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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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being attacked for the political views. in 2017, there was the infamous riot on campus that prevented an appearance by controversial conservative speaker milo yiannopoulos. a group of students said they were attacked during that night. they're pursuing a suit that targets president janet napolitano. we go to ray bogan. he's five on capitol hill in washington. good evening, ray. >> reporter: good evening to you. president trump has officially signed an executive order, saying if colleges and universities want federal resource money, they have to support all free speech. it is titled improvement for inquiry, transparent meaning, and accountability of colleges and universities. the president saying conservative voices have been unfairly silenced. >> you know, under the guise of speech codes and safe spaces and trigger warnings, these universities have tried to
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restrict free thought, and postal conformity. >> reporter: essentially, the order follow three points. make sure free speech is guaranteed on campuses, or else lose federal grant money. it would require better data for students and potential future earnings and financial risks associated with loans. and and asks for a report to help shape policy that would require institutions to share some of the financial risks of student loans. >> student loan debt, i'm going to work to fix it because it is outrageous what's happening. >> reporter: senate education committee chairman lamar alexander agrees more information should be available to students, but he is concerned with the speech aspect, saying conservatives don't like it when judges try to write laws, and conservatives should not like it when legislators and agencies try to rewrite the
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constitution. twelve federal agencies that support university research are going to have to add new language into their funding agreements, saying public universities have to support the first amendment and private universities have to come up with their own special guidelines. frank and julie, back to you. some kind preservative student from uc berkeley attended today signing ceremony at the white house. many students on the uc berkeley campus are reacting with skepticism to what the president did today with his executive order. several students we talked to today drew attention to the fact that neither of the two people involved in the recent punching incident on campus are students at cal. also, students said they feel that free speech is already promoted on campus, but there are limits to that freedom. >> it's promoted here already. i just don't think it's the speech that he wants to hear. you know, like people outwardly saying we don't want anyone coming here is bringing haight speech. >> we need some freedom of speech clearly . that is how we
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have freedom of the press, freedom political expression, how we have freedom of religious expression. all that is rooted in freedom of speech, but we also know certain freedom of speech goes too far. we can't shout fire in a crowd in a theater for instance. >> to present at the university of california janet napolitano said in a statement, quote, we do not need the federal government to mandate what already exists our long- standing, unequivocal bull support of freedom of speech and expression. this executive order will only muddle policies surrounding free-speech while doing nothing to further the aim of the first amendment. a man gave me a fist bump behind the counter, walked across the street, and got in a fight with somebody. >> detail tonight about a deadly stabbing at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. police say the dispute involved two homeless men . henry lee has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter:'s fisherman's wharf in san francisco with
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its scenic views of the bay and alcatraz. it's a popular spot for tourists , but it became a crime seaman police say homeless man was stabbed by another homeless man. >> upon arrival, they found a man who was laying on his side with several stab wounds to his body. unfortunately, that victim died from his injuries. >> reporter: the attack happened in the parking lot at jefferson and taylor street at around 1:45 once the afternoon. the suspect, 56-year-old bruce edward penn was arrested nearby on suspicion of murder and assault. the victim, 44-year-old brooke pettyjohn has had his own brushes with the law. this is a picture of pettyjohn from a mug shot in santa cruz. this man, james, who did not want his patient showed us where the victim usually hung on your pier 45. he told me pettyjohn had a nasty temper and was known for stealing beer and getting into fights . >> go man, it just breaks my heart. he drink a lot, you know, and
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he was obnoxious, but he did not deserve to die. >> we never had personal issues with him over here, so we were pretty all right with him. >> reporter: at the ripley's believe it or not auditorium, managers are bob jones said he saw the victim just before the attack. >> he gave me a fist bump behind the counter, walked across the street, and a purely got in a fight with somebody after i saw the fight go down. he began walking away, had blood pouring out of the side of him, and we call 911. >> reporter: felipe whose homeless saw the police activity. >> not to be surprised that does not happen very often. >> reporter: this man visiting from tennessee said the violence did not change what he thought about san francisco. >> it's a large city. all take city center issues and problems. i think it's an isolated situation. it's not rampant here, so i don't think it is something to change my mind to come back. >> reporter: police have canvassed the area for surveillance video of the attack. they will review the case before deciding what charges to
