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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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gunfire erupted inside the department of corrections building in san francisco leaving one man wounded and police looking for the shooter tonight. >> the suspect fled from the scene and jumped into a white vehicle and fled in an unknown direction. >> a brazing shooting in the lobby of a state parole office. good evening. >> the victim police say was
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ambushed. his injuries are life- threatening. the shooting happened at a state corrections office at the corner of 13th street near south van ness and highway 1011 real. we have live coverage tonight from debora villalon who is on the scene with what we have learned. >> reporter: alex, this city center complex occupies most of the block. it has clinics, some social services, california conservation corps and a state parole office. for of security and it is not someplace you would expect a shooting. >> reporter: a parking lot sealed off for evidence technicians to work this crime scene as san francisco please welcome the publics help. >> witnesses, surveillance footage, anything we can find. >> reporter: around 4 p.m., one man shot another in the interior lobby of the
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california department of corrections office. >> from my understanding it was cdc but no cdc personnel were involved. >> reporter: a shot to the upper neck and back of the head that came without warning. >> witnesses say the suspect walked behind him and fired. >> reporter: the suspect escaped in a white vehicle down 13th street. in this busy area and with many offices in the vicinity, police weren't sure how wide the threat was and lockdown some tenants like this homeless service center. >> they came and knocked on the door and told us not to let anyone come in and out of the building for about four hours. >> reporter: a medical clinic on mission next to the parole office was evacuated. >> the doctor was getting ready to administer shot and she had to put the alcohol and been date out and all of a sudden the doctors, staff and everyone had to leave out. >> any evidence we can to bring this guy to justice. >> reporter: police have not said if the person is a parolee or out on jail and it was
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unclear how long he had been out the building before he was ambushed. >> he was in the lobby and did know the shop is coming. witnesses say the suspect came up from behind and shot him. >> reporter: as far as we know at this hour, the victim is still alive. gunshot wound to the head is life-threatening. police say they may soon release security footage from this building to try to help identify the gunmen. alex, julie. >> hopefully that will lead to tips coming in. debora villalon live in san francisco peak san francisco police announced a pair of arrests today in the deadly shooting in the fillmore district on saturday night. 25-year-old mr. d carnell simmons of san leandro was pronounced dead at the scene of fillmore near eddy. we have learned one of the five people wounded, 25-year-old shawn harrison on concord along with 26-year-old dimarco to drew pearson to the hospital. police have not released a
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motive for the gunfire. berkeley police are looking for a man who groped a woman while she was trying to enter her home on university avenue. investigators have released several surveillance videos of the suspect. they did that today in hopes the images will lead to an identification. rob malcolm is joining us live from berkeley at the police station with more details on the case. >> reporter: good evening. the assault took place almost one month ago here on university avenue. the surveillance video just been released now. weekly police to have concerned because they believe the suspect is still out there. >> reporter: the surveillance video was somewhat disturbing. >> that is so elementary. is like a child's school something. >> reporter: but this child school something is considered assault by berkeley police and the man in this video is facing
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serious consequences. >> a lady was walking the 1300 block of university and the suspect came up behind her and grabbed her on her buttocks. >> reporter: in the video he immediately walks casually down the block with cameras capturing his image from behind and beside. >> we are hoping someone in the community will see and recognize the suspect and let us know who he is. and we can make an arrest. >> reporter: in the color image he is seen walking past a convenience store and the assault taking place 10:30 friday night on february 22 west of sacramento street and two blocks near the north berkeley b.a.r.t. station. >> he should be taking care of or just told something. but to go to jail for something that he didn't harm a life? >> reporter: but police say it doesn't minimize what happened. >> that is unacceptable behavior. anyone should be able to walk
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down the street without fear of someone grabbing them like that. >> reporter: woman safely got into her building. while startled she was in her. police are not sure if they are dealing with a serial grouper but they want this man in custody. >> it is not something that happens all that frequently and berkeley. jerk berkeley police are recommending women walk in groups and keep an eye out for open businesses so you can find yourself an escape route. also be aware of your surroundings just in case you are being followed. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news . >> we hope they find this man soon. it is another rainy night here in northern california. here is a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. you can see wet pavement. if you are driving, be advised you may encounter standing water on the roads. any people are telling us they are fed up with the rain. shoppers we spoke with in larkspur said they are eager for sunshine and the outdoor activities that come with it. they say the brief spell of warm weather last week was not nearly long enough.
