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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 21, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> it is kevin durant. he brought the three a pizza after meeting the father earlier in the hotel's elevator. it happened after the warriors beat the timberwolves in minnesota. they were staying in the same hotel as that lucky family. we're in san jose where a high speed crash cost a man his life. and now investigators are trying to determine why he was driving to fast in the first place. police are still negotiating with a person inside of the apartment. the impact on the people that live nearby as the standoff has been going on since yesterday afternoon. a nice dry morning, nothing like yesterday. it is thursday, march 21. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark.
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steve paulson is off today. good morning. happy to. repeat to report this break in the rainfall. we're expecting a sun/cloud mix. tomorrow, get ready for some more rain drops. looking at the moon. so we have clear to partly cloudy skies. it clear skies in the camera frame. so a beautiful start to the day. and we have a sun/cloud mix throughout the day. and the first full day of spring with the equinox yesterday afternoon. it will be a cool to mild weather pattern. we had some showers on the radar and the showers and some snow out to the sierra and some rain showers closer to mount ray bay this morning. right now, we have partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog making a comeback. and the 7:00 number is still on the cooler side on the north bay, some 30s and 40s. mountain view 45. here is the plan for today. we'll hold on to the patchy low
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clouds this morning and into the afternoon hours by 4:00, 58 to 63 and partly cloudy and breezy. there is another storm approaching the bay area coastline. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's go to sal with an update on the roadways. the traffic is going to be better than yesterday. i want to show you the toll plaza that looks much better. it is not wet at all. this is a typical day of 20, 25 minutes here. once you get on the bridge, it looks good. there are no major issues driving through interstate 880 and 580. 80 westbound the earlier crash has been removed. and i want to show you the traffic on contra costa county freeways. highway 4 is slow coming in as you drive in from pittsburgh to bay point. we had some slow traffic on highway 4. the south bay commute, we'll take a look at that next time around. back to the desk.
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we have new information to bring you about an hour's long standoff at an apartment complex. it has been happening overnight on sweetwater drive. the standoff is now over. it began yesterday afternoon when officers got a call about a man throwing furniture from a second floor apartment balcony. the police responded on two separate occasions yesterday. the man remained isolated inside and they left. late last night, officers returned for a third time because the same man had just attacked a woman. >> we had to introduce tear gas into the apartment in hopes that the tear gas would evacuate on his own and safely taken into custody. it was a long 7 hour ordeal and testimony required the displacement and evacuation of nearby residents. >> the woman was hospitalized for her injuries.
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the people that were evacuated are allowed to return back to their homes. in san jose, the police are investigating a deadly overnight car crash. it happened on new jersey avenue not far from price middle school. jessie gary, you're at the scene. you've been out there for a while. so tell us about what happened. good morning. the school day at the middle school will start without a hitch as the please and traffic investigation unit wrapped up the work out here. the intersection of new jersey avenue is open to traffic. the 60-year-old male driver was headed westbound on kurtner about 1:30 this morning. the estimated speed was 80 miles an hour. this is a street that is limited to 35 miles an hour. he lost control just before the new jersey avenue and hit a curb and then the other and
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crashed driver's side into a tree. the victim was not being chased by another motorists and no other vehicles are involved. >> we're still gathering witnesses. we don't know what happened other than a single vehicle under a tree. >> reporter: it took the firefighters five minutes to cut the victim out of his mercedes. he had no pulse and pronounced dead at the scene. and the police are checking to see if alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash. they will determine the extra cause of death and notify the victim's family before releasing his identity to the public. back to you. time is 7:05. one person is dead and a man is in custody after a two car crash near santa rosa. it happened on southbound highway 101 about 11:00 last night. the victim died there at the scene. we don't know at the time name
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of the person or the hometown. the man that was arrested it facing charges of dui and manslaughter. the police are investigating a rather strange report. it is about a man that came into a woman's bedroom at 3:00 in the morning, sat down next to her and started talking. it happened early sunday morning at an apartment. a a man came in wearing gloves and carrying a flashlight. when the woman left the room, he left the apartment. the police said that he did not steal anything and did not make any apartments. they don't know why he came into the apartment. police are searching for the driver that may be connected to several recent armed robberies. surveillance photos just released shows it is a burgundy four door hyundai hybrid with paper license plates. if you recognize this car or
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the driver, call oakland police. we have an update for you about last weekend's shooting on highway 4 in concord where a young woman died. destiny hillary was killed last saturday after she was shot near at the time will will he pass road offramp. no arrests have been made yet. her sister told us that she saw two go fund the me pages to collect money for the family. but she said fake accounts and the family is not collecting donations. the coalition for police accountability said they believe that the chief ignored video evidence in last year's killing of josh pollack. a monitor had harsh words about the chief's assessment about what happened. the court documents provided by the monster indicate that the internal affairs unit did not use any of the video provided
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at the scene to verify the accounts. the monitor said that pollack was apparently unconscious and not an immediate threat to anyone. the man accused of sexually assaulting a woman after pretending an uber driver will be in a courtroom this morning. he is charged with rape and kidnapping a woman last august. the victim told the police that sherman picked her up near highway 92 and drove her to a secluded area and attacked her. if he is convicted, he could get life in prison. one man in custody and facing charges for a fatal shooting in old oakland. police in nevada arrested 22- year-old man. brown has been charged with murder and assault with a
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firearm. 7:08. a former berkley intern is accusing incidents of sexual incidents included students, players and coaches. she has withdrawn from the university and seeking therapy for. alleged harassment. cal's athletic department said that the allegations go against the core of our values. cal athletics is and will always be committed to fostering the culture where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected. alisa harrington is coverag covering the story and will have a report in the next hour. the san francisco examiner reports that the city is testing six devices since may of last year.
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some people have raised privacy concerns. the san francisco board of supervisors will have to approve the $19 million proposal to purchase the devices. still ahead, almost 7:10, thousands of workers at uc campuses all over california caulked off the job for a one day strike yesterday. the report they received from presidential candidate, bernie sanders. march madness is here. a preview of saint mary's first round game. so far so good for the morning commute, especially when you compare to yesterday. the traffic looks good heading south. no major downpours this morning. just patchy clouds and fog resurfacing over the bay area. we'll talk more about the incoming storm coming up.
