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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 20, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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>> persian new year festivities last 30 days. the holiday has been celebrated more than 3000 years. we are just hours away from the start of still feels like w the bay area. how much rain we are getting today and what to expect later this week. some streets in san francisco could become car free, the call to make the streets safer and who when asked to be allowed to drive down certain roadways . the a's open the season. highlights and where fans were up all night. good morning and welcome, it is a wet wednesday, march 20, just hours away from the start of spring believe it or not. also known as the spring happen 3:of two times a when day and
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nearly the same way. >> a live picture, how about a nice flight to hawaii now to get out of this weather? the plto be apparently is the yucatan peninsula. the pyramid will cast its shadow outlining the body of a feathered snake god, the serpentine statue located at the bottom of the pyramid and as the sun sets the sunlight and shadow show the body of the serpent joining with the head. >> the sun will shine brighter tonight, a full moon and the first time since 1981 in the spring equinox and the full moon are inside the same day, it's extra special because it will be a super moon, the moon will appear larger than normal because it is closer to earth. it will be raining i think. we will not be able to see it, i don't know. >> radio cloudy. doesn't mean anything to you is the question. >> no i would like the sun to shine. in a better mood. >> so
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>> not techni2:00 this afternoo >> one of my best friends, her husband proposed in the first day of spring and he chose the day and i thought that was very special . >> it is . >> okay. any day of the year you propose to the person you love is special in my the. >> i knew it, i know it. >> i will speak for you. but i'm sure your wife is listening right now. >> and i september day. >> a lovely anniversary too. before we get to september let's talk about right now. all of the warm temperatures and blue skies we luxuriated in all week long? that is over, it's replaced by clouds and rain across the bay area. even as we are counting down the hours here to the start of spring. we are live on the road, actually driving around to do the live shot. what is it like out there, sarah? ll you guys we were clos the north bay because you last sauce about an hour ago in san lo right now. the commute is so rough. we have a dashcam where you can actually see 880 northbound right now, we are driving
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through oakland as we speak and it is not the best day to be driving right now. of course, this is a normal commutes. but, a bit worse. because of the rain. it is coming down in oakland right now as we had been driving through, we went through the south they, hayward, san lorenzo, the rain is really on and off, right now in oakland, it is coming down just a bit more, so, of course the best advice is to drive slowly. these cars are already doing that because there are some cars on the road. now, there are, there were multiple reports of accidents across the bay area this. some flooding issues as well. we heard there were many spinoffs. every time it rains, officer say the same thing to drivers. slowdown because it is easy to lose control of your car in this condition. even if it is coming down not hard, the roads are still slick so really take your time. we talked to a lot responses wh >> not been on a motorcycle.
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>> it's okay. yes. >> reporter: no complaints from the drivers we talked to in the south they. rapidly there are complaints from the drivers in the east bay right now. where we are the 880 northbound running through oakland. it is pretty rough. it took us almost an hour to go about 10 miles. like i said, of course, partially it is the normal commute. but the rain does not make any easier. it is coming down just a little bit harder in oakland. we are keeping our eye on this commute and also on the weather. for now come on the road, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox get a chance to see the photo. there should be enough brakes there to see the full moon. we are starting out at what looks like another stretchere b now and the middle of next week.
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i have seen some forecast projections about 5 inches of rain or the russian river. 50s on the temperatures, due to the cloud cover and rain, this is it for winter. as we talked about, spring begins today at 2:50 p.m., the longest stretch of dry days we had was the area of december 25 to january 4, that's pretty impressive, 21, 30, 40, sometimes 50. not this year, only 11. we just had nine but that ended today or last night with the rain coming in, two systems at least here, what is going right now, that is already lifting north out of the area, the next will be here friday, we get a little bit of a break tomorrow with partly cloudy skies in your. the rate outlook, againgoing forward. tuesday closer to have her three. i mean, even from oakland and also concorde, san francisco north, if you extended now till thursday, four, maybe five for some.