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>> are you sick of it yet? >> i am totally sick of it. i am ready for spring. bring it on. this is terrible. >> i noticed we had some sunny days a week or so ago and people were friendlier and smiling more and a different energy. i look forward to that. >> enough is enough. the public clearly is clamoring for more sunshine. are going to give it to them? >> i can deliver a little bit but not too much. we have been dealing with rain. if you have rain fatigue it is understandable. we have had an incredible run. if you look at total since october 1, they are all about 100%. santa rosa is 40 inches of rain since october 1. that is plenty. we still have some rain out there and we can see that as we take a look at storm tracker. we have seen the heavier showers move out and we have lighter readfalling in fremont and san mateo still
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getting some rain in san jose as well. the south is really where it will clear last. the heavier showers are rolling into the santa cruz mountains as we go to the night it will start to get better. as we get rain the sierra get snow and we are seeing light snow there tonight. however tomorrow in the evening we're going to have a winter storm warning that will go up and cover all of tuesday night into wednesday into early thursday morning. we're talking about two feet of snow and even higher than that if you go to very high peaks. just be ready for it. i know a lot of people are probably getting weary of preparing themselves for snow as well. i think you are going to be talking about what they are doing to prepare. >> we lks in this year are doing to prepare g their wa residents have had plenty of practice all winter long and they have been forced to shovel huge amounts of snow that have been dumped around lake tahoe. caltrans says it will be fully staffed with breasted plow
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operators. they say their jobs to be easier this week as they will have to deal with the weekend crowds. >> that makes it a lot easier for us as far safety goes. the increase in traffic poses a problem for us because it triples and quadruples the travel times for people traveling over the interstate. >> drivers should expect winter conditions on and off through thursday and up to four feet of snow as possible at some of the highest elevations. you can track this letter storm or are bringing the weather app. it is free to download and it has interactive radar, hourly updates and your 7-day forecast back apple plans to take the company in a new direction. is just a gary explains, the maker of the mac and iphone introduced a movie streaming service and is planning to create content and deliver it to its devices. >> reporter: normally at an outboard unveiling, products are the stars. on monday in cupertino true life stars took stage. a cavalcade of a listers
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joining forces with the iconic company. >> how does it feel? >> it feels really great. >> reporter: the so-called apple versus set for expansion after the company held in unveiling at the steve jobs theatre. ceo tim cook announced world- class streaming services to help customers get the most out of their lives and devices. >> because great stories can change the world. great stories can move us and expire us. they can surprise us and challenge our assumptions. >> reporter: he pulled in stars from stage and the small film announcing apple tv plus, original content performed by well-known actors and stream to all its devices. apple is trying to catch up and surpass other streaming services that have saturated the market. >> it doesn't position them in companies like amazon. the real information is what will be the differentiator.>> reporter: priccothe
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difference here in the means to pay. apple will offer an apple credit card. with 10 billion apple pay transactions predicted for 2019, the company hopes not only will consumers use its devices but also its credit. >> with applecart we have completely resolved the credit card. it takes advantage of everything iphone offers. it is designed for a hope your financial life and sets a new level for privacy and security. >> reporter: apple hasn't said how much some of these services will cost and some won't be released until the summer or fall. experts say using star power to help make the push could take apple to a whole new level. in cupertino, just gary, ktvu fox 2 news . >> apple shares fell to $184.74 set. they seem to be late to the game when it comes to streaming original calm tent
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compared to amazon. the dow gained 14. after falling more than 130 earlier in the day. the last act was down five and the s&p lost two. and the report predicts slowing growth in the u.s. into next year. economist say a recession appears to be unlikely. i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> attorney michael evan oddie maintained his innocence after being accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. i live report on his arrest today and the federal charges he is facing. frederick president trump says he feels fully exonerated by the mueller report. top democrats disagree. we will talk with brian sobel about what is next for both sides coming up.
