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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 21, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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i never liked him much. hasn't been for me. >> the president unleashes a tie raidagainst a respected senator and respected war hero. his harsh words against senator mccain. it is thursday march 21 i'm goem goem. >> high mark. happy to be with you and a break in the rain. >> that's good news. >> pretty good for today after the storms moved through yestda 30s and 40s. sab that rows yeah 39 and san francisco 38 and livermore, 42. out the maps and show yo
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there is the chance we could especially closer to santa cruz and monterey bay. lingering clouds but this morning there is a slight chance of a leftover sprinkle. out toward the sierra they're picking up light snowfall right now. sfo, not much in the way of dense fog but patchy low clouds to start out the day. and plan for today expecting partly cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze picking up. the winds pick up around 15 to 25-miles measure hour. temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s to lower 60s for afternoon highs. we'll check out weekend fo let's check in with sal and he has an update roadways. good morning to you. nice to have the heavy rain out of the area. let's go out and see what we have with the roads. there is paving work on stbound
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tracy and stockton. might take you by surprise, slowing right here and traffic is a little slow eastbound. the western whoas bound traffic is looking good. traffic to livermore to pleasanton looks all right. and westbound 580 slow traffic at the castro valley y. westbound 580 right here at the y, you can see traffic is busy right at 580 and 238. so there maybe something going on here. we'll see what's going on in just a moment. this is a look at interstate 880 traffic is moving well and at the day bridge traffic is light. just an accident call just now westbound 580 at grant line road in the pass area. we'll watch for that and let you know what happens. 402, let's go back to the desk. new this morning from san jose a car crashed into a tree early this morning. the driver was killed.
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it happened around 1 # 15 this morning near new jersey avenue and kurt inner avenue. we don't know why the car ran into the tree but firefighters had a hard time getting to the driver. >> there was an extrication and took about 5 minutes to get him out of the vehicle and he was further assessed by medical personnel and determined to have been killed in the accident. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation. new this morning one person dead and a man in custody after a 2 car crash in santa rosa. the victim died at the scene. the person's name and hometown have not been released the man who was arrested faces charges of dui and man slaughter. there is a growing concern about the number of people crossing roads. the latest yesterday when a
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pedestrian was hit in the roadway. the front-yard in the rain when she saw someone get hit just a few feet away. >> i go try to help you, you know, i said sir, sir -- go i think he die. >> reporter: 53-year-old man was crossing the road in mid- block and in the dim morning light and heavy rain the 18- year-old who hit him didn't break, never saw him. >> this man was practically invisible crossing. >> he flu through the air and it was horrific i quickly pulled over and called 911. >> stoney point is a fast ksp. northwest corridor. in six months four pedestrians died on the road way including a college student crushed under
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a dump truck. >> to me he was my son and not treated like garbage. >> across town a family grieves for a sonic camp bells son who was struck last week. >> he was on the phone with my daughter at the time and he was -- it was 12:58 was the last conversation. >> reporter: her message to drivers. >> you can damage lives and families, there is really numerous families just by one person. >> at this crash the driver did stop immediately and was cooperative with no signs of impairment. such tragedies all around.
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>> when we pulled the sheet over him and knew he was dead, amelia just cried on my shoulder. and a man faced with attempted murder or man slaughter. investigators say he acted alone and when actions came from a, quote, radicalized ideology. the suspect is due to go before a judge tomorrow. happening today dozens of people gathered at oakland city hall and called for the police chief to be fired. the coalition for police accountability believe the chief ignored video evidence in last year's killing of joshua earlier this month the court appointed monitor had harsh assessments about what happened. the court documents provided by the monitor indicate the internal affairs unit did not use any of the video provided at the scene to verify the
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assertions. the monitor says was apparently unconscious and was not an immediate threat to anyone. time is 4:07 oakland police searching for the driver of a car who may be connected to several recent armed robberies. surveillance photos released by police of the vehicle of interest shows it is a burgundy 4-door honda in insyte. and more information about a crash last saturday after a woman was shot near an off- ramp. the victim's sister said show saw at least two gofundme pages for the family but she says they are fake accounts and the family is not collecting donations. president trump is facing criticism for making comments
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about the late senator john mccain. we have reports on the controversial comments and backlash he is getting from members of his own party. >> reporter: at an army tank plant in on ohio wednesday, president trump took aim again at the late arizona senator and vietnam war veteran john mccain. >> i've never liked him much, hasn't been for me. i've really probably never will. >> reporter: for about 5 minutes the president criticized mccabe fo reportedly handing over unreported doss say to trump to the fbi for supporting the iraq war and never a thanks for the funeral services and casting the deciding vote against the repeal of the affordable care act. >> he said two hours he was voting to repeal and replace and he went thumbs down. badly hurting the republican party and the nation.
