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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a spring storm makes its way to the bay area and rosemary orozco shows us where it's already coming down and how much is on the way. a body discovered at fort funston where a woman went missing last month. more problems on the richmond san rafael bridge and what we are learning about the latest issue causing traffic backups for drivers. this is ktvu fox2 news at noon. good afternoon. i'm mike mibach. >> the rain is back in many parts of the bay area and let's go to rosemary. a slow moving storm? it was stalled over the north bay for most of the morning and is finally shifting into the central bay with a live look from san francisco where we see light scattered showers over san francisco and portions of the coastline moving in closer with lake tahoe drive.
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we have rain this morning and some are reporting .15 inches so far but you can see bodega bay, point reyes getting that rain and shifting with sonoma valley and napa valley, highway 101 through petaluma and novato and san rafael, crossing to the east bay, hercules has light rain and moving toward richmond and berkeley, just now approaching emeryville with another shift into san francisco with the east edge covered in green and it is slick at the moment and along areas near san bruno and stretching to el granada with this line continuing across the bay area and through the central bay and the south bay and in addition to the rain, we have wind with half moon bay gusting up to 26, hayward, 21 and it's rainy and breezy and scattered showers will continue for the afternoon and moving
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through the central bay and by the second part of the afternoon, into areas over the south bay. for rainfall, .25 inches to one inch with some wet locations having more than that and snow for the cra with winter travel expected later this afternoon and i will detail that advisory for this year and we will look at the time line on the system and what you can expect for the days ahead, coming up. new at noon, body has been found on a beach at fort funston in san francisco, close to where a woman was caught in a landslide last month and authorities have not confirmed whether the body is the 22-year- old, cure is sunshine scarlett of oak lawn who was walking with a friend when part of the clips collapsed. they confirmed that the body is an adult female but the identity and the cause of death have not been discovered. more problems on the richmond san rafael bridge with elaine being shut down on the upper deck as a large pot hole
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opened up the latest problem comes as caltrans replaces expansion joints after a chunk of concrete fell from the upper deck to the lower deck last month. police in monmouth creek search for the suspect in a late night shooting that happened just before 10:00 last night outside the union bank near downtown. they said a man walked in with a gunshot wound and his injuries are not life- threatening. please have no suspects and if you have information, call police. from video streaming to credit cards, apple unveils an array of new products at the cupertino headquarters and they tapped into the popularity of streaming services and allie rasmus joins us with this story. >> reporter: it was not a personal device unveiled on the stage at the steve jobs theater but instead, apple is betting on three services as a vital
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part of its future. ceo tim cook unveiled a service they call apple tv plus. >> great stories can change the world and great stories can move us and inspire us and surprise us and challenge our assumptions. we feel we can contribute something important to our culture and society through great storytelling. we've partnered with the most thoughtful, accomplished and award-winning group of creative visionaries. >> reporter: the streaming service as part of this were apple will create and produce its own original programming and content and apple brought out a string of hollywood celebrities on the stage to promote some of the shows currently in the works for the streaming service like a science fiction service from director steven spielberg >> it's the search for meaning and in these disconnected stories, we think the audience will find one compelling
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narrative that will make the first season of amazing stories into a single thematic experience for them. >> through those people behind and in front of the camera, we take an honest look at the complex relationships between women and men in the workplace and we engage in the conversation and people are a little bit too afraid to have that unless they are behind closed doors. >> that was jennifer anderson and reese witherspoon promoting their new show called the morning show, about a morning news show and later, big bear promoted a sesame street workshop to introduce preschoolers to coding. this service will be designed to compete with streaming giants like netflix and hulu. apple also unveiled a magazine subscription service for about $10 a month for families with users getting access to 300
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magazines converting their copy to digital form and apple also announced a video gaming subscription service and an apple credit card was unveiled back by goldman sachs. the credit card would have no late fees or annual fees and give users cash back through apple pay. a lot on the table for apple and analysts say the company's pivoting away from these devices like iphones and tablets and personal devices because of the belief that the market has peaked for those devices. now, apple has turned to streaming services as the big venture for the company. we should mention that all of this just wrapped up 10 or 15 minutes ago and the final act on the stage was oprah talking about how she is going to produce some documentaries and interview segments specifically for the apple tv plus streaming service. live in cupertino, allie rasmus, ktvu fox2 is. we have more on the