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the lawyer known for representing adult film actress stormy daniels and her lawsuit against president trump is now in big legal trouble of his own. michael avenatti was arrested in new york today for allegedly trying to shake down nike and extort millions of dollars. lauren blanchard joins us live from washington. lauren, e exactly
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right, alex. michael avenatti was taken into custody monday afternoon for two separate cases. one in new york and one in la. if convicted on all charges he could be sentenced to almost a century behind bars.>> reporter: michael avenatti was out on a $300,000 bill leaving a manhattan courtroom to media. >> i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> reporter: federal prosec athletic apparel company nike that he wants asa client or else he would hold a damaging press conference about anim if the company did not meet his demands the tortin
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reportedly mike garrett goes. nike saying it firmly believes an ethical and fair play both in business and sports and will continue to assist the prosecutors. >> this was an old-fashioned shakedown. >> reporter: in los angeles, he is charged with wire and bank fraud. >> lawyers have a sworn duty to obey the law and to protect their clients. mr. evan oddie has breached that duty. >> reporter: prosecutors say even though the la case was ready a week ago they decided to wait until they could execute both arrest warrants at the same time so that it would be a smoother ar >> thank you. the summary of the mueller report delivered to congress yesterday has president trump
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and his republican alleys back on the offensive. the president is bound to go after those responsible for the russian investigation. and the oval office with israel's prime minister, he seemed uplifted about the finding of no collusion and the end of the investigation he often referred to as a witch hunt. he is now calling for his critics to be investigated themselves. >> it is 100% the way it should've been. i wish it could've come a lot sooner, a lot quicker. there are a lot of people out there who have done some very evil things, very bad things. i was a treasonous things against our country.>> reporter: senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi state mueller's report does not exonerate the president on charges of obstruction of justice. they are demanding the full report be made public. >> here to provide more perspective is brian sobel, political analyst. wet how big of a political fight rv and for and how long until we see everything?
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>> we have bipartisan support to release the report except for things that are confidential are classified and names that may be in there that shouldn't be broadcast, i think most of the report will come out. and then once again game on. i have been saying for a long time that both republicans and democrats will find things and the report to go after the president with. or in the case of the president, to go after democrats with. >> the mueller report found no collusion with russia but it was a little less clear when it comes to the obstruction of justice charge. he found there was insufficient evidence and he pass that to william bar and rod rosenstein to decide. why didn't the prosecutor make the decision himself and not leave the door open? >> we don't know the answer to that but it was clear that rosenstein had been working on the investigation all along. the fact is rosenstein was in charge of the investigation essentially.
10:19 pm
he was looking at it all along and the attorney general for probably better than three weeks. they look at the evidence that was there and said it didn't rise to obstruction. >> the evidence on the obstruction issue didn't rise to the level of being a crime that the special prosecutor felt he could charge but might there have been some behavior? once we see some of the details, the behavior may not be becoming of a sitting president. >> absolutely. they may be all of that and there but to be able to charge someone with a crime you have to have solid evidence and not in window or anything else. at the end of the day what we have learned from trump insider in people from all over. they didn't know many of them and some were new to politics
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and i think they made some really bad mistakes and your seeing how it is playing out now. >> we are looking ahead to the 2020 elections and a lot of candidates have entered the race. is there a fear of danger that if they push this too far it could backfire? >> when you look at the statistics around the mueller report, the 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses interviewed, the 2800 subpoenas. i don't care what investigation you are running in the house. this really took on everything you could take on in terms of speaking with people. they could be guilty of overreaching. if you think about it that way, this is what i think your sink speaker pelosi tamping down the idea of impeachment and getting back to talk about policy. you can run on a parallel track and they should. >> it just helps the president chances of retion. >> we are a long ways away and we haven't seen the report. b thank you for coming in.
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>> thank you, brian. >> you can stay with us for continuing coverage on the russian investigation. you can find the latest updates on our website and all of our social media pages. still ahead, a robbery and shooting and a part of the bay area where gun violence is uncommon. see why two people are one of for shooting a man in a busy area of downtown walnut creek. stamper and cal women both trying to make it to the sweet 16 and both facing tough opponents. mark will show up if they were up to the challenge. the early notification being tested out this week. don't be alarmed if you receive an earthquake notification.
