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61 footer, buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter last night, the longest shot a player has actually hit during a game this season. he finished six of 18 from three point range, the spurs went on to get the win. >> newly released documents about the investigation into president trump's former personal attorney. what we are learning about the fbi probe into michael cohen. >> a new set of eyes on a major highway in the east bay, the meetings happening today, and how it could make life difficult for criminals. decision day for north bay school district, the two names being considered that would replace the dixie school district. good morning everyone on this tuesday, march 19, after several days of sunshine, we are going to see some rain tonight, a beautiful look at the goenin with rosemary and a little bit but all the sunshine kind of makes me
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relaxed, i never get stressed when it's sunny out. >> you don't say? >> according to a new survey, millennial's feel that life is more stressful now than it ever has been before, a source of tension is typically something small, half of millennial's cited losing a wallet as the most stressful life event followed by traffic delays and arguing with a partner. >> the source of all the anxiety usually linked to the technology in our pockets. losing a phone, ranked fourth at 44%, also on the list, a dead phone battery, and forgetting a phone charger. apparently people start to get anxious when their phone hits 23% battery, other modern-day stressors include getting ze th more stressful than a i cannot understand that. recent week due to
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stress. to take nothing away from what millennial say is stressing them out, i get it, and i was there, now that i passed that stage in my life, as soon as you have a bigger stressor, all of the other stuff melts away.>> i will still get stressed out if i lose, this thing is about $1000, right? it's always at my hand, if i lose it, all your stuff is there. >> a sudden change in my job situation, the health of a loved one, a major earthquake >> your phone at 15% doesn't stress you out? >> we will talk more about tapping in a second, but the to write straig truck hauling pork products went up in fme road. the fire backed up traffic , th
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cleared from the lanes, it's actually still in one of the right lanes, but the lanes were open, however, salami and baker bacon covered the road for hours, no major injuries to the driver but you can experience delays in the area. repairs on the richmond-san rafael bridge, apparently they've turned into a major project now. it's being done after piece of concrete broke off last month and damaged a car on the lower deck. caltrans decided to do extra work to prevent that from happening again. the work is taking longer than expect? >> that's right, it could take several months. the most important thing to note, is that the richmond-san rafael bridge is safe, according to caltrans, but they have decided to expand their project from replacing just one expansion joint, to replacing more than 60. work on the bridge will shut down one lane in each direction on the upper deck, from 9 pm to 5 am, the project will cost $8
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million. the steel joints are like hinges that let the bridge shift and vibrate. nearly 800 expansion joints were replaced in the early 2000, but there are some original ones left from the 1950s when the bridge was built. those original joints will now be taken out. the first phase will replace 30 protector joints, which can take three months, the second phase will replace 30 lower deck joints which will happen at the end of the year. >> the bridge is safe. it's open to traffic, it's open to the public, the only reason we are replacing these now is of a precautionary measure. there's no damage that can be seen at this time but we are replacing them to be cautious. >> if you remember on february
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7, one expansion joint failed, sending a piece of concrete onto a car on the lower deck of the bridge, caltrans now says that failure was likely caused by an extremely heavy truck, carrying a load that was too heavy for the bridge. there are cameras all over the bridge, so caltrans is working with the chp to find out who is responsible. now caltrans says that if the heavy load did affect one of the joint, that it could have compromised more.>> the chp is investigating three separate shootings on freeways in the past three days. they all happened in the east bay, one on saturday, with a 25- year-old woman was left dead. destiny hillary died after someone fired shots at her car on highway four in concord. she crashed her condo at honda. investigators will be checking license plate readers among other, as they work to solve a deadly shooting. >> the footage is viewable now. so if any of the nvolved in the incident this weekend were on the areas of the freeways where license plate readers and cameras have been installed, potentially they can