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file. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. friends and family of alex near-total on the fifth anniversary of his death in san francisco tonight. the 20 it was shot and killed by police in bernal heights park in 2014. that were a gathering was scheduled to get underway at this hour. he was caring a stun gun that he used for his job as a security guard. police say he pointed it at them. the shootings sparked angry protests and a federal lawsuit against police use of force. a jury ended up finding the officers not guilty of wrongdoing. protesters gathered outside oakland city hall today demanding police chief anne kirkpatrick be fire. demonstrator say the police chief demonstrated a failure in leadership anne her response to available the shooting of an armed homeless man a year ago. earlier this month, the federal monitor overseeing opd protect the findings of an internal investigation into the death of 32-year-old joshua pollick. the protesters say the police chief needs to be held
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accountable. >> the chief is brought here under assumption that keeping department accountable. there have been a number of mishaps along the way, including the bungled investigation of pollick it was murder. >> the court-appointed monitor concluded that department city claris county supervisor is proposing changes to notifying i.c.e. when felons in the u.s. illegally are released. the man charged with her death is an undocumented immigrant who had multiple i.c.e. detainers against him. the supervisor said a better system would rely on a arrest once which keeps that i.c.e. really uses. >> in all three times
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expeditiously, that was turned over to i.c.e. >> the supervisor is also recommending an analysis to the county it was probation supervision's system. he planned to introduce the proposals next week. newly released discipline released records related to a police sex scandal. >> a officer was suspended for lying. another was suspended for having sex on duty. >> how a judge's recent decision allow the new information to be serviced. >> reporter: but the judge ordered the misconduct records be made public, even if they were created before this year. four is a police department complied with the orders. 2 investigates found everything from falsifying police reports,
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fake overtime sheets, to mishandled evidence, and sex on the job. this stems from a highly publicized case in 2016. the sexual exploitation case surrounding this woman, not as celeste guap. she implicated police in several chef department for using her for sex. newly released records show richmond police officer jerred tong , who was named in that case, was fired that same year for making false statements to internal investigators. no further details and not released yet, and there's no direct mention of guap and what
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to investigate received. we did find a non-officer linked to the guap case. terrence jackson, he was suspended the same time have to be engaged in a sexual act on duty . guap set in summation it was contained at this time. seven other officers were disciplined and that sex scandal, but we don't have others records just yet. we also have not gotten any account for richmond police are the union representing the officers. 2 investigates has been compiling baylor law enforcement transparency records to officer investigations, check out interactive map on twoinvestigates. i'm brooks jarosz, ktvu fox 2 news. allegations of sexual harassment involving cal football program. what woman says she entered when she was a student intern, and how the athletic department has responded to her claims. we are learning just how much kong cabinet and aaron
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reed were paid to settle their grievance with the nfl, and you might be surprised at the figure. and keeping an eye on the weather. we have a little rain in the forecast. i will timing out for you when we come back. cameras mounted on thousands of streetlights in san francisco that can pick up the sound of gunshots. the pilot program underway, and why some members of the board of supervisors are critical. taking a live look now at the thursday evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, and it is jampacked this hour as people try to make their way into san francisco. it's very slow going. back with more in just a moment.
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san francisco is looking at a new plan to install smart cameras on city streetlights. the devices are installed already at 60 intersections throughout the city for things to a pilot program. the camera can pick up the sound of gunshots glass breaking, but they are being met with criticism from the board of supervisors. alyana gomez tell us right now that the devices a monitoring power usage and electric efficiency, but they are capable of doing a lot more. >> reporter: at 60 intersections throughout the city, you might find small white boxes at the top of certain streetlights. innovative technological capabilities inside these devices are what the san francisco public utilities commission wants to invest $19
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million into. >> what we see with the operational efficiency is that we would know immediately let's the a streetlight is broken. we would not have to drive around with crews to try to look at a streetlight that happens to be out. we know immediately. >> reporter: the $19 million estimate would pay for devices in all 40,000 streetlights in the city. the money would come from the puc budget and i'm told would not be passed on to ratepayers. the pcs as well these devices can record audio and video, they are not planning on implementing that component , at least for now. >> we are considering moving forward to see how that we can use video for our operational purposes , which would mean that they water main was broken, we can look at video to see what happened. we are not streaming it, we are not collecting it now at this time, but those are potential operational uses for us when it comes to video. >> reporter: the proposals being a criticism not only from neighbors but also the board of supervisors. >> insurance or zone of privacy, and that is something we should always be really cautious about doing. so at >>first blush it's not something i'm excited about.
