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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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next at 11:00. today's action is the beginning to protect free speech and advance our student's rights agenda. >> president trump addresses flee speech on college campuses and draws attention to a recent confrontation at u.c. berkley. >> once again today the president made reference to an attack on a sive act vess. hayden williams with turning point usa was punched while trying to recruit students on campus. police arrested zachary greenburgh. neither is a student at
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berkeley. the president usshow conservative voices are being silenced. the white house said the order directs 12 federal agencies to evaluate if colleges or universities promote free speech. those agencies have control of $35 billion in federal grant money. >> under the guys of speech code and safe spaces the universities have tried to restrict free thought. >> it's unclear how the administration plans to ebb force the order. the white house said the details would be ironed out in the coming months. >> in conservative students from u.c. berkeley attended the ceremony but many are reacting with
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skepticism. some feel that cal already has free speech but in their opinion there's limits to that freedom. >> it's promoted here. i don't think it's the speech he wants to hear. like people are outwardly saying we don't want anybody bringing hate speech. >> we need some freedom of speech. that's freed off the press. but we know that certain freedom of speech goes to far. we can't shout fire in a crowded theater. need net napolitano said we our long starting support for freedom of suppression. new tonight a vigil in san francisco to remember a man killed by police on the fifth
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anniversary of his death. friends and family are hoping to create a memorial. >> a blessing ceremony opened the memorial service to remember the 28-year-old shot and killed by police five years ago. >> he was an amazing person. it's really always hard to come up here. >> hard but necessary says his friends and family. this day. is difficult to the community, unity and love has really inspired her. >> on march 21, 2014, 4 smears -- officers responded to a 911
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call. he drew a weapon and pointed it at officers. they fired 59 shots. the weapon was a taser he carried for his job as a security job. his friends described him as peaceful. >> he was a buddhist. he had never been arrested in his life. the recreation and parks commission is expected to vote on it next month. >> we have not had any type of justice. we've had torture. >> the district attorney's office declined to file criminal charges. the family filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful death. a jury cleared the officers of all charges. a police department spokesman said all four are still on the force. >> when i come up it's a heavy
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pain in my heart. >> family and friends hope to have the memorial here at vernal heights park by this summer i'm a well-known anticommunist activist is ill- in san diego. lee tong may be best known for his hunger trike aimed at pressing leaders to name a stretch of road little saigon. he was found guilty of assault for pepper spraying a vietnamese singer. tong is intonight suffering from lung failure. a sad story involving kevin durant's family following the shooting death of cliff dixon.
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dixon had arrived at a nightclub and was in the parking lot when he was shot. he was there to celebrate his birthday. durant's mother expressed condolences on twitter. dozens of people gathered at u.c. berkeley for a somber vigil. paying dribble to the -- tribute to those killed in new zealand. one cal professor said the caus >> some students are fearful, last week as the students were prepared for the friday prayer they hold on campus, there was height ebbed security. there's people that
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family ties to some killed in new zealand. >> the mountain view school district approach a proved a plan. the project calls for the construction of 144 affordable homes. more on the project. >> the superintendent says it will make a dent in helping retain the districts 600 employees. the vote was unanimous, the school board project. >> school board leaders addressing a critical helping teachers live where they teach. >> we've looked into living in mountain view, it's just not affordable for my family. so we've decided that we will be moving back to denver.
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>> this school year her last after four years in the south bay. calling the move bittersweet but necessary. rents for a three bedroom apartment run at best $4,000 a month. >> it's a great place to be a kid and raise a family, except for the cost of housing. >> we hear stories like sarah's all the time. the superintendent said des inc salaries it's not enough. this district is doing something different. partners developer to committee mollish an apartment complex and lebuilding homes. a teacher with a starting salary of $64,000 would pay for >> hopefully this will
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encourage developers and school districts to partner to 7 a -- solve a problem. >> she hopes her family qualifies. he rents in sunnyvale and relocate to vallejo a four hour round trip commute. >> it's a crisis. if you go down the streets rvs, a lot of families are doubled up. >> the cost for this project, p a loan, a bond or private befor payment, possibly for a home. a search is underway for an arson suspect following three suspicious fires downtown.
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one was in a dumpster on second avenue. another broke out in a parking garage. the third fire was outside a store on east third avenue. police provided this photo showing two people leaving the area around the time of the fires. it's difficult to make them out. investigators are asking for help in identifying them. to san jose where police are investigating the discovery after a man's body in coyote creek lake. hikers spotted the body. the dive team ruf ired the from the water. the coroner will conduct a autopsy. still ahead, a drowning man in need of help. how firefighters got him even though the boat was in the shop for repairs. the chance of a lifetime
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for high school students. their upcoming at venture in africa. >> we've rain heading our way, but it's not going to ruin the weekend. i have the forecast coming up.