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a four-year-old boy was seriously hurt after falling from a four story balcony. police say it happened this evening on poplar avenue in sunnyvale. the boy landed on concrete and was rushed to the hospital. foul play is not suspecinvestig
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searching for two men wanted for shooting another man during an attempted robbery. this happened sunday night in downtown walnut creek at the intersection of locust and mount diablo boulevard. the victim says he was approached by two men outside of the union bank just before 10:00. he says he was shot in the back after he struggled to hold on to his belongings. police say the victim was taken to john muir hospital where he was treated and later released. the area where the shooting happened is in close distance the highway 24 and 680, which could've given the suspect a quick getaway. >> you can go south, north, east, west anywhere. it is all access. easy access. >> we spend a lot of time here and i don't hear about this type of crime happening here. i am surprised by it. >> information about the suspects is very limited. police are saying they are looking for two men in their early 30s. anyone who has information should put in a call to walnut creek police. a 16 year boy from tampa cisco has been arrested in
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connection with a shooting threat at several high school in san mateo. police were tipped off on friday that an anonymous person that posted a threat on social media. investigators worked through the weekend with the school administrators to identify, locate and arrest the suspect. the school alerted parents and increased patrols on campus today. the teenager was arrested this morning for making criminal threats and booked into juvenile hall in san mateo. coming up tonight, a painful anniversary for a south bay grandfather. >> it's like somebody rips your heart. the pain never goes away. >> the answers he is still searching for two years after his grandson was found shot to death at the san jose elementary school. also ahead tonight, more troubles on the aging richmond san raphael bridge. the repairs that could slow traffic overnight. three recent suicides tied to the parkland and sandy hook school shootings. the message to other survivors who are struggling to cope with their trauma.
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an emotional plea tonight from a grieving grandfather on a somber anniversary. it was two years ago the 19- year-old joseph miramontes was found shot to death at an >> so made. azenith smith, the grandfather
10:30 pm
is worried the case has gone cold. >> reporter: i remember reporting on this two years ago and it sticks out for two reasons. one, the victim's body was found at an elementary school. and two, the grandfather was inconsolable. he fears he will pass away without ever knowing who killed his grandson. >> every time i come here it brings a lot of memories. today is his anniversary. >> reporter: at the cemetery in fremont, carlos wipes away his tears as he kneels at his grandson's grave, unable to wipe away the pain in his heart. >> his hehomicide directed detectives came to his home. that saturday morning his only grandson was found shot to death at 20 elementary school and east san jose. the 19-year-old's body was found lying beneath the bench
10:31 pm
facedown. >> somebody knows something. all they got to do is just call. >> reporter: mixed with grief and frustration, the circumstances surrounding the murder is unclear. he raised his grandson and says he was at a house party with friends the friday night before. he never made it home. he believes that someone at the party knows what happened. >> in the two years that have passed, do we have any new information? >> nope. zero. nothing. we are trying to dig, dig and
10:32 pm
dig to see we can find something. >> reporter: he says he did his best to raise his grandson, a player for the san jose 49ers youth football team but you fell in with the wrong crowd. at the cemetery, the 74-year- old unrelenting, vowing every day to look for that one clue that will lead to justice. >> i guess he is up in heaven. one of these days i'll be going up there. but before i go, i made him a promise i would find out who did this.>> reporter: the grandfather is a vietnam veteran and says he has faced many battles but nothing like losing a son. i checked in with police today and they said they have no updates. a $5000 reward is being offered. the grandfather's just looking for any help he can get. anyone with information is asked to contact crime stoppers or san jose polices homicide
10:33 pm
unit. julie? >> i hope you can find some answers to what happened. azenith smith in san jose. thank you. a san pablo man was convicted today and the murder of a young woman and her unborn child. 18-year-old alicia mccoy was shot and killed in september 2016. she was seven months pregnant and her baby did not survive. police say she was shot during a fight and was hit by accident. the bay area newsgroups reports that luis morales junior was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder. he faces life without parole at sentencing. a body was found this morning at the beach at fort funston. it is likely that of a young woman caught in a landslide last month. cairo was walking with a friend and her dog would part of a cliff collapsed after days of rain. crews search the area but they couldn't find her. u.s. park police confirmed the body found this morning is that of an adult female but so far no official word on the identity. there were more problems today on the richmond san raphael bridge. a la repaired forcing elaine to be shut down. this comes as overnight work is done to replace the expansion
10:34 pm