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be used in this investigation. >> in another incident about 5:45 pm, a woman was shot in the leg while riding in a car on interstate 580 near isabel avenue. the most recent freeway shooting happened monday morning on interstate 80, near mcdonald avenue in richmond. the chp said the car in this case was hit by gunfire but that no one inside was heard. happening today, the board of supervisors will consider installing license plate readers on highway four. the sheriff's office says the camera would be used to locate missing people or stolen cars in the area near discovery bay. the sheriff says the town's location on highway four makes it easy for suspects to get away when crimes are committed. the county would spend $331,000 to install 21 cameras near sandy cove shopping center. with new details this morning on the investigation into president trump's former personal attorney and fixer, michael cohen. a newly released search warrant
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indicates prosecutors were particularly interested in money that was flowing into cohen's bacon accounts from consulting contracts he had signed after donald trump won the presidency. some of those were from countries with foreign ties, such as korean aerospace company and an investment management firm affiliated with a russian billionaire. he was not charged with failing to register as a foreign agent but the april 2018 raided his home and office resulted in a three-year prison sentence. vice president mike pence is in the bay area, he landed at mountain view just that short time ago. the vice president is attending a fundraiser at oracle in redwood shores. he scheduled to spend about three hours here. he flew to moffett field from monterey, he was on the central post yesterday for a fundraiser. new development overnight from netherland, and the deadly shooting that is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. early this morning, prosecutors say the shooting sp streetcar. they do not believe he actually knew his victims. authorities have two additional people in custody who they
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believe were accomplices in yesterday shooting. new zealand is investigating whether government agencies could have prevented friday's deadly shootings at two mosques where 50 people were killed. the prime minister launched an investigation to find out what the government could or should have known about the suspected shooter. she says new zealand's cabinet also agreed in principle to change the country's gun laws. officials say the gunman bought his guns legally, the prime minister will meet this week with first responders and the victims families. 50 pairs of shoes like the grass outside of all souls church in christchurch, new zealand, each pair of shoes, represent a life loss. one church ofthe shoes are a of muslim tradition of taking off your shoes before you worship. as investigation into the deadly ethiopian crash continues, there's word
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new federal grand jury looking into boeing, we have reports from washington. >> teams from the u.s. and around the world, hard at work in ethiopia, trying to get more information about the deadly crash last week. back here in washington, the justice and transportation apartments are putting increased pressure on boeing. is widely believed a faulty anti-stall system led to the crash prompting of the groundings of the planes around the world. now, federal grand jury is looking into how the plane was developed and manufactured, seeking emails, messages and other communications from boeing. this is in addition to a separate probe into the faa approval process for the 737 max 8. >> we are united with their airline customers, government authorities, in our efforts to support the most recent investigation. understand the facts of what happened, and help prevent
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future tragedies. >> the news comes as investigators in france continue examining the planes black boxes. preliminary data shows a strong parallel between the ethiopian crash and one last year in indonesia. >> there are indications that there are clear similarities especially with the number of minutes they spent after takeoff. >> it's not clear what impact the findings will have on the bottom line. it could create a passenger backlog, especially overseas. >> entering the fleet season, the fleet will have impact. >> boeing says they're working with the faa with the fixed to the anti-stall software. it should be ready by april. the dixie school district board of trustees in san rafael is holding a meeting to consider new two new proposed names for the district. a public hearing is scheduled for 5 pm tonight at the district offices. they will be taking public comment on two proposed new names for the district, live
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oak valley elementary school district and sojourner truth elementary school district. there have been several meetings, in recent months with heated debate over changing the name of the district, some people believe the name should be changed because of its reference because of the civil war area of slavery, others say the school reflects the districts history. >> we now know who is likely behind a national enquirer scandal involving jeff basis, who reportedly sold some racy photos for hundreds of thousands of dollars. the mac helping the victims of the fire festival, pretty soon you can own a piece of one of the biggest scams we've seen in years.
