shot her and why and are asking anyone with information to please come forward and call police.
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now to an interfaith service tonight at santa clara university honoring the victims of last week's mosque shootings in new zealand. students, faculty and staff gather in solidarity and to show support for the university's muslim community. and really is live on the santa clara campus tonight. service you people of many faiths. >> reporter: that is right, julie. muslim students are a minority at santa clara university. the school staff says a vigil was important to be held here to let them know that the community is behind them. >> let's know our neighbors, our colleagues. two out of my 19 years of existence, the first time i walked into a room and feel like people are supporting my faith. >> reporter: inside the multifaith sanctuary on campus, santa clara university held a vigil to honor the victims of the christchurch massacre and to help muslim students cope with the attack on their faith. >> we grieve for our muslim community worldwide and for new
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zealand in the pain they're going through as well. >> reporter: pain that was felt my students of muslim faith here on campus. their numbers are small, about 40 and this just tudents. the massacre, a moment of darkness that threatened their sense of security. >> an extreme moment of isolation and fear and kind of disbelief about what had happened. >> reporter: in the middle of preparation for finals, organizers say they do not expect a turnout that filled the sanctuary. faculty, staff and students were joined by people of other faiths who came from off-campus to show their support. >> to come out and make a very strong stand saying we don't accept this. >> reporter: speakers urged the audience to fight intolerance. >> the fact that we have become so desensitized against these
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actions against muslims and all these words and rhetoric is something that really scares me. >> reporter: organizers say they deliberately did not set up a set number of candles. while 50 are dead and others are seriously injured, there is no way to know the exact number of people affected by the deadly shooting. they sent islam a phobia is widespread and its consequences unthinkable. >> we shouldn't wait for extreme crimes like these to happen so we can actually feel for one another. >> this is a wake-up call and it is unfortunate that takes the death of so many people but i think people need to get educated and learn what islam is and what it stands for.>> reporter: the students of muslim faith say that this helped reassure them that this campus is a safe space and they are welcomed here. they said it meant a lot that the school staff reached out to them to ask them what they need it during this difficult time. julie. >> thank you, amber. >> 30 people remain in the hospital following the mosque shootings in new zealand. the prime minister ordered an inquiry into whether government
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agencies could've prevented the attack that killed 50 people. new zealand's cabinet has agreed in principle to an overhaul of the country's gun laws. officials say the suspected shooter bought his guns legally and online using a police verification program. dutch police are questioning a suspect following a possible act of terrorism in the netherlands today. investigators say three people were killed and five wounded in a shooting this morning on a in the city of utrecht, which is south of amsterdam. investigators arrested a 37- year-old suspect eight hours after the suspect shooting. he was born in turkey and had a criminal record but just authorities will not comment on whether he had been previously flagged as a terrorist suspect or whether today's act was motivated by terrorism. a woman gives birth alone in a jail cell. the help of that baby and the woman's life or put at risk. >> estate lawmaker calls for an audit, citing and 2 investigates report on a bay
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area gel. new voting machine and ballots in san francisco. how they are supposed to tighten election security and increase transparency. the sun was out today and temperatures warmed up but we have clouds coming in tomorrow and showers in the forecast.
