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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 25, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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week it was $70 million. that's the biggest debut for an original horror film. the movie took the top spot from captain marvel, winter park came infeet apart and how to dragon rounded out the top five. 675 days and 500 witnesses. special counsel robert mueller's work is done. details on the findings and what it says about obstruction of justice. we are one hour wait from a major announcement from apple. how the company could change the way you watch tv. are you ready to pack your bags and leave the bay? new numbers show a majority of people are thinking about it and it's not just because of housing. final monday of march is here. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. so too is another storm system making its way through the bay area. a good time to go to a gym. a survey found half that work out at gyms or
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fitness clubs feel intimidated exercising around other people. >> almost half are overwhelmed by the types of workouts. about one third feel it when they work out next to someone in great shape like me. here's some advice to overcome those feelings. use headphones and very your mix of exercises. i've never felt that. i'm competing against myself when i go. >> my pet peeve is people come to the gym with full makeup and earrings and stuff. if i put my headphones in, don't talk to me. i am working out. >> getting in and getting out. >> we will talk about this later on. we will begin in washington. special counsel robert mueller's report on alleged interference in the 2016 election is in.
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>> attorney general william barr has sent 84 page summary to congress. some members of congress are demanding they want to see the entire report. no democrats want a full look at robert mueller's findings think the attorney general summary is incomplete and bias while on the other side white house press secretary sara sander says the president is completely exonerated and wants to move on. >> this is a two year waste of taxpayer time and dollars. they spent over $25 million on this to find out there was nothing there. this should never happen to another president. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel. the attorney general has decided not to go further or to share the findings with the public. we cannot rely on what may be a
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hasty partisan in part the patient of the fax. >> president donald trump will let attorney general william barr decide if he wants to release the special counsel's full report. we have 84 page summary of the report prepared by william barr. it highlights two issues. whether or not there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election and if president obstructed justice during the investigation. mueller concluded the trump campaign and no one associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia to influence the 22nd presidential election. asked if the present conduct obstructed justice, it says, while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime, it does not exonerate him. the attorney general says there's not enough evidence to make an obstruction case. there is a push to have attorney general william barr testify on capitol hill and provide a full copy of the mueller report. >> thank you. him a credit presidential candidate bernie sanders weighing in on the mueller report. he was in san francisco yesterday and he said he is not
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happy with the summary. >> i don't want a summary of the report. i want though whole report. nobody especially this president is above the law. >> other candidates are speaking out. cory booker tweeted the american public deserves the full report and findings from the mueller investigation immediately not just the summary from a trump administration official. democratic candidate who in castro tweeted an attorney general should not decide how much of the special counsel report congress can read. the full report should be released and robert should mueller should testify. we are following breaking news. police are investigating a shooting in walnut creek. it happened outside the union bank on mount diablo boulevard. a man walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound. his injuries are not life- threatening. police do not have any suspects
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that we are hoping to get more information about the shooting from police later today. cleanup crews are beginning one final sweep to pick up flood debris along the russian river. crews spent crews to pick up hazardous waste. the county will start to enforce fines for illegal dumping on streets that have been cleared. >> we have a new look at the refinery that is shut down. we have new video that was taken 90 minutes ago. first thing yesterday morning people living near the refinery saw smoke from think solano county for a health advisory. we received many calls from our viewers. the refinery reported the smoke included carbon matter that could be inhaled and cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. there are no reports of any serious injuries. baseball is approaching and we have weather to deal with. tonight it may be training for the giants and is game. tomorrow the plate again. on thursday the aids have their
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home opener at the coliseum. >> thursday it looks good. today scattered showers will be a possibility into the evening. it should not be widespread or any heavy downpour. we will keep in that possibility of a few sprinkles. here's a view over sfo where it has been dry. san francisco in the 50s. north bay at 51. napa at 55. oakland at 57. livermore at 50 and san jose at 54. here's a view of storm tracker 2. we have watch the showers fall over there north bay right down to san francisco along the coastline. a few sprinkles passed through and that's been it. it's been in here for most of the morning. along highway one we've got inverness and toward the station. highway 101, petaluma stretching down toward novato we've got a few scattered
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showers. san rafael approaching the bridge you will find some as well. for most of us it's been dry. central bay, south bay a few sprinkles. that's been about it. over the next 24 hours we could have a quarter inch to an inch of rainfall over the area. over the north bay as well as the hills expected to get more than the rest of us. could be breezy at times. snow for the sierra, there is a travel advisory for those folks heading up today and into the overnight hours. it doesn't expire until tomorrow. for us afternoon highs going to be in the low 60s and areas over san francisco 62 in oakland. 64 in livermore. scattered showers in the forecast. when i come back i will have the model and time it out for you as we roll through your bay area monday. more rain on the way. i will look at the extended
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forecast coming up. the highway patrol arrested at least three people following a high speed chase that stretched from emeryville into vallejo. the chp says the chase started at 11:00 p.m. as an officer tried to pull over a car for speeding on eastbound 80 near powell street. that driver did not pullover and drove away. the highway patrol chase the car across the carquinez bridge into solano county and exited on the american canyon road off ramp. officers used a spike strip to stop the car. people inside ran away but were captured by officers. homicide inspectors are searching for clues in the shooting that left one person dead and five others injured. this happened on fillmore near eddie. police say they found a 25-year- old man dead at the scene and a 27-year-old man with life- threatening injuries who remains in critical condition. the others range from 19 to 50 years old. police are nothing if they know the motive in the shooting.