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pushing the season total to 40.44, 100% normal today. 130% above normal today. rain totals on the peninsula as well, some areas around the bay pick up from a quarter to about three quarters of an inch of rain. here is the first system, more coming up on what to expect in just about to 25 minutes. uc berkeley's protest over and arrest of students. one admitted she was caring a stun gun for what nighttime safety. campus police officer reached for the stun device and a struggle ensued between the officer and the woman. both students were cited release but neither student wai arrest. a new development involving the controversial appearance of
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a student at uc berkeley at 2017. a federal judge ruled a group of conservative students who were attacked during a campus riots that night can proceed with the lawsuit against the university. the student say they were targeted in the violence surrounding the appearance of the students. they filed a lawsuit naming uc berkeley, the berkeley police department and student police . students and faculty speak out against cutting available classes. the chancellor has made clear his plans to eliminate one third of all classes currently offered by the year 2025. they say students and instructors have not been asked for the recommendations on classes that make money for city college are limited . more evidence former vice president joe biden plans to join the crowded field of democrats running for president they say biden reached out to at least a half a dozen
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supporters telling them he plans to run for president and asking for their help raising money. he of course has indicated he is close to entry the race but has yet to announce a final decision . kamala harris the latest 2020 presidential candidate to say she questions the need for the electoral college. senator harris addressed the issue last night during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live!. >> there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the president of the united states, we do that. i'm open to the discussion. some call for abolishing the electoral college after both candidates hillary clinton and al gore won the popular vote but lost the election. in favor of keeping the electoral college say it forces candidates to campaign in every state. not just in states and cities with large populations . people will continue to protest outside hayward city hall to support the family of a man shot and killed by hayward
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police. family and friends of augustine gonzales demonstrated at last night city council meeting, they demand the shooting is investigated and the two officers who opened fire to be taken off of the job. >> why are we coming here? they're not really doing anything. if i stop, they win. and that is one thing i will not do. i will not stop until my son gets justice. month the last officers responded to what was initially a disturbance call esme they found gonzales making slashing motions with what appeared to be a knife. it turned out to be a razor blade. his mother says he suffered from depression and officer should have used the escalation de-escalation tactics.
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police on killed them with and eight seconds of a police officer getting out of the vehicle. the investigation could take up to a year to play . a marin county school district with a popular name still going by its original name today. the board of the dixie school district decided not to make immediate changes. even though that is what many of the people who attended last nights meeting at active. supporters of the name change expected dixie to be dropped because it is a reference to the south during the civil war era of slavery. >> every child says the district is watching. and learning from you. that african-american pain is less urgent and less important. >> the two names before you tonight meet every single one of the criteria. >> there were two names into consideration last night. there were more than 10 other suggestions considered at an earlier meeting. dixie trustee say they do not want to do this by petition. they want a collaborative process. the board says it hopes to have a new name by the time the next school year starts . the san francisco mta
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considering getting rid of traffic on certain streets. according to the chronicle the board of directors wants a study to find out which city streets could become muni only. officals say street designed would not just benefit muni but people who walk and bike. the idea was brought up at the boards meeting yesterday after more than an hour of public comment calling on transit officials to make street saber . coming up on mornings on 2, the a's start the regular season in japan. extreme measures to catch the first game. highlights the happen when most of us were asleep. ♪
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i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people. thank you bob! ♪
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a homeowner in santa rosa using mannequins as part of a protest in a neighborhood dispute. he put the mannequins in his front yard like there at a tea party. he originally held a tall fence to keep his dogs on his property but he never complained to the city about the fence and the city rolled the fence was indeed too high. in a show of defiance, he shortened the fence and displayed the arrogance behind. he owns a moving company and found the mannequins left behind at a clothing store. >> i put it up as a statement to the neighbor that reported me to code enforcement may
