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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 19, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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get a break by saturday morning through sunday. next week another series of systems comes in. i would get ready for an active pattern. 60s for most and low 70s for some. sow will tell you that the traffic is? >> we are going to start with solano county and talk about the traffic getting out to the macarthur maze from vallejo. it looks all right. we have had a couple of minor things. driving from fairfield to vallejo and 37 and eight and the walnut creek interchange. if you are approaching the ultimate has there is low traffic there because of the truck fire on the shoulder. it is very slow there. we will keep monitoring that for you. let's go back to the desk. the latest front in the race to the white house and democrats for talking about changes changing the number of supreme
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court justices. as that was a the reports, what is behind the proposal and some of the reactions. >> reporter: the supreme court has had nine justices for about 150 years but that could change if democrats win the white house next year. politicians today are frustrated by the supreme court . they hold nothing on fdr whose aggressive agenda was blocked multiple times. he argued that the constitution did not rent the high court that kind of power. >> nor parenthetically does it mention the number of judges. >> reporter: his proposed solution was packing the court with more justices friendly to his cause. it didn't work but but flash
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forward to the growing democratic field for 2020 and you will find his idea is graining backers. >> make the united states supreme court follow basic rules of ethics. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren hasn't hidden her disdain for the high court. she says republicans stole a court seat from president obama when they refused to consider judge merritt carlin. senator booker has talked about term limits and others have gone further. >> one idea that is interesting is that you have 15 members but only 10 are appointed in the p president trump's stamp on the court. all of this raises a tough question. if we open the store what is the limit? >> but where does it end? let's say if president harris adds to justices, the next republican president 4 to 8 years after adds two more and you have this constant cycle until we end up with 135 people on the supreme court. >> reporter: ultimately it takes an act of congress to change the number of justices on the court and that is something that hasn't happened since 1869. today minnesota
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senator amy club chart will be in san francisco. her first visit to california since becoming a presidential candidate. she is hosting a roundtable discussion on climate change. this afternoon at 330 at the golden gate club in the presidio on. she will meet with community and environmental leaders about how climate change affects california. sepsis goes plane to switch over to a new voting system. it could become the first county in the country to make images of voters scanned ballots available online. here is what is different about the new ballots and machines. >> reporter: changes coming in november at san francisco's department of elections. the city's contract is up on the old voting systems, which the city selection official
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says was out today. >> the components of the system were designed and developed in the 70s and 80s. it is just an old system. >> reporter: he says that caused problems with maintenance and insufficient memory cards. the city is switching to a new voting system called democracy sweet by dominion voting, a company that supplies voting systems throughout the nation. voters will still use a paper ballot. we got a demonstration by a poll worker who showed us what voters would do after completing the balance. >> they will be instructed to insert their ballot card, they will scan the ballot and once you hear that happy beep, it has been accepted and you will see the number go up as well. >> reporter: like the old scanners that search for pen marks, the new machines will utilize digital scanning. >> it takes a picture of the actual ballot and the system will tell it the ballot based on the image of the ballot. >> reporter: with concerns over election security and hacking, art says the new system will encrypt all data, require two- step authentication and comply with state laws forbidding internet access. >> there is no way to hack into the system from the internet because it would never hook up to the internet. it is impossible.
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there is nothing in the equipment that would receive a wireless signal. you couldn't have in using wi- fi or bluetooth or something like that. >> reporter: voters will see some differences. instead of filling in an arrow, they will fill in and oval similar to common surveys or tests. parental choice races, voters will be able to rank up to 10 choices instead of just three. he also wants to increase transparency by doing something no other county in the country has done. >> i want to have all the votes that were cast in an election to be on our website so that people can see how the votes were tallied. >> reporter: jana katsuyama , ktvu fox 2 news. >> the city is leasing the system for four years at a cost of $4.2 million per year. the elections director says it is already being used in santa clara, napa, sacramento and contra costa county. they don't post their ballots online. santa clara voters may soon be able to cast their ballots at any of the counties 125
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polling stations. the board of supervisors is expected to decide the issue next month. if approved, the change will follow a growing trend in california that allows people to vote anywhere within the county instead of just at the polling station closest to home. the idea is to make it easier for people to vote. a proposal to relocate san jose's hope village homeless camp to the willow glen neighborhood is now on hold. the proposed site at the long and low streets caused a backlash from people who live in the area. azenith smith tells us what's next for the homeless who live at that can't. >> the water district ad hoc committee on homelessness met today and they did not vote to move that item forward. [ applause ]>> reporter: tears from many residents claiming a small victory monday night after a proposal to relocate 16 homeless individuals from san jose's hope village sanctioned homeless encampment to their neighborhood was shot down.