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two people are dead after an overnight fire in northern solano county. this is happening at an rv and mobile home park in dixon,
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video from the scene shows firefighters at the burned-out remains of an rv. firefighters have not immediately identified the cause of the fire. today minnesota senator amy klobuchar will be in san francisco, her first visit to california since becoming a presidential candidate. she is hosting a roundtable discussion on climate change this afternoon at 3:30 pm at the golden gate club in the presidio. she will meet with community and environmental leaders. there's no debate scheduled between the dimmitt credit presidential candidates right here in the golden state of california. the human rights campaign is worth used as well as ucla will host a debate on october 10 in los angeles. the organizers say this debate will focus on the candidates plans to move lgbt q candidates for. only those who receive more than 1% of the pulse can participate in the debate. san francisco is appearing
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to switch over to a new voting system in time for the november election. they will still use a paper ballot but unlike the old scanners, the new voting machines will visually scan each ballot. san francisco could be the first county in the nation to make images of voters scanned ballots available online, the director of elections says the new system will encrypt all data, required two-step authentication, and comply with state laws. in the south bay voters in santa clara county will soon be able to cast their ballots at any of the counties 125 polling stations. the board of supervisors is expected to decide on the issue next month. if approved, the change would follow a growing trend in california that allows people to vote anywhere within the county, instead of just at the polling station closest to home. the idea is to make it easier for people to vote. usc has placed a hold on
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the account of students who may be linked to the alleged college admission cheating scam. the university's actions block so students from registering for classes or getting transcripts. usc says the students have been notified that their status is under review. and that the process could and with that being told to leave the university. here at home or learning more about the potential impacts of the scandal at uc berkeley, the university confirms it is investigating a former student whose father is linked to the federal indictment. the chronicle reports that canadian businessman david sidhu is a use of playing hundred thousand dollars to create fake ids for professional take testtakers for his two sons. jordan was later accepted to uc berkeley, and graduated last year, david was arrested earlier this month in san jose, he's pleading not guilty. somet are most likely tomorrow morning for that commute, you might have a tough one tomorrow.
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it looks like it will be through the morning hours, scattered showers for the first day of spring, outside our doors right now, we are already beginning to see the difference. we've got clouds overhead, take a look at that, the cloud cover is beginning to thicken up and adjust offshore about 100 miles or so. a little bit of moisture popping up. we do expect to be dry most of the day, it'll be later tonight when the rain begins to move in. take a look at the futurecast title, all the way into the afternoon drive, notice it still remains offshore, we are likely to have an a-ok evening commute, but as we get into the evening hours, late-night, the showers begin to fall, and then there's a look at tomorrow morning with scattered showers in the forecast for the first day of spring. as far as amounts, we are looking at anywhere from half an inch or less, with the system, but more to come as we get into your bay area friday. in addition the next system is going to bring more snow to the sierra, we are looking at up to a foot of snow
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at the higher peaks, but all the way down to about 6000 feet, we could see 4-8 inches, and the winter weather advisory is all the way down to 5000 feet, it starts later today, and will go for a little bit more than 24 hours. be aware that, if you are traveling to the sierra over the next 24-48 hours. here's a look at what's going on here at home, it'll be a lot cooler today with all of the cloud cover in place, upper 40s to upper 50s, right now and as we get into the second part of the afternoon, 60 degrees in the pacifica, mid 60s for antioch. as we take a look into the extended forecast for the final day of winter, it's going to feel a little bit more like winter, get into brings us a little bit more rain, we are dry for the first weekend of spring but take a look at those temperatures, not quite as warm as we've had over the next few days. we will be in the 60s.
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the sec fires back, elon musk, did he break a settlement deal and should he be held in contempt of court? and spring break gets out of control in miami. i feel like i've seen this before. see how police arc patrolling the beach at night. now that sarah's sleeping on her new ikea mattress, she's waking up refreshed, not rushed. see you later, dry shampoo. did you wash your hair? do you know they make shampoo for the shower? fancy. you should try it. be the morning person you're not.
