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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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returned to the bay area. how long this latest system is sticking around and what it means for your weekend plans. >> digging deeper into your pock tote drive across the golden gate bridge. the toll hike just approved in san francisco and how much more it will cost. >> a statewide emergency on wildfires. announcement made by the governor just a short time ago. good afternoon. our big story today is the rain. it has returned to the bay area. this is video taken in san ramon where cars had their wind smile weepers going this morning. more rain is expected through the day. we have a look at when the heaviest rain could fall. >> it will be a one-two, almost three punch today. we are in the lightest of the rain that is falling right now. it is certainly causing some slick roads out there and it means you have to slow down today, everybody. you just want to take your time
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wherever you are heading. i am starting to see some heavier showers along highway 1 as we zoom in and start to see the reds and oranges just north of bow dig abay. that is happening. we have heavier showers from about richmond to berkeley and down to oakland where you start to see the darker greens. if we head south, also seeing some steadier showers. and a light rainfall down to redwood city and palo alto. you see it is kind of pushing into the coast. this is a warm front passing us by right now to be followed by a cold front that is going to bring heavier showers ahead of it. a little chilly today. 54 in oakland. hayward, i think there is something wrong with that gauge there. it is not 64 degrees there. 10-mile per hour wind out of the southeast. let's truck this through and show you. we have some light showers now. this is the heavier action
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coming this afternoon. it should be between the 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. time frame. is a back end that comes in about midnight. we clear out for saturday. then, it will be gorgeous. we do have good things coming our way this weekend. new at noon, tolls on the golden gate bridge will be going up again. starting july 1st, fast track drivers will pay 35 cents more to cross the bridge and the tolls will bump up every year through 2023. allie rasmus is live to spring us details on the plan just approved by the board. >> reporter: jerk the golden gate district board met and approved the five-year toll hike plan that wrapped up less than an hour ago. right now, it will cost you $7 to get across with fast track that. price will be going up by 35 cents this july. it will continue to increase 3
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cents every year through 202 if you have fast track. by 2023, drivers with fast track will pay $8.75 to cross the golden gate bridge. driver was don't have fast track but pay in advance will pay $9. drivers would wait to get billed later will pay the highest amount. the district expects to raise $100 million over the next five years under this plan. it was the most expensive toll hike of five different options the board was considering. the money will pay to maintain the bridge and also expand transit including the ferry system at the larkspur terminal. >> we understood that larkspur was heaving people at the dock. we understood that things line the smart train is on its way to the bay area. we believe in transit and transit doesn't pay for itself. >> reporter: board members
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pointed out that the district's golden gate ferry and buses relieve a lot of congestion andrews the number of cars by about 20%. they say it is worth it in the best interests of drivers who use this bridge to invest in the public transits options. but the last time the board met to vote on a toll hike schedule was five years ago and back then it cost just $5 with fast track to get across the golden gate bridge. new at noon, governor gavin newsom has declared what he calls a statewide emergency on wildfires. the governor made that announcement in the past half hour up in lake county which was devastated by fire last year. he says the new executive action will help to better protect california's most wildfire vulnerable communities. it fast tracks the state's tree clearing and other forest management work. he says the order is mostly directed at more than two
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million california homes in rural areas, most of which are in high fire hazard zones. >> he with put together a fire risk assessment and a socioeconomic risk assessment and we blended the two and we scored a prioritized list of 356 the most vulnerable projects that would impact -- or rather the most impactful project that would deal with the communities. >> we'll have more on this developing story. now to an update on rebuilding efforts in santa rose's coffee bark neighborhood which was devastated bit 2017 tubbs wildfire. that fire destroyed 1400 homes in that neighborhood. now, the city says construction on 191 homes in coffee park has been completed while another 689 homes are under construction. that is 70% of the burned
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properties and more home owners have been issued permits but have yet to begin construction. about half of the homes are expected to be occupied by mid- summer. today, a judge overseeing ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland is expected to decide whether to delay the trial to six months at a request from one of of the defense attorneys. max harris' lawyer file the motion this week. he says he needs more time to go over newly discovered evidence that he says, quote, considerably impacts defense strategy. the lawyer also said he needs the continuance because he has three other cases heading to court in the coming weeks. the two men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in that 2016 fire. family and friend of victor mcelhaney are holding what they are calling a parting view for him today. he died after being shot while he was being robbed near the university of southern california march 10th.
