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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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f0 i'm a new push to happen teachers live in the community where they work. california has a teacher housing crisis. we saw that in oakland and in l.a. bay area housing costs are not easy on a teacher's salary but mountain view has a plan to
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help. >> in the past hour school board leaders approved a project to build 144 homes for teachers. live in mountain view after attending the board meeting. >> the vote was unanimous and there was clapping at the end. i met two people who work for the district and can't afford to live here. a teacher that's moving to denver and an administrator who'll commute from vallejo. a unique housing project to help teachers live where they teach so the district can avoid losing people. >> we looked into living in mountain view. it's not affordable for my family. we've decided we will move back to denver. >> this school year her last after four years teaching in
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the south bay, calling the move bittersweet buts in. represents for a three bedroom apartment is $4,000 a month. >> it is sad. we love the area, there's a lot to do here, it's a great place to be a kid and raise a family except for the cost of housing. >> we hear stories like sarahs all the time. teachers who are moving to oregon or washington or denver. >> the superintendent says despite increasing salaries it's not enough. other school districts have built housing on their own property they are partners with a developer to rebuild 144 affordable homes. the rents tied to the household income. a teacher would pay $1,500 for
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a one bedroom. >> multiple school districts are looking to solve the problem. >> it's expensive. >> part of the district administrative staff. she hopes her family will qualify. she will move to a four hour commute. >> a lot of families are doubled up. >> this project is estimated to cost $56 million. the district will get a loan, a bond or private donation and believe rents will offset costs. the project will move forward to the mountain view city council in may. if all goes as planned the goal is to have the teachers in the
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homes by the end of 2021. we head to san mateo police are searching for an arson suspect following three fires in the downtown area. one started in a dumpster behind a blood donation center, another started in a parking garage at 2nd and el camino real, the other on east avenue. two people leaving the area around the time of the fires. the investigators are asking for help in identifying them. anyone with information call police. a vigil in san francisco for a man shot and killed by police five years ago tonight. his family went to court and lost. they are hoping a memorial will
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ease the pain. >> a memorial needs the approval after a parks commission. they say this would be a fitting tribute. >> a blessing ceremony opened the memorial ceremony. he was shot here five years ago. >> he was an amazing person. it's really hard for me to come up here. >> hard buts in. his mother spoke through a translator. >> so yes, it is very difficult to remember alex on this day, but the community unity and love has really inspired her. >> on march 21, 2014, 4
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officers responded to a 911 call about a suspicious person with a gun in a holster. he drew a weapon and pointed at officers. the weapon he had was a taser he carried for his job as a security guard. >> he was a buddhist. he had never been arrested. >> this is an image of the memorial his family wants installed at tapark. the cost will be paid for by donations and a grand. they hope to find solis. the recreation and parks commission is spitted to vote on it next month. >> we have not had any type of justice. all we've this is torture. with this memorial we will have a place of peace.
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>> the district attorney's office declined to file criminal charges against the police. the familying aced wrongful death. all four are still on the force. a friend says it's hard coming to the park but he plans to visit the memorial. >> it's a heavy pain in my heart. family and friends hope to have the memorial installed by this summer. his parents say community support has helped them cope with the loss of their son. u.c. berkeley is promising on the investigation claims of sexual harassment by a student.