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announcement by going to our website at it's been less than 24 hours since the key findings of the russian investigation were made public by the attorney general. the white house maintains a report proves president donald trump did nothing wrong and democrats say, not so fast on the call for the release of the full report, first. more from washington. >> reporter: this report further confirms what we all new in november 2016. donald trump won. that's what sarah sanders said with a victory lap one day after attorney general attorney general william barr's release of the special counsel key findings. president donald trump's top staff said he's been fully exonerated. >> he's been absolved, vindicated, exonerated, you pick the word. >> what mueller and bar and rosenstein have done is a great service to our democracy. they repaired us. >> reporter: democrats call for
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a full release so they can further investigate obstruction of justice claims. robert mueller didn't accuse the president of wrongdoing but the report does not exonerate him. the attorney general determined the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense. >> the fact of no evidence to prove something, it doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen. it means no evidence exists to prove it. >> reporter: republicans call for a full release of the mueller report, something the white house says will be solely left up to the attorney general. ray bogan, ktvu fox2 news. from washington. prosecutors have charged attorney michael avenatti with extortion and bank and wire fraud. a spokesman said avenatti was arrested in new york today and california. s in new york and in new york, he is accused of threatening to use his ability to get publicity to harm nike and prosecutors said he demanded the apparel company give him $10 million.
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the california case involves a criminal complaint alleging he embezzled a client's money to pay his own expenses and debts. police in san francisco said they have arrested someone in a deadly shooting from over the weekend. one person was killed and five injured and that shooting that happened saturday night on fillmore right near eddy street shortly before 9:00 with police saying a 25-year-old from san leandro was pronounced dead at the scene and a 27-year-old remains in critical condition. the ages of the remaining victims range from 19-50. and east bay school principal shot by his wife earlier has now died. paul schatz well, head of the pittsburgh adult education center was shot on march 16 in his home in pittsburgh and died yesterday after being in a coma and kept alive on life support. his wife, a 39-year-old woman was first charged with one count of attempted murder and no investigators will seek a murder charge. shatswell was the father of
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eight children. a stanford student died while traveling in spain after studying abroad. according to stanford, a junior from palo alto was part of a group of students who went on a hike friday in spain and the other student lost sight of him and his body was found saturday. stanford said local news reports that he died from a fall and stanford is offering grief counseling services. while stranded at sea, still to come, terrifying moments and rescues for thousands on a cruise ship from norway. another rocket attack in the gaza strip. details coming up. outside, it's a rainy and breezy day around the bay area and we go back to the radar to look at what's happening for today and the rest of the week, coming up. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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all passengers on a cruise ship stranded off the coast of norway are safe after authorities rescued more than 1000 on board. officials have launched an investigation into why the ship set sail in the first place. here's the latest. >> reporter: according to viking ocean cruises, everyone on the cruise ship is safe after getting stranded off a coastal area in norway and the ship is now docked in the western port of mall d and the company said the passengers and
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crew are flying home and viking sky arrived sunday afternoon with rescue teams airlifting the passengers to shore before they were able to take the boat in. >> 371 passengers have been brought to safety. >> authorities say at least 17 people injured are in the hospitals nearby. the effort to evacuate more than 1000 including passengers and crew members began saturday. officials worked under difficult circumstances with helicopters battling high wind and strong waves as they brought victims to safety. >> it's critical outside the coastline. >> at the viking sky was on a 12 day trip that began march 14th in the western norwegian city of bergen and they visited norwegian cities before their arrival at the british port on tuesday. among the passengers, there is an american tourist and there was a made a call issued when there were engine problems
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causing it to drift to the rocky shore. >> they had enough power and they all said the crew on board the ship were handling things very very good. >> the cruise line said the next scheduled trip to leave scandinavia and germany on wednesday is canceled. david spunt, fox news from washington. a couple from solano county was among the 1400 people onboard the viking sky. they said they held on for dear life as the ship rocked back and forth and you can see the video. she said the rough seas were unlike anything they've ever experienced. >> we didn't think we would die as long as things went well and the captain and the crew did the right thing. but, we knew it was possible because of how close we were to the rocks. >> they stayed on board, putting on life jackets and sleeping on the floor until the ship made port and they planned
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to travel before returning home. three u.s. airlines owning boeing max jets take steps to signal they do not expect the airplanes to be back in service anytime soon. southwest is sending their airplanes to a storage facility in the southern california desert and canceled approximately 130 flights a day that would have used those jets that were grounded and american's notifying travelers about the 90 flights it is canceling per day and united is using other airplanes. boeing stock is up close to 2% and pulling back the financial curtain, the dow jones is up about 19 points and at one point, it was down about 130 points. not a lot of movement on the nasdaq and s&p 500. let's check with rosemary and the wind is picking up? with a sweeping front, we've got breeze picking up over the hills and you can see 30-40 mile-per-hour gusting winds. no wind advisory but you will feel it if you step out.