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we are less than an hour away from apples announcement it plans to launch a video and new subscription service. it wants to compete with giants like netflix and amazon. allie rasmus is live in cupertino on what it means for consumers. >> reporter: we are in front of the theater behind this. this is where the announcement will be made. what you are looking at is the lobby of the theater. it is packed with people planning on heading downstairs to the auditorium for the announcement. tim cook is expected to launch apples next product. it's not a new iphone or device. the company is expected to launch a video and streaming service. when you think about the digital advisors like hulu, netflix, prime video, apple wants to join that list. as part of the apple tv app the company will produce its own original content budgeted $1 billion to create and marketsho.
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during today's announcement apple is expected to reveal previews of its original content. apple streaming video apple include options to subscribe to premium video channels like showtime and hbo. apple wants it to be part of its future. >> they have asserted that dominates. they know the smart phone has peaked. smart phone sales are expected to decline. the hefty pivot onto what's next. this came up in november when they stop disclosing iphone unit sales. >> apple has not said what it will charge for its streaming video service. along with the video app the ceo expected to talk about a new subscription service. apple service will allow users to access and read more than
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200 different magazines and read news articles from wall street journal. all of this will be announced in less than an hour here on the apple campus in cupertino at the steve jobs theater. we will be here to bring you the details at noon. allie rasmus, ktvo fox 2 news. here on mornings on 2, the new developments in the r kelly saga. his latest effort to perform overseas. what officials in dubai are saying. another effort to extend last call. the latest on a push to let bars serve alcohol of two 4 am.
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israel's military says it started striking hamas targets in the gaza strip after a rocket hit a house in central israel earlier in the day wounding seven people. the prime minister is now
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cutting short a visit to washington. here is the story from israel. >> reporter: the israeli military reinforcing troops and calling up reserves as tension rise at the gaza border. earlier today a rocket from gaza demolished a home in central israel wounding six people. all believed to be members of the same family. resident say they are rattled from the early-morning assault. >> i went downstairs. it seemed far away. then i heard a loud boom. >> it comes two weeks of a contentious election here in israel. is prompted an early end to nis washington. >> this is a vicious attack on the state of israel. we react with force. i've cut my short visit to the
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u.s. >> the rocket came from a launching pass in southern gaza. it was self manufactured with a range of 75 miles. armor and infantry units are being deployed to the border area with the threat of a major confrontation a real possibility. >> hamas will pay a price. we don't care if it was a mistake or not a mistake. it hit children. we cannot sit still. >> the group evacuated government headquarters and holdings in the gaza strip. new jersey lawmakers are voting on legislation that could legalize recreational marijuana. if approved new jersey would become the 11 state to legalize recreational marijuana. it's not clear if it will pass. some measure in committee said they are not committed to a yes vote
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on the floor. a new report says more people in their 70s and 80s are using marijuana. the associated press reports people 65 and older are one of the fastest growing demographic of marijuana usage. studies show many baby boomers and those who are older are using marijuana for its medicinal benefits. the senate could vote on a bill that would let some bars and nightclubs sell alcohol until 4 am. the bill was sponsored by the state senator scott weiner. it past state senate committee last week. it signed into law. san francisco and oakland are among the cities that have been chosen for a test run. this is the third time senator weiner has introduced some bars to stay late. a similar bill was vetoed last year and another bill failed in the assembly in 2017. horse racing could return to friday to the santa anita racetrack in southern california. racing was suspended march 5 because 22 horses at the track
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have died since december. the california horse racing board will meet on thursday to consider new safety rules. investigators say they believe all the winter rain in southern california has affected the track and may have been a factor in the horses death. a texas woman has died after being attacked her own dog. the 33-year-old old two pit bulls that were being quarantined at a veterinary clinic after biting another person. she went to the clinic to feed her dogs and they mauled her. the dogs were so aggressive it prevented paramedics from getting to her quickly. a police officer shot and killed both dogs. she died at the hospital. there are new problems for r&b singer r kelly concert plans. they denied he had a concert schedule. kelly's lawyer says he has a signed contract with a legitimate concert promoter.
