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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 20, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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after days of nice weather rain has moved back into the bay area. we have complete coverage of the latest storms. car free streets in the city of san francisco? why it could happen? the wall street journal says that joe biden will run for president in the 2020. the shakeup that could be coming to the democratic party. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. good afternoon. spring gets underway in a few hours. and while the sun is starting to appear in a few spots. meteorologist mark tamayo has more on that. >> outside right now lingering clouds in the shattered scattered showers pick the most
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intense part of the storm has moved out. you can see the green hills in the bay area. we are adding to the rain totals for today and later in the week. the number going up near big sur at 1.24 inches. and oakland at 1.04 inches. san francisco .66 inches. this was the satellite and radar from earlier this morning. with the most intense part of the storm system moving across the bay area. as we come in closer, here is the radar loop. here is a very latest radar imagery. we are not completely dry. you look outside the window you may see some sunshine or if you breaks in the clouds. we are still talking about showers closer to the napa area. out towards the east bay around
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san ramon it looks like we have coverage here. and then moving the maps closer to the south bay is a scattered showers, it looks like there is one cell outside of palo alto. in right around san jose rainfall to talk about. this will be the case throughout the afternoon. often on scattered showers, and another system that we are talking about in the 5-day forecast. more on that coming up in just a little bit. from flooding to a slow commute with several accidents. rain has been making its impact. here's more on that story from sara zendehnam. >> reporter: we have seen traffic backups, and flooding throughout the day, from the south bay to the east bay. drivers dealing with the soaked road so through the commute. >> i slow down and i drive to survive. >> reporter: the rain slow down making it easier for drivers in san jose.
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the wet weather cause of long delays along 880, the vallejo police department posted advice on social media saying avoid standing water, have working windshield wipers, and keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you. another tip? do not be distracted. >> stay off of your phone and don't look at car accidents on the side of the room. drive slow, and be careful. >> reporter: the rain will be on and off for the next several days. keep that advice in mind as the wetter weather continues. reporting live, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. the connector is back after being shut down because of flooding. it started around 4 am on highway 101. lanes opened up at 8 am. drivers were stuck in backups for several miles. many people use 280 is an alternate route. the storm caused flooding
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in oakland. near the west oakland bart station. one car was partially submerged. east bay barred riders are still experiencing a delay after debris from a collision landed on the bar to track way. crews are removing the wheel and repairing the fence. bart service was delayed for 20 minutes. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run involving a pedestrian. they say man walking or the intersection of leland was hit before 130 a.m. this morning. firefighters found the man and administered first day but he died at the scene. the driver of the vehicle had already left. investigators are checking the surveillance to see if they caught the instant. anyone who saw what happened are urged to call police. a man was killed crossing a
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busy road in in santa rosa. he was not in a crosswalk at the time. the driver stopped and is cooperating with officers. he said he did not see the man because of the rainy conditions. if you have any information please call police. a report in this morning's wall street journal said that joe biden is laying the ground for a presidential run. here's more on that story from washington. >> reporter: joe biden has been flirting with this idea for a while. it may come down to money him and that is where the former vice president is looking for a way in. no one knows more about what they are in for then joe biden. he is very close to making it happen. you hear what i hear, there's always a chance that he wakes up in april and says no, i'm not going. but he is telling people he is.