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while work as an intern in the sports medicine department football players, coaches and staff harassed her with comments and text messages, she said a coach threatened to fire her unless she had sex with him. in a statement the university officials say. >> . a recent don't fronttation on the cal campus is a cat las for president trump order. the executive order allows the
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federal gum to with hole money from campuses that withhold free speech. what the order doesn't what school stands to lose here. >> good evening, at the signing ceremony in the white house president trump surrounded himself with conservative college students who say they have been mistreated or silenced because of their belief. with that president trump told colleges and universities if you want federal funding you have to protect the first amendment. >> it's improving accountability. the president saying conservative voices have been unfairly silenced. >> under the guys of speech codes and safe spaces and
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trigger warnings these universities have tried to restrict free thought. make sure free speech is guaranteed on campuses or lose federal grant money. white require better data on students with financial earnings and asks for a report to shape policy that requires institutions to share physical risks of student loan. >> i'm going to work to fix it. it's outrageous. >> senate education agrees more information should be available to students. saying conservatives don't like it when judges write laws and shouldn't like reawriting the constitution. 12 federal agencies that support university research will have to add new language
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to the funding agreements for public schools that will be a promise to uphold the first amendment. some conservative students attended the signing ceremony but many on the cal campus are skeptical. several we talked withdrew attention to the fact that neither of the two involved in the punching incident are students at the university. they say free speech on campus is alife and well. >> it's promoted here. it's not the speech he wants to hear. people are saying we don't want anyone coming here who's bringing hate speech. >> we need some freedom of speech, that's how we have freedom of the press, freedom
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of religious speech. certain freedom of speech goes too far. snoop the president of the university of california said in a statement . protesters marched to city hall at berkeley. were city leaders are urge thing their -- touching their backs on people who need housing. how stunned tourist watched as a midday fight turned deadly. >> he began walking away. blood pouring out of the side of him.
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. mess in san jose are investigation thetis covery of -- discovery of a man's body. hikers discovered the body. the santa clara dive team
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recovered the body. there's no indication of homicide. the coroners office will conduct an autopsy. >> a deadly stabbing at fisherman's wharf. the dispute involved two homeless men. >> fisherman's wharf with the views of the bay and alcatraz. it became a crime scene when a homeless man was stabbed by another homeless man. >> they found a man lying on his side with stab wounds. that victim died. >> the attack happened in the parking lot wednesday afternoon. the suspect identified as bruce edward penn was arrested on suspension of murder and assault. the victim has had his own brushes with the law.
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this is pettyjohn. this man james showed us where the victim usually hung out. he said pettyjohn had a nasty temper and known for getting into fights. >> it breaks my heart. he drank a lot. he was be on negotiates -- be on nextous. >> soda pop jones saw the victim before the attack. >> he came in, walked across the street and got into a fight with somebody. after i saw the fight go down he began walking away and we called 911. >> i'm not surprised that doesn't happen often. >> this man said the violence didn't change what he thought about san francisco. >> it's a large city.
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all big cities have their problems. i don't think it would change my mind to come back. >> police have canvassed the area for surveillance video. a santa clara supervisor is calling for changes about calling i.c.e. for potentially dangerous individuals. this is after the murder of bambi larson. the man charged is an undocumented immigrant. a better system would rely on arrest warrants. >> three times last year did i.c.e. come to the county with an arrest warrant for their deportation purposes involving an inmate in our jails.
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in all three times that inmate was turned over to i.c.e. >> the supervisor recommends an analysis of the probation system. cameras were not allowed but our crew got video has a suspect walked into the hearing. maurice turner and donald jeter are accused of rock a crew and shooting and wounding their security guard. the suspects did not enter a plea today. in san francisco a car hit a woman pushing a double stroller. it was at hate and ash bury streets. police say the driver was making a left turn when it happened. this is video provided by the
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citizen app. the driver did not leave the scene and was cooperating. the woman who was hit is expected to survivor the children in the stroller were not hurt. we've had a fantastic day. beautiful, temperatures below average. we have a storm system coming our way. it's in the gulf of alaska. it will roll our way. it will bring rain tomorrow. tonight it's lovely. you don't see many clouds in the sky. that will change. 52 in san francisco. 47 in oakland. 54 in mountain view. we're all in the 50s. over night it will be 40s that we'll see. in the north bay 43 in santa rosa. 46 in san jose. the real story is this system as it tracks in. we go into tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m.
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we get the rain in, in the north bay. it tracks north the south. the heaviest rain in the afternoon hours, there's 3:00. 8:00 p.m. it will clear north the south. a nice saturday. we're talking about quarter inch to three-quarters of an inch for most. it won't be a huge system. it will keep us wet for tomorrow. you want to take your umbrella with you. the rain will be returning tomorrow. it will be widespread by the afternoon. the temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees tomorrow. i'll have more on the extended forecast when i come back. we're getting into more of a rainy pattern next week. cameras and microphones on every san francisco streetlight. what the equipment would be
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used for and why it's meeting resistances. >> and march madness is here, we'll take you to st. mary's college where students rooted on the only men's team from the bay area.
