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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 25, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> good morning, my name is dave clark. i know where my umbrella is . >> my umbrella is in the car, i leave it there all year round. but i did forget a jacket. >> we do have another storm approaching the bay area and areas overlake county are already seeing some of this rain. it is going to take a while but it will arrive. here is a look at san francisco airport, upper 40s and low 50s for most of the bay area. temperatures are up over yesterday morning . 51 degrees to start your day, santa rosa and napa 48 degrees, livermore at 46 degrees in san jose at 50 degrees. there is a look at all that cloud cover, there is a look at the rain. still to the north of us for the most part. it is widespread morning and in
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the afternoon. here is a look at what we expect with the rainfall amounts, anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch expected. the north bay and the hills will get most of the rain. so for this year, winter travel expected later today, laughing into tuesday morning. afternoon highs for today, upper 50s to low 60s. if you're going to the giants and a's game, expects scattered showers. i will have the timing on the system and what you can expect in the extended forecast, including a sneak peek into wi we do have traffi is richmond bridge, trying to cross the san rafael there is already a backup at the toll plaza. most of the lanes slow traffic into the bridge.
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the traffic is going to be busy on highway 24 on the way to the tunnel, and the macarthur maze coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza it is about a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. nope problems and 880 and oakland in traffic on the e sure freeways doing all right so far. let's go back to the desk . after nearly 2 years of investigations, special counsel robert mueller's report on possible interference in the 2016 presidential election is in the hands of the attorney general. >> attorney general william barr sent a four page summary of that report to congress. some members of congress are demanding to see the entire report. >> we don't know if or when that will happen but for now we do have this four-page summary and there are two ports it. if there is any collusion between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election, the second, if president trump obstructed
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justice during the investigation? the investigation did not find that anyone conspired or coordinated with russia to influence the presidential election. president donald j. trump tweeted, it was a total exoneration. but the summary of the special counsel's report goes on to say, quote, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. attorney general william barr says there isn't enough evidence to make an obstruction case. that answer is unacceptable to many democrats, including house judiciary chairman, who is doing his own investigation. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel yet the attorney general has decided not to go further or apparently to find share those findings with the public. we cannot rely on what may be a hasty, partisan interpretation of the facts.
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there is pressure to have the attorney general testify on capitol hill and provide the entire report. back to you. >> we have expanded coverage at, you can read the full letter summarizing the report that the attorney general sent to congress . we are also following developing news in walnut creek, police are investigating a shooting there that happened last night just before 10:00 outside the union bank on mount diablo boulevard. a man walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound. his injuries are not life- threatening. so far the police don't have suspects in this case. we're going to keep an eye on the situation in walnut creek. you can see some video here, downtown walnut creek. we may get more information about the shooting from the police later today. five people are back inside the newark home after an early morning fire. happen on mulberry street shortly before 4:45 am.