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in southeast texas authorities say a large fire
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and an oil and gas facility will likely burn for two days. the fire broke out yesterday at intercontinental terminals company in deer park about 15 miles outside of houston. it spread to seven storage tanks can contain components of gasoline but they say the risk of explosion is minimal. authorities are monitoring the air quality and say the current levels are within acceptable guidelines. the campaign of presidential candidate beto or work is off to a breaking start. the campaign says it raised $6.1 million in grassroots contributions during the first 24 hours of his campaign last week. that is more money than any other democratic candidate has raised during the first day of
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their 2020 campaign. he narrowly outpaced contributions to vermont senator bernie sanders who took and $5.9 million from small donors during the first day of his campaign last month. san francisco is preparing to switch over to a brand-new voting system this year. it is a system that uses digital scanning and holds the promise of better security and more transparent to. >> jana katsuyama got a look at the new ballots and voting machines. what is going to be difference? >> reporter: there is going to be a lot different and they are hoping to roll it out by november 5 for this year's elections. the director says that san francisco could become the first county in the nation to take images of voters scanned ballots available online. >> reporter: changes coming in november at san francisco's department of elections. the city's contract was up on the old voting system which the elections director says was out of date. >> the comp were designe in the 70s and
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80s. it is just an old system. >> reporter: he said that cost problems with maintenance and insufficient memory cards. the city is switching to a new voting system called democracy sweet by dominion voting, a company that supplies voting systems throughout the nation. voters will still use a paper ballot. we got a demonstration by a poll worker who showed us what they will do after completing the ballots. >> they will be instructed to insert the ballot card, they will scan the valid and wants to hear that happy beep. it has been accepted and the number will go up as well. >> reporter: unlike the old scanners that search for pen marks, these machines will use digital scanning. >> it takes a picture of the actual ballot and the system will tally the ballot based on the image of the ballot. >> reporter: with concerns over election security and hacking, the new system will encrypt all data, require two-step authentication and comply with state laws for bi the system the internet.
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there is nothing in the equipment that would receive a wireless signal. you can hack in using wi-fi or bluetooth or something like that. >> reporter: voters will see some differences. instead of filling in a row they will fill in an oval similar to common surveys or test. for ranked choice races, they will be able to rank up to 10 choices instead of just three. art also wants to increase transparency by doing something no other county in the country has done. >> i want to have all the votes that were cast in the election to be on our website so people can see how the votes were tallied. >> reporter: he says that santa clara, napa, sent sacramento and contra costa have adopted the system although they do not post their ballots online. the city is leasing the system for four years at a cost of $2.1 million per year. that will be regardless of how many elections are being held with maintenance all included. people will be able to go to department website, take a look at the system before it rolls out in november.
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a new poll suggest most americans believe the u.s. economy is in good shape. 71% of those surveyed in a cnn poll say the economy is very good or somewhat good. only 27% believe the economy is in poor shape. 21% approve of the way president trump is handling the economy, which may have contributed to the 2% but in his overall approval ratings, which is now at 42%. new video from the central coast where vice president mike pence arrived this afternoon. air force 2 linda at monterey regional airport where a handful of local officials and party leaders greeted the vice president. he is here for a fundraiser but may not be staying too long. >> that is because the white house says the vice president will travel to nebraska to get a firsthand look at the devastating flooding there. at least three people have died and several others are missing after a mix of heavy rain and
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rapid snowmelt created historic flooding in several states. the rise in water has breached levees up and down the missouri river. >> i was scared. i was petrified. i didn't know how fast it was coming up. >> mandatory evacuation orders were are in effect in nebraska, iowa, missouri and kansas due to the flood waters. shock checking in on the weather around here today, temperatures not too bad. we had 78 in san jose, 75 morgan hill. high temperatures tomorrow going to be slightly cooler due to all the cloud coverage we're looking at. here are today's highest. tomorrow's are cooler with a lot of 60s and 70s. as we get into tuesday, the clouds increase. as we get into wednesday, showers began. wednesday
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mornings commute looks wet and the afternoon as well. a what day from start to finish. tomorrow is about these clouds moving in. mostly to partly cloudy pretty much all day. the sun comes out a little bit but high temperatures generally range in the 60s and 70s. current temperatures are a little behind them where they were last time. we had coastal fog today. it is reminiscent of spring time. we are almost there. as we go into wednesday, get ready for rain. tomorrow is about clouds and a little cooler. when i come back, the computer model and rain forecast for wednesday. a honeycomb on the peninsula suddenly attracting the wrong kind of attention. coming up, the lawsuit that caused the so-called flintstone house a public nuisance. the warriors welcome back andrew bogert. joe ponte shows how he reconnected with his old teammates and how the warriors did coming up in sports. a celebration to honor two girls basketball teams from oakland. both our state champions.
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the oakland public schools are celebrating to state champion basketball teams. the girls of oakland high and oakland tech got together at a restaurant on telegraph avenue. this month oakland high when the division for contest. during the regular season the bulldogs and wildcats arrivals the going for the trophies they cheered each other all the way. >> we have a great relationship to where we don't get jealous of each other.
