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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 21, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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i'm dave clark. >> and i'm alley raz mus in for pam cook and we have mark tamayo telling us about the weather. >> looking pretty good in the thursday forecast. we'll take it after january and february and into the first half of march and today a sun/cloud mix with a forecast highs this afternoon. will be cool to mild. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. partly cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze kicking up. on the cooler side especially up in the inland valleys. sanity rows yeah 39 degrees and sanity rows yeah reporting reduced visibilities down to three quarters of a mile. reporting fog that could impact visibility first thing this morning. here is the satellite and radar. a little bit of a circulation off shore here and some rain to the west of monterey bay. you can see the bulk of that moving to the south but closer to monterey. there is the chance of scattered showers for this morning. outside right now we're live
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patchy low clouds for this morning and we'll have that in the forecast for this morning. in the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies a bit of a breeze and forecast skies most areas by 4:00. 58 to 6 to degrees. more rain on the way. let's check in with sal. time is 4:31 # with an update roadways good morning to you, sal. good morning. we have an update to the roads. an accident on grant line road. traffic is a little slow. always slow at this time any way. usually this is when it slows down coming on 205 out of tracy. livermore to hayward a little bit of slow traffic there as well adds you can see right here. the traffic is going to be a little busy coming in through caster valley and on 880 north and south, it's a nice looking drive. no problems at the bay bridge with a little bit of slowing in those outside cash lanes. 431, let's go back to the desk. all right, sal this morning president trump is taking part in a business round
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table in washington. he's trying to focus on the u.s. economy. but as ktvu's lose doug luzader reports, the president's personal attacks on senator mccain may drown out the message. >> some republicans are concerned getting in the way of his agenda is the comments. the president trump didn't say much as he returned to the white house last night. but, boy, was he talking up a storm just hours earlier. >> well you better love me i kept this place open. >> reporter: he was in the critical swing state of ohio. the headline his take at late senator john mccain. >> i've never liked him much. >> reporter: it's no secret the two men did not get along. the president blamed mccain for turning over a dossier of opposite position research about trump to the fbi something we learned more about this
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and mccain famously cast a deciding vote against the repeal of obamacare. >> i gave him the kind have funeral he wanted. is which as president i had to approve. i never got a thank you but a wasn't a fan of him. >> reporter: his criticism won quit re-buick from senator mcconnell. >> he isn't hurting john mccain. he is dead. he is hurting himself. the attacks didn't stop there. the on going twitter battle between the president and the his of white house counselor kellyanne conway escalated. gorge con george conway called the president a nars cyst. >> reporter: for her part kellyanne conway defended the president and her husband tweeted back at trump, you are nuts. in washington i'm doug l
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fox news. well new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern says it will take a couple of weeks to pass new gun control laws. she enacted an immediate ban on sales so no one could stock pile assault style weapons before a new ban is in effect. the new law will cover all weapons used in last friday's mosque shootings. all were purchased legally but now that will no longer be possible. anyone with those weapons can turn them in under an amnesty program and the country will hold a weapons buy back program leading up to a total ban. there was a candle light changes in ich i am ber report the u.s.  let there be peace on the earth. >> reporter: more than 150 people gathered outside san
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francisco city hall to take part in a candle light vigil to remember the people who lost their lives in the horrific mass shoot energy new zealand last week. >> we needed a place to cry and hug and people met new people. >> reporter: one by one people spoke out about the terrorist attack and hate of any kind. >> we're supporting of eradicating gun violence. we need to show salad dater and bring people together. >> we support brothers and sisters of all races and relij yons and tonight we especially say we stand with our muslim brothers and sisters. >> reporter: during the vigil many spoke out against u.s. politicians and the president for not doing enough to condemn hate and tighten gun laws. chc isn't welcome in san francisco. >> when this prime minister stood up and did what she did, she showed leadership. i wish our president would show some kind of leadership and
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empathy some kind of compassion. abroad unless we call it out every day here at home. >> reporter: congressmen eric was a guest speak year. >> we have a gun show at the palace that connected with the guns and sell things we don't even allow in the state in the state of california. so that's one thing we're doing. >> i propose to buy back and ban all 15 million assault weapons australia did it after a mass shooting and they have 0 mats shootings since and now you. >> leland is doing it. at u.c. berkeley the black student union held a rally in support of two cal students involved in an incident with campus police earlier this month. officers responded to reports of two people to the campus and one was carrying a stun gun. the officers approached the two students, a male and female, she was carrying a told the stun gun for nighttime safety.