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become by fenced him. i was not expecting to do this. 50 people stopped to take pictures, people knocking on my door telling me how great it is. >> he doesn't know the neighbors who reported him and with all the attention he does not think the neighbor will ever come forward now. let's go oakland, let's go oakland . >> there they are, little sleep deprived, fans up early, watching the a's play mariners in japan. this is what it looks like this is what it looks like at the bars in oakland, it started at 6:35 at night which is two in the morning our time. >> we separate the men from the boys in the wood from the girls in terms of who was a diehard, if you are here tonight, it's raining, i was even prepared to my projected to be in the rain if i had to be. the first game of the year, i
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>> another watch party tomorrow the 2:35 first pitch. entry is limited to the first 420 guess, you have to show up early or stay late and wait for the doors to reopen . in case you wonder, only nonalcoholic beverages will be served. highlights of the opening morning . by the way, they played a little baseball too, good morning, a six hour time difference, only the true diehards got up to watch this one, full disclosure. i missed the first pitch, i think a lot of folks do, 2:30 six the morning, the a's and mariners combined from five homers, 6-8 rounds, seattle takes them 9-7 for the final. 45,000+ hits the tokyo dome, the a's got out quickly, stephen piscotty at the plates unloads, the first homer of the year, a's up quickly 1-0. more to come, bottom of number two, a single ripped leftfield liner, chad pender, the a's are
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having some fun come up to -0. top of the third, seattle bombs away, tomato santana and they're all coming home, 370 foot grand slam, mariners up 5- 2, chris davis made it 5-4. a standing ovation 27 years in the biggs, now at 45 likely his curtain call. brian haley out of the stretch. chad pender, another run comes home, the a's fall the season opener 9-7, two teams wrap up the japan series tomorrow afternoon before heading back to the state. after that, the bay bridge series coming up with the giants, that will be played sunday, monday, and tuesday. that we can finally play ball here in the states be a week from tomorrow. the a's host the angels. >> >> next week could be a little wet. >> last week would be a great
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one. it was nice to have the games count. you do want to fly to japan. >> they did play a couple exhibitions. japan eats it up because baseball such a big sport of there. a real treat, two in the books, the giants home opener april 5, the giants have something new to show off at oracle park. the cloud club, and ultra exclusive lounge for you to enjoy games, clubs an event. sweeping views of the ballpark as well as san francisco be in the oakland hills with a bar and food service. the idea is to create a setting that helps develop social and business connections. premium packages cost up to $50,000 a year or $40,000 a year for three years . the alameda county board of supervisors have approved a lease agreement that would help keep the oakland raiders at the coliseum at least one more year.
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the board yesterday fell is a unanimous vote by the coliseum authority commissioners on friday to approve the lease agreement. the final hurdle for the agreement will come tomorrow when the open city council votes on it, police agreements calling for the raiders to pay 7/2 million dollars in rent, the raiders plan to move to las vegas after next is a . coming up on mornings on 2, we talk about facebook and some changes. the social media site built an empire on selling your personal data and the company is overhauling the advertising system. the information will now be withheld . san francisco adds this to the pin board, we tell you about interest and big plans for the city.
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the dow jones down, the other indexes down about the same, investors waiting for what is being said about interest rates going forward,
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little nervous on the succumb we will see what happens later today . the european union regulars had google with a major antitrust fine. there find the silicon valley giant one half billion dollars for restricting third-party rivals from displaying search ads. the bbc reports the violation happen 2006 and have been for using the android mobile operating system to brock rivals and hindering rivals from shopping on comparison websites . interest just signed a lease for close to 500,000 square feet of office space pinterest just signed a lease for close to 500,000 square feet of office space. the development is still in the works and is not expected to actually open until 2022. the news comes after the website filed for the initial public offering just last month. they are seeking a $12 billion
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valuation of the offering and is aiming to go public in june. the site has more than 250 million active monthly users and relies mainly on ads for revenue . president trump was a former delta airlines executive to be the new chief of the federal aviation administration. the white house says the presidential nomination stephen dixon to had the faa, he was the senior flight president until he retired less fell. he will have to do with the faa approval of the boeing 737 max jet. he remember two of the aircrafts crashed in the past five months killing more than 300 people, the faa did not ground the planes until several days after most other countries had already made the move. the acting administrative to have been leading the faa the past 14 months . by the we were just talking. i thought it sounded familiar. bay and city leaders now it
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late last night what it means for people this morning . three bay area women doing outstanding work. they will be recognized as women of the year.