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a smoldering barbecue likely caused part of the exterior of the house, on fire. they were able to put it out quickly and no one was hurt. highway patrol arrested at least three people following a high-speed chase that stretch from emeryville into vallejo. the chp says the chase started at 11:00 last night as an officer tried to pull over car for speeding on eastbound interstate 80 near powell street. the driver did not pull over and drove off at a high rate of speed. the highway patrol chased the car in solano county and exited on the american canyon road offramp and turned onto hidden brook parkway. they used a spike strip to stop the car. people inside ran off but were captured by officers. the chp and napa county fire department teamesent after emergency workers determined
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the d could not get off s secured in harness and airlifted to calistoga fairgrounds and then taken to the hospital for observation. a man died in marin county when his car plunged off a cliff. two hikers saw that car go 600 feet down the hillside on ridgecrest boulevard saturday morning. a sheriff's helicopter and local fire crews tried to make a rescue but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. he was the only person in the car. the chp is still investigating the cause of the crash. homicide investigators in san francisco are searching for clues in a shooting that killed one person and injured five others. it happened on fillmore street near eddie shortly before 9:00 on saturday night. please found the 25-year-old man already did and a 27-year- old man with life-threatening injuries, who is remaining in
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critical condition. other victims range from 19 to 50 years old. investigators are not saying anything about a motor . san francisco police are asking for the public's health help in a shooting along fisherman work. two people were hurt after 2:00 yesterday morning on bay street. officer say 25-year-old woman and 21-year-old man were taken to the hospital, they are expected to survive. please of not yet given any information about a possible suspect. happening today, cleanup crews in sonoma county are beginning one final sweep to pick up flood debris in the russian river area. curbside pickup started two weeks ago to remove hazardous waste left behind from last month flooding. this week the county will start to enforce fines for illegal dumping on streets that have been cleared. health authorities in the solano county say air quality near the refinery in venetia has improved enough to lift a health advisory in the area. but the refinery is still shut
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down. people living near the refinery reported seeing heavy smoke shortly after 7:00 yesterday morning. we received several cars calls, the refinery finally reported that smoke included high particulate matter and tiny carbon particles that could be inhaled and cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. automated phone calls went out to refinery neighbors . >> the refinery will be performing a control shutdown of the entire refinery. the shutdown is being conducted to improve conditions and minimize risk from earlier operational issues. the shutdown is expected to last for multiple days and will result in visible flaring. >> there are no reports of any serious injuries but the effects of this shutdown could be felt around the bay area. generally local gas prices go up when any of the northern california refinery shutdown for any length of time. apple is inspected to make a big announcement at 10:00
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this morning. apple ceo will make an announcement at the steve jobs theater in cupertino. they will announce a new prescription service for newspapers and magazines and a new video streaming service that could compete with netflix. >> this is really fulfilling that vision of creating a platform, much like apple music, where you can watch anything you want. apple has also invested over $1 billion in new content for some of the biggest players in hollywood. >> last week apple updated the hardware for air pods, imac and ipad ahead of today's announcement. possible setback for chick- fil-a restaurant, up next, the problems the concord city staff has for plans to build a new restaurant in their city. a rescue caught on camera in the east ba, the firefighter who risked his own life to save a family pet. we have people on the road
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crowding the commute as we take a look at some of these. highway 24 is crowded but the traffic moving along pretty well all along the way to oakland . mostly cloudy start to transition to a wet one as we roll through the bay area on monday. i have details, coming up.
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if approved, new jersey would be the 11th state to legalize
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medical marijuana. some lawmakers have said they earn not committed to a yes vote on the floor . people in nebraska are dealing with unprecedented flooding after a levee broke in eastern nebraska. a long stretch of the highway is underwater. it is not just deep, fast- moving floodwater that are dangerous. chemicals in the water as well as broken glass and sharp metal are also dangerous. they estimate the cost is about $3 billion. there warning that the flooding can continue through may azygos warmers and the snow melts. its 34 max just to a s is storage facility in the southern california desert. it is also started to cancel approximately 130 flight the day that would have used those
