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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we cannot do it all in one weekend. the sooner we get started the better. >> going car free. san francisco transportation officials consider a bold plan to only allow muni to travel along some streets and drivers are skeptical. >> it will get congested. everything will just, you will not be able to move in the city. >> digital evangelist. the man with a unique role at the san francisco sales force. >> what is important to understand is the message is meant to inspire those within the company and beyond. >> from ktbu news. this is the 4. >> more than 100 california national guard troops have been stationed along the southern border recently focusing on a security. now, those troops are on the move. welcome to the for everyone. >> the governor is redeploying those troops to help with
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wildfire protection in the state. jesse gary is live now in the san jose studio with more on these new orders and also the impact that these troops could make. >> good afternoon to you. they have stepped up in the face of other disasters but this will be the first time they are pressed into service proactively to help prevent and reduce destructive, deadly wildfires. >> reporter: the troops have been stationed on the border since last spring, assisting with border security and starting last month, they will receive 11 days of training with the tools of the trade and wildfire prevention, shovels, rakes, chainsaws. it is a crash course in clearing problems before they erupt in flames. by phone, cal fire deputy director, mike moore. >> constructing what we would consider fire breaks or shaded fire breaks. working alongside firefighters for field management projects
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that will ultimately benefit communities that were threatened in the urban interface. >> guardsmen and women supplemeed firefighting efforts during the deadly car fire. a goliath of over 229,000 acres . the fire burned more than 1000 structures and cost the lives of three firefighters. and, an extremely wet end of the winter has countrysides blooming with what may become fuel for wildfires later in the year. san jose state meteorologist allison bridger. >> you cannot go around and weed whack all the grasses in the state, but you can do that tactically maybe under transmission lines for example to cut down on the chances of any random spark causing a fire. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon, local, state, and community leaders are taking part in a two-day summit
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focusing on the challenges of preventing wildfires. some critics charge the type of clearing planned in the coming weeks is outdated, ineffective, and will worsen an already bad problem. >> the state should be investing and what has been proven to keep people safe, and that is retrofitting homes with proven fire safety measures and pruning the vegetation right around the home. >> fire officials counter that their plan will provide the greatest measure of safety for residents on the heels of a devastating fire season last year. >> there is no question, when you change the model of a fuel, that gives us an opportunity to engage on our terms. >> reporter: the 110 guardsmen and women will report to camp roberts, just north of casa roadless in april and then 11 days of training before they deploy two areas that the governor's office said are most in need. we're live in the san jose studio this afternoon. jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news.
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back to you. let's talk more about this new role for the california national guard troops. we are joined by the former fema coordinator. as jesse mentioned, this has never been done in the state of california. they're going to start this training in april. how effective do you think these troops will be? >> when you look at the magnitude of the disaster that we are talking about what they are trying to do is clear 24,000 acres of dead trees and thin those areas. when you talk about 110 people it might not make a big difference but they prioritize all of that area into 35 specific prioritized areas. one of them being local. so, they can have an effect on those 35 prioritized areas. we're talking about 24,000 it will take years. >> you heard critics who believe that with some of these massive wind driven wildfires that we have seen as of late in california, you know, when you have a fire raining down
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embers, this clearing of trees may not make a lot of difference. how do we know that this is going to help us? >> it is one phase of a multiphase campaign. we're talking about wildland urban interface measures, making sure that people have noncombustible groups and egress from their homes and that is part of this campaign also. they're trying to make sure that they can get to these prioritized areas, especially high population areas. they're trying to do something innovative to get folks in there and keep them for a period of time, thin that brush and eliminate the danger. >> it seems as though officials are saying we have to try something different. the last two years have been completely devastating for the state. if this is successful or, how will the success of this be gauged? >> that is going to be difficult because you don't know where fire strikes or when it strikes .2 your point, a lot of the fires and spreads we
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have seen are by what we call airborne embers. the fire troubles one mile down the road and starts a fire in a different area. so thinning areas will eliminate and reduce the fuel which is important but it also allows firefighters to get into those areas because if those areas are not send it is very dangerous to send ground crews into that area of the forest to do work because the trees are dead and can potentially hurt or kill them. >> overall, how bad is the backlog in california in terms of, how many areas need to have the fuel reduced? >> let's put it in perspective. they're talking about anywhere from 120-140 million dead trees in the forests of california. pg and he does some of this work and they try to do it and they can thin about 1 million trees per year. you can imagine how long it is
