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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 25, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the mueller report is finished, but the legal fight to see all of the report may just be starting. democrats are pushing for the report to be made public. the president is declaring victory. problems at the oil refinery in phoenicia. the reason the refinery has been shut down?
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thank you for waking up with us this morning, i am pam cook . >> good morning, i am dave clark. steve is off today but rosemary is here and she says take an umbrella. yes, another storm moving into the bay area. not only for today, but on wednesday, another system is going to bring us additional rain. the good news is the weekend looks to dry. outside our doors, we are still mainly dry, for most of the bay area we have clouds over here but no rain starting just yet. we have low 50s this morning, because of that added moisture we are off by several degrees. 50 degrees in oakland, san jose at 49 degrees. we are getting into the radar, storm track or two, showing you all the gray and perhaps a
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little bit moisture or sprinkle activity. we are beginning to see some sprinkles now hit the ground over areas like santa rosa. this will continue to move across the bay area, into this afternoon. it could be mid afternoon before it finally reaches into the south bay. scattered showers will continue, rainfall amounts up to a quarter inch to an inch. more snow for the sierra, temperatures to the upper 50s and low sixes. they will have mostly cloudy skies and a little breezy at times and scattered showers in the forecast. when i come back we will look at the extended forecast. let's check the highways this morning with sal. you can see traffic is moving along slowly already on the altamont pass. we are going to start with the
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tracy super commute talk about westbound 580, we have slow traffic here as you come in from tracy which is typical. there is nothing out of the ordinary, traffic continues to look pretty good. livermore and pleasanton and dublin on interstate 880 n. and south that is a nice-looking drive. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is getting more crowded. metering light should go on in the next half hour. let's go back to the desk . democrats in congress pushing to see the entire report by special counsel robert mueller. wendy after the justice department released a summary of the two-year investigation, attorney general william barr gave the president and members of congress a summary of the final report. he said mueller did not find evidence that president trump's campaign conspire to work with russia during and after the 2006 election. >> there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever and it was a
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complete and total exoneration. >> many democrats believe the report does not exonerate the president. the attorney general's summary says mueller's team did not conclude if the president obstructed justice. democratic congressional leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi released a joint statement saying, the fact that the report does not exonerate the president, on a charge as serious as obstruction of justice, demonstrates how urgent it is that the full report and underlying documentation be made public. many democrats are united in calling for the entire report to be made public. vermont senator bernie sanders echo those calls at a rally in san francisco this weekend. >> i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole report because nobody, especially this
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president is above the law. >> many prominent california democrat kratz including senator dianne feinstein and senator kamala harris are pushing for the reports entire release. the reaction from democrats is setting up a potential legal battle. some also want mueller and the attorney general to testify in front of congress. we have expanded coverage here on the air and online at where you can read the full summary that the attorney general sent to congress . firefighters found a man's body inside a burning boat that was parked on the side of the road. it was found about seven 30 yesterday morning. the man has not been identified yet. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. meantime the coroner is trying to identify a man that
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was hit and killed last night on highway 101 in mountain view. happened about 7 pm, just north of the ring store of avenue exit. he may have been trying to cross the freeway, but we don't know why. the chp says the driver stopped and did cooperate with investigators. they say he was not under the influence. a school principal was shot by his wife, has died. 45-year-old paul was head of the pittsburgh adult education center. he was shot march 16 inside his home in pittsburgh and died yesterday. he had been in a coma and was on life support. his wife, was first charged with one count of attempted murder but now investigators will seek murder charges. he was the father of eight children, three were with his present wife. we're learning more about the shooting death of a davis police officer, killed in the light of duty, two months ago. the davis enterprise reports that the blood alcohol level of the suspected gunman was .16,