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talk the technology out there has a rate a lot of alarm for immigrant rights groups, for communities of color that are just proportionately misidentified, by the technology right now. >> reporter: supervisor >> >> it would require any city department that is seeking or is the tonight's approval for surveillance technology adopt a policy prior to doing that. >> reporter: the puc says if they to go down that route, they would inform the board and the public. >> any further escalation of this or expansion of the technology, it would be corresponding with multiple conversations, robust and transparent oversight. >> reporter: the puc says the video would only monitor its own equipment, and not people. not the benefit of all this is the eventual cost savings they
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could see, because the program is still in the early stages and the research stages, they don't have any hard numbers yet on how much costs savings. in san francisco, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. i hope you got a chance to get outside today. it's been gorgeous out there. we do have a little rain on the way. i know that is not the best news, but it's not going to be for your entire we can. they'll make it a little bit better. let's take a look at that at current temperatures right now. is a 60 degrees if you take a look here and oakland. but warmer than that down and haywood were it is 64 right now, 55 in san francisco . very pleasant. still a little below average where we should be this time of year, but not bad. the wind is picking up a little bit. that's going to continue about 20 miles per hour was really flow there in napa, about 15 miles per hour and oakland, 16 and concord, and that's an indication of whether coming our way come so well right now we are looking at certain storm tracker two, look what's happening right offshore. you see this low-pressure
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system is getting its act together, and that said to bring us some rain. we look throughout the evening tonight. it's fine. we start to see the clouds roll in during the overnight hours, and by 8 a.m. with guy showers in the north bay as we head into the afternoon. the 3:00. here comes the stormy weather head of the cold front, and is a tractor, and bring show to pretty much all of us until saturday morning, then we clear and we are looking good for the weekend. how much rent? between 0.25 to 0.375 an inch. we will go to the hill to see about an inch of rain, but tonight overnight both of those clouds increase. temperatures a mild, and wake up to a little rain tomorrow. we will talk about your weekend and extended forecast will come back a bit. today marks a summer anniversary for the oakland police department. it was 10 years ago today that four officers were killed in the line of duty. jesse gary attended a memorial service today in their honor. >> reporter: a summer scene catholic church , at the annual moment, pause, and remembrance of the loss of four oakland
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police officers marked its 10th year. >> ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound. ♪ >> reporter: over 100 of the police officers and victims' families attended his hour-long service in east oakland. 10 years ago today, officer john hege and officers mark dunakin, ervin romans, and daniel sakai lost their lives. >> our fallen heroes are never forgotten. they are always a part of our family . we honor and respect them. rebel tropics events began when dunakin and hege performed a traffic stop. mix and shot and killed both men with a semiautomatic he ran gun and ran into his sister's apartment to start shooting at officers. to s.w.a.t. officers, romans and sakai return fire. >> it was just a stunning day.
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you can't comprehend this type of loss all in one day. and just the whole city froze in disbelief that we could have such a magnitude of loss, such a tragic loss of life. >> reporter: officers from various departments arrived early to pay their respects. police officials say despite the showing today, no ships or patrols were left uncovered. for the memorial this year, the names of all open police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty were included inside the program. city officials say it is a way of showing how dangerous the job is and how brave the men and women are who serve. in east oakland, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead at 6:30 tonight, a quick thinking harbormaster
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jumped into action as firefighters rescued a drowning man without a boat. >> you probably saved us five minutes. we're talking the life-and- death, five minutes can be the difference between those two. >> weather on fire boat cannot be used in a a baseball legend tipped his cat as a a's in maryland go to extra innings. that story later in sports.'s as sap center in san jose gears up to host march madness, businesses are buzzing with activity.