10:25 pm
we root for each other and help each other. >> we were able to come down for their game. i have said before that watching them win you get excited and nervous. we would like to do the same thing. >> both coaches say they are proud of their players as athletes and students. oakland highs team grade point average is 3.6. a parade is planned to honor the teams on april 12. the owners of the famous flintstone house on the peninsula are being sued by the town of hillsborough after making some additions to the property. you may have seen the house from the freeway on the east side of 280 above crystal springs road. here is an ribbon on the additions town leader say have created a public nuisance.>> reporter: overlooking interstate 280, the house at 45 berryessa way is hard to miss. >> i love having the landmark there when i go by. i'm like there is the flintstone house.>> reporter:
10:26 pm
named after the car 10, the flintstone house is known for its bright colors and quirky architecture, but lately it has gotten even quirkier. there are no enormous dinosaurs grazing on the lawn and one seemingly out of placed giraffe and fred flintstone himself and a giant sign reading yabba dabba do . >> little by little we are having jurassic park up there. it is a conversation piece but i am glad i don't live near there. >> reporter: the changes haven't sat well with neighbors and now the town of hillsborough is suing florence fang , former publisher of the san francisco examiner. they said she did not get proper permits and called the property a public nuisance.
10:27 pm
>> we don't like when people build things first and then come in and demand or ask for permission later. >> reporter: officials say she was given three stop work notices, a code violation citation and a hearing in front of an administrative panel made up by neighbors. the lawsuit is a last resort. >> if the lawsuit is successful, the george would order her to remove the statues, mushrooms and the yabba dabba do sign. there are other safety code violation she needs to correct and a judge will order that as well. >> reporter: in a statement to the associated press, her grandson said quote i think the dinosaurs are beautiful. they make everyone smile and should stay. at least some residents agree. >> they should totally be allowed to do what they want to do. it is their house.>> reporter: thing had been ordered to remove all the dinosaurs and decorations by last december. she did not but she did pay a $200 fine. in hillsborough, and ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. more trouble for giant ceo larry baer. the mayor of san francisco is calling for disciplinary action after this public altercation with his wife. state lawmaker calling for an audit of the alameda county sheriff department.
10:28 pm
it comes after a report found that a woman gave birth alone in a jail cell. >> these are very troubling incidents. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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estate center is calling for an audit of the alameda county sheriff's office after a female inmate was forced to give birth in isolation at
10:31 pm
santa rita jail. >> a senator is concerned about mistreatment and gender discrimination and cited in 2 investigate report in her letter. candace when is here with a strong response to the letter from the sheriff's office. >> reporter: sheriff greg ahearn says he welcomes any audit of santa rita jail but his department warns those calling for an audit may not like what they find. >> 33 in custody deaths in five years, 29 women who have sometimes in a group or individually sued the sheriff's office. a woman was pregnant and gave birth alone in isolation. >> reporter: from her sacramento office, california senator nancy skinner gives a
10:32 pm
reason for call to action to the alameda county board of supervisors. she represents the east bay and is requesting the board approved an independent performance and financial audit of the sheriff's office. >> the public deserves that we use their taxpayer dollars in the most appropriate and efficient and effective way possible. and that does not include in custody deaths. >> reporter: skinners february letter to the board mentions troubling reports, which includes an 2 investigate story from november. that is when our camera went inside the santa rita jail after we uncovered dozens of accusations of inmate mistreatment and gender discrimination. one of the accusers was candace steel. >> i was eight months pregnant and about to pop.>> reporter: officials say they misdiagnosed her labor when she was in labor. she says deputies ignored her labor pains and put her in an isolation cell as punishment where she was forced to give birth. >> deputies opened the door and i am standing there in a puddle of my own blood wi my baby in my arms. and all the deputy could say was okay. and i just
10:33 pm
couldn't believe that they would put me through that knowing that i was pregnant. >> outrageous. completely outrageous. the health of that baby and that woman. their lives were put at risk. >> bringing a jail in running one of the largest jails in the country is not an easy feat. >> reporter: we brought the letter to the alameda county sheriff department. the sheriff welcomes anacthe bo like i say, they may not like what they find. >> reporter: was sergeant kelly means by that is although critics credit the budget of a financial audit may find the department needs more money. >> we are starting every fiscal year about $20 million in the hole and we are doing much more with less.