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welcome back to the nine, the gray and rainy weather process. steve paulson's here to tell us if the rain is ever going to and . >> i think the next 70s we are pretty wet. this is the first of what will be at least four systems, maybe five as we go forward, the system is starting to lift out of your, still cloudy to mostly cloudy, 50s for temperatures, back in the cold temperatures, near average about 62, 67, odyssey is going back to the 70s for a while, the system looking out and lifting north,
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just cloud cover left, my first tweet, congratulations, steve. almost 3/4 of an inch, when will it stop? i don't see it stopping for about a week at least. i think we are going to be in this a bit. the past 24 hours, pacifica hills, 89 100, oakland over 300s, the san francisco observer near debose trying a, 3/4", san jose with the third of an inch. the system looks to be done as it lifts out, more snow, not a lot but some, a lot of gray there, it will be slow to clear out, we get breaks later today, light shower activity is the main band moves out of the area, moving north into mendocino county, lake county, north of napa county of sonoma, the next system coming across the left which will be here starting friday and looking at the next seven days, the forecast models are trending weather, i think next monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, you can see there will be some pretty decent totals coming in,
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i would get ready. spring starts wednesday. it will be more we had over the winter. we get a break i think about three quarters the saturday and sunday, then more rain moves in on monday. 9:28 as we reported this morning, facebook is overhauling its lucrative targeted advertising system. the accusations of discoloration. it is a significant decision for a company that built an empire selling your personal data. discussed the changes coming to facebook. the changes for employers, landlords others. they use the personal information of many to the detriment of many minority groups. that what happened? >> for years, ever since 2016 republican conducted an investigation that showed facebook ads actually are discriminatory against african americans, asians, hispanics. since then, several civil rights groups from the housing alliance and other groups have
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conducted their own investigations. they filed lawsuits, other legal complaints and found that they were able to place ads excluding african-americans and hispanics from buying or seeing certain rental ads. labor groups have also seen ads that discriminate against women as well as older workers. >> what is facebook going to do differently? what impact the changes have on facebook revenue? and ultimately the business models? >> this announcement they made is huge for advertising. because 90% of advertising comes from, sorry, 91% of revenue comes from advertising. what they announced was three categories of ads, housing, employment, as well as credits, getting a loan or credit card, you are no longer allowed to use regular add plant from scum you'll be kicked to a different one where it does not allow you to check any of the boxes that
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might target people or micro targets people by age, race, sex, whether you have a disability, whether you are a native american, nativeborn american. discriminate by national origin, whether you have a family. those groups are federally protected under the law and these three areas. >> let's talk about the other side of the screen, what about the businesses and other entities that rely on facebook for advertising. what effect does it have on them? but if you are not any of those three areas, housing, credit or jobs, you can still use facebook and the micro targeting technique . >> facebook will say they don't allow any more come any sort of advertisers to be excluded by race. you can include two racial groups, you then you can still include, afr if you're trying to sell certain products, people who
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have been shown to have an interest in hispanic or african- american issues. >> what is the typical facebook user see? >> if you are actually looking for housing, facebook says by the end of the year, be able to they did the sameearlier this ye controversy. with russians hacking the various social media companies and placing ads, fake ads. so now they're going to offer more transparency and allow people, no matter where you live in the country, to see the housing is. sr the bottom line, people say it might not really hurt them because it's a small group of companies who advertise them but other analysts at it could mean the facebook ads are less valuable which means they leave. >> okay, good to have you on the news here today. thank you from the washington post for joining us.