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the wall street journal says that he is telling the top democratic donors that he is going to run but he needs their money. is expressed concerns that he will not be able to raise millions of dollars in online donations immediately the same way that other democrats have. a look at who he is up against, beto o'rourke raised the $6.1 million in one day. bernie sanders almost did the same at 5.9 million. whoever wins the nomination will have to face president donald trump who's heading to the swing state of ohio today to do some early fundraising. some say that biden's bigger problem may be how he stacks up against the growing field. specifically his age, race, and gender. >> i have my doubts. the party once that younger women minorities, and that joe biden is none of those. if you listen to his speeches,
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he knows he has a lot of liability. >> reporter: what joe biden has going for him is his political identity. it puts him at the very top. reporting from washington, fox news. thousands of workers are staging a one-day strike against you see campuses. here's more on that story from allie rasmus . >> reporter: the workers represented on the strike are lab assistants, legal researchers, pharmacists, it. there are 7000 in the use the system that are on strike. you can see a lot of them on the picket line this morning at the ucsf campus. members have been negotiating with the university for two years and have not been able to reach an agreement on worker pay, job security, healthcare,
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and benefits. they said they are offering the workers a 6% increase in pay and another 3% through 2021. saying that their retirement benefits are competitive. but they say that the top executives members have been given hundreds of thousand dollars in bonuses. more than what some striking workers make in one year. they said that it doesn't keep up with inflation. >> the consumer price index in our area is 3.5%. when we talk about wage erosion what is being offered doesn't even allow us to keep up with the cost of living. >> reporter: other members are striking in sympathy, they represent custodians, shuttle drivers, they went on strike over some earl issues.
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something that you see spokesperson sharply criticized the saying that if union leaders challenge as much effort into negotiations as they do for theatrics we would have a deal by now. saying that agreeing to the demands would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and would be unfair to other employees. in the meantime there is an impact of services at hospitals and clinics today. managers say that 650 procedures had to be rescheduled. >> rescheduling those patients is a bad prom. we take them off their schedule and recalculate their medications and do many things that are disruptive to their care. >> reporter: there are strikes and picket lines at all 10 you see campuses. and also five university hospitals around the state.
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the largest event is in los angeles, where bernie sanders will be speaking at a rally for the striking workers. there are workers on strike at ucla and uc berkeley. the ticket lines will continue until 4 pm. the strike will go on until 4 am tomorrow morning, and that it will come to an end. reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. happening out. and uc berkeley's black student union is holding a protest against charges filed against two students early this month. they were arrested after admitting that they were carrying a stun gun. the campus police officer reached for the device in a struggle ensued between the officer and the woman. both students were cited and released. neither student was read their rights during the arrest. also happening out. city college students and faculty speaking out against plans to cut available classes.
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one third of classes will be eliminated by 2025. saying that students and instructors have not been asked for their recommendations and that the classes fill up quickly and make money are being eliminated. we are learning more about a final vote for toll hikes that would take effect for the golden gate bridge. officials say the tolls are needed because there is a $74 million deficit by 2025. there are five plans under consideration. they large increase would have people paint 985 two across the bridge. they've asked for public comment but have not heard for more than 60 people. the final vote is set for friday. still come. a performer announced to take the stage at the chase center? new details about the deadly mosque shooting and governments response.
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we have the details coming up next. lingering clouds and showers, coming up we will highlight the shower activity, a bit of a break in the stronger system could be paying us a visit. will be your
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google has been hit with an antitrust time. $1.5 billion for restricting
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third party rivals from ads. this is the third significant find for google. previous penalties for using their android operating system to block rivals. google says that we agree that healthy thriving markets are in everyone's interest. we made a wide ranging change to our products, and we will be making further updates to give more visibility to rivals and europe. the dow jones has spent the entire session in the read. read. facebook facing backlash over the streaming of the violent attack in new zealand. >> reporter: funeral services
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underway for the 50 people who died in them mosque shootings. now authorities say that they have arrested the suspect who was en route to a third location where he was planning another attack. >> i don't wish to traumatize others. we know where he was going and we intervened on the way. >> reporter: the new england prime minister visiting and saying that she is focused on closing the loopholes that allow the shooter to purchase his weapons legally. >> you can access the semiotic map and guns quite easily.