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planes. american airlines is notifying travelers on the 90 lights a day scheduled to fly on a max jets. united is using other planes to replace those planes. horse racing could be back at the santa anita racetrack. racing was suspended because 22 horses at that racetrack have died since december. the california horse racing board will meet thursday to investigate new safety rules. they think all the winter rain may have been a factor in the death of those courses . six skiers in utah were caught in an avalanche. they are all alive. they were trying out the fresh snow at big cottonwood canyon. more than 6 inches of snow had fallen in less than two hours. when there is that much fresh snow what does create dangerous conditions at time. two years were buried, third had and injure knee but everyone is
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able to make it out alive. the skiers were prepared for rapid changes in the weather. they carried avalanche warning devices with them. firefighters rescued a naked man near the surf at the cliff house restaurant yesterday afternoon. he was rescued about 15 minutes later and is expected to be okay. this is a second sunday in a row her firefighters made a rescue near the cliff house. last sunday a surfer was rescued by helicopter in that same area. richmond firefighters are shar firefighters saving two dogs from a burning building. the body can video shows smoke filling up the air in a burning apartment making it dark enough to barely recognize a small dogs they one of the dogs, quickly took it outside for fresh air and some cpr. neither of the dogs sustained any burns. the family were beyond happy, as you can imagine, to have
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them back safe and sound. >> way to go for the firefighters. cell is right over there and watching our commute, how does it look? >> it looks all right but getting more crowded as you would expect here at the 6:00 hour. here is a look at the seashore freeway anna 80 westbound. you can see the toll plaza is backed up about 20 to 25 minute delay before you make it onto the span and if you're driving to it, from oakland, both 880 and 580 are still in pretty good shape. san mateo and dumbarton bridge are still a good option for a relatively on crowded peninsula. the south bay commute looks uncrowded. maybe a little bit of slowing but you have a little opportunity to get to your job
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with little obstruction right now on the freeway. this is a live look at northbound 280. you can see on the right that is northbound 280 coming around the corner. it does look pretty good. filling in for steve today is rosemary . happy monday. we have rain on the way. it is already beginning to fall over portions of the north bay and lake county. it will continue to move through the bay as we move through our money. there is a view at storm tracker 2. moving into the north bay. along the coastline, highway one is a wet one. the north edge of the north bay we have rain around windsor. as we shift over you can see scattered shower activity along highway 101 between petaluma and novato. over the higher elevations, a few sprinkles reported. rolling through your early morning hours we are looking at
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this over the north bay. it has slowed down allowing most of us to remain mainly drive for the morning drive. as we get into the lunch hour thing start to change up. here is the time freeze is again in the second part of the afternoon it continues to shift south. the south bay could take all the way into the mid afternoon to late afternoon in time for the evening drive. if you're going out to oracle park expect scattered showers. the santa cruz mountains and the south bay continue with scattered showers tonight. for the a travel advisory, highway 50 and interstate 80 could see a foot and a half nearly 2 feet of snow. over the next 24 they will have this storm. here's a look mainly
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dry, 52 degrees into the south bay in oakland . 52 degrees in san jose. 60 degrees in san francisco and in the north bay 60 degrees. here's your forecast if you're going to see the giants and oakland a's play, 58 degrees. scattered showers on the forecast and winds picking up in the afternoon but should begin to die down into the evening hours. here is a view of your extended forecast. have a little bit of clearing tomorrow, expecting that chance of scattered showers, another system rose in on wednesday. then we begin to dry out by thursday and into your bay area weekend. a dry one, partly cloudy skies both saturday and sunday mid 60s. you can download the weather app and hourly updates on the 7- day forecast. also the easy feature to upload weather photos, ktvu 2 weather app is a free download.
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stranded at sea, a scary trip for passengers on board a cruise ship from norway. but first, if you don't have the guts to engage in a free and fair election, get the out of politics. >> campaign stop in the bay area for bernie sanders. some of the key moments and strong words is thousands gathered in fort mason.
