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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 19, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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i'm claudine wong in for pam dave clark. steve is here to tell us about the change happening. >> we have the fog, brakes. >> did you ever are have one of those days? >> andy rooney. andy rooney. >> napa, 77. oakland at 74 degrees. a lot of cloud cover. some low clouds underneath that. the first area to see any rain would probably around santa cru monterey, we are just getting the high clouds in advance of
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it. cloudy day. a lot of cloud cover moving in. 40s, 50s on the temps. over to fremont, on the coast, it's 40s, pacifica, 49 degrees. so cloudy to is on the way late tonight, more likely for wednesday morning. could be many, many systems here going forward over the next 10 to 16 days. these are not big systems but there are some hints that, down the road, they may pick up in intensity. 60s on the temps. we have an issue on the altamonte pass? >> yes, a truck fire. steve, now, they have closed all the lanes temporarily, five to ten minutes, they'll close it. that's going to be really throw now, traffic coming out of the central valley, pretty soon, we'll be into one-hour delays. that's the kind of thing that will set off this commute, westbound 580 because of a truck fire that's on the
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shoulder, bad traffic on 205 and 580, barely moving here the freeway. livermore should be okay for you. event 580 could be affected as well because of rubber neck. also paving in the area. the rest of the commute, the east bay looks all right. no major issues on interstate 880 and if you are driving on westbound bay bridge, the approach so far is light. 5:02, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. what was going to be a relatively fast repair job on the richmond san rafael bridge will now take longer because of more work needing to be done. sara zendehnam is now live on it the bridge. hat is happening. this will take much long one lane on the east side of bridge will be shut down from 9:00 at nine 5:00 in the morning for the next several
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months. within the couple of minutes, crews just left this area. cal tran says that bridge is safe but they are expanding the project to make sure that the bridge stays bridge. originally, they wanted to close just one lane. now, crew also replace 63 joints. the steel joints are just like hinges every 100 feet which lets the bridge shift and vibrate. the reason for the joint failure on february 7th was likely because of a truck carrying the load that was over the weights limit. cal tran is trying to figure out who was driving that truck. even though there are no signs of failure, cal tran is changing as a precaution. >> we decided, let's just replace them so we don't have
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an incident like that in the future. >> there are 33 joints on the upper deck and 30 on the lower phase has started. they'll swap out three to four points a week which will take several months. the second phase will have improvements on the bridge. we asked cal tran if there is ever a chance to replace the entire brink and cal tran says that, as long as they probably maintain the bridge, this bridge is expected to outlive all of us. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, sara. new developments overnight from the netherlands. in yesterday's deadly shooting that is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. early this morning, prosecutors said that shooting suspect left a note in his getaway car after killing three people on a street car. they don't believe he his
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victims. there are two additional people in custody now who believe were accomplices. >> a legal fight overt trump hotel in washington, d.c., will get underway. the lawsuit claims that president is violating the constitution by accepting people who stay at or live at the facilities. the lawsuit says that officials are not allowed to receive payments from foreign dignitaries. the response is that that section of the constitution only focuses on the president's services and not his business. more on the raid that the
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fbi carried out on michael cohen. several media organizations wanted to see the documents before cohen's congressional testimony and said there was great public interest in the case. a judge in new york agreed. however, some information in those documents could be redacted if it could hurt future investigations. police are asking for help finding a missing man considered at risk. 63-year-old mark thornton has not been seen since march 7th. he is 5'9", weighs about 164 pounds, has blue eyes and black grain hair. if you see him, you are asked to call milpitas police. a body was found. the coroner is investigating all of this.
