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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 21, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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million. >> it's america's favorite jackpot game, get ready everybody. >> 9 people did match four numbers plus the powerball against the 21,000. if you are buying for saturday, good luck! after complaints about the silence on college campus, how the federal government could take action if universities do not comply. the 8th longest road trip of the year and heading back to the bay area. highlight from this morning's game at a special moment for a future hall of famer. how much debt are you carrying? all right it is the first full day of spring, nice to get a little break from that rain as we bring out this live picture, alcatraz on thursday. fun fact for you there as we
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show you the rock, 1963 alcatraz closed after 29 years of operation. hey what are we going to do with alcatraz. a couple ideas, a monument for the united nations, west coast version of the statue of liberty. in the 1972 congress created the golden gate recreational national area the rock was open to the public in fall of 1973, one of the most popular destinations in town. a lot of folks coming in san francisco to segal ka interested. >> i went 0 an a ferry over to san francisco and there were some tourists on there. they all wanted the ferry to get close to alcatraz. >> it's a big deal. >> it's a hot ticket, you want walk up and buy ticket that saturday. >> you need to reserve, if you have loved ones coming in, i take my extended relatives there. i think the night tour is supposed to be exceptional. i have yet to do. >> that i know we are going to get you there. >> are you going to hold that
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streak? let's talk about something else. first full day of spring and the oakland a's already have two games under their belts. yeah, it didn't go well for them. wrapping up this morning with the k's coming up short in both of those games. >> it took extra innings and the game came with a big announcement. >> frank mallicoat joins us now with these highlights here. >> wait, a minute you have never been to alcatraz. >> and he grew up in the city. >> we'll get him there. >> going to fix that. fix the a's two. the game coming from future hall of maimer, the 27 big league veteran retired in the middle of the game. japanese fans gave him a hero's ovation. went out and beat the a's. another packed house at the tokyo dome. treated to early fireworks courtesy of a former oakland a.
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here in the second monster blast 400 plus, had he a couple hits, two rb he's. down 4-2, 8th come alive. chris davis right up the gut. that is a single. two runs will come home. and we're tied up at 4 and 4. top 8 and the very last at bat. close, too, here for a hit. future hall of famer. final game. bottom of the 8th he got the big sendoff lift from the game. japanese fans went crazy over 4000 hits in the 2 league career started back in 1992. 27 plus years in the big. now retired. as for the game top 12 loaded up for santana. short, get the guy at second. too high at first. runs scored. a's go down is, 2, 3 in the bottom of the 12th. final out left the yard but
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caught on the warning track a's get swept out of japan in their 2 games at the tokyo dome. a's will now wing their way back home. they've got a nice long flight, 5000 flights, 9 plus hours, take a reload. bay bridge series with the giants on monday. home opener a week from today. >> mike trout coming to town. >> no kidding. >> he may be unanimous one as well. >> nice send rough. >> frank, thank you. happening today, president trump is scheduled to stein an executive order at the white house requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want to continue to receive federal funding. ktvu lauren plan chard. >> signing a new executive order later today expected to instruct agencies like the department of education,
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health and human services, and defense to fully comply with the first amendment in exchange for research and education grants. the president announcing the idea during the conservative political action conference last month. referencing allegations that conservatives on college campuses are being silenced citing last month's alleged attack of a conservative activist at the you of california berkeley. >> if they want our dollars and we give it to them by the billions, they've got to allow people like hayden and many other great young people and old people to speak. >> still some conservatives caution against creating new federal restrictions. education secretary betsy devos saying she doesn't believe workers' compensation government muscle should be juice today address campus free speech issues." >> what is missing in education is the core of what makes
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america truly great. freedom. kids should be free to learn where and how it works for them. >> when it comes to higher education, the trump administration proposed a number of reforms this week. including placing limits on student loan borrowing, and improving access to information about institutions. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. new developments now about a house fire response in san jose before 8:00 this morning on sherman street off west alma avenue. firefighters initially sent a larger than usual response because they were worried the fire might get into the attic area, they were able to keep it from spreading and everyone evacuated the home safety. from san jose, a car crashed into a tree and the driver was killed. it happened around 1:15 a.m. near new jersey avenue and kurtner avenue. we don't know why the car ran into the tree. the firefighters had a hard
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time getting the driver out of the wreck accuser. >> it took about 5 minutes to get him out of the vehicle and further assessed by our medical personnel he was determined to be killed in the accident. >> the cause of the crash is still under investigation. palo alto police report a man came into a, this happened early sunday morning. the woman says the man walked into a bedroom wearing gloves, carrying a flashlight, when the woman left her room to find her roommate the man ended up leaving the apartment. police released the sketch of that man. he didn't steal anything, didn't make any threats. at this point police say they don't know the man's motive. now to an update on last weekend's shooting on highway 4 in concord that killed a young womens basketball. hillary was killed last saturday, as of this morning no arrests have been made.