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going to take to go through this process and try and have an impact. it is going to be years. but, it is a step in the right direction coupled with other measures to try to address this catastrophic problem. >> training starts in april. i appreciate you being here. thank you. we want to talk about the weather this morning. we saw slow commutes with heavy rain falling across the area early in the day. wet weather led to problems on the roadways including a number of spinoffs and crashes. we saw plenty of brake lights along interstate 880 in oakland this morning. drivers had to navigate street flooding along 580 at the connector ramp to highway 24 as well as near grand avenue and west macarthur boulevard. >> stay off your phone and don't look at car accidents on the side of the road and drive careful. >> i slow down. i drive to survive. >> the vallejo police department posted tips on social media for the wet weather. they warned drivers of standing
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water on the roadways and to make sure that windshield wipers are working and keep a good distance from the car in front of you. >> always get advice. let's turn things over to our meteorologist to find out more about what we can expect later on in the week. >> welcome to spring. the equinox was just a few hours ago, about 2:58 this afternoon. spring showers to talk about four today. look at the numbers. all these are over one inch of rain fall. most areas picking up under one inch of rain, but still we picked up the bulk of this rainfall within a short time window this morning. it seemed like a heavy rain event. oakland, 0.85. san jose, 0.32 in livermore about the order of an inch. here is the satellite and the radar with the rain not only in the bay area but towards the central coast. we should be the bigger number in the big sur area. as we coming closer, still some
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green, but mainly to the north and east of the bay area. as we coming closer and you can see the showers out towards the sacramento valley and ran towards mendocino county. it looks like showers in the valley to the south and east of monterey bay. right now, clear and partly cloudy skies, getting a break from the rainfall. in fact, here is the live camera looking up towards the golden gate bridge. we have the downpours for the morning commute in this afternoon looking okay with just a few clouds out there. there is still the possibility of an isolated shower but tomorrow, partly cloudy and breezy with winds around 15-20 miles per hour and highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s or low to mid 60s. we had the 70s just a couple days ago, not the case for today. in fact, even yesterday we had some 70s. here's the forecast model showing you this tonight. skies become partly cloudy at 8 am thursday and then 4 pm on thursday a mixture of sun and clouds. here's a break. a chance to get outside but look what happens behind me.
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we have another system headed our way into friday and we were talking about increasing rainfall coverage on friday. we will talk more about the system in your full forecast and your weekend outlook. we will have that coming up with a few changes headed our way. >> all right, thank you. thousands of workers with the university of california systems staged a one-day strike across all 10 uc campuses along with five university hospitals in california. we have more from the mission bay campus with what workers say the strike is about, plus the university's response. >> reporter: members say they have been negotiating with the university for about two years and have not been able to reach an agreement on things like worker pay, job security, healthcare, and retirement benefits. the university says it is offering workers a 6% increase in pay by the end of this year and another 3% through 2021 at least. insist the retirement benefits
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are competitive within the industry but the union says the executives and top administrators have been given hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses every year, more than what some striking workers making a single year. they say 3% for a person with a salary of 50,000 per year does not keep up with inflation. >> the consumer price index in the urban area has been a 3.5% better. so, that is when i talk about wage erosion, that is what i'm talking about, what is being offered does not allow us to keep up with the cost of living. >> reporter: members of another union are striking in sympathy with the researchers and tech workers. respiratory therapists, custodians and shuttle drivers went on strike in october and may of last year over similar issues over pay and benefits. that is something that they criticize this morning saying that if union leaders had channeled as much effort into organization then theatrics they would have aãa deal by
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now. he said the unreasonable demands would cost hundreds of millions of dollars over the life of the contract and would be unfair to other employees. in the meantime, there is an impact to services at the hospitals and clinics today. managers at ucf said over 50 outpatient procedures and 150 chemotherapy appointments had to be rescheduled. >> rescheduling those patients is a really bad problem, because we take them off their schedule and we have to recalculate their meds and do many things that are just disruptive to their care. >> here on the campuses and hospitals there are about 7000 workers on strike today, also in the bay area there are workers on strike at uc berkeley. these picket lines are supposed and at 4 this afternoon and the strike will come to an end at 4 am tomorrow morning. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. a letter that you separately berkeley union held a rally today.