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happening today, israel's prime minister is meeting with president trump. but his trip is being cut short. the prime minister is returning to israel early after a rocket was reportedly fired from the gaza strip and landed in israel. israel said the attack destroyed a families home and injured six people. he has counseled his speech at the meet with house speaker nancy pelosi and other members of congress. fema is taking steps to make sure there is not another data breacci ntally released of more than 2 million people, including survivors of the 2017 northern california wildfires. that included social security
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numbers, addresses, banking information. fema says the release was actually made by a contractor and it is now working now to remove that information from the contractor's files. it is also creating a filter so that that type of personal information is not released again. vermont senator and presidential candidate, bernie sanders, laid out his type priorities at a campaign rally in san francisco. thousands of his supporters showed up at fort mason to hear him speak today. >> we need great teachers out there, well-paid teachers. we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, we need to transform our energy system. >> senator sanders also made a campaign stop in los angeles over the weekend. back a new poll shows that joe biden and bernie sanders remain the top choice for registered democrats. the poll finds that 31% of voters prefer the former vice president to represent the
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democratic party in 2020. senator sanders is just behind him with 23%, california senator kamala harris had a percent . senator kamala harris campaign in georgia, she is committed to winning her party's nomination . >> let me be clear with everybody, i fully intended to win this campaign. i fully intend to win. >> she told people in atlanta, as president she would use federal resources to close the pay gap between average teachers for salary and other college graduates. she also call for tax breaks for working families. >> what i am proposing is that for families that are making less than $100,000 a year, you receive a tax credit ofcan collect at up to $500 a month.d
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teacher salary comes during an uptick of teacher strikes across the country. teacher salaries nationwide are down compared with recent years. adjusting for inflation salaries have shrunk 2% between the year 2000 and 2017. new york senator hillebrand is kicking off her campaign for president. she has been exploring for running for president since january. she had a speech outside of the trump international hotel and tower in manhattan. she is calling for universal health system, universals preschool and cutting the interest rates on student debt . stanford and california women's basketball teams, a preview, as march madness continues.
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from iphone to tablets, apple expected to announce it is launching a video and streaming service. more details and what it can mean for the entertainment industry and consumers? >> introducing the fox to weather app. it's like heaven the power of the fox to ur hand.
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that is the opening bell, live in new york this morning. we are watching the market after the justice department
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investigation found no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. democrats are calling for the full report to be released. right now looks like a lower opening across the board. no big moves. but we will continue to watch that. thank you for joining us it is monday, march 25. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. we're talking today about march madness and also talking about rain. we're already starting to see some of that rainfall along the north bay coast and sonoma county. it will continue to into the afternoon. by 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 51 degrees in santa rosa, 53 degrees in oakland, 46 degrees in san jose. we're showing you the last few hours as the rain is shifting
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into the north bay. it has been widespread over lake county early on. remove and a little closer, grenville is now covered, sevastopol, over toward santa rosa. as we shift to the coastline you can see down along point reyes it looks like even farther than that. if you scattered showers along highway 101 approaching the richmond, san rafael bridge. so today will have morning showers spreading into the afternoon. we will have this over the next 24 hours. we do have sierra snow on the way. the afternoon high for today, upper 50s to low 60s for most. mid 60s in the south bay.
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we will have a timeline of the rain with future cast model talking more about the sierra snow and winter travel advisory for you there, coming up in the extended forecast. let's check the traffic with sal. good morning, we have slow traffic at the 6:00 hour. most commutes are slow except the south bay commute. we will talk about that in just a moment. when a highway for, slow traffic, pittsburgh and bay pointe. most people checking to see if there is anything really unusual and there is nothing unusual about highway 24 right now. it is a little crowded on the way to oakland. there's a 22 minute drive on the east shore freeways pretty good. a 20 minute drive or wait at the bay bridge. this is a look at interstate 880 and 580. it is still a decent commute in the peninsula.