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cents. another big act it coming to the chase center in san francisco when it opens this fall. [ playing music ] >> at 6:00 this morning, phil collins will perform at september 16th at the chase center. musics will be there at the future home of the warriors. there is another announcement happening at 2:00 this afternoon. the oakland city council due to vote on a new lease for the raiders at the coliseum. they approved an agreement for the raiders to return for the 2019 season and maybe even the 2020 season if needed. it calls for them to pay 7 and a half million dollars in rent.
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the raiders plan to move to las vegas next season. st. mary's are underdog to villanova. and the tipoff is 4:20 this afternoon. there will be first and second round games tomorrow. businesses near sap are expected a pop as the tournament is expected to attract many basketball fans. another earlily wakeup call for the a's fans.
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this is the tokyo jam. you can watch it here. it took extra innings to sell this one and it just ended just moments ago. >> and the game came with a big announcement too. >> reporter: i would gotten up early the first day. but those are die-hards. japanese fans gave this guy a hero's ovation. they played a little baseball. and it went to extra innings and it just finished up. another packed house. and they did not have to wait for long for this guy to make this monster shot to the left. down 4-2. a's coming alive in the 7th this a single writeup. and we're tide up at four and
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four. top number 8 and the very last at bat for this guy. 14,832 and he grounds out. that is his final name. he also had a walk. bottom of the 8th, the tokyo people went crazy. over 4,000 hits in the two leagues since chris started 18 years ago. santana, they do not get the man at first. and the throw is high. seattle scores and go up 5-4. the a's went down 1-2-3. they will fly back, reload. they have a series sunday,
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monday and tuesday. they take on the giants. home opener is a week from today. sal is watching the traffic since 4:00 a.m. it is so much easier to drive when there is no rain. yes, it is. this is the commute here and highway east bay and highway 24. we had an earlier problem getting to the tunnel. and things are a little slow. compared to yesterday, i think you'll like it. it is much better. 80 westbound, we had an earlier accident in the richmond area. 35 minutes. it was a little longer. yesterday was almost an hour. and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is about a 20 minute delay. things are a lot different and a little better. as you look at the road censors, i want to show you the south bay commute here. you see they are getting a
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little more crowded. no major problems into the west valley. let's bring in mark tamayo for your weather. we. yes get a nice break today. we have patchy fog and clouds making a comeback. but the seasonal total going back to october 1st. san francisco over 22 inches, oakland over 17, san jose getting close to 14 inches. and the rainy season is not over yet. this is the satellite and the radar. you see the showers in the lake tahoe area. and then is mount at the ray mount ray bay. and the numbers are still chilly. san francisco 51. fremont 45 and san jose in the mid-40s. this is the deal in san
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francisco. i think we're looking out to the bay. we're talking about the fog. and it is moving around quite a bit. tomorrow rainfall will be making a comeback. and then into the weekend, we'll thicken up the cloud cover once again. this is the deal again in concord. we're starting out with partly cloudy skies and fog. you're on track to reach the 60s. satellite showing this. this is from wednesday. this is it scooting out to the east. and the next one is out in the stream. this is some cold air that is headed our way tomorrow. today we're in between these guys. we have the break in the rainfall and just patchy fog. tomorrow, we have the system coming on board with the rainfall redeveloping into friday. and the expectations that most areas fall within this range. maybe a quarter inch to a half inch. the system comes on board. that is for tomorrow. this is today for your
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thursday. a sun/cloud mix and into friday. a chance for rain tomorrow morning and a better bet as we head into the afternoon hours and especially for. friday evening commute. saturday partly cloudy skies and maybe more clouds by sunday. highs this afternoon close to the 60-degree mark. the warmest locations are approaching the low to mid-60s. and look ahead to your five- day. there is the rain/cloud. we're thinking about the weekend headed our way. saturday will be dry. and more clouds into sunday. sunday evening, sunday night into monday, we could track some more showers. time for today's health check. a new study finds that drinking hot tea can drastically increase your risk for cancer. people that tank hot tea a day had a 90% risk for the
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esophagus risk. an unusual sight in the sky over los angeles. we'll tell you what this streak is that had so many people stopping to take video of it. promoting free speech on college campuses. a look at the announcement from the white house that berkley in the the spotlight.
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prosecutors said that they
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will charge the man in the streetcar attack with felony charges. they say that he acted alone. and they're looking if it came from a radical ideology. president trump is set to sign an executive order at the white house today requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want to continue getting federal funding. presidential hopeful bernie sanders will be here in the bay area on sunday. >> when we fight? >> we win. >> senator sanders was in los
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angeles yesterday. he spoke to striking workers at ucla medical center and highlighted his support for organized labor. and he criticized uc for acting like a, quote, private employee. >> it is terrible when people cannot afford housing or pay the rent. >> it will allow the staffers to unionize and will be the first in history. he will join a rally in port mason on sunday afternoon. the university of southern california is about to turn the page on a series of controversies by naming a new university president. >> i'm going to introduce the president elect dr. carol fault. >> she was the unanimous choice
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by the unc's board of trustees. she previously served as the chancellor of university of north carolina in chapel hill. she will lead the costumer in the wake of the beginning of the college admissions scandal. she will dig deep understand the scandals. >> if we do this right, we can prove and regain the rust and we can come up with a better way of getting thing done. we need to get this right. >> fault takes charge on july 1st. her chime in chancellor in north carolina was marked by ncaa and controversy when she removed the confederate statute silent sam. she is promising to keep an eye on the future.