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is not official. the raiders will be playing at the oakland coliseum for at least one more year. the oakland city council voted in the manner police today to approve at least for the 2019 season and the 2020 season if needed. the lease calls for the team to pay $7.5 million in rent. the coliseum authority and alameda county board of supervisors have already approved the agreement. march madness is coming to the sap center in san jose tomorrow. the shark tank has undergone a transformation for that big event. this time i video shows the conversion of the hockey rink into a basketball court. scott reiss now with what to expect. >> reporter: the pageantry of the ncaa tournament has descended upon the south bay. >> i think san jose is a path to the final four. >> reporter: the remains to be seen, but we do know eight teams, fans, cheerleaders, and mascots are present and
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accounted for. >> biggest challenge is getting all teams into san jose. it's the east coast, the south, midwest, and west. we have team from every bracket. >> reporter: which means fans from every region brandishing their team colors and bolstering the local economy. >> we went out to big basin state park yesterday and checked all the redwood, went down to santa cruz to look at the ocean, and now we are in the city for a few days for some basketball, and more touristy things as we get off. >> reporter: >> we had a compact downtown where we stay in a hotel, we go to the plaza, walked to the game, go post give for a libation or two, and never have to get in the car. >> reporter: libations are part of the equation around town. the tournament is always a draw , even more so this year given the local action. >> it helps having a down the street. a lot of places that don't
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normally show their faces out on san jose are definitely out and about showing their face and getting to know us. >> reporter: because college sports fans are nothing if not loyal, thanks to march madness. the bay area will reap the benefits of that loyalty now and into the future. >> we made a vacation the following various ncaa tournaments in 2002. we've been a lot of different locations. they are all fantastic. there is something good. >> reporter: now that fans have embraced the local culture there, they are more than ready to immerse themselves in basketball. games here at sap center will tip off tomorrow at 11 a.m. the first matchup pitting uc irvine against another team. and san jose, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. allegations of creepy texts and lewd remarks. the sexual harassment claim against cal's football program being made by a former student intern. hundreds of millions of facebook passwords improperly stored. what that means for users of the social network.
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natural our top stories. newly released documents show a police officer was fired for lying, and another was suspended for having sex while on duty. records released under new police transparency law show the return police lieutenant jerred tong was fired for making false statements to internal affairs investigators. officer terrence jackson was suspended for engaging in a sexual act on duty. san francisco police say homeless man stabbed another man to death at fisherman's wharf yesterday afternoon the police were called to jefferson and taylor, where 44-year-old brooke pettyjohn was found with several stab wounds. officers arrested 56-year-old bruce edward penn on suspicion of murder and assault. >> reporter: president trump signed an executive order today addressing free speech on college campuses. the president said the federal government will withhold funding from campus at the place restrictions on free speech. he issued the order after drawing attention to an
6:31 pm
incident on uc berkeley campus, when a conservative activist was punched by someone who disagreed with him. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news 6:30. a former student internet uc berkeley is going public with claims of sexual harassment involving members of the cal football program. >> elissa harrington reports the woman said the situation became so bad , she had to withdraw from the university to get therapy. >> reporter: i spoke with a woman making the six actuations on the phone and be attacked messages morning. she told me she tried to report the abuse to different officials within the apotex department but was ignored. she told me the only advice she got was to wear clothing that covered her shoulders. the women wrote a lengthy post on her facebook page that details what she said she wanted when she worked for the sports medicine department at cal as a student intern. she said the harassment started right away and got so bad, one coach told her she would be fired if she did not have sex with him. the young woman has since withdrawn from the university to get therapy. she told me she does plan to
6:32 pm
return, but she will no longer study sports medicine. she has changed her major. the facebook post details players are going her, players and coaches sending her what she called the texts, also making the remarks. calipers at lenox department that it is aware of the allegation, and the matter has been referred to the campus office for the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination. portable statement reads cal athletics is and will always be committed to fostering a culture where everyone feels safe, welcome, and respected. others associated with the department are expected to maintain ethical standards at all times. that the university said the disciplinary action will be taken as any polities were violated. of people on staff are required to complete sexual harassment training. at uc berkeley, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. there are reports tonight that colin kaepernick and eric reid had settled their grievance with the nfl for much less than first thought. initially it was believed they were going to get between $60
6:33 pm
million-$80 million, but not the wall street journal is reporting that they are actually going to get less than $10 million to be split between them. kaepernick and read claims that nfl teams colluded to keep them off the field after they started kneeling during the international anthem to protest police violence against black men. it's still not clear how much either player will actually walk away with after paying their legal fees. facebook's facing any controversy involving the private information of its users. the company revealed the passwords of hundreds of millions of its users were not properly guarded. pattillo exposing them to facebook employees. facebook said there is no evidence its employees abused the access to those passwords. the security experts say this bridge could have affected as many as 600 million facebook users, and their passwords have been available to some 20,000 facebook employees.