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a little slowing on 680 from dublin. the south bay, 85 and 101 into the south and east bay, still looks good. downtown san jose traffic off to a good start. let's go back to the news that's . democrats in congress pushing to see the whole report by special counsel robert mueller on alleged interference on the 2016 election. one day after the justice department released a summary of two-year investigation. attorney general william barr gave the president and members they did ss a summary of the not find evidence that president trump's campaign conspired or worked with russia during andft the 2016 election. >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction and none whatsoever and it was a complete and total exoneration. >> many democrats believe the
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report does not exonerate the president. the attorney general summary says mueller's team did not conclude whether the president obstructed justice. democratic congressional leaders released a joint statement that said in part, the fact the special counsel mueller's report does not exonerate the president on a charge as serious as obstruction of justice, demonstrates how urgent it is that the full report and underlying documentation be made public. on, you can read the full summary that the attorney general sent to congress . a big announcement from apple today. it is expected to be a video and new subscription service to compete with giants like netflix and amazon. we are in cupertino to explain what this can mean for consumers in the entertainment industry. >> reporter: think about all
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the digital content providers that are already popular with consumers. apple wants to get in on that streaming video game. add an event here today on the apple campus, the ceo is expected to announce his new video streaming service as part of the apple tv app. it will produce its own original content, they budgeted about $1 billion to create and market that content. during today's announcement, apple is expected to reveal previeof some of these original shows that they will rollout as part of the service later this year. the streaming video app will also include options to subscribe to other content providers. >> i think that's what you're going to see today, new tv app that allows you to sign up for
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single challenge at about $9.99 a month. >> reporter: apple hasn't said what it will charge for streaming video service. they are also expected to announce a new prescription service like netflix for newspapers and magazines. it will allow you to subscribe to more than 200 different magazines and also access content from news outlets like the wall street journal ox media. this is all expected to be announced at an event at the apple campus at 10:00 this morning. the san francisco public library board wants to make it easier for everyone who lives in the city to use libraries. the library is already eliminated new fines for overdue books and other borrowed materials. but now wants to eliminate debts from old fines. the library is owed more than 1 1/2 million dollars in old fines and wants to wipe the slate clean and welcome back
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thousands of people who stop using the library. the board of supervisors still has to prove that plan. a principal who was shot by his wife earlier this month has died. he was head of the pittsburgh adult education center. he was shot march 16 inside his home in pittsburgh and died yesterday. he had been in a coma and kept alive on life support. his wife was first charged with attempted murder but now investigators will seek murder charges. oakland firefighters a man's body inside a burning boat that was parked on the side of the road. it was found about 730 yesterday morning. the man has not been identified yet and may cause of the fire is still under investigation. the corner is trying to identify a man who was hit and killed last night on highway
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101 in mountain view. it happened around 7 pm. the chp says he may have been trying to cross the freeway but we don't know why. the driver did stop and did cooperate with investigators. they also say he was not under the influence. we are learning more about the shooting death of a line o that the blood alcohol level of the suspected gunman was .16 which is twice the legal impairment limit. the report also reports that his bloodstream also included thp. the officer was killed while she was conducting a traffic stop . the law enforcement community is remembering a san jose police officer who was killed in the line of duty four years ago. the sunnyvale police department posted this tweet yesterday, honoring officer michael
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johnson. the 14 year veteran was shot and killed while responding to a report of a suicidal man with a gun. johnson was the 12th san jose police officer to be killed in the history. plans to open a new chick- fil-a restaurant in concord has run into pushback. the staff will not recommend a change in zoning laws to allow a drive through chick-fil-a to open on willow pass road near diamond boulevard and traffic is one of the main reasons why. they are recommending that the city council reject the application to open the restaurant. the concord city council meet tomorrow night at 630 . pro baseball will be returning to the city of martinez this year. efforts to find a new owner for the martinez clippers were unsuccessful. the teams previous owner filed bankruptcy last month. they were also rated last year
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as part of a ponzi scheme investigation. the martinez clippers join the pacific association of professional baseball clubs last year . uc berkeley has fired basketball coach jones. saturday the athletic department administrators signaled a vote of confidence but 24 hours later they said jones will not return next year. the golden bears won only eight games in each of the last two seasons. he is the only cal coach in history to preside over a consecutive 20 lost seasons. tonight the stanford cardinals will try to earn another trip to the sweet 16 of the ncaa nament. stanford will play byu after winning their first round game saturday against uc davis. if the cardinals when it will be stanford's 12th street trip to the sweet 16. the game starts at 8 pm at maples. the cal women also want to
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move on to the sweet 16. it will be a matchup of bears in waco texas. tonight is a second round of the ncaa tournament. the winner will play south carolina in a sweet 16 matchup on saturday. cal is coming off a victory over north carolina. the game tonight starts at 6 pm. overnight shooting in walnut creek, a man was shot at a bank. it is being called the poppy, super bloom. krause want to see it. what is being done to protect the area, especially by cutting back on the traffic. we do have traffic that is getting busier around the bay area right now. . and 880 looks pretty good driving up and down town.