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hillary's sister tells ktvu she has seen two go fund me pages to collect money for the family. she says those are fake accounts and the family is not collecting donations. we are getting a break from the rain today. but it may return, let's go to mark. we are celebrating this break, sunshine, and patchy fog, you are right on south, the rain does make a come back. you can see highs for today upper 50s to the low to mid 60's, the satellite and radar out toward the sierra in fact, showers from earlier this morning, there was one weak system kind of hanging out in monterey bay and moving out south and fading out of our forecast, for today we have partly cloudy skies, patchy fog and temperatures beginning to recover. santa rosa 42, san francisco lower 50s. and san jose 49. here is a live camera look toward san francisco bay, can you see the glassy conditions
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on the by water. wind not much of a factor at all, we have patchy fog. in between systems for today. that next one is developing offshore, so here is essentially thursday forecast, this is our break friday more clouds headed our way, rain develops friday, gusty winds, we could have winds around 20 to 30 miles an hour, so that is what we're tracking for tomorrow. this will generate also boost the surf friday into saturday. west, northwest swell. the swell peaks into saturday with waves around 10 to 20 feet. be extra careful near the immediate coastline this weekend. not looking too bad. then tomorrow we'll thicken up the clouds, chances of rain tomorrow morning. a better bet by friday afternoon and friday evening. good news though, the weekend looks okay with partly cloudy skies. highs this afternoon almost reaching the levels of yesterday. upper 50s to low to mid of east. san jose 64. gilroy 65. and look ahead your five day, there is that rain cloud
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tomorrow, the weekend looking okay, more clouds into sunday, could have shower chances by sunday evening into monday. >> mark, thank you. san francisco may install thousands of smart device that would have the capacity to record video and audio and provide wireless services on street lights. >> according to the san francisco examiner, san francisco has tested 60 of the devices in the city since may of last year. some people have raised privacy earn it is. san francisco board of supervisors would have to approve the $19 million proposal to purchase the devices. a bump in the road could put crews are adding traffic calming markers to surfaces of some roads, they are known as raised con markers. 100 have been installed near regional park outside martinez. officials hope the traffic calming markers will make the area less desirable for
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drivers. the persian new year, we have video to share, we see people gathering at berkeley and celebrating, participating in the ritual of jumping over fire at the persian center on did you rant celebrated more than 3000 years. come up next right here on mornings on 2, controversy at a high school. and some say you can't put a price on love, but that might not be true for everyone. when we return what some people are willing to do for a raise. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. had you this morning information to bring you on an hours long standoff overnight on sweetwater drive for
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hours. about 6:30 this morning the police department confirmed to ktvu the standoff ended. it all began yesterday afternoon when officers got a call about a man throwing furniture off a second floor balcony. say the man remained isolated inside and they left. late last night though officers returned for a third time because they said the man had just attacked a woman. >> we introduced tear gas into the apartment in hopes that the tear gas would get him to evacuate on his own where he could be safely taken into custody. this was a long 7 hour ordeal in which it required the displacement and evacuation of near by res departments. >> the woman was hospitalized for her injuries. neighbors who were evacuated have been allowed to return to their homes. happening today, dozens of people will gather at oakland city hall and called for police chief ann kirk patrick to be fired.