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northern california, you can see some snow and there are higher elevations at the moment with lake tahoe mainly dry and partly cloudy and in just a moment, we will take a look at what is going on here in the north bay. fairly widespread all morning with hit or miss light showers and that remains the case along highway 1 and the coastline. you can see on 101, santa rosa, petaluma, san rafael and crossing the san rafael bridge and shifting into the napa valley, from fairfield through vallejo and along the east bay shore we've got light rain falling with pockets and it looks like alameda is seeing light green and oakland is about to receive some, as well print highway 24, some sprinkles and then shifting toward san francisco, you can see along the west edge toward at&t park and closer with shower activity. this era has yet to see snow but it will and there is an advisory with the crs starting
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later this afternoon and into the evening. if you are traveling, winter weather advisories to be aware of, that means up along highway 50 and on i-80 could be tricky and hazardous. be careful. here is a view of the futurecast and the timeline at home, showers as expected barely crossing into the central bay and into the 2:00 hour, moving and through the central bay approaching the south bay and by 5:00 or so, scattered showers in time for the evening drive. it doesn't look like a big deal. any amount will slow down the commute but that is not too bad and into the evening, still hovering over portions of the south bay before it moves out into the overnight hours and if you are going out toward oracle park for the game, bring along rain gear because you may have scattered showers. it doesn't look like too much but you may have a sprinkle or two and for rainfall amounts, it is scaled back since earlier today with anywhere from .25
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inches to one inch but for the most part, the urban areas will pick up .25 inches to .5 inches and the wind, breezy with oakland 25 and conquered gusting at 31 with temperatures at this hour in the mid-50s to low 60s and that is where we stay for the afternoon. not much change between now and 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. for oracle park, 58 degrees with a light breeze when the game begins and the view of the extended forecast, some clearing tomorrow with more rain and store on wednesday before we dry out and are dry for the weekend with partly cloudy and 65 for the afternoon highs. cleanup crews are picking up debris near the russian river that flooded late last month. curbside pick up started a couple of weeks ago to remove hazardous waste left behind and this week the county will enforce fines for illegal dumping on streets that have
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been cleared. still to come, a rocket attack on israel prompts benjamin netanyahu to cut his visit to washington short and how the president response to the attack on the proclamation he just signed.
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president donald trump has signed a proclamation recognizing israel's sovereignty over the goal on heights after an early morning rocket fired from gaza strip injured seven people. >> our prayers are with the friends in israel as they carry out an incredible way of life
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in the face of great terror. the u.s. recognizes israel's absolute right to defend itself. >> the document reverses more than one half century of u.s. policy as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visited the white house pretty cut his trip short following the attack. here's the latest from israel. >> reporter: the israeli military reinforcing troops and calling up reserves as tensions rise at the gaza border. earlier today, rocket attacks from gaza demolished a home in central israel, wounding at least six people, all believed to be members of the same family and residents are still rattled from the early morning assault. >> there was a sound and i went downstairs. i started to hear a loud boom. >> reporter: the attack comes
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after a contentious election in israel and it prompts in early and to benjamin netanyahu's trip to washington. >> it was a vicious attack on the state of israel. i've decided to cut short my visit to the u.s. >> reporter: he said the rocket came from a hamas launching pad in southern gaza and it had a range of about 75 miles. units are being deployed to the border area with the threat of a major confrontation a real possibility. >> hummus will pay a price. we do not care if it was a mistake. when rockets landed on the house, we cannot sit idly by. >> they anticipate a strong response from israel and the group has evacuated government headquarters and buildings in the gaza strip. ktvu, fox2 news. a fire at a mosque in southern california is investigated as arson and a hate crime.