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grab your rain gear, rain on the way. i have details on what you can expect for today and the rest of the week coming up. we are t we are a drill team from hallsville, texas. i'm the marketing director at the chick-fil-a in longview, texas. every year we do a novelty routine last year we were inflatable cows. some lady posted it online - got so many views. that made the video, the cow suits. the morning we were leaving for our nationals competition we surprised them and sent them off with a chick-fil-a cow. we were star-struck. we just wanted to let them know we love them. we knew we had to make this cow proud. yes! (laughs)
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a fire at a mosque in southern california is being investigated as arson and a hate crime. it happened early yesterday morning in escondido. seven people were in the temple at the time but no one was hurt. the arsonist left behind graffiti referring to the mosque shooting in new zealand. >> we were already vigilant, now we are hypervigilant because this is right here. those people inside, could have been killed, if they didn't wake up to see these flames, it would have been all over. >> so far police don't have suspects on the investigation continues. in new zealand, thousands came together protesting the racism. month ago against the far right movement in new zealand but it took on a special meaning after two mass 50 people were killed into mosques 10 days ago.
6:46 am
they will hold a national remembrance service friday honoring the victims of the mosque shooting. people in new zealand are debating issues of free speech, the country is made it illegal to have a copy of the manifesto left behind by the suspected gunman. anyone caught with the document on the computer could be thrown in prison for up to 10 years. sending it could result in a 14 year sentence. people in new zealand also not allowed to watch the video the massacre that was captured on the gunman's helmet camera . a cruise ship that became stranded off the coast of norway has now been safely towed to shore after a scary rescue operation over the weekend where hundreds of passengers were airlifted to safety. a couple from solano county was on that cruise ship, they were among 1400 people aboard the viking sky. residents say she and her wife held on for dear life as that cruise ship rock back and forth.
6:47 am
the rough seas were unlike anything they have ever seen before . >> we didn't think we were going to die as long as things went well and the captain and the crew did the right thing. but we knew that it was possible because of how close we were to the rocks. >> rescue teams could not ats t passengers because the waters were so rough. instead they use helicopters. they airlifted almost 500 passengers to safety one by one. miss shepard and her wife stayed on board and put on lifejackets and slept on the floor until the ship made port. they do plan to travel around europe before flying back to rio vista. this is something you don't see very often. a wild elephant surprise people in a town in southwest china. the elephant was seen roaming the streets over the weekend. the elephant became separated from his herd and wandered into
6:48 am
town. they are big, he damaged about nine cars before being let out of town with the help of local police. a russian tourist has been arrested in indonesia. airport security discovered a drugged baby orangutan in his suitcase. the suspect claimed a friend gave it to him as a gift and he was bringing it back to russia to keep it as a pet. the smuggler is facing up to five years in prison and $7000 the orangutan is now being cared for by the poly national resources conservation agency . the fda is beginning a two day meeting to discuss the health risks of breast implants. the committee plans to discuss reports of breast implants being linked to a rare form of cancer. also risk of illness and other complications.
6:49 am
the panel will hear from researchers, patients and manufacturers. an estimated 300,000 women get breast implants every year in the u.s. there is an avocado recall . >> there is an avocado recall. samples from the henry avocado packing facility tested positive for foodborne bacteria. the companies avocado are stored in six states and that includes six california. so far we haven't heard of any illnesses. the recalled avocados have stickers on them that say bravo cotto. california and organic . california super bloom is drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors. it might be a beautiful sight, but the crowd the causing problems for people in a lake elsinore in riverside county. the city of orange has become an international sensation. locals complain of crowds creating traffic problems.