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twice the legal impairment limit. the coroner's report also revealed that the bloodstream contained thc, the active chemical in marijuana. lisa he shot and killed the officer january 10 while she was conducting a traffic stop and later he took his own life. the law enforcement community also remembering a san jose police officer killed in the line of duty four years ago. the sunnyvale police department posted this tweet, honoring officer michael johnson. the 14 year veteran was shot and killed while responding to a report of a suicidal man with a gun. johnson was the 12th san jose police officer killed in the departments history. part of northbound highway 87 was dedicated to johnson, a year after he died. investigators in san francisco are searching for clues after a shooting killed one person and injured five others. it happened on fillmore street
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shortly before 9:00 on saturday night. police found a man dead and another man with light threatening injuries. the ages of the other victims range from 19 to 50 years old. investigators are not saying anything about a motor . san francisco police are also asking for the public's help in another shooting. two people were hurt 2:00 yesterday morning. officers a 25-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were taken to the hospital and they are expected to survive. police have not yet given any information about a possible suspect. health authorities say air quality near the refinery in phoenicia has improved enough to left the health advisory in the area but the refinery remains shutdown. people living near the refinery reported seeing heavy smoke yesterday morning. we received several calls here from our viewers. the refinery later reported that the smoke contained high
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particular matter and tiny carbon particles that can be inhaled and cause irritation to the respiratory tract. automatic phone calls went out to refinery neighbors. >> refinery will be performing a controlled shutdown of the entire refinery. the shutdown is being conducted to improve conditions minimize risk from earlier operational issues. the shutdown is expected to last for multiple days and will result in visible flaring.'s puck there is no report of any serious injuries. but generally local gas prices go up when any of the northern california refineries are shut down for any length of time. apple is expected to make a big announcement at 10:00 this morning. the ceo will take the stage at the steve jobs theater in cupertino.
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they report that apple will announce a new subscription service for newspapers and a magazine and a new video streaming service that could compete with netflix. >> this is just fulfilling that vision of creating a platform, much like apple music, where you can watch anything you want. apple has also invested over $1 billion in new content from some of the biggest players in hollywood. >> last week apple updated the hardware for air pods, imac and ipads. they did that ahead of today's big announcement . plans to open a new chick- fil-a restaurant in concord has hit a snag. the city staff will not recommend a change in zoning laws to allow a drive through to open up near diamond will of art. traffic is one of the big reasons. they are recommending the city council reject the application to open that restaurant. the city council means tomorrow night at 6:30 pm. pro baseball won't be coming back to the city of martinez this year.
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efforts to find a new owner for the martinez clippers were not successful. the teams previous owner file for bankruptcy last month and was also rated last year as part of a ponzi scheme investigation. the martinez clippers joined the pacific association of probe baseball clubs last year. there is a data breach affecting millions of survivors of wildfires and other disasters. up next, the steps fema is taking to make sure it doesn't happen again. a software fix to the boeing 737 max jets they take a while. what the airlines are now doing with the jets, that could be grounded for at least several more weeks and how travelers will be affected. if you are about to get on the road, right now it is mostly dry in the bay area. but as we have been saying, be
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weather report is going to factor that back into your commute. right now it is dry on interstate 80 as you head out to the macarthur maze. the bay area is dry right now as the wet weather works through on his way to lake county. we will tell you what you can expect for the bay area monday and the week ahead, coming up.