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>> reporter: facebook so that they are working on new measures to prevent similar incidents like the streaming of the attack. officials are taking it one step further making it illegal to view or share the video. >> the footage is classed as objectionable. it is an offense under new zealand law to persist, share, or hosted. >> reporter: the government is expected to unveil the new proposals next week. >> there will be another community vigil for the victims, and san francisco's interfaith council will participate at the san francisco city hall. it will be held on the steps at
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6:30 pm tonight. is open to all. back to the bay area weather. a rainy start to the day. things have cleared up here in oakland. >> it's one of those deals where the sky conditions could change every couple of minutes. sunshine across portions of the bay area. and leiter rain reports. the showers will be part of the forecast today but before we head into a little bit of a break in the thursday forecast. outside tonight lingering clouds, keep your umbrella nearby. we could have some of those showers pop-up. the dry stretch has come to an end. you can see it making a comeback today. we had a few showers approach the coastline last night. here is a satellite and radar. you can see the rain moving across the bay area. here's a close-up look at that radar loop. that overall coverage is backing off mothers is still scattered rain around the bay area. if you come in closer you can see portions outside of a napa
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and sonoma. the central portion of the bay still talking about showers. a livermore reporting leiter rainfall, and it looks like more showers are developing in the concorde area. moving to the south bay, san jose reporting light rain, showers to the east of morgan hill. we continue to watch this a shower activity. nothing impressive on the radar, we will check in on some of the current numbers out there. most areas in the 50s and 60s. just remember a couple days ago we had 70s at this time. not the case for today. that weather system bringing in cooler air. we are talking about a new season as we say hello to spring this afternoon at 2:58 pm. talk about spring showers are right away. there will is still a few isolated thunderstorms and rain this afternoon. today was system number one, a second stronger system coming
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on board friday afternoon. here is the breakdown. off and on showers, partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers. and then on friday the rain returns as the next system circulates all offshore onto our coastline. this is not been a major snow event in this year but has warranted a winter weather advisory in place until 11 pm this evening. snowfall above 8000 feet. we could be talking about 8-12 inches. here is the forecast model this afternoon. 4 pm possibility of scattered showers. a slight chance for showers on thursday. partly cloudy skies and by friday afternoon the most intense part of the system, saturday brings good news. we should have dry conditions to start off the weekend. highs this afternoon in the upper 40s and low 50s.
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rainfall develops on friday, we will thicken up those clouds on sunday and then the possibility still of more showers and rain showers heading into next week. >> we just cannot shake it. still to come, from border protection to fire protection. what we're learning about the reassignment of the trips with the california national guard?
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welcome back.
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the president of the state of ohio where he is talking about national security. here is a live picture of the event taking place at a factory. democrats are talking about immigration reform, promoting a bill to protect dreamers. here's the very latest from washington. >> the dream act is urgent for our country. >> reporter: inside a museum that was home to immigrants in the new york area house speaker nancy pelosi asking for support for the dream act. it would provide millions with permanent legal protection as well as a pathway to citizenship. >> these young people are some of the hardest workers. they are american in every way. except for on paper. >> reporter: the battle to
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protect dreamers as the president travels to ohio. with the theme of national security. >> we need to take care of her military, that means that thousands of jobs in ohio. >> reporter: the presidency trip to the buckeye state comes as he's pressuring general motors to reopen the auto plant take closed earlier this month. trump tweeting same to close a plant in china and mexico. but not in the usa. bring jobs home. >> we want to save that plant, but there are problems for gm. >> reporter: the president won ohio by a points. in the next general election it remains a critical swing state. reporting live in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more about the state of california plans to prevent wildfires. it will
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be divided into five teams to clear away trees and brush. there are 360 california troops at the southern border. 100 will remain to stop drug smuggling. the rest will be redeployed elsewhere. the jackpot for tonight's drawing has grown to an estimated $550 million. according to lottery officials this is the eighth largest powerball prize in history. the lump sum cash payment would bring you $335 million. that is before taxes. marine county school district will hold onto the controversial name. the name is also under consideration. the reason it will take the district months before it picks
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a new name? we continue to track the latest storm. how long will this wet weather expected to last?
