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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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investigation goes on. we have a crew headed to the scene and they will bring us more information on the shooting. >> new information about another shooting in san francisco, a pair of arrests in a deadly shooting in the fillmore district. six people were shot. 125-year-old simmons was pronounced dead at the scene. one of the people wounded has been booked on homicide and firearms charges along with coat who's drove harrison to the hospital. police have not released a motive. to the east bay, a community is on edge after a man was shot during an attempted robbery. >> i mean it can happen any place. this would be the least likely place. >> police are looking for two
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men suspected of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. it ended with the victim being shot in the back. >> this is a family town, a lot of families going out for dinner and home. >> in the heart of downtown walnut creek, people are stunned to learn a man was shot. the man was approached by two other men sunday night outside the union bank and shot in the back. >> here? >> no, this is very uncommon for this part of town. >> we spend a lot of time here and i do not hear about this type of crime happening here. >> police say the victim was dropped off at kaiser hospital and taken to john muir hospital where he was treated and
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released. the victim provided limited information. >> it can happen any place, this would be the lease likely place. >> last november an armed robbery in the destination ma tenter -- maternity store. it is close to highway 24 and 680 which could make for an easy get away. >> they could hop on and nobody would find. >> 24, 6080, south, north, east, west. they still feel safe walking the streets and never worried about protecting themselves. >> it never crossed our minds. it's an occurrence that rarely happens. >> it's unclear in surveillance video was turned over to
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investigators. walnut creek police are asking anyone with information to come forward. san mateo police have beefed up patrols at serra high school. the school sent out a message alerting about an unanimous threated of a campus shooting. as a precaution they have increased patrols with uniformed and explained clothedsters. a body was found on the beach at fort funston. kiera sunshine scarlet was walking with dog when part of a cliff collapsed. crews searched that area but could not find her. the body found this morning is an adfemale but there's no
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official word. more problems on to richmond san rafael bridge. cal trans crews repaired a large pothole. this comes others repairs continue to the expansion joint. >> just after 9:00 in the morning cal trans closed a lane to do a quick fix. it will be followed by a permanent fix tonight. >> have an inspector out to take a look at it. it was the failure of a concrete patch and that had exposed some of the steel rebar in the deck. >> this 63-year-old bridge is showing its age and problems. >> we anticipate over the course of the next 10 years that is probably going to
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require $80 million in maintenance. >> in the last five years overall bridge traffic is up 13%, far more than the increase on the beige bridge -- bay bridge, traffic sun more than 30%. >> it is very much on our radar screen. >> as we go into the 2020s, are we going to have to replace the en250eur deck of the bridge? that is a prock that, project that would entail hubs of millions of dollars in expense and there's not an identified source of funds for that kind of belong yes. >> the most likely source of funds, higher tolls on all state owned bridges. major redecking of the bridge is a decade or more away. the cost of replacement as we learn from to replacement of
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the eastern span of the bay bridge would be in the multibillions. might be windy on the bridges right now. we have rain, we have wind, the visibility is improving but heavier showers. let's look outside. you can see what i'm talking about. this is the bay bridge, rain drops on the lens and everyone on the bridge in rush hour. if we look at san jose the wind is gusting 22 miles an hour out of the south. we go north it's better. they have calmed down because the rain has slid south of them. 50 in napa. you feel that if you're driving across the bridges. you can see the oranges and yellows fires up. that means we have heavy
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downpours and in oakland where it is coming down wheneverly. you -- 11ly -- >> you get caught in a down pour. in danville, that's showers coming down in san ramon. if we move south, san jose has stayed dry but the rain is making it's on the sub vale and mill speedis. training in right along this trajectory as we roll across the next hour that will continue and let up. 54 in san francisco, 53 in novato, 60 in mountain view, as we track through the night this will lift away and clearing as we get into tomorrow morning. another system on its heels. for now back to julie and alex. to washington where
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president trump is claiming vindication after a two year long russia investigation wraps up without proving the trump campaign conspired with russia. republicans are ready to launch their own investigation. >> 13 council robert mueller's team issued 2800 subpoenas and interviewed 500 with it guesses. with the investigation over democrats and republicans have different views. >> we can never ever let this happen to another president again. >> president trump at the white house reacting to the special counsel's final report. the saying mueller was honorable. >> it is 100% the way it should have been. >> the future 150e78s split between the house and the