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happening today, cleanup crews in sonoma county are beginning one final sweep to pick up
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flood debris along the russian river. curbside pickup started two weeks ago to get rid of hazardous waste left behind. the county will start to enforce fines for illegal dumping this week on streets that have been cleared on the final sweep. people are dealing with unprecedented flooding in the midwest. a levee broke in eastern nebraska and flooded that long stretch of highway, it is completely underwater there. there is a warning that chemicals, broken glass and sharp pieces of metal are also in the water, creating hazards. so far damage is estimated at $3 billion. state officials there in nebraska worn flooding will continue through may as temperatures warm up and the snow melts . another survivor of the mass shooting in parkland florida died by suicide. the student is a male sophomore
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, that's were a former student shot and killed three faculty members and 14 students on valentine's day last year. earlier this month, douglas graduate sydney took her own life. her mother says was a result of survivors guilt. she was a college freshman. the three u.s. airlines that own boeing max and jess are taking steps that they don't expect the planes to be back in service anytime soon. southwest airlines is sending its 34 jets to a storage facility in the southern california desert. it has also started canceling approximately 130 flight the day that would have used those jets. american airlines is also notifying travelers on the 90 flight the day scheduled to fly on those jets. united airlines is using other planes to replace the grounded planes. the stanley cup championships in the washington cup capital will be visiting the white house today. most of the team will be at the white house but to members
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announced they won't go because of political differences. the capitals won the cup last spring and the spring they are again one of the top teams in the eastern conference. drivers are planning a one day strike in los angeles to protest a recent 25% pay cut. they are demanding that all rideshare companies guarantee drivers a $28 per hour minimum rate. the company says it has introduced promotions allow drivers to make her money. rideshare drivers are a contractor and not employees. so it is difficult for them to unionize. san francisco-based uber is expected to announce a deal to acquire its main competitor in the middle east. limburg reports that they could announce a deal to buy a dubai based network. it is also expected to file its initial public offering.
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buying the company may give investors more reason to back uber. neither company has commented on that expected deal . a new poll reveal pretty discouraging news about the bay area. 44% of bay area residents are considering moving out of the region. 77% blame the high cost of housing, 76% point to the overall high cost of living. other factors include traffic congestion, that is 51%, quality of life comes in at 45%. the silicon valley leadership group that help to conduct the poll, surveyed residents and five counties on the peninsula, the south bay and the east bay. let's check in with self or look at traffic on this monday morning, sal how does it look? >> good morning.
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right now i will say, dave and pam. the commute looks all right if you're driving from guilford to san jose. it has been a nice commute for the gilroy super commute to morgan hill and into san jose. no major problems driving into that west valley, we're off to a nice start. we had a couple minor things happen. for the most part we would have to nice start. here's a look at interstate 880 in oakland. the life the been on for the last few days at the coliseum, no doubt getting ready for the oakland a's to play their, regular-season baseball coming up there soon. this is a look at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and traffic is backing up. let's bring in rosemary for the weather. we continue to see the rain over areas of lake county and currently drive for the rest of
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us. as we get into the second part of the morning and early afternoon, scattered showers are already falling over portions of the north bay but still at this point to the north of us. it is over areas of lakeport and just approaching windsor. santa rosa is still dry while st. helena still dry as well. here's a look at the future cast as it moves into the north bay by about seven, 8:00. it has actually slowed down since yesterday morning. which means most of us will have a dry morning commute. as we get into the second part of the day, he begins to shift. there is your noon time and want to clock our, the light rain will be falling at this point, so wet for your lunch hour and into the afternoon commute looks like it's going to be a slick one. if you going out to watch the giants and a's play, expect scattered showers in the forecast. for the next 24 hours expect up to an inch of rain. most areas in the hills could
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see a little bit more and the north bay. temperatures right now under mostly cloudy skies, 52 degrees. downtown san francisco, 49 in san jose. afternoon highs for today, under soggy conditions, 59 degrees first in pacifica and san francisco. low 60s expected for the east bay, here is a view of the extended forecast. tomorrow we will have a little bit of clearing with scattered showers a possibility on tuesday. another system roles and on wednesday. we begin to dry out by thursday and into your bay area weekend, mid 60s and the forecast was partly audi skies on saturday and sunday. we have been talking about that super bloom and the crowds of people overwhelming some california cities. the new traffic and parking restrictions, forcing visitors to change their plans.
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a father who is running the marathon with the children. the other record he tried to break at the oakland marathon?
