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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 21, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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investigation continues. good morning, welcome to mornings on 2 and i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> steve is off today but mark is here with all what to expect. >> you know, it's this time of the year, pouring rain and warm. very first day of spring. >> yes. the equinox is 2:58 p.m. yesterday. it will be cool to mild on on the cool side right now. it's been down about 3/4 mile, now jumping up to two and a half. floating around the bay. we are watching out for that this morning. a few scattered showers near our coast line the forecast mod hinting to an isolated
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sprinkle. here is the live camera, beautiful here san francisco. this is the unofficial measuring instrument here to give you an idea if there is any wind. wind not moving around too much but we have some patchy bay. partly cloudy and breezy this afternoon and highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. more on your forecast in a few minutes. we'll check with sal right now who updated the roadways and hopefully a nice commute? >> yes. getting better as we look at the altamonte pass because this has been a sore spot for many days. westbound 580 traffic looking all right as you drive through tracy on and 280 eastbound. some road work is slowing traffic. you can see right here, for the most part, traffic is okay on 238, castro valley y, 580 from
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bridge toll plaza. at phi 02, back to the desk. >> a former uc berkeley student is accusing cal coaches and players with sexual allegations. >> she detailed those allegations in a lengthy facebook post. elissa harrington has more. >> that student works in th. it got so bad that a coach told hershey would be fired if she did not have sex with him. cal released a statement. the department also went on to call the allegations disturbing. the matter has now been
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forwarded to the college campus. in her post, the woman says is in the class of 2020 but now medically withdrawn from the university, seeking therapy and psychiatric help directly related to the time working for the cal football team. the university says that action will be taken if it is determined that policies have been violated. new this morning from san jose, a car crashed into a tree earlier this morning. the driver was killed. this happened about 1:15 near new jersey avenue and kirkner avcar drove into the tree but firefighters had a hard i am extricating him from that car. >> the dr to be killed in the accident. >> the cause that have crash is still under investigation. new this morning, one
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person is deada man in custody after a two-car crash near strews. it happened on is the highway 101 near river road. the victim died at the scene. the victim's name and hometown has not been released. the man arrested faces charges of dui and manslaughter. people in sonoma county are concerned after another deadly crash involving a pedestrian. the latest crash lapped on stony point road in santa rosa. 53-year-old richard burn was killed crossing where there is no crosswalk. the driver stopped immediately but said that he never saw burns. witnesses sathat there was this invisible as he crossed. >> 25-year-old michael campbell he had been walking along
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highway 12 in rankin valley when the driver hit him. the driver left the scene but later turned himself in. a hit-and-run crash in the city of pittsburgh killed a man who was walking home from work. 38-year-old felipe ramirez was walking across wesleyland road around bailey and chestnut when he was hit by a car. ramirez had finished working the late night shift at a restaurant when he was killed. contra costa firefighters were heading back when they saw ramirez in the road. >> martel gonzalez says he is stunned by the death of his uncle he wants the driver to do the right thing and call the polidi. d this, please, come forward and talk about what happened. i understand it can be a shock moment but you just took somebody from our family. >> pittsburg police say this
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dough haven't a description of the car or the iver at this point but police will be checking surveillance cameras. dutch prosecutors say that they will charge the main suspect in the shootings with serious charges. investigators say that he acted alone but they are looking into whether actions came from a radicalized ideology. that suspect is due to go before and judge tomorrow. president trump is facing backlash for once again making negative comments about the late senator john mccain. >> i never liked him much. has not been for me. i really probnever will. >> the president criticized