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he is the son of oakland city council woman lynnette gibson mcill haney. memorial is scheduled for tomorrow from noon to two at the auditorium at oakland temple hills search a group of elected leaders wants to shut down the city's juvenile hall. three supervisors are sponsoring legislation calling for that facility to be closed by the year 2021. they say the city is spending $13 million i euro on juvenile hall which is consistently up to 75% empty. the legislation would expend emotional and rehabilitative work for young people. march madness is under way in san jose. eight ncaa basketball teams are set to play at the sap center today. the winners return on zipped.
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alyssa harrington shows us how businesses are preparing for big crowds. gamed are happening today and sunday. fans have been coming in from all over the country. fans from cans can state got the party started in downtown san jose. the band, cheerleaders and mascots played fight songs in five point bar ahead of their game against uc irvine. tipoff was at 11:00. >> we're going out to arena and hopefully stick around and watch the wisconsin-oregon game too and it will be a great day fall of basketball. >> how has your trip been so far? >> we just got in last night. it's better than being in kansas. >> we recruit a lot of students from california to kansas state and so it is always good to count here. we have quite a few alumnae from the bay area. it is good to come out here and show the flag if you will and
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be part of it. it is supposed to be warmer and nicer and sunnier. it will be i know. but it is great to be here. >> sports bars prepared for large crowds. some set up balloons and other decorations with school colors to make fans feel welcome. business owners are hoping to feel the economic impact the march madness. >> it helps a lot with business. i mean downtown san jose on a friday morning we would not have people in drinking or eating at our establishment so it is pretty obvious when the people are in town, they want to go eat and drink and we don't normally have that. so for sure, it is like a st. patrick's day on a friday. >> the sap center also called the shark tank went under a transformation for the ncaa tournament turning the ice rink into a basketball court. eight team will play here this weekend. kansas state an irvice president, oregon and wisconsin. st. louis plays virginia tech and liberty and mississippi state. >> you got to come out and play
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hard. i think they have a good chance of winning. it was nice the game was in san jose so a large crowd support. it will be great. >> reporter: the winners of friday's game advance to round two and will play back at the sap center sunday. >> yes, there are tickets still available for these games. as of this morning, they were starting at $50 apiece. ng at $50 apiece. the st. mary's gaels are out of the men's tournament after losing to the defending national champions. villanova was a different team in the second half. whenever st. mary's looked like they were building momentum being villanova made a play. the gaels fell short. four teams are playing tomorrow in the first round of the women's tournament stanford is taking on uc davis . cal
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goes head to red against north carolina and all these games are tomorrow. embattled r & b singer r kelley returns to court. his request today to the judge. why the singer says he must able to leave the country. >> the president talking apac, israel and the mueller probe on his way to his resort in florida. the details coming up. >> keep that umbrella handy. we have agot rain throughout the bay area but i have better news for your weekend forecast. i'm have your extended look at the weather coming up. ♪ sometimes, bipolar i disorder makes you feel like you can do it all. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by asking your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder. vraylar significantly reduces overall manic symptoms,...