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saying it believes the chief ignored evidence in the killing pollack, he was about to aim a gun at them. court documents indicate the internal affairs unit did not use any video provided at the scene to verify those assertions. pollack was unconscious and not in immediate threat to anyone. new information about the shooting of east bay school principal paul shastwell, a father of 8 is still in a coma this morning in critical condition. investigators say his wife, maria vitas shot him saturday morning. he runs the pittsburgh adult education sent center. a homework assignment focused on nazi symbolism. a jewish student became concerned when she saw another
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student entering english class drawing a swastika. the assignment was to create a time capsule of nazi society. as part of the project students were asked to major find symbols of nazi values and draw a character with the physical features of an arian. >> i was uncomfortable sitting next to the student making the project. i didn't really know what to think. >> it's not necessary for us to recreate images that might be considered racist or anti- semitic to help people understand what propaganda was like at that time. it was not necessary to put students through that type of situation. >> the school district responded to the controversy by canceling the homework assignment. a wal-mart store in american canyon is being criticized for keeping some hair products locked behind a glass case. a man posted a video showing air products behind lock and
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key, other products are not. he tracked down one employee to open up the lock for the $3 product and the employee personally walked it to the register. >> just kind of threw me through a loop. take 30 minutes in wal-mart. >> similar customer experiences complaints about wal-mart have occurred in new york city, as well as sacramento. a sacramento california woman sued for discrimination, using enhanced security on some products based on support of the need. millenials are con tributing to a divorce rate because they are waiting longer to get married. according to university of maryland survey, economic pressures were forcing millenials to hold off on marriage until they are financially secure which was leading to lower rates of divorce. in fact 41% said they would end a relationship for a job promotion and many 20 to 36-
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year-olds would be admitted willing to stay sickle for 1 griers, delay marriage for 7 years and put off kids having 8 if it meant getting ahead at work. >> disappointing, hey? >> good news is i got a promotion, bad news,. >> i honestly when i read this i had a soft spot in my heart people younger than me i think i did this but it was self imposed, like you we spent years working in different cities in the country, i'm not going to get married when i'm on the road, yeah children on the road, i did postpone it but it was my own doing. i totally get it. >> and the minute i got home that is when we got married, had the baby, got the house, my real adult life started when i came home. >> that is your number one priority, stick with it. if not, that's it. believe in yourself. >> exactly. coming up in a second, credit cards, are they a
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blessing or a curse? on this national credit card reduction day, we'll talk with a financial planner about the five credit card mistakes we need to avoid. a moth we are a popular youtube channel, what she is accused of doing to her children.
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annually released video from a firefighter's helmet camera takes us up please to the dangers they face every day. right near sacramento. you can see the firefighter climb to the roof and then begin fighting those flames. this fire started at an abandoned casino. the other businesses nearly only sustained smoke and water damage. now to san francisco where most people get caught and cited for not paying their fairs never pay their citations. >> in the fiscal year 2017/2018 handed out 47,000 citations, 22000 ticket were actually
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paid. that earned muni $2.5 million fair evasion program that costs $6000 a year. the program was never intended to generate or make money. priority is to help ensure people pay their fair share. golden state warriors continues this morning, we learned phil colins will be the latest performer to take the stage when the new chase center takes to the public. tickets for that go on sale march 29th. other acts announced, metallica, san francisco symphony. dave matthews band. the black keys, chain smokers with 5 seconds of summer. andrea bocelli. another act announced at 2:00 this afternoon. americans are carrying more credit card debt, recent interest rate hikes means they are paying more to curry that debt. today is national credit card reduction day. ryan cole shares advice and mistakes we should avoid.
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first of all, if you are in the situation now where you have a lot of credit card debt, do you have tips to help us get out? >> right. quite a few tips here. so number one is you really want to avoid just making the minimum pavements on your card. >> that seems so attractive sometimes. okay, i'm still making the payment, but what problems does that bring? >> right. if you are only making the minimum payments you could be paying off your card for close to 30 years. >> wow. >> with the finance charges being so high today you could be paying 16 plus percent in apr, annual percentage rate on your card. the amount of fees you are paying over the years to the credit card companies just really adds up overtime. >> whatever you bought is 3 or 4, 5 much more expensive than the original that you pay. >> right. we see interest rates higher than that, 16%. that is when people can really get in trouble if they are not paying that off.