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to san rafael where firefighters received a rescue call today about a man who'd fallen into the water and was running. there is a big problem. their rescue boat is being repaired. rob roth tells us what they did instead. >> reporter: this is a photo of the san rafael firefighter rescue team loading a man into an ambulance just after they got his heart to start beating again. >> we are very happy we were able to get this gentleman to a hospital and get his heartbeat back. >> reporter: they received an emergency call about 8:00 thursday morning that a man had fallen from his boat and into the san rafael canal, but about five minutes from the marina. firefighter rescuers typically would've hopped into the fire boat called confidence, but confidence was in the shop. >> i had some gear problems, so had to replace some parts in the motor. >> reporter: while san francisco police were sitting on it's both and other first
6:35 pm
responders were also headed there, the quick thinking and harbormaster pat lopez did it would be faster if you carry the rescue team to the man in his own shift. >> assembles about five minutes, but we are talking a life-and-death, it can be the difference between those two. >> reporter: by the time rescuers got there, other people from the boat had gotten the man out of the water, but he was not breathing and his heart had stopped. you been underwater for five minutes. >> three of our firefighter paramedics arrived, took over cpr, and got the patient off of the boat onto the skid here in the replicant ambulance was waiting at the remote arena and rushed the man to marin general hospital. firefighters say they don't like not having their fire vote available, but boats require lots of menus. >> a lot of times, it is a boat, and boats are expensive, but not break. >> no word what caused the boater to fall into the water. the fire boat is said to be in business on monday. in san rafael, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
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a car hit a woman pushing a stroller and san francisco haight-ashbury neighborhood today. the incident happened at 11:15 this morning at the intersection of haight and asberry street. police say the driver was making a left turn from ashbury onto haight, when the accident happened. this is video provided by us by the citizen app. police say the driver did not leave the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. the woman who was hit is expected to survive, and the two children and that stroller were not hurt. in san jose, police are in better getting a solo car crash that killed a speeding driver. it happened around 1:15 year price middle school on new jersey avenue. investigators say a 60-year-old man was driving about 80 miles an hour on a street where the speed limit was only 35 miles an hour. he lost control of his car, hit two curbs, and slammed it will history be the police are looking into whether drugs or alcohol may play a role in the crash. president trump said it's time for the u.s. to fully recognize its real solvency over the golan heights. what that means for is really prime minister regimen that yahoo. the lease on the investigation on boeing 737 max jetliners. the extra safety features that the company says it will stop charging airlines for. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. president trump said today the united states should recognize israel's authority over the golan heights. one of the world's most disputed territories. president trump's position reverses a longtime u.s. policy and is counter to united nations resolution. but is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu has pressed the united states to formally
6:40 pm
recognize israel's annexation of the land that it see from syria and the 1967 arab war. the israeli leader made another appeal for support yesterday when he welcomed secretary of state mike pompeo in jerusalem. federal prosecutors are investigating the faa certification of the 737 max gent as well as the anti-stall system they may have played a role in two deadly crashes. ethiopian airlines said all of its pilots went through extra training required by boeing to find the max eight jet that was involved in the crash 11 days ago. the airline also said pilots were aware of an emergency directive issued to by the faa after the lion air crash which killed 189 people in indonesia last year. >> it was a connection between technology that may be new and training them might not have been ready yet either. >> boeing also says it will stop charging airlines extra for what has been an optional safety feature, a second sensor that can potentially detect an
6:41 pm
aerodynamic still. the pentagon is also looking to whether acting secretary patrick shanahan, a former boeing executive, used his position to improperly promote boeing products. the governor missouri has declared a state of emergency as floodwaters rise along the missouri river. a makeshift levee broke in the town of craig, forcing evacuations there. you can see the floodwaters swamping the street. crews rescued several people from flooded homes, and another levee breach across the river threaten to martez. the river is rising due to heavy rain and snow melt. >> i think this is going to be the worst we've ever seen. >> we were here 20 minutes, and the water has already rison 40 inches. that nebraska and southwestern iowa have also been hit hard by flooding. addition to homes, the floods have put tens of thousands of acres of farm fields underwater. incredible images of an attack in san francisco bay . the store behind this struggle between a sea lion and a leopard shark.