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senate. jerry nadler wants to move forward with his own obstruction of justice investigation. >> nadler will subpoena the attorney general and full report if necessary. >> i would wonder if the attorney general pressured the special counsel into not making that finding. >> lindsey graham will investigate the special counsels origins including fisa warrants and the unverified dossier. >> it makes no sense to me is all of the abuse by the department of justice and the f.b.i. the unprofessional conduct. nobody seems to think that's much important. >> william barr is scheduled to testify before the house aproppations committee. the hearing is about the budget but he will likely be asked
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about the report. kevin mccarthy is calling on adam shift to be removed as chairman of the house intel gent committee. white house adviser kelly ann conway said shift should resign for pedaling a lie. dianne feinstein is calling for the release of the report. of the report. . >> now to the middle east, hamas said egypt has brokered
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cease-fire. they have been exchanging airstrikes after a rocket struck a house in central israel. israel launched a rocket that destroyed a building in gaza city. >> hamas will pay a price. we don't care fitz a mistake or not a mistake. a rocket hitting a house killing children we cannot sit by. >> the airstrike prompted nat yahoo! to cut short his trip to washington. net video hugh. >> we're hearing from michael avenatti after he was arrested on federal extortion charges. >> a new earthquake warning em bay. what emergency officials are asking people to do.
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then at 6:30. the star-studded event at apples space ship as leaders of the tech giant takes the company in a new direction. it's rainy, this is interstate 80 and it is heavy heading toward berkeley. better heading on the right toward the bay bridge. >> we'll take you to the san mateo bridge, drivers are moving better in both corrections across the span. it's wet out there. drive carefully.
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. michael avenatti expects to be fully exxon rated. he schemed to get nike to pay him more than $20 million. live in washington, d.c., with more on the charges that were brought in new york and los angeles. >> that's right. the attorney who made a name for himself relating store stormy daniels was arrested on speaking to reporters as he exited the court room. >> i am highly confident when all of the evidence 2450 laid laid bare in connection with
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the cases, when due process occurs i will be exonerated and justice will be done. >> new york prosecutors say michael avenatti threatened to anobodies damaging claims against nike. he wanted $25 million but money for a client for them to stay silent. this was on the over of nikees quarterly call. he said he would ride off into the sunset if the company paid him the money. >> by engaging in the conduct alleged in the complaint avenatti was not aching as an attorney. this was an old-fashioned shake down. >> the suit alleged there was an unidentified co-conspirator.
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the associated press reports it was mark geragos. the new york case is not his only legal trouble. avenatti faces trouble in california for tax and bank fraud. he used a $1.6 million settlement for a client for his own expenses. if convicted he faces a potential sentence of almost a century behind bars. >> he's dealing with a lot of legal trouble. here in the bay area a panel said the city of san francisco and the former sheriff are not responsible for the shooting of kate steinle. a mathe country illegally was tried and acquitted of murder. he was convicted of being an ex-
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felon in possession of a gun. federal laws do not require local agencies to notify i.c.e. a poll is revealing news about the per sieved quality of life. 44% of the bay area residents are considering moving out of the reege be on. 57% blame high housing costs. 76% cite the high cost of living. 51% blame traffic congestion and others the quality of life. the city of life helped conduct the poll. a new earthquake warning system will be tested. the alert will be sent out to
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mobile phones. what emergency officials want residents to do. >> the same system that sends weather alerts will alert those with a cell phone to earthquakes. >> across the city of oakland on wednesday a test will be conducted. >> this is a test of the california earthquake early warning system, it will be clear it's a test. >> that test will come there your phones wireless emergency alert system the same for amber and severe weather alerts. it represents the most public type of alerting one would get on a device. it's for everyone. >> those within 60 square blocks will get the alerts. known as shake alerts. it will be the first time a warning test will issued
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here in california. >> moderate shaking. >> in a city such as oakland where it's a high risk it's the latest tool to save lives. >> it goes to every enabled device in that area. one of the things we want to do is get the alerts out to as many people as possible by as many path ways as possible. >> when a fault ruptures it sends out waves that are picked up and returned to a center where the location and the tremor is relayed. it's not a perfect system. there's limitations to the network of seismic centers. >> the usga is be responsible for detecting the earthquake and make a decision to issue the shake alert.