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. march madness is coming to san jose tomorrow.
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the shark tank as under gone a renovation. fans are showing off team colors and a boost to the the economy. >> we went out the big basin state park. santa cruz and looked at the ocean. now we're in the city for a look at the basketball. >> the national beauty and the culture and the food. >> there's 4 games tomorrow. the winners play again on sunday. there's plenty of tickets available. >> st. mary's dance was short losing to villanova. fans came away with something positive. the watch party was packed. >> it was rocking until the end and four-point loss for st. mary's it's one undone. their team battled and it
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wasn't a blowout. >> mikey's face said it all at the final buzzer. for two hours this campus was transfixed. standing room own only. >> there's nothing better than this. i love these guys. i hope we can play in the 2nd half. going to the half with the lead, a good sign, staff and students were on their feet. >> we're against a time that won last year tournament. this is exciting for us. >> there's students with the game on one screen and the homework on the other. >> you may be dreaming. >> i'm an optimist. >> a few books open but only in time-outs. >> what everyone wanted, an
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upset like the one that got them here over gonzaga. >> people were screaming and hug and hitting each other. it was wild. i was participating in that. >> in late minutes, shot, after shot, after shot did not fall and the second half lead villanova grabbed held to the end. >> we were doing so well and we choked. i get it. amid the disappointment, pride. five years of nine st. mary's have made it to the big dance. >> energy, excitement and possibilities and the fact we came within a couple points is good. i'm proud of them. proud to be part of the community. >> mikey a freshman figures he has three more years to get
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this seat again. >> they always fight. and you have to give it up to them. i feel for them, it probably hurting. but what a year. >> what a year and what a tight game. it has been nine years since villanova and st. mary's met in the tournament. that time the gaels won. what a year and keep fighting. i'm a privacy issue for facebook. it misused hundreds of millions of user passwords. >> look who ended up at the sharks game in l.a. jason will tell us about that later in sports. and the controversy is heating up whether people should be allowed to sleep on
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the streets in rvs. the protests and rallies held today and the profiles of people living in the rv homes. ♪
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♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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. a march rally in berkeley. banning rvs from parking on the street overnight. the people in the rv say the rv
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is an affordable alternative to the high cost of housing in the bay area. this conflict is coming to a head with a vote next week. >> right now here along 8th and harrison there's a dozen rv. if the ban passes these people will need to find another place to sleep. that's families, working people and students. >> at the corner of 8th street and harrison in berkeley, people in rose of rvs are calling this home. caught in a controversy. >> we met a young man who went by the name mark and didn't want us to use his real name.
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he worked in a tech job. >> a year and a few months ago i had a job with a six figure salary and living with my long- term partner of eight years. i got laid off from my job and my partner dumped me. he was left homeless. he bought the rv to keep from sleeping on the streets and he's getting by on $1,000 a month. >> rents have doubled in the last five years in the east bay since the last time i looked for housing. and so, i use my savings to buy the rv. a group of rv owners and supporters rally outside of the city hall calling for officials
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to reject the proposed ban. the ban would make it illegal for large vehicles to park from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. on the streets. some say the rvs are a problem adding trash and causing other problems. advocates say they are the victims of the skyrockets housing costs. >> we're moving a critical stepping stone people need to get house. saying everyone needs to go to high school but removing the system. >> people struggling with homelessness and living in their vehicles are employed or are students, they reactive members of the community. >> berkeley councilwoman says she hopes the city will find another solution. >> where are they to go. they are on the streets
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literally in their vehicle. their vehicle is their home. >> the councilwoman hopes berkeley will consider r.v. parking programs. those programs have been up moments in oakland and union city and hopes that could be a possibility here. the council will take up the r.v. parking issue on tuesday. it's how official raiders have to play at the coliseum a assume for at least one more season. approving the lead for the 2019 season and 2020 season if needed. 71/2 million dollars in rent. the coliseum authority and the board of supervisors approved the agreement. today is a somber anniversary for oakland police
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team. 10 years ago today four officers were killed in the line of duty. >> a somber scene in st. benedicts roman catholic church to pause and remember the loss of four oakland police officers. 100 oakland police officers and victim's families attended this service in east oakland. 10 years ago today officer john hege, romans and self kai lost their lives. >> our fallen heroes are never for gotten. they are part of our family. we honor and respect them. >> the event started when two performed a traffic stop in east oakland. mix on shot and killed both men
10:36 pm
and ran to his sisters apartment. two s.w.a.t. officers were killed before other s.w.a.t. members returned fire. >> it was just a stunning day. you can't comprehend this type of loss all in one day. and the whole city froze in disbelief that we could have such a magnitude of loss. >> officers from various departments arrived early to pay their represents no shifts or patrols were left uncovered. for the memorial the names of all oakland police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty were included. it's a way of showing how dangerous the job is and how
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brave the men and women are who serve i'm still to come, one of the world's most disputed territories. president trump weighing in on the golan heats. rain headed our way. that doesn't mean it a washout for the weekend. blue jeans on wall street the dress code is dropped as levi's launch its second ipo.