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a former uc berkley student and medicine intern is accusing the football team of sexual harassment. i'll have the details and how the university is responding this morning. it is still tough today. but we're getting a break with the weather. it is making is a little better. this is highway 24. that is slow. that is because of some earlier issues on the way to the tunnel. tunnel. it is nice off to a break in the storm clouds and patchy fog floating in the bay right now. but we're talking about another storm in your friday forecast. we'll have that coming up. itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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time to say good night in tokyo. it is 11:30 there. the home opener is a week from today. >> that is a great song. live pictures from japan. thursday morning, march 21st. i'm dave clark. and i'm gasia mikaelian. we're happy to have mark here in for steve paulson. you have a nice forecast? yes. i think we appreciate the breaks. we had all the ran and now a sun/cloud mix. and the temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to the 60s. so the umbrella gets a break
7:31 am
for your thursday. these are the coastal hills throughout the day. we're thinking about a sun/cloud mix. look at the rainfall totals. these are moving will numbers up a little bit. the rainfall will continue tomorrow morning. the satellite and the radar show you the snow showers in the sierra. this is the radar and we have partly cloudy skies and patchy fog moving in. area. san francisco one of the warmer spots. this is sfo. you see the clouds hanging out near the hilltop here. so still some patchy overcast out there. this is the plan today. we're starting out today in the 40 has. we're recovering nicely into the afternoon hours and back into the lower 60s. patchy low clouds and partly cloudy and breezy. the temperatures matching the
7:32 am
highs from yesterday. upper 50s to lower 60s. we'll talk about your weekend outlook in a few minutes. let's check in with sal right now. hopefully everyone is behaving out there. we had a couple of unfortunate stalled vehicles and crashes. but it is better than yesterday in a few words. this is highway 24. we had a stalled cammer near the tunnel westbound 24. this has been there for a while. i got word that the tow truck will take a while to get there. they pushed it off to the side. but they cannot remove it and it caused a big traffic jam. 24 is worse than usual this morning. the other freeways are better. yesterdays with a raining. today about 43 minutes, that is okay. yesterday at this time was an hour and ten minutes. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
7:33 am
you see that the traffic is moderate. and no problems on interstate 880. the peninsula, pretty much better, some slowing in sam te'o and slowing in south city. and there are a couple of breaks on the way to san francisco. 7:33. back to the desk. we'll continue to follow the developing news after a former uc berkley student is making serious allegations against some football players and staff. the woman is charging them with sexual harassment and had a long post on her facebook page. >> reporter: the students worked here as an intern with the sports medicine department. the harassment got so bad that one coach told her she would be fired if she did not have sex
7:34 am
with him. the school released this response. the allegations go against the very core of our values. the accuser has medically are drawn from the university. she said that she's seeking therapy. and she posted about her experience on social media, saying she was a victim of both physical and verbal abuse. among the accusations, she said that the players made lewd comments and tried to get her drunk to take advantage of her. a coach followed her home and invited her to his hotel room before a football game. the young woman posted on her social media saying that her legal team is building a case. the university said that disciplinary action will be taken if they find that a policy was violated. alisa harrington, ktvu news. happening today, a martinez
7:35 am
couple is due back in court. they pled not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, elder abuse and neglect charges. the 77-year-old father of laura lawrence was found unresponsive in their home last month. he allegedly died of neglect. the bail for laura is $3.3 million. and for the boyfriend, it is $3 million. three people are accused of robbing a news crew and shooting and injuring the security next month. people in sonoma county said they are concerned after the death of another pedestrian. 53-year-old richard burns was hit when he was walking across
7:36 am
the street. he was not in a crosswalk. the 18-year-old driver that hit him stopped immediately and told the police that he never saw burns. there was heavy rain and dim lighting at the time. >> this man was invisible as he was crossing. he flew in the air. i quickly pulled over and called 911. >> just last friday, 25-year- old michael campbell died when he was hit by a driver. the driver left the scene. but he later turned himself in. 7:36. a hit-and-run crash in the east bay killed a man walking home from pittsburgh. the man was crossing west leland road between bailey and chestnut at 1:30 in the morning and hit by a car. he just finished working the late night shift at a local restaurant when he was killed. the contra costa county firefighters were heading back
7:37 am
to the station when they spotted the man in the road. the driver never stopped. they are asking the driver to do the right thing and contact the police. >> whoever did this, please come forward and talk about what happened. i understand it can be a shock moment. but you just took somebody from our family. >> is the pittsburgh police said they don't have a description of the driver or the car. but investigators will be checking the surveillance cameras in the area looking for the leads. a wal-mart store in american canyon is being criticized keeping some hair products typically used by african-americans behind a locked case and other hair products are not. they tracked down an employee to open the look for a $3 product and he walked the product to the register so he could check out. >> it threw me for a loop. i expect to go in there for
7:38 am
five minutes and and spend 30 minutes in wal-mart. >> there have been similar customer experiences and complaints about wal-mart in other cities like long island and sacramento. one woman sued wal-mart. they call it will data supporting the need for the heightened measures. at uc berkley, the black student union held a rally in for the for two students. officers responded to reports of two people on the campus and that one of them was carrying a stun gun. the officers approached the two students, a male and female. the female student told the officers she had a stun gun for nighttime safety but tasers are not allowed on the uc campus. and the university when the officer reached for the stun gun, there was a struggle.
7:39 am
protesters said that the student were racially profiled. >> they call out everybody to come together in solidarity in police brutality. >> after that incident, both of the students were cited and released. uc berkley vice chancellor fisher issued a statement that said that we're committed to supporting a fair and thorough investigation and to take the steps necessary to maintain a relationship of trust within our community and guests while ensuring the safety. the san francisco general hospital foundation will be awarded a grant through a long time volunteer. the foundation will receive $25,000 on behalf of one of the
7:40 am
company's wealth management advisors. present the foundation with the grant later today. the time is 7:39. you're not waking up really rich this morning. another big powerball jackpot is up for grabs. no one bought the winning ticket. that means that the jackpot on saturday is expected to be $625 million. >> it is america's favorite jackpot game. nine people did march four numbers plus the powerball in last night's drawing that gets them $21,000. the winning numbers are here. 10, 14, 50, 53, 63, the mega ball is 21. last night's jackpot was the eighth big he have power ball
7:41 am
prize in history. a muny campaign to recover lost funds may be in vain. there is a new report from san francisco to show how much the agency is getting back when it issues tickets to fair evaders. a couple brought their unusual pet and took it into this texas pet store. we'll show you more about this in a couple of minutes. bad news for highway 24. we got word of a new motorcycle accident there. and we're looking agent some of the other commutes here. richmond bridge traffic looks all right. nice to see that the sunshine is out. so we get a break in the rainfall today. but we have patchy fog. you see it hanging out over san francisco bay. we'll let you know when the rain does make a comeback. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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cesar sigh empire's executive producer is talking on camera about the jussie smollett indictment and how the cast is dealing with it.