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tonight pump on the dow jones, about 150 points, the other indices and looking at here, they're making big moves, looks like the sec in nasdaq are both up. merchandise from the disastrous fyre festival will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the victims who were scammed. those who bought tickets of the notorious event were promised gourmet food and beach houses, instead they got hurricane shelters. business owners and workers in the bahamas were never paid for their time. the money from the auction will help pay the $26 million debt left behind by the organizer, billy mcfarland, who is currently serving a six year prison sentence for wire and
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bank fraud. so far there's no information to bring you on when the auction will take place. according to a new report, the national enquirer paid $200,000 for those racy tasks between amazon ceo, and his mistress, and the report says it was sanchez's brother who gave them the information bezos and sanchez were in a relationship while he was still married, their relationship became a national enquirer cover story because of those text messages. he later announced that he and his wife of 25 years were divorcing. bezos also said the inquires publisher threaten to publish more explicit text if he didn't and an investigation to learn who leaked them. the sec is rejecting elon musk claims that the regulators trying to silence him. he is accused of breaking a settlement deal, forcing him to get preapproval for his tweets. washington post reporter has been following the story very
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closely. he joins us live, good morning, drew. for the sec, to come out and say elon musk should be held in contempt, it kind of feels like a little bit of a power move. what is the sec trying to do here? >> the sec is effectively trying to bring this defined executive back into the fold and to agree with this major settlement, that would say, anytime before elon sent out a tweet with 25 million followers, he will get company preapproval before doing so. this was the deal, they both agreed to it. you long agreed, he agreed, but now he's pushing back against it. and the fight is heating up. the >> power move on both sides because if musk is tweeting at will, and like you said, not getting certain tweets approved, it basically seems like he's wrapping up at court order and throwing it back in the courts? >> yeah, elon musk has made,
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it's very clear that he does not respect the sec, he's called them the short seller commission, he doesn't have to a abide by their rules. that's odd, to be the executive is executive of a $50 billion company like tesla. you don't see that often, it's become sort of an important moment, are they willing to do what they need to do to show that the financial rules have consequences, and that executives need to follow the rules or something that can happen. >> openeboss really walks away for breeder, right? take a few months with the company, what are you hearing on the potential impact of this sec versus musk battle? what's
9:25 am
the impact on tesla? >> that's the thing, tesla is elon musk. tesla depends on him as this chief visionary, chief marketer role. so the worry among even some tesla investors has been, if the sec does kick elon musk out the door, how does tesla fair? do they end up being a worse company than when it began. they are caught in the middle of this battle over whether he is too destructive to keep, or is he to necessary to abandon? i think that's going to be what is playing out as this heads to the court. >> i think there's a third angle two, that's cash, money, right? we're talking about investors. what are you hearing about?>> that's interesting because investors have always backed elon musk, because he is so pivotal to making the company famous. but even some of the top
9:26 am
investors have said, we are sick of the surprises, we are sick of the rude awakenings and the bad tweets, maybe it is time for either elon musk to take a different toll that's not ceo, mimi ab some visionary role or maybe have a board of directors actually do their job and keep him in line. you know, this is where the board should really be exercising their influence over the executive. we haven't really seen that much, at least publicly. so, some investors want to change, some investors say, let elon musk be himself. this is why we want him. he is a bulldog. he is a t the top of our company but i think it's going to be a harder argument to make as the sec steps up their fight. >> thinks the conversation. have a great rest of your day. coming up, a woman gives birth alone in a jail cell. >> completely outrageous, the
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health of that baby, and that woman's life were put at risk. >> coming up next, state lawmaker calls for anodic and arctic an audit.
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a lot of good energy on the st. mary's campus in moraga this morning the men's basketball team took off for the ncaa tournament. we were there for the big sendoff and talked with the head coach about the biggest challenge that the team is facing, what's going on? >> the members of the st. mary's men's basketball team, they boarded a bus about 30 minutes ago here on campus, they are now on their way to oakland airport to catch a flight to connecticut where they will be playing in the
9:30 am
this thursday against villanova. this is what it looked like on board the bus before they headed out, you can see members of the team, the coach, and staff full of optimism, fresh off their surprise win against kentucky on tuesday. over the weekend, the team gathered and with some fans for salvatore watch party to find out where they would be seated in the turn on selection sunday.>> i think at this point, i'm excited for this group of guys to be able to play in the sternum. a lot of guys don't get to play in it, a lot of players across the country, these guys are lucky, they had a lot to do with it, this is a great option. >> our mindset is just to play as hard as we, trust the system, hopefully it will work out for the best. >> >> the fact th. mary's is
