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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the mila report is finished and in the hands of the attorney general, but when will congress and the public at a look? how the white house and the rest of washington is reacting. there were long lines and confusion after the discovery of a magazine with ammunition. it prompted place to be shutdown. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. good saturday evening, everyone. we begin this evening in washington what it looks like congress will have to wait
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until at least tomorrow to be briefed on the mueller report. >> reporter: democrats in the campaign trail are calling for the report to be released to the public. reporter ray bogan has the latest fourth, ray? >> reporter: good evening to you. fox news has learned attorney general barr will not submit his summary to congress tonight containing the principal findings of the mueller report. instead it's more likely to come around noon tomorrow. the time is always subject to change, but while members of congress wait, they continue their call for transparency. the mueller report is now in the hands of attorney general william barr. from there, it will be up to the attorney general to determine how much of it is made public. according to a depth of justice official, the report recommends no indictments. the special counsel previously issued 34 indictments, which included true sick trump came which included six trump campaign official. they point out the lack of new charges does not necessarily put the president in the clear, saying we don't recommend indictments. is just consistent with doj policy. that's not saying we don't
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think the president did anything criminal. >> reporter: president trump has referred to the investigation as a writ witchhunt, but said he want to see it release. >> there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. >> reporter: democrats on the 2020 presidential campaign driller calling for 100% transparency and what the full report released to the public. >> that report needs to be made public. the american people have a right and need to know. the attorney general barr should be called to testify under oath before the united states congress. >> reporter: the presidents personal legal team is unlikely to see the attorney general's summary before it is transmitted to congress. before the white house counsel could be consulted on matters of executive privilege and classified information. back to you. >> ray, president trump has been unusually silent since the report of his delivery to attorney general william barr today. what is the washington response about the president silence?
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>> reporter: it's difficult to say why the president has not commented or tweeted about this yet, but what we can see from the white house if they are making clear with all the public statements that they want the attorney general to make all of the decisions when it comes to the next steps, so it could be a couple reasons. one, it could be they don't want to be seen as they are giving an interference or pressure to do one thing or another, but it's also worth noting the white house at certain times has been very good at controlling the news cycle, so when something comes out that they don't want talked about, they will put something out to change the subject, so we'll see what happens over the next couple of days. president trump could go on a tweet storm at any time. you never know. >> many people are watching here. outside the depth of our department of justice. this by what comes out the
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mueller report, the president and his family are still facing a number of the criminal investigations. >> we have to keep mind pretty much every business venture that trump has is now under some sort of criminal investigation, and that we still have the investigation of the inaugural issues involving the finance issues. don't forget the mueller investigation was only focused on the issue of russian interference in the 2016 election. >> she said the mueller investigation into michael cohen could lead to criminal charges into the president. congressman and member of the house committee alex wallace said his subpoena could hear more testify before congress and he was reiterating comments by house intelligence share alec ship. our coverage on the mueller report continues on our website, we'll also have updates later on tonight on the 10:00 news. marin county, driver was
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killed this morning when his vehicle plunged off a cliff in mount tam state park. it happened on ridgecrest boulevard. the car landed 600 feet below the roadway. a sonoma county sheriff helicopter set a rescue operation and fire crews. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene, he was the only person in the vehicle. and campbell, a car crashed into a building triggering a gas leak. all lanes were briefly closed from hamilton to campisi way because of the incident. >> it was a natural gas line, and the gas was leaking, so we may several evacuations, and fire department came out and shut off gas, and we were