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two american troops were killed on a mission in afghanistan today. the names of the service members are also not being released until their families are notified. the u.s. had some 14,000 troops still in afghanistan supporting afghan forces. thousands ever people gathernated park in christchurch, new zealand today to observe the muslim call to prayer one week after 50 people were killed in two mosque attacks. >> reporter: emotions still raw as those across new zealand pause to observe two minute of silence friday to remember the victims of last week's terror attack. >> realizing that we're all just here to support each other and even though we have different background and beliefs, you can't sit here and
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not feel emotional and not feel the power of that. >> reporter: the prime minister joining tens of thousands of worshippers in their call to prayer outside the mosque where most of the attack victims died. >> new zealand mourns with you. we are one. >> reporter: and in wellington, hundreds of people locked arms creating a human chain shielding muslims during their friday prayers. >> there was for place to escape. >> reporter: michael steele a 29-year-old man is recalling his own story. he surseven-day forecast inside the second mosque targeted by the lone gunman. >> i looked and i asaw this guy with the gun and the camouflage helmet and he had a military kind of gun. i was just waiting for him to come inside and shoot us. >> reporter: it has been a heart breaking few days attending multiple funeral for his community members.
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i looked at faisal and i said this could have been us. >> he says the tax could have been a lot worse if a fellow worshipper did not confront that gunman. that gunman. . people gathered at berkeley civic center park last night to honor the victims of the new zealand mosque attack. the vigil included community members and students and fact ally from uc berkeley. one cal professor says the terrorist attack is causing concern for muslim students on the cal campus. >> some students are fearful. iend just last week the students were preparing for the friday prayer which they hold on the campus. there were worries, heightened security, is there something that copycats are going to come out. >> the professor says some uc berkeley students have direct family ties to some of those killed in new zealand. singer r. kelley was in a chicago courtroom this morning where his attorney had submitted a motion asking if kelley could be granted permission to travel to dubai
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for performances he scheduled in april. he posted $100,000 bail last month after turning himself if to face 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. the judge took away his passport though. in court, kelley's attorney ask the judge to delay the ruling on if he could heave the country so he could provide more information. the next court date is may 7th. according to the attorneys, the performance date could be rescheduled. straight back to our ktvu weather. dealing with more showers. >> yes, we are. we'll have them throughout the day today and better news as we head towards the weekend. taking a look at sales force tower in san francisco, we have got the raindrops on the camera. and that is because we have light rain basically falling all the way from santa rosa to san jose. right now, 52-degree in santa rosa. 57 in oakland. livermore, about 54 degrees and
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we are coming in about 56 in san jose. this is a live look at storm tracker 2. you see the rain is falling. there are certain pockets of it a little heavier than others but most of us experiencing just some light rainfall. here we are in san francisco and you can see just a few showers there but a little bit more as we head over to richmond in the east bay and we head up to the north bay. again, emeryville and oakland getting in on the action. as we head to points south, it is not quite as much rain but it is headed your way as well. right now, san mateo not bad, stanford either. but as the afternoon goes on, you can see the rain roll in too. you can see it moving right across there. this is the big picture. before a low pressure system passing us by today. ahead of that, we get stormy weather. right now, we are getting the effects of the warm front stormy weather. we'll see the cold front passage stormy weather show up this afternoon. that means cloudy and breezy and rain amounts coming up to
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about an inch today. keeping the temperature relatively cool between about 56 and 60 degrees. all told, we are talking about 1/2 inch of rain, ate bit more perhaps in the north bay. a little bit less if you are in the east bay. not an incredible amount of rain. should be beneficial rain if us but a little bit of a nuisance on a friday, that is for sure. we will see cheering as temperatures drop into the upper 40s. president-elect you mild for us tonight. about 48 in san francisco. as we track this forward, here is what we're dealing with now. by the time the afternoon hits, we'll see that right ahead of the cold front storm portion come in and that one is going to kick up some heavier showers. finally starting to clear out as you get later into the night. a little back and system here as can you see futurecast picking it up before it finally clears. then there is saturday morning. we get the sunshine in here and it should be beautiful for saturday. 3:00 on your saturday again looking nice and dry. sunday as well. now, sunday, we do have another system that is going to start rolling in. clouds will enclose as the day
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moved forward. overnight sunday into monday will be our next hit of rain. rainy and breezy today. beautiful on your saturday with a high about 60 degrees. your sunday starts off nice. clouds move in and we look out for more rain coming our way as we get into monday and tuesday. >> thank you. still to come at noon, concerns continue over the boeing 737 max 8 jets. up next, the airline already trying to cancel all of its orders.