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a suspect in son pla county double ho back in court today. maria lebron is charged with two counts of homicide and one count of robbery and murder. lebron and a second suspect arranged for a large marijuana deal at the home of one of the victims, the sheriff says. the other suspect reportedly shot the three people involved in the deal. investigators say that lebron and the gunman took the cash and planned to have the marijuana transported to pennsylvania. the man who survived the shooting provided information about the crime to the sonoma sheriff's office. happening right now, a massive fire in texas. take a look at these pictures. that is still going and we are being told that it may take days to burn out. now, this is a blaze at a petro chemical storage site in houston and, again, huge plumes of smoke, as you can live picture continue to billow into the sky and those flames are shooting very, very high as
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well. this all began on sunday after a chemical leaked. now, fortunately, no injuries are being reported from this scene but the city of deer park was told to stay indoors on sunday. now, that order was lifted yesterday. firefighters are using foam and water for just contain those flames but in large part, they have to wait for some of this burn out and official there is say it could take two more days for that fire to burn out committeely. >> our time is now 5:08. back here at home, the chp is investigating two separate shootings on freeways in the past three days, all of them on the east bay including one on saturday where a 25 years old woman was killed. a memorial of lanterns is now marking the spot after ars dest she crashed her car. it was a honda and the willow pass road exit. investigators will be checking
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surveillance cameras, license plate readers along highway 4 trying to solve this deadly shooting. >> the footage is viewable now and, so, if any of the cars involved in the incident this weekend were on the areas of the freeways where license plates readers and cameras have been incalled, they could be used in this incident. in another incident at about 5:45, a woman was shot in the leg as she road near isabelle avenue in livermore. the most recent shooting happened near mcdonald avenue in richmond. the car was hit by gunfire but no one inside the car was hurt. we spoke to the sister the young woman who was killed on highway 4 who said that destiny hillary had many friends and was a wonderful aunt. >> she was really loving. she was our family. she had plenty of nieces and
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nephews that always loved her. she's just a really amazing, amazing person and she's going to be missed. >> reporter: a licia westbrook told us that her sister just left her the jo saturday afternoon when someone fired into the driver side of her car. destiny graduated from deer valley high school in antioch working at the safeway in livermore. her family wants to know who shot destiny and why. if you have any information, call police f. the city council will hear details of a proposal to add more housing in the bay area. orinda is part of communities trying to make housing
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affordable. the meeting is open to the public and begins at the library auditorium at 7:00 tonight. the san jose city council is going to consider cutting construction taxes. the city has a plan to build 25,000 new homes in the next four years with 10,000 of thosing with affordable housing units. mayor sam liccardo says that increasing construction cost has made it difficult to keep the pace of the building. there will be a rally in h a national health care plan would save between 2 and $5 trillion in the first ten years, studies show. after that rally, the supervisor also vote on a official support for medicare
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for all. it is expected to pass unanimously. we'll show you some of the hardest hit places where vice president pence is going to spend the day. students and faculty and staff members standing together after a tragedy. next, the interfaith service honoring the victims of the mass shooting in new zealand.