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but takesers are not allowed on the uc campus. according to the university when the officer reached for the stun gun there was a struggle. protesters say the students were racially profiled. >> we call out everybody to come out and stand? solidarity gents police brie at that time and understand that, you know, this campus is still -- it is still lacking in accountability of actions and organization and just basically self-respect for us as students. >> now after the incident, both of the students were cited and later released. u.c. berkeley vice chancellor for administration mark fisher issued a statement that said in part, we're committed to supporting a fair and thorough investigation and taking the steps necessary to maintain a relationship of trust with the community and guests while ensuring their safety. a wal-mart store in american cannon is being criticized for keeping hair
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products specifically used by african americans locked behind a glass case. as ktvu christine yeah van doen is telling us it's an issue they have dealt with before. >> i have never seen anything like this. this video was posted very yeah instagram showing others what he saw inside a wal-mart shopping for hair care products. they are not only locked up but on an i'll under surveillance. look at all this. all this stuff is open. black products behind the glass. >> i have to get black products for my hair. okay? so and that was the only seconds that was locked up and that's the part that i couldn't employee personally walked it to a register. >> it through me for a loop. i expected to go in there for five minutes and take 30
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minutes in wal-mart. >> we went inside the american cannon wal-mart to see the product for ourselves. things like hair dye, caps and combs and brushes marketed to black people are under lock and skywheel those same products for others are open in the shelf. the same goes for certain cham pooz and in some cases the products locked up are cheaper than those that aren't. >> i want them to tell all of us why. >> many customers didn't want to go on camera and they're aware of the issue and it is a problem. this isn't the first time wal- mart is accused of locking up only black hair products it happened at other stores across the country. >> similar complaints occurred in places like l woman sued wal-mart for racial discrimination. part of it reads we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind at wal-mart. like other retaiurity on some
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products such as electronics and other personal care products. those are used on i store by store basis using data pertaining to that store. >> if only black products what does that tell you? is there only a problem with that? that could be it. we need a solution. we got to do better. >> reporter: this is ktvu fox2 news. the time is 4:40 still ahead outrage surrounding a high school history assignment. what east bay students were asked to do to help create a nazi time capsule. and st. marys men's basketball team set to play villanova tonight where you can catch the game and watch with fellow fans. to a nice start on 4 heading up to the willow pass grid and we'll tell you more coming up. in weather, a break from the real heavy rainfall this morning but now patchy fog trying to reform. coming up we'll talk more about
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the thursday forecast and when rain returns to the bay area.
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welcome back. a homework assignment focusing on nazi symbolism ausing school in san lore renz yo. critics say it glorifies naziism and the school district is taking action. >> reporter: here at a high school in san lorenzo a
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sophomore homework assignment about naziism is sparking outrage. a parent is speaking out after her daughter texted about what she saw another student drawing, this a swastika. >> he was drawing a swastika with machine guns and i was really confused and i asked him what it was for and he said it was a history assignment and my english teacher saw it and told him to put away and i started crying. >> sophia johnson is a small number of gee wish students not in the history class. >> i was uncomfortable sitting next to the student making the project. i didn't really know what to think. >> reporter: the assignment was to create a time capsule of nazi society as part of the project, students were asked to make or find symbols of nazi values and, quote, draw a character with the physical features of an arian. >> there are tons of opportunities for lessons on how to teach kids what propaganda is other than drawing swastikas.
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>> her complaints led to the unified school district canceling the assignment and looking into the matter. >> it is not necessary for us to recreate images that might be considered racist or anti- semitic to help people understand what propaganda was like during that time. not necessary to put students through that information. >> reporter: but the family said the district shouldn't cancel the assignment without discussing with students why people found it offensive. >> anti-sem ma tichl isme tichl is an issue. >> in san lore renz. >> rob roth ktvu news. and city council due to a for the raiders to return for
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2019 season and maybe the 2020 season if needed. the lease agreement calls for the raiders to pay 7.5 million dollars in rent. the raiders plan to move to las vegas after next season. meantime the raiders added several key players this off- season and now it looks like they could lose a key player. pro football talk is saying the tight end jared cook is close to a deal with the new orleans saints. cook caught 68 passes and six touchdowns and earned a trip to the pro bowl. new orleans would be his 15 in 11 seasons if he leaves the raiders now to the ncaa tournament. st. marys men basketball team plays opening round game today againstville nova. the team is in hartford, connecticut for the first round of march madness. the 11 seed gaels are a 4-point underdog to 6 seed villanova. the school is hosting a watch party at the public on campus. st. marys campus. tip off at 4:20 this afternoon.
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and march madness coming to the bay area as well. the sap center in san jose will host first and second round games today and sunday. that includes matchup from the south and east regions. businesses near the center are expecting a pop as the tournament is expected to tract plenty of basketball fans. >> you know it will. maybe traffic in that area too? time 447, sal is right there watching the commute. everybody behaving? for the most part. we have things out there. dave and alley, right now westbound 580 at grant line road clearing an accident that looks like that's gone and the traffic is slow which is normal for this time of the morning. have it slow coming in from tracy pass 205 eastbound 580 slowing as you head out to tracy from road work and also a crash, a big rig accident on 238 at 880, that's why it is a little bit slower here on 238 on the ramp to 880, it will be causing you some delays. so you might want to give yourself extra time there.