10:34 pm
>> my point of the audit is not to justify an increase in the budget but rather to look at policies and procedures and see where they can be improved so that we have no deaths in custody. >> reporter: skinners letter references 33 deaths. shares department data shows most were the result of suicide and natural causes. the data also shows the number of deaths has trended down. >> we know we are saving lives when people come into our custody. usually the have hit rock bottom. we want real accountability, real transparency.>> reporter: human rights aocdit since 2017 calls have fallen on deaf ears until now. >> i think alameda county is right, residents are right to ask what are you doing with the money. >> reporter: do you think the board would've approved in on it without you writing the letter? >> i think the community pressure has been building. these are very troubling incidents at the sheriffs
10:35 pm
department that could be indicators of something very deeply wrong with either staffing allocations or policies or procedures, which you can't get out unless you have an audit. >> we are not afraid or scared of audits. bring them on. >> reporter: county officials say the sheriff's office is already being audited by a multicounty agency. critics believe it is more of an overview and not as detailed as what the center is calling for. we also want to acknowledge that the spouse of the ktvu employee works for senator skinner. >> why is the sheriffs budget increasing? >> more and more expensive to care salaries and benefits are more competitive now too. the senator says she wants in on it to approve it and to lay out all the details. >> thank you, candace. if you have a tip for as we want to hear from you. call us at 510-874-0222. or you can email us.
10:36 pm
milpitas police are asking for help finding a missing man who is considered to be at risk. 63-year-old mark herbert fortin was last seen on the morning of march 7 leaving his home in milpitas. he is about five feet nine, weighs 164 pounds and has blue eyes and black and gray hair. police say he has various medical conditions and needs his medications. if you see him, call milpitas police. teachers could be gearing up for a walk out in another bay area school district. the strike authorization just approved. rain back in the forecast and the five day. we're going to talk about the rain coming and show you the latest computer model. call for disciplinary action against the giant ceo. how san francisco's mayor is rolling in.
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san francisco mayor of london breed is calling for major league baseball to take legal action against giant ceo larry baer who was involved in a videotape argument with his wife as a hayes valley park on march 1. today the mayor endorsed a call by into domestic violence advocates for big league baseball to impose a penalty on the giants executive. >> there has to be consequences
10:40 pm
for behavior that is not appropriate towards women no matter whether or not you are part of a major corporation. >> the giants responded by saying they take this matter very seriously and appreciate the mayor's concerns. san francisco's district attorney's office says it is reviewing the take to determine whether anything criminal took place. on washer, stocks were higher today giving the market solid gains. the dow is up 65, the nasdaq up 25 and the s&p 500 was up 10. bank and energy stocks did well today while boeing and facebook continued to slide. lyft is getting ready for its ipo at the end of the month. the company launched its roadshow today with executives
10:41 pm
will crisscross the country meeting with potential investors. lyft is expected to price its ipo between $62-$68 per share and raise more than $2 billion for the right healing company. dublin teachers have voted to authorize a strike if their game cannot work out a contract deal with the school district. have been negotiatinasking for increases, smaller classes and a higher staffing ratio for school counselors. 98% of the 625 member gideon voted to authorize the strike.
10:42 pm
the superintendent of schools has said she hopes were in agreement that both compensates teachers and quote protects the physical health of our schools. the two sides return to the bargaining table tomorrow. construction of the new chase center in san francisco is nearing its final stage. we have learned who will be the opening act when the arena opens this fall. it will be metallica and the san francisco symphony performing together at the arena's first event in september. it is being called and only in the bay area makes a metal and classical. it will also be a reunion for the two groups marking the 20th anniversary of their grammy award-winning symphony and metallica album. >> to be part of the celebrations and opening night festivities right here behind us is obviously amazing. >> the concert set for september 6. presale tickets are available to chase cardholders starting tomorrow. tickets go on sale for the general public on friday. a new season for the simplest go giants. up next, a spring training update. see how they rediscovered their championship form. bill martin will be back with more on the rain coming our way. your complete bay area forecast is up in a moment.
