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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the release of the full report. taking aim at netflix. >> we have partnered with the most creative group of visionaries who have ever come together in one place. >> big hollywood names gathering in cupertino to help apple unveil its new streaming service. we are live at oracle park as the series shifts to san francisco with the a.i.d.s. riding high. from ktvu news, this is the four. president trump claims vindication after the two-year long investigation ends after -- now democrats are calling for the full report to be released publicly. welcome to the four. >> the attorney general's report
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also concludes that -- republicans are now ready to fire back with hearings into what led to the russian investigation in the first place. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller's team interviewed approximately 500 witnesses, but with the investigation over, democrats and republicans have very different views on where to go from here. >> we can never, ever let this happen to another president again. >> reporter: president trump at the white house reacting to the special councils were final report, saying that robert mueller acted honorably. >> i wish it could have been done a lot sooner and a lot quicker. >> reporter: the future now seems split between the democratic-controlled house and the republican-controlled senate.
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nadler says he will subpoena the attorney general and full report if necessary. >> i would wonder if the attorney general pressured the special counsel into not making that finding so he could make the finding. >> reporter: lindsey graham will investigate -- >> what makes no sense to me is all of the abuse by the department of justice and the fbi, the unprofessional conduct, the shady behavior, nobody seems to think that is much important. >> reporter: the hearing is about the budget, but he will likely be asked about the special counsel's report.
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>> let's talk more about what happens next. we are joined by james taylor. chuck schumer today tried to pass a resolution to force congress to open up and released the full report, right? mitch mcconnell blocked it, saying that william barr and robert mueller are continuing to work on what should be made public. we need to let that process carryout. how do you feel about that resolution failing and republicans trying to block it? >> he supported him, used the senate leadership whenever he could to aid and abet donald trump. he is being protected by mitch mcconnell and paul ryan the past two years, and now he is lending more aid, because trump is trying to celebrate, and mitch mcconnell is trying to make sure that he does not get
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overshadowed by democrat demand for accountability. >> do you think the public will see the full mueller report with appropriate read actions? >> donald trump is sort of speaking out of both sides of his mouth, saying he does not want the report, and now he is saying that it should be released. if it vindicates him, he should want it released, but if he is vindicated as he says, it does not mean he is vindicated in terms of the eyes of the american people without the threat of mueller. now the american people get to look at donald trump himself standing there with all of these accusations, even if they were not proven, they were still railed against him, and i was joking around, but i think
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there is an analogy to be made between how people reacted with o.j. simpson in the first trial, but those same people will not say that about donald trump. the idea is that donald trump got off, if you will, but it is -- is it a good thing for american policy question mark will he beat public opinion and the american people question mark >> the president did not conspire, or it cannot be proven that he conspired with foreign entities, is that not a good thing? >> this was exhausting for two years, but again, if we keep in perspective what we are saying here, you are not guilty of betraying america, but you are involved enough for a massive investigation, and that part right there is where the american people -- i think the
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people are going to discipline and chasten donald trump like they did in november. donald trump suffered the greatest midterm defeat in modern american history and came away saying he won. he does not win by being found not guilty of all kinds of crimes against america. >> why is what the attorney general said not enough to satisfy democrats, and do you think that it is enough to satisfy voters? >> i think it will satisfy some voters, his welders. i think people are not satisfied because there were a lot of people who were not interviewed. donald trump was not interviewed. none of the major principles were interviewed. he could not even get the potential conspirators to concede whether or not they had conspired, and some allegedly
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threatened fifth amendment claims, which would suggest that there is some concern about their legal jeopardy before that. just because you did not get caught does not make you incidents innocent. this will go down with warren g harding, with rutherford b hayes, with richard nixon, those for will be known as the four worst corrupt presidencies. that is not a winning situation. >> we appreciate you coming in. federal prosecutors have charged attorney michael avenatti for extortion, along with bank and wire fraud in new york and california. he is best known for representing star stormy daniels in her lawsuit against president trump.