7:45 am
he said that he will be in the first six episodes but not the final five. he said that the recent events is having a lasting effect on everyone that works at empire. >> is it does work on everyone because he is such a beloved member of the cast. to have this go to this and go through they allegations and a family pull together and gets it done and that is it what we had to do. >> he was indicted and 16 counts by a grand jury. jussie smollett is back in criminal court in chicago april 17th. the police in los angeles are assuring everybody, no, you did not see a ufo falling from the sky last night. the police received several calls that they thought it was
7:46 am
a meteor or a fireball falling across the los angeles skyline. but if you look closely, they are parachuters parachuting for a movie shoot. this is called under. about 18 feet below sea level stain a restaurant. 7,000 people made their registrations. a meal can run $330 people for and 18 course meal with wine. swarms of orange butterflies, called painted ladies are expected to be here in the bay area in the couple of days. you're looking at video of the butterflys from this month in southern california. they're having a population explosion this year because blooming flowers from all the wet weather provided a really healthy food supply in the
7:47 am
desert. because of the orange and black coloring, they are often mistaken for monarch butterflies. this is something that you're likely own to see in texas. this man brought his bull on a leach in the petco to test the policy that pets are allowed. and they did welcome the bull with open arms. >> you worked in houston, texas, did you see anything like that? >> yes. they have a rodeo no houston that has more glitz and glamor and real diamonds that i can see. our little hometown rodeo was dusty cowboys and cowgirls and rusty trucks. we have problems in our commute. sal, you were just talking
7:48 am
about highway 24. yes. they cannot catch a break. and now we have a serious crash involving a motorcycle down. let's take a look at highway 24. this is westbound 24 and central lafayette. the crash still has emergency vehicles come through. you see the fire department is there in the central divide. but emergency vehicles are still going on the way in. this is right there. and traffic is backed up on to 680 here as you drive south from concord. this region will be affected by the latest problem on highway 24. elsewhere, 80 westbound, 46 minutes, that is about normal for a busy morning getting to the bay bridge. that is a 20 minute delay. no major problems there. and the peninsula, traffic is moderately heavy. south bay commute all busy driving into the west valley.
7:49 am
7:48. let's bring mark back. nice to see the sunny breaks in your traffic cameras. we have partly cloudy skies in the bay area today. and the temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s. tomorrow will be a different story. over the past few hours, some snow showers out to the sierra and lake tahoe and some showers lurking closer to mount ray montere bay. you see the patchy overcast hanging over the hills. today, sun/cloud mix and rain returns tomorrow. and the weekend, more clouds, primarily for the sunday
7:50 am
forecast. increasing clouds sunday afternoon. this is yesterday's system scooting out to the east. this cold front, and we're watching that for tomorrow. today, we're in between storms. as a result, we have the sun/cloud mix. and this is the frontal system coming on board tomorrow. so the rainfall redeveloped and maybe gusty winds, maybe 20 to 30 miles an hour. and the storm will boost the swell. it will peak into saturday. and the wave could be ten to 15 to 20 feet. here the plan later on today with partly cloudy skies and definitely clouds in your friday forecast and a chance for rain in the morning hours, especially up in the north bay and into the afternoon hours. there is the front that is moving across the bay area throughout the afternoon hours into friday night. and then saturday, here we go, we'll clear out again as we start off the weekend.
7:51 am
the forecast highs later on today, in the upper 50s to 60s. 64 degrees and 65 in gilroy. this is your five-day. more clouds on sunday and by sunday evening, we bring in a chance of some scattered showers, maybe after 7:00 or 8:00. and the showers may stick around into monday of next week. time 7:51. it looks like kevin durant makes house calls. the two young fans that got real close and personal while they were staying in a minnesota hotel. let's check in with mike mibach. people across the globe coming together to observe world down syndrome day. we'll have the story how a young bay area boy and his family are raising the awareness. five credit card mistakes that you need to avoid.
7:52 am
we're back after the break.
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7:54 am
san francisco based levi strauss will be going public today. it was public in 1971 put take private again in 1985 in a
7:55 am
boyout. it will give the 165-year-old company a mark value of $6.17 billion. ford is doubling down on the investment in electric vehicle technology. ford will spend $850 million to update a plant in michigan to build electric cars. the announcement is part of ford's plan to invest more than $11 billion in ev technology. ford's first electric suv will be made in mexico. and it will be available next we're. ford hopes to have 16 all electric vehicles by the end of 2022. wal-mart decided to close one of its neighborhood markets in san jose. it is being closed and one of the bigger stores in the west gate mall on saratoga avenue. the decision is based on several factor it's, including the overall performance of the store. the store will close on april
7:56 am
19th. a long time market in mountain view has been a go to store for generations will also close in the next few months. the milk pail market opened 45 year as ago a drive-thru dairy. it was known for its fresh produce, cheese and wine. the and northeasts were approached to sell as a wave of development in the area. and they say that the decision to close was driven in part by a dropoff in business caused by construction in that area. a minnesota timberwolves fan and his kids had a very special delivery to their hotel room tuesday night. >> i didn't know it was you. >> did you know who this is. >> that is kevin durant. >> yep. it was kevin durant. he brought them a pizza after meeting the farther earlier in the hotel's elevator.
7:57 am
it happened after the warriors beat the minnesota timberwolf there's in minnesota. the warriors were staying in the same hotel as the family. a call for action. up next at 8:00, why a group will be protesting at oakland city hall today demanding that the police chief are fired. and the investigation into a deadly accident in san jose. what the police believe led to one man's death in a car crash overnight.
7:58 am
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a main is killed just feet from christ middle school here in san jose. and now the police are trying to unravel how the man was killed. a woman in the south bay wakes up to find a stranger in her bedroom. the police are investigating this bizarre crime. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian.