joints. there is even more maintenance on the horizon. >> reporter: just after 9 a.m., caltrans closed one of the westbound lanes to do a temporary quick fix. it was completed before noon but will be followed by a more permanent fix tonight. >>.in expect her out to take a look at it. what that revealed was it was the failure of a concrete patch . and that had exposed some of the steel rebar in the deck. >> reporter: this 63-year-old bridge with benner later decks than bridges farther south in the bay is showing his age and chronic problems. >> we anticipate over the course of the next 10 years that it is probably going to require $80 million in maintenance. >> reporter: in the last five years over all richmond san raphael bridge traffic is up 13%, further more than that on the bay bridge. during the morning rush since
10:35 pm
2010, traffic is up more than 30% with more expected. >> it is very much on our radar screen. >> reporter: as we go into the 2020s the question is are we going to have to replace the entire deck of the richmond-san raphael bridge? >> that is a project that would certainly entail hundreds of millions of dollars in expense. there is not an identified source of funds for that kind of project yet. >> reporter: the most likely source every deck or resource funds are higher tolls on all state owned bridges. major re-decking or replacing of the richmond san rafael bridge is at least a decade or more away. the cost of replacement as we learned from the 2.2 mile replacement of the in's eastern span of the bay bridge would surely be in the multimillions.
10:36 pm
. attest to earthquake warning system is scheduled to take place in oakland this week. it is the same system that sends an amber alert or weather alert your phone. it is planned for 11 a.m. wednesday morning and will be sent out to mobile phones and certain parts of the city. those about 60 square blocks east of lake merritt will get shake alerts. >> basically it goes to every enabled device in that area. so one of the things we want to try to do is get this out to as many people as possible by as many pathways as possible. >> the city is urging residents to take part. they are asking people to note the exact time the alert appears on your phone. there is also a survey officials would like you to take after the test. a link to that survey is on . still ahead, to santa rita
10:37 pm
jail guards received the life- saving drug narcan. we will tell you how they became exposed to some dangerous narcotics that made one sick and the other incoherent. the rain has backed off a bit and we are starting to see some relief. don't put the umbrella away just yet. there is more rain in your extended forecast. i will tell you all about it when we come back. alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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narcan may have saved the lives of two guards at the
10:40 pm
santa rita joe following an accidental exposure. the guards found a dark substance rolled in the tissue on a woman they were booking into jail. the sheriff's office says both guards were gloves but still one became incoherent and the other started to feel sick. the staff determined they were exposed to an opioid and gave them the life-saving drug. both were taken to a hospital and have since been released. deputy started carrying narcan in 2017 and have used the drug several times for overdoses and accidental exposures. a federal appeals court in san francisco said today that the city and its former sheriff are not liable for the fatal shooting of kate steinle. she was killed back in 2015. a man in the country illegally was tried and acquitted of murder but convicted of being an ex-felon in possession of a gun. the family see the city and
10:41 pm
former sheriff for negligence claiming the sheriff's office released her accused killer despite a request from immigration officials to keep them behind bars. the court said today that federal laws do not require local law enforcement agencies to notify i.c.e. about and inmates release. more tragedy now. more than one year after the parkland school shooting two survivors of the massacre at stoneman douglas high school in florida have taken their own lives. last week 19-year-old sydney aiello committed suicide. her family says she struggled with survivor's guilt. she was) with metal , who was one of the 17 people killed. on saturday, a sophomore at the school also committed suicide. ryan period who lost his daughter in the shooting is leading a mental health awareness campaign. >> our message is to encourage parents to sit down with their
10:42 pm
kids and asking the question and understand whether they are at risk. what we learned unfortunately this week is that kids who may appear to be okay and not have any issues are actually suffering in silence. >> and there was more sad news in newtown, connecticut today. the father of one of the 20 children killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting was found dead of an apparent suicide. 49-year-old jeremy richman had just visited florida last week and met with parents of victims there. stuck in the middle east there is concern about the possibility of a full-scale war. israeli forces struck multiple targets in gaza including the offices of hamas is supreme leader. after a surprise rocket a talk that nearly cured killed a family in israel. dozens more rockets were fired into southern israel. hamas announced a cease-fire have been brokered by egyptian mediators but the airstrikes continued shortly after that. still ahead, a 12-year-old
10:43 pm
boy takes amount of dirt and turned into a bmx track. it may now be torn down by a homeowners association in the east bay. >> this is like something that brought everyone together. i made new friends from doing this. yet another round of rain. we will have your complete bay area forecast of next.