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mccain for about five minutes at an army tank depot. >> a veteran who worked for mccain works in the navy. >> disappoint. is a pretty soft word for the way that we feel. this is not okay, not in the least bit senate . senate majority leader mitch mcconnell didn't directly criticize the president but said that, quote, it was a genuine honor for feel with a the body of a five-year- who fell into the stanislaus river has been located. matilda ortiz slipped off some rocks. her father and several by standers tried to rescue her
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but could plot reach her. dozens of people will gather at oakland city hall and called for police chief ann kirk pal trick to be fired. they believe that the chief ignored video evidence in last year's killing of joshua a federal court appointed monitor has harsh words about the chief's assessment. court documents provided by the monitor indicate that internal affairs unit did not use any of the video provided at the scene to verify those claims. the monitor says that was unconscious and was not an immediate threat to anyone. a ma facing charges for a fatal shooting in the neighborhood. police in nevada arrested 22- year-old dontre brown last week. two people were slot and charge murder and with a firearm. our time is now 5:08. oakland police are now searching for the driver of a
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car that may be connected to several reasoned armed robberies. surveillance photos released by police show a burgundy four- door honda insight hybrid with paper license plate. if you recognize that car or even the driver, call oakland police. we do have an update for you on last weekend's shooting on highway 4 in concord where a young woman died. destiny hillary was killed last saturday. hillary's sister tells ktvu she has seen at least two gofundme pages to collect money for her family but are fake accounts and the family is not collecting any donations. a man who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman
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pretending to be a uber driver is facing a court appearance. sherman is held on $1.3 million bail. if convict, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. a small group of oakland a's fans are cheering on the a's who are playing in tokyo. >> the a's are right now playing the seattle mariners in tokyo. it is an early morning, two exhibition series games in japan. the game started at 2:45 this morning. they are at the mad oak bar in oakland, burping the midnight oil to see this game. top of the 7th inning, mariners arading the a's 4-2. come on, a's. we'll bring you the full highlight right here. >> even had drums. >> they were really into it, bright and early. >> i guess dark and early in the morning. >> time is 5:10. coming up, california national
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guard troops currently patrolling the southern border are being reassigned. we'll tell you about their new mission. a bay area wal-mart store accused of unfair and racist practices after a customer found certain products under lock and keys. why that customer is demanding an explanation. that's people's lives. those are fifth generation barns, businesses, communities. >> and devastation across the midwest. several counties are now under a state of emergency. how federal and state leaders are trying to get back art flooding. we'll tell you how long they're going to be waiting here before you get on to the bridge. . and the storm clouds are moving out the bay area but we have patchy low clouds impacting the visibility. we'll have when rain returns in the five-day outlook. all busy.
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boeing plans to finish a new software update for its new 737 next week. meanwhile, european and canadian investigators have decided to conduct their own reviews of the boeing 737 max series. previously, they have taken the u.s.'s f.a.a. word when a
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problem is fixed. authority in indonesia are now confirming some information about the boeing 737 that crashed into indonesian water back in october. all were killed. that airline jet experienced the exact same issue with the flight control system a day before the car. an offduty pilot who happened to be in the cockpit at the time disabled the system. but the next day, another plane crashed. authorities say are similarities between that crash and the ethiopia crash. and disaster in nebraska. farmers can't plant their crops
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in flooded build. >> i won't be farming this this year. >> those are fifth jeff racial people's farms. >> iowa was hit hard. 41 counties under an emergency declaration. some midwestern areas still have two feet of snow on top that have and that is going to melt and add to the flood waters. >> nebraska's governor predict they will still be dealing with floods well into next week. governor gavin newsom is promising help with california cities struggling with homelessness. the governor hosted the big city mayor meetings. the mayor made a pitch for more state funding and governor gavin newsom says that he flans on reworking his budget. the mayor suggested waving some environmental reviews and making exceptions for public land. >> the governor's revised budgets proposal is expected to it be released in may.
