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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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black products. >> he posted this video showing others what he saw while shopping for hair care. black hair products are locked up in on an aisle under surveillance. >> all of this stuff is open. black products behind the glass . >> i have to get black products for my hair. that was the only section locked up. that is the part i could not understand. >> you track down an employee to open up the lock for the three dollar product and the employee walked into a register. >> it through me for a loop. i didn't expect to go when there for 30 minutes. >> we went there to see for ourselves. here are the, combs and brushes marketed to black people are
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under lock and key while the same products for others are open on the shelf. the same goes for certain shampoos and in some cases the products locked up are cheaper than those that aren't. >> i want them to tell all of us why. >> this isn't the first time they've been accused of locking up products only for black people. complaints have occurred in long island, new york and sacramento. last year a southern california woman sued walmart for racial discrimination. they sent us the statement reading, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind at walmart. walmart uses enhance security on some products like electronics, automotive and personal care products. those determinations are made on the store by store basis. >> he says that response isn't good enough. >> if it's only black products, maybe there's a problem with theft. i now. that could be it.
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but we need a solution. we've got to do better. >> he's so, hope something does change. walmart remove the antitheft cases at the store in long island. ktvu fox2 news . the black student union at uc berkeley held a rally in support of students involved in an incident earlier this month. the students are a man and woman arrested after police were alluded the female student was carrying a stun gun. there is a rule on campus that tasers are not allowed. according to a statement the officer told the woman not to touch the teaser and he was going to take it from her. when he reached for the stun gun they got into a struggle. demonstrators say the students were racially profiled. >> we will callout everybody to come out and stand in solidarity against police brutality and understand that
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this campus is lacking in accountability of their actions and their organization and basically, for us as students. >> the black student union says both students were cited and released. the vice chancellor for administration issued a statement meeting in part, we are committed to supporting affair and thorough investigation and taking steps necessarily to maintain a relationship of trust with our community and our guests while ensuring their safety. charges of anti-senators him starting with the teachers homework assignment about . the school district is taking action. >> reporter: here at the high school and san lorenzo a sophomore history homework assignment has sparked outrage. >> this parent is speaking out
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after her daughter texted her about what she saw another student drawing, a swastika. >> he was drawing a swastika with machine guns. he told me it was a history assignment. my english teacher aside and told him to put it away. >> sophia johnson is one of a small number of jewish students but not in that history class. >> i was uncomfortable sitting next to him. i didn't know what to think. >> the assignment was to create a time capsule of society . students for has to find symbols of values and draw a character with the physical features of an area and . >> there is tons of opportunities for lessons on how to teach kids what propaganda is other than drawing swastikas. >> it led to the school district canceling the assignment and looking into the matter.
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>> it is not necessary for us to re-create images that might be considered anti-somatic to help people understand what propaganda was like during that time. it is not necessary to put students through that type of situation. >> the family says they shouldn't just cancel the assignment without disgusting why some found it unacceptable. >> anti-semitism has changes that need to happen. >> the anti-defamation lake has offered to step in. and san lorenzo, ktvu fox2 news . the family in pittsburgh is grieving after a man was killed by a hia crime reporter tells u man was walking home from work when the car hit him in the car took off. >> some is going more than the speed limit and sent him flying
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25 feet. >> he is in shock over the death of his uncle. ramirez was walking home from a late night shift at a restaurant when he was hit by a car. the driver never stopped. >> to hear this news and for him to leave us in this way is devastating. >> reporter: he was crossing between bailey and chestnut and hit by a car heading west. firefighters were headed back to station 87 when they came across the scene. >> they were in the right place at the right time and rendered assistance but unfortunately it was too late. he died at the scene. >> reporter: they don't have a description of the driver or car but investigators will review surveillance cameras including the ones at west lealman and bailey. residents are in shock. >> for someone not to stop when they take someone's life is just terrible.
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>> reporter: his nephew, he was a great man with a great heart and looking out for everybody. he was there for anyone who needed him. he would go the extra mile. >> he had a message. >> whoever did this, please come forward and talk about what happened. i understand it could be a shocking moment. you took somebody from our family. >> pittsburgh police say any tip could lead to a big break. ktvu fox2 news. another pedestrian was struck and killed crossing a wa point road at 7:00 this morning when he was hit. investigators say it was dark and raining heavily at the time . the driver stopped and cooperated with police. the man who was hit was not in a crosswalk.