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seven people were inside the mosque in escondido at the time in the arsonist left the theater referring to the shooting in new zealand. we are hypervigilant because this is right here. the people inside could have been killed if they didn't wake up to see the flames reaching in the building. it would have been all over. >> police do not have any suspects in the case. a survivor of the mass shooting at a high school in parkland, florida, has died by suicide. the student is identified only as a male sophomore at marjory stoneman douglas where a former student shot and killed three faculty members and 14 students on valentine's day last year. earlier this month, sidney aiello took her own life, which her mother said was a result of survivor guilt. she was a college freshman. one dozen people involved in a nationwide college admissions cheating scandal are in federal court for arraignment this afternoon in boston
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including athletic coaches and test administrators facing racketeering charges. 50 were charged in the fbi investigation and the coaches are accused of accepting bribes in exchange for labeling students as recruited athletes to help them get into top universities such as usc and georgetown. parents charged with paying bribes argue in court on later dates and include hollywood stars felicity huffman and lori loughlin. another warning against sugary drinks for children. up next, what prominent health organizations want to do to curb childhood obesity. do you play the power ball? lotto fever heating up as the powerball drawing climes. how much the jackpot is worth for wednesday night's drawing. cvs pharmacy.
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switch to cvs pharmacy. i have baseball practice at 4:00 but i'm not sure if we can do that. >> probably not, especially if they are worried about what grass was scattered showers falling in the north bay and then falling the entire morning off and on with light stuff and it's breezy and cloudy, a little bit cool and we are looking live from san francisco across the bay where you can see that cloud cover. for the most part, it has been
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a cloudy and breezy start to the day. we are seeing the line transition into the central bay and in the north bay, it has been widespread and continues with highway 1 from dillon beach through inverness and point reyes, most areas anywhere from .01 inches to about .2 inches over the north bay with santa rosa receiving the most so far. the central bay, san francisco bay, and crossing over the bridges, richmond san rafael and the bay bridge, you will find some there and into the east bay, along the shore and oakland and alameda and stretching toward san leandro, we've got some there. berkeley and back to the west, we've got sfo and it looks like oracle park. then, over areas of the peninsula. today, the rain and showers continue with breezy conditions and let's check on the wind before i let you go with oakland reporting sustained at 25 and novato at 16 in concord,
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31 and more powerful on the hills at this hour. when i come back, i will have the timeline for the system. moving forward, another round of rain by wednesday. if you are longing for dry weather, we have some in time for the week and with details in the extended forecast, coming up. some other top stories, more problems on the richmond san rafael bridge with one lane being shot down on the upper deck of the bridge as caltrans crew members worked to repair a large pothole. caltrans is replacing expansion joints after a chunk of concrete fell from the upper deck to the lower deck last month. the body of a woman was found on a beach near fort funston in san francisco and authorities have not said whether the body is that of 22- year-old, keira sunshine scarlett, caught in a slide last month at fort funston. she was walking with a friend and her dog when part of a cliff collapsed and they
12:32 pm
confirmed the body found was an adult male but the identity and the cause of death are under investigation and democrats in congress are pushing to see the report by special counsel, robert mueller and the attorney general, william barr, gave the president and members of congress' summary of the final report and said mueller did not find evidence that president donald trump's campaign conspired or worked with russia during and after the 2016 election. >> there was no collusion with russia, no obstruction, none whatsoever. it was a complete and total exoneration. >> the attorney general's somersett mueller's team did not conclude whether the president obstructed justice and therefore many democrats say the report does not exonerate the president. the valero refinery and venetia under a controlled shutdown with people living near
12:33 pm
this reporting heavy smoke shortly after 7:00 yesterday and the refinery reported that smoke included high particulate matter. it's tiny carbon particles that could be inhaled and would cause irritation to the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and lungs. >> i stayed indoors and didn't go for a walk or do physical activity. it could create respiratory difficulties. >> automated phone calls went to neighbors and there are no reports of serious injuries. theme is taking action to prevent another data breach like the one it discovered earlier this month with the federal emergency management agency saying it accidentally released personal information of more than 2 million and that includes survivors of the 2017 northern california wildfires and included social security numbers, addresses and banking information. fema set a contractor released it and fema is working to remove that information from the contractor's files and is creating a filter so that type
12:34 pm