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. shares of levis soared more than 30% on the first day of trading. the exchange suspended the dress code and allowed people to wear jeans. traders could be seen in the blue jeans and denim jackets. levi's have been in since the goldrush. the dow was up 216, the nasdaq gained 109 and the s&p
10:41 pm
rose 30 points. apple shares were up ahead of a big announcement. facebook revealed the users passwords were not properly guarded. facebook says there's no evidence anyone abused the access to the passwords but security experts say it could have affected 6,100,000,000 facebook users. it the latest privacy breach for a company under fire for mishandling private information. president trump choosing sides. he says the united states should recognize israel's authority over the golan heights. it is counter to the united nations resolution. netanyahu wants the united states to formally recognize
10:42 pm
israel annexation of the land. netanyahu is one of president trump's closest political allies and is fighting for his survival in an election next month. >> it was a big night in sports. >> the pros and cons of cameras and microphones on top of 40,000 streetlights. >> the chances of rain tomorrow and the weekend ahead.
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flap. san francisco's public utility is looking at a plan to put cameras on streetlights city wide. the devices can pick up the sound of gunshots or glass breaking. right now the devices are monitoring power usage but they are capable of more. >> at 60 intersections is you may find small white boxes at the top of street lights. the capabilities inside the devices is what the public utility commission wants to
10:46 pm
invest $19 million into. we would know immediately if a streetlight is broken. we wouldn't have to drive around to locate a straight light that's out. the $19 million suspect would be in all 40,000 streetlights in the city. it would not and passed on to rate paid errs. >> we are considering moving forward to see how we could use video for our purposes. if a water main was broken. we could look at video to see what happened. we're not collecting it right now but those are potential uses. >> it is being met with criticism. >> it shrinks our zone of privacy. so at first blush it's not
10:47 pm
something i'm excited about. >> the technology has raised a lot of alarm bells for imgracious rights group and communities of color. >> future plans for expansion could be blocked by the secret surveillance ordinance night would require that any department, any city department seeking board of supervisor approval adopt a surveillance use policy. >> if they go down that route they would inform the board and the public. >> any further escalation of this or experhaps of this it would be corresponding with multiple conversation, robust oversite. >> the video would only monitor its own equipment and not pipe. this is the cost saving,
10:48 pm
because the program is in the efficientliy stages they don't have hard numbers on how much cost savings. >> hope you got outside and had an enjoyable day. we have rain coming our way and it will be happening in the next 24 hours. it's a quick hit and we're lined up for a nice weekend. this is the frame we're looking at. about half an inch of rain. that's the what we're expecting it to be. as we go through the next 24 hours, a cold front tracking through and stormy weather ahead of the cold front. here is the low-pressure system in the gulf of alaska. it will track in overnight. right now clear skies. of that won't be the case in
10:49 pm
the morning of the cooling off in santa rosa 47. 51 in napa. 49 in livermore and san jose at 55 degrees. these are the overnight lows. similar to last night. a low of 48 in san francisco and oakland. cooler in the north bay and cooler in morgan hill. it will be the clouds that we notice increasing throughout the night. here's 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we get the lighter showers rolling in. heavier rain behind that and shows up in the afternoon and is a widespread system. by the time we get into saturday we're looking good. it carries you through to sunday. warm on sunday too. tomorrow will be cloudy to start. temperatures again, keep a lid on them. increasing clouds, breezy
10:50 pm
conditions in san francisco. getting up to fight degrees in the afternoon. look out for the rain. look at the extended forecast. we'll get through one rainy day and two beautiful days on tap. sunday a high of 65 degrees, not bad. we enter a weather pattern as we get into monday, tuesday, wednesday. we'll get rain coming our way. we have to make the most of the breaks, today was one of them. nice to be outside. tomorrow will be rainy, rush hour will be tough the heavier rain between 3:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. the wrong time. we've a winter weather advisory in the sierra and more snow this weekend. >> at least for down here the bay area the dry weather for the weekend is nice. president trump science
10:51 pm
another executive order threatening colleges that stifle free speech. >> a complete game by the warriors starting five. how the warriors are staying at the top in the western conference.