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the california case involves claims that he embezzled a clients money to pay his own expenses and debts. we are waiting for the identification of a body found near fort funston in san francisco. authorities have not confirmed whether the body discovered today is that of 22-year-old kira sunshine scarlet of oakwood. her body was not found at the time. u.s. park police confirmed that the body found this morning was that of an adult female, but the identity and cause of death are under investigation. two men are accused of robbery and assault of with a deadly weapon. christina is joining us live
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now from walnut creek with some of the details on this investigation. >> reporter: we can tell you that walnut creek police released -- there was not a good discrimination description of the suspects. >> this is a family town, so it is -- >> reporter: people are stunned to learn that a man was shot at the busy intersection of locust and mount diablo. he was shot in the back after he struggled to give up his belongings. >> it is very uncommon for this part of town, anywhere in walnut creek. >> i do not hear about this type of crime happening here. i am really surprised by it. >> reporter: the victim was dropped off at kaiser hospital,
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and he was treated and released. he provided limited information on the two suspects, who remain at large. >> this would be the least likely place i would think it would happen. >> reporter: the area is also within close distance of highway 24 and 180. >> they could operate on, and nobody could find them. >> they could go north, south, east, or west, it is all open access. >> reporter: they still say they have never had to worry about protecting ourselves. >> it is not that kind of town. it is an occurrence that very rarely happens. >> you have to be careful no matter where you are.
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>> reporter: because this happened right outside of the union bank here, we reached out to the corporate office in san francisco to determine if there are any cameras. we have not heard back from their corporate office, but we do know that it appeared to be business as usual here at that bank. walnut creek police asking anyone with information to come forward if they saw anything unusual last night. and east bay principal who was shot by his wife has died. he was head of the pittsburgh adult education center. he died yesterday after being in a coma and kept alive on life support. his wife, was charged with one count of attempted murder, now investigators say they will seek murder charges. he had eight children.
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two arrests have been made in a deadly shooting that happened over this past weekend. one person was killed, and five others were injured in this shooting that happened on fillmore street. 25-year-old mr. decon l simmons was pronounced dead at the scene . a suspect was booked on homicide and firearms charges, along with a 26-year-old, who drove harrison to the hospital. ♪ apple making some big waves, bringing out some a-list stars to announce their new streaming service. and once again, the richmond san rafael bridge has problems on its roadway. that raises questions about its future going forward. keeping an eye on the weather for you, we have rain coming down, some visibility issues out there. i will tell you how long this
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rain will last and when we will talk weather, coming up. ♪
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one lane on the sanford fell bridge had to be shut down today so that a large pothole could be repaired. >> this comes as caltrans continues to replace expansion joints. >> tom went out to find out
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more about these repairs. >> reporter: these crews were already working on the one expansion joint, and now they are working on 61 others they want to get done as soon as they possibly can. today they get a call about taking a look at a very mean pothole. just after 9:00 a.m., caltrans closed one of the westbound lanes to do a temporary quick fix. it will be followed by a more permanent fix tonight. >> we got and expect her inspector out to take a look at it. it was the failure of a concrete patch that had exposed some of the steel rebar in the deck. >> reporter: this bridge is showing its age and chronic problems. >> we anticipate over the course of the next 10 years, that that is probably going to require about $80 million in
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maintenance. >> reporter: overall, richmond san rafael bridge traffic is up 13%, far more than the bay bridge. >> it is very much on our radar screen. >> reporter: as we go into the 2020s, the question is, are we going to have to replace the entire deck of the richmond san rafael bridge? >> that is a project that certainly would entail hundreds of millions of dollars in expense, and there is not an identified source of funds for that kind of project yet. >> reporter: the most likely source of funds are tolls on all state bridges. the cost of actually replacing it would surely be in the multi-
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billions of dollars. let's bring in -- potholes a big concern with all of this rain we have been getting. >> that is what does it, and it turns into a big problem very quickly. you can see we do have rain coming down, in san francisco. we have had visibility start dropping, and we also have some wind to contend with. it is gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour, and that wind coming from the south. now about 10 miles per hour, but that is an indication that the system is tracking through. look at the visibility, it has been dropping rather quickly. if you are heading out on the road, it is a rough ride here, because of the rain.
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we have low visibility, and we have some wind. in and around san francisco, it is about 2 to 3 miles. in napa, not quite as bad, but you have to take your time if you are heading out. this is a system that is rolling across the bay. it gave santa rosa about three quarters of an inch of rain. it has now slid to the south. you can see heavier showers rolling through oakland and lafayette. also has we had farther south, we have san francisco down to san mateo. if you are on 280, you are likely dealing with those showers. some late hours falling, but santa rosa where they had quite a bit of rain earlier, now much better and capturing a bit of a break. this will continue to track along, and feeding all this moisture into the sierra where they are getting snowflakes falling. 56 in santa rosa, but it is a
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lot warmer in areas that have not have rain today. 64 in mountain view, and 65 in san jose. those showers will start to taper off as we get into the upper 40s and low 50s. as we track this forward and we go into the overnight hours, most of us are seeing some clearing, but it is hanging on in the south bay. there is another system coming in. for now, i will send it back to you. ♪ tragedy strikes again. a second survivor of the parkland shooting dies by suicide. survivor's guilt and the importance questions parents can ask. we hope you stick around for the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news, all right here on ktvu.