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welcome back. the fire department said a call came in a 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a man was rescued about 15
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minutes later and he is expected to be okay. this is the second sunday in a row where firefighters had to perform a rescue near the cliff house. last sunday a surfer had to be rescued in the same area .  thousands of people maybe waking up a little tired and sore after participating in the annual oakland running festival. runners from 41 states and 11 countries participated in the marathon. a man from berkeley and a woman from san anselmo one the men and women's division. fisher was the first time the runners cross the bay bridge. one runner told us that was the most challenging run . >> yes, steady uphill. it wasn't as bad as it could have been because there's no wind today. i imagine it would've been worse with wind. >> the festival generates $12 million for the city of oakland. one runner, setting a guinness world record, the father of
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quintuplets, he pushed his five babies in a mega stroller for the entire marathon. he was hoping to finish the race in four hours and 45 minutes to set a new world record but he just missed that cut off time by about four minutes. he told us he may try again next year. moments for a passenger on a cruise ship in norway, up next, the reason rescue teams had no choice but to airlift all the passengers to safety. the mueller report is here that, at least a four page summary. we will have more on the battles that are still ahead, coming up. if you're hitting the road, you can see the traffic is getting busier. although right now it is still very manageable on its way to oakland. wet weather moving into the bay area from monday . details, coming up.
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welcome back, it is monday morning, march 25. i am dave clark . >> good morning i am pam cook. rosemary is joining us this morning. when is that rain coming in? >> it is coming, midmorning for most of the north bay and the afternoon for the rest of us.
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new day, new storm. that seems to be the way it goes around here lately. we are looking at the system for today, chance of showers tomorrow. another one roles in on wednesday. so bring along the rain gear, you're going to need it off and on for the next few days. here is a look at francisco airport where we are mainly dry. beginning to see some of that rain in the north bay. right now for the rest of us likely to remain dry for the rest of the morning drive. 51 degrees right now in santa rosa. 49 in napa. temperatures are up from yesterday morning. it has to do with all the cloud cover and added moisture in the air. it is 50 degrees in oakland and upper 40s in areas like livermore and san jose. here is a look at that rain, a few sprinkles along the coastline, maybe some drizzle. for the most part we are still dry. here's a view along highway 101
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just north of healdsburg. cloverdale, lake county, widespread and covered at the time being. we are looking at rainfall for today and scattered showers for tomorrow . the next 20 were hours could see from up to an inch of rainfall. a little bit more in the north and the hills. sierra snow, winter travel expected, lasting into tomorrow as well. there is a timeline on the system, and what you can expect for the rest of the week, coming up in just a little bit. upper 50s and low 60s in the forecast today, mostly cloudy and scattered showers today. good morning, it is getting a little bit slower as we head out to the solano county commute. driving to vallejo, highway 37 is a little slow out of vallejo. but if you drive on the e sure, no major issues, coming around the corner. when you get out to the bay bridge toll plaza it is crowded already. the problems earlier on the 101 in palo alto has been cleared
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up. today, israel's prime minister is heading for president trump. he said he is returning to israel early after a rocket was reportedly fired from the gaza strip and landed in israel. israel says the attack destroyed a families home and injured six people. he has canceled his speech at the aipac conference and also canceled plans to meet with house speaker nancy pelosi and other members of congress. fema now says it is taking action to prevent another data breach like the one discovered earlier this month. the agency says it accidentally released the personal information of more than 2 million people, including survivors of the 2017 northern california wildfires. that includes social security numbers, addresses and banking information. fema says a contractor released it.
5:33 am
fema is now trying to remove that information from the contractor's files and creating a filter, so that kind of personal information is not released again. bernie sanders laid out his top priorities at a campaign rally in san francisco. thousands of his supporters showed up to fort mason to hear him speak yesterday. he call for universal healthcare, criminal justice reform and free education . >> we need rate teachers out there, well-paid teachers. we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. we need to transform our energy system. >> senator sanders also made a campaign stop in los angeles over the weekend . senator kamala harris spent the weekend campaigning in georgia. she told supporters, she is committed to winning her party's nomination . >> let me be clear with everybody, i fully intend to win this campaign. i fully intend to win.