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president trump has headed to florida not weekend but
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first he weighed in on a variety of headline topics including the mueller investigation. lauren blanchard has the latest from washington. >> a lot of very important thing are happening. >> reporter: president trump leaving the white house first criticizing 2020 democrats not attending apac, a pro-israel conference. >> frankly, i think they are anti-jewish. >> reporter: members of his administration are slated to speak at apac but the president is skipping it. just yesterday, pictures surfaced of special counsel robert mueller driving to work raising speculation that the two-year long investigation into russian election meddling could soon be wrapping up. >> it is you'll big hoax. >> reporter: the president weighing in on the probe in an exclusive interview with fox business network's maria maria bartiromo. >> i have a deputy appoint a man to make a report to make a determination on my presidency. people will not stand for it. >> this is an important national security investigation that we just have to althousand run its course.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: the president was asked about his renewed criticism of the late senator john mccain blaming mccain for giving a dossier of trump's alleged ties to the fbi triggering the special counsel's investigation. he criticized mccain's thumbs down vote to repeal and replace obamacare. >> i'm not a fan. we would have had great health care. >> reporter: in florida, the president meeting with leaders from five caribbean nations to talk security and trade. press secretary sarah sanders saying the crisis in vent daily awill venezuela will be a main topic. stocks are tumbling in afternoon trading on wall street erasing the market's gains for the week. bank and tech stocks are down. we see the dow is down by just more than 300 points that. story is the same on the s&p, down by 1 1/3. nasdaq down by almost two full percent. boeing stock specifically is down by almost 2% right now on
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news that indonesia airline garuda plans to snow is el an order for 49 of the boeing 747 jets. it is the first airline to publicly announce plans to scrap an order since the world's entire neat of 737 max planes was grounded last week after the ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people. another crash of a lion air jet back in october killed all 189 passengers and crew. the airline says the decision to canel the order was because of consumers' low confidence in the airplane following the crashes. at home, a lawmaker from southern california is trying to ban cell phones in schools across our state. the assembly man from los angeles county says that cell phone are a big distraction. he has introduced a bill that would ban or limit the use of cell phones on school grounds. if approved, it would be up to schools to come up with
12:26 pm
consequences for those who break the policy. if you typically wait for a huge jackpot before you try your luck in the lottery, your wait is over. the powerball jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing is an estimated $62 million. that is the fourth highest in history for the multi-state lottery. the one-time lump sum option would be a little more than $380 million. the odds of winning that jackpot, not very good. one in 292 million. but your odds of winning any prize are much better, about one in a25. san mateo police are investigate a string of suspicious fires. the new information about arrested made in the case.
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the rain has come back to the bay area. we have a look at when we expect the heaviest rain to fall. >> we are getting the lighter run right now. we are going so tea heavier showers as we head into the afternoon. all told being we'll see about 1/2 in. to an inch of rain. the traffic is kind of slow out there. everybody need it take it easy as you are heading into the roads today because of all of
12:30 pm
the rain. we are expecting cloudy and cool conditions as the rain continues and again, up to about an inch. also, the sierra snow winter weather vied as they are expecting snow today. the heaviest tonight and into tomorrow. so not going to be very easy travel conditions up there. live look at storm tracker 2 shows you the light rain that is falling wind chill a heavier clip coming down now right up in cloverdale as you head down to windsor on 101. if you go further south and we get down to san lee and row down to hayward, a little bit heavier falling there too. you don't see a lot of oranges and yellows on the map. probably just a little bit down in redwood city. may not be hitting the ground quite yet. it will be heading your way as the first push of rain heads through. 55 in san francisco. a little cooler than that in napa where you are at 53. the clouds keep a lid on the temperatures. a breeze is out there out of the southeast. we are certainly feeling that here in oakland where it is
12:31 pm
about 13 miles per hour right now so that will also be something we'll see throughout the day today is those breezy conditions. here we go. we'll track it through and our bigger hit the rain coming in the afternoon between about 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. this is about 5:00. as we head into the evening, another back end of this coming late in the evening about 11:00 p.m. this is your saturday morning. we get the sunshine back and it will be a beautiful day heading throughout saturday. we do have another system coming our way next week. we'll talk about that when i come back in a few moments. straight to our top stories, the golden gate bridge district board of supervisors approved another toll increase this morning. board of directors, sorry. it costs $7 for fast track users to cross the bridge right now. starting july 1st, they will pay 35 cents more to cross the bridge and they will go up by 35 cents every year through 2023. drivers who pay in advance will pay $9. drivers would pass through the