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the students, a male and a female, were arrested after police were alerted that the female student was carrying a stun gun. she told campus police that it was for nighttime safety. but, there is a rule on campus that tasers are not allowed. according to a statement, the officer told the woman not to touch the device and that he would take it from her. when that campus police officer reached for the stun gun the two got into a struggle. demonstrators say the students were racially profiled. >> we call it everybody to come out and stand in solidarity against lease brutality and understand that you know, this campus is still lacking in accountability of their actions, their organization and basically you know, self respect for us as students. >> they say both students were cited and released but neither student was read their rights during their arrest. still to come, local law
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enforcement come together to learn more about self driving technology in the event of an emergency. san francisco transit leaders are looking at the idea of pulling private cars off of some of the busiest streets. we will here where the plan stands, coming up. alright, i brought in
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♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. police in the east bay are investigating a hit-and-run that killed a man walking home from work. pittsburgh police say the man was walking near the intersection of leland and bailey roads when he was hit just before 1:30 this morning.
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firefighters were returning to the station and found the man in the westbound lanes. relatives identified the victim as 38-year-old felipe a ramirez. they say he had finished a late night shift at a local restaurant when he was hit by a car. police say they do not have a description of the driver of that vehicle and investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area to see if maybe they captured the incident. anyone who may have witnessed what happened are asked to call pittsburgh police. transportation officials are looking at the idea of banning cars on some city streets. clearing the way for pedestrians, cyclists, and mass transit. >> we're live on market street which is part of this proposal. >> that is right. as you well know, san francisco has been tinkering with the patterns on market street forcing cars to turn off a major thoroughfare in creating those red transit only lanes and now the city is looking at taking all personal vehicles off of some of the city streets.
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as anyone who has driven them knows, san francisco streets can be crowded with cars, bikes, and pedestrians all jockeying for position. in some cases the buses can take the red transit plan but if there is no transit land they are competing also. now the transportation agency is taking the first steps on a ban on personal vehicles on some roads in san francisco. >> we could be looking at what core doors, particularly ones that are not that great for car flow in the first place, and just make them entirely red carpet. >> the idea is still in the preliminary phase, even as the city pushes forward on the better market street program, the first approved car-free street. it is now under environmental review and calls for widening sidewalks and bike lanes and has already limited private vehicle traffic forcing vehicles to turn off market street, creating a clear path for public transit. the agency is now looking at expanding that concept to other
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streets. >> of congestion is the problem that is slowing these buses down and not a lack of drivers or coaches, it is just there are too many cars in the way, we are dis-incentivizing people to take that bus. >> opinion on the street is mixed. some people who walk, cycle, or scoot around say barring vehicles will make it safer for them. >> taking some of the traffic off market street would be better. i don't know how congested that would leave other areas, but as far as market street, the main area, i think that would be well worth it to try. >> some driver see another upside. >> i think that it will probably help the environment. i'm not sure though, but -- probably. >> but, some driver say banning traffic on some roads will force cars on to other roads leading to more congestion. >> it is just going to get more congested. everything is just going to -- you're not going to be able to move in the city. you are going to have to, i drive into the city to work, so
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that is going to make it so much harder for us. >> at this point, there is no word on which streets in san francisco might be given the transit only option. ktvu fox2 news. indeed, big changes that could be in store. thank you. representatives met with chp officers in san jose today. the idea, to get self driving car companies and law enforcement on the same page in the event of an emergency. officers got a firsthand look at those vehicles and they say they learned a lot about how they operate and what they can expect should never encounter one of these self driving vehicles in a collision. >> the development of these technologies is inevitable. these eponymous vehicles are going to be a part of the fabric of our future on the roadways and freeways. the partnership is important. >> here in the bay area, they have been testing the self driving cars on the city and rural roads and highways with speed limits up to 65 miles per
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hour. the vehicle is based on the chrysler pacifica hybrid. today is national kick butt today but the focus this year is shifting. an interview about the growing concern of e-cigarettes. >> we hope that you tune in for the hit drama, empire. the tears at 10 followed by an episode of star at 9, then stick around for the 10 and 11 news right here on ktvu. humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives.