6:42 pm
and i'm keeping an eye on the weather for you. we have some rain in the forecast. i'm going to try that for you, time and out, and we will talk about the weekend so you can make your plans. alex savidge in the newsroom now a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. an iconic of any rooted in the area goes public , but not for the first time. see how levi's shares did on their first day of trading. and several garbage cans set on fire in downtown san mateo early this morning. the police are looking for tonight. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. ♪ to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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we have some incredible photos of nature in action. a sea lion preying on a leopard shark and san francisco bay. tori gorman ceci and another person were on a boat near alcatraz on sunday, when they notice something thrashing around in the water. she said they watched in awe as the sea lion thrashed the shark around for about five minutes . experts say sea lions are known to feed on smaller shark species like leopard sharks. >> that is -- >> pretty incredible, i know. it would be scary if you are sitting on a boat and all of a sudden, you see what's bubbling underneath. let's talk about the weather now. khyber is in for chief meteorologist bill martin. beautiful. >> a little breezy, sure. but so much sunshine! it was gorgeous out there, and
6:46 pm
i'm happy to say we have more of that in our future, just a little hurdle to get to before we get there. let's start coming our way as we head towards the weekend . everyone wants to make their plans and hopefully be outside like you are today, if you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. we have a little rain tracking our way. right now, it is stunning as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge. just really pretty out there. and it's just nice. temperatures have dropped below the 60 degree level in many spots. santa rosa at 58, livermore 59, and 16 san jose. seeing a few clouds rolled in over the last few hours, but that's going to continue as we start to see this low-pressure system that's going to track on in. you see that kind of comma shape, that's the classic low- pressure system telltale sign that we've got the rain coming towards us, so what it is is we get stormy weather head of the cold front as a trax, so that what we are going to see happen over the next 12 to 16 hours. this cold front will move in.
6:47 pm
the wind we feel now is going to pick up as we get into the overnight hours and into tomorrow. you can see as we get friday, 7:00 a.m., there is a northbay. that is to move across the bay area. this is 3:00. is have your showers rolling in, and finally heading out about 8:00, 9:00. by the time we had saturday morning we get ¢ back, you can get outside and enjoy. all told, we are talking about 0.25 to 0.75 of an inch of rain. it should not be too bad to cosplayer problems hopefully. overnight tonight, we'll start to see clouds move in. 43 in santa rosa, and about 46 down and him rose. tomorrow will be cloudy to start and san francisco. take your umbrella you even though you might not see those showers in the morning.
6:48 pm
you will see you them as you get into the afternoon, and you're going every the conditions and the a jacket is a good idea as well. the high in san francisco just 58 degrees . we have some sierra snow coming yet again. two to five it inches expected. that's what the winter weather advisory is of 11:00 on friday and goes until 5:00 p.m. on saturday. it'll be okay getting there early on friday, and sunday i think you will be fine, but i would avoid saturday if you can. as we get the friday, we get a few showers, and saturday and sunday we get the beautiful weather, we warm up to 65 degrees on sunday. and that's about where we should be the time of year, so we've been a little cool. that we will cool back on monday, tuesday, and even once a we can see some showers and a little bit of a what pattern coming next week. >> how is the week and is looking good right now. >> get out and enjoy it. some high school students from san francisco are on their way to africa tonight. it's part of a program called operation genesis, and it's organized by the san francisco police department. the program enables african- american students to learn more about their ancestry. the 1980s were selected from the city bayview, and they are
6:49 pm
being accompanied by four police officers during their nine-day trip to ghana, and while the other they will meet with local youth to discuss the challenges they face. >> we are fortunate to go out there and see how life is to appreciate the life we do have here in america. >> this is the sixth year operation genesis. students who have been through the program call it a life- changing experience. a big celebration this afternoon at oakland tech after their girls basketball team won the state championship. this afternoon, hundreds of students and faculty members and fans all filled the gym and oakland tech on broadway and oakland. they were celebrating the bulldogs' win earlier this month over covina to win the cis division four state
6:50 pm
championship. also today, the golden state warriors invited members of another championship girls team from oakland. the oakland high school wildcats got to watch the defending nba champs worked out today. oakland high won the division iii state championship. they be top-ranked mcfarland. this is the first time two girls teams from oakland have won a state championship in the same year. >> congratulations to both teams. well, it is officially underway. march madness, how the guilt advanced to the first round championship up next with sports.