of personal information is not released again. bernie sanders was in san francisco holding a campaign rally and laying out his agenda. leigh martinez reports on what sanders said are the top priorities. >> reporter: the crowd formed early for senator bernie sanders and the afternoon rally. >> i got her at 8:00 p.m. and i grabbed some food and came back at 9:00, 9:00 p.m. and i haven't left since then. >> reporter: many in line were supporters of him since his first campaign in 2016 and this time they see sanders as the democratic frontrunner and consider him to be the most authentic candidate. >> finally, there is somebody running that i trust. his message about everything he talks about resonates with me. >> i feel like he actually voted on the stuff that he talked about. if you look out, five, 10, 15, 20 years ago, he actually voted on the stuff he talks about
12:35 pm
now. >> i think we will win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: on stage, he went through the progressive agenda calling for free education, guaranteeing health care is a right and reforming the criminal justice system. >> the criminal justice system remains significantly racist. when we talk about justice, we are talking about ending institutional racism in all of its ugly forms. >> reporter: he showed a toughness about ending gerrymandering and voter suppression. >> that is political cowardice. i say to those republican governors trying to keep people from voting, if you don't have the guts to engage in a free and fair election, yet the hallowed of politics. >> reporter: sanders laid out his administrative plan
12:36 pm
including a federal jobs guarantee. >> we need hundreds of thousands of qualified daycare workers. look at a public school system, we need great teachers, well- paid teachers. we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and we need to transform our energy system. >> reporter: he did not specifically address the other democratic candidates but called out president donald trump several times for his willingness to meet with dictators, and for his latest disparaging remarks on the late senator john mccain. leigh martinez, ktvl fox news from san francisco. candidate kamala harris spent the weekend campaigning in georgia. the california senator told supporters she is committed to winning the democratic nomination. >> let me be really clear with everybody. i fully intend to win this campaign. >> senator harris told people
12:37 pm
in atlanta that as president, she would use federal resources to close the pay gap between the average teacher's salary and other college graduates and called for tax breaks for working families. >> what i am proposing is that for families making less than $100,000 a year, you receive a tax credit of up to $6000 a year that you can collect at up to $500 a month. all the difference between being able to get through the end of the month and not. >> the proposal for high teacher salaries comes during an uptick of teacher strikes across the country with teacher salaries nationwide down compared with recent decades, adjusting for inflation, they've actually declined 2% nationwide between 2000 and 2017. kirsten gillibrand has officially kicked off her campaign for president and had been exploring her chances since january and her first official campaign speech was
12:38 pm
yesterday, outside the trump international hotel in manhattan and she calls on medicare for all and a healthcare system, universal free school and cutting interest rates on student debt. uber and lyft drivers are protesting in los angeles demanding higher wages and better treatment. in san francisco, lyft drivers are protesting outside the omni hotel where investors and live skid >> it was our meeting on the action takes place at the same time rideshare drivers in l.a. and san diego are holding a strike. whisk protesting for what they said is ongoing rate cuts, poor treatment and dishonesty from uber and lyft. the company is introducing promotions that allow drivers to make more money. san francisco-based or risk is expected to announce a deal as soon as this week to acquire the main competitor in the middle east. they report that uber could announce a $3.1 billion cash deal to buy the dubai based
12:39 pm
korean network and uber is expected to file for initial public offerings in the coming weeks and analysts note that it might give investors more reason to back uber. there is no comment on the expected deal. a new silicon valley poll reveals discouraging news about the bay area saying 44% of bay area residents are considering moving out of the region was 77% blaming high housing costs and 76% site overall high costs of living and 51% blame traffic congestion and 45%. two quality of life. the silicon valley group helps conduct the poll surveying residents and five counties on the peninsula, salt bae and east bay. health experts are calling for more taxes, better labels and limits on sugary drinks. the american academy of pediatrics and the heart association said they are in favor of sugary drink taxes like those in effect and some bay area cities. they also want limits on
12:40 pm
marketing to children and more precise nutritional information on packaging. they say excess consumption of added sugar from sugary drinks poses a grave health threat to children, disproportionately affecting children of minority and low income communities. there is an avocado recall because of a possible listeria risk. samples from the henry avocado packaging facility tested positive for the food borne bacteria and the company avocados are at stores in six states including california. so far, no illnesses have been reported in the company said the recalled avocados have stickers that say bravo avocado, california and organic. my favorite story. the powerball jackpot on wednesday will be at least three quarters of a billion dollars after no one won the $625 million jackpot and saturday nights drawing. the odds of anyone hitting all the numbers, 12 people in california did win $20,000 for having four of the five right
12:41 pm
numbers but not the red powerball number. could you imagine getting four of the five? >> i could. i've imagined it but it wasn't me. i get zero. >> i might've gotten one. >> i will play a couple of more tickets by wednesday. up next, the latest artist added to the growing lineup of performers. the latest storm rolling through the bay area and we will take a look at what you can expect and how much rain we will get and 65 and sunny back in the forecast, coming up.
