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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 22, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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weather. >> this more than, it is a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy start. there is the view of storm tracker 2. it remains offshore at least for the time being. could see a few sprinkles roll across the bay area but we are looking at the more moderate rain and steady rain to arrive by the afternoon and will impact the evening drive. here is a view as we back it up just a bit. you can see from areas of northern california down to about the central coast and southern california could even get a little bit out of this as well. as far as what we are expecting out of this system, so rain will develop a little bit later today. rainfall amounts from 1/4 inch for an inch pected for begin to tomorrow morning. sierra snow and a winter weather advisory starts later this morning and goes until saturday afternoon if you are planning on heading up there. we see light showers develop over the bay area this morning. lunchtime looks to be hit or miss. as we get into the afternoon,
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this is when we do expect to be more widespread just in time for the evening drive. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs for you and a look at your weekend. let's check traffic this morning with sal. >> good morning. we do have traffic that is going to be busy in some areas although it is not really stop and go. it is getting busier if you are driving in vallejo. it is looking pretty good in fairfield so far driving into the area. hopefully, a friday light commute for the morning drive. 18 minutes looks pretty good. this evening, it may be raining and that may affect your decision whether or not to take the car. a little bit of crowding conditions here at the bay bridge. sal. thousands of people gathered in a park in christchurch, new zealand today to observe the muslim one week were killed in two mosques. osques.
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new zealand's prime minister was among those who gathered in a park right across the street from one of the mosques. a mass funeral was held today in christchurch to bury 26 of the victims at a muslim cemetery where several others who were killed have already been laid to rest. people gather ad the berkeley civic center park last night to honor the victims of of the zealand mosque it included community members and students and faculty from uc berkeley. one cal professor says the terrorist attack is causing >> i understand just last week the students were preparing for the friday prayer which they hold on the campus, they were worried, heightened security. is this something that copycats are going to come out. there are people that are afraid. >> some uc berkeley students have direct family ties to some
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of the people killed in new zealand. the relationship wean the united states and israel is quickly becoming an issue in the 2020 presidential campaign and events in the coming days could highlight that even more. ktvu's allison barber joins us from washington, d.c. where a tweet from president trump announcing a major shift in u.s. policy caught many people by surprise. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ptiming of the tweet caugh so many people by surprise. the substance is in line with what we've heard so much of from this administration to date. israel has been america's closest ally in the middle east for quite a while now but it is a delicate relationship and it has been for decades. now, in this era of polarized politics, president trump seems to be plunging in while some democrats are keeping a bit of distance. >> he did it again. >> reporter: for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, president trump's tweet was mousse you can to his ears. >> he recognized israelal
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sovereignty over the golan heights. >> reporter: the prime minister had been pushing for the u.s. to recognize the israel's sovereignty but president trump's tweet caught many by surprise. there are some who say it is an effort to the part of p to help prime minister win re-election next month. jive abeen thinking about doing it identify long time. it has been a hard decision for every president. no president has done it. >> this is not about making the re-election. >> i won't even know about that. i have no idea. >> reporter: the hawaii congresswoman running for president in 2020 called it shortsighted and said it will he is channel 8 tensions in the likelihood of war. netanyahu is heading to the u.s. for a white house visit next week. we will start way speech at this weekend's summit at apac.
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presidential candidates usually flock there for speaking slots but this year a number of democratic candidate are expected to stay away after a progressive advocacy group urgeed a boycott. this all come after congressional democrats were forced address recent comments from one of their own, congresswoman omar who criticized using anti-semitic tropes. pam? >> thank you, allison barber there in washington, d.c. sentencing is set for september for a florida man who admitted to sending bombs to prominent critics of president trump. 57-year-old cesar sayoc broke
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down yesterday. up in of the devices detonated but he read from a prepared statement and apologized for the bombs. governor newsom will be in lake county to announce new action to protect communities vulnerable to wildfires. the governor will join people from cal fire and the office of emergency services to discuss emergency preparedness and new executive action to better protect communities. governor newsom recently redeployed approximately 100 national guard troops who will be trained to help the upcoming fire season. the 11-day training session begins next month. protesters are demanding oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick be fired. the demonstrators gathered hall they say chief kirkpatrick armed homeless man last year. just last week, the four officers involved in the death of 32-year-old joshua were placed on administrative leave and could now face termination.