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10:45 pm
the same physical giants are 10 days away from their season opener in send it will. this year the team has plen scott wreath shows as there are plenty of players in the clubhouse who remembers exactly what it takes to win the world series. >> reporter: hard to believe we are going on five years since the giant last championship. an attorney and baseball time
10:46 pm
given how rosters turnover these days. the nucleus of those giant winners remains intact. >> i think that is a big part of why we have had success in the past. we have kept the same core guys around. >> it is pretty special we have been able to do that. we came through the ranks together and have been coached by the same coaches together and kind of know what each other is thinking. has been fun. >> reporter: fun and wildly successful over the long haul. even when they were winning titles, the giants went putting up eye-popping statistics. they just had that certain something. >> we have good chemistry and a good relationship together. d o that stuff, which is obviously very valuable but there is also
10:47 pm
an intangible aspect of team chemistry and what an audit i can bring to the table. >> reporter: older guy. stranger think about are world series heroes in that way but the core of that group is over 30. >> i don't think i really recognize that change until the past year. >> reporter: which means two things. when they provide the voice of experience. >> we have to look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable and know we have to play better than we have in the last couple of years. >> obviously this group knows how to win. we have won three times and when they talk we listen. >> were trying to recapture that winning atmosphere we had before. >> those guys are key to having that happen.>> reporter: the window of opportunity will soon close. heading into 2019, there is unquestionably a sense of urgency. >> there is that hunger to get back there every seasonso now w even more hungry. >> after winning the third one i realized held unique and
10:48 pm
special it was. as time goes on we are five years out from that now. there is no doubt winning another one would be equally as special if not more. >> we honestly love playing baseball with each other. we've been playing together for a long time. we know how each other plays and we know how to win ball games. the longer we can stay together, the better. these are the temperatures we had today. mid-70s around the bay, 75 morgan hill, 78 san jose. highs tomorrow will be cooler because of the clouds. with the monies commute is going to be a little wet. here is the system coming our way. it is getting stretched apart and doesn't have a lot going th going to be warmer with higher snow levels. 5500 feet or so. the rainfall accumulations are wobbling on the vine and is
10:49 pm
going to end up being a quarter inch to half inch. we don't anticipate it being anything like we saw a few weeks ago. current temperatures a right there. temperatures generally tonight will be in the upper 30s and low 40s. coastal fog, he saw that coming. temperatures overnight look like these with temperatures at the coast generally in the low 50s and inland valleys in the upper 40s. not as cool as it has been. we are heading for spring. forecast model fog, low clouds, hike clouds and greens are 60s tomorrow and the yellows are 70s . that is the trend. all other one is beingnd bay va is a look at the forecast model, this is tomorrow morning from this is tomorrow night. this is wednesday morning, tuesday night after you are eating dinner. wednesday morning we are going to be damp in the morning
10:50 pm
commute. also for wednesday afternoon. i wouldn't call it a nonevent but it is going to be a nonevent compared to what we have been seeing. some showers will linger into the 7:00 commute on thursday. right now it looks like we clear out on thursday and maybe get a little drive by system on friday. forecast highs tomorrow are 70 san jose, 70 morgan hill. here is your 5-day forecast. there are the showers on wednesday, wet and afternoon commute a little wet and we have something going on friday. or come saturday and sunday, which look preat 11:00. > the super bloom of puppies
10:51 pm
may be too much of a good thing for one part of riverside county. the city of lake elsinore temporarily closed access to walker canyon yesterday because of overcrowding. some 50,000 people showed up. visitors were parking illegally on the freeway and backing up traffic for miles. the situation got so bad that locals began calling the police who quickly became overwhelmed. the poppy super bloom only happens after an extremely wet winter. coming up on the 11:00 news, late words on the repair project underway. a live report with what we have just learned. the warriors welcome back and old friend as andrew bogart makes his way back. joe fonzie is up next with how the warriors dead.