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9:31, happening today, a federal jury in san francisco said to determine the amount of damages monsanto will pay a sonoma county man who got cancng the roundup weed killer nearly 30 years. yesterday the jury found exposure to round up was a substantial factor in causing edwin hardeman as non-hodgkins lymphoma. they use roundup 26 years to kill poison oak on his property in forestville. last year, a state court jury awarded $289 million in damages to a bay area man who was also diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma after years of using rhonda. a judge later reduced the award to $70 million. monsanto had appealed the verdict and continues to say the active ingredients in the weed killer is safe. puck more than 500 volunteers expected at the civic auditorium in san francisco. the volunteers will help those
9:33 am
homeless with everything for mental and dental health to getting an id or email address. organizers say it's a proven opportunity to help him as people turn a corner in their lives. the event runs from 10:00 until 3:00. let's get you caught up on mourners of the day by saying good morning to dave clark. >> thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following, the latest from new zealand, police say the suspect in friday's deadly mosque shooting heading to a third location. the police commissioner says he strongly believes his officers saved more lives that day because they stopped the suspect from going to a third location. also he says officers arrived at the scene of the attacks within five minutes and 39 seconds of the first emergency call to police. the shooter killed 50 people during the incident at two mosques in new zealand . bloomberg reporting an off- duty pilot who was in the cockpit of a boeing 737 max jet back in october helped the flight crew disable a
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malfunctioning flight control system. the very next day with a different flight crew the very same line airplane crash into the sea off the coast of lien airplane crash into the sea off the coast of indonesia. they continue to look into what caused the ethiopian airline plane also a boeing 737 just to crash earlier just minutes after takeoff killing all 157 people on board . to 20 minutes ago, the european union announced it would grant teresa mays request to delay the departure from the eu known as brexit. only if the uk parliament backs the governments proposed deal. they're scheduled to leave the eu friday, march 29. the prime minister was to postpone that until june 30. she is more time to get parliaments approval but she is
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leading the uk into crisis, chaos and division according to some. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working a. each year, when his history month and local assembly numbers and state senator select a woman from the district to honor. this morning we are happy to welcome three of them here to the nine. the superior court judge is the first openly transgender person to serve as a trial court judge in the united states. also a retired ordained minister. the first women and african- american to serve as the district attorney. dedicated to disrupting the school to prison pipeline. and the newest member of the hayward city council. among the first afghan woman in united states history to hold public office. she is a millennial and part of
9:36 am
that. she focuses on housing and finding jobs the pay living wage. all in the studio with this right now. >> thank you. we appreciate you being here. it is an honor to sit with you three so congratulations on those awards. let me ask you, i had a lot of people tell me know. what college you want to go to. what sports on to play. trying to get my foot in the door. this industry. tons of nose. in your life, is there a moment when some and told you know that sticks with you that you used as fuel to get where you are today? >> every single day. every single day on the campaign trail. the reality is people tell you know based on their own limitations of what they think they should achieve. they do not know you come you don't walk in their shoes, you are your own person you have to do what is right for yourself. that is how i always look at things like that. >> when you introduced us you hurt a lot of firsts. the blue glass ceiling or any other things in the area there will be people along the way who will always tell you know.
9:37 am
what i like to about is staying focused on the bigger picture what the greater goal is. then you have to dig down inside of yourself and find how to keep moving forward because you know you are working at something bigger and greater. bigger than yourself. so yes, stay focused. >> a woman in your life? but i think a lot of them. which other guests have said. i agree with entirely. as a matter fact sometimes it was hard just getting to the yeses after all of the nose and knows and knows. part of getting there was finding people to rely on, people around me would say yes, they believed in a . >> it support. >> support. yes. i could not have done everything i have done in my life and my own. i did because i had people around me that loved and ca about me. there are times when i felt like i could not go on anymore.
9:38 am
but i knew deep down inside, i was loved and cared about. >> i want to say something you played off of, there's a lot of firsts at this table. do you like being the first? or do you just want to see you know what? on the district attorney. i'm accounts member, you know? would you rather have? >> i don't think we get a choice. i think we are those who have broken through certain barriers. with that, comes a responsibility i think to recognize that one, first of all we are role models for others behind us. once the door has opened we are making sure that we are doing everything we can to create opport so, i thfirst. also, recognizing being the first comes with a great responsibility. not only in terms of being a role model in your community, but everything you can to
9:39 am
make sure doors open for others to follow. >> about you? you like this? but i will be honest with you. i was surprised when happened. >> i will be honest with you. i was surprised when it happened. i just want to say only in america can you have such a diverse committee ignoring any background you have, any baggage across your way sing we believe in you. right? i think that it really just talks about how the is. for me you know, i generally just try to work for the community so that is super important to me. it comes with baggage. you know. we are dealing with another bunch of nose. a different ballgame if you will. >> do people still treat you differently today? but 100%. >> my biggest complaints is i feel that people disregard my opinion because i'm a person of
9:40 am
color or i am younger. >> one or the other. >> the reality is i recently was told it is on the contrary. you are actually scary that the honest truth. >> scary. i was surprised by that because they said your opinion actually holds a lot of value we do not really know what. >> yes or no? used to a different? you know you are in the position you are in? >> whenever you walk in the room. there is an opportunity for people to treat you different. >> want to go back to the question about being the first. i was very aware of it when i was getting into office. i view what i am doing is a public service. as i mentioned earlier i was fortunate i had people around that supported me. i had opportunities other people do not have. being the first means there was never one before you. so something has to be the one
9:41 am
to be out front and break job and so i thought it was important some you it. so, i was kindof it from the beginning. i want to be a role model, i want people to see people like me in a position like this. >> ur. url inspirations of the community here. hopefully run the country as your name spreads across the world. congratulations on the awards and thank you for coming in and talking about this in your life in your story today. i appreciate it. we will send it back to . inspiring. coming up on mornings on 2 at nine, heart stopping moment caught on camera. watch as skiers get caught in an avalanche. also the summer, highlighted by two major music festivals. where you can get tickets to outside lands and the lineup
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for the woodstock 50th anniversary celebration. termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good.