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more tragedy this afternoon following the parkland school shooting. to survivors of that mass shooting have now taken their own lives. last week, a 19-year-old committed suicide after a battle with survivor's guilt. she was a close friend with one of the 17 people who was killed. earlier this week, a sophomore
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at the school also committed suicide. >> our message is to encourage parents to sit down with their kids and ask them those questions and understand whether or not they are at risk, because what we learned this week was that kids that may appear to be okay and not have any issues are actually suffering in silence. >> school officials and mental health professionals held an emergency meeting about how to deal with lingering trauma. these deaths are really spotlighting what is called survivor's guilt. talk with us a little bit about what that is and how to help those who might be suffering from it. >> survivor's guilt is the mental and emotional experience that one suffers from after they have survived a traumatic experience where others have
4:25 pm
died. this can show up immediately after the trauma, months after, or years after, but it is defined as a persistent feeling that somehow, someway, this individual could have done something differently to avoid this occurring or the trauma, having this level of severity. >> it would seem that talking with your kid is the important thing. what do you do if you suspect that your child is suffering from survivor's guilt? >> if you begin to notice trends in homelessness, hopelessness, anxiety, i would begin to ask if you should intervene. there are trauma informed therapists all over the nation that can allow that person to
4:26 pm
truly process the traumatic events in a safe and supportive environment. >> i am a parent myself, and i struggle with this idea of talking with my daughter about sensitive topics, because i do not want to put something in her head. how do you walk this fine line? >> there is a conception that talking about suicide somehow plants the idea, and research has debunked that. the number one thing you should do is talk about suicidal feelings and thoughts. have these conversations, and ask, i know this is hard for us to talk about, but have you ever had these thoughts? what do the feelings look like for you? and start to model a conversation for your child that he or she can come back to at any point and revisit as needed. >> it is not just affecting school-aged children, it is also
4:27 pm
affecting a father of someone killed in a new town shooting, he ended his life. >> i think this shines a life on the debilitating impact of trauma. if you are not a direct survivor, if it is somebody you love who is close to you, family or friend, that can impact your overall mental health and the trajectory of your life. all people should be aware of what survivor's guilt looks like and that there are resources in our community for those to access it. >> thank you for coming on and giving us that advice. if you or someone you love needs to talk, here is the national suicide lifeline. one 802 73 tal k. ♪
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still to come on the four, our silicon valley leaders getting ahead of themselves when it comes to artificial intelligence? we have more on the news from apple, coming up. we have multiple structure fires. >> tonight at 9 on ktvu fox 2. ♪
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the ipod redefined how people worldwide enjoy music.
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then the iphone changed how countless people communicate, but now it seems as if apple is playing a little bit of catch- up with streaming services like netflix. the big announcement from cupertino. >> reporter: apple is going all in on new streaming services from magazine's two games to tv. they have built up in our sole of content. the company's secret weapon, nearly a quarter trillion dollars in cash. plus there is the advantage of having a huge existing customer base to tap into. decently recently disney recently released its own streaming service. >> today, we are introducing a
4:32 pm
brand-new service, and we call it apple card. >> reporter: there is some news that caught people off guard, like apple getting into the credit card business. apple tv plus will arrive in the fall, but the ceo did not say how much it will cost. this is part of $1 million in grants awarded to three different -- the funding will support the development of a new rapid response crew to clear illegal dumping on federal land. in addition to oakland, los angeles received a $500,000 grant. again, i mentioned the
4:33 pm
city of oakland, it received $163,000 from cal recycle. >> the valero refinery in venetia remains shut down. the refinery later reported that it included high particulate matter, including carbon particles that could irritate people's eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. automated phone calls went out to neighbors near the refinery, but there are no reports of anyone being seriously hurt. a new silicon valley pole
4:34 pm
shows that 40% of residents are considering moving out of the area, and 76 percent -- the silicon valley leadership group help conduct the poll. devastating floods in the midwest are responsible for several deaths and also billions of dollars in damage. from miles point misery, it is likely going to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: street signs, playground equipment, houses, all underwater in the flooded midwest. >> we also know that it is water. we are going to be okay. >> reporter: the waters are receiving end receding in some areas.