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president trump stepped up his attack against john mccain. the president spent the last few days disparaging mccain on twitter in a public comments. today's game at an event in ohio and included criticism of mccain's vote the killed of a peal of obamacare. he also made a reference to senator mccain's funeral which trump wasn't invited to. >> i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted which as president i had to approve. i care about this but i didn't get a thank you and that's okay. i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> mccain was a vietnam war hero and a prisoner of war for more than five years. the plant where the president spoke builds tanks for the u.s. army. candidates have been standing out across early voting states. joe biden is still on the sidelines.
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>> swing states in early voting states are getting a lot of attention from the president and a growing number of democrats. more than 18 months out from the 2020 election. 13 official candidates are vying for the nomination. beto o'rourke and bernie sanders are fundraising powerhouses bringing in millions within the first 24 hours of their campaigns. >> the working families of this country are demanding an economy that works for all of us in that can begin right here on this campus. >> center staff becoming the first to partially unionize as others signify they might be open to the idea for their own campaigns. many are waiting to see if joe biden officially enters the race. as reports surface he has been talking to potential donors. >> we will all be on the same
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team and on the same page and behind the same candidate. >> this is president trump landing in the critical swing state of ohio not only calling for general motors to reopen a shuttered auto plant but talking about economic and national security. >> economy and strength is security and it's all about security and national security. it is about leaving our country and loving our flag. dot the president attended a fundraising event in canton ohio. democrats continue to announce their busy schedule at beto o'rourke heading to south carolina later this week. fox news. coming up, thousands of workers at uc campuses across the state worked off the job today. the issue they're upset about and the effect it had on patients. a family-owned bucket in
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the south bay gets ready to close its doors for good after 45 years. showers are back in the forecast. there's more rain on friday and the details are coming up. a proposal to ban cars from certain streets in san francisco and why some think it might be a good idea. >> has a look at your wednesday evening commute. it's looking really good in both directions for this time of night. and now we take a look at the golden gate bridge. it looks like traffic is moving along well.
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the sun came out this afternoon after a wet start to the day. were taking a look at out to the bridge where conditions are dry. >> all of that rain made for a slow and soggy commute. today driving conditions for less than ideal. this afternoon things cleared up nicely. they really did. a pretty significant rain event this morning especially in the santa cruz mountains, big sur and around marin county over 1.25 in big sur. redwood city, 310 seven inch.
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concorde, 3/10 of an inch. respectable numbers for a late winter storm. today is the first day of spring. the green on the radar shows the system moving off. the bigs for a lot in the pacific is coming in. that will create a lot of rain on the afternoon commute. the afternoon commute looks like it will be pretty wet. you can see a little bit of snow on the mountains. the afternoon commute is dry. tomorrow the transition day will bring in some clouds. i think tomorrow will look a lot like what i'm showing you now. partly cloudy and partly sunny as we get into friday, big chances. in soubeing held for kamala harris.
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hollywood heavyweights are expected to be among those in attendance. tickets sulphur $2800 per guest. senator harrises among candidates questioning the need for the electoral college. she weighed in last night during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. >> there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about the president of the united states and we need to deal with that. >> some democrats have call for a polishing it after both democratic won the popular vote but lost the election. those in favor of keeping the electoral college says of forces candidates to campaign in every state. >> bernie sanders made his first appearance in california as a presidential candidate today speaking to strike on workers and highlighted his longtime support for organized
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labor. he criticize you see for acting like a corporate type employer. he announced his campaign would be the first in history to allow their staffers to unionize. >> ucla was part of a one-day walkout. at the ucsf mission bay campus in san francisco, research and tech workers were picketing all day. it is offering a 6% pay increase by the end of this year and another 3% through 2021. the union says it doesn't keep up with inflation. >> the consumer price index is at 3.5%. when i talk about wage erosion, that's what i'm talking about. it doesn't even allow us to keep up with the cost of living . >> this is the third walkout in less than a year. 650 out patient procedures and
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150 chemo appointments had to r gavin newsom is promising more money to help cities struggling with homelessness. the main focus of the meeting was a homeless problem which has become an emergency situation. the governor promise another year of funding from an emergency aid program. that money helps local communities pay for emergency shelters and longer-term housing projects. the governor says he wants to devote $1.75 billion to homelessness and affordable housing projects that would penalize cities that don't hold up there ran >> this is a healthcare crisis, mental health care and a housing crisis. i applaud the governor by withdrawing transportation dollars. that is a challenge to local
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control and forces us to step up? >> cities that don't comply may be punished gas tax money was held. he has received criticism for his hard-line approach but many mayors supported. a mountain view marketplace owned by generations is getting ready to close its doors. it open 45 years ago as a drive- through jury on california street and san antonio road. it became known for its wide variety of produce, cheese, and wine. they were approached to sell the property as part of a wave of development. >> if, there's something about the freshness of the foods. the fact you can roam around and find what you like. there is always new things in and it is so different than a supermarket.