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>> let's go to number 2 which is missing payments. you know, say you get in a financial bind in a month, you miss a payment. why is that bad? >> so missing payments is bad. usually you get a charge when you miss a payment. and also your percentage rates can go up after you miss a payment. so percentage rates are already super high on cards, you end up paying more and morph more, if you miss payment. >> and i would recommend putting your card on auto pay, too, for at least the minimum amount. >> that way you never get that late fee. >> you don't miss the payment. >> that's easy to do with most cards. >> right. >> number 3 is taking out cash advances, you know, basically loaning -- taking a loan out from your credit card. >> never want to do that unless it's an emergency situation. there is again fees for taking out cash advances, usually about 2 to 5% whatever amount you are taking out.
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plus the interest rate on cash advances is actually higher than your normal interest rate on the card. >> i looked at some of those. they can be up to 30%, you pay a ton in financial charges. >> how about opening too many accounts? you know the other day he went into a department store, they asked me to open up another account. i said no because i already have enough. people will take the 20% discount, you know, if you open up a carded to you get a 20% discount. you shouldn't do that. >> right, it leads to trouble. if you have too many cards open. we don't recommend having more than two cards open max, there is no need to have more than that. you are right, i can't take a flight anymore without someone trying to push a card on me. the latest, greatest card. >> when you close cards, reopen a card, i got 8 cards i have to close them, that dings your credit. >> a lot can lead to a ding in
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your credit. you really want to avoid that. >> just be why dish. and the last one is running a high balance. now, you know i know people don't have a choice, this is what they do, how can they get that balance down. >> do whatever you can to get it down. it's, you know, example is how bad it can, be $20,000 balance you are running and that is at the age of 16.86, you are paying 270-dollars a month in finance charges. can you see how that would add up month after month, year after year. first go online, calculators online you can see, plug in your rate, how much you owe and you will see how much you are paying finance charges every month. there is one on our website. you you go in there, plug that in knowing is half the battle. know what you're paying that will hopefully motivate you to
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start paying it off. once you paid it off and stop paying interest hopefully you can start saving. >> saving some of that money. >> hopefully investing and gaining interest as opposed to paying. >> i hope you're helping people get out of credit card debt. >> i'm trying. >> let's go back to you. coming.up in a minute, a woman takes to social media and a accuses cal's football team of sexual harassment. what she says and how the school is responding. plus,. >> we're typical family, there is nothing different about us at all. he just happens to have a label. san to rosa family overcoming stereotypes, a young boy showing the world there is nothing down about having down's syndrome. here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. continue following developing news after a former uc berkeley student is making
9:30 am
serious accusations against football players and staff. >> accusing them of sexual harassment in a long facebook post. >> on the cal campus with what the woman says happened and how the school is responding to those claims, alyssa. >> reporter: i spoke with that woman on phone via text, she tried to report the abuse to different officials within the athletic department but ignored. she says the only advice she got is to wear clothing that covered her shoulders. the woman wrote a lengthy post that detailed what she said she went through as a student intern. harassment got so bad, one coach told hershey would be fired if she did not have sex with him. the young woman have withdrawn from the university to get therapy. she has post traumatic stress disorder from her experience. when she returns to berkeley so she does plan to return she will no longer study sports medicine, she will change her major.
9:31 am
details players ogeling at her, creepy texts and lewd remarks. cal's athletics department is aware of the allegations. part of the statement from the university reads, cal athletics is and always will be committed to foster agriculture where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected. all those associated with the department are to maintain ethical standards at all times. disciplinary actions will be taken if policies were violated. all students and staff are required to complete sexual harassment training. the recent storms are proving to be good news in california. the u.s. drought monitor released this new map of conditions in this state this morning. the state is pretty much drought free with the only exception here far north and far south. now we want to give you look at
9:32 am
what conditions look like now compared to the same time last year. the 2019 map is on the right. the 2018 map is on the left side. it doesn't seem like that long ago we are talking about drought conditions across the state with a lot of yellow and orange on last year's map. the state is pretty much drought free right now, people are always advice today conserve water. let's talk about when water will come from the sky. >> yeah, in fact tomorrow looks like we'll talk about some rain especially friday afternoon into friday night. we have rain headed our way. we need these breaks. paying us a visit for today. rainfall numbers in the bay area, boost in numbers up a bit. santa rosa approaching 39 inches of rain. oakland was slightly below average down to 100%. san jose 105%. so rainy season continues, but we have a little bit of a break in the action for thursday
9:33 am
forecast. here you can't see some snow showers. we have one weak area of low pressure can you see to the west of monterey. earlier this morning that is scooting out to the south leaving us with a dry weather pattern for your thursday. temperatures beginning to recover he, we have 40s and 50s. walnut creek 49. san 49 santa rosa 42. green hills, you can see the payoff with all the recent rainfall. so we had some patchy fog in this area earlier this morning. it has lift add little bit. could you see what's developing upstream. here is yesterday's deal, that's a wednesday system. friday, you can see that front offshore. today we are in between storms some with that we had the dry weather pattern, forecast skies, rainfall develops into friday forecast and gusty winds, we could have winds going 20 to 30 miles an hour. in terms of rainfall tomorrow. coastal hills maybe 1 inch.