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>> reporter: republicans said the president's attacks wednesday and tweets over the weekend are hurting the republican party and the nation. a republican senator from georgia called the comments deplorable and adding it's a damaging situation. senator mccain's daughter megan responded on the view. >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it he will never be a great man. >> i can't bhaj the president expects to gain from such disparaging remarks. >> reporter: jill buck is a former campaign volunteer in buck ton and directed his campaigns in california and she is a veteran who served as a lieutenant in the navy. she said she and other veterans are upset by the rhetoric. >> disappointment is a pretty soft word for the way we feel and this isn't okay, not in the least bit. i'm proud of the senators who were friends of senator mccain
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who had stood up and re-buicked the president's remarks. i'm proud of them for having the encourage senator mccain certainly had. >> these twi don't think they help anybody and i want to look forward. nobody i've admired more than senator john mccain. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell tweeted it was a bless to go serve alongside a rare patriot and genuine american hero in the senate. in a republican party meeting while some disagree with the rhett ricks they like his policies. >> i like the policy i would rather not talk about any of the other stuff. it matters but it is of far less importance than the good stuff he's done. our time 4:10 a bay area wal-mart store is accused of unfair and racist practices
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after a customer finds some products in the beauty i'll under lock and key and why the customer is demanding an plannings plus. devastation across the midwest. several counties under a state of emergency. how federal and state leaders are attempting to help families get back on track. good morning, right now traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving for the early morning commute on interstate 880 in oakland. we'll tell you more about some of the problems that have popped up. in weather the heavy rain out of the picture for today. in fact somewhat of a break in thursday forecast but not for long. we're talking about more rain before the workweek comes to an end. more in the forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:14 a former u.c. berkeley student and sports medicine enter is accusing members of the cal football organization of sexual harassment. in a public facebook post outlined several incidents that she said involves players, coaches and staff members and she has withdrawn from the university and is seeking enmad the being made on social media and would take disciplinary action if it
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determines a policy was violated. boeing plans to finish a new software update for 737 max planes by early next week. the update will automatically point the planes nose down in some circumstances to prevent a stall. meanwhile european and canadian investigators decided to conduct own reviews of the boeing 737 max sear yeedz the. previously taken the american faa word when the problem or that the problem is fixed. authorities in indonesia are confirming information about the plane crash in october killing all 189 people on board. the reported airline pilot reported the same directions on the plane the day before. a different crew crashed into the sea on the same airplane. experts say there are clear similarities between that
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starrser and this month's ethiopia crash. in nebraska swollen rivers and failed dams and levees flooded some farms, 70% of nebraska is now under a disaster declaration. damage estimated at almost 1 billion dollars and farmers can't plant crops in flooded fields. >> i won't be able to farm this year. there will be no farming this year. >> that is people's lives those are 5th generation farms, those are businesses and communities. iowa was also hit hard and there is an emergency declaration in 41 counties. some midwestern area still have 2 feet of snow and that will melt and even add to the floodwaters. nebraska's governor predicts they'll be dealing w the time is 4:16 we want to send it over to sal in the traffic center. on a morning like this when there's no rain and hope everyone is behaving and it's
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quiet. >> we're hoping for sure because the rain makes a big impact on the commute. start off with a look at the gilroy commute. northbound 101 driving up to san jose and beyond that looks good. a little bit of slow traffic in the morgan hill. if driving on sper state 880 at 580 it does look all right. an earlier axe at grant line road which may cause slow traffic. as we look at the fairfield commute, trafficking looking good. at 4:17 let's go to mark. nice to have a break in the rainfall. i think we'll take it. there is a slight chance of isolated sprinkle or light shower mainly in the coastal hills. for the most part looking pretty good for thursday. take a look at the rainfall totals going back to october 1. and yesterday's system boosting up the numbers for the season. so san francisco now is over 22
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inches, 110% of average. san francisco still up there, 126% of average and oakland now to 100%. san jose approaching 14 inches of rain and rainfall season is not over just yet. we ever a break in the significant rainfall today. now current numbers chilly, the 30s and 40s, i'll point out sanity rod rosenstein 38 degrees. reporting fog at the is a notice ma county airport. visibility down to three quarters of a mile. reduced visibilities in the inland valleys this morning. expanding the view out in the pacific and you can't see a little circulation out here. this producing clouds and showers closer to monterey bay does bear watching today and most models leaving us for a few clouds for thursday. a live camera towards san francisco and patchy low clouds trying to regroup. some fog around, i believe at least floating around the bay area this morning. here we are at 7:00. 52 degrees. into the afternoon 12:00 partly cloudy skies and temperatures