12:32 pm
toll plaza and get billed later, they will pay $9.75. the district expects to raise $100 million over the next five years and that will be used to maintain the bridge and expand the ferry system. i. governor has declared a state of emergency on wildfires. the order to suspend some environmental regulations to expedite nearly three dozen forestry management projects. it detects them to team up with the national guard to begin clearing trees and dry brush around 200 wildfire vulnerable communities. the projects will cost $35 million. i group of san francisco leader wants to shut down juvenile hall. three supervisors are sponsoring legislation calling for that facility to be closed by 2021. they say the city is spending $13 million a year on juvenile hall which is consistently up to 75% empty. the legislation would expand emotional, physical an mental health support for young people and create a small rehabilitative nonconstitutional center for
12:33 pm
young offenders who can't safely be released in the community. across bait to berkeley where police are looking for help in finding the people who carried out two separate robberies in berkeley in the pan of 24 hours. the first happened in the north courtyard of the university health services building. two men approached a man and tried to grab the victim's backpack way laptop inside. the second robbery happened at 2:30 this morning. police say the uc student and his friend were walking near addison street when two men approached them. they showed a gun and demanded a backpack and shoulder bag an took the bags and ran away. anyone with information about either of these cases is asked to call police. a deadly house fire in bay point is being investigated this noontime. it started about 1:00 in the morning on loftis road. a woman was able to break a window and get out but her husband was trapped inside. fire crews were able to get the man out of the home. he later died at the hospital. firefighters haven't determine a cause but they say they do
12:34 pm
for the think the fire is suspicious. san mateo police have arrested two people in connection with a string of arsons in downtown. the fires were reported early yesterday morning in the downtown area. one started in a dumpster behind a blood donation center on second avenue. the other broke down in a parking garage at second and el camino real. a third fire started outside i store on east third avenue. then just a short time ago, police announced they made two arrests. police say carlos crucerna was arrested wearing the same clothing seen in surveillance photos. they found evidence at his home. then later, wilbert ramirez was arrested. law enforcement credits surveillance photos and help from the public in their quick arrest. san francisco police are releasing more information about a deadly tax at one of city's most popular tourist spots. homicide detectives say a homeless man stabbed another homeless man to death on
12:35 pm
wednesday at fisherman's wrafrb. police were called to jefferson and taylor streets and they arrested a 56-year-old man on suspicion of murder. they say he stabbed and killed 44-year-old brock pettyon. >> it is a large city. all big cities have their issue an problems. i think it is an isolated situation. it is not rampant here. i don't thinkings something that would change my mind to come back. >> no word yet on a motive for the stabbing. the da's office is examining the case and will decide whether or not to foil charges. the family of a man shot and killed by san francisco police continues to lobby for a public memorial. five years after the death of the alex nieto, friends and family held a vigil to honor him. >> he was appear amazing aan amazing person. it is always hard if me to come up here. >> four officers responded to a
12:36 pm
911 call about a suspicious person way gun in a holster at bermal heights park in san francisco. police say alex nieto drew a weapon if his hip and pointed it at officers. they shot and killed him. the weapon nieto had was a taser which he carried for his job as a security guard. the family wants to have a memorial installed at bermal heights park. the rec and parks commission is expected to vote on that next movement. kevin durant and his family are grieving following the death of a man he called his adoptive brother. clifford dixon was shot last night outside an atlanta nightclub. he was taken in by durant's mother when he was just 16 years old. durant hinted at their close relationship in a 2014 mvp speech. a santa clara county supervisor is calling for change to the county's protocol
12:37 pm
for notifying ice about potentially dangerous individuals. the proposals are in response to the killing of bamy larson inside her home in san jose last month. the man charged in her death is an undocumented immigrant who had multiple ice detainers against him. >> only three times last year did i come to the county of santa clara with an arrest warrant for their deportation purposes involving an inmate in our jail. all three times, expeditiously, that inmate was turned over to ice. >> the supervisors also recommending an analysis of the county's probation supervision system. a project calls for building 144 affordable homes for teachers. your school board leaders in mountain view address a critical need, a unique house being project to help teachers live where they teach so the district can avoid losing people like sarah gonzalez.