9:31 am
even in the tournament is a bit of a surprise, they started their season a bit rough, but they basically guarantee themselves a stock when on tuesday they beat the number 1 ranked team in the country, gonzales, gonzaga. even though the team started rough, the coach says they won eight of their last nine games and they've improved a lot on the defense, that's what he is feeling very optimistic going into thursday. the game against villanova, and hopefully beyond that. they're going to have a watch party here on thursday for that game, it starts at 4:20 pm our time. fans and people in the st. mary's campus will be gathering to support the team. tickets go on sale this morning for the stanford women's basketball team, the first-round game in the ncaa tournament. they will host uc davis in the first-round, regional, on saturday, if stanford announces
9:32 am
auburn game on monday. ticket prices start at $25. the cal women's team is also going dancing, they are a seed, will play nine seed north carolina in the first round. that game is also on saturday in waco, texas. if they win, they will face the winner of top-seeded baylor, or number 16, abilene christian monday night. for more of today's top stories, as let's bring in dave clark from the newsroom.>> here are some of the top stories we are following. the institution at stanford announced the former defense secretary's going back to stanford to the public policy think tank. he resigned three months ago as defense secretary, after many confli he's a former u.s. marine general, had been working as a national security specialist at the huber hoover institution when the president nominated him in 2016 to hit the pentagon. he is set to start may 1 at as international security policy. it'll take at least two
9:33 am
more days for a huge fire in houston texas at a petrochemical storage plant to burn these are live pictures we are looking at. it started sunday after a chemical leak from a storage tank ignited flames spread to other tanks that contained several chemicals. so far, no injuries are reported. the cause of the leak is still under investigation. and in south florida, spring break fans are keeping law enforcement very busy. the mayor of miami beach called this year's spring break, and embarrassing disaster for the city. police officers have been using infrared technology to keep an eye on the beaches at night, the red light out there, that's people on the sand, after dark, there have been a lot of fights on the beach, to college football players were robbed and shot while they were visiting miami.
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>> that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. happening today, the sonoma county board of supervisors will consider approving a $150,000 contract for immediate help for low income people who need a place to live after recent flooding there. the money would be used to provide short-term rental assistance including deposit. the flood damaged more than 2500 buildings in the lower russian river area. one of the few remaining affordable housing communities in the county. the damage to homes and apartments along the river left low income families and seniors on fixed incomes especially struggling to find any place to live. also happening, in the east bay, the orinda city council is hearing details on a proposal to add more housing in the bay area over the next 15 years. it's part of the regional committee looking at ways to make it easier for cities and counties to approve more housing at all income levels. at a first reading, the council council members objected to a proposal that would require cities and counties to provide some incentives to builders of affordable housing. those could include waiting on site parking requirements and local density requirements.
9:35 am
the meeting is open to the public. it begins at the orinda library auditorium at 7 pm tonight. the former president of peru is arrested in a park on suspicion of applicant intoxication. he now lives in los altos, he was president of peru from 2001 to 2006, in february 2000 17, officials issued an arrest warrant, accusing him of taking $20 million in bribes from a prison brazilian construction company. no charges were filed. sheriff deputies say they spoke to interpol and the agency did not wish to extradite him on the arrest warrant from peru. state senators calling for an audit of the alameda county sheriff's office, after a female inmate gave birth in isolation at the santa rita jail. he is concerned about mistreatment and gender discrimination. >> the sheriff said he welcomes
9:36 am
any audit of santa rita jail, but his department warns, those calling for an audit may not like what they find. >> 33 in custody deaths in five years, 25 women who have had sometimes in a group or individually sued the sheriff department, that a woman was pregnant and gave birth alone in isolation. >> from her second office, california senator nancy skinner gives the reason for call to action against the alameda county board of supervisors. she represents the east bay and is requesting the board approve an independent performance and financial audit of the sheriff's office. >> the public deserves that we use are taxpayer dollars in the most appropriate and efficient and effective way possible. that does not include in custody deaths. >> or february letter to the board mentions troubling
9:37 am
reports, which includes a investigate story from november. that's when our cameras went inside a santa rita jail after we uncovered dozens of accusations of inmate mistreatment and gender discrimination. one of the accusers was candace steele. >> i was eight months pregnant about pop. officials say that she was misdiagnosed, she says deputies ignored her labor pains and put her in an isolation cell as punishment, where she was forced to give birth.>> deputies opened the door and i'm standing there a bottle in my own blood, my arms, and all the deputies could say was okay. and i just couldn't believe they would put me through that, knowing that i was pregnant. >> outrageous. completely outrageous.