8:01 am
nice to see a little sun behind us. steve paulson has the day off. mark tamayo is here to guide us through this thursday. good morning. we have a break in the storm clouds. it is partly cloudy skies to start off the day. but we have patchy fog trying to pay us a visit. so this is a neat shot here. and we're looking to the golden gate bridge and the north as well. this is the forecast today. a sun/cloud mix and the temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s to the lower 60s. so today we get the break, the well deserved break. this is the satellite and the radar, some snow showers in the sierra. some showers lurking near the montere. this is the plan for
8:02 am
today, patchy low clouds and into the man hours partly cloudy and breezy. start off on the cool side. so grab the sweater and the jacket. and in the afternoon, a nice recovery. rain is headed our way once again. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. let's check in with sal right now. he's been watching the roadways. so far so good, sal? >> we had a couple of things. it is better than yesterday. we have some problems. we'll start with highway 24. we had several issues, the latest one being highway 24 westbound near central lafayette. a motorcycle accident and traffic is backed up into concord. 680 is slow and it slows on 24. the people will be in a lot of slow traffic all the way to the tunnel. this commute is about the same as it was yesterday with no rain involved. as you look at the richmond bridge, this is a lot more normal. so we're getting a little break traffic-wise.
8:03 am
the peninsula is slow. yesterday was completely slow from sam te'o to san francisco. today on northbound 101, there are breaks in the action. but is it slow to downtown. we have information about an hour's long standoff on sweetwater drive. it was around 6:30 this morning when the police confirmed to us that the standoff ended. began yesterday afternoon when they got a call about a man throwing furniture from a second floor apartment balcony. the man remain isolated inside and they left. late last night, they returned for a third time because they say that the man had just attacked a woman. >> we had to introduce tear gas into the apartment in hopes that the teargas would get him to evacuate on his own where he could be safe taken into custody. this was a long 7 hour more
8:04 am
deal that requires the displacement and evacuation of nearby residents. >> the woman was hospitalized. neighbors are now allowed to return to their homes. the police are investigating the circumstances of a deadly crash this morning that killed a 60-year-old man after he crashed into a tree. >> reporter: the sun is up. and being see more of the damage at the scene. you see the tire marks in the grass. look at the tree. impact so far it knocked the bark off the tree. the investigators sell me that the male victim was driving westbound on kurtner avenue. the speed was about 80 miles an hour even though the posted speed limit is 35 miles an hour. he lost control before new jersey avenue. he crashed driver's side into the tree that i showed you.
8:05 am
>> there was an extrication. it took about five minutes to get him out of the vehicle and he was assessed and determined to have killed in the accident. >> reporter: investigators are checking to see if alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash. it was across the street from christ middle school that is behind me. but the investigation wrapped up. so it did not interfere with the school day. the coroner's office will determine the cause of death and his name released once next of kin is notified. a man is dead and another in custody after a crash on high 110 and river road at last night. the victim died at the scene. and the person's name and hometown has not been released. the man arrested is facing
8:06 am
charges of dui and manslaughter. there is a report of a man that came into a woman at 3:00 in the morning and sat down next to her and started talking. it happened early saturday morning. the woman said that the man walked into their bedroom wearing gloves about and carrying a flashlight and she left the room to find her roommate, the man left the apartment. the police released the sketch of the man. he did not steal anything or make any threats. oakland police are search for the driver of a car that may be connected to several recent armed robberies. video released by the photo show a vehicle in have, a burgundy hyundai hybrid with paper license plate. if you recognize the car or the driver, call the police. a five-year-old girl with autism has been found after she found into a river on monday. they made the discovery shortly
8:07 am
before 5:00 last night. she slipped off in rocks at knight's ferry. her father jumped in to save her but could not reach her in time. dozens of people will gather at oakland city hall to call for if the police chief to be fired. the coalition for police accountability said that the chief ignored evidence in the killing of joshua pollack. a monitor had harsh words about the chief's assessment of what happened. court documents provided by the monitor indicate that the internal affairs unit did not use any of the video provided at the scene to verify the officer's account. the monitor said that pollack was unconscious and not an immediate threat to anyone.
8:08 am
people that get caught for not paying the mine mine knee muny fares and get caught never pay. a spokesman tells us that the program was never intended to make money. the priority is to help make sure people pay their fair scare. a former cal student said that she had to leave because of how she was treated. extra innings needed for this one. and now they head back to the bay area. highlights from last night's game up next. highway 24 is still not a good commute. if this is your commute, you should prepare on spending 20, or 30 more minutes on the road than usual. in weather, we're not dealing with the ran clouds
8:09 am
this morning. some patchy foging that could impact your visibility in the short-term. but a break in the rainfall tomorrow. today will be a different story. we'll tell you about an incoming storm. they are hot and energized. all as if stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
8:10 am
8:11 am
pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit . oakland city council is signing off on an agreement for
8:12 am
the raiders to return for the 2019 season and maybe 2020 if needed. they will pay 7 and a half million dollars in rent. they plan to move to las vegas after next season. to the ncaa basketball tournament. the st. mary's plays their opening round today in hartford, connecticut. the 11 seed gayles are 3 point underdogs against villa nova that. tipoff is set for 4:20 this afternoon pacific time. another early wakeup call for a's fans. this is the tokyo jam. they watched the entire game and got some extra innings. >> and a big announcement was made during the game as well. frank mallicoat joins us with
8:13 am
more. >> reporter: the announcement coming from futurer hall of fame. the big hitter retired right after the game. they gave him a big ovation. another packed out at the tokyo dome. the fans treated to some fireworks. this is a titanic shot to left. gone, 400 plus feet. he had a couple of hits and 2rbism. and the a's on the come back trail. and chris davis homered yesterday and a single up to the center of the diamond. two men are coming home. and the ball game is tide at four and four. top number 8 and very last at bat. number 14,832 for the future hall of famer. he went 0-4 with his final game
8:14 am
was a walk. this career started 1992. 27 plus years in the big leagues and he officially retired. this gets the guy to second to first and seattle scored and they're up 5-4. the a's went down 1-2-3. it will die on the warning track. and the a's or done. that is it. they get swept out of japan in the two games at the tokyo dome. a long 5,000-mile flight back. both teams open up on thursday. the a's at home against the angels in the home opener. giants on the road in san diego. let's get you to your drive. it is much easier than yesterday. when you compare this to
8:15 am
sure. these freeways are doing much better. and highway 24 comes to mind. if you look at 280 and san jose it looks good up to highway 17. no major issues driving through. right now, we see some slow traffic on 280, once you get to 17, all the freeways are filled in. so i don't want to mislead you. but compared to yesterday, is it much better. sam te'o bridge and dunbarton bridge a little heavy. this is 24 westbound. this has been a mess because of several incidents. the latest is a motorcycle accident clearing in the lafayette. traffic is slow on 101 from sam te'o and pockets up to san francisco. still better than yesterday. but southbound 280 is slow. 8:15. we're enjoying a break for today. but tomorrow, we could be dodging the rain drops with another system marches closer to the coastline. check it out on the rainfall
8:16 am
total goes back to october 1st. they did boost the system up a little bit. you see santa rosa 17 inches and san jose getting closer to 14 inches. the rainfall season continues. we get the break today. this is the satellite. look at the those showers, the bottom portion of your screen getting closer to monterey bay. it is scooting to the south. and right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we have some patchy fog making a comeback. the numbers have not been changing too much at all morning long. it looks like san francisco and the coast in the upper 40s to 50s. the highs later on today, about the same as yesterday. we're thinking being upper 50s to the 60s. this system will scoot out to the east. and the next one is developing and this will move in home.