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he told a judge last week that kelly needed to travel to do bite to work so he could pay child support and other expenses. he's facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. the price of gas has risen $.16 a gallon over the last two weeks. a new survey said the price up is due to the tightening supply. the national average rose to $2.66 a gallon. the price in the bay area is much higher than that. the survey found the bay area is one of the highest gas prices in the nation with the average price of $3.48. the lowest average can be found in baton rouge, louisiana at $2.29 a gallon. there you see it. this is the richmond bridge. why is it slow? especially when the traffic is light? there are potholes that have opened up on the way to marin westbound 580 in the middle of the span. they've taken up some lanes. now there is a backup. if you have time to go a
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different way maybe 37 or put the trip off because right now is not a good time to go. >> you know if it's the same area they had the concrete that fell? >> i'm not sure. the expansion joints are closer to the toll. >> it's been a rough stretch for that bridge. i got a call from dandridge, tennessee. it's another robo call. next we are talking about when will we get a break from these calls. washington on what they are doing to stop them. a singer joins a long list of artists who will perform at the new chase center in san francisco. the announcement was made this morning. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. here's a live look at that dow jones. it's now up.
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a little relief on wall street from the reports from mueller. still concerns about the global economy. the s&p is up but the nasdaq is down. we have video to show you out of los angeles. a father and daughter walking across the street in the crosswalk when they are hit by a speeding car. the father realized this car was not going to stop so he pushed his daughter to safety while being struck himself. this happened on november 16. authorities just released the video. the driver did not stop and that father suffered a broken leg. police believe the driver is an older woman with a disabled person license plate. richmond firefighters are shared new video of firefighter's saving two dogs from a burning building. the body camera video shows smoke filling the air in the burning apartment making it very hard to see the dogs.
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a firefighter spotted one of the dogs and quickly took it outside for fresh and cpr. both dogs were rescued. they did not sustain burns and the family is very happy to have them safe and sound. verizon will soon offer a free robo call blocking app. >> americans received 48 billion robo calls just last year. it's a 50 percent increase over the number in 2017. verizon offers a plate blocking app. the free app should be available by the end of the week. they will compare the calls with a list of span numbers which is updated constantly through the day. there is a new push in washington to stop all those robo calls. >> reporter: if you ever wondered if it's just you, it's not. >> americans are inundated with
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robo calls. now the number will contain to the federal communications commission. scammers use port like health insurance sales and free vacations to steal your identity and your cash. >> this is jessica calling with the funding department. >> legislators try to tackle it with a do not call list in 2003. the violators were not phased by civil fines. now a bill first introduced last year is getting a second look in the senate and promises criminal punishment for the first time. >> paying the fines is a cost of doing business. they built it into their business model. the only way to get their attention is to make these entities hurt. >> he's a cosponsor of the robo call abuse criminal enforcement and deterrent act. the change cannot come soon enough he says. in 2018 there were 48 billion robo calls to mobile phones and nearly 60 percent increase from the year before. another company says this year
9:25 am
will be worse. nearly half the time your cell phone rings it will be a scammer. the bill targets people like adrian who developed a program federal regulators said made $97 million -- 7 million robo calls in three months in 2016. >> how do consumers stop these calls? can they say stop? >> no. >> he earned the biggest fcc fine but got no jail time even though his calls overwhelmed and emergency medical paging service. >> if there was a threat of criminal prosecution it would change his behavior. >> it already has strong bipartisan for and the backing of that general in all 50 states. a popular family tracking app was leaking real-time location act of its users. the app family locator left a
9:26 am
server exposed four weeks putting the information of 238,000 users at risk. each account record contained these are's name, email address, profile photo and password. the accounts kept a record of real-time locations. the australian creators of the app have not commented on the leak. new this morning, the list of entertainment book to play at san francisco's new chase center continues to grow. organizers announced grammy award-winning john mayer will perform september 16. presale tickets will be available beginning tomorrow morning. tickets go on sale to the general public on friday. other acts we've talked about announced a ready phil collins, metallica and san francisco symphony. the chase arena will open this fall. >> october 5 is the first preseason gamethe warriors. >> bring your earplugs for
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metallic up. john mayer will be great. here on mornings on 2, there's an investigation on why a cruise ship set sail despite storm warnings. you will hear from a passenger coming up. sisters separated for decades. watch the emotional reunion after 60 years.