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. police are releasing new information about a attack at a tourist destination. a homeless man stabbed another homeless man at fisherman's wharf. police were called to jefferson and taylor street where brook pettyjohn was found with several stab wounds. one tourist from tennessee said the killing doesn't change his view of san francisco. >> it's a large city. all big cities have issues and problems. it's mottram pant here -- not rampant here. both the suspect and the victim
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were well-known in the area. firefighters received a rescue call about a man who had fallen into the water and was drowning. but the rescue boat was being repaired. what happened next. >> this is a photo of a firefighter rescue team loading a man into the ambulance. we're very happy we were able to get this gentleman to the hospital. >> they received an emergency call that a man had fallen from the and into the san laugh yell -- rafael canal. they would have typically got into their boat, but it is in the shop. the police were sending one of its boats to the canal. the quick thinking harbor master knew it would be faster if he farryed the team to the
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man. >> it saved five minutes. five minutes can be the difference. >> by the time rescue ires had got there other people had gotten the man out of the water, his heart had stopped? three of the firefighters paramedics had arrived. >> an ambulance was waiting at the marina and rushed the man to the hospital. firefighters don't like not having their fire boat available. >> we try to minimize the amount of time it's down. >> no word on what caused the boater to fall into the water. the fire boat will be back in service on monday. buying cannabis infused products is easy. the retail giant said it has
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started selling cbd products in eight states including california. creams, sprays, roll ons and logs and saves. it won't sil supplements. it's only partnering with manufacturers that comply high from san francisco are on the way to africa. organized by the police department. the program enables students to learn more about their ancestry. the nine teenagers were selected. they are accompanied by four police officers. while they are there they will meet with local young people to discuss their challenges >> we're fortunate to see what life is to appreciate the life we have.
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>> this is the 6thyear for operation genesis. students who have been through the program call it life changing. that looks really cool. >> it does. >> no better education than travel. >> they'll remember that forever. >> food for them. we're going to talk about the weather. we've had a beautiful day. we're going take a break from the sunshine as we have rain rolling in. we head outside. 52degrees in san francisco. we have dropped into the 40s in many spots. fremont 49 degrees. we're 51 in mountain view. we're cooling off. we had a nice night. a few clouds in the sky. this is where we're going tonight. 48degrees in san francisco. the mid-40's for most of increa we have this system offshore
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ready to roll in. what's happening we have a cold front tracking across the head of the cold front. we have stormy weather. the rain developing and gusty wind. upwards of 30 miles an hour. let's track it for you. we're going into friday morning. you start to see that widespread lighter rain, the heavier showers in the afternoon, 4:00, just in time for rush hour. that will be rough. by the time we get into the later evening hours nice weath you saturday and most places. it's not going to be a huge rainmaker the models are seeing more now than earlier. oakland under an inch of rain. cloudy to start tomorrow.
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we'll see the showers increasing in san francisco. the high will be 58 degrees. as we look at the extended forecast. saturday and sunday look beautiful. especially sunday. a high of 65 degrees. the warmth will feel lovely. we get back into a rainy pattern. monday, tuesday, wednesday, you want to get out the jazzy rain gear. don't keep it too far away. >> keep it by the door and grab it. >> i'll have to get . >> work on that. hiding into the first nd watch. weekend of spring, here are a few things to enjoy. in san francisco the 73rd annual macy's flower show. the event is a celebration of
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flowers, food, art and music, 5000 types of plants, trees and flowers. in the east bay welcome bring with holi at lake liz beth park. or pop over to foster city for a of in the south bay explore thousands of travel experiences and speak to travel experts at the san francisco bay area travel and adventure show at the santa clara adventure center. in the north bay a weekend of cheese, bliss, beer, wine and spirits at the california artisan cheese fast val with supports, demos and pairings,
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happening at the sonoma county fairgrounds. a complete game by the warriors starting five tonight. look who showed up at the >> he says he's a pretty big deal. >> pictures of a sea lion feasting on a leopard shark. it's rare but not unheard of. you will find the story and pictures at
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. mark is off tonight, jason is here. the warriors slaughtered them tonight. now we're winding down the season. it's time to get on to the top spot in the west. andrew bogut gets a nice atn fr 2nd quarter from bogut to boogie. nice move with the d. jams it home. warriors up by 6. steph shows
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off moves. he turns and runs back the other way it will be good. 3-pointer for steph. he had 15 points in the game. off the miss curry will grab the rebound. pass to green. he gets foul. doesn't matter. he lays it in. just before the end of the third. steph, starters didn't have to top spot in west. look who showed up in l.a. for the match up with the kings. >> heros working it around. take that san jose. zero sculpts. >> taking shots. he was pretty good. will farrell in the booth. watch this move. the cross over move.
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kings score two goal and beat the sharks 4-2 and yes the kiss cam, ron burgundy with his burrito. st.mary's play villanova tough but didn't have enough to get past the defending champs today. fired up wildcat fans. randy bennett lead the back two fitz had 13 points. st.mary's hangs tough. tommy cowsy -- crowdsy, deputy three. here's the dagger. gathers and lays it in and the foul. wildcats win it 61-57. season over for the gaels.
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murray state versus marquette. a very sweet dunk as murray state upsets marquette. the a's dropped to 0-2 with a 5- 4 loss to the mariners in japan. here's what people will remember of that game. be salute ichiro suzuki. that's where he started. that's where it ends. standing ovation as he walks off the field. >> 45-year-old. hall of famer. see you later.
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