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10:46 pm
a bicycle jump track built by a 12-year-old boy in danville may soon be level of reliability concerns. >> as rob roth tells us, it is the homeowners association that is threatening to tear it down. >> reporter: it is one thing to do dirt jumps on a bike but when you're 12 years old and you helped build the track with a few friends, that is the best feeling. >> i love doing it. it's a passion. >> reporter: when gregory goes to school each day he is not sure if the track he built near
10:47 pm
his home will be here when he returns. it appears the greenberg home association which manages the property is almost certain to tear down the handmade track. >> this was something that just brought everyone together. i made new friends from doing this. i just really enjoyed it. >> reporter: for it was a jump it was amount of dirt deposited hear from winter storms. last month gregory believed he could spend it and to go. he said he and friends spent weeks designing the jumps and his parents were supportive as it was better than kids anti- playing video games. >> he came home and said we are going to build bike jobs. i said great. >> reporter: hoas says it will be restoring that area, which means it will likely remove the track.
10:48 pm
he wrote in a letter quote there is considerable risk to the association should a child or an individual suffer injury. >> i would rather a broken arm for this then carpal tunnel from playing video games. >> reporter: the hoas also says that area should be maintained as an actual creek area and walking path. >> it is not aesthetically pleasing and someone could get injured and they will be the ones that win. >> those are probably the same people complaining about kids inside on their phones to go. >> reporter: the family says want all of this is gone they may try to convince danville city hall to build another one of these somewhere in town. we are making progress. the rain is definitely getting less and lighter and we are moving toward a bit of a break but not for long. let's get into it. temperatures are mild out there. 49 santa rosa, 53 napa, 55 oakland, 55 livermore, 38 san jose. the heavier rain that was falling has started to back off but it has lef
10:49 pm
an inch in santa rosa and have an in concord and 4/10 in hayward. oakland airport came in at 4/10 and a quarter in san jose. here is where we are now. you can see as we look from over the last few hours it has started to lose a lot of the oranges and yellows and we are seeing the lighter grains meeting lighter showers. some is still coming over the santa cruz mountains and some in the east bay over in fremont and morgan hill. we have made very good progress in san francisco and we are starting to dry out. there are clouds and sprinkles but at least it is not a downpour. in the east bay out of livermore, there are still some showers there too. we are not out of it yet but it is a big improvement over where we were three hours ago. we had some pretty significant rainfall. temperatures will be mild at 49 overnight in semper cisco. you can see the upper 40s and
10:50 pm
most spots and low 50s in the north bay and 42 in santa rosa. tomorrow we get a break in the morning. we're going to be warmer than we were today. we're talking low 60s for san francisco, san rafael. 67 for morgan hill and san jose. it will be warmer out there for you. let's show you how this plays out. we get through tonight and tomorrow morning and they're going to be breaks particularly in the north bay. i think we're going to see some little showers hanging around with moisture down in the south bay but that is about 5:00. in the overnight hours we see the next system coming in. this is midnight tomorrow night and rushes in overnight. then we have a bit of a clearing and more at the end. it is on again and off again and we have a chance for showers on thursday. it shouldn't be anything of any nce but keep the umbrella handy over the next couple of days.