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it's going to rain today. it's now raining. let's go to meteorologist rosemary orozco to tell us more about it. will be a week or days? >> we've gotrain that will come through today. we get a break tomorrow. another system on wednesday. then drying out as we go into the weekend.
9:30 am
here's a look at storm tracker the north bay. we have seen a few scattered showers over san francisco and portions of the coast around pacifica and half moon bay. this is where we have seen the rain reside. we've got highway 101, santa rosa toward rohnert park and glenn allen. we shift a little bit toward san rafael and if we back up, along the coastline they are seeing light rain. it looks like sfo we may have a few sprinkles. central south bay has remained under cloudy but dry conditions. here's a look at your futurecast. finally beginning to shift for your lunchtime. maybe some wet weather. scattered showers continued to fall. the evening drive could
9:31 am
be slick and slow. showers will continue into the south bay into the evening. here's a look at what you can expect. winter weather advisory for the sierra with there. that advisory is tonight and last into tomorrow morning. meanwhile under mostly cloudy conditions we've got 55 in areas over half moon bay. we've got wide spread 50s in the inner east bay. for the afternoon today upper 50s to low 60s. here's your extended forecast. calling for a few scattered showers tomorrow. then we've got more rain arriving on wednesday. thursday and friday we are drying out and for your weekend partly cloudy and 65. >> thank you. it's been less than 24 hours since the key findings of the russia investigation have been public. the white house maintains that president donald trump did not do anything rock. democrats say not e release of the entire report. >> reporter: make no mistake
9:32 am
about it this was a total vindication. this report what we knew in november 2016 that donald trump won. >> the trump administration is taking a monday morning victory lap one day after attorney general william bars release of the special counsel's key findings. president donald trump saying he's been fully exonerated. >> he's been absolved, exonerated, you pick the word. >> what they have done is a great service to our democracy. they repaired us. >> democrats are calling for a full release of the report so they can investigate obstruction of justice claims. robert mueller did not accused donald trump but it does not exonerate him. the evidence is not sufficient to establish the presidencommit justice events. >> there's no evidence that exists. that proves something. it means that no evidence
9:33 am
exists. >> republicans are calling for a full release of the mueller report. something the white house says will be solely left up to the attorney general. for more on today's top stories lets check in with dave clark. >> reporter: here are some of the top stories we are following. new zealand will hold a top- level investigation into the mass shooting of 50 people at two mosques in christchurch. new zealand's prime minister just announced it will hold a commission of inquiry. it's the strongest investigation. it will focus on the roles of guns, social media and intelligence agency played before the attacks. the prime minister says she wants to know what could or should have been done to prevent the attack. massive flooding continues in the midwest. in eastern nebraska a levee broke. major parts of highway 34 are
9:34 am
underwater. the waters are deep, swift moving and dangerous with chemicals in the water as well as broken glass and sharp pieces of metal. flood damage is estimated at $3 billion. flooding expected to continue through may as temperatures warm up and the snow melts. the three u.s. airlines that owned boeing max jets are taking action showing they don't expect those airplanes to be back in service anytime soon. southwest airlines is sending 34 max jets to storage in the southern california desert. they are canceling about 130 flights a day that would have used those jets. american airlines notifying travelers about their 90 flights scheduled to fly on its max jets. united airlines will be using other airplanes to replace the grounded max jets. that's a look at our top stories we are working on. a cruise ship that became stranded off the coast of norway
9:35 am
has been safely towed to shore following a rescue operation that airlifted hundreds of passengers to safety. the viking sky sent a may day alert saturday after this. they experienced some engine trouble, intense weather conditions as well. a couple from solano county was among the 1400 people aboard the ship. they sent out for a fun free vacation but now they are thankful to be alive. >> i didn't think i was going to die but i knew i could. >> holding on for dear life, all she could do is watch as her cruise ship rocked back and forth. >> it got worse and worse tosli ship and bashing into the other side. >> she was one of 1400 people