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>> we got a pause. this is not going to happen now. >> reporter: the city and county changing course after hours earlier dozens of residents spoke against the plant to water district board members. hope village his current location on rough drive has been deemed unsafe, too close to the airports. the new location on my long and willow street is water district only. >> there are so many reasons it wasn't the place. reporting the homeless people in jeopardy from the flood zone. >> reporter: after hearing from residents about quality-of-life concerns, board members decided they needed more time. >> we have to help those who want help and we have to do what is right. >> reporter: county davis said she is disappointment. the homeless crisis is complex with 5000 unshelved individuals in the county. >> this won't be the last time. we're going to keep coming back in districts throughout the city because we've got to build housing and the only alternative to building housing is to turn state and is not
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tolerable. >> i don't want hope village to die and i don't want to allow them to kill it. took the founder of hope village that is the hostility from residents was likely more than the stakeholders could handle. he has no idea what will happen come march 30, the deadline to relocate hope village away from the airports. >> in my heart i don't think we are going to close. we will either stay where we are or we will move someplace else.>> reporter: alex savidge azenith smith. we learned more about for oakland churches that have a new way to deal with the homeless crisis. they are opening their parking lots for students and families who are living out other cars. it is called the safe car parking program. it was launched by the interfaith council of alameda county and other local leaders. each church will have a portable toilet, watch station, surveillance camera and armed security. organizers say it is a temporary fix that hopefully leads to permanent housing. >> there are so many high-rises
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being built, so many tents all around oakland how can we turn our head and not see all of the hurt? >> the program is a joint effort between the interfaith council for alameda county, the city of oakland and alameda county. they have put up about $350,000. the people who stay overnight in the parking lots for 90 days with possible extensions. a woman gives birth alone in a jail cell. >> outrageous. completely outrageous. the health of that baby and that woman. life were put at risk. still ahead, a state lawmaker calls were audit when a bay area jail. good morning. we have serious problems on the altamont pass.. almost all lanes are blocked with a truck fire. this is causing a huge mess for you if you're driving in from tracy. our end of the winter
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dry stretch and warm temps was it for yesterday. temperatures are coming down today and cloud cover increasing. we will take a look coming up.
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a state senator is calling for an audit of alameda county sheriff's office after a female inmate gave birth and isolation at the santa rita jail. >> the senator is concerned about mistreatment and gender discrimination.
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candace looked into possible problems and how the sheriff's office responded. >> 33 in custody deaths in five years. 29 women who have sometimes in a group or individually sued the sheriffs department. that a woman was pregnant and gave birth alone in isolation. >> reporter: from her sacramento office, california senator nancy skinner gives the reasons for her call to action to the alameda county board of supervisors. the state leader represents the east bay and is requesting the board approved an independent performance and financial audit of the sheriff's office. >> the public desires that we use their taxpayer dollars in the most appropriate and efficient and effective way possible. and that does not include in custody deaths. >> reporter: her february letter to the board mentions troubling reports, which include in 2 investigates story
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from november when our cameras went inside santa rita jail after we uncovered dozens of accusations of inmate mistreatment and gender discrimination. one of the accusers was candace still. >> i was eight months pregnant and about to pop. >> reporter: officials say the doctors misdiagnosed her labor when she was in custody. she says deputies ignored her labor pain and put her in an isolation cell as punishment where she was forced to give birth. >> deputy opens the door and i am standing there in a puddle of my own blood with my baby in my arms. and all the deputy could say was okay. i just couldn't believe that they would put me through that knowing that i was pregnant. >> outrageous, completely outrageous. the health of that baby and that woman, life were put at
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risk for that. >> running the jail and one of the largest deals in the country is not an easy feat. >> reporter: we brought the letter to the alameda county sheriff's office. spokesman ray kelly says the sheriff welcomes any audits. >> we welcome people to look and crack the books of the sheriff's office. like i say, they may not like what they find. >> reporter: what sergeant kelly means by that is that although critics question the budget of $440 million per year, a financial audit may find the department needs more money. >> we are starting every fiscal year about $20 million in the hole and we are doing much more with less. >> my point of the audit is not to justify an increase in the budget but rather to look at policies and procedures and see where they can be improved s h references 33 in custody deaths at santa
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sheriff's office data shows most were the results of suicides and natural causes. the data also shows the number of deaths has trended down. >> we know we are saving lives when people come into our custody. usually they really hit rock bottom. >> we want accountability and transparency. >> reporter: human right at advocates say that been calling for an audit since 2017 but their calls fell on deaf ears until now. >> i think alameda county is right, residents are right to ask what are you doing with the money. >> reporter: do you believe the board would've approved an audit without writing the letter? >> i think to the community pressure has been building. these are very troubling incidents at the sheriff's office that could be indicators of something very deeply wrong with either staffing allocations or policies or procedures, which you cannot get at unless you have an audit. >> we are not afraid or scared of audits. bring them on. alameda county
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the sheriff's office is already being audited by a multicounty agency. critics believe it is more and overview and not as detailed as what the state senator is calling for. we also want to acknowledge that the spouse of an employee does work for senator skinner. if you have a tip fort 2 investigates. give us a call at the number on your screen or email. we have traffic problems this morning. cell, you are telling us about 580 and a mess out there. >> it is a mess because of a truck that is fully engulfed in planes. westbound 580 and they had to stop traffic essentially except for one lane to put out the fire. this has completely caused a lot of slow traffic in the area. no word on the safety of the driver but the traffic is really terrible now.