8:17 am
this is the thursday forecast. we just get that break for today. we have partly cloudy skies. here is the frontal band coming on board tomorrow. with the rainfall redeveloping in your friday forecast, gusty winds maybe topping 20 to 30 miles an hour. it looks like the strongest part of the storm coming in tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. coastal hills could be picking up an inch. and most of the bay area, the heart of the bay area, about a quarter of an inch to a half inch. but maybe a few more spots could approach three-quarters of an inch. it will boost the as well as, but building surf for friday into saturday, a west, northwest swell. we could have waves around 10 to 20 feet. it looks like the swell will be peeking. so be careful. heading into the weekend, because a lot of that energy being directed to the shoreline. this is the forecast today with the break. and we'll take this into your friday. definitely some clouds. a chance of rainfall friday morning.
8:18 am
and the best bet will be up in the north bay. this is the frontal band coming on board. this is 4:00 and gradually sliding to the south in the evening hours. saturday looking okay. the weekend is approaching. saturday will be fine. sunday we'll thicken up the clouds and maybe some shower chances by sunday evening and into monday. forecast highs for today, upper 50s to lower 60s. these are not a big departure from yesterday's readings. the five-day forecast. there is the rain/cloud mix tomorrow. and maybe some more showers by sunday night into monday. check out our newly update weather app. it has an easy feature for you to upload your weather photos and videos. gone by tonight. he said that the face against
8:19 am
isis wraps up tonight. controversial comments. what the president is saying after the late senator john mccain, months after his death.
8:20 am
8:21 am
new zealand's prime minister is helping her country take actions after her 50 people were killed in attacks on friday. >> new zealand will ban all semi mill tier tile automatic
8:22 am
weapons. we'll ban all salt all assault rifles. >> the prime minister enacted a immediate ban on the weapons so people cannot stockpile. all the guns were purchased legally by the gunman. but with the new laws, it will not be possible. anyone with the weapons can turn them in under an amnesty program in a buyback program. european and canadian investigators have decided to conduct their own reviews of the boeing 737 max 8 series. they have relied on the faa to see if a problem has been
8:23 am
fixed. dutch prosecutors said they will charge the main suspect in a deadly streetcar shooting. investigators said that he acted alone but they're looking into if his actions came from a, quote, radicalized ideology. he will go before a judge tomorrow. secretary of state pompeo is going to lebanon. he's hoping to round up a new coalition. the secretary is spending a second day in jerusalem meeting with illinois officials. he's meeting with the mideast alis. secretary pompeo's visit as u.s. backed forces continue an assault on the last remaining isis fighters confined to a narrow strip of land in syria.
8:24 am
president trump is touting total defeat of isis. most experts say that isis is down but not out. the president is scheduled to sign an executive order at the white house requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want to continue receive federal funding. uc berkley has struggled with aletting people that support white supremacist and other things. some speakers were cancelled in recent years because of security concerns. president trump is getting backlash after making comments about the late senator john mccain. >> i never liked him much. i probably never will. >> the criticized mccain yesterday at an army tank plant
8:25 am
in ohio. veterans are upset over what the president has said. >> disappointment is pretty a soft word for the way that we feel. this is not okay, not in the least by the. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell did not criticize the president but he said it was and more to work next to a hero no the senate. bernie sanders was in los angeles where he stroke to striking workers at ucla medical center and highlighted his long time support for
8:26 am
organized labor. he criticized the uc systemtor acting like a corporate type employer. >> what we are seeing across the country is a war being waged against the working people of america. the time is long overdue for the american people to stand up to say enough is enough. >> sanders recently announced that his campaign will be the first in history to allow the staffers to unionize. he will address supporters concerning a rally in fort mason sunday afternoon. fall be short, how a new report shows that despite mandates in northern california, affordable housing is still out of reach for most. we have some improvement on some of these commutes that have been trouble this morning.
8:27 am
yesterday at this time we had the storm clouds moving into the bay area. this morning, just a few clouds and some sunshine. so a nice little break from the storm. i don't think one is approaching the coastline. that is coming up. like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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we've got kids to drop off. races to run. dogs to walk. and we're going to plant a garden? yes we are. because the home depot makes it easy. with plants that are bred to thrive where we live. ♪ so our gardens can burst with color. ♪ we can all make time for spring. ♪ because today is the day for doing. ♪ the home depot. more saving. more doing. comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo.
8:29 am
what a pretty thursday. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. we have a nice view here with the glassy waters. we have a sun/cloud mix today. and that the be the overall theme for your thursday forecast. we'll be partly cloudy and mostly sunny. and the temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid-60s. still activity on the radar. you can see it is happening out
8:30 am
to the sierra, the snow showers there and some showers right around monterey bay that have them scooting out to the south and fading out of our weather picture. we have partly cloudy skies and patchy low clouds trying to make a comeback. and the current numbers showing some 40s and 38 degrees up in santa rosa. nevada 40 and san jose in the 40s. the fog is hanging out in portions of the bay. we're not completely clear. here is the deal for today. we'll have skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. 4:00 temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. we'll talk more about the incoming system coming up in a few minutes. sal is standing by 8:30 and he has an update on the roadways. from personal experience, the potholes out there are getting humungous. i had tire damage a few weeks ago. the rain does not help.