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california guards will soon be training guards had been pos the california border with mexico. >> going in and constructing what we would consider fire breaks or shaded fire breaks, working alongside cal fire. firefighters, management projects that would build communities. >> but critics say that the plan is outdated and not effective and that california should invest in retrofitting homes with proven fire safety measures. meantime, after next month's training, the troops will be sent to parts of the state that the governor considers the most vulnerable
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to wildfires. and former fema administrator says that training guard is a piece of the puzzle and it is a step in the right direction. >> it will eliminate the fuel but allows firefight torres get into those area because if those areas are not thinned, it is very, very dangerous top send ground crews into that area of the forest to do work because the trees are dead and can fall and potentially hurt or kill them. >> the authorities estimate that there are about 140 million dead trees in california forests. mark novau says that fire crews can only thin out about a million trees a year. time now is 5:18 and i bet you that bay bridge toll plaza is getting a little busy. this is the moment when the metering lights are on. >> you're absolutely right. the meters lights are on and getting crowded. and allie and dave, there is a report of a crash at the toll
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plaza. i don't see it. i mean, there is -- i'm just listening to the police radios here and listening to oakland fire being dispatched somewhere here so we will see them showing up. this is going to be a tough commute for westbound 80 coming up towards the bay bridge. we'll see where the accident is. there is an accident elsewhere in oakland and so we'll keep an eye on it for you t gilroy commute, northbound 101, that commute looks all right. no major problems in the commute. there were some problems on 1301 as drive into the mountain view area. there has not been any of that. new accident reported at keller avenue. the fire department is headed there because reportedly injured after that crash. 5:19. let's bring in mark tamayo. >> at least the rainfall won't complicate the commute too much. talking about a little bit of a
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break for today but before the next system comes on board tomorrow. here is an update with the rainfall total going back to october 1st. you can see some change here. by wait, in the sierra, they continue to pick up more snow out towards south lake tahoe. you can see a system heading out toward the midwest and out towards the well, we have this, the rain band that moved across the area, some circulation moving across monterey bay. current numbers mainly in the 30s and the 40s to start out the day. here is a live camera looking out above san francisco. you can see that patchy cloud cover hovering over the city. skies are becoming partly
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cloudy. weekend, increasing clouds, primarily for sunday. saturday will probably be the best day of the upcoming weekend. patchy low clouds in san francisco, 53 degrees. skies becoming partly cloudy and temperatures on track to reach around 60 for the forecast high. we'll say good-bye to that wednesday deal and friday, here is the next one upstream, the low. today, in between, we have this break. so we are in between storms. the frontal band comes on board tomorrow, rainfall will be developing. forecast can be moderate at times and winds pick up 20 to 30 miles an hour. this will also really boost the surf, borderline high surf advisory levels here for friday afternoon and into saturday. >> here is the forecast, trying to generate a few showers, but very isolated. tomorrow morning, chance for rain especially up in the north
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bay and look at what happens especially during the mid- afternoon hours into friday evening. saturday, we are looking pretty good with sun-cloud mix. high this is afternoon, mainly in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. for your thursday afternoon. the first full day of spring. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast, the rain cloud for friday. increasing clouds on sunday. chance of showers by sunday night and into monday. allie in. >> thank you, mark. chp officers got a crash course with some driverless cars. why officers say it is crucial to learn about and partner with that new technology. and no winners in last night's powerball drawing but the saturday jackpot ow. we'll tell you by how much.
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two of the nation's biggest telephone companies are teaming up to stop robo calls. at&t and comcast tested the difference between a legitimate call and everybody else. the two companies say that there are limitations but it is a step in the right direction. chp officers in san jose got a lesson in self-driving car technology. representatives from google's driverless car company want to make sure that officers know how to operate the cars in case of an emergency. officers got a first hand look
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at the vehicles. they say that that he learned a lot. >> the development of these technologies on inevitable. the autonomous driving vehicles will be part of the roadways and freeways and so the partnership is really important. >> in the bay area, waymo has been testing the vehicles on highways and country roads, with speeds reaching 60 miles an hour. a big powerball jackpot is up for grab after nobody bought the winning ticket. that the next powerball pot is expected to be $625 million. >> nine people did match four t last night's drawing giving them $21,000 each. we'll give you a live look at the numbers, at the winning numbers, not live. but here they are again, 10,
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14, 50, 53, 63 and the mega ball is 21. last night's jackpot was the 8th largest powerball prize in history. the odds of winning are about 1 in 282 million. the time for the easy availability of these weapons almost end and today, they will. >> a strong resolution by new zealand's prime minister following the shooting at mosques. and is the president going too far with personal attacks? i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have more on his latest comes, just ahead.