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this is a look at 880 once awe make it into oakland. pretty good and at the bay bridge, we have mostly a good commute. there's a couple of lanes getting a little slow. 4:48 let's go to mark for the weather. it's nice to see all the weather shots. a bit of a break in the rainfall for most part today. a slight chance of an isolated shower primarily in the coastal hills later on this afternoon. take a look at the rainfall totals. steve was talking about the heavy rain and numbers added to the totals going back to october 1 and sanity rows yeah 126% of average. san francisco 110% of average. oakland right at 100. below 100 before yesterday's and san jose approaching 14 inches of rain. kufrnt numbers, it is cool mainly in the 40s in a few spots in the upper 30s especially up in santa rosa. visibilities moving around quite a bit. patchy fog floating around the bay. last check was down to three
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quarters of a mile. right now up to a mile. here's the satellite view and this is circulation which is kind of hanging ou we have a little bit of green just off shore so there is a slight chance of a leftover sprinkle for today. right now we're seeing patchy clouds in the bay area forecast. here is yesterday's deal, that wednesday's system. another one developing off shore here. this comes on board friday. today, though, we are in between storms. this big yellow blob off shore giving us an idea we have a break for today and then rain develops for tomorrow. maybe winds around 15 to 30- miles per hour. the rainfall possibly could be moderate to maybe border line heavy at times with that friday system. coastal hills could be approaching an inch. the bay area. most of the bay area between a quarter to a half an inch. this will also definitely pick you up and kick up the surf. building surf friday afternoon right through saturday.
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a west, northwest swell. waves around 10 to 20 feet. here the's the forecast model. here we are this afternoon. what it tries to do is generate a little few isolated showers closer to the santa cruz mountains. watch out for that. into this afternoon, partly cloudy skies. rainfall chances on the increase tomorrow. especially during the afternoon and into the evening hours and your friday, good news, saturday great with sun cloud mix and then sunday we'll thicken up the cloud cover. highs this afternoon mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s for thursday forecast. gilroy 65 and here's a look ahead. the break today and more rain clouds for friday. thicken up the clouds for sunday and sunday night into monday maybe more showers approaching the bay area. all right. mark. thank you. 45-time time a closer look at why transit leaders in san francisco want to make some streets off limits to cars.
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welcome back. getting ready in oakland for the 10th annual running festival. for the first time, runners will be allowed to run on the east span of the bay bridge right along that pedestrian path. then they turn around at the island and run back on the path to oakland.
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the bridge stays open during the race. vehicle traffic won't be affected. nd finish line are near lake meri time is 4:54 today san francisco high school students and floofrs police officers are headed to africa as part of a program called operation genesis. where african-american students and police officers learn more about their heritage and ancestry. the 9 teenagers and four police officers will spend nine days on this trip and they'll meet with local young people there, and talk about their lives and challenges. operation genesis has helped san francisco students travel to africa since 2014. we're learning more about a proposalco to make streets car free. it's a story we talked about yesterday morning on mornings on 2. ktvu chris christien kafton says the idea is make it easier for pedestrians and cyclist and mass transit get around in san francisco. as anyone who's drifrn
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them know, san francisco streets can be crowded with cars, bikes and pedestrians all jockeying for position. in some cases, the buses can take the red transit lane. if no transit lane then the buses are in there competing too. the city's municipal transportation agency is taking the first steps toward ban to personal vehicles on some roads in san francisco. >> we could be looking at what corridors maybe particularly corridors not that great for car flow in the first place and just make them entirely red car at the time. >> reporter: the idea is still in the preliminary stage even as the city pushes forward to better market street program, the first approved car free street. better market street now under environmental review calls for widening sidewalks and bike lanes and already limited private vehicle traffic by forcing vehicles to turn off market street creating a clear path for public transit. the agency now looking at expanding the concept to other streets. >> if congestion is the problem
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that's slowing the buses down, not a lack of drivers or coaches, just too many cars in the way, we are disincentivizing people to take the bus. >> the opinion on the street is mixed. some who walk, cycle or scoot around san francisco barring vehicles from some streets will make it safer from them taking some of the traffic off market street would make it better. i don't know how con guest the that would leave other areas in the city, as far as market street i think that would be well worth it to try. >> reporter: some drivers see another up side. >> i think it will probably help the environment. i'm not sure though but -- probably. >> reporter: but some drivers say banning traffic on some roads will force those cars on to other roads, leading to more congestion. >> it will get more congested, everything will just -- usual not be able to move in the city. you will have to -- i drive into the city to work. so that's going to make it so much harder for us.
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>> reporter: at this point no word on which street might be up for consideration for transit only and no word on a timeline. in san francisco craft craft ktvu fox2 news. time is now 457. president trump launched another verbal attack on the late senator john mccain. coming up, why he's going after a celebrated war hero and political legend 6 months after senator mccain died. and the plea of a bay area family for a hit-and-run driver to surrender after a man in the east bay was hit and killed on his way home from work. oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events
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a former student is suing the football team for sexual allegations. and another deadly -- >> numerous families it's not just one person. >> another deadly pedestrian collision in less than a week. grieving families and witnesses are talking to us about the latest tragedy as the police investigation continues. good morning, welcome to
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mornings on 2 and i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> steve is off today but mark is here with all what to expect. >> you know, it's this time of the year, pouring rain and warm. very first day of spring. >> yes. the equinox is 2:58 p.m. yesterday. it will be cool to mild on on the cool side right now. it's been down about 3/4 mile, now jumping up to two and a half. floating around the bay. we are watching out for that this mni


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