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a lot worse than it normally is. if you are expecting someone coming in from the central valley, they are probably going to be late today because of all of this. you can see traffic after that looks okay getting on to dublin. this is a look at the oracle arena area 880 north and south looks good. at the bay bridge there is no big backup. traffic is moving well once you make it onto the span. let's bring steve in with weather. that is early, sell. we have a big change today after three or four days of temperatures in the 70s and few 80s. we had one yesterday in my forecast. it is 40s and 50s now with the cloud cover and there is a lot of it. temperatures yesterday, gilroy made it to 80 degrees. san jose 78, san carlo 77, napa 77, oakland 74. not today. let's look at rain totals, which we haven't had for about 10 days. we are going to get some. if not late tonight, really
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tomorrow. what we have had so far since october 1 and the seasonal average for the water year to the right. santa rosa is already over there seasonal average at 125%. san francisco is at 2157. we need to get to 21 365. oakland is at 98. ,, oakland, we need you to catch up. san jose at 104% and 1345. we have had a little break and will continue to get a break into maybe later tonight. we have to wait for the load to swing in. this is more for the santa cruz, santa cruz mountains and late tonight we will start to swing around. low clouds came screaming back. there are some patchy low clouds along the coast. 40s and 50s on your temps. i don't really see these calling off much due to the cloud cover. is looks like the first of what could be many these are not wet systems but
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there are some hints going forward that after the next couple of systems we will be adding to the rain to totals. i would think maybe a quarter to one third should cover it. the next system on friday comes in and we get a break for the rest of the weekend until probably next week. the system is going to give us some rain with clouds returning and light rain that begins later. low and high clouds, cooler temps and the rain returns tomorrow morning. we will get a break on thursday and on friday more rain that will be gone by saturday morning. the rest of saturday and sunday look okay. the san francisco giants start their regular season next week. when we come back, how the giants team chemistry is already playing a big role in the clubhouse.
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welcome back. this morning, tickets go on sale for the stanford women's basketball teams first round game in the ncaa tournament. stanford, the two-seat will hold host uc davis saturday in the first round regional. if stanford advances to the next round they will play the winner of the byu-auburn game on monday. ticket prices start at $25. the cal women's team is going dancing.
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they are and eight seat and will play nine seat north carolina in the first round. that is also on saturday in waco, texas. if they win, they will play the winner of the top-seeded baylor for or number 16 abilene christian game monday night. just 10 days from now the symphysis go giants will play their season opener in san diego. they have a lot to prove after two losing seasons. scott rice says there are plenty of players in the clubhouse who remember what it takes to win the world series. >> reporter: hard to believe we are going on five years since the gin baseball time given how rosters turn over these days. but the nucleus of those giant winners remain intact.
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>> i think that is a big part of why we have had success in the past. just keeping the same core guys around. >> it doesn't happen a lot and it is special we have been able to do that. we have come through the ranks together and been coached by the same coaches together and kind of know what each other is thinking on the field. >> reporter: fun and wildly successful over the long haul even when they were winning titles, the giants were putting up eye-popping statistics. they just had that certain something. >> we have a good chemistry and good relationship together. we know what we have to do to win. >> you talk analytics, versatility and options, which is always a very valuable but there is also an intangible aspect of team chemistry and what an older guy can bring to the table. >> reporter: older guys. strange to think about our world series euros and that way. the core of that group is over 30. >> i don't think i really recognize that change until the past year.>> reporter: that means two things. one, they provide the voice of experience.
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>> we have to look in the mirror and hold ourselves play better than we have the last couple of years. >> obviously this group knows how to win. the big thing is they have won three times in when they talk you listen. >> learning and trying to recapture that winning atmosphere that we had before. >> those guys are key to having that happen. >> reporter: and number two, the window of opportunity will soon close. heading into 2019, there is unquestionably a sense of urgency. >> with the guys in here that have been part of the championship season, there is the hunger to get back there. even more so now the last couple of years even more hungry. >> after winning the third one, i realized how special it was. as time goes on we are five years out from that now. there is no doubt that winning
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another would be equally as special if not more. >> honestly we love playing baseball with each other and have been around each other for a long time. we help each other plays and how to help each other and how to win ball games. the longer we can help each other the better. still ahead, a bridge repair job on the richmond-san rafael bridge was supposed to take just a couple of days to finish. we will tell you what has changed and why the repairs may take months , even though caltrans says the bridge is safe. the city of milpitas is about to spend $100,000 to fix us stinking problem. were you in east san jose yesterday? probably not but it was 81 degrees there. that is probably at for the 80s. what cloud cover and change on the way. of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugarached c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. a simple fix turns to a major project. we'll tell you about the work being done on the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> there have been multiple shootings on the free way. one of them may not have been random. >> it is, tuesday, march 19th.
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i'm claudine wong in for pam dave clark. steve is here to tell us about the change happening. >> we have the fog, brakes. >> did you ever are have one of those days? >> andy rooney. andy rooney. >> napa, 77. oakland at 74 degrees. a lot of cloud cover. some low clouds underneath that. the first area to see any rain would probably around santa cru monterey, we are just getting the high clouds in advance of
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it. cloudy day.


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