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man, the st. mary's gaels play them tough. >> it's a tall order when you got to take on them defending champion to. it's a tall order, and they came close. they played well. but today's game with villanova was a rematch from 2010, a game in which st. mary's won to earn them a spot in the sweet 16. did not happen today. defending champ villanova and
6:54 pm
randy bennett gaels, so it's an 11th c4 st. mary's, 64 villanova. looked good for the gaels early. tell me cousy the three- pointer, as the gaels take a two point lead in the halftime. second-half, noble up by five. forcing the turnover, and jermaine samuel gets out and throws it down with the dunk. later in the half, phil booth, more highlights for villanova. demure cause be drowned tree peter welch has pushed the lead up to eight. the gaels never got past eight. it was a close game all the way through. jermaine samuel block that gathers the ball, and delay in nfl, and that would prove to be pretty much the dagger. wildcats, they would hold off the gaels 61-67 . season over for st. mary's. 15 other ncaa game today. we are not going to show you all of them. just the upset, be dance, buzzer beaters. this was a be down and buzzer beater. final seconds of the first half. he hits the three. he had a triple double.
6:55 pm
first triple-double since draymond green and michigan state back in 2012, as he throws down the dunk. 17 points, 16 assists, living rebounds, as 12 seeded murray state upsets number five marquette 83-64. auburn, new mexico state, that's albans head coach bruce pearl. his fifth-seeded tigers taking on number 12. the aggie six seconds ago. aging parents taking a coast-to- coast. a layup tied it with three seconds to go, but he kicks it out for the three. brown misses the three-pointer. that was going for the win. did not work out, but he is spelled on the shot. straws berkeley is back in the studio. he's from auburn. he only hits one of three free throws. they get another chance, and he misses it. that is happy chuck, as auburn hangs on 78-77. minnesota louisville.
6:56 pm
the seventh-seeded cardinals try to get past tense see the minnesota. second-half, golden gophers up 13, crushing the boards. that leads to gabe couch or three-pointer. he finished with 24. richard pitino coaches minnesota to a 10 point win over louisville, and pitino and that's a familiar, that is his son. >> wow, really? >> the team has that coach for 16 years. yale versus lsu, and this is a maximum effort by emmett williams. driving into the scores table. now look at the drink by the fan. he paid a lot of money for those seats. gets everywhere, but yale hung tough in this game. but at if you're just too strong. skyler mays, a couple of big steps there, but i want to show
6:57 pm
you this was not a travel. watch this. one, two, yet. nice little area. tigers beat the bulldogs 79-74. the a's wrapped up their mini to the game series with the mariners in japan. can't blame them if you missed it. another 235 a.m. first pitch our time which the primetime in japan, and a special night for the 46,000+ in the tokyo dome. we will show you why in a moment, but that former a's ryan healy, and he sends a pitch out to the hurry. to run home runs. mariners of 20. that will play. not olsons comes home, and replace one run. it is add another one so it's 3- 2 when khris davis goes up the middle which the bases loaded. brings him a pair of runs, and now it's tied at four. it is in the gym. neither double-play to get out of the gym. domingo santana 41, but his
6:58 pm
throw was high, and it gets away, and the mariners win 5-4. each euro tsuzuki retires. tonight.
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what are you doing? oh, uh, priya's calling in a few minutes on skype, and we are gonna have a dinner date. it's 8:00 in the morning in mumbai. how can she have dinner? fine, whatever. priya will be having breakfast. all right, so technically, it's not a dinner date. i suppose you could call it a, uh, dinfast date. but if you did, you'd open yourself to peer-based mocking, such as, "hey, leonard, how was your dinfast with priya last night?" that doesn't sound like mocking. you didn't let me finish. dinfast. are those soy-based candles? i don't know. why? paraffin candles may contain carcinogens. unless lung cancer is the ambiance you were going for at your dinfast. dinfast. listen, i don't want to be rude, but priya's gonna be calling any minute, so...


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