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in the next five years. next five years. . good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. dave clark is off today. rosemary is in for steve. what are we in store for today. >> we are starting out die dry but that will change, pam. we will continue with the showers as we roll through most of friday. if you have evening plans, you may need the umbrella as well. giving you a look at sfo we are off to a dry start. partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures slightly warmer in some areas because of the cloud cover. low 50s in oakland. low 40s livermore and san jose you are 47 at this hour. there is that cloud cover beginning to move into areas of the north bay along the coastline and partly cloudy for the restweather beginning to mo
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in as well. still 55 miles or so offshore. scattered showers will be a possibility getting through the morning drive it should be very dry. and then as we get into about lunchtime, it looks like the possibility of scattered showers. it takes until the afternoon for the heavier stuff. it looks hit us during the evening drive. anywhere from 1/2 inch for an inch and i little bit more for the hill by tomorrow morning. we are expecting to dry out for the weekend. 57 in pacifica for a high today. 59 in concord. soggy conditions and a bit breezy as well. i'll have a look at the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's check the highways with sal. >> good morning, rosemary. right now, we do have a nice
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affected by in so you might want to factor that into your plans. it is looking pretty from the tracy triangle as you drive from tracy to livermore. it has been best day of the week so far. driving in oakland, traffic is moving well in both directions. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are following breaking news out of afghanistan where two american troops were killed on a mission today. u.s. and nato forces did not specify the location of the combat or say who the soldiers were fighting. the names of the service members are not being released until their families are notified. u.s. has about 14,000 troops still in afghanistan supporting afghan forces. here at home, san mateo authorities are asking the public's help to find two people in connection with a string of suspicious fires. the fires were reportedly early yesterday morning in the
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downtown area. one started in a dumpster behind a blood donation center on second avenue. another in a parking garage at second and el camino real. the third fire started outside a store on east third avenue. san mateo police released surveillance pictures showing two people leaving the areas right around the time of the fire. these two people are considered persons of interest. there were no injuries from the fire but investigators worry that whoever is responsible for the arson could cause much more damage in the future. the mountain view school district has approved a plan to help teachers who can't afford to live in the city. the project calls for building 144 affordable homes for teachers. >> reporter: school board leaders addressing a critical need, a unique housing projec avoid losing people like sarah gonzalez. >> we've looked into living in
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mountain view. it is just not affordable for my family. so we've actually decided that we will be moving back to denver. >> reporter: this school year her last after four years teaching in the south bay. the teacher calling the move bittersweet but necessary for her family. she says represents for a three bedroom apartment run at best $4,000 a month. >> i think it is a great place to be a kid and raise a family except for the cost of housing. >> we hear stories like sarah's all the time. >> reporter: superintendent rudolph says despite increasing salaries by 28% in five years, it is not enough. while other school districts have built housing on their open property, this district doing something different, partnering and rebuild 144 affordable
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homes actually teach ware starting salary of $64,000 would pay $100 for a one bedroom. >> multiple school districts are looking to solve this problem. hopefully, this will encourage developers and school districts to partner together to solve a problem that is critical to california. >> yeah, it is expensive. >> reporter: she hopes her family qualifies. she represents in sunnyvale and will soon relocate to vallejo to her mother's house, a four hour round trip commute. >> i think it is a crisis within mountain view. you go down any of the streets, you can see a lot of rvs, a lot of family are having to be doubled up. today, singer r. kelly will be back in a chicago courtroom where he is hoping to find out if he can leave the country for work. kelly posted $100,000 bond last month after turning himself in to face 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. his lawyer says a mess and that
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the 52-year-old spent the night in bail when he couldn't make bail. several of his concert dates in the u.s. appear europe were recently scheduled. he is hoping to schedule five performances in dubai. today, the judgeover seeing the ghost ship fire is deciding whether to delay the trial to six months. max harris' lawyer, max briggs, filed the motionto go over newly discovered evidence which he says can, quote, considerably impact defense strategy. he said he needs the continuance because he has three other cases heading to court in the coming weeks. the two men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter each for the deadly 2016 fire. san francisco police are releading more information about an tax at one of the
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city's most pop tourist destinations. a homeless man stabbed another homele man to death at fisherman's wharf on wednesday. officers arrested 56-year-old bruce penn on suspicion of murder. one tourist have i itsing the wharf from tennessee told us here at ktvu the stabbing doesn't change his view of san francisco. >> it is a large city. all big cities have their issue and their problems. i think it is appear isolate situation. it is not rampant here so i don't think it is something to would change my mind to come back. >> no word yet on a motive for the stabbing. the district attorney's office will examine the case to determine whether or not to file charges. the family of a man shot an killed by san francisco police officers continue to lobby for a public memorial five yearsal his death. ktvu's amber lee takes a look at the vigil held in fran to honor alex nieto.