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according to the cdc, e- cigarette use among high school student rose 78% last year, one fifth of student say that they vape before. today, students across the country are taking part in the 24th annual kick butt day in the hopes of cutting down e- cigarette use by teenagers .4 more in the campaign we are joined by gustavo torres, director of youth advocacy with the campaign for tobacco free kids. we appreciate you coming on today. it sounds like we are seeing a shift among teenagers, away from traditional cigarettes and towards e- cigarettes. so, how does that change your approach to the problem? >> we are definitely facing a serious epidemic of youth e- cigarette use in the united states. last year youth e-cigarette rates increased by 78% and that is over 3.6 million middle and high school students who use e-
4:25 pm
cigarettes. so, this year we are actually since it has become an epidemic in this country, kids all across the country today have been a standing up to big tobacco and fighting for a tobacco free generation. >> a lot of the debate centers around whether companies like jewel are specifically marketing their products towards young people. you believe that is the case? >> i think it is very clear when you look at some of the early advertising that these products were marketed towards young people and if you look at the tobacco use rates it is clear that with such high use rates of these products, but the marketing was successful. so, it is a huge concern. and, the other thing to note is that these products come in flavors that are really attractive and appealing to kids. the main thing that needs to be done is we need to ban all flavored tobacco products and that is something san francisco has done to reduce the epidemic.
4:26 pm
we have definitely been committed, but nationally we need to do more. unfortunately, in california, youth e-cigarette rates are at 17.3%. it really shows that while we have made enormous progress in reducing youth smoking rates by more than 70% over the last two decades, that very is so much work to be done and it is threatening this progress. >> work at the local and national levels. and because you mentioned it, let me ask you about the action taken yesterday in the san francisco. city leaders essentially launched a crackdown on cigarettes proposing a ban on the cigarettes in the city. you think a proposal like this will eventually be put into effect in san francisco and other cities? and how much of a difference cannot make? >> san francisco did the right thing last year when they banned all flavored tobacco products including flavored e- cigarettes that clearly appeal to kids.
4:27 pm
today they have not been reviewed by any government agency and in our view the law requires that they review all the cigarettes before the product is on the market for the public. they should be allowed to stay on the market only if the manufacturers show that they are effective in helping smokers quit and i don't appeal to kids. so, this is one thing that we continue to focus on and ensure that these products are proven effective and effective cessation method and unless there is evidence that proves that we need to pull them off the market and make sure that they're not appealing to young people. so, san francisco continues to take bold steps but we are continuing to focus and calling on the fda to take a bold step to ban all flavored tobacco products including the cigarettes to make sure that we are putting the health of our kids first. >> it is kick butts day,
4:28 pm
happening all across the country. the disgust of oh torres, director of youth advocacy for the campaign of tobacco free kids. i appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> he has traveled the world encouraging people to stay teachable. his message has led to an impressive twitter following at more than 345,000 and today, the chiefs digital evangelists at salesforce is live in the studio to talk about his role and message. plus -- >> 19 months out from the general election in the 2020 race is heating up. i'm in washington with the latest on the presidents trip to ohio and democrats out on the campaign trail. get great deals on great gear at bass pro shops and cabela's.
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a san francisco bay salesforce just wrapped up with another banner year. revenue growth continues to climb as the company opened the doors of the shiny new headquarters in the city. this afternoon we get an inside look at san francisco's largest private employer through the eyes of its chief digital evangelist who has garnered quite the following on twitter with his inspirational messages. he joins me now. and i want to talk with you a little bit about your role as chief digital evangelists. it is a unique role for any company. what exactly is your job? >> little bit of history. my company was fortunate enough to become a salesforce customer in 2003. we just celebrated our 20th year anniversary. at the time, only four-year-old small up and thriving company
4:32 pm
and for 12 -- years as a customer, we were really using crm as a center for gravity and we were able to grow our revenue and our company. we were named, this was a boston-based company, we were named the fourth basedãbest company and when i was asked and i am the chief customer officer and chief marketing officer at the time, why we had success. i realized it was because our company really used salesforce to better understand our customers and employees and partners in our community. so, i wrote a book about the importance of salesforce in terms of growing our business and that is what led to my articles, over 300 some odd articles over the last four years and i started a weekly show where i would invite my customer trailblazers to talk about digital transformation. business leadership innovation topics. so, i was a storyteller really
4:33 pm
highlighting the importance of salesforce in my business. >> and they said we want you to come work for us. >> three years ago i had an opportunity. they reached out and asked if i could continue the storytelling, but highlight the customer trailblazers. we have had such incredible success because our customers inspire us. and i was one of them. inspired by salesforce. so, now i have the privilege of listening and learning from our customers, looking for opportunities for digital transformation because every company needs to be digital and bringing all of that thought, leadership, and insight back to the company so that we have an opportunity to build products and solutions that can help delight our customers. >> i'm going to be honest, i really stumbled upon you when i found something that you had written on twitter. you don't just focus on promoting salesforce.