9:34 am
rest of the bay area .25 to about .50-inch of rainfall. here we are today forecast skies, tomorrow more clouds, chance of some rain tomorrow morning especially up in the north bay. and then a better bet later in the day friday after 3:00, 4:00 that front moves to the bay area. saturday looks just fine. take a look at your forecast highs for this afternoon. upper 50s to lower 60's. partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny skies much and weekend outlook after friday will start off with partly, nice start to saturday. more clouds on sunday. and by sunday night into monday the chance of some more showers. >> mark, thank you. for more of today's top stories let's check in with dave clark in the news room. here are somerset of the top stories, 0 new zealand's prime minister announce add man on military style weapons and high capacity magazines after those kinds of weapons were used to kill 50 people and two mosques. the prime minister said there
9:35 am
will be an immediate been on the sales of the weapons to prevent stockpiling. and she said, new laws will be pushed through that would impose a complete been on those weapons. boeing by next week plans to complete a new software update on the 737 max planes. the update reportedly will prevent that plane from automatically pointing the nose of the plane down without any direction from the pilot. meantime european and canadian investigators will conduct their own investigations of the boeing 737 max planes. in the past they relied on the faa's conclusions to see if a problem has been finished. r. kelly is asking a federal judge to let him fly to dubai next month to perform and meet with the royal family. his lawyers said that r. kelly needs to perform to raise money that he has struggled to pay his child support and other child related expenses. r. kelly signed a contract to
9:36 am
perform as many as 5 shows in dubai before he was arrested. kelly was charged back in february with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. which he deradar denies. and that's a brief look at some of the top stories we're working on. now to today's bay area people, world's down syndrome day observed by the united nations since 2012. >> designed to raise awareness and advocate for the rights, inclusion and well-being of people with down syndrome. >> a little boy named james is doing his part to educate those around him. ktvu claudine wong has his story. >> james o'leary just turned 5 years old, is he a bundle of smiles and giggles an charmed us in a minute. his parents shared his story and their journey. >> ready 5 little monkeys swinging from the tree! mr. alligator can't catch me.
9:37 am
>> we met james and his mom larkin at their home in santa rosa. >> here i am, here i am, how do you do? >> it took no time at all to see why james was just chosen as an international ambassador for the nonprofit known as nothing down. which is dedicate "today showing" people there is nothing down about town's syndrome. >> there is nothing different about us at all. we just -- he just happens to have a label. >> larkin beams with pride when she talk bus james. >> is he a little ham. he loves -- is he a great friend, super 'em pat et in, the last thing i list he happens to have down syndrome. >> the down syndrome conversation is important because it helps people see the person, not just the disability. >> people don't want to ask because they don't want to offend and people don't want to over share because they don't want to sound like they are over sharing but it's a conversation that need to be
9:38 am
started. >> teaching people how to have that conversation comes naturally. she and her husband are both teachers. and they've had to teach themselves a lot. james is their first child and they didn't know he had down syndrome until the day he was born. >> i knew nothing about drown syndrome. so they learned while dealing with a the love health concerns. >> he was in nicu for 8 days, open heart surgery at 4 months old. had he intestinal surgery a week later, ended up having a web in his duadinum. >> we have so many people reaching out to that i started blogging and i blogged the first year of his liver day. >> now years later larkin has joined forces with another woman whose daughter has down syndrome. they are known as the two moms and they go to schools to spread awareness. >> do you think the kids have better questions than the adults? yeah i think adults are just
9:39 am
scared, they don't want to offense. >> larkin says she can't be scared either to talk about the rough spots, frustration and the anger. >> yeah, and i get jealous. and i hate that about this whole thing. but, it's the truth. >> but she says it's okay to ask why james still eats pureed food, she wants to tell but the band on his head that helps him hear. and she proudly explains how sign language helps him communicate. >> it don't matter that he doesn't speak the words, they can communicate with him, people who want to will learn how to communicate with him just like any other kid. >> yes, people aren't always kind. >> it's when i see people looking at him and you can tell the difference between looking at him with cute eyes or curiosity and looking at him with disgust or why are you bringing him out into public. >> and she admits she has been worried a lot now that she is pregnant with her second child. >> this one has been really scary.