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>> the owner say their decision was compounded by a drop off in business due to construction in the area. the milk pail will close in the next few months. pinterest has signed a new lease for a new building. the deal involves nearly 490,000 square feet at the site of the  san francisco tennis club. the deal is expected to be approved in june with construction starting next year. this lease agreements comes one month after plans for their public offering. the fbi getting involved in the investigation of the boeing 737 max. new information about a near disaster evolving one of the place just one day before the deadly crash in indonesia. the oakland ace play the first game in japan. we have highlights from the opener at the tokyo dome. a drug to help new moms deal with postpartum depression. a new drug approved by the fda
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new revelations about the deadly crash of an aircraft in indonesia last october. it went down in the java sea killing all 189 people on board. that same plane came close to crashing one day before. a different crew was on board at the time in an off-duty pilot who was in the clock hit
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reportedly knew how to resolve the problem. boeings ceo says there working to resolve any issues with the flight control system. >> we will release a software date that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the light and air flat accident . >> the fbi's seattle office has joined the investigation into the certification of the airplane. >> the federal reserve issued new guidance today saying they do not expect any more rate hikes for the rest of the year. they will keep their benchmark rate where it is. and it will reflect slower economic growth. j powell is predicting the u.s. economy will grow at 2.1% which is down slightly from the previous prediction of 2.3%. they expect one rate hikes and1 . stocks rallied after's bank
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stocks sold off on the interest rate news. the dow closed out 141 points. the nasdaq and five in the s&p was down eight. the fda has approved a drug specifically for postpartum depression. it's an iv drug that works within 48 hours. other antidepressants take up to a month to work. the new drug is expensive, around $34,000 per patient. one study done shows that half of new moms with postpartum depression responded to the drug. we have more the 100 california national guard troops at the border being reassigned. the new training they will begin next month to help protect california from wildfires. a call to bankcard traffic on certain streets and only
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president trump renewed his attacks against the late senator john mccain. he criticized him in front of a military audience at a tank plant in ohio. president trump says he gave the senator the funeral he wanted but did not get it thank you. he criticized mccain's no vote. an accident killed a man in pittsburgh this morning. relatives identified the victim as philippe a ramirez. he just finished her shift at a restaurant when he was killed near leland and bailey road just before 1:30 this morning. his family asks anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call police. walmart is being accused of locking up hair products
6:30 pm
specifically used by black people. the have accuse well mannered of , they typically are marketed to black people and displayed under lock and key. at the same time, similar products not used by african-americans are on open shelves. walmart says they don't tolerate discrimination of any time. transit leaders are taking a look at a new proposal to make some city streets car free. the idea is to ease congestion for pedestrians, bike riders and mass transit. >> as anyone who has driven them knows, this is can be crowded with cars, bikes and pedestrians. in some cases the buses can take the red transit lane. at this no transit lane the buses are completing also.
6:31 pm
there taking the first steps toward a ban on personal vehicles on some roads in francisco. >> we could be looking at what corridor's that aren't that great for car flow in the first place in this make them entirely red carpet. >> even as the city pushes forward on better markets reprogram the first approved car free street. better market street calls for widening sidewalks and bike lanes and has limited private vehicle traffic by forcing vehicles to turn off market street creating a clear path. the agency looking at expanding the concept to other streets. >> congestion is slowing these buses down. there were too many cars in the way. we are just incentivizing people to take that bus. >> some of those who walk, cycle or scoot, barring vehicles from some streets will make it safer
6:32 pm
for them. >> taking some of the traffic off market street would be better. i don't know how congested that would leave other areas but i think that would be well worth it to try. >> some drivers see another upside. >> i think it will help the environment. >> some drivers say that banning traffic on some roads will force those cars onto other roads leading to more congestion. >> is just going to get more congested. you not going to be able to move in the city. i drive into the city to work. that's going to make it so much harder for us. >> there is no word on which street might be up for consideration. there is no word on a timeline. ktvu fox2 news . a new effort is underway to deter sideshow activity in one part of contra costa county.