9:38 am
i mean, the health of that baby and that woman's life, were put at risk. >> running a jail and running one of the largest deals in the country is not an easy feat. >> we brought skinner's letter to the sheriff's office. ray kelly said, the sheriff welcomes any audit. >> we welcome people to look and crack the books of the sheriff's office, and like i say, they may not like what they find. >> what sergeant kelly means by that is, although critics question the sheriff's budget of $440 million per year, a financial audit he says, may find the department needs more money. >> we are starting every fiscal year about $20 million in the hole, and we are doing >> my pa is not to justify an increase in the budget, but rather to look at policies and procedures, and see where they can be improved, so that we have no deaths in custody. >> the sheriff department data
9:39 am
shows most of the deaths were a result of suicide and natural causes. the data also shows the number of deaths has trended down. >> we know we are saving lives when people come into our custody. usually, if when they hit rock bottom. we want real accountability, real transparency. >> human rights advocates like burnell, say they've been calling for an audit since 2017, but their calls fell on deaf ears until now. >> i think alameda county is right, residents are right to ask what are you doing wimoney. >> do you think the board would have approved an audit without you writing this letter? >> i think the community pressure has been building. these are very troubling, troubling incidents at the sheriff department, that could be indicators of something very deeply wrong with either stu can't get unshiff's office
9:40 am
being audited by multicounty agency. believe it's more of an overview an audit detailed as what the senators calling for. we want to acknowledge that the ktvu employee does work for the senator. >> deputies salaries and benefits are as competitive as ever but the senator wants and audit to make sure. if you have a tip that you would like to share with us, contact us. the new plan to help future generations of college students. how it could address student loan debt and the rising cost of higher education. also we know the bay area is home to most of to some of the most expensive cities in
9:41 am
the united states but to our living costs help in comparison to other cities around the world . this is loma linda,
9:42 am
a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stayncially wl for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more,
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of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. the owner of theell-known flintstone house along the peninsula is being sued by the town of hillsboro after making some additions to the property. >> i know you've seen this house when you're driving on interstate 280ov, e crystal spr and reports on the additions back residents say has created a public nuisance. >> this house is hard to miss.
9:44 am
>> i love having that landmark there when i go by, i'm like there it is, there's the flintstone house.>> named after the cartoon, the flintstone house is known for its bright colors and quirky architecture, but lately, it's gotten quirkier , they are now in a dinosaurs grazing on the lawn and one seemingly out of place draft, not to mention fred flintstone himself. >> we are having jurassic park up there, okay? it's a conversation piece but i'm glad i don't live near there, i'll be honest with you. distract the changes haven't sat well with neighbors, now the town of hillsboro is suing the home's owner, florence fang, former publisher of the san francisco examiner. they say saying did not get proper permits and called the property a public nuisance. >> we don't like it when people build things first and then come in and demand or ask for permission later. >> officials say fang was given three stop work notices, a code violation citation, and in any
9:45 am
a hearing. >> if the lawsuit is successful, the judge would order her to remove the statues in the mushrooms and the sign, there are some other safety code violations that she needs to correct and the judge would order that as well. in a statement to be associated press, her grandson, said i think the dinosaurs are beautiful, they make everyone smile and it should stay. >> at least some residents agree. they should totally be allowed to do what they want to do. it's their house.>> fang have been ordered to remove all the dinosaurs and decorations by last december, she did not, however, she did pay $200 fine. >> city leaders are searching for the cause of a stinky smell that has been in the air and around the city for years. the city council approved a $5000 pilot odor monitoring
9:46 am
program. city leaders want to know if the offending smell comes from either a water treatment plant, a compost site or a carpet landfill. is a compost, sewage, to me, i don't know what the differences, and that's what our community survey is going to do. it's going to help us pinpoint exactly what it is that we are smelling. >> the program will send out volunteers and installing sensors to determine what the smell is and where it's coming from. san francisco's health commission will vote on a resolution that says incarceration is a public health issue. the resolution says, the experience of being incarcerated is traumatic, and leaves a lasting impact on individuals, their families, and community. the resolution vote to help san francisco's department of public health develop a new plan, and also get funding to improve the mental and physical health of its inmates. a new bill that's aimed at extending protections for
9:47 am