8:31 am
it underminds some of the pavement. you'll run into more of those before they fix them this spring. let's take a look at some of these traffic troubles. highway 24 will take a little while to unwined. this is walnut creek trying to get through oakland. all of these have been cleared up. but two or three issues made it slow. 80 westbound, 34 minutes that is more like it. and yesterday at this time, it was about an hour. here it is at the bay bridge, 20, 25 minutes before you make it on the span. it is slower getting into oakland. 8:31. back to the desk. we continue to follow developing news as a former berkley student interning is accusing the athletic department of sexual harassment. and we're looking at what the
8:32 am
woman has to say and how the school is responding to the claims. >> reporter: we just got in touch with the woman a little while ago. i commuted with her via text message. she explained more about what happened. and she did not want to talk on the phone or do an interview. but she wants the story out here and hopes it sparks change. she said that the harassment started almost immediately. coaches and players would send persistent text messages and one coach even followed her home. she said one coach cornered her and said that she would be insider if she did not have sex with him. cal said they are aware of the allegations and it has been
8:33 am
referred to the offices of discrimination and sexual harassment allegations. this is the statement that cal released. the university said that a disciplinary action will be taken if any policies were violated. all departments are required to take sexual harassment training. the young woman said that she does not continue tend to return not intend to continue at uc berkley and she is getting therapy and she will change her major. she wants to make sure that the school makes changes and that coaches do not contact interns outside the school environment. and east bay man was killed
8:34 am
walking home from work. he was crossing west chestnut and hit by a car. he just finished working a late night shift at a restaurant when he was killed. the contra costa county firefighters were heading back to the station and saw him on the roadway. the driver never stopped. this man said that he's stunned by the death of his uncle and asking the driver to do the right thing and call the police. >> whoever did this, please come forward and talk about what happened. i understand it can be a shock moment. but you just took somebody from our family. >> pittsburgh police said they do not have a description of the driver or the car yet. but investigators are reviewing the surveillance cameras in the area for any possible leads. new information about the shooting of an east bay school principal. his wife has been charged with attempted murder.
8:35 am
they say his wife shot him saturday morning. newly released records in an east bay sex scandal case shows that a police officer was fired for lying and one suspended for having sex on duty. the records were released yesterday in the 2016 sex scandal. richmond police lieutenant was fired from the force for making false statements to internal affairs investigators. and the other was fired for have sex while on duty. a nonprofit group said that our state is falling short of affordable housing that it set two years ago. the latest report from the california housing partnership shows two-thirds of low income rent or households spend the majority of their income on rent and our state needs 1.4
8:36 am
million more affordable rental united states. california governor newsom hosted a meeting for more state funding and he plans to rework his budget to call for more funding for homeless services. the mayor is suggested waving environmental reviews and making exceptions for public land to citys could move faster on homeless projects. the governor wants to help clean up contaminated water in low income or rural areas to charge customers up to $10 a month. it was included in the state budget proposal. lawmakers held a hearing on the possible tax. they call the tax unfair since the state has a huge budget surplus. san francisco may install
8:37 am
thousands of smart device that can provide video on streetlights across the city. this is according to the san francisco examiner. san francisco has tested out 60 of the devices since last year. the san francisco bored of supervisors will have to approve the $19 million proposal to purchase the devices. reveal week at the future home of the golden state warriors this morning. phil collins will take the stage when the new chase center opens up to the public in s&p 500. he will perform thursday, october 17th. tickets will go on sale march 29th. dave matthews in there and the back ts and the chain smokers. another act will be aounce nod
8:38 am
aounce nod announced at 2:00 this afternoon. we're just a typical family. he just happens to have a label. >> the young boy is showing the world that there is nothing down about down syndrome. kevin durant makes a special delivery. the unexpected stop that he made that made one family's night.
8:39 am
8:40 am
dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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it is world down syndrome day. it is observed by the united nations since 2012. it is to raise awareness for the rights ininclusion for people with down syndrome. >> a little boy named james that celebrated his birthday this week is doing his part to educate those around him. claudine wong has his story. >> reporter: james just turned five years old. his parents have shared his story and their journey. [ singing ]. >> reporter: we met james and his mom at their home in santa
8:42 am
rosa. and it took no time at all to see why james was just chosen as an international ambassador for the non profit known as nothing down. it is dedicated to show there is nothing down about down syndrome. >> we're just a typical family. there is nothing different about us at all. he happens to have a label. >> reporter: she beams with proud when she talks about james. >> he's a little ham. super empathetic. when i list things about him, the last thing is he happens to have down syndrome. >> reporter: had helps people see the person and not the disability. >> people don't want to ask because they don't want to offend. it say conversation that needs to be started. >> reporter: teaching people how to have that conversation comes naturally. and they had to teach
8:43 am
themselves a lot. they didn't know he had down syndrome till the day he was born. they learned while dealing with a lot of health concerns. >> he was in the icu for eight days and he had open heart surgery at 8 months old and then he had a web in his stomach that caused him to vomit. >> reporter: they have never been alone on the journey. >> we have so many people reaching out to us that i started blogging. and i blogged the first year of his life every day. >> reporter: and now years later, she has also joined forces with a woman whose daughter has down syndrome. they are known as the two moms and they go to school to spread awareness. >> do you think the adults have more than the kids?