5:34 am
>> senator harris told people in atlanta, as president she would use federal resources to close the pay gap between the average teacher salary and other college grads. she call for tax breaks for working families . >> what i am proposing, is that for families that are making less than $100,000 a year, you receive a tax credit of up to $6000 a year that you can collect up to $500 a month. all the difference between being able to get through the end of the month and not. >> senator harris's proposal for hire teachers salary comes with an uptick of teacher salaries. salaries are down with recent decades and adjusting for inflation they have gone down nearly 2% nationwide between the year 2000 and 2017. new york senator jill a
5:35 am
brand has kicked off her campaign for president. she has been exploring her chances of running for president since january. her first official campaign speech was yesterday outside trump international hotel and tower in manhattan. she repeatedly criticized the president character and record. brave doesn't put greed and self-interest over millions of lives. brave doesn't cower behind lies and walls. >> she also outlined her policy goals and is calling for medicare for all healthcare system, universal preschool and cutting interest rates on student debt. there are already a dozen major declared candidates for president. a new poll from emerson university says joe biden and bernie sanders are the front runners. the mayor of south bend indiana, followed by senators
5:36 am
kamala harris and elizabeth warren. special counsel robert mueller has submitted his results of the investigation to attorney general william barr. a new round of political battles has started. the attorney general gave congress a four-page summary. president donald j. trump says he has been completely exonerated. we are live in washington dc, where democrats don't agree and they want a full report. good morning, john. >> reporter: this process is certainly been frustrating for the president. yesterday, he seemed pretty happy. the president may have had a little spring in his step as he got off of marine one yesterday at the white house . >> i just want to tell you, that america is a greatest place on earth. the greatest place on earth, thank you very much. >> reporter: the long-awaited report is an, so for all we
5:37 am
have seen as a four-page summary from the attorney general. but on the question of collusion between the trump campaign in russia, the language is emphatic. special counsel investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election. but there is a second question, did the president obstruct justice throughout the course of the investigation? according to the summary of presents evidence on both sides. quoting mueller, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. attorney general william barr determined over the weekend that there is not enough evidence to make an obstruction case. that is the point that the democrats are seizing upon, they're carrying out investigations of their own . >> the president has not been exonerated but yet the attorney general has decided not to go further or apparently to share those finance with the public.
5:38 am
we cannot simply rely on what may be a hasty, partisan interpretation of the facts. >> another of other investigations continue. a lot of house committees looking into various aspects of this. there is also case is being pursued by the u.s. attorney in new york as well as the state attorney general in new york. back to you guys. berkeley is looking for a new men's basketball coach. the administrators decision to change up teams leadership. 1400 cruise ship passengers are thankful to be on land again. it is very dangerous conditions at sea required a very tricky rescue operation. if you're driving on 280 and san jose, caltrans is back on service after being down for electric a vacation work. san jose is moving well.
5:39 am
after mainly dry weekend, another storm on the way. what you can expect for your bay area monday and the rest of the week, coming up.
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i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. investigators on the peninsula are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire that killed one woman and injured one man. the flame started on jackson avenue in redwood city about 10:00 saturday night. the fire department says crews arrived about four minutes after the call but they were unable to save a woman inside the home. a man who is also inside the home was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life- threatening injuries.
5:42 am
the fire department says most of the damage was contained in the kitchen . a fire at a mosque in southern california is being investigated as arson and a hate crime. it happened early yesterday morning in escondido. several people were inside at the time but no one was hurt. the arsonist left behind graffiti that refer to the mosque shooting in new zealand . >> we were already vigilant and now we are hypervigilant. those people inside could have been killed. >> so far the police say they don't have any suspects in the case and the investigation continues. in new zealand, thousands of people came together protesting racism. yesterday's rally was organized months ago to protest far right movements in new zealand but it took on special meaning after a self-described white
5:43 am
supremacist was charged with killing 50 people at two mosques, 10 days ago. new zealand will hold a national remembrance service friday honoring the victims of the mosque shooting. it was a harrowing rescue operation over the weekend, hundreds of cruiseship passengers had to be airlifted into safety. a couple from solano county was among the 1400 people on board the viking sky. she and her wife held on for dear life as the ship rocked back and forth. take a look at this video. she said the rough seas were unlike anything they had ever experienced. >> we didn't think we were going to die a sling long as the weeks went well and the captain and the crew did the right thing. but we knew it was possible because of how close we were to the rocks. >> rescuers could not use lifeboats to evacuate passengers because of the rough waters. instead they had to use helicopters to airlift nearly 500 passengers to safety.