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able to dissipated and get everybody back in the buildings. >> no injuries are reported, but the damage done to the building and vehicle were pretty significant. chaos and confusion as san francisco airport this morning. a loaded magazine and ammunition were brought through security checkpoint. as sara zendehnam reports, the cost flights to be grounded in security checkpoints to be shutdown one of the tamils, as law enforcement search for the owner of that magazine. >> reporter: this is what a normal saturday looks like at a security checkpoint at sfo. looked much different earlier this morning after a security threat shutdown through security checkpoints and terminal three. sitting on his flight to seattle from san francisco , finally about to take off, felipe smiled. before he made it to the plane, there was not much to be happy about. this is cell phone video he shared as he waited an hour at a close security checkpoint at san francisco international airport saturday morning. >> the airport was completely crowded. no one could move. no one coming in or out,. >> reporter: as airport
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managers at about 6:35 a.m., tsa agents like a back at a checkpoint in terminal three. had a loaded magazine and ammunition in it. the wrong bag was pulled by tsa for inspection, allowing the owner of the flag back to take it through security. united flight and one air canada flight were grounded. at three security checkpoints at terminal three, they were shut down by officer trying to find a man. other terminals were not affected. >> what frustrates me more is a lack of information that you have . >> reporter: it took about an hour to track down the man. sfo officials say he did not realize he had the magazine and ammo in his bag. the checkpoints reopened and flights resumed around 7:35 a.m., but not before a big headache for travelers. >> it is kind of frustrating. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. barge police released
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surveillance video of the person who stabbed the passenger at fruitvale station. the man is roughly 30 to 35 years old, fight 5'7", wearing an army green jacket and blue jeans caring a green backpack and double back. he got into a fight with another man on the richmond bound train yesterday before stabbing that man in the face and neck. the victim underwent surgery and is expected to recover. anyone with information in that is asked to call bart police. and memorial service was held for the son of lynette gibson mcelhaney. the 21-year-old was killed during an attempt at robbery in southern california. the shooter is still at large. victor was studying music and was known as a talented, rising star during today's service at oakland temple hill. the young man was remanded by the friends and loved ones. >> he will be known as a brilliant mentor and advocate for civil rights.
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>> mcelhaney's name will live on where he went to school as a senior. scholarship has been created in his honor. pg&e is filing and saying the judges orders to completely comply with all vegetation management in part of its probation would be too difficult. utility says there was no way to monitor every tree at every moment of every day to ensure they don't pose threats to electrical lines. last month, pg&e said the equipment probably caused the deadly camp fire in paradise that killed at least 85 people. a san jose teenager is making a play for her grandfather's life who's on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. the high school senior is also calling attention to the thousands of bay area people in need of organ transplants and working to get more locals to sign up for the national organ donor registry.
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leigh martinez has the story. >> reporter: 17 your all dalila valenzuela has seen her grandfather's health decline most of her high school career. >> it's a result from being on dialysis. >> reporter: as a key six years old, leonardo valenzuela started having kidney failure. he's on a strict diet but will soon need more medical help. >> he's in the waiting list at stanford health for a kidney transplant. we still have not heard back from anything. >> reporter: saturday morning, they both attended cup of life in san jose. more than 113,000 people are waiting for transplant in the united states, but there was a - american community center. >> in santa clara county alone, there's over 1600 people waiting within the vietnamese community for a transplant, and so it's important that the community realizes that it is not just, you know, people in other places. this actually affects this
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county and people that they know in their community. >> reporter: for an organ waiting for an organ match is an agonizing process for those in desperate need of a transplant. >> no matter what she did, she would not be a match for my grandpa, so definitely an emotional experience. >> reporter: valenzuela started a pink dot club at andrew hill high school which educate students on organ donation. so far she said three of her fellow students have signed up, but since the need for organ donation are so great, valenzuela does not know how long her grandfather will wait on the waitlist . she and her grandfather are going through the testing to see if anyone is the match. another simple way to register to be an organ donor is to go to the dmv and put it on your license with the pink dot that the donor. in san jose, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. roughly million people in london take to the streets to say no to brexit.