12:38 pm
>> we looked into living in mountain view. it is just not affordable for my family. so we've actually decided that we will be moving back to denver. >> reporter: this school year her last after four years teaching in the south bay. the first grade torcher calling the move bittersweet but necessary for her family. she say rent for a three bedroom apartment run at best $4,000 a month. too steep for a teacher's salary. >> i think it's great place to be a kid and raise a family except for the cost of housing. >> we hear stories like sarah's all the time. >> reporter: the superintendent says despite increasing salaries by 28% in five years, it is not enough. while other school districts have built housing on their own property, this district is doing something different. partnering with a developer to demolish an apartment complex and rebuild 144 affordable homes. the rent is tied to the
12:39 pm
household income. a teach we are a starting salary of $64,000 would pay $1,500 for a one bedroom. >> multiple school districtss are looking to solve this problem. hopefully, this will encourage developer an school districts to partner together to solve a problem that is critical to california. >> it is expensive. >> reporter: she is part of the district administrative staff. she hopes her family qualifies. she rents in sunnyvale and will other than relocate to vallejo to her mother's house, a four- hour round trip commute. >> i think it is a crisis within mountain view. if you go down any of the streets, you can see a lot. rv always. there is a trevor over a plan by the city council to ban rvs from parking on the street overnight. a group of rv owners and their supports rallied outside city hall calling for city leaders
12:40 pm
to reject a proposed ban on the agenda next tuesday. we met one young man who said when he lost hi high paying tech job, everything fell apart. >> a year and a few months ago, i had a job with a six figure salary. i was living with my long-term partner of eight years and i got laid off from my job and two weeks later, my partner dumped me. >> then he became homeless. he bought an rv as a last resort to keep from sleeping on the streets. some rest didn't a the rvs have become a problem blocking customers and adding trash and other problems. advocates for the owners say they are doing what they can in the face of skyrocketing housing costs. >> where are they to go? you know, they are on the street literally in their vehicle. their vehicle is their home. >> council woman says she wants
12:41 pm
the parking programs to be considered so they could park in emity church lots or business lots overnight. there is more fallout to bring from you the college admissions scandal. ucla men's soccer coach has resigned. ucla put him on leave last week after allegations that he accepted bribes amounting to $200,000. according to the u.s. attorney's office, parents ever plays on both the men's an women's teams paid to get their children on the roster and into the school despite the fact they had no soccer experience. one student named by the l.a. times is from the bay area. the paper reports lauren jackson was accepted in 2016 as a recruited soccer player. her parents allegedly paid for her admittance with facebook stock. the bay area plays host this weekend to vermont senator bands are. and kamala harris is campaigning in the deep south. her stop at a place made famous by the late civil rights leader dr. martin luther king, jr. >> here comes the rain again. we are dealing with some rain in the bay area right now. and things get a lot better.
12:42 pm
i'll have your forecast coming up.