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good morning to you and welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, march 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. we have our friend mark tamayo joining us this morning. thanks for being here. >> happy to be here with you. just a roaring tart to the day, right? >> and it goes by fast. >> do you feel a little different today? new season maybe? >> well, can you tell that there are some allergens out there. seeing a lot of people sneezing and sniffling. >> that's a good point. when you get so much rain fall like we did this year, everything is blooming. for today, we get break in the rain for the mostslight chance sprinkle or light shower for
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the coastal hills but we are thinking partly cloudy skies this afternoon. highs in the upper 50s to mid- 60s. we have the old system moving on out but the circulation to the rest of month ray bay setting up some clouds and even a few isolated showers near the coast line that, at least for today, we are expecting the sun- cloud mix and temperatures right now in the 40s, warm spot close to 50 degrees purchase we can see some patchy fog movie along the bay. forecast highs in the upper 50s to low to mid-60s purchase you can see the numbers that we are forecasting later on today by 3:00 or 4:00 later on for your thursday afternoon. time is 5:31. let's check in with sal who has been watching the traffic and looks like developments for the bay bridge as well? >> that's right. there is a cr the parking lot a
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the bay bridge. we'll start with the solano county commute, mark, and 80 westbound, driving in from fair field, vacaville, vallejo, going over into sonoma. traffic is going to be okay. westbound 80 still looking good to pinole and richmond. the track is okay. something going on in the parking lot area so it's not blocking any of the lanes. you can see traffic there is going to be okay. getting word of the crash on 101. oakland is still clearing a crash. westbound 580 near keller as you drive in from san leandro to oakland. back to of this morning's top stories. one person is dead and man in custody after a two-car crash near santa rosa on southbound
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released. 1 near river road. the man who was arrested faces charges of dui and manslaughter. police in oakland searching for the driver of a car who may be connected to several new armed robberies. newly released surveillance cameras show a honda hybrid with paper players. dozens of police will gather at city hall and call for oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick to be fired. a federal court-appointed police monitor criticand was not an immediate threat to anyone.
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time ills 5:34. a martinez couple is facing charges in an alleged death by neglect due back in court. they pleade pleaded not guilty monday to charges of involuntary manslaughter, elderly abuse and neglect. the bail is set for one million dollars for ms. lawrence and $200,000 for st. johns'. two of the three suspects arrested in connection with the ropery of a k pix tv news crew are set to go back to court. they were charged and arraigned yesterday on several felony, d crew, and shooting and the secu brunson has been released this morning but the other two are
5:35 am
still in custody. new zealand will ban all military style semiautomatic weapons. we will also ban all assault rifles. we will ban all high-capacity magazines. >> new zealand prime minsters jacinda ardern says that will take a couple of weeks to pass those laws but she will issue a ban on sales. all the weapons banned will were used in last fry's shootings. anyone with those weapons can turn them in under an amnesty program and the country will hold a buyback program. more than 150 people gathered outside san francisco city hall treater victims to remember victims of the mass shootings. there were the
5:36 am
victims from mosques. organizers wanted to honor the victims and wanted to let the world know that san francisco is a safe area. >> east bacon guessman spoke out in support of earn assault weapons ban here in the u.s. the time is now 5:36. this morning, president trump is taking part in a business round table back in washington where he will try to turn the focus to the u.s. economy. ktvu's doug luzader joins us now in washington where the president's latest attack on the late senator mccain is threatening to drown his latest effort. >> president trump didn't say
5:37 am
much as he returned to the white house last night but, boy, was he talking up a storm just hours earlier. >> you better love me because i kept this place open. >> it was in the critical swing state of ohio, touting new jobs and tax plans but the latest headlines, his attack on senator mccain. i never-liked him much. >> it's no secret that the two department get along. he has blamed mccain that he turned a dossier about trump to the fbi and mccain cast a deciding vote against the repeal of obama. >> i gave him the kind of funeral he wanted which, as president, i had to approve. i don't care about this. i didn't get thank you. that's okay. we sent him on the way but i was not a fan. >> his chris number of republicans with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tweeting out support for mccain and another says that president
5:38 am
he is not hurting john mccain. john mccain is dead. he is hurting himself. >> the ongoing twitter battle between the president and the husband of white house counselor kelly ann conway escalated. george canway called the president a narcissist and the president's response went beyond a treat. >> i don't know him. he is a whack job. >> for her part, conway more or less defended the president. her husband tweeted at the president, you are nuts. time is 5:38. facebook is apologizing to the white house's social media director for blocking his facebook page. scan skavino accused facebook of censoring that facebook. facebook says that some the
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comments were repetitive and closely resembled that as a bot. a wal-mart store in american canyon is being criticized for keeping some hair products specifically used by african americans locked behind a glass case. a man posted a video to instagram showing that hair product designed were kept behind lock and keys while others were not. he tracked down one employee to open up the lock for a $3 hair product and that employee walked it to the cash register. >> i expected to walk in there for five minutes and had to be there for 30 minutes. >> some other customers have complained that same thing happened. a southern california woman has sued wal-mart for discrimination.