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welcome back. umbrellas out for everyone across the bay area. skies are clear but there are
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still some pockets of showers and some cities. it may be the first day of spring but it felt like winter day. the rain has been causing problems on the roadway. here's a look at the condition on highway 24. it has been a slow moving since that morning commute. there were reports of a flooding across many roadways in the bay area. let's get you right back to mark tamayo. >> they could pick up 6-12 inches and the sierra. thankfully this is not a major atmospheric store. but a productive system. oakland also seen rain. they picked up the bulk of this one short amount of time. here is the action from early this morning. you can see the radar coverage bringing scattered showers. we have at weather conditions
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with mostly sunny skies. for the 12:00 hour. scattered showers up in portions of the north bay. outside of santa rosa around st. helena. moving the maps around. out towards the 92 and the east bay towards concorde. nothing too major but some instability throughout the afternoon hours that could trigger some scattered showers. not a lot of coverage in the south bay. but we continue to track the cells that's going be the case over the next few hours the possibility of some pop-up showers. possible stronger storms on friday. family members of a man shot and killed new hayward will protest every month while police and the da's office said that there investigation is ongoing.
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relatives of agustin gonsalez said that they were too fast to pull the trigger. >> stop a police brutality in hayward. >> reporter: the family of agustin gonsalez describes their journey to justice is difficult and frustrating. the 29-year-old was a shot and killed by police for months ago. >> i have times that i grieve, and then i'm angry. >> reporter: anger over what she describes as a lack of answers from the city of hayward, and the police department. after the protest, protesters chanted. they demanded accountability including and independent investigation by an outside agency. they also want the two officers who shot agustin gonsalez to be taken off the job.
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the city attorney advised councilmembers not to respond because the family has filed a lawsuit against the city. >> having made that decision, it does not allow the council to discuss it further in public. >> reporter: last month the police chief released footage of the officer involved shooting. officers involved to a 911 call about a disturbance and found agustin gonsalez was making flashing motions with a razor blade. >> i am torn by. it is unbelievable that this is happened.agustin gonsalez's grandfather served as a reserve officer for three decades. he said he never thought his grandson would be shot and killed by officer's. >> it's a nightmare that you wish you didn't have to wake up too. >> reporter: agustin gonsalez's mother said her son suffered from depression and that they
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didn't need to use of deadly force shooting and killing him within eight seconds of exiting their patrol car. >> if i stop then they win. i will not stop until my son has a justice. >> reporter: the family plans to calm to city hall to protest until they get answers. reporting live from hayward amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. regulators ruled that in 2017 80% of emergency calls were answered within 15 seconds. that number is now at 90%. but still shy of the state requirement. the audit found that the overtime of dispatchers has tripled with the growing population in an increase in cell phone calls. the council is proposing to add more positions to the city
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budget. the pay range about $62,000. a marion county school district with the controversial name is still going by that original name. the board of the dixie school district decided not to make an immediate change. even though that's what people expected. they want dixie to be dropped because of its reference to the south during the civil war era. >> every child in this district is watching and learning from you, that african-american pain is less urgent and less important. >> they meet every single one of the right criteria. there were more than the 10 suggestions for proposed names. dixie trustees as a they want a collaborative process. they hope to have a new name by the time school starts next year. after negotiations to
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finalize the contract to dozens of teachers rallied, holding signs that say we need a contract. they want fewer students in each class, more school counselors and pay increases. they have authorized the strike if they cannot reach a deal. a federal jury in san francisco said to determine the amount that a man should get for using roundup they gave him cancer. they found that the exposure was a substantial factor that caused his lymphoma. he said he used roundup for 26 years to kill poison oak on his property. last year state court awarded $289 million to another bay area man who was diagnosed with lymphoma after years of using roundup. a judge later reduced that
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award. he has appealed the verdict and said that the active and greedy into safe. a new development involving conservative speaker of milo. a group of students that were attacked can proceed with the lawsuit against the university. the student say that they were targeted in the violence. they filed a lawsuit naming the president, uc berkeley police. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is considering getting rid of regular traffic on some streets. the board of directors wants to start a study to see which is city streets could become muni only. that would increase safety. it was brought up at the
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regular board meeting yesterday. after one hour of public comment calling on transit officials to make the streets safer. overnight the city council declared a wide shelter crisis that allows mountain view to move quickly helping people living in vehicles. the council also passed a motion directing staff to place restrictions on rv dwellers. in december the city counted 290 inhabited vehicles. two thirds were rvs. >> i had no choice. it was either live in my van or live in a park, or live in the streets. >> current city law allows people to park on the street for 72 hours. after that they have to relocate to a new spot 500 feet away. the alimony alameda county
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board of supervisors approved the raiders coliseum lease agreement. the final hurdle will come tomorrow when the oakland city council will vote on it. the lease agreement calls for the raiders to pick $7.5 million in rent. they plan to move to las vegas after next season. the new chase center in san francisco announced another set of performance taking the stage. the chain smokers joined by five seconds a summer and len and stella. they will perform friday, november 29. tickets go on sale april 5. other ask announced were metallica, and brian adams. tickets go on sale very soon.