8:44 am
>> yes. >> reporter: she talked about the rough spots and the anger. >> i get jealous. i hate that. but it is the truth. >> reporter: but she said it is okay why james still asked puree foods. she want to tell you about the band on his head that helps him hear and how sign language helps him communicate. >> it doesn't matter that he doesn't speak the words. they can still communicate with him. and people that want to will learn how to communicate with him like any other kid. >> reporter: people are not all kind. >> it is when i see people looking at him you can tell the difference with looking at him with cute eyes and curiosity and looking at him like disgust are why are you bringing him out into public. >> reporter: she worrys a lot now that she's been pregnant with the second child. >> are you going to have a
8:45 am
sister. >> reporter: but all of it is part of the conversation and understanding benefits us all. that is what they believe at james's preschool too. >> our population has special needs with different degrees. >> reporter: it includes inclusion and modifications can be fairly simple and the effort is rewarded. >> inclusion benefits everyone. there is spent of research that states that it is increases academic growth for students with or without special needs. >> reporter: rewards in moments like these are hard to deny. when you watch them play and hear them laugh and you hear the child and not just the disability. >> i love my son like you love your kids. there is no difference. i don't see an extra
8:46 am
chromosomes. i see my son. >> reporter: james is doing great in preschool. and get to meet his baby sister in june. organizers said they continue to work to address negative attitudes and exclusion. >> if you want to highlight someone special in the bay area, reach out to us on and look for. "bay area people" tab. let's help you get to where you need to go. sal said it is much better than yesterday. it is better. we had people and highway 24 that may argue with you a little bit. this is the richmond bridge. the traffic is moving well. but in general, it is much better today because of the lack of rain for the morning commute. you see the traffic is going to be improving on highway 24 after all of those incidents that have cleared. that is going to help
8:47 am
interstate 640 from concord to walnut creek. a 37 minute drive at this time and about an hour from the car bridge. 58 to 65 this afternoon. you see the satellite and the radar. we have some showers and snow showers out to the tahoe area that is fizzling out in the past few frames. you see the showers closing in on monterey bay. but those showers are fading away as well. right now, clear to partly cloudy skies. some patchy fog doing its thing and moving around the bay. and the numbers have not changed much all morning long. we have 40s in napa and nevada 4 and san francisco 51 and san jose in the mid-40s.
8:48 am
this is a live camera out in the bay. and you get the idea. this is the trance america pyramid. we have the patchy fog in the bay and other portions of the morning. and we're expecting partly cloudy skies and we'll kick this system out to the east for today. that was the system on wednesday. and the next one developing offshore. and today, we're in between storms. that is why we have the break. this front comes on board tomorrow. so the rain develops in your friday forecast and gusty winds. we could have winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. but this will move out by the weekend. saturday is looking okay. coastal hills is where the rainfall could be approvalling an inch. the bay area could be a quarter of an inch to half an inch. is looks like the heaviest down shower coming into the afternoon and evening hours. this will generate higher surf, building surf friday and saturday with the swell peaking
8:49 am
on saturday. we could have waves ten to 20 feet. be careful if you're heading to the coastline. we're with partly cloudy skies and the forecast model into motion. there is a chance of rain tomorrow morning. the best chance will be up in the north bay. and the rain line gradually slides through the area. of this is 3, 4, 5:00 and lingering showers by friday evening. saturday looks okay with partly cloudy skies. highs this afternoon, upper 50s to the 60s. san jose 64. half moon bay around 60. this is the five-day forecast. and there is the next storm coming on board friday, especially, keep in mind for the afternoon and the evening commute. saturday partly cloudy skies and more clouds into sunday and we could track shower chances sunday evening into monday. it is national credit card
8:50 am
reduction day. i need to stop saying just throw it on the card. the five mistakes you need to avoid and how it could save you money down the road. we have rain that all the rain we had this winter did the trick in reversing a troubling trend here in california.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
in today's dollar and cents, lee levi's strauss is now a public company. it is almost a $23 a share mark. the 166-year-old couple previously went public in 1971 and went private again in 1985. the ceo said by going public, we'll have the financial flexibility to investment in levi's strauss to exceed. the dow jones industrial average is doing well. up more than three-quarters. the nasdaq is up by one full
8:54 am
percent. the federal reeveryone reserve issued a statement that he will not raise interest rates. the fed chair predicts that the u.s. economy will grow 2.1%, down slightly from the previous projection of 2.3%. ford is doubling down in the investment of electric technology. they will spend $85 million to update a plant in michigan to build electric cars. it is part of the plan to invest over $11 billion. this is ford's first electric suv will be made in mexico and will be made available next year. they plan to build 16 electric vehicles by the end of 2022. a long time market in mountain view is closing in the next few months. the milk pail market opened 45 years ago as a driven through dairy on california street and san antonio road. it was known for his fresh produce, cheese and wine.
8:55 am
the owners said that they were approached to sell the property. and it was also because of a dropoff no business because of construction in the area. starbucks will start trials for recyclable and compostable cup designs in the next year. last year starbucks pledges to phase out all plastic straws to become more ecofriendly. a controversial homework assignment and the reason it is so upsetting to many and how the school is taking it action. if you like your tea served extremely hot, you may want to wait till you take that first sip. it could be linked to a serious health risk.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
in today's health, if you like hot tea, a new study finds that drinking hot tea can increase your risk of cancer. researchers found that people who drank two cups of hot tea had 92% higher risk of esophageal cancer. if you let it become warm or cool, the increased risk disappears. the recent storms moving to be good news for our water situation in california. the u.s. drought monitor released this new map of our state. you can see nothing, and that is good news, our state is drought free, a few exceptions down there at the california border with mexico and a couple drought areas in the north part of our state.
8:59 am
as we look at the same time last year. yellow, dark yellow and red, that is 2019 map on the right- hand side of the screen. the 2018 map is on the left side. there were many more drought conditions across our state a lot of yellow and orange, even red. our state is drought free right now but people are still being told to conserve water. a minnesota timberwolves fan receives a special delivery to their hotel room. >> you don't know who this is? >> that doesn't happen today, kevin durant brought the trio of pizza. this happened after the warriors beat the t wolfs in minnesota. powerball jackpot is up for grabs. this means that the jackpot on saturday is expected to be $625
9:00 am
million. >> it's america's favorite jackpot game, get ready everybody. >> 9 people did match four numbers plus the powerball against the 21,000. if you are buying for saturday, good luck! after complaints about the silence on college campus, how the federal government could take action if universities do not comply. the 8th longest road trip of the year and heading back to the bay area. highlight from this morning's game at a special moment for a future hall of famer. how much debt are you carrying? all right it is the first full day of spring, nice to get a little break from that rain as we bring out this live picture, alcatraz on thursday. fun fact for you there as we


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