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outrage surrounding a high school history assignment up next. what some east bay students were asked to do to help create a nazi time capsule. and a closer look at why transit leaders in san francisco now want to make streams off limits to personal vehicle. and st. mary's men's basketball team will play villanova. we'll tell you where you can watch the game with fellow fans of the game. good morning. if you are driving across the bridges, san mateo traffic looks okay. problem on the peninsula that may affect the dumbarton bridge. >> we are talking about patchy fog this morning. more on the thursday forecast and let you know what the rain drops will make a comeback in the bay area weather pattern.
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the san lorenz school district is now taking action after complaints of a homework assignment focusing on a nazi time capsule. a student was concerned when she saw a student drawing a swastika. the student said it was part of an a i sign. students were asked to find symbols of nazi values and draw a character with the physical features of an aryan. >> i was uncomfortable sitting next to the student doing the project. >> it's not necessary for to us
5:44 am
recreate messages or symbols of racist. the school district canceled that homework assignment. the time is now 5:44. we are learning more about a proposal in san francisco to make streets car-free. muni is considering turning some additional streets into mass transit only streets. that means muni bus, pedestrian and bicyclists could use the road. the idea is to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. >> taking some of the cars off market street would be better. i don't know how congested other streets would be but as far as market street, that main area, that would be well worth it to try. >> going to get more congested. everything is just going to -- you are not going to be ableto move in the city. >> the san francisco is already in the process of turning a big part of market street into a car-free zone. at this point, there is no official word on the other streets being cord for this.
5:45 am
>> san francisco high school students and police officers are headed to africa, part of an operation called operation genesis. the nineteen agers and four officers will -- the nineteenager, and four officers will spend four days in ghana. preparations in oakland for the 10th annual first value. for the first time, runners are being allowed to run the pedestrian path on the east span of the bay bridge. they'll have to turn around at yorba buena island. traffic will not be affected. the oakland city council due to vote on a new lease for the raiders at the colyseum
5:46 am
colyseum authority and the alameda board of directors approved a return to the colyseum for the 2019 season and even the 2020 season. the contract calls for the raiders to pay 7 1/2 million dollars rent. they will move to vegas. meantime, the raiders added a few key players and now may lose a few key player. tight end jared cook is close to a deal with the new saints. he caught 68 passes, caught six touchdowns and went to the pro bowl. new orleans would be cook's sixth if he leaves the raiders. st. mary will open up the ncaa tournament the school will
5:47 am
party. tipoff at 4:20 this afternoon. march madness is coming to the bay area as well. the sap center in san jose will first first and second round centers. the tournament is exptected to attract plenty of basketball fans. time ills 5:47. sal, do you have the beverages ready to watch sports and basketball, sir? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> who wants to know, dave? >> i was just cu >> dave and allie, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's take a look at the commutes already busy. 580, the altamonte pass slow. we had incidents but we will see slow traffic there as you can see on 205 and 580. 580 at keller, a crash there as well and traffic will be busy as you drive through. i do want to mention that if
5:48 am
you drive in the south bay or this is more of the peninsula, innocent 101, there is a crash at willow road affecting traffic coming in from east palo alto. we do have the crashes in oakland. bay bridge, traffic is backed up at the toll plaza. it's 5:48. feeling in for steve is mark tamayo. >> good morning. at least we don't have to deal with the heavy rainfall from yesterday. santa rosa getting close to 39 inches of rainfall with yesterday's rain. everybody, either 100% of average or just above that. and the rainy season continues. we just get a bit satellite and radar. in fact, can you see some snow showers out toward the sierra. look at all that green showing up close to monterey bay. we have enough moisture in
5:49 am