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>> reporter: a blessing ceremony opened the memorial service to remember alex nieto. he was shot and killed by san francisco police here at bernal heights park five years ago. >> he was an amazing person. yeah, honestly, it is always hard for me to come up here. >> reporter: hard but next says nieto's friend and family. hi mother spoke through a translator. >> so yes, it is very difficult to remember alex on this day but the community unity and love has really inspired her. >> on march 21, 2014, to a 911 call about a suspicious person way gun in a holster. police say he drew a weapon from his hip and pointed it at officers. they fired 59 shots. the turned out it was a tase are he carried for nds describe
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peaceful person. >> he was a buddhist. he had never been arrested in his life. >> reporter: this is an image of the alec nieto memorial the family wants to have installed at the park. the recreation and parks commission is expected to vote on it next month. >> we have not had any type of justice. all we have had is torture. >> reporter: the district attorney's office declined to file criminal charges against the four officers involved in the shooting. nieto's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging wrongful death. a jury cleared the officers of all charges. a police department spokesman tells me all four are still on the force. >> every time a huge heavy painan friends tell me they hope to have the
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alec nieto memorial installed reat bernal park by summer. today, the golden gate bridge district's board of directors will take a final vote on a series of toll hikes. five plans are under consideration including one that would raise the toll to as much as $9.80 by 2023. this would be incremental encloses over the next five years. bridge district says the toll hike would help chose an estimated $74 million deficit. if approved, the first in the series of likes would start in july. today mark a week since the deadly attack at two mosques. from new zealand to the bay area, the tributes to the many victims. >> plus, cvs pharmacy starts selling cannabis related products. >> good morning. we do have a nice looking start to a freeway morning commute as you drive on highway 4. it looks good on the way to
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concord. >> the morning commute expected to be a dry one. the afternoon commute a different story as rain begins to move in a little bit later today. details on the system and your weekend coming up.
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uc berkeley administratonee and does more harm than good. the president cited last
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month's attack on a conservative activist on the cal campus as a reason for his executive order on free speech at the nation's colleges. ktvu's ray bogan reports on what the order does and what the schools stand to lose. >> reporter: it is title improving free inquiry, transparency an accountability at colleges and universities. the president saying conservative voices have been unfairly silenced. >> under the guise of speech codes and safe spaces and trigger warnings, tried to restrict free thought, impose total conformity. >> the order follows three points. make sure free speech is guaranteed on campuses it would for students on potential future earnings and financial with loans. and it affects for a report to help shape policy that would ri
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student loans. >> student loan debt. i'm going to work to fix it because it is outrageous what is happening. >> reporter: senate education committee chairman lamar alexander frees more information should be available to students but he has concerns with the speech aspect saying conservatives don't like it when judges try to write laws and conservatives should not like it when legislators and agencies try to rewrite the constitution. >> now, some conservative students from uc berkeley attended the signing ceremony at the white house. we talked to some students on the cal campus who are skeptical about the executive order. they say it draws tension to the fact that neither of the two people involved are even students at the university. cal students we talked to say free speech on it is promoted h i just don't think it is the he
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you know. like people are outwardley saying we don't want anyone coming here who is bringing hate speech. >> we need some freedom of speech clearly. that is how we have freedom of the press and freedom of political expression. that is how reous freedom. we also know that certain freedom of speech goes too far. we can't shout fire in a crowded theater for instance. >> the president of the universities of california, janet napolitano, issued a statement which read in part, quote, we do not need the federal government to mandate what already exists. our long-standing unequivocal support for freedom of expression. this executive order will only muddle policies surrounding free speech while doing nothing to further the aim of the first amendment. buying cannabis-infused products is now as easy as taking a trip to a local cvs drugstore. they are selling cannabis related ght states
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including california. roll-ons and locations. they will not sell any supplements or foods containing marijuana or cannabis. the chain also says it is only partnering with a cannabis company that complies with the current laws. let's check in with sal for early morning traffic. i haven't seen you in a while. you are on vacation item first of all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> number two, who would have thought that here we are in 2019, crs drugstores don't sell film anymore but they are selling cannabis products. >> i remember dropping off my film an waiting patiently or not so patiently for the picture to come back. . >> the times have changed. no major issues into the valley right here. we look through the west valley
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the day. that may affect your plans. you mabeen told might happen. oakland here coliseum. when you get to the fairfield area, it also looks good. let's bring in rosemary. >> good morning to you, sal an happy friday. we are off to a partly cloudy, mostly cloudy start an we have rain moving in later this morning and into the afternoon. there is a look at storm tracker 2. you can see the cloud cover and the green on the screen. this is what wear looking at as we get into the day ahead. we'll start out dry but eventually that wet weather is going to move overhead and we are going to continue with scattered showers all the way through the evening hours. from 1/4 inch to an inch expect of our expected to pick up more than that. maybe 1 1/2 inches by tomorrow
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morning. notice we do have a possibility of those scatter showers as ive as we get into the afternoon, not a lot going on. hut or miss for the lunch hour and the afternoon drive is where we are looking at the moderate rain and more widespread. so if you get away with it this morning, by the second part of of the day, expect a slow commute. at least a slick commute coming home into the afternoon. there is a look at your maybe b along the umbrella if you are worried about that hit or miss shower. it will continue into the late night hour before it finally winds down. if you are headed to the see air arc there is a winter weather advisory. starts later this morning, goes all the way until tomorrow afternoon. the higher peaks could get a foot of new snow. we could see a little bit of accumulation all the way down to 4,000 feet or so. it will impact highway 50 well as i-80. temperature this morning under partly to mostly cloudy skies, slightly warmer in some areas. 44 your day in napa.