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the protesters also say the police chief needs to be held accountable. >> this chief was brought here on an assumption of keeping the department accountable but there have been a number of missteps along the way including the bungled investigation of appear murder. >> the federal monitor overseeing the oakland police department has been very critical of the chief's response to the shooting and the monitor criticized investigators saying they failed to question the officer about a video that contradicted their account of what happened in the moment before they open fire. in berkeley there is controversy over a plan to ban rvs from parking on the street overnight. the conflict is coming to a head way vet next week. >> reporter: at the corner of 8th street and harrison in berkeley, people in rows of rvs are calling this home caught in a controversy as the berkeley city
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final vote on whether to ban r vs from parking overnight. we met one young man would went bit name mark and didn't want us to use hi real name. says he was working in a well paying tech job until his hive suddenly turned upside down. >> a year and a few months ago, i had a job with a six figure salary and i was living with my long term partner of eight years and i got laid off from my job and two week later, my partner dumped me. >> he was left homeless. he says he bought the rv as a last resort to keep from sleeping on the streets and now is getting by on $1,000 a month by driving for a ride share company. >> represents have doubled in f bay since the last time i had to look for housing. and so i used some of my savings
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to buy the rv. a group of rv owner and supporters protested outside city hall calling for officials to reject a proposed ban on the agenda next tuesday. the ban would make it illegal for large vehicle to park from 2:00 a.m. on to 5:00 a.m. on the streets. some citizens say the rvs have become a problem blocking customers and residents a parking and causing other problems. advocates for the rv owners say they are the victims of the bay area's skyrocketing housing costs. >> kind of like removing a critical stepping stone that people need to get housed. kind of like saying everybody need to go to high school but removing the school system entirely. >> the majority of people struggling with housing and holelessness and living in their cars are employed or they are students. they are members of families.
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they are active members of the community. >> reporter: berkeley council woman sheryl da. have a la says she hopes the city will find another solution. >> where are are they to go? they are on the street literally in their vehicle. their vehicle is their home. a quick thinking harbor master in san rafael helped rescue a boater who fell into the water. san rafael fire department usually keeps its fire boat docked at the marina but it was in the repair shop yesterday morning when main fell into the san rafael canal. police september one ever the two boats to the canal. other first responders headed in that direction but the harbor master the man in his own small boat. >> it probabliy saved us five minutes. g about life and death, five minute can be the difference between the two. >> an ambulance was waiting at the marina to rush the man to the hospital. firefighters say he was not breathing an his heart had stopped by the time he was
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pulled from the water. no word on what caused the man to fall into the canal. the fire boat is scheduled to be back in service on monday. a unique spill on the road. up next, what the chp found after a truck lost its load on the oakland highway. >> and the quirky poem they posted about the stop just for that truck driver. plus, we can be seeing some higher tolls in just a couple of months. the vote happening today that could lead to a nearly $10 toll of the golden gate bridge. >> as you see in san jose, traffic in downtown san jose is off to a nice start here. >> and ady under way. partly to mostly developing a l bit later today. details coming up.
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a driver has been cited after bags of marijuana fell from the back of a truck onto 880 in oakland. the chp posted these photo on twitter with the caption, roses are red, violence are blue, your spilled weed is green and we have a citation just for you. the chp says the driver was cited yesterday afternoon for littering and for driving a commercial vehicle without the proper license. reports out of san diego indicate that a well-known anti- communist activist from san jose is gravely ill. lee than may be best known for his hunger strike back in 2008 aimed at pressuring san jose
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leaders to name a stretch of story road little saigon. a vietnamese newspaper reports he is in a coma and suffering from lung failure. a new proposal is in the works to install smart cameras on streetlights in san francisco. the public utilities commission wants to invest $19 million on the plan. the devices are already installed at 60 intersections thanks to a pilot program. >> it shrinks our zone of privacy and that is something that we should always be really cautious about doing. justis not something i'm excited about. >> any further escalation of this or expansion of it would b corresponding with multiple conversations, robust and transparent oversight. >> the devices have the ability to pick up the sound of glass breaking and gunshots and can be used to help law enforcement but the puc says the devices
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are not being used to collect data or stream video. money for the devices would come from the agency's budget. there are new reported details in the settlement between the nfl and former 49ers colin kaepernick and erica read. the "wall street journal" is reporting that kaepernick and reed got less than $10 million to split between them. cap are nick and reed claim the nfl teams colluded to keep them off the field after they started kneeling during the national anthem them did so in protest of racial injustice after several unarmed african- americans were killed by ponot cheer how much either player will walk away with after paying their legal fees. kevin durant and his family are grieving following death of aman durant called his adoptive brother. clifford dixon was celebrating
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his birthday when he was shot outside an atlanta nightclub. dixon was taken in by durant's mother when she was just 14 years old. durant's mother called dixon's death an incredible loss. kevin durant played in last night's game with the pacers with a heavy heart after learning that news. we saw the return of demarcus cousins who had missed last two games way sore ankle. the warriors pulled away and turned it into a 26 high pressure point you out of two f line. >> steph curry, kevin durant each scored 15 points. clay thompson scored 18. warriors won 112-89. they host the maverick tomorrow night. let's get back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on this morning, sal?