4:34 pm
i want to bring up a tweet that you just posted a couple of days ago. in which you have, this is directed at high school students and you say these are the 10 things that they should learn. public speaking, writing well, storytelling, critical thinking, good manners. i think adults could learn that two-point active listening, networking, good customer service, how to sell, and to fight against entitlement. do you come up with the content of these tweets on your own? >> i do. i do. again, unfortunate to work for a remarkable company. this is a company that has donated over $50 million to san francisco and oakland schools. in fact, most of the executives adopt schools colleges and universities in the boston area. and, in my belief the most important skill in this hyper connected knowledge sharing economy is to stay teachable. but, it is the obligation of businesses, we believe businesses are the greatest platform for change, to get involved early. when i was in
4:35 pm
high school i needed to know that writing is important and public speaking, empathy, the ability to listen actively, so those are lessons and salesforce several years ago made a commitment to understand that education and desire are the two key components in terms of progress where we made training materials available for free to all of our stakeholders. >> it seems as though you really utilize twitter, to not only reach people who are interested in salesforce as i was talking about, you don't do a lot of self emoting, but really talking about bringing people back to what it means to be a human being. and to contribute to society in a positive way. are you just a positive person? >> i appreciate your kind words. my life lesson is that networking is about giving and if you have a mindset of gratitude and giving there is a
4:36 pm
fine line between manipulation and inspiration. it is based on your intent. so, if you can just maintain a positive intent and give without expecting to get, magic happens. and magic is like meaningful connections where you have an opportunity to come and review and share your story. to me, that is magic. >> we appreciate you coming on and i encourage people to at least look at your twitter account because i find it very inspiring. again, you can follow him with salesforce. i appreciate you coming on. president trump is headed to the battleground state of ohio today touting the strong usa economy and democrats are hitting early voting states including iowa and new hampshire. lauren blanchard tells us the campaigns are ramping up, but one big-name is still on the sidelines. >> reporter:wing states and early voting states are getting a lot of attention from the president and a growing number of democrats. more than a year and a half out from the 2020 election .13 official candidates are now
4:37 pm
vying for the democratic nomination, otto o'rourke and bernie sanders both emerging as fundraising for powerhouses. bringing in millions within the first 24 hours of their campaign. >> the working families of this country are demanding an economy that works for all of us and that can begin right here. >> is staffed became the first to partially unionize as other candidates signaled they may also be open to the idea for their own campaigns. still, many are waiting to see if former vice president joe biden officially enters the race. as reports have surfaced that he has begun talking to potential donors. >> in 2020 we will all be on the same team, on the same page, behind the same candidate . >> this, as president trump landed in the critical swing state of ohio. not only calling for general motors to reopen a shuttered
4:38 pm
auto plant, but talking about economic and national security. >> economy and strength is security and it is all about security and national security. it is about living our country, it is about loving our flag. >> the president also attending a fundraising event in canton, ohio. meanwhile, democrats continue to announce the busy campaign schedules. beto o'rourke is headed to south carolina later this week. lauren blanchard, fox news. the first funerals were held today for the victims of new zealand's deadly mosque shootings. six of the 50 people killed were laid to rest today. they were honored during a service at christchurch's memorial park cemetery. security was tight as armed police watched over the mourners along with the 50 killed dozens of people were injured last friday and what new zealand's prime minister is
4:39 pm
calling a terror attack. the prime minister said she expects to have new gun control proposals ready by next week. >> we have a large number of loopholes and our laws. many new zealanders would be astounded to know that you can access military style semiautomatics in the way that you can hear. >> authorities revealed today that the alleged gunman was planning another attack at a third location when he was arrested. the water keeps rising along the mississippi and missouri river basins. there has been historic flooding forcing thousands of people from their homes. most areas the rain has stopped for now but the water is still rising as chunks of ice and snow left over from recent winter storms continues to melt. this is adding to the rising flood levels. officials expect the flooding to continue down the lower and mississippi and missouri rivers. >> this is the most widespread natural disaster we ever had in our state's history. >> it is heartbreaking to leave your home and everything that
4:40 pm
he got because you don't know if you will go back to it or not. >> so far, the governors of nebraska, south dakota, and wisconsin have declared states of emergencies and the vice president toward that area yesterday promising state and federal resources. dry conditions are expected to continue for the rest of the week but unfortunately, more rain is in the forecast for the weekend. >> the federal reserve said it is not expect to raise interest rates for the remainder of this year. the fed said it will keep the benchmark rate right where it is, between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2%. the chairman said the fed will remain patient about any future rate hikes in the central bank said it projects one eight hike next year and nine in the year 2021 reflecting slower economic growth. >> data arriving since september suggests slow growth and financial conditions tighten considerably over the fourth quarter well conditions have eased since then they remain less supportive of growth and during most of 2018.