6:50 am
now the city has created a new traffic plan. visitors can no longer park along several streets. instead they have to catch the shuttle to see that super bloom. but it is incredible. it is amazing to see the lines of people heading out there. cell you have everybody behaving monday morning? >> if they were behaving too well i would be doing something else for a living. there is never a problem with the commute, what are you talking about. as far as normal parameters, let's take a look at the 80 commute. about a 21 minute drive from the corking edge bridge to the macarthur maze. later today you have been hearing rosemary say that it is going to rain. it will affect your commute later on. especially now, looks pretty good. but later on on your home commute it might be kind of a rainy commute. not the kind of storms we have had before but definitely as far as driving goes, slow
6:51 am
traffic expected. if you're driving on interstate 80 north and south it looks okay so far. the san mateo bridge is a little bit busier than the dumbarton bridge. it tends to change quickly, self-pay commute getting filled in and this is 280 northbound. you can see the sun coming up, provide us with a beautiful sunrise around the region. enjoy the dry conditions. that will change. look at that screen, but it's a beautiful son set sunrise. here's a look at san francisco airport, we are off to a dry start. over the noday, beginning to see scattered showers fall from the coast. we are checking on radar in just a moment. here's a look at some of these numbers, because with the clouds in place on the average temperatures are up by about five, 10, 12 degrees.
6:52 am
51 degrees in santa rosa, 53 degrees in oakland, san jose 50 degrees. mostly gray skies around the region for the first part of the day but this is beginning to move through the north bay. for most of us it is going to be a dry morning commute. but by the afternoon, sl mentioned, expecting a little bit more in the way of widespread scattered shower activity. right now we have several areas in the northern bay that are getting rain along highway one, it is a slick one. you can see highway 101 down through san rafael and approaching the san rafael bridge, like, scattered showers. there is a look at the future cast, most of the rain still to the north. 10:00 we have it dropping down
6:53 am
to write about the golden gate bridge. still mainly dry over the central and south bay. by lunch time things start to change up a little bit farther so we could have scattered showers over the area. also along the coastline, for your lunch hour. as we get into the evening commute, the central and south bay looking pretty slick. the scattered showers will continue in the evening hours over the south bay. a quarter inch to an inch expected over most areas, a little bit more in the north bay and the hills. there is a winter weather advisory that will go into tomorrow morning, with fresh snow expected for the sierra. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s and into the after afternoon. could be a little breezy at times, if you're going out to oracle park for the games. oakland a's versus giants today. scattered showers remaining for the forecast in the evening
6:54 am
hours, here is a look at the extended forecast. a little bit of clearing on tuesday, the next system roles and on wednesday. we dry out by thursday and into your bay area weekend, looking good. mid 60s for the afternoon and dry conditions. a daring rescue in napa was hurt. a record-setting weekend at the box office, where a movie that was filmed the movie is us, we will tell you how much it took in on the way to debuting
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uber admits it changed its rates but the family that the company says they are just promotions that let drivers make more money. rideshare drivers are contract employees. the new horror movie from director jordan beale broke box office records. >> the new movie, us, debuted
6:58 am
over the weekend, it took in $70 million in ticket sales. the biggest debut for an original horror movie. it took the top spot away from top captain marvel, the animated movie, winter park is in third place, five pete five feet apart and how to train your dragon rounded out the top five. it was the second night of the back to back after they were blown out by dallas on saturday. yes what, steph curry was back, the way 12 121-114 when by the warriors. the warriors are now back is number 1 team in the west. up next, they go to memphis to play the grizzlies on
6:59 am
wednesday. it's the end of march, so the giants and the oakland a's will play in the bay bridge series. the a's feel right at home, they were hitting home runs, two. in the first inning, stephen had a long homer, with matt chaplin on base. that made it to-zero a's. right there. ramon went deep with a runner on, that gave the a's a 5-01, the series moves to the other side of the bay tonight. the giants hosting the final two games. i just want to tell you, that america is the greatest place on earth. the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel. >> adjustments adjustment summary found that there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia.
7:00 am
a man is in the hospital overnight, his condition after he was attacked late last night. this is ktvu mornings at 2. >>rch 25. are you ready for more rain? michelle, i asked on facebook earlier, are we enjoying the rain? michelle says yes, she likes the rain


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