6:33 pm
bumps are being added to the surface of the road referred to as raised concrete markers. 100 of the traffic markers have been installed near the park outside of martinez. officials hope it will make the spot less desirable for drivers to spin out or do doughnuts. chp officers got a lesson in car technology today. representatives were showing officers how to operate the car in case of an emergency. officers say they learned a lot about the cars and what they can expect. >> the development of these took ologies is inevitable. these autonomous vehicles will be the fabric of our future on the roadways. the partnership is important. >> in the bay area they been testing the cars on city
6:34 pm
streets, role roads and highways with speed limits of up to 65 miles per hour. the vehicle is built on the chrysler pacifica hybrid. the national guard will start training for a new mission. governor gavin newsom is moving the troops to help protect communities from wildfires. the affected troops have been station on the california mexico border since last spring. starting next month, 110 troopers will receive 11 days of training with the tools of the trade. shovels, rakes, and chainsaws. by phone, the deputy director. >> going into constructing what we would consider fire breaks or shaded fire breaks and working alongside cal fire, it would ultimately benefit communities threaten in the urban interface. >> guardsmen supplemented
6:35 pm
efforts during the deadly fire. over 229,000 acres. the fire burned more than 1000 structures and cost the lives of three firefighters. >> and extremely wet in has a countryside blooming with what may become fuel for wildfires later in the year. this meteorologist says you can't weed whack all of the grasses in the state. but you can do that tactically. maybe under transmission lines for example to cut down on of a caa fire. >> wednesday afternoon in sacramento, community leaders are taking part in a summit focusing on challenges of preventing wildfires. some charts the type of clearing planters out dated, ineffective and will worsen a
6:36 pm
bad problem. >> to stay should be and testing and to what has been proven to keeping people safe and that is retrofitting homes and trimming the vegetation right around the home. >> officials countered that their plan will provide the greatest measure of safety for residents on the heels of a devastating fire season last year. >> when you change a model of if you look gives us the opportunity to engage on our terms. >> the guards men and women who will report to camp roberts north el paso robles sometime in april. 11 days of training before their deployed to areas the governor says are most in need. ktvu fox2 news . former fema coordinator says this is one part of a multi-phased campaign to reduce the danger of major fires and called it a step in the right direction. thinning areas will
6:37 pm
eliminate and reduce the fuel and also allows firefighters to get into those areas. if those areas are not thinned it is dangerous to send ground crews into that area of the forest to do work because the trees fall and can potentially hurt or kill them. >> there are 120 to 140 million dead trees in california's for us. crews only then about 1 million of those trees a year. coming up, new developments on several fronts in the aftermath of the new zealand massacre including where the allegedly gunman was going when police arrested him. >> i don't wish to traumatize others but we believe we know where he was going and we intervened.
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we're learning more about the deadly shooting in new zealand including where the suspected gunman may have been headed when he was arrested. jonathan hunt tells us officials are taking steps to prevent people from sharing the government's video. >> funeral services are underway for the 50 people who died in the new zealand mosque shootings. a self-described white supremacist sprayed bullets on muslim worshipers during friday prayers. authorities say they arrested him as he was en route to a
6:41 pm
third location where he was planning another attack. >> i do not wish to traumatize others but we absolutely believe we know where he was going. >> the prime minister visited to pay her respects and continue pushing for new gun control laws saying her main focus is closing the types of loopholes that allowed the shooter to purchase his weapons legally. >> many would be astounded to know that you can access these in the way that you can hear. >> facebook is facing heavy criticism for allowing the shooter to livestream the entire incident. the company says it was viewed under 200 times and has been removed. they say they are working on new measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. officials are going one step further making it illegal to view or the video. >> the footage has been classed
6:42 pm
as objec it's against the law to possess, share, and/or hosted. >> they are expected to unveil a new gun control proposal next week. fox news. still ahead tonight, there is time to get your powerball tickets. we will tell you how much the estimated jackpot for tonight's drawing is worth. were looking into some rain headed our way. not this evening but as we head into friday. tomorrow is a transition day. we have a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news. a new development in the college cheating scandal. usc has launched their own investigation. it is the perfect place to cheer up. the country that's been named the happiest nation on earth. those stories and more coming
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for the 28th year in a row labrador retrievers are the most popular breed in the country porting to data released by the american kennel club. >> that is little dexter. >> rounding out the top five are german shepherds, golden retrievers, french bulldogs, ample dorks, and bulldogs.
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celebrity chef rachael ray is helping a new animal shelter get off the ground. this rendering shows what's going to look like. she donated $100,000 to the humane society which will build a new facility. she markets a brand fruit and a portion of the sales go to support animal charities. if you're able to see it there will be a super moon this evening. the moon will appear larger than normal because of its closer proximity to earth. what makes it more special is that for the first time since 1981 coincides with the spring equinox which arrived at 2:58 this afternoon. >> i think we're going to get some more rain. let's check in with bill martin. >> we are ending the rain now.