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on track to reach 59, 60 degrees in san francisco. here's yesterday system. our next one developing upstream, the flow in the thursday forecast. kind of this, in between systems. as a result a break in the rainfall. our next frontal band comes on board friday. rainfall develops friday and maybe gusty winds with winds around 15 to 25-miles per hour. and coastal hills we could be talking about maybe an inch at least for most of the bay area a quarter inch to a half inch. this will also definitely kick up the surf friday afternoon into saturday. waves potentially around 10 to 20 feet. here's the forecast model. showing you this as we put into motion. partly cloudy skies for this afternoon and increasing rain chances, especially by friday afternoon, 4 and 5:00 and the weekend for the most part looking pretty good with partly cloudy skies on saturday, more clouds by sunday. maybe some shower chances as we head towards sunday evening. in fact we'll see you coming up
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for you right now with the rain cloud into friday. increasing clouds sunday and maybe more showers into early next week. >> thank you, mark. our newly updated weather app is free to upload. it has interactive radar and hourly updates and an easy feature to upload weather photos and video and share them with us. our time 4:20 still ahead people around the world demanding action as they mourn for the victims. new zealand mosque shooting. >> when this prime minister showed up and did what she did she showed leadership. i wish our president would show leadership. >> what bay area lawmakers are saying about gun control. and three exhibition games between giants and a's next how some of the country's biggest names have worn both uniforms. i am a father and a husband.
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welcome back it's morning on 2. for the second and final time this season the oakland a's are playing in the morning hours right now in japan. they are wrapping up a 2-game series. the game started the 2 # 45 this morning and these folks at the mad oak bar in oakland are there. the don overnight party. the score is 3-1. seattle mariners are leading and more highlights later this morning. when tll be spring trainin three more exhibition games
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scheduled against the giants. >> it will be the first time since july we've seen another bay bridge series. ktvu joe fonzi shows us there are a number of teams in the area. >> it almost feels like the career isn't complete until you played for both the giants and the a's. even some of the team's big gs stars and most iconic players have spent time on both sides of the bay. for a short time in 1976, willie mccove vee was an oakland athletic. all three of these brothers who are for the giants also wore an a's uniform. and this man played for the a's and was an all star with the giants. . charges and he makes it and the's walk off again.
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>> reporter: none of earlier players had a chance to do what the a's and giants do today. meet in enter league play. it's something larry and tim both experience. one of the most jarring sites for fans was seeing steven vote in a giants uniform and nick huntly in green and gold. >> having spent four and a half five years on the other side this is different when you look in the mirror and seeing the gold and black. >> it will be definitely different playing the a's. >> the a's ever since come up and how hard the team place is something you respect from a far. >> even the two staffs are both on the both sides of the rivalry. a's manager bob and coaches matt and mike are were autopsy giants and pitching matt young was an athletic. both teams feel motivation for bragging rights.
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>> i want to beat them as bad as anyone. there are times we go into the and there's energy and hopefully that's a spring board to take us on to higher levels. >> you can feel it. there's tension and you definitely want to come away with wins? no matter you're playing series to win but definitely a little intensity to the games. >> both times i put the uniforms on it's significant. a little more than palo alto region unit and that was cool too. >> two others played on the other side of the bay as well. >> i'm a chicago guy and i would equate to white sox and cubs and you know it's interesting and i've seen both ends of that and both ends of this. it's great to see and i wish we would play more. i wish the inner city games were 12 a year. e fans would be with that too.
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the first time t 13. even if there's nothing at stake as far as depend he not races are concerned. those games >> as always, will be special. joe fonzi ktvu fox2. the time for the mass and easy availability of these weapons must end and today they will. >> a strong resolution by new zeminister following the deadly shooting at a mosque. the gun control policy chances she plans to make in the coming weeks. plus. is the president going too far with personal attacks. i'm dug lieu. >>ed deer in washington, doug luzader more on that coming up.
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from ktvu fox2 news, this is mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings i 21.
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i'm dave clark. >> and i'm alley raz mus in for pam cook and we have mark tamayo telling us about the weather. >> looking pretty good in the thursday forecast. we'll take it after january and february and into the first half of march and today a sun/cloud mix with a forecast highs this afternoon. will be cool to mild. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. partly cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze kicking up. on the cooler side especially up in the inland valleys. sanity rows yeah 39 degrees and sanity rows yeah reporting reduced visibilities down to three quarters of a mile. reporting fog that could impact visibility first thing this morning. here is the satellite and radar. a little bit of a circulation off shore here and some rain to the west of monterey bay. you can see the bulk of that moving to the south but closer to monterey. there is the chance of scattered showers for this morning.


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