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5:15. new information from indonesia about flash floods. there are now 89 confirmed deaths blamed on flash floods. more than 400 buildings are damaged, thousands more are still under water. a former president of peru was arrested in menllo park, suspected of being drunk in public. sheriff deputies took 70-year- old alejandro tallejo in custody monday night on suspicion of public intoxication. he was the former president of
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the president of peru from 2001 to 2006. the peruvian government had issued a warrant for him for taking bribes. san jose talked to interpol and the agency did not want to extradite him on the charges. the prime minister of new zealand launched an inquiry to find out what the government should have known about the gunman. it the gunman bought his guns legally, using a police verification program. the prime minister is expected to meet with first responders and the victims' families this week. 350 pairs of shoes line the grass outside of all souls church in christchurch. each pair represents a life
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lost. a clergy member says that she is recognizing a tradition of removing the tradition of muslims removing their shoes before entering a church. she says that this will be a strong visual reminder. the university of santa clara hosted an interfaith service. students, staff, were joined by people off campus. >> an extreme moment of isolation and fear and kind of it disbelief about what had happened. >> out of my 19 years, this is the first time i walk into a room and i feel like people are there support my faith. >> some muslim students say that islamophobia is
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widespread but they were reassured that their campus is a safe place. vice president pence is traveling to the midwest to view the floodings. >> i was scared. i was pet fired, pet fired -- petrified. the sonoma county board of supervisors will debate a contract for immediate help for people looking for a place to stay. flood damaged more than 2500 buildings in the lower russian river area. one of a few remaining affordable communities in the county. the damage to homes and
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apartments left low income families and senior citizens on fixed incomes, struggle to find a new place to live. >> time now is 5:19. we have some problems on the road that sal castaneda is watching for us. good morning, sal. >> good morning, claudine and dave. if you are expecting somebody from the altamonte pass, it will be a while because of that big rig fire at 580 and flynn. traffic is going to be very, very slow. much slower than usual. it is slow in that area, of course. you might want to think about doing something else if you know someone coming in from there. let them know that they should take the train or put off the trip. the gilroy commute to san jose looks all right driving into
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morgan hill. a little bit of slowing into morgan hill. once you get to san jose, it looks pretty good. no major issues. on 880 looks okay past the colyseum. i noticed that the colyseum light is looking okay. 5:20, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. you're welcome, sir. >> big change from yesterday and the day over the weekend. we had 70s and 80s. a few yesterday. we are starting with 40s and 50s. i don't think there will be too much change, just cloud cover coming. san jose, 81. a few reports of 82. san jose, by the way, the report was 77. take a look at the rainfall
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totals. where we stand. we have the numbers and then the percentage of seasonal total. the the low clouds came screaming in yesterday. san francisco hit 73 around the 2:03 hour. by 5:00, 57 and fog. low clouds banked up on the coast. we have to wait for the low, getting the warm sector in advance of that. does not mean that we could not get some rain. tonight, the low will start and that will start the swing back moisture. south bay temperatures, mid- 40s. san martin and gilroy in there. a little cooler, santa cruz mountains and 40s and 50s. this looks like the first -- hold on. this looks like it could be the first of many systems. it will start to spread some rain tonight and tomorrow
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night. another system friday, saturday. 60s on the coast. fog coming back, so low and high clouds. mostly cloudy today most of the rain will be with us tomorrow morning so the changes has begun here with cloudy conditions and clouds. a break next thursday, saturday morning is gone and into the weekend, we'll be all right just into the 60s and not the 70s and 80s, claudine. >> we'll take it. >> you got it. more trouble could be in trouble for giants ceo larry baer why san francisco mayor london breed is joining those calling for lawsuit that ll
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new reports from the wall street journal reveals that national inquiry paid $200,000 for the racy texts that ended
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the marriage of bezos. the inquirier threatened to public more explicit texts if he did not stop the investigation to learn who leaked them. san francisco san francisco is calling for major league baseball to take action against san francisco giants ceo larry baer. yesterday, mayor breeden dorsed the call by anti- domestic violence advocates to the league to impose pens. >> there has to be consequences for behavior not appropriate towards women, no matter whether or not you are part of, you know, a major corporation. >> the giants responded by saying that they take this matter very seriously and appreciate the yos concerns. the san criminal jose restauran
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the california labor can commission case office started the investigation in 2017 that found that employees were getting less than minimum wage through inched aequat pay for overtime and split shifts, among other violations. employees will begin receiving compensation in july. the restaurant will also have to pay $100,000. a bay area camp for jewish campers announced an all- gender cabin for children who do not identify with the traditional genders. there will designed for children between fifth and eighth grades.