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how the nation's divorce from the european union could fall apart. residence in new zealand band together as the two mosques reopen. nice to have that break in rainfall. a lot of sunshine out there right now, looking outward san francisco bacon alcatraz in the foreground. another break, another dry day in our forecast, but the rain season continues. we'll have more on our next storm coming up next. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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1 million are almost 1 million people filled the streets of london today urging a second vote on the uk's department from the european union. the market for the uk
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government to revoke article 50 which is the act that formally triggered the brexit forecast. theresa may is trying to bring her brexit deal to a vote in parliament for third time. lawmakers have already rejected it twice. if accepted, the uk would leave the eu with the deal on may 22. parliament rejects it again, the uk will leave the eu without until april 12. there's also a growing permission are important to cancel brexit altogether. strong winds and heavy seas left a cruise ship with no other choice than to more in a bay in norway's western coast. rescue teams with helicopters and boats have been deployed to help evacuate that ship . the process to evacuate everyone on board was expected to take all day. in new zealand, one week after a gunman opened fire on worshipers during prayers, the two mosques targeted reopened today. the entire country had banded together in solidarity in the wake of tragedy. >> reporter: the two mosques in new zealand were a white supremacist killed 50 people a week ago are reopening.
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armed police stood by. hundreds came to pray and pay their respects at the al noor mosque. among them, some of the dozens wounded and families of those who passed away. >> it's a harrowing experience for me to go in and pray. >> reporter: on the streets of christchurch, thousands marched in solidarity. muslims account for just 1% of new zealand's 4.8 million citizens, and yet the capitals mayor said it was an attack on all. >> we will be united by love. we will not be divided by hate. >> reporter: student led what they called the market for love. >> we decided on how enduring this incident made us feel and how we seek to have the community. >> reporter: that this incident that occurred when an australian man used him semiotic weapons to open fire on worshipers in the al noor and linwood mosque.
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the suspect and appeared in court flashing a hands-on use by white supremacists and was charged with murder. some of the injured are still fighting for their lives. new zealand has been on high alert ever since the massacre and has already changed its gun laws. following the attack, one official from the region says the police have stepped up the pressure on suspected white supremacists. in london, ryan chilcote, fox news. a new pull out suggest an overwhelming security of majors number of people support tougher gun laws. 67% polled say they support gun laws being tougher. 27% say law should be unchand,less strict.
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vermont senator and presidential candidate bernie sanders is campaigning in california this weekend. he will attend the rally at great meadow park and fort mason tomorrow. the public rally is scheduled to start at 12:30 in the afternoon. doors open at 11:00. today he's in los angeles attending a live a rally there. the groups writes fair drivers united and said it is to protest the recent 25% pay cut that there demanding all rideshare company to guarantee drivers a $28 per hour minimum wage. uber admits to changing its rates, but the company has introduced promotions to help drivers make more money. $625 million is up for grabs. andre, i will let you take this one. >> here you go, you can talk about money. >> one lucky person after tonight powerball drawing. is the fourth largest powerball
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jackpot in the seventh biggest in u.s. lottery history. that $625 million number is an estimated amount, keep in mind. it could go higher with blade ticket sales. the largest powerball jackpot was nearly $1.6 billion in january 2018, and what oakland until an anonymous person in south carolina earlier this month took the lump sum of $878 million. tickets for tonight's drawing must be purchased before 7:00. >> they say you're not supposed to play, you know, when it gets a big because your chances are lower, but this is the only time i ever play. >> i know. you always hope you're going >>to have the winning ticket, but who knows? >> you guys already daydreaming? i haven't bought a ticket yet and i'm daydreaming about the water. >> we will try to nail that down. and we are happy about the right? we will take those breaks of rain and we are talking the more storms as we head into next week for monday and