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investigators on the peninsula are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire that killed a woman and injured a man. on jackson avenue near fulton in redwood city around 10:00 saturday night, the fire department said the crews arrived four minutes after getting the initial call but were not able to save the woman in the home. a man inside the house was
12:45 pm
taken to the hospital and treated for non-life- threatening injuries in the fire department said most of the damage was contained in the kitchen. we are waiting to find out the name of a man who died in marin county when his car plunged off a cliff. two hikers saw the car go 600 feet down the hillside on ridgecrest boulevard saturday morning and a sonoma county helicopter and local fire crews attempted a rescue but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. it was only person in the car and the chp is investigating the cause of the crash. firefighters rescued a man from the surf in san francisco with the fire department saying a call came in at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the man was rescued 15 minutes later and is expected to be okay parade this is the second sunday in a row where firefighters had to perform a rescue near the cliff house. last sunday, a server had to be rescued by helicopter in the same area. the chp and napa county fire departments teamed up to rescue an injured hiker, the 36-year- old was on the table rock trail
12:46 pm
of mount st. helena last night. the helicopter was sent after workers realized he was seriously hurt and couldn't get off the trail on his own. he was put in a rescue harness and airlifted to the fairgrounds and then taken to the hospital. his name and medical status are not made public. back to rosemary and it seems like parts of napa county are getting the rain? you are right. santa rosa and over to the coast is where we see widespread stuff. everybody else has scattered showers over the central bay and the salt bae is still dry with some rainfall amounts since october 1, some areas in great shape with more than 40 inches since october 1, 120% of average, san francisco 111% of average and we will accumulate with this system and a second system on wednesday to follow. he was a look at the rain line that has been stuck over the north bay for most of the morning and into the afternoon.
12:47 pm
you can see it's widespread inland to the valley locations and areas over sonoma getting a tad bit of a break with napa and the american canyon and vallejo and the east bay, i-82 hercules, richmond and berkeley and over to oakland and alameda, scattered showers toward walnut creek with shifting toward the peninsula right around san mateo and down to redwood city and woodside. we continue watching this move through the bay area and by late in the afternoon over the south bay, it could impact to just in time for the afternoon. rainfall amounts, .25 inches to one inch and now we are pulling back on that amount and we'll see how much we end up with when it's all said and done. winter weather advisory later this evening around 7:00 and into tomorrow, if you are traveling today or tomorrow, the futurecast shows 4:00. it's over the central and south bay and as soon as the afternoon drive gets going, we
12:48 pm
will see that with any amount of rain slowing things down and it looks like it will be light. into the evening, scattered showers over the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. for the giants and the a's game at oracle park, you should be okay but you could have as few light sprinkles overhead while they are. wednesday morning, fairly dry on tuesday, partly cloudy with the next system moving and for rainfall amounts, i go out to thursday to show you one inch or less for the urban areas. it is a breezy one with concord reporting winds gusting at 31, oakland sustained at 25 with cloudy and breezy conditions and temperatures, low 50s to low 60s. 56 in novato and 66 in downtown san francisco and 63 in oakland with a view of the extended forecast with clearing for the bay area on tuesday before he system moves and wednesday. temperatures in the upper 50s and thursday and friday, dry
12:49 pm
and looking good for the weekend. partly cloudy, mid-60s for the afternoon. a list of entertainers booked to play at the new chase center is growing. organizer and announced that grammy award-winning singer john mayer will perform in concert september 16. presale tickets will be available tomorrow morning and tickets go on sale to the general public friday. other acts include phil collins, metallica, andrea bocelli and the san francisco symphony and the chase center will open this fall and the warriors move in next season. thousands participated in the tenth annual oakland running festival this weekend. runners from 41 states and 11 countries participated in the marathon and a man from berkeley and a woman one the men and women's division. this he was the first time it took them across the bay bridge. one runner said it was actually the most challenging part of
12:50 pm
the run. >> going to the islands, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, no wind today. if there was some wind it could have been worse. >> the running festival generates $12 million for the city and one runner just missed a guinness world record. todd campell is the father of quintuplets and he pushed the five babies and a mega stroller for the entire marathon. he was hoping to finish the race in 12 hours and 45 minutes to set a record but just missed the cut off time by about four minutes and he said he may try next year. still to come this noon time, why you are more likely to actually win the powerball than the ncaa tournament.