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francisco area. and the f.d.a. approval for a drug designed to help people battling a specific kinds of lung cancer. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ]
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it i tuesday morning, march 19th, i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today. steve paulson is watching our weather. if you liked yesterday -- hey,
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hopefully you'll enjoy it. >> inland, still very warm. that will be the last warm day here probably for a while. marissa says, good morning, steve. temperatures in the 80s in brentwood. san carlos, 77. other locations, 8. concert, 76 to 68. the city, 73. cloud cover and more of an onshore breeze, not an offshore. partly cloudy. we'll cloud it up more so tonight. 40s and 50s. that will not chang much around the bay. a very warm day yesterday for some. right along the el cerrito
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berkeley corridor. now, they get the more westerly breeze. that will be tonight and tomorrow. if there is anything tonight, more clouds santa cruz, santa cruz mountains and monterey. another system friday will be out of here. the trend is for cooler conditions. 5:32. we have a big problem and the month pass. >> yes, we do. i'm looking here to see if i can get you a better map. the traffic is very slow, right there, traffic is going to be slow because of that truck fire that we had and it's been out there now for going on two hours. eastbound 580 is also going to be slow. a big rig was completely engulfed in flames and this has really put a damper on this commute. normally, it is slow. much worse than normal. traffic has been slow and it's going to be that way for a
5:33 am
while. we do want to mention that traffic and other parts of the bay are okay. so far, so good. coming in from solano county, this is all right, coming into richmond. the colyseum lights are on this morning. this is a look at the bridge toll plaza. 5:33. let's go back to the desk. >> two people are dead after an overnight fire in solano county at an rv on south first street and diction on, past vacaville on the way to sacramento. video from the scene shows firefighters at the charred out remains of an rv. firedders have not immediately identified the cause of the fire. >> the time is 5:33. live pictures from houston. a large fire at a petro
5:34 am
chemical plant houston. the plant is filled with naphta which is a very volatile chemical. the people in deer park, that city issued a stay at home order that was lifted yesterday. this may take two or more days for this competely burn itself out. >> now to some of this morning's other top stories. two lanes in the richmond bridge will be closed. cal tran is replacing some expansion joints on ent of the on lower deck will be
5:35 am
included in another expansion already scheduled. and police are asking for help if you see 63-year-old mark thornton. he needs his medication. parts of the search document related to the fbi raid on michael cohen will be made public later today. the president's former attorney has testified in congress about lies he told. minnesota senator amy klobuchar will be in san francisco, the first time she will be in california after declaring her run for the presidency. she'll hosts and round table on climate nepoll out suggesting that most americans believe that american economy is in good shape. 71% of those surveyed in a cnn
5:36 am
poll says that economy is very good or somewhat good. only 27% believe that economy is in poor shape. 51% approve of the way that president trump is handling the economy. however, 56% disapprove of the way he is handling the budget. san francisco is preparing to switch over to a brand new voting system in time for the november election. voters will still use a paper ballot but unlike the photo scanner looking for a pen mark, the new voting machines will use images. the director of election says that new system will encrypt all data, require two-step authentication state laws to se
5:37 am
issue of voting anywhere. the trend is growing in california allowing people to vote anywhere instead of just at the polling station. the idea is to make it easier for people to vote. there is a new bill aimed at expanding more protection for transgender inmates. it will require inmates to be housed in the housing of their identities. it will also require written and verbal ication to use the gender of their preaches. a shooting claimed the life of a 25-year-old victim. as allie rasmus explains,
5:38 am
investigators are going through shot spotter data, surveillance camera to find the people responsible. >> reporter: the highway patrol says they couldn't believe that perpetrators is shooting them at random. they think that one of these cases may be a case of road rage and the other two car getted incidents. a man driving on interstate 80 in richmond and mcdonald's pulled over and saw this his car was struck by a single bullet. luckily, he was not hurt. it was a different outcome, sadly, for a 24-year-old woman when someone shot at her car. chp investigators now say that they believe that hillary has been shot as part of a gang dispute. in an unrelated incident on sunday, a female passenger was shot in the leg as another past