4:35 pm
levee break in the eastern part of the area sent water flowing over roads. nebraska alone has seen an estimated $1 billion in damage. overall, the flooding is said to be responsible for about $3 billion of damage in iowa and hard-hit missouri. there is no timeline for getting back in. >> we have all of our clothing and stuff still in the house. we plan to move right back in. we are river people. >> reporter: the swollen missouri river could rise another foot. there is still a serious health risk. all of that murky water is likely filled with contaminants. this is as high as it can get without going over the levy. if it makes it over the top, it is about 30 miles of farmland
4:36 pm
at risk. as tech giants continue developing artificial intelligence, some critics are sounding the alarm, worried about the potential pitfalls of this technology moving forward. our guest today says that ai will begin acting unpredictably in ways that defy human logic. it sounds very concerning here, but you are less concerned about, we always talk about the robots, potentially turning on us down the road in the future, you are more worried about the people creating the robots. >> when it comes to artificial intelligence, there is a tremendous amount of misplaced optimism and fear. we are told that the robots are coming to kill us and take our
4:37 pm
jobs, the actuality is that there is plenty of automation happening around us, and the real story is more nuanced, and it is something we ought to all be paying attention to. >> what are your biggest concerns with the way that ai technology is being developed right now and who is developing it? >> there are nine companies that are currently developing all the patents. they can attract the top talents. three are in china, six are right here in silicon valley. a few are up north. in china, it is -- in the united states, i call them the g mafia, that is google, apple, microsoft, ibm, facebook, and amazon. >> you talked about in your book, this notion of control. it certainly seems like to me, when i am at home and i ask alexa to play me the song or give me the weather, i feel like i am in control, but you
4:38 pm
are saying that that is not really the case. >> that is right. i do not think that these companies are evil or have evil intent, but i think the situation that we have arrived at is that there is so much consolidation that at some point all roads lead to amazon web services. everybody at some point has to plug into these services, and it is our data that is fueling them. >> you are saying that these companies, their priorities are misplaced. they are focused more on making money, as most companies are, and less doing the right thing for humanity moving forward. >> i do not think that they do not want the best thing for humanity. i think the reality is that they they have a fiduciary responsibility that must prioritize oftentimes speed over safety. it is different. they are all under the thumb of the government, so in the middle of all of this, nobody
4:39 pm
has got us or the future of humanity at the center. >> how do we change those priorities for this country? is it as simple as more government oversight? >> there are plenty of opportunities. we have some options. at a sort of minimum level, all of the big nine companies can commit themselves to transparency, can codify their values, their human central values, and make those public, and help us all understand how our data is being mined and refined. i am not in favor of regulation, for many reasons. it would be difficult to enforce, it would not work, and no country should go it alone. but guardrails are good idea, collaboration, and having economic incentives fuel that collaboration across countries and across companies, is definitely in everybody's best
4:40 pm
interest, but we play a role in this, too. we have to be better educated on how our data are being used and what it really means when you are talking to all of the devices in your home, and when our cars are driving themselves, what we are trading for that convenience. >> it certainly is a trade-off. a fascinating topic, and you are going to be delving further into it into the commonwealth club on wednesday. you will be there at 7:30. it is not the commonwealth club, it is the hotel nico in downtown san francisco. if people want to hear more about that fascinating topic, you will be there. i think they will be ready. amy webb, we thank you for coming in. ♪ thank you so much. the bay bridge series shifts to san francisco, but the giants are scheduled to play game two, weather permitting. that is the key.
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we have a soggy afternoon out there. we will talk about just how much longer this rain will last. your extended forecast is next. ♪
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the bay bridge series moves across the bay. the a's take on the giants at oracle park, but it could be a damp night at the park.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: i guess we would not exactly call this baseball weather. it was raining quite a bit harder an hour ago. right now, it is spitting a little bit. the tarp is on the field, they are hoping that the rain lets up a little bit and that they do get game two of the bay bridge series underway. the players are in the outfield, loosening up. that's the oakland a's on one end, the giants on the other side. i will not make you too dizzy and demanded yet, but you can see where that brand-new scoreboard is going to be. the giants have a brand-new gigantic scoreboard that is not quite finished yet. a lot of new things at the ballpark, including a new name this year. the one position i guess you could say that this weather plays havoc with is the pictures. they like the weather to be
4:45 pm
warm. >> mentally, you have to treat it like anything else. just go out there and prepare. >> we are used to whatever. we have had some rain this spring. we are not going to complain too much about it. >> reporter: it has been an unusual spring weatherwise, and we had rain and snow in arizona. the oakland a's are back in spring training with more preseason games after playing two games that counted in japan against the seattle mariners. the a's lost both of those games, but -- >> it is strange.
4:46 pm
i would not trade that japan trip for anything. it was a lot of fun, and he did not finish the way we wanted it to, but it was an experience i think a lot of guys will remember and charge. >> reporter: i know you guys are better off in the building than i am. but they expect things to ease up around 6:00, 6:30. we should tell you that the giants begin the season on thursday. the a's are scheduled to resume their season on thursday against the angels. an unusual spring if nothing else. we will have more later on at 5:00. >> let's hope that those storm clouds move out of the way and get game to underway.