5:44 am
they stayed on board, putting on a life jacket then sleeping on the floor until that ship made port. they do plan on traveling around europe before returning home . california super bloom of flowers is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. but the crowds are also causing problems for people who live in lake elsinore in riverside county. those sea of orange colors has been an international sensation. the locals who live there complain about the crowds causing traffic problems. look at this line of people. the city implemented a new traffic plan. visitors can no longer park along several streets by the trail. instead they have to catch a shuttle and ride in a couple miles to see the super bloom. despite the long wait, some people say it was worth it. >> it was only 45 minutes.
5:45 am
back was one hour and 15 minutes. but it was worth it. it was beautiful. >> two weeks ago, before the shuttle started, public safety officials had to close access to that canyon because there were so many people. the price of gasoline is all over the country and has gone up $.16 a gallon over the past two weeks. a new survey says the price jump is mainly due to a tightening supply. refiners typically undergo maintenance ahead of the increase in demand over the summer. the national average for gasoline rose to do dollars and $.66 per gallon. the price of gas here in the bay area is higher. the survey found that the bay area has the highest gasoline prices in the nation. the average price of $3.48 a gallon. the lowest average price you can find is in baton rouge louisiana at $2.29 a gallon. help experts are calling for more taxes, better labels and limits on sugary drinks. the american academy of
5:46 am
pediatrics and the american heart association are in favor of sugary drink taxes like those in effect in some bay area cities. they also want limits on marketing to kids in teenagers and more precise nutritional information on the packaging. excess consumption of added sugar, especially from sugared drinks causes a great help threat to children, especially children of minority and low income communities. more people in their 70s and 80s are using marijuana. the associated press reports, people 65 and older are one of the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users. recent studies show that many baby boomers are using marijuana for medicinal benefits. let's get you at the door, hey, sal how is everything on the road? >> we are trying to, we are looking at the tracy commute. the traffic looks pretty good if you're driving there.
5:47 am
there has been no major problems but it is going to be a little bit slow. relatively good, no major problems driving through livermore to dublin. san ramon to pleasanton, there is a little slowing and pleasanton already. this is a look at 880 n. and south. you can see the traffic is looking good. at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, the traffic is moving along very nicely until you get to the macarthur maze and then it slows for about a 15 minute wait. let's bring in rosemary for the weather. it may impact your commute, if not this morning but into the afternoon. the rain will develop a little bit later today. it is just now approaching areas of sonoma county and lake county. we are getting a little bit closer, this is where we are seeing a little rain and it is slowly shifting south.