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possibly beyond. take a look at the numbers. the recent storms have an impact on the seasonal totals. go back to october 1, santa rosa just 40 inches of rain. is pretty remarkable. 129% of average so everybody up above the average, and we're going to see these healthy numbers over the next few days. acetylene rain showers, and the bay area. earlier this morning, as we come closer, little bit of a loop your, you can see a few showers skirting across portions of santa cruz county and portions of the north bay. earlier this afternoon, for the most part we had a mixture of sun and clouds, bit of lightning strikes closer to the sacramento area. so right now we have partly cloudy skies, numbers on the cooler side, mainly in the 50s to 60s. conquered right now 61, san jose 59, santa rosa 58, and san francisco in the mid-50s , show you those winds speeds are of. s'more reports for you, oakland westerly at 16, and sfo up there about 14, so there is a breeze for today and into
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tonight. here's a live camera looking at where the golden gate bridge. beautiful here. looking at order so shine shoreline. the waves are up at least 10 to 15 feet, so be extra careful in the immediate coastline as we head into tomorrow. for as overnight lows, we are thinking 30s and 40s. it is still dry so we get a chance to go outside on sunday, and baseball back in the bay area. the giant plane the a's. still, some high clouds expected and oakland tomorrow afternoon. 63 degrees, so spring training continues in the area for tomorrow. it could be an active weather pattern for the upcoming week, at least for tomorrow. record have some high clouds moving in for you sunday. this one comes on board late sunday night and into monday, possibly about 0.52 over 0.5 inches of rainfall. it is to springtime. we are still talking the winter storm watches in the sierra. alleys for right now, monday afternoon through tuesday
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morning, and winter storm watch in place and possibly 10 to 20 inches above 8000 feet. increasing clouds for your sunday, and here we go. late sunday night into monday, so the monday morning commute can be a challenge with the moderate to heavy rainfall. it is monday, 4:00, and tuesday still the possibility of scattered showers, especially later in the day. forecast highs will be in the upper 50s to 60s. s'more neighborhoods for you. tomorrow pretty mild. gilroy 66, and a look at your five-day, look at this. very active over the next few days. the key headline, take advantage of tomorrow because monday i was a the raining season is coming to when and. not as we get all. >> a we can have soaking in the sunshine. second round of the men's basketball tournament, knocking out one of the best. >> both cal and stanford women were in action for the first run of the tournament. scott reiss is up next with all the details.
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♪ so i can keep living my life ♪ just like before. if you want hormone free, insist on paragard. ask for it by name and visit to learn more. a memorial park dedicated to the late princess diana ahead of a visit tomorrow by members of the british royal family. the diana garden and have en
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a features a fountain symbolizing an island surrounded by flowers and trees. prince charles and his wife camilla the duchess of cornwall are scheduled to arrive in cuba tomorrow, and they are expected to visit the park dedicated to princess diana. it will be the first visit by members of the british royal family to cuba. scott reiss is here and basketball time, so he is an update on all the action happening across the nation. >> it's a busy and fun weekend. there's no local teams remaining in the men's ncaa tournament, but we have plenty going on the ladies i. stanford the two seed in the west with a tuneup game against uc davis. hill, russell william and the house! he's watching his sister anna whose bawling out and hitting a three from the corner. sanford upper 23 at the break, so there is that. third quarter, defense and offense. alana smith feisty! gets the steel, pushed ahead,
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2/21 point. cardinal roles. they will face byu on monday. lindsay gottlieb and celtic in north carolina. final seconds of the third quarter. caldwell had tojaelyn brown, and the running three to beat the buzzer. why not? don't think she would cut bank but still counts. fourth quarter, caldwell to christine need way. another huge game. bears win 92-72. they will play topsy baylor on monday. men's action, maryland and lsu, and this has been the game of the day so far. it was also the first game of the day. anthony cowan kicked to jaylen smith for the triple-double. 67-67, and that sets up trevon waters. waters, drives, circus shot, good, and that is your winner.
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lsu 69-67 onto the sweet 16. florida, second-half. beeline looking on after the block. we are going the other way. look at the bounds of bass from xavier simpson. even the finish from isaiah. the wolverines win 64-49. we are having fun! john ran getting a lot of calls lately. he will be a draft pick in the draft soon. chris from fox 2 news's, sorry, college career is done, but you're going to be a really rich man in about three months. that is your brief look at the saturday man is. >> thanks, scott. good point there. we will see you tonight at 10:00.
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