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that can take five seconds. then we hand it off to our partners to deliverer the shake alerts. we have a sense of how long it takes to publish the alert. we want to test the delivery side. >> oakland communications director said the city is urging residents to participate. note the time the alert appears on your time. there's a survey after the test thats on i'm still ahead, a five hour long standoff in oakland comes to an end. what a man was wanted for and a supposed to play baseball. as you can see it could be rained out. we'll have an update in sports.
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san francisco fine dining restaurant is getting ready to close after 20 years. what the chef wants to focus on next. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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police in oakland. >> the investigation began on walnut street near madera avenue. officers surrounded the home and ordered the suspect to come
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out. police called off the operation five hours later saying they were unable to find that suspect. california officials say they must be prepared to count every resident in the census regardless of a citizenship question. alec padilla addressed a packed house in sacramento. the state is fighting the trump administration's efforts to put a citizenship question on the survey. california could loose billions in federal funding if there's an undercounted of immigrants. >> there's been two court cases that have ruled in our favor. but we'll wait to see what the supreme court has to say in june. regardless of what happens we need every californian to count. >> the state of california is
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spending $100 million on a statewide campaign to boost census compliance including trance -- translating into other languages. >> the latest in the college admission scandal. 12 offering pleas in the operation varsity blues. the new direction for apple. the "a" list celebrities in cupertino today.
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now to our top story. the white house has declared total dedication to 2 your investigation found no evidence of collusion. a summary released by the attorney general saidthe report with no president donald
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trump obstructed justice. democrats are calling for the release of the special counsel for report.>> federal prosecutors have charged him with break and wire fraud in new york. he is best known for representing adult film star stormy daniels in her lawsuit against president trump. prosecutors say he threatened to hold a news conference to announce damaging allegations against mikey and the do not pay him with a $20 million. police are searching for a gunman who they say opened fire inside the lobby of the department of corrections building this afternoon. one person was wounded and the hospital. police said the government took off in a white colored vehicle. the shooting happened at 3:50 pm at the parole office that is beneath the elevated freeway on 13th street at south dns. police are asking people to avoid that area.
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a bit of hollywood came to town today as apple announced to the world but it is reinventing itself. >> a number of celebrities were on hand to help rule out the company's new vision which includes developing original content then streaming like netflix. our reporter was at today's big apple event.>> normally, products are the stars. a cavalcade of a mistress joining forces with the iconic company. apple verse the set for expansion after the company held another building. the ceo announced the role class streaming services to help customers get the most out of the devices.>> a great story can move us and inspires.
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they can surprise us and challenge our assumption.>> the announced apple tv plus which is original content and strength to all of his devices. some analysts that apple is trying to catch up and surpass other streaming services that have saturated the market.>> it is a similar play to other major companies. the real question, the differential. >> price could be key here. it could offer new services such as apple credit card. with 10 billion transactions predicted for 2010, the help not only consumers will use this devices but also its credit. >> a new kind of car detective managed of everything i feel office.
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it is designed for healthier financial life. >> someone not be released until the summer or the fall. still, experts say using star power to help make the push to take apple to a whole new level. now the sacramento you see student to the couple steps today calling on lawmakers to make our education more affordable. it includes additional funding to help students enroll in summer courses as well as more resources for the dreamers. students also responded to the college admissions cables. one lawmakers suggest the states looked into an imaginative solution.>> you may want to consider establishing a parity course at university of california for the parents to go through and how to show them the right way.