5:48 am
healdsburg and greenville and windsor are beginning to get light shower opportunity. there's a little bit of drizzle on the coastline. but that is about it right now. the brunt of the moisture is still to the north. as we head to the morning hours of begins to slip into the north bay. central and south bay are going to remain dry for the morning commute. here's a look at your lunch hour that is just now moving into areas along the central bay. interstate 80 and ocean beach and pacifica. then the second part of the afternoon it continues to shift. central and into the south bay, north bay beginning to dry out just a little bit. if you're going for the game tonight, expects scattered showers in the forecast there. santa cruz mountains and the south bay will continue with the scattered showers this evening. we will get a bit of a break on tuesday but not going away completely. and then another round on wednesday. the rain showers for today will get from a half inch to an inch
5:49 am
or so in the urban areas. we could see a little bit more in the hills on the north bay. a winter weather advisory starts later tonight and the sierras. they could get anywhere from a foot and a half to 2 feet of snow expected on the higher peaks. slow snow level is down to about 5000 feet. right now mostly dry conditions and 53 degrees in downtown san francisco. 49 degrees in concord and 49 degrees in san jose. afternoon highs today upper 50s to low 60s, mostly cloudy skies. we are looking at scattered showers remaining in the forecast for most of the day. extended forecast, tuesday with some clearing, few scattered showers. wednesday, rain in the forecast, temperatures cooling off a little bit. the backend of the business week and into the weekend we are drying out with mid 60s in the forecast saturday and sunday. baseball season is back, we
5:50 am
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welcome back, the warriors continue their push for the nba playoffs. they played the pistons last night, the second night of a back to back after being blown out by the mavericks on saturday. steph curry was back after missing that game, he came out firing, just like this. he had five, three pointers, warriors victory, they won again the number one seed in the west. up next, a trip to memphis to play the grizzlies on wednesday. the ncaa tournament sweet 16 is set. many fans think one of the best teams is lucky to be there. williams has led the duke blue devils past central florida yesterday. they were just seconds to play when williamson was fouled, right there. he missed the free throw, but his teammate got the offensive rebound and a point back. they took out one light point lead. taylor just missed off the glass , dawkins tried to tip into follow. the ball stayed on the rim and look at it real close. on the rim and then rolled away. duke gets a heart stopping 77-76
5:54 am
when. they move on to play virginia tech friday night. the oregon ducks had a 12 point lead at the half but the anteaters came roaring back at the second half. uc irvine went on a 16-0 run. they took a two-point lead in the the ducks went on another streak of their own and outscore the and eaters 38 to 17. oregon advances to the sweet 16. they will play virginia thursday night. uc berkeley fired the basketball coach on saturday. they announced jones will not come back this next year. the golden bears only won eight games in the last two seasons. jones is the only coach in history to preside over consecutive 20 long seasons.
5:55 am
they said they have started the search to find the next head coach. it is the end of march, so the giants and oakland a's are facing off in the bay bridge series. the a's are feeling right at home with a show of home runs in the first inning. he had a long home run, with matt chapman on base, making it 2-0 the oakland a's. another player hit a homer giving oakland a three to nothing lead. then on the seventh, ramon went deep with a runner, giving the oakland a's a 50 5-0 win. next, the giants will host the final two games. this broke box office records. the new movie is called us.
5:56 am
it debuted this weekend and took in $70 million in ticket sales. the biggest debut for an original horror movie. the movie took the top spot from captain marvel and the emanated movie wonder park came into number three. how to drag train your dragon rounded out the top five. the powerball jackpot this coming wednesday will be at least three quarters of $1 billion. that is because no one won the $625 million jack thought on saturdays drawing. the last time anyone hit all of the winning numbers was the day after christmas. 12 people in california did win $20,000 for having four of the five numbers but they didn't have that red powerball number. the efforts to rescue a hiker that was hurt while
5:57 am
hiking. streaming services are calling to plate close attention to an apple event coming up in just minutes . we have traffic that's getting a little slower as we approached 6:00. here in san jose, not a bad commute driving out to the west valley . it is a cloudy start to the day and eventually those clouds will be dropping rain, i have details on your bay area monday forecast and beyond, coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i just want to tell you, america's the greatest place on earth. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel. >> a justice department summary found there was no collusion, the reaction from both democrats and republicans. and oil refinery in phoenicia is still shut down, after a health scare for people who live nearby. what we know this morning and how bay area gas prices may be affected. .
6:00 am
good morning, thank you for joining us, monday morning, march 25. i am pam cook . >> good morning, my name is dave clark. i know where my umbrella is . >> my umbrella is in the car, i leave it there all year round. but i did forget a jacket. >> we do have another storm approaching the bay area and areas overlake county are already seeing some of this rain. it is going to take a while but it will arrive. here is a look at san francisco airport, upper 40s and low 50s for most of the bay area. temperatures are up over yesterday morning . 51 degrees to start your day, santa rosa and napa 48 degrees, livermore at 46 degrees in san jose at 50 degrees. there is a look at all that cloud cover, there is a look at the rain. still to the north of us for the most part.


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