4:41 pm
>> he protects that the us economy will grow 2.1% this year, down slightly from his previous projection of 2.3%. still to come here, kevin durant makes a surprise stop after last nights game to make a families night. and more of the heartwarming visit when we come back. >> weather worked out nicely today. we had the rain this morning. that was a bit of a challenge for the commute but nice to have a break this afternoon. our break will continue in your thursday forecast before another storm approaches. we will talk more about that incoming storm with your forecast coming up. a comfortabl this portion of ktvu news brought to you by visit santa cruz county. r the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. the fda has approved the first drug specifically developed for postpartum depression. it is an iv drug that works quickly within about 48 hours. the cost of the infusion is said to be around $34,000 per patient before any discounts or insurance. current antidepressants can take up to a month to work .1 study conducted by the maker of the drug found half of new mothers with postpartum depression responded to this drug in just a few days. postpartum depression affects about 400,000 women here in the us every year. a lot of people around the world are anxiously awaiting the arrival of prince harry and
4:45 pm
megan's baby. some people even wagering on the name and gender. >> robert gray, now with the odds on favorite, it includes and that is very familiar. >> i would put money on the girl named victoria. >> i would think it would be a boy and it will be charles for his mother. >> mary forãsounds old- fashioned but it is making and harry. >> lots of people are weighing in on what they will name the first child, and whether or not the newborn will be a prince or a princess. according to british bookmaker, william hill, if they have a baby girl, their money is on diana, 10-1. no great favorite there. all the connections are there. >> other oddsmakers agree. >> it is a favorite as the girls name diana. >> selecting that word would be a touching tribute to his late mother. but, if it is a precious principalã >> have a look at arthur here. that is perhaps the best out of
4:46 pm
all the boys names. >> the couple who announced the pregnancy in october said they do not know the gender about 70% of all bets .2 pink for the dudeãduke and duchess. >> usually they are in favor of a child being a princess. >> other people prompting bets, victoria, alice, james, and edward. and, it is not just name and gender. people are wagering on the godparents, the date, and the time of birth, and whether or not the duchess will have twins. no matter what the people pick, as rural tradition dictates, the world will not learn the gender or the name until the newest air arrives. robert gray, fox news. a minnesota timberwolves fan and his kids got a special delivery to their hotel room last night. you know who this is? >> they know exactly who it is.
4:47 pm
kevin durant showed up bring the trio a pizza after he met the father earlier on in the hotels elevator. this happened after the warriors beat the timberwolves in minnesota last night, but getting the pizza delivered maybe took some of the sting out of that loss for the timberwolves fans. it made their night. >> that is so cool. very nice. all right, we are going to give you a live look outside and here we go. there is salesforce tower and downtown san francisco looking out across the bay. we started off with heavy showers for the bay area but we have shifted into this partly cloudy pattern. >> i guess it depends on how you look at it. and the challenge was the commute this morning fox2 get to work and school but we get those breaks in the afternoon. that is always the problem, the all-day rain event. but, thankfully we are getting the brakes. we are already turning our attention to the next storm that will be moving in on friday. coastal hills could be picking
4:48 pm
up close to an inch in most of the bay area picking up between a quarter to half an inch. the bulk of this moves and friday evening. so, there is the old storm moving across northern california. as we come in closer, you can still see some green up to the north, to the east and also to the south. out to the east we have light snow reported a towards the tahoe valley airport. so a winter weather advisory in place until about 11 this evening. coming in closer you can see the clearing skies out there and leave rain clouds with a chance of an isolated pop up shower. current numbers mainly in the 60s. santa rosa, 57. mountain view, 62. we have a cool breeze setting up. a bit breezy it is that time of year in fact. and those onshore winds will pick up. that is the case for today. oakland has sustained out of the west at around 60 miles per hour. more reports for you at sfo at 14. and, about eight miles per hour at half moon bay.