9:36 am
on board. the cruise ship ran into engine trouble off the coast of norway. rough weather hit their ship. >> we're both avid yachtsman. we've been subjected to rough seas but this was unlike anything we've seen. >> furniture flying, glass shattering and parts of the ceiling falling on passengers. >> we did not think we were going to die as long as things went well and the captain and the crew did the right thing. we knew it was possible because of how close we were to the rocks. >> rescuers used lifeboats to help passengers as well as helicopters. other passengerson board until finally more than 24 hours
9:37 am
after this ordeal started the ship made it to court. >> we are here. who nowhos the will be smooth sailing. >> d everything up. we are spending the night on the ship. >> the couple said they plan to travel around europe before flying home to rio vista. a principal who police say was shot by his wife earlier this month has died. he was shot march 16 inside his home and died yesterday. he been in a coma and was on live support. his wife was first charged with one count of attempted murder but now investigators will seek a murder charge. he was the father of 8 children. three of whom he had with her. a man's body was found in a
9:38 am
burning boat. the body was found around 7:30 am yesterday morning. the man has not been identified. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the coroner trying to identify man who was hit and killed last night on north of the avenue. chp says he was trying to cross the freeway but we don't know why. chp says the driver stopped and did cooperate with investigators and says he was not under the influence. apple will make a big announcement in 20 minutes. tim cook will take the state at the steve jobs theater. there are reports apple will announce a new subscription service for newspapers and magazines and the new video streaming service that could compete with netflix. >> this is fulfilling that vision of creating a platform much like apple music where you can watch anything you want.
9:39 am
apple is invested over $1 billion in new content from some of the biggest players in hollywood. >> last week apple updated their hardware for airpods, ipads ahead of today's announcement. a meeting years in the making. if florida woman greeting her half-sister. here's the emotional reunion. >> reporter: around here the goodbyes often dwarfed by the welcome home. few have waited for an arrival half as long as christine has. >> 45 years ago my mom told me before she and my dad met that he had a little girl. >> a half-sister. for all she knew maybe just a family story. >> someone knocked on the door one day and said i may be your half-sister. you have to believe her. >> within 20 minutes they came
9:40 am
up and said we have a match. >> such a close match it was username or the half-sister. adopted out after birth. >> a week later she contacted me. history was then made. >> a flight from delaware to oia a still making the second hit. now this retired floridian finally met her big sister. it's easy to tell that she is in her. >> she looks like my grandma. >> i never thought i had a sister. >> she thought her bloodline had passed but no more. >> the sisters already making up the loss time.
9:41 am
a late arrival but family home. >> so sweet. they will be talking nonstop for weeks. coming up on mornings on 2, have you reached a breaking point? a new poll shows many people in the bay area are thinking about moving and it's not just because of housing. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site
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[ music winding down ] they're a great decision for snacktime. allowing the band to practice at your house... not a great decision. keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers. health experts are calling for more labels and texas on
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sugary drinks. they want limits on marketing to kids and teens and more precise the organization say excess consumption of added sugars especially from sugary drinks poses a grave health risk to children and effects children in minority. there's a possible listeria and avocados. samples from the henry avocado facility tested positive for the food borne bacteria. the companies avocados are in stores in six different states including here in california. so far no illnesses have been reported. the company says the recalled avocados have stickers on them that say bravocado , california and organic. bernie sanders laid out his top priorities at a campaign rallyin san francisco.