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steph says if we play with focus and energy that's the key. they played with focus and energy and 11 games left in the remaining season and the warriors are neck and neck with denver. a lot of love. we've been talking about the chase center. it will happen sooner rather than later. 19 points, 11 rebounds for boogie. before the half klay misses the corner three, iggie gets the ball. he won't miss twice. he had 18. warriors up by 10 at halftime. watch steph. shoots and turns before the
10:55 pm
ball hits the net. steph only needed 15 points. didn't play much in the 4th quarter. gets grabbed and wait for it. there's the flex. 10 points, seven rebounds, 5 assists for draymond. it's good. warriors, all smiles, 112 to 89 as they maintain their half- game lead on the nuggets. key game for the sharks in the race for the top spot in the west. so big in fact, look who showed up. >> turned down to the ice. san jose sharks versus your l.a. kings. >> ron burgundy in the broadcast booth. trying to extend to hockey. flips it to the net. gets past johnson. i don't know if he touched it.
10:56 pm
shark fans down in l.a. are happy. tied at one. and now ron burgundy. >> san jose working it around. taking a few shots. save. cleared by the kings. take that san jose. zero stanley cup. >> that was messed up. taking shots. low blows all night. that was really messed up. kopitar. that's like a tim hardaway killer cross over. you have to give him credit. not pretty for shark fans. ron burgundy goes home with his burrito on the kiss cam. we knew it would be a tough matchup for st. mary's when they announced the brackets on
10:57 pm
sunday. defending alcohol -- champion villanova. malik fitz step back deep two. second 1/2. getting sloppy with the basketball. samuels will make them pay on the other end. nova goes on a 12-3 run. st.mary's hung tough. tommy from nba range as st. mary's cuts it to 3. here's the dagger, the block, gets the ball back and lays it in. the wildcats win it. st.mary's season is over at 22- 12. a full slate of the games today. 16, there's two of the upsets
10:58 pm
beat downs and almost buzzer- beater. john moran, next the zion williamson the most exciting player in college possible. he had a triple-double. he's the first player since draymond 14 with a triple- double in the ncaa tournament. the racers upset marquette. auburn versus new mexico state. that's bruce pearl, the tigers taking on new mexico state. harris coast to coast. if he makes the layup we go to overtime. for some reason he kicks it out for the 3-pointer. he said i wanted to go for the win. the teammate is fouled. charles barkley can't believe they called the foul. he makes one of three. they get the ball back, there's
10:59 pm
your almost buzzer-beater. and chuck is happy as auburn wins 78-77. a's top pitching prospect will miss 4 to 6 weeks with a muscle strain to his pitching shoulder. a's at the tokyo dome playing the mariners. bottom seven, 4-2 mariners when chris davis comes up the middle with the bases loaded. game is tied at 4. a's in a jam. need a double play. santana to siemian, profar's throw is high and go-ahead run scores. mariners win 5-4 and they sweep the 2-game series and they will play for legal -- legal in
11:00 pm
their home opener. next at 11:00. today's action is the beginning to protect free speech and advance our student's rights agenda. >> president trump addresses flee speech on college campuses and draws attention to a recent confrontation at u.c. berkley. >> once again today the president made reference to an attack on a sive act vess. hayden williams with turning point usa was punched while trying to recruit students on


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