10:51 pm
we start clear out on friday with sunshine. i know it's monday and i'm trying to sell friday but work with me. we are going to warm up heading towards the weekend. it is hard to say when we went come out of this parent but i am hopeful we want to catch a break. i think everyone is a little weary and ready for change and sunshine. coming up tonight on the 11:00 news, horror film fans are flocking to santa cruz. how the movie us is giving the city a boost in tourism. >> i didn't realize it was filmed in santa cruz so i was like we have to stop by the boardwalk. shacks the starts were you looking to snap their five-game losing streak. mark will tell us if they had enough offense to get the win. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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mark is here and it has been a tough stretch for the sharks as of late. >> it is just really strange. a couple weeks ago we said they were rolling into the playoffs and at the top of the western conference. but the bazaar late season close out for the sharks continues tonight. what is so strange is six straight losses but a four-game losing streak at home. that is your last smile of the night. 38 second into the game shark giveaway resorts in this.
10:55 pm
dylan marking goal turned over by justin and it is quickly 1- 0. another turnover and the second makes it 2-0. there is a score there and the red wings would add another 3-see zero lead. hurdle having a good year with his 33rd goal but that is too little too late. 3-2 final. as i say, six straight losses for the sharks. for the giants it was beginning to the bay bridge over troubled waters series for them as they went into the seventh inning wet but not while. they had scored in this entire series against the a's. they had an hour and 25 minute delay at oracle. shawn anderson on the mound early for the giants. he went three innings and gave up this run. it was a shot to the right.
10:56 pm
scoring 1-0. later the a's who won 5ã0. that is mark hanna. he will get a lot of plating time with matt olson out. right-center field and two runs double and the a's build a lead. as they say, highlights at 11:00 when we are on next. on to the sweet 16 in women's college basketball for the stanford cardinal. the women's coach in history has gone to more tournaments then tara vanderveer. they are at home tonight and they have williams moving it and tight for carrington who will make a nice move to the bucket piercez put this well in hand. smith had 14 rebounds, 23 72ã63 stanford moving on in
10:57 pm
the tournament. they are good and going to get better. take a glimpse into the future. stanford just won the slam dunk contest among the high school american. she is the first woman ever to be all the boys. you get a little glimpse as to why. she is 6'1". by the way that was haley jones feeding her on that one and she is also headed to stanford. that is going to be something to watch next basketball season at stamford. end of the line for the cal bears. they are ousted. the baylor bears, the number one team in the land and the final game of her illustrious career for christine. she goes out in style with 13 points. always have been nice shooting touch exhibited there. they kept it close early but
10:58 pm
regular just unloads. they had 60 points combined in the second and third period, 14 turnovers and chloe jackson feels it. 102ã63 final. that is 11 straight sweet 16's for baylor. some fun stuff in case you missed it over the weekend. mart is all about college basketball but i think the best buzzer beater happened in the nba. in case you missed it. >> like dolly miss molly. he did it. >> jeremy for the hornets. they were down 2 against toronto when he hit that shot and at
10:59 pm
the buzzer. in case you missed it, lakers game last night at halftime, $45,000 if you make that shot and the did. in case you missed it, here is your fake foul. this was thomas from the washington wizards. i also have to give him the ham of the year. he just keeps rolling. incredible acting. his teammates clearly getting a kick out of it. in case you missed it, a little boxing over the weekend. lorenzo simpson and what you call your sitting ko of jamie mesa. late form on the other side. that is all in case you missed it. that is t it is 11:00 and time for more news. >> thank you, mark. next at 11:00, that is
11:00 pm
unacceptable behavior. anyone should be allowed to walk down the street without fear of someone grabbing them. >> berkeley police released surveillance video. they want to catch a man who groped a woman and need your help identifying him. police aren't sure if the man has groped other women but they do want him in custody as soon as possible. >> police say sexual battery is a serious offense but they need help in identifying a man seen on video groping a woman as you try to enter her home on university avenue near the north berkeley b.a.r.t. station. live covere rob malcolm who is live in berkeley with the latest. >> reporter: dave and julie, the surveillance video is very good. this attack took place almost one month ago. the surveillance video was somewhat disturbing. >> i mean that is so elementary. that is keschool something. >> repor


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