transgender prisoners is making his way to the state legislature. the bill would require transgender people to be housed in the prison according to their gender identity. it would also require prison officials to use the person preferred name and gender pronoun, and all verbal and written communication. the bill's author says transgender people are often victims of violence while in jail, because they are housed according to their gender at birth. a summer camp for jewish bay area youth is announcing a gender cabins will be available starting late july, and for all the following camp sessions. there will also be all gender bathrooms and showers. it is designed for children between the fifth and eighth grade. a proposal to move this to the willow glen neighborhood has been put on hold. 16 people live in the homeless encampment, the city deemed the
9:48 am
current location unsafe because it's too close to the airport. the new location on long and willow street is water district owned land, and at last night's meeting, the water district listen to concerns homeowners near the proposed location. >> there are so many reason, just putting the homeless people in jeopardy from the flood zone. >> we are going to keep coming back and district throughout the city, because we've got to build housing. the only alternative to building housing is the current state, that is not tolerable. the city has given hope village until march 30 to move away from the airport, the founder says he wants to fight to keep the camp near the airport or find a new location. the white house wants congress to set limits on how much money college students and their parents can borrow in federal student loans. the white house is putting a cap on loan amounts could slow the rising cost of colleges. but opponents of the idsa federal student loans mostly help people who have difficulty
9:49 am
getting private loans. right now undergraduate students who are supported by their parents can borrow up to $7500 per year, and $31,000 over their lifetime. that's often not enough to cover tuition and campus living, there's no limit on how much parents can borrow to the parent plus program. a new poll suggests most americans believe the us economy is in good shape. somew only 27% believe the economy is the 2019 list of the most offensive cities to live in is out. but get this, no bay area city made the top 10, say san francisco is moving up. according to the report, number 1, singapore, the world's most
9:50 am
expensive city, for the fifth year in a row, it's tied with carrots and hong kong, zérich, fourth, san francisco did move up, 12 positions to 25th. the annual survey evaluates the cost of over 150 items and 133 cities around the world. >> is singapore the city and crazy rich agents? i think it is. >> back in the day we lived there for sure. when i was very small, my mom always told the story of how then, this is the 70s, a glass of orange juice was like $12. that was then. who knows what it is now. >> the first episode of the mental samurai premieres tonight. yesterday we talked to rob lowe, one of the stanford gradu >> list the sports
9:51 am
alphabetically. >> lock it in. >> correct. >> that looks stressful. >> you can watch megan navigate her way through the mental obstacle course tonight at 9 pm. coming up, the warriors are back in action tonight, we can see if stefan curry can match one of the most impressive shots we've seen how south kore investing millions of dollars to help keep people safe. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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south korea now has new technology, what they are calling smart phone zombies, they don't want you to become a smart phone sunday, it's the technology that is warning people who made be distracted by their phones to look up. they, right now there's only one of these crosswalks in seoul, korea, but the board of directors will debate better protect bicyclists after a cyclist was recently killed by a truck. was on march 8 when 30-year-old test rothstein was riding on the bike lane when a driver opened her door and she was
9:55 am
forced to swerve right into traffic and was hit by a truck. the city began analyzing traffic flow, made immediate changes and now long-term safety plans are being considered. the meeting starts at 1 pm. around legislative proposal in nevada could allow police to use technology to find out if the driver is using her cell phone in the moment before car crash. if the measure passes, it would make nevada the first state to use with called a tech analyzer during investigation. the device next to a cell phone and looks to user activities but the measure is igniting a privacy concern and some lawmakers are questioning the a says the technology doesn't access or store personal contacts. we will hear more about concerts and events to be held at the new chase center when it opens up in the fall. it's about six months away. yesterday we learned metallica and the san francisco symphony will perform together at the arena's first event september 6. it's called and only in the
9:56 am
bay area mix of metal and class. there will also be a reunion for the two groups, marking the 20th anniversary of their grant grammy award-winning album together. this >> to be part of the celebrations in the opening night festivities right here behind us, that is obviously amazing.>> presale tickets are available to chase carl cardholders. >> the warriors will be in minnesota today after dropping one in san antonio a long time. >> stuff curry from three quarter court, he makes it in! that was all over twitter last night, he drove a 61 foot buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter, that's the longest shot a player has hit during a game this season. the first one, anyway.
9:57 am
111-105. >> he could've made a sandwich for all the time that he had. >> the stretch for another title begins in golf. it's gray and foggy in the golden gate area, stay with us for more news throughout the day. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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