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joe is an for mark tonight. the workers are on the road and was a tough one. >> we're talking warriors and sharks as the regular season starts to get down. the warriors blacked a happy ending. this was the night that andrew bogut returned for the playoff push. bogut and curry have not lost their chemistry. bogut with a hook up the curry assist.
10:55 pm
it was a night for bogut. final seconds in the first quarter and we have seen this before. curry is never out of range. he drains one from three quarters court and beats the buzzer. it was tied after one. perry had 25 points but he and thompson had poor shooting night with the dramatic exception of that shot . the warriors battle from behind most of the second half and run the floor here. green with the assessed to kevin durant who was back. there is to:47 to go. there is a 4 point deficit. it is davis with a three and the spurs by seven with 1:53 left. still a chance for the warriors here but with 1:21 left to play and thompson all over him. the row makes a shop and they hang on for a 111ã105 win. they finish in with denver for top spot in the west after the nuggets won tonight. bogut on being back with some familiar faces. >> we miss some of the shots will usually make but personally it was good to be out there obviously and try to contribute.
10:56 pm
we would like to have the win. the sharks had the chance to make some hay tonight against vegas that would put them back in the top spot in the west and clinched a playoff spot. peter devore does not look happy and for good reason. things started out well enough just 30 seconds into the game, logo fits into the net with the first goal of what would be a busy first-period. still in the first period, tied at 2. watched jonathan marcel from the left side. that one gets pounded past martin jones. he is removed from goal and replaced with aaron del. still a close game early in the third. riley smith took a pass from carlson. it got away from the sharks late with an empty net are. vegas is the winner in the sharks were one point behind.
10:57 pm
they will play calgary in the west. yesterday it was about the man and ncaa selection. today it was about the women by beating organ in the pack 12, they knew they had a guaranteed spot. today was about the details. stanford will host a first round regional on saturday as a two-seat against uc davis. if they win they play the winner of byu auburn. that game will be on monday. it is the 32nd straight year stanford has made the tournament. the players feel like they are playing their best at the right time. >> it feels like we are ready and we are moving and practicing and practicing really well. i think we are excited and ready and ready to play. things weren't so automatic for cal that had to wait for an at-large bird. they had a get together today and found out they are in a two-
10:58 pm
seat and will get a game against north carolina. the game is on saturday in waco, texas where top-seeded baylor is the host. they're running out of games in the cactus league, which means the real ones are john deere. the giants were angling del glendale. salon tickets in enfield and the giants get a run with chicago's picture birth throws the ball away. the giants will be in the bay area next week. the a's concluded their second of two exhibition games against the japanese leg. they are trailing sixãthree when davis hit a towering drive. the game was tied at six and because it was exhibition they all said the tie is nice and let's go home. the a's play on wednesday get seattle. mike fires on the mound for the a's. against the mariners marco gonzalez. here are some things to check out. new rater receiver antonio brown is doing bonding with some new quarterback. a birthday party in fresno for derek carr's sunk. a little obstacle course raising for his younger brother.
10:59 pm
this is not something he will have to do in the santa rosa training camp. >> his brother is beating him too. >> it was at fresno state. exhibition baseball at arizona. javier lopez takes of trying to still second but a slick maneuver bye-bye is. that is what you call a slighted and. see you in half an hour. >> we will be here. thank you, joe. next at 11:00, a simple repair job that was expected to take weeks will not take months. caltrans says work toto take longer but they insist that the bridge is safe.
11:00 pm
maintenance work on the richmond san raphael bridge went from a place to one expansion joint to 30 and now 60. hello again, everyone. >> late update tonight on caltrans on bridge repair work after last month incident in which concrete broke away and fell into the lanes of traffic below. new at 11:00, debora is live on the upper deck with a look is what is happening and why and the impact on lane closures. >> reporter: caltrans brought a caravan of media out on the bridge deck tonight to see the work that is going on.this proj in size. the agency one crack expansion joint but replace all 63 of them. crews are already demolishing their second one


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