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termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. tein
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a group survives an avalanche caught on video. they reported the ski trip down the slope in the austrian alps yesterday but the ridge of snow they were standing on suddenly gave way causing a terrifying situation. the rescue team at the ski resort jumped into action and rescued all the skiers, there were no serious injuries. very lucky. investigators in oakland searching for the cause of injury to a construction worker. it was caught on camera. it was called yesterday morning at the workers truck it 8:00 a.m. the employee works for california waste solutions. was putting recycling materials into the truck when we see the crusher causing nothing is out
9:45 am
of the truck to explode. the camera mounted on the truck records the blast as it happens. you can see the worker is blown off of his feet, the worker was treated at a hospital . the city of mountain view trying to balance the rights of property owners to help people homeless. overnight the city council unanimously declared a citywide shelter crisis which allowed him to move more quickly to help people living in vehicles. and a 5-2 vote the council also passed a motion to direct staff to place restrictions on rv dwellers such as where they can park. in december, the city counted 290 inhabited vehicles, two thirds of them were rvs . i had a choice, it was either live in my van or live in a park. or live in the streets just right over here. >> the current city law allows people to park on the street for up to 72 hours after which they must relocate to a new spot at least 500 feet away, a lease issued 429 tickets for
9:46 am
the violation from july to december of last year, it was more than double the number for the previous six must . larry baer will not face charges, the head to his wife was all caught on camera . the das office says he reviewed the evidence which does not support filing charges. on lee from the job since the video surfaced earlier this month. domestic violence activists and the mayor have called on major league baseball to impose some type of penalty. the attorneys have a statement that say it is clearly the right decision based on the evidence that we appreciate the thorough and professional investigation by the police department and district attorney . a san francisco street should be renamed in honor of the late public defender. the city supervisor proposed changing the name of gilbert street to jeff adachi way near his office and the hall of justice in the south of market neighborhood. the 59-year-old died unexpectedly last month, the cause of death has not been released. police say they are to
9:47 am
prevent wildfires. they will begin training on ways to reduce the risk of fire. they will be divided into five teams to travel around the state to help cal fire clear trees and brush. the troops are being moved away from the president border protection efforts. about 360 california national guard troops currently there at the southern border, about 100 will remain and the rest will be redeployed elsewhere . san francisco the first city in the country to ban the sale of electronic segments after city leaders with a pair of strict proposals. the city attorney says the fda has failed to properly investigate e-cigarettes. they're proposing a band that would stopbeing sold in stores in the city. it would also stop online sales being shipped to a san francisco address. >> these companies may hide behind the mirror of harm reduction but let's be clear. the product is addiction.