9:40 am
>> are you going to have a sister? >> yeah? oh, -- gentle, yeah, gentle with your sister, absolutely. my goodness. >> but all is part of the conversation. and understanding benefits us all, what they believe james' preschool, too. >> 30% of our population currently has some sort of special needs, different degrees. >> the leap preschool promotes inclusion, modifications can be fairly simple and the effort is rewarded. >> inclusion definitely benefits everyone. you know there is plenty of research but states it really increases academic growth for both students with or without special needs. >> the reward in moments like these are hard to deny. when you watch them play, and when you hear them laugh. and you see the child not the disability. >> i'm just a mom just like you, you know, i just love my son just like you love your
9:41 am
kids, there is no difference, i don't even see an extra chromosome, i see my son. you -- >> james is doing great in preschool and he will get to meet his new baby sister in june. the theme of world down syndrome day today is leave no one behind. they continue to work to address prevailing negative attitudes, low expectations, and exclusion. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, what could be lifesaving information for new mothers, for the first time there is medication are for post partum depression. we are going to talk with a bay area doctor. and we are also talking about protecting young football players more than a dozen helmets put to the test, what parents should know before they buy.
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san jose more than a hundred people showed up. at-year-old bambi larson was found on february 28th stabbed to death inside her home. police say they arrested 24- year-old carlos caranz across lions transient and undocumented immigrant. he has a long criminal history. local law enforcement to detain him 9 times but the requests went unanswered. he has, you know, a crime record, he shouldn't have been on the street. he shouldn't have been able to do this to her or anybody. >> i'm frustrated certainly because this is something we've been talking about for many years. >> mayor says is he working with county officials to change
9:45 am
the policy so immigration authorities will be notified when violent criminals are schedule today be released from the jail. the governor are wants to help clean up con testimony nailed water in low income areas. the plan was included in a state budget proposal, lawmakers held a hearing on the possible tax. governor newsom says 1 million californians have some type of contaminated or unclean water which can cause health issues. critics called the tax unfair since the state has a huge budget surplus. arizona money is being accused of abusing her 7 adopted children who starred in her videos. michelle hobson's videos had more than 800,000 subscribers and 250 million views. the channel showed her children performing skits, sprayed her kits and lock them in a closet for days at a time with no food or water.
9:46 am
the children told investigators they would receive punishments if they didn't remember their lines. the neighbors say they had no idea what was going on. >> i never really saw that. i saw little ones taking out the garbage a couple times. >> crew crew deleted the channel yesterday saying the channel violated the guidelines. governor of kentucky is exposing his children to chickenpox instead of getting they can vaccinated. >> he deliberately exposed all 9 of his children to chickenpox so they would catch the disease and become immune. his children were miserable for a few days and they all turned out fine. medical experts call the practice unsafe, unwise and dangerous. research lab in virginia has new data on the safety of helmets. they gave the helmets a star rating with 5 stars being the
9:47 am
best. 7 helmets were rated at the highest level with every manufacturer having one within weather five stars. researchers say they do not want to give parents a false sense of security. >> there is always going to concussion in sports and pell mets are one part of the answer but the larger part is reducing number of head impacts in sports. >> reduced head acceleration upon impact. stiff front pads where children are hit the most have lower ratings. deeper into a report that we had for you yesterday here on the 9. fda approved the first drug specifically targeted a the treating post partum depression in new mothers. women suffered from depression during pregnancy. let's talk about the medication and how it could help women with psychiatrist dr. jack gillian, how does it work? >> it's a unique drug.