9:45 am
thousands of supporters show up at fort mason to hear him speak yesterday. sanders call for universal healthcare, criminal justice reform and free education. >> we need great teachers out there. well-paid teachers. we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. we need to transform our energy system. >> senator sanders made a campaign stop at los angeles. kamala harris spent the weekend campaigning in georgia. she told supporters she's committed to winning her party's nomination. >> let me be clear with everyone. i fully intend to win this campaign. >> harris told people in atlanta as president she would use federal resources to close the pay gap between the average teacher salary and college graduates. she called for tax breaks for working families. >> what i am proposing is that
9:46 am
for families that are making less than $100,000 a year you receive a tax credit of up to $6000 a year that you can collect up to $500 a month. all the difference between being able to get through the end of the month and not. >> harris's proposal for high teacher salaries comes during an increase of teacher striking across the country. teacher salaries nationwide are down compared to recent years. new york senator kirsten gillibrand has sent off her campaign. she's been exploring her chances for president. her official campaign speak with yesterday off their she criticized president donald trump's record in character. >> breve does not spread hate or believe the vulnerable. grave does not put greed and
9:47 am
self interest over millions of lives. brave does not tower behind lies and walls. >> she outlined her policy goals. she's calling on medicare-for- all, healthcare system, cutting interest rates on student debt. a new poll shows joe biden and bernie sanders remain the top choices for registered democrats. 31 percent of voters prefer the former vice president to represent the democratic party next year. senator sanders is behind him with 23 percent. kamala harris and beto o'rourke both at 8 percent. sermon new silicon valley poll shows people want to leave the bay area. the poll says 44 percent of bay area residents are considering moving out of the region. 77 percent blame high housing costs. 76 percent site the overall high cost of living. 51 percent blame traffic
9:48 am
congestion. 45 percent point to the quality of life. this surveyed residents in five counties, peninsula, south cannae and east bay. >> i have a wife from a different state. that comes up in conversation. it's crossed her mind. >> i think how much i paid for my house and how much more we could buy somewhere else. >> i love it here. >> we have the beaches, we have the mountains, we have everything. >> are you happy or not? according to a new report by the united nations not all americans are happy. the u.s. ranks 19th on the list. here is more from new york city. >> whatever side of the aisle you are on it's hard to live
9:49 am
with that day after day in a 24 hour news cycle. four the world happiness report was released. the u.s. has dropped to 19. the authors point to various of addiction as a reason why. >> i think we are dealing with grade levels of anxiety in the country. it is not surprising we see increase substance abuse. >> addiction is on the rise for various reasons. >> we go to the social factors that mental health professionals talk about. things like people hope for the future, things like people ability to get employment. >> caution must be used when how quicklsay these are not risky behaviors that are having negative impacts on people's lives. saying every american has
9:50 am
addiction is an overstatement. >> i am happy. >> we put too much emphasis on material things. >> it's because of social media. >> people are obsessed with their phones. >> people are concerned about the economy. they are tired of that negativity that's out there in the media. it's hard when there's this cloud hanging over the administration. >> the world happiness report service over 150 countries on six different categories which include gdp, live expectancy and the freedom to make choices. every week we like to highlight some of the athletic abilities in some children. we call it that kids got game. this week we will introduce you to lucas and juliet. they made a video that's getting a lot of attention on line. >>[music playing]
9:51 am
>> very nice. lucas is 8 years old. he got into trick shots after imitating others on youtube. he records the video with his nine-year-old sister. the music producer, their father. the song has been streamed on spotify more than 500,000 times and they are working on new videos and songs right now. >> i bet you they get a lot of views. >> they are the next youtube or's. >> if you have a young athlete in your life that deserves recognition, submit your video and a brief discussion on the ktvu facebook page or twitter page. use the hashtag, that kid
9:52 am
got game. we are predicting the ncaa tournament. white you are more likely to win powerball. we will look at our own office pool going on. got a minute?
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enter and click on the contest link and fill out the entry form. entries expected from now until 1 pm. a lot of people ask for these. >> they do. >> this is >> the power of 2. ktvu plus, you get it all. the beautiful blue inside. if you are the big winner, take a picture with your mother and send it over to us. tonight that basketball team trying to punch a ticket to the sweet 16 of the ncaa basketball game. if the cardinal wins it will be their 12th straight trip to the sweet 16. 8 pm at maples. >> the cal women are looking to move on to the sweet 16. there will be a match up of bears in waco, texas. the golden bears will play the baylor lady bears in the second round of thewinner face of sout
9:56 am
carolina in a sweet 16 match up on saturday. cal is coming off a win off north carolina. tipoff tonight is at 6:00. after 40 games in this year's march maddness one person has picked every winter correctly. >> a website that tracks all the brackets has identified one perfect bracket. he's got 15 games to go to complete the sweet. the odds of perk filling out a perfect bracket is about one in 9.2 quintilian. there are no perfect brackets for our mornings on 2. clotting and that top spot. that we have frank coming in third. who else? cell not pulling up the rear. gasia mikaelian is in there.
9:57 am
>> i was on vacation. >> i picked the underdogs. when i bet for many i choose differently. if it's free, i will choose differently. my son is doing great. >> he's got 14 of the 16. he just looks at their record is his secret. >> we will see you back here at noon. etch house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums.
9:58 am
and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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