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>> we are looking to see if there are any surprises. you know we don't like them. this week has been a tough one but this more than, we do have traffic on the altamont pass. it doesn't look too bad. there is a little bit of slowing already which is typical but it is better than it has been and hopefully, it will stay this way as you drive out to livermore and dub lip. no major problems in tracy on 205. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. a little bit of a delay in some of the lane at the bay bridge. sometimes we do that is the case. >> we are off to a dry start but that will change. we have some we may see a few s morning and then it looks like by the afternoon, it becomes more widespread and the winds will be a little bit stronger as well. that is what is to come. here is a look at what is happening right now. you can see the atmosphere already moistening up with the green there on the screen just off the coastline. perhaps a little bit of
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drizzle, a few light shower as we get going on this friday. here as a look at the futurecast. this is right about 8:00 or so. the heavier stuff back in here. that is going to arrive in time for the evening drive. it will be on and off throughout your friday. this is changing up just a little bit. bit more widespread rainfall all the way through your friday night. futurecast model will show you anywhere from 1/4 inch to an inch of rain expected with the inches. if you are going to the sierra for the weekend, there is an feet. ry for our levels will ho winter weather advisory starts at 11:00 this morning and goes all the way until saturday afternoon. we are looking at a new foot of snow at our higher peaks. we have more still to come. we are going to be dry for the weekend. next week look like it will be soggy as well. here is a look at the
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temperatures right now outside our door. 47 in novato. 5 # 52 in downtown san francisco. by the afternoon, upper 50s expected for san francisco. up are 50s for the east bayshore. we'll go 59 in concord and in the south bay a view of your ex forecast shows you rainy conditions, breezy conditions for today. could be more breezy for tomorrow but we'll be dry. temperatures in the low 60s for the afternoon. slightly warmer on sunday before the next chance of rain moves in late sunday into monday. pam? by play. >> shut on goal. he scores. put that baby to bed without a diaper. >> still ahead, the legendary anchor calls a san jose sharks game. oh! oh!
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. welcome back. now that string spring is here, it is time to stop and smell the flowers. >> heading into the firsand her arrest few things to enjoy around the bay area. in san francisco, the 73rd annual macy's flower show begins this weekend. the annual event is a celebration of flowers, food, art and music. this year's event will showcase
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more than 5,000 types of plants, trees and flowers depicting various outer space themes. in the east bay, welcome spring with holly, a at lake elizabeth park in fremont. can you find lots of colors, music, dance performances and loads of fun for kids. or pop over to fossett every city for i day of color, music, dance and festivity. in the south bay, explore mostly cloudys of travel persons and speak directly to going experts at the ninth on all weekend long at the santa clara convention cent ore great america parkway. in the north bay, it is a weekend of cheese, bliss, beer, wine and spirits at the 13th annual california wine and cheese festival in santa rosa complete with farm tours, warri
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sharks are away. that is your weekend watch. tonight, the san jose sharks face the anaheim ducks in the second leg of to rebound shark were up 2-1 going into the final period but could not hold on to the lead. the sharks have already clinched a playoff spot but they lost their last four games. the nhl post-season begins on april 9th. a legendary news anchor join the los angeles kings broadcaster in the television booth and definitely added some color. >> when does the kiss cam start? >> we might have to buzz upstairs to this burrito. >> you don't know who that is, actor and big sports fan will p movie character, ron burgundy. clearly an l.a. fan. he took a swipe atthe sharks
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for never winning the stanley cup. there he is kissing the burrito. the appearance there may have been to promote the ron burgundy pod cast. always entertaining. coming up in our 5:00 hour, the mountain view school district is trying to retain its teachers. the incentive under consideration to offset the high cost of living in the bay area. plus, later today, we will find out just how much the toll at the golden gate bridge will rise. the hike that will likely come in the next five years. ext five years. >> well, right now, we do have traffic that is looking good.
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we could have a few scattered shexpected for the afternoon. there is a the san francisco sf coming in in the upper 40s to the low 45 outside your door. livermore at 44 and san jose at 49. a little bit of added moisture as well as cloud cover helping to keep our temperatures up just a little bit. with temperature a few degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. here a look at storm tracker 2. there is a look at that rain beginning to move in. it will take a little while for the air to moisten and for that to actually hit the ground. we will call for scattered
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showers through the morning hours. as far as rainfall amounts, all said and done, 1/4 1/4 inch to an inch expected for the hills. we do have a winter travel advisory that starts this morning and goes until saturday afternoon. details on that that advisory coming up in just a little bit. san francisco at 58. concord at 59 and 6 # expected to the afternoon high in san i'll have a time line time is o morning, sal? >> it looks


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