5:39 am
happening on westbound 580 and isabelle avenue in livermore. that shooting may have been a case of road rage, investigators believe. investigates are using all available technology to track down the cars involved in the shooting. right now, we have victims that are cooperating with us. chp investigators will be looking at the shot spotter camera system that are located both on highway 4 and also on interstate 80 for two of the incidents that occurred. >> reporter: along with the shot spotter technology, there are video cams installed along 480 to help. investigators do not believe that three shootings happened at random. they say at least one of them may have been the case of road rage and the other two tar getted incidents. live in the newsroom, allie rasmus,
5:40 am
hundreds of people marched in change to remember stephon clark to remember the young man shot by police officers. the shooting happened as police responded to reports of a person breaking into cars. police chased clark and repeatedly told him to stop and show his hands. officers say they thought that he was holding a gun and it turned out to be a cell phone. >> as long as block lives are not regarded as equal to other lives, we have to show up and do this. >> the clark family took the steps of the capitol building to change laws dealing with police shooting. the investigation concluded that the two officers who that justified. the time is now 5:40. moving ahead, feeling the
5:41 am
heat. the owners of one the bay area's most unique homes are dealing with neighbor who is say that the house is a public nuisance. there is a problem right there at the interchange of 80 and 101. some of the sand meryl is blown out and it may affect traffic coming in from san jose. cloud cover and fog and rain will make it through. we'll talk about it coming up next.
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the owner of the famous flintstone house in the peninsula is being sued by the city of hillsborough after making an addition. you may have been seen that house there. it's easy to spot it. the owner has made some additions. there are dinosaurs grazing on the lawn, fred and willa statute and a giant sign that reads yabba yabba doo. the city is suing her saying that she didn't get the proper permits and that the property is a nuisance. >> the judge would order her to remove the statues and the mushrooms and the yabba yabba doo signs. pgh ♪ >> in a statement, she said
5:45 am
that the dinosaurs are beautiful, make everyone smile. south korea has new technology aimed at saving people who they call smart phone zombies. the technology uses laser distracted by their cell phones. the 15 million-dollar system is operated by radar sensors and thermal cameras. there is only one of those crosswalks in seoul, south korea, but they are expected to be installed all other that country. a bizarre dui crash to tell you about right now. chp officers posted this photo near watsonville suspected of riding his horse under the influence. it happened just after 6:00 near state highway 152 and college road. police say that they didn't arrest the man but
5:46 am
him to a sobering station. the horse, by the way, was named sariah, taken home by another family member. drug company based in south san francisco says that fda approved its drug to treat lung cancer. genentech says that the fda approved tecentriq. negotiators from the dublin eun tied school district and it the teachers union will get back to the bargaining table to try to avoid ke. the teachers voted to a year. the superintendent hopes to give a pay raise to the
5:47 am
teachers and, quote, protect the financial stability of our school. the mall pita city council approved a 85,000-dollar pilot odor monitoring program. they want to know whether it is coming from sewage, landfill. >> to me, i don't smell the difference and that's what our community survey will do. it will help us pinpoint what we are smelling. the program will put out volunteers and employees with hand e odor is and where it is coming from. >> time to go to sal castaneda. it's been a rough ride for some commuters this morning. >> has been, especially if you have in from tracy or ea because of a truck fire that nearly blocked all the lanes. for a while, it did.
5:48 am
westbound 580, a lot of slow traffic coming in because of that truck fire. the damage is done, i'm afraid. a lot of slow traffic. on the free way and livermore, it is slow. much slower than normal. you always say it's always slow here, this morning, it is slower. we have a problem in san francisco, westbound 80 at 101. you cannot use the rail top get on the central freeway so if you get off the free way, you cannot' do that because of barriers put to repair a guardrail. so far the traffic is moving into san francisco okay and at the bay bridge toll plaza, a big delay of 30 minutes before you make it on to the bridge.