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former president jimmy cart are is now the oldest living former president in u.s. history at 94 years and 172 days old. he has surpassed george h. w. bush who died in november. carter was also by the way the first u.s. president to be born in a hospital. vermont senator and presidential candidate bernie sanders is in degree today for three campaign rallies. he is also planning stops in san francisco and los angeles this weekend. the trip follows a visit wednesday when he spoke with striking workers at ucla. prior to that, he visited california in october as part of the nationwide effort to get out the vote ahead of mid-term election. california senator kamala harris is taking her 2020 presidential campaign to one of most revered churches in america. sunday, she will speak at the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, the pastoral home of dr. martin luther king, jr. she is then scheduled to
12:46 pm
rally voters at more house college. the taste of georgia will award more than 100 delegates in the 2020 democratic primary. tomorrow is national puppy day and just in time to celebrate, the sacramento animal shelter is rolling out a new program to help shelter doings find forever homes. >> reporter: for the pets being housed at animal shelters, sometimes the new sounds, new pets and new people can be stressful. >> so the shelter takes in over 5,000 dogs every single year. many of them get placed quickly but unfortunately some are stagnant in the shelter environment. >> in an effort to help dog get better equipped to handle life outside of the shelter and to get more people to consider adoption, front street implemented its new doggie day out dog rental program. >> people just need a dog for a couple of hours, this is perfect if you. >> reporter: free of charge, the doggie day rental come way bag of necessities like food, doggie pwaegz and toys for your adventures. all you have to do is document
12:47 pm
your time together on social media. if you don't end up taking your date to the next level of adoption, maybe someone else will. >> getting them out into the community, letting them relax and getting great photos of them helps us market them to potential families. >> not only is it fiona's first day in the doggie day out program, she also just graduated from another program. >> we are sending some of our dogs to folsom prison. they are living with the residents for up to six to eight weeks to do a lot of training to get them ready for their new home. >> getting shelter pets ready for new homes one day or represent rental at a time. ntal at a time. >> as you would expect the program is a big success. every dog taken out in the program has been adopted. there are several shelters here in the bay area that also participate. we've posted a link on our web site, just hit our web site and click on the web links sex of our
12:48 pm
home page and could you have a furry friend to take home. maybe tomorrow is a better day for a walk. >> i love that program though, right? finding those animals homes. you won't regret that i don't think having a friend for life. okay. it is not a great day to walk the dog. the dogs are probably looking outside going no, i don't want to. live look at san francisco as we have even the raindrops increase as we've head ad cross the last hour. that is what we're going to see throughout the rest of the afternoon. temperatures are staying relatively cool. 53 at the then aairport. livermore, 54. 56 in san jose where they haven't had a lot of rain quite yet in san jose. these are the light showers that rob rolling across the bay area. if we zoom in, you can take a look. over to oakland, seeing some of the showers, not a lot of heavy downpours. a little bit of a break as we look into the north bay right now between santa rosa and san rafael but they saw some a little bit earlier and we're
12:49 pm
seeing it here over in concord down in alamo and san leandro. we'll see it start to increase as we work our way into the later afternoon hours as this system tracks across and brings this cold front with it. what is happening is a low pressure system approaching us and ahead of that we get the stormy weather and the breezy conditions we're seeing now. rainfall amounts are about 1/4 inch to an inch. it is not a huge amount but certainly enough to slow you down on your friday. that rain will continue throughout the day. temperatures staying relatively cool here. don't expect anyone to get over that 60-degree mark as we watch the rain come in. looking about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, a little bit more in the north bay. it should be pretty widespread. as we go throughout the night tonight, the good news is it starts to clear out. we'll get a nice saturday on tap. overnight low tonight in san francisco, about 48. 49 in oakland. about 48 in vallejo and morgan hill, expect a low of 45 tonight. let's track it forward and show you what it is out of here.