6:47 pm
thursday looks like a dry day. i think there will be lots of breaks in the clouds. tomorrow, partly cloudy and partly sunny. we mentioned all the rain we saw earlier today, especially in the hills. most of us got a quarter of an inch of rain. we've looked at these numbers. the next storm that comes in, when this guy rolls in on friday, by the afternoon and evening we could see another inch of the rain in the coastal hills. were seeing scattered showers lingering and then up in the mountains we've had showers in the foothills. outside right now it is clear. i think you will see the super moon tonight. there will be a few clouds in and out. that will add to the texture of the moon.
6:48 pm
current temperatures so a live camera shot. you get a feel for how it looks. plenty of blue sky in between clouds. tomorrow will look a little bit like this but more sunshine. in the morning, basically for the entire area san jose, oakland, vacaville, and then there's luncheon time not a bad deal. temperatures are cooler tomorrow. mid-to low 60s. 48 hours ago, upper 70s low 80s. we have dropped a good 10 to 15 degrees. and then there is tomorrow afternoon. thursday looks pretty darn weatherwise. and then here comes the friday we were talking about. not bad on the morning commute. and so be ready for that one. and then sunday looks good.
6:49 pm
will have a nice couple of days on the weekend. as we are officially into spring now, there is your rain on friday. there is your saturday and sunday. and then there's that monday with a few more clouds coming in and a slight chance of a few showers. the jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing is worth more than $500,000. the jackpot has grown to an estimated $550 million. it is the eighth largest powerball prize in history. the lump sum option would be $335 million. players and powerball sellers snapped up tickets in hopes of getting rich. >> i try my luck. you never knowyou've got to be little dream, right? >> steep roads and matching l n powerball. the odds are in 292
6:50 pm
million. good luck. san jose is getting ready for march madness. there putting the finishing touches on the sap arena. they will host teams from the south region in the east region. businesses near the arena are also gearing up for a surgeon customers as the tournament is expected to attract a lot of basketball fans. while most people in the bay area were thinking, we have highlights of the opener at the tokyo dome. tune in tonight for the drama empire followed by a all new episode of star at 9:00 in the following that the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news all here
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joe was here now with sports. were talking about the 80s playing their opener in tokyo, japan. >> the dedicated fans were up watching. the 2019 baseball season is underway. they met in the we hours for
6:54 pm
the opening game at their season before a packed house. things started out well for oakland. he came to the plate in the 1st inning. that's a nice way to start your season. 1-0, oakland days. the mariners had scored one run when santana came to the plate with the bases loaded. a grand slam. it was 5-2. in the bottom of the , there back within iran. this was quite a moment after a couple of at-bats, he was lifted and given innovation by his country, his teammates, and the oakland 80s. >> with a runner ron, tim beckham got a hold of one. the two teams play one more game
6:55 pm
before returning to the mainland. the mariners, 9-7 winners in this one. >> the giants made an announcement that could improve some outfield depth but not really excite you. brad joyce has been signed to a minor-league contract. the 34-year-old was signed after he was released by cleveland. he played 82 games last season and hit .208. he has one all-star season and his resume and he did hit 25 home runs for the oakland a's two years ago. >> the enormity of my trouts contract sinks in. they agreed to a contract extension that makes him the highest-paid player in the history of professional sports. it is a staggering amount of money. obviously, bryce harper who was no longer the highest paid
6:56 pm
player was asked about the deal. >> i've got more money than i know what to do with. for me, i got the contract i wanted and the team that i wanted. in the ownership the trusted inmate. for me, it's inevitable. >> it's not about the money. >> bay area participation begins tomorrow at 4:20 in hartford, connecticut good. they knew that they were in the big tournament and the opponent brings back a little nostalgia. nine years ago randy benedict experiences biggest win in his career. that got him to the final 16 when they upset villanova. the coach of the defending champs on this year's version of the game. >> watching film, it is so
6:57 pm
eerily similar to the 20 10 team that i had. that got great and hunter and supporting cast on this team might even be better. >> two more of the ncaa first four games will be over before the evening ends. north dakota state against north carolina central is down by 13. jordan perkins to mcknight and the eagles are up by 2. the bison came back. they are up one and then three when tyson ward makes a beauty of a move. north dakota state wins 78-74 . a date on friday with duke. >> that will be tough. >> thank you for joining us tonight. good night.
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