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students caught on the legislator to pass a bill to extend the grant program for summer courses. athletic coaches and test administ were charged in the college admissions scam. they'll appeared in court today to face charges of racketeering and conspiracy. our reporter is from boston federal court on operation varsity blues. >> federal court with 12 defendant. the first cases from the sweeping investigation operation varsity blues. >> dozens of wealthy parents paid bribes to get the kids into the missions top schools. today, with the money werein court including test administrators include of treating entrance exams and college coaches accused of sowing of spots on the roster. among them, the legendary water polo coach at university of
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southern california accused of accepting $250,000 for 2 spots on his team. >> they do not belong in this indictment. today, he will enter a plea of not guilty. we will begin the process of clearing his name. >> 33 people are parents including actress -- 2 actresses. it is likely there are more charges to come. >> get desperate defendant trying to mitigate their own sentences. i go in and i cooperate about my next-door neighbor who also did this with on the indictment.>> the ringleader has already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors. the say his consulting business took in $25 million in bribes following the money for charity. experts say it is not missed on
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the celebrity parent macy delta in this case. it is unlikely the court will see probation as a happy enough symptoms. coming up, a 12-year-old boy now at odds with the homeowners association after trying to great a bicycle drop truck for himself and other kids. >> it is what brought everybody together. i made new friends from doing this. i just really enjoy it.
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a bicycle jump truck may soon be torn down. >> the homeowners association is threating to get rid of it. they said members are concerned about liability if someone gets hurt. >> when you are 12 years old, that is the best feeling.>> i love doing it. >> he goes to school each day. is not sure the truck that he built will still be here when he returns. it appears that the home association which manages the property is almost certain to tear down the handmade track. >> it is something that brought everyone together. i made new friends from doing this. i just really enjoy it.
6:40 pm
>> it was a mound of dirt deposited by winter storms. last month, he believed he could spend the amount. he and 2 friends spent weeks designing the jumped.'s parents were supportive. >> he came home one day and said we're going to build bicycle jump.>> the h away says it will be restored the area which likely means it will remove the track. they wrote a letter to homeowners saying there was considerable risk to the association should a child or an individual suffer injuries. >> i would rather a broken this then carpal tunnel from playing video games. >> they also said the area should be maintained as a natural creek area and walking path. >> it is not aesthetically pleasing and someone to get into. -- entered. -- injured.
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>> they say they may try to convince the city hall to build another one of these somewhere in town. still ahead, a surge in terrorist all headed to santa cruz. it is because of a new released movie. >> i do not realize it was filter. we have to stop by the board want to check it out. keeping an eye on the weather outside for you. we do have some heavy rainfall coming down at this hour. our reporter has a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7 pm news. coming up, we're going to show you how a trailblazing woman in politics is being honored in sacramental. another big-name is coming to the chase center. the latest musician to announce the concert at the new bring
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you. those stories and more coming up at . -- 7 pm. alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards.
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alaska airlines.
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the city is getting a lot of buzz and it is because of a new film. it is the latest creation. the movie was shot in santa cruz and it seems to be attracting tourists who are not afraid to see what the city is all about. our reporter has more.
6:45 pm
she has made santa cruz scary. >> it is definitely mysterious. >> while social media is filled with people to say they are too afraid to visit, the beach boardwalk is full with people because of the movie. >> we saw it on friday. i did not realize it was filmed in santa cruz. so we have to stop on the to check it out.>> i still think it is a lot of fun. i am looking for certain things i have seen in the film. we are headed dogs were the first see this. >> it brought in about $1 the l officials expect they will benefit would be a long-term to tourism.>> we know the best majority of our guest are excited about this movie. the resident fantasy and not
6:46 pm
real. the corridor and seeing where it was filmed in this is a really positive thing for us. >> the same was true with lost boys. there are still walking tours of the sites and the boardwalk still plays it once again. >> she was so inspired by the lost boys. he promised himself that he ever become a director, he will come back and make a movie. santa cruz officials think it will stand the test of time. >> the message to terrorist. do not be afraid. if are,anyway. >> it is all make-believe. >> employees are actually getting a private screening on tuesday.
6:47 pm
next week they're hoping the movie will give them a boost in attendance. my oldest son saw it. it creep up a little bit. >> i love jordan pill. he comes right back. the weather outside is a little scary rather. over to our meteorologist. she is going to tell us about how long this will all last. >> it is kind of a quick hit tonight. is coming down very heavy right now. we can see a little bit of trouble and some flooding possibilities.>> half an inch of rainfall. he wants to go up really quickly. that is why i'm a little concerned on flooding. we have about three quarters of an inch in santa rosa. look at this. they just came in with half an inch of rain.