place. there is a chance we could have an isolated sprinkle pop up throughout date but for the most part, we are thinking a sun-cloud mix. santa rosa, 39. oakland, 46. san jose, 45 degrees. here is a live camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. 37 friday, 37-- friday, rain will be making a comeback. you can see the weather system developing here in the pacific, in between these storms, we are dealing with today's forecast for your thursday. skies backing partly cloudy and tomorrow, rainfall will be developing. a chance tomorrow morning and probably the most organized part of that frontal band moves in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. this will whip up the surf with
5:50 am
building surf throughout friday and saturday. waves around 10 to 20 feet. there was once a thought that this may be big enough for the maverick contest about it will not be but, still, sizable swells expected. winter weather advisory, this has expired. picking up some light snow this morning but this was the case basically earlier in the week. the forecast model showing you some clouds this afternoon and tomorrow, definitely some clouds. chances of some rain but a better bet as we head into friday afternoon and friday night. saturday looking pretty good. >> forecast high, mainly upper 50s to low 60s. a look to the five-day, there is that rain cloud. more clouds on sunday with a chance of some showers as early as sunday evening that could last into monday. dave? >> all right, mark. angry parents in arizona
5:51 am
want to know how this big fight started at a skating rink. look at this. you'll see more of the surveillance video of how police officers handled the crisis.
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5:53 am
welcome back 2. new information about the
5:54 am
shooting of east bay principal paul chatswell whose wife is now charmed with attempted murder. his wife, maria videz shot him at his home. he runs the adult education center. a man in ohio was sentenced to six more years in prison after he lashed out there at and judge. manson bryant had been charged for his role in a violent explosion. the judge added extra prison time because out burst in he has shown up in front and each crimes have been more vial end.
5:55 am
the judge says he has not learned anything. staff members performed a count, there were more than 3500 people inside the building and no more people could get in. groups of fights started among the teenagers inside and outside the skating rink. police used pepper spray to break up the crowd. >> i never have been pepper sprayed in my entire life but my little daughter has. >> you feel bad. everything is blurry. the pepper is cutting into your eyes. >> groups of parents organized a protest after this, demanding more accountability from the police. >> time 5:55. newly released video from a firefighter's helmet camera. >> you can see a firefighter climbing to the roof and putting the flames. that building where the fire
5:56 am
started was in an abandoned casino. >> time is 5:56. a warning this morning about drinking hot tea. coming up at 6:00, details of a new study that finds the temperature of tea could have a negative effect on your health. >> and a new video came in of a standoff with police in san leandro which started yesterday afternoon. the effects on people who live at that apartment complex. on the way to the tunnel, westbound 24 looks all right as you drive over to oakland. we'll tell you about the morning commute when we come back. e back. morning's commute, just cloud, patchy fog. tomorrow could be a different story, more on the bay area forecast coming up.
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5:58 am
a 60-year-old man killed outoutside price middle scthe accident that claimed his life. that story ahead. and police in san leandro e person inside the apartment. the effects on people living
5:59 am
nearby as this happened yesterday afternoon. good morning. it is thursday, march 21st i'm allie rasmus. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is off today. mark tamayo is here. will we need the umbrella? >> i think you should be okay. >> you will need the sunglasses maybe. we'll take a break from the rain. today, we have a sun-cloud mix. some forecast models hinting at a development. we do have some activity to the east of the bay area, out toward the sierra, snow showers there and to the west, offshow, a circulate close to monterey bay. we have partly cloudy skies, patchy low clouds and fog trying to regroup and current numbers, santa rosa has cooled
6:00 am
off to 37. most areas in the 40s. live camera towards sfo, not much in the way of dense fog but patchy clouds floating around the bay. into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy and breezy and temperatures not a big change from yesterday. upper 50s to the lower 60s. the time 6:00 on the dot. we'll check in with sal standing by. >> stuff already going on, thank you, mark. looking at the approach to the bay bridge, better than it was yesterday. 30 minutes drive, not too bad getting to the peak commute here starting at the 6:00 hour when you get to the bay bridge. a little bit of slowing to do here before you make it to the


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