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44 in santa rosa. 51 in oakland. upper 40s in san jose so a relatively cool start. the win will turn breezy as the storm moves in and right behind it as well. it could be gusty at time for if you had. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 57 for pacifica. upper 50s for san francisco. upper 50s and low 60s around the bay. getting into your extended forecast, focusing on your weekend, e sunday is a mild day. mid-60s. by sunday night, thin start to change. we have more wet weather in the to san jose. the preparations ahead of today's ncaa tournament and how can you get in on some of the fun. >> plus adding cameras and
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microphones to san francisco lights. more on the pilot program and the reason some are fighting it.
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today, march madness takes over. love the college band. forty games will be played there as part of the first
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round of the men's tournament. tipoff for the first game is at 11:00 this morning between uc irvine and kansas state. other teams playing are oregon, wisconsin and virginia tech. >> went to santa cruz to look at the ocean and now we are in the city for a few days for basketball and then more touristy things as we get off days. >> winners of today's games will play in the second round on sunday. there are still plenty of tickets available. st. mary's gales out the defending national champions. villanova looked a bit sluggish in the first half, trailed 30- 28. however, the while cats were a whatever st. mary's looked like they were building momentum, villanova made a play. the wildcats won 61-57. they will play
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the purdue versus old dominion game. this is what it looked like in moraga. although they are disappointed, there is doesn't pride that the team that made to the big dance five times in the past nine years. >> the fact that we came within a couple of points is pretty good. i'm proud of them. proud to be part of the community and part of the gales. >> that is what i love about this team. they always fight. you got to give it up to them. i foal for them. it is probably hurting right now but what a year. >> what a year. perhaps they will have more success next year as well. everyone in their rotation is expected to return except senior center jordan hunter. the the teams from road to they are all playing tomorrow in the first round of the
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women's tournament. two seed stanford taking on uc davis at stanford. sixth seed ucla faces off against tennessee and eighth seed kal will go head to head against ninth seed north carolina. all those games are tomorrow. a star from tv's modern family is throwing her support behind a measure she says will help struggling mothers in california. tv mom and real life mother of three, julie bowen lobbied state lawmaker in on uld elimin sales tax on diaper. a 2017 study by huggies showed that nearly 60% of families struggle to pay for diapers. many report missing work when to send their baby to day care. an emotional call to prayer. coming up next, how new zealand is honoring victims in a deadly terror attack one week after the shootings. >> plus, president trump
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announcing a major change to u.s.-israeli policy. we'll have the details in a minute. good morning. we do have traffic off to a nice start on a friday. if you are driving here in oakland, look pretty good in front of the coliseum. >> a mostly cloudy start outside our doors at this hour as rain begins to move in a little bit later today. what we can expect from the system coming up in just a bit.
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good morning. up with us on friday morning, march 22nd. i'm pam cook. dave clark has the day of today and so does steve. rosemary is here with our weather. >> this more than, it is a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy start. there is the view of storm tracker 2. it remains offshore at least for the time being.
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could see a few sprinkles roll across the bay area but we are looking at the more moderate rain and steady rain to arrive by the afternoon and will impact the evening drive. here is a view as we back it up just a bit. you can see from areas of northern california down to about the central coast and southern california could even get a little bit out of this as well. as far as what we are expecting out of this system, so rain will develop a little bit later today. rainfall amounts from 1/4 inch for an inch pected for begin to tomorrow morning. sierra snow and a winter weather advisory starts later this morning and goes until saturday afternoon if you are planning on heading up there. we


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