6:48 pm
started to see that rain in right now. let's take a look outside. we do have the clouds. sunspots are getting better. santa rosa is currently at 55 degrees. 57 in oakland. san jose at 59. we are all kind of filling the moisture in the air. they live look esther drucker shows were other yellow and orange is popping up on the map. those of the heavier showers coming in right now. division in, that is what i'm a little concerned about the baseball game. we have rain rolling through here. also going to oakland. if we move a little further to the south, you see it is of mov now. the trajectory is that it is heading right towards the northeast direction. is going to head right across the bay. we are up in the north bay were the heavy rain earlier. now they are just dealing with the clouds and staying relatively dry. this is going to go on throughout the rest of the not. temperatures will drop down to
6:49 pm
the 40s and 50s. you will see the shower start to taper off everywhere as we get into the later evening hours. tomorrow we start to dry out. much warmer temperatures. check this out in san jose. 67 degrees for the hunt up tomorrow. we practice for to show you how this works out. the system starts to push over toward the east. that we're looking good as you wake up at 7 am.  until we get to the next system which is coming in overnight. they are going to be working up very wet on wednesday before we finally get a chance to dry out. a quick look shows you we have those lingering showers. i do not think it will be too bad. will get some clearing as well. then we will start to really dry out thursday into friday. that as well we finally get the sunshine back. a restaurant that helped make the valley a destination is getting ready to close its doors next month. they open 21 years ago focusing
6:50 pm
on food from california with classic french technique. she tells the new york times that after 2 tickets, she was to focus more on mexican cuisine as well as her six other restaurants. they're supposed to be playing some baseball tonight but mother nature is not helping out. game 2 of the series will be put on hold. marcus want to have an updated weather report letting us know whether or not they will play some baseball or not coming up next in sports.
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marcus back from vacation. >> the weather is not cooperating. >> the series tonight is delayed. >> we will have to call it the water under the bridge.>> i like it. >> right now they're in a 20 minute delay. there was supposed to have already started. you have to get used to saying that. i'm going to call it the willie mays stating. we were there. the first pitch like i mentioned delayed. but is not mean there is not news coming out of the game.
6:54 pm
the ground crew is getting a chance to do something it does not do much during the regular season. rollup the tarp and remove it. as you can see, it requires a synchronized effort to get the water off of the tarp before can be taken off of the field. the giants still have some roster spot to decide. unlike last year, they are happy to be healthy. >> that is the biggest thing. i think the fact that everybody is healthy. >> the guys are really excited. there putting in a lot of hard work. this shows dedication.>> on the other side, the athletics did not know what they had last year this time. , their expectations are high.>> we want to do better. was with the come out to a
6:55 pm
better start. i think we all know that is very possible for this to. >> the regular season start on thursday and it resumes on the same day. turn into hockey. remember a couple weeks ago, they were rolling. great timing for them. it has gone the other way. it is not good. five straight losses. three of those losses at home. they are now six points behind calgary for the western conference lead. there in second ahead of las vegas. they are only six games after tonight. they play the red wings this evening at home. the coach doing what coaches do. looking at the bright side of things.>> we have had schedules at this time of the year we have been traveling. it takes a toll. we got a lot of that out-of-the- way.
6:56 pm
a chance to get healed and freshened up. hopefully get some practice time. do some things tied up. >> the ultimate road games a. unfortunately, they have not been playing well at home. in case you missed it over the weekend, it is all about march madness and college possible. i think the buzzer beater of the year happened in the national basketball association. >> unbelievable. not to be confused with jeremy lin. they beat toronto. they were done 2 points at the buzzer when he made that shot. talk about half-court shots. a fan with a chance to win $45,000. and he does.
6:57 pm
$45,000 given out by a casino. in case you missed it. this is the flop of the year. he is not done. look at his teammates. that is getting his money's worth. look at this little kid. the kid has been. is like eight years old. he made the shot. in case you missed it. it is march madness and hockey. the hurricanes they felt great in basketball fashion. i think that is probably difficult. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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