9:48 am
>> a second flopping considered would ban companies that make or distribute e-cigarettes from city-owned property. the e-cigarette maker juul would be grandfathered in but now the city attorney wants juul headquarters to be moved. in a statement, juul says we share the concerns with usage of tobacco and vapor products. including our own. but it added the band would limit adult smokers access to products jewel says can help them switch from regular cigarettes . a proposed ban on cashless businesses in san francisco now being expended. the supervisor proposed the balance month but did not include amazon go store since they do not have cashiers to accept cash but according to the examiner, brown resubmitted the proposal yesterday saying amazon can afford to hire employees and should come up with another solution. another are two amazon stores in the city, 30 works, brown's is going cashless is unfair to people with limited access to
9:49 am
taking and credit cards . california lawmakers considering a new bill that would ban the sale of cosmetics that contain cancer-causing chemicals. supporters of the measure call it common sense. proposes that would lead to better protection for consumers nationwide. the cosmetics act target make up that contains 20 toxic substances like asbestos, lead and mercury. they will ban the sale of cosmetics that contain chemicals links with cancer, reproductive issues or hormonal destruction . the fda per prose the first drug developed for postpartum depression. and iv drug that starts working quickly and about ur currenanthe maker found half of new mothers with postpartum depression responded to the new drug in a few days. post-partum depression effects 400,000 women in the united states every year . the light of for this years outside lands festival remains
9:50 am
a mystery but tickets will be on sale soon. the eager beaver passes go on sale at 10:00. vip passes are on sale for $785, organizers and out the light of more than a week after the eager beaver tickets one on sale. the 12th annual music festival takes place in golden gate park in august outside lands is given a permit to run every year through 2031. although some neighbors are appealing that . two more concerts in san francisco new chase center sets to be announced today, including dave matthews band in september. also the black keys, modest mouse and shannon and the clams coming in november. the san francisco symphony will be the first event at the new chase arena this september . the creators of woodstock announced the lineup for the 50th anniversary show. santana, jc, imagine dragons, the killers, miley cyrus, chance the rapper and the black keys among 75 artist revealed. the three-day festival is taking place on the anniversary
9:51 am
weekend of the original concert this time in watkins glen, new york. about 150 miles west of the original woodstock site. tickets go on sale april 22 as the producers point out . , for mornings on 2. >> the computer never worked. >> computers make enough. we explain the source of many peoples work stress. a new survey explains what they really want from their boss. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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a high-speed chase in southern california entered in an interesting way. it was all caught on camera of course. the suspect led police on a pursuit before the police performed a pit maneuver, you see it there. during the arrest the driver first gave the commands, backing away from his car, suddenly he started dancing, look at this. he's actually pretty good. he danced about 15 seconds and when he was done he complied that was arrested. and australian winemaker learned the hard way when it why you don't leave your car door open. his friend popped up front. he was sitting in the backseat and thankfully the two were friendly to each other. he did his best to stay in the car and even moved closer to the ac vent in the front seat and eventually the koala came out and it was not long before he perched itself in a nearby
9:55 am
tree. nothing work stress dry, more people say they are feeling stressed at work. largely due to poor company can indication. according to a new survey from employee to vacation company dynamic single, 80% of workers feel stressed because of an effective medication. the survey also found it is causing workers to resent their bosses. 70% of employees would recommend firing their ceo based on how the company communicates with its employees. >> firing, that's a little rash. >> cake i have some feedback on how i'm doing? there are things you can do. two women aboard the national space station about two make history, the first all- female spacewalk, one woman is halfway through her six month mission, her partner is christina cook who recently arrived at the space station with another astronaut and a cosmonaut. >> we are not just sitting at the table, we are leading the table and their is no excuse, you cod,u just have to throw yo
9:56 am
in the ring, you have to get out there and do it. >> the spacewalk is set to happen march 29, it is expected to take about seven hours as they replace batteries on the solar power system . the state of florida going after people who leave their pets behind during severe weather. to prove this measure could go into effect as soon as july, just passed a state senate committee, anyone who ties up there dog or a bad is a during a disaster could face a first- degree misdemeanor, the penalty is, a year in jail and a fine of up to $5000. cane irma had, in 2017, animty rescued about 40 d tied up and left behind during the category 5 storm. a powerball tickets ready, the jackpot fortunate strong is now worth more than heavenly dollars . with no winter instead is dry, the jackpot has gone up to an estimated $559. according to lotta officials it's the eighth largest powerball prize in history, the estimated lump sum payout, $335
9:57 am
million before tax . are you buying tickets? but i will buy tickets now that i read that. yes. i feel it i have to . >> i feel like you should give me 5% now that i said that. >> i would expect that i would accept two lane dollars at $3 million. >> we can talk later. >> if i find $20 in my wallet that i did not expect i'm thrilled. thank you for joining us. the news continues right now on just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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