9:48 am
novel antidepressant drug, research has shown that post partum depression affected by hormones in the body that a exciteation that works on excitability of newer on in the brain. than traditional meds. >> have you to be in the hospital to receive it. like $35,000 price tag. >> very expensive. >> who can accord $35,000 after having a baby? >> it's going to be probably cost prohibitive for women early on. hopefully insurance companies will start to cover it. early on it is going to make it difficult for people. intravenous administration, it's a 60 hour iv administration, so you have to be in the hospital for 2.5 days, continuously monitored. so it's going to be tricky.
9:49 am
>> so that could take new mom out of the loop for those two days. that beginning time with a new baby can be crucial not just for mom but are for the baby's development as well. is that a concern for you? >> it's important. i think that the baby would still be able to be next to mom, near mom. under, you know, a very sort of strained environment, not a typical environment. >> i talk about my two little children here on the news, i have two little boys close in age. the first one was a model child of the the second one i joke but it's not a joke, i cried about it as much as he did in the first three months. how do we no if what we're suffer something depression or baby blues? >> it's a good question i think it's an important distinction to make for women a lot of women are ashamed, a lot of sigma around post partum depression, they shouldn't be feeling this way after having a baby. baby blues are sub syndrome,
9:50 am
post partum depressive symptoms. you are having functional impairment, not able to get out of bed, not able to tend to the child that you need to. which affects the cognitive and emotional development of the baby and the connection that the mother has with the baby which can affect the baby for years to come. >> women need to be more proactive. we share the childhood experience, but saying i have a hard time with my baby it makes me feel like a bad mother. >> we need to have conversation more, making them feel comfortable, letting them know there is help available to them. you know, just destigmatizing. >> short of this new iv drug that became available. what else is there for postpartum women. >> it's a good question, a lot of currently available antidepressants can be used in postpartum depression,
9:51 am
not a lot of research, so at this point, you know, those types of medications are available, things like psychotherapy, there is neuro modulation techniques. >> sounds very extreme. >> sure, exactly. so and the hope is that now research is going to move in the direction of trying to manufacturer drugs like this new drug. >> what partners of the new mom might be needing to look for themselves because look, as a former new mom you are in a haze, you can't recognize what is happening within yourself. what do the responsible partners need to look for? >> absolutely. functional impairment, behavioral changes in the mother, obviously things like looking sad, crying more frequently, in ability to get out of bed, inability to do tasks that they normally were able to do pretty readily. big things and then of course more serious symptoms of
9:52 am
suicidal aid ideation, harming the baby are less common, but serious. >> that call to a doctor to be a life safer. >> thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much. coming up next right here on mornings on 22, wall street traders wearing denim as the 965-year-old san francisco company goes public for a second time. st. mary's are away from the big dance fun party happening this afternoon.
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new this morning, san francisco base levi strauss is public again today. levi employees are running the bell at the new york stock exchange, suspended the dress code policy for the day. wearing jeans, levis okay for today. the 166-year-old company previously went public in 71, went private again in 85. right now i see levi stock is up by 32%. it's right around 2250 right now. the oakland city council is scheduled to vote today on a new lease for the raiders out at the coliseum. >> the board of supervisors have signed off on an agreement for the team to return for the 2019 season and possibly 2020 if needed. the lease agreement calls for the raider toss pay $9.5 million in rent, the raiders
9:56 am
plan to move to has vegas after next season. let's talk about basketball, to the ncaa tournament. st.mary's basketball team is playing opening rounded to against villanova. >> the 1 seed gales 4 point under dogs to villanova. watching a watch party at 1928 pub on campus. march madness is coming to the bay area as well. hosting first and second round games tomorrow and sunday. that includes several matchups from the south and east regions. this is near sap are expecting a pop as the tournament is expected to attract plenty of basketball fans. another big powerball jackpot after no one bought a winning ticket. the jackpot for saturday is expected to be $625 million. >> it's america's favorite jackpot game, get ready everybody -- >> 9 people matched four numbers plus the powerball in
9:57 am
last night's drawings, they get $21,000. any way they are 10, 14, 50, 53, 63 with a mega ball of 21. according to the lottery last night's jackpot was the 8th largest powerball prize, -- >> basketball practice last night it skipped my mind. no one won, i'm like i'm fine. >> saturday is your day. >> i will buy. >> see you at noon. in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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