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eager beaver passes go on sale tomorrow at 10 am for $350. three day vip passes will be on sale for $785. lasher organizers announce the lineup one week after the eager beaver tickets went on sale. the 12th annual music festival takes place in golden gate park in august. it will run every year through the year 2031. some neighbors are appealing up. a major breakthrough that treats postpartum depression. a new drug that could treat it for the first time ever? outside we have clouds and scattered showers in place. we will let you know about a break headed our way in terms of rainfall. a stronger system showing up after that as well. more on that after the break.
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the fda has approved the first postpartum depression medication called zulpresso. it is an iv drug and can work with and $40. it on behalf of new mothers with postpartum depression responded to the drug within a few days. postpartum depression affects 400,000 women in the united states annually. a santa rosa front yard is drawing crowds of onlookers. summer curious and others are shocked. we spoke with the homeowner about what made them create this unusual display? >> it's kinda weird. >> i love you. >> reporter: it's hard for neighbors not to notice the mannequins outside of this home in santa rosa. >> they are all naked, and they are in the front yard. >> it's just all fun and games.
12:45 pm
those no reason to be angry. >> reporter: drivers and pedestrians stopping to take pictures. >> i sent the picture to my wife and said oh it's new neighbors, but no it's my old neighbor, something is going on. >> reporter: the homeowner said he built a tall fence for keeping his dogs in. the neighbor reported him for a zoning violation. >> they were going find me a lot of money if i didn't cut the fence down. >> reporter: code enforcement said it blocks the view of drivers coming around the corner making it a safety issue. so he cut it down to code and then he put up a display. >> i'm trying to bring the value of the houses around me up in the process. so now the value might increase
12:46 pm
even more. >> reporter: people are playing along. i woke up and came out and there were shamrocks on one of the mannequins. >> reporter: he cleaned out a clothing store and couldn't bring himself to throw the mannequins away. >> i don't know who the neighborhood is, i'm sure they're not going to come forward. even if they do, it's just a statement. maybe mind your own business. >> i totally get his point. i think it's funny. reporting live in santa rosa, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. those hoping for a break in the rain are thankful to see the sunshine. >> it looks like we will have more breaks this afternoon. we cannot guarantee a completely dry forecast. there is still instability that could lead to some pop-up showers. up near eureka is a still seeing the impact of rain showers.
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the sierra has a winter weather advisory in place. coming in closer not a lot of coverage but a few pop-up showers. this one has developed in the napa area. you can come in closer and see that one cell. as it moves the maps around to the central portion of the bay not a lot of action, it looks like things started to back off in portions of the east bay. not so much right now. in the south bay a few scattered showers around the morgan hill area. some slick roadways on highway 101. nothing too major. checking in on current numbers. a cool down out there. we had '70s, not the case for today. mainly '50s in a few spots. today we say hello to spring. the vernal equinox this afternoon. by that time frame we could have a son cloud mix.