4:49 pm
is the golden gate bridge. nice to see the clouds. nice to see some breaks in the cause. at least guy up above for your wednesday afternoon. we are talking about a break though. that is important as we head into your thursday. and, overnight lows will start off tomorrow morning much cooler than this morning. most areas were in the lower 50s today but tomorrow morning we are thinking upper 30s or even 40s. here's the plan in san francisco, partly cloudy skies, 40 degrees and into the afternoon we will stick with that theme. fair skies by 3, and a bit of a breeze with temperatures close to the 60 degree mark. so, here is today's system and here is the next one developing offshore. you can see this big, clear area and the middle, that is our thursday forecast with where we are between storms. tomorrow, the cloudy and mostly sunny skies. and here is the next system developing to friday. rain develops friday, the heaviest could possibly be late afternoon and into the early portion of the evening. that is as this front comes on board. thankfully, this will not stick around. this moves out over the weekend so saturday we are looking pretty good.
4:50 pm
sunday, that is in advance another system that could impact us early next week. here's the forecast models. there is a slight chance of an isolated sprinkle tomorrow morning, mainly for the coastal hills. but tomorrow partly cloudy skies and then here we are friday morning at 8. thing start to pick up into the afternoon. especially late friday afternoon and into friday evening. so, about 48 hours from now we're talking about the rain. then, here we go. clearing skies into the seven day forecast. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s. san francisco 61, concorde 62. morgan hill 624. and, look ahead at your five day. there is the rain cloud on friday. most of the week it is going to get a chance to get outside. you are looking okay. we will pick up the clouds on sunday. a slight chance of showers in the evening and motherãmay be better rain chances. it is that time of year it feel so strange, because when it could be sunny and warm. you enjoyed the sunshine, the
4:51 pm
next day you are shivering. and, that will be the case as we start of spring. >> even with in one day. you know, two very different, did two different weather stories for sure. >> now, look at the stories that we are working on for 5. some questions about how they area stores are handling certain products. >> walmart in the north is accused of racial profiling. a man posted this video online. it shows certain items locked up on and i'll under surveillance. >> we are looking into that. also, history students given a project that is raising some concerns. >> it is a very controversial school assignment at a local high school, a teacher told students to. a time capsule ofsociety. why the family of one of the students that complained said the district should not cancel the assignment until they discuss with students why so many people found it offensive. >> we will see you in a few minutes at 5. up next at the 4, the israeli prime minister is set to meet with president trump.
4:52 pm
hoping that their relationship helps them out the ballot box. we will have details after the break.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
mike pompeo spoke with warm ties with backcountry. they are at the height of a tight reelection campaign. here's more from jerusalem. our lives have never been stronger and.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: he's touting his ties with the u.s. following a meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo. >> that alliance has brought us stark recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital in the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem. >> reporter: he applies it the president's decision. >> he said he would do it and he did it. he said that we would impose sanctions and he did. >> reporter: he will meet with president trump next week in washington who backed israel's ability to fight back against iran. >> he spent four decades spewing hatred and pursuing nuclear weapons. the ayatollah declared the destruction of israel is his primary goal. >> this was more pr than politics. the timing of the trip is two weeks shy of election day and
4:56 pm
he's up for another term. there is growing uncertainty. allegations he's denied but today ignored questions about. >> reporter: his visit comes on the heels of meetings with four allies in the golf. believe in the country could be bankrolling extremists in iran. fox news. that does it for us.
4:57 pm
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a man killed while walking home from work. a man hit him and then drove off. family members are mourning his death. >> for him to leave us in this way is devastating. >> the 38-year-old was finishing a shift at a restaurant when he was hit and killed. good evening, everyone. firefighters say they found him lying in the road with they were returning from their station. it happened just before 1:30 this morning near west leland and bailey road. henry lee spoke with the
5:00 pm
victims family members and has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: he was blocks from home after finishing his shift at work. he never made it, and the driver never bothered to help him. >> someone was going more tn the speed limit and happened to hit him. >> martel gonzalez is shocked over the death of his uncle. ramirez was walking home from a late night shift when he was hit by a car. the driver never stopped. >> for him to leave us in this way is devastating. >> reporter: he was crossing between bailey and chestnut at 1:30 in the morning. he was hit by a car heading west. firefighters were headed back to station 87 when they came across the scene. >> they stopped and rendered assistance but unfortunately it was too late. he had a very weak pulse and died at the scene


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