5:49 am
5:49. let's bring steve in. >> we'll get to it. that is the last 70s and upper 80s. i don't see any changes. i will grow 81. napa, 77. oakland, 74. other locations that were very warm and well above average, san jose, 78. not today, 67. 73 in the city. city yesterday around 12:45 to 1:45 was 71 to 73 degrees. by 5:45 in the afternoon, 75. fog came temperatures plunged on the coast. inland, didn't happen until later. starts rcent of normal for the october they are already at 38. san francisco needs a couple
5:50 am
of inches. 128%. everyone is over 100 except oakland at 98%. we will be adding to these totals. rain is on the way, probably tomorrow, not a lot, a quarter inch to maybe a half inch should cover and another system late friday into saturday. not a lot of rain with these but looks like there will be a series of systems coming in over the next 10 to 15 days. santa rosa, napa reporting some fog as well near the coast. 40s, 50s on the tells, probably not going to cool off more than this. if they do, that will be only a few grease. 44 in novato. we ville low 40s. cloud cover today will give way to some rain but not until late tonight, tomorrow, 60s on the temps for most. a few sun breaks near 70 for a few but low clouds, high clouds, cooler, down about 10
5:51 am
degrees and it looks like rain tomorrow morning for everybody. then we'll get a break thursday. next system comes in friday afternoon, evening, should be out of here early, early saturday so the rest of the weekend will be fine, just cooler with 60s and 70s. >> all right, steve. >> the time is 5:51. next week, the san francisco giants start their regular season. when we come back, how the team chemistry is already a big factor in the clubhouse.
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welcome back. tickets go on sale this morning for the stanford women's basketball team's first round game in the ncaa tournament. stanford is the 2 seed. they're going to host u c davis in the first round regional saturday. if stanford advances to the next round, they'll play the winner of byu-auburn on monday. ticket prices start at $25. and cal's women's basketball team is going dancing. they are an 8th seed, playing 9th seed north carolina in the that game is also in waco, texas. if the bears win, they'll play the winner of top seeded bay alert or number 16 abilene christian monday night. oakland is the home of not one but two state basketball chimps the girls of oakland high and oakland tech celebrated their victories
5:55 am
with a wonderful win der last t many of them are bound for college. their coaches and parents say they could not be more proud of them. a parade will be held honoring the young ladies on april 12th in oakland. the giants have a lot to prove after two losing seasons. the core of the world series winning teams from years ago still pretty much intact with the return of brandon crawford, busker posey and madison bumgarner. those veterans remember what it took to win it all. the giants start the season with two series on the road. home opener is on friday 5th
5:56 am
against the tampa bay rays. the san jose shark lost their third straight game on home ice, the first time that's happened in three years. san jose kept pace with vegas in the early parts of the game with goals from couture and joe thornton but fell behind. vegas scored again in the second. san jose never caught up ending up on the short end of 57-3 score. the warriors will be in minnesota today after losing one in san antonio. however, stephen curry made a shot that you will never forget. >> from 3/4 court. he banked it in. >> how did he do that? a 61-foot buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter last night. that was the longest shot that a player has hit this season. he finished 2 of 18 from the
5:57 am
three-point range but the spurs won the game, 111-105. the game between the warriors and timberwolves begin at five. making roads safer for san francisco. the protest expected today during a muni board meeting after a cyclist was killed during this month. and lighting meters to increase safety on the road.
5:58 am
♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your famil
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a major project is under way on the richmond ran bridge. vote to protect pack a muni building after a go welcome to mornings on 2, it is tuesday, march 19th. i'm claudine wong. pam has the day off. >> and i'm dave clark. the weather is about to change
6:00 am
here in the bay area. steve paulson is in his office. >> it changed some after 70s and 80s. that will be it as we look towards an unsettled pattern. east san jose, the warmest i have found is 80 degrees. east san jose, that takes top honors. 77 in san carlos. 74, much cooler today from rosa francisco, concord, 76. 78 in san jose be a few lows. cloud cover streaming overhead. we'll cloud it up this afternoon. a lot of low clouds so some


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