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six or seven minutes from the closing bell and not a lot of activity on the markets but
12:53 pm
we keep an eye on the cupertino- based apple after the company announced a series of product launch is highlighted by the long awaited video streaming service in stock is down 1.5%. crews are working on the richmond san rafael bridge. >> will break down the list of issues on the bridge and when repairs will be complete and if the rebuild of that bridge is out of the question. that and more today. california's super bloom of flowers attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and it's a beautiful sight but the crowds are causing a problem for people in lake elsinore with locals complaining of traffic problems and as reporter steph lemon explains, there are plans to reduce the traffic cam. >> reporter: call it poppy palooza. throngs of visitors flocked to lake elsinore for a rare wild flyer room. >> we had fun taking pictures. >> we got very good shots.
12:54 pm
>> it's become an international sensation with visitors overwhelming the area and this weekend, the city implemented a new plan. >> we went to carlsbad because we wanted to see those. >> reporter: walker canyon is colorful and covered with poppies in the hills are gorgeous and on a normal weekday, you can park along the shoulder to see them. because of their popularity and the traffic congestion on the weekends, this long line and taking the shuttle is the only option. visitors can no longer park along several streets near the trail and instead must catch the shuttle. passengers parked at the outlets at lake elsinore a few miles south to catch a ride to the canyon for $10 a person. >> we sat for a while around the flowers and he enjoyed it heard the breeze was nice. >> he is ready to go home and relax. >> reporter: the city estimates
12:55 pm
150,000 visitors last weekend and they expect a similar turnout this saturday and sunday. >> the shuttle is a long wait. it was about 45 minutes. they said in the morning it was two hours. >> reporter: despite the long wait, those patient enough for the poppies said it was worth it. >> the wait for me was only 45 minutes. it was worth it, beautiful. >> reporter: yes. the giants face-off in the annual bay bridge series with the a's feeling right at home yesterday by hitting a ton of home runs in the first inning with the receiver hitting a homer and matt kavanagh made it 2-0 oakland and then there was another, the fourth inning gives the a's a 3-0 lead on the seventh, another. the a's basically have the 5-0 victory in the series goes to the other side of the bay with the giants hosting the last two
12:56 pm
games before the home opener for oakland. tonight, the ncaa women's basketball tournament was stanford playing at maples pavillion after winning the first round on saturday against uc davis and if the cardinals win, it would be stanford's 12th state trip to the sweet 16 and tipoff is at 8:00 tonight. the cow women are looking to punch their ticket with a matchup in waco. the golden bears will take on the baylor lady bears tonight and the second round of the two way tournament with the winner facing south carolina in a sweet 16 match up on saturday. north carolina has the win with tipoff at 6:00. we will have the march madness bracket where someone picked the winners. it was impressive and there was one perfect draft pick and that person has 15 games to go for the complete sweep and by the way, the odds of throwing out a
12:57 pm
perfect bracket are about one in 9.2 quintillion. >> you are saying there is a chance? >> it's always fun. thanks for watching. thank you, sarah. >> thank you. re reasons to say. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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