12:50 pm
we've got a little ways to go. here are the heavier showers we're expecting on friday about 4:00 p.m. a become and on this, about 10:00, 11:00 before then choring out giving us a lovely saturday. saturday afternoon, sunshine, look beautiful. we start to get clouds rolling in as the next system rolls in. this is late sunday night going into your monday morning. quick look here at your extended forecast. we get through today. we've got the rain to contend with. tomorrow is gorgeous. we are warming up into sunday. we have another system moving in and then wave got a little more rain coming monday into tuesday. so not bad. saturday and sunday looking pretty good for plans outside. >> thank you. the 10th annual oakland marathon and running festival is this weekend. on sunday, the start finish line is at lake merritt. the runner will be allowed to run on the pedestrian path on the east pan span of the bay
12:51 pm
bridge. vehicle traffic will not be affected. now, ron burgundy is trying aing play by play at the san jose sharks game. if you feel like you spend too much time in the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ ♪ yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. linzess is not a laxative.
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it works differently to help you get ahead of your recurring constipation and belly pain. do not give linzess to children less than 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. so say yesss! to help for recurring constipation. yesss! to help for belly pain. talk to your doctor and say yesss! linzess.
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if you have tice op chicken strips in your freezer, the usda is warning you not to eat them. it is recalling more than 69,000 pounds of frozen ready to eat tyson chicken strips because they may be contaminated with pieces of metal. the product were produced on november 30, 2018. of this a best if used by date of november 30, 2019. if you have t take it back to the store or throw it away. take a peek at stocks here. an awfully down day not just for the dow here which is down by more than 400 points with just minutes on go in this session. the nasdaq is also suffering a huge blow of about 2 1/3%.
12:54 pm
a lot of concern weighing on investors' minds. the women amounts social entrepreneurship center officially opened its doors offering tools appears and resewers for female entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses an more. today at 4:00, we'll talk with them. if the travel bug is giving you the urge to visit hawaii, you may want to think twice about that. a record 10 million tourists visited hawaii last year. even more are expected this year. according to researcher at the universities of hawaii, island tourism is at a tipping point. they say it isn't at a crisis point yet but that increased numbers and visit irs are straining resources in the state. they say tourism officials need to step in and create management programs which help attract wealthier visitors and promost more spending. now that spring is here,
12:55 pm
time to stop and smell the flowers. >> heading into the first weekend of spring and here are a few things to enjoy around the bay area. in san francisco, the 73rd annual macy's flower show begins this weekend. the annual event is a celebration of flowers, food, art and music. this year's event will showcase more than 5,000 types of plants, trees and flowers depicting various outer pace themes. in the east bay, welcome spring with holly, a fifty valve colors this saturday at lake elizabeth park in fremont where can you find lots of colors, music, dance performances and loads of fun for kids. or pop over to foster city for a day of color, music, dance, food and festivity at the 8th annual holly festival of colors going on. explore thousands of travel experiences and speak detectly to travel experts at the ninth annual san francisco bay area travel and adventure show going on all weekend long at the santa clara convention center
12:56 pm
on great america parkway. in the north bay, it's weekend of cheese bliss, beer, wine and spirits at the cheese festival in santa rosa complete with cheese experts, chef demos and pairings, educational sessions and more at the sonoma county fairgrounds. actor will ferrell joined the l.a. kings broadcasts are in the booth last night for the game against the sharks. it brought back his beloved ron burgundy character. >> when does the kiss cam start? >> i don't know. we might have to buzz upstairs. >> i'll kiss this burrito. >> ferrell is an actor and a huge sports fan. last night, he was ron burgundy, the bumbling anchor man from the anchor man movies. he was clearly an l.a. man. he took a swipe at the sharks.
12:57 pm
thank you for joining us. have a great rest of your day. more weather coverage on see you back here for more news on the 4. toarrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them.
12:58 pm
with love, california.
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: basketball legend shaquille o'neal is here. >> you are a heart surgeon? dr. oz: i am. >> i thought you were just a regular doctor. you are a real doctor. dr. oz: revealing his personal health scare, caught on tape. >> it sounded like a hungry bear. dr. oz: did your teammates complain about your snoring? >> all the time. i never took it seriously. dr. oz: leading to an alarming diagnosis. >> he said do you want it -- to die? dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are y'all ready for season 10? audra lowe yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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