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the first system coming on board this morning. the next the system will be stronger. this comes into the bay area later in the day on friday. i guess the headline you take away could be a break. on friday rainfall could redevelop. the sierra winter weather advisory. we're not talking about winter mornings. possible 8-12 inches above 8000 feet. here is the forecast model. this is 4 pm. you will notice the main action north of the bay and to the east. a few isolated showers. we are expecting partly cloudy skies. a slight chance of us.. but it's not looking too bad. the main action moves in friday afternoon into the evening hours. we are thinking five minus 7:00. the afternoon commute could be a little bit of a challenge. on sunday it will thicken up that cloud cover, highs as
12:49 pm
afternoon, upper 50s to the 60s. be prepared a shower could quickly development. partly cloudy skies as the rainfall develops. the weekend starts off dry and then we bring in the chance of an isolated shower by sunday evening. prepare for some more rain drops into next week. it could be an active weather pattern. keep your sunglasses and our umbrella nearby. >> a little bit of everything. thank you mark. prices for uber analytical could be going up. a surcharge has made it to the november ballot. the tax is expected to generate $30 million annually to ease traffic congestion. disney has completed their acquisition of fox film and tv
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studios. they gained ownership of symptoms, x-men, and avatar. they also acquired the 30% chance stake in hulu. it will now be formed into a new company which will overseas sports, news, and network including ktvu. this morning's oakland a's watch parties that only diehard fans went to? they start their regular season in japan. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on... shaky ground. help take control by asking your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder. vraylar significantly reduces
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overall manic symptoms, and was proven in adults with mixed episodes who have both mania and depression. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia, due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar.
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the dow jones had a little bit of a blip on the plus size but is now firmly in the read. down by 110 points.
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and the nasdaq is a showing a slight bump. the chief digital evangelist said it's a job like any other. today at 4 pm we sit down to learn about his a unique role, including his inspirational message. the oakland a's hit the field this morning for their season opener in the tokyo. the first pitch was at 2:36 am. they combined for five homeruns and scored 16. they took the opener 9-7. the mariners made a classy move, pulling suzuki from the game. he received a standing ovation from the fans and both teams. even his 28th season of pro- ball. dozens of oakland a's fans
12:54 pm
packed into a bar to watch their team take on the mariners. they had no problem getting up early to watch this game. >> we separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. in terms of who is a diehard. if you are here tonight and it is raining. i brought my jacket to be out in the rain. is the first game of the year and i wouldn't miss it for anything. >> there will be another viewing party tomorrow morning, the doors open at 1:30 am for the 2:35 am first pitch. the giants another big league clubs open seasons next week. one day ahead of the ncaa tournament, st. mary's beat villanova in the signature win. the game tips off at 4:20 pm. all the activity for march madness will be on the court.
12:55 pm
47 million americans will bet $8.5 million on the ncaa tournament. more than 40 million people will fill out a collective 149 million brackets spending $4.6 billion. >> some people talk about the productivity that goes down, but some people perform a little bit better because they're more excited and they're working on things together. >> i like the come rotary. the supreme court lifted restrictions on state authorized the sports betting. and it is being considered in a 23 states including california. 's ticking up bedding. while fans are excited for the new royal baby. summer placing bets on the newest member of the family. the couple says that they don't know the gender, but 70% are on a little girl for the duke and
12:56 pm
duchess of sussex. >> reporter: at 10 to 1 red-hot favorite. have a look at arthur. that is the best bet for the boys names. >> other popular names of victoria, alice, james, and edward. as with royal tradition, the world will not learn the real name until the birth announcement from kensington palace. a special reunion for a father and son in tennessee. little look at was that his martial arts class and was a blindfolded. he took off his gloves and blindfold.'s dad has been gone
12:57 pm
since 2018. which feels like forever. >> i don't know if i could wait to get that reaction. have a greater rest of your afternoon. the next newscast is at 4 pm.
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dr. oz: love your chips and dip? we have a guac shock. how do companies get away with selling guacamole that doesn't have real avocados in it? and you may be getting more in your supermarket salsa than you think. plus, the dish on oz. my daughter daphne reveals some surprising news. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you all ready for season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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