4:47 pm
let's take a live look outside. a lot of raindrops on the lens there. >> at least you can see something out of that camera. you can see absolutely nothing, including this one behind me. this is looking towards walnut creek, and you can see that the visibility has been dropping. be careful if you are heading out on the road. i want to say the good news is that this will get better as the night goes on. temperatures were cooler today than they were yesterday. noticed down in san jose where the rain is just starting to head there, they are starting to see a difference, too. the visibility has really become a problem, so just be careful out there. it is a little windy, it is rainy, and we have some visibility issues. that is not great for our rush- hour. santa rosa 56 degrees. a little bit warmer in san jose
4:48 pm
at 65. this is what we are seeing as far as rain totals. they had just a little over three quarters of an inch in santa rosa. about 3/10 of an inch in can filled canfield. they are having some -- we just had some rain roll through here in oakland. here is a look at what is rolling in here. this started a little bit farther north, and now it has started to slide south, and the heavier showers that have started to roll through san francisco and the east bay, they have passed by where joe fonzie was. they have just a few light showers out there. a little bit farther south, they have avoided the rain so far in places like san jose,
4:49 pm
but they are starting to track you now. get your umbrella out if you are in the north bay. still some light showers falling . we are not quite done yet. we will see those showers start to taper off. we are talking upper 40s and low 50s. looking out for 42 degrees near santa rosa. tomorrow in san francisco, the sprinkle could be lingering a little bit. we will be moving into the 50s with some brakes and a little sunshine trying to make its way in as we get into the afternoon, and it will not be later until the overnight that we see more rain headed our way. temperatures will be pretty warm out there, we are expecting a temperature of 61 in san francisco. 64 up in santa rosa. also over in fairfield. the second system that will roll in on the heels of this. if i track this forward, i will
4:50 pm
show you how it works out here. we are looking better than we are now. as we get into 7 am on tuesday, here comes the next hit as we roll through, and then we have the next system coming overnight tuesday into wednesday. that is where the showers are going to be getting a little bit heavier. if we take a look at our seven day forecast, here we go, we have some lingering showers on wednesday. note that the temperatures will start warming up by friday and saturday, getting a break, and the models are getting warmer than they were yesterday. it is looking kind of nice as we get to the weekend. we just have to get toward the next couple of days. some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news tonight. the number one movie in america is called us. will it scare people away, or
4:51 pm
will it bring people in? you are following up on a neighborhood dispute. >> it is a standoff between a 12-year-old and a homeowners association. we will take a look at the bike battle coming up. this is coming up at the top of the hour. president trump meeting with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and reaffirming america's commitment to israel's defense. details coming up after the break. ♪ [phone ringing]
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president trump today met with israeli premises and her -- israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: president trump reversing decades of u.s. foreign policy with the stroke of a pen. the president officially recognizing the golan heights as a part of israel. for decades, america stayed neutral, but now the president says it is time to put security ahead of diplomacy. >> aggressive action by iran and terrorist groups including hezbollah continue to make the golan heights --
4:55 pm
>> reporter: the president signing the declaration after meeting with benjamin netanyahu. this could give him an important foreign policy victory. >> we won the golan heights in a just war of self-defense. the israeli people's roots go back thousands of years. >> reporter: at least seven people were wounded when a hamas rocket destroyed a home in central israel. >> it is obvious to everyone that hamas is responsible for what took place here. >> reporter: israelis will soon head to the polls to pick a brand-new government on april 9. the suspect of a reputed
4:56 pm
new york mob boss made an appearance in court this morning. anthony camillo was booked on charges of murder, assault, and weapon possession. he was first taken into custody a week ago. ktvu fox 2 news at 5 is coming up next. ♪ to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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f0 . the trump administer celebrates after to find littles of -- findings of the mueller report is released. president trump is claiming total vindication after the two year long russia investigation ends without proving the trump campaign conspired to influence the election. the republicans are lety to fire back. >> 13 courage robert muler team
5:00 pm
interviewed 500 witnesses. with the investigation over democrats and republicans have different views. >> we can never let this happen to another president again. >> president trump apt the white house reacting to the special counsels final reports. the president saying robert mueller acted hon rally. >> i wish it could have gone quicker. >> the future is split between the house and the senate. jerry nadler wants to move foreward with his own investigation a the attorney general wrote the evidence is not sufficient to establish the president committed an offense. >> i would wonder if the attorney general pressured the special council to


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