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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 26, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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that. >> a man caught on camera groping a woman. and police are looking for a man who shot another man inside the department of corrections in san francisco. good morning, thank you for joining us. busy among, tuesday, march 26th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. you won't need an umbrella today but you will tomorrow. rosemary is right here in for. >> we're going to be driving out today which is going to be a nice break. more rain underway and we are looking at anywhere from half inch to an inch as we roll through the wednesday, thursday time frame. and more snow for the sierra. look outside our doors, sfo, the dry start for you there and temperatures very similar to yesterday. most of us either in the upper 40s to low 50s, 47 right now
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in santa rosa. 47 in napa. san francisco reporting low 50s. winds generally right. a little bit of residual moisture but that should be about it. traveling to the sierra, there is still an advisory here and that is going to go all wait through tonight. that winter weather advisory only to be replaced by a winter storm warning getting into tonight and lasting into thursday. so getting up the west slopes for the next few days will be a little tricky. here is a look at the temperatures expected for the afternoon today. 61degrees in san francisco. 63 in oakland for the south bay, going to be warmer, 67, partly cloudy skies expected for you there. dry for today, wet again tomorrow morning. details on this next system and a look at your weekend coming up in just a little bit. the time right now is 5:01. let's go to sal. >> i'm looking at some of the
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tracy commute, which is getting ready. so we'll start with tracy super commute. this area here is getting busy. it is about normal as you -- why did my phone just start talking to me 7. siri be quiet, i'm doing a traffic update. almonte, okay until you get to the pass. 880 in oakland, you can see the traffic is moving. you notice that it is damp. going to be crowded, except for the car pool lanes. 5:02, back to the test can. >> thank you, sal. getting reports this morning that many people were sent to the hospital as there was a three-car crash in oakland. one of the cars crashed into a this happened just before 4:00 this morning near the corner of 50th and bancroft. it appears that at least one of the cars that was damaged
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was just parked on the street. there is a large emergency response there. we do have calls into oakland police for more details. and we will bring you updates on that story as soon as we get them. also this morning, a woman is in the hospital, a man arrested after she was attacked on a bart train. now, bart police it say that the woman was on the bart train between daly city and colma station. she had some sort of interaction with the man when he hit her on the head with an unidentified on. he walked to another part of the train. police waited for him at the st
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largest technology sale in the mideast. uber paid $3 billion for karim. it is popular in dubai because it accepts cash and credit cards. berkeley police released the surveillance video of a man who grabbed a woman as she was about to get home. police call this a case of battery. other videos show the man casually walking away. the woman was startled but not physically hurt. police are taking the case seriously. >> lady was walking in the 1500 block of university and the suspect came up behind her and grabbed her on her buttocks. that's unacceptable behavior. anyone should be able to walk down the street without fear. >> police are hoping that one will recognize a man and call them. police want to hear from it
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anyone else who may have been grabbed. police are encouraging people to walk in groups if they believe that they are being followed. on friday night, a man who lives on skymont drive discovered a man in his house. he called out. the man quickly left without taking anything. the next night, a man who lives about two miles away on summer set court called police when a window was broken at his house. he says that he saw two men running out of his house and get into a black bmw sedan. you are looking at video of a similar car that was caught on a anybody's surveillance camera, just before the summary, s from the 2014 to the 2016 model years. police in bellmont and nearby r-
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ins. the belmont school district and the teachers union will negotiate on a new school deal. the teachers had threatened to go on strike but did i not walk out before a tentative agreement was reached. today, governor newsom is meeting with a preselected group of people affected by the rent rise in the state. the governor addressed the topic in the first state of the state address saying that it's is one of his top priorities. our time is now 5:06. san francisco police are still out there searching for a gunman who walked into state parole office, shot man in the head and then escaped. police say that around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, a man int mission, ap
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then he escaped in a white car down 13th street. police say that they don't know man had been in the building before he was shot. >> he was standing in the lobby. witnesses say that the suspect came up from behind and shot him. >> the map who was shot was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police may soon release surveillance video from that building to help identify the gunman. democrats in congress are continuing to push for the release of the full report by special counsel robert mueller. six house democratic committee chairmen are asking for that full report by airport 2nd. president trump is now vowing to go after the people responsible for the russia investigation. in the oval office with israel's prime minister yesterday, the president called for his critics to investigated. >> it's 100% the way it sh have been. i wish it could have gotten
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done a lot sooner, quicker. there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, evil things, very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. >> in a joint statement, senate minority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi say that the report does not it fully exonerate the president. now they are demanding that the report be made public. our legal analyst, brian silver says, he believes that the full report will be released. >> except for things that are classified, and names that should not be broadcast, i think most of the report will be out. and then game on. i said for a long time that both democrats and republicans will find things in the report to go after the president with or, in the case of the
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april 9th. the hearing is about this likel asked about the report. controversial attorney michael avenatti is out on bonds after being charged with a scheme to extort nike. prosecutor say that avenatti and another lawyer contacted nike threatening to expose them. reports say that the second attorney is mark gallegos. >> i am highly confident that, when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully
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exonerated and justice will be done. >> avenatti was released on $300,000 bond. here in california, he is accused of embezzling a client's settlement money to pay his own expenses. we have a developing story in the middle east. schools in southern israel have been closed today after a night of heavy fire on the border with the gaza strip. israeli forces have hit some targets, include can the supreme leader of hamas. in addition to closing schools, there are restrictions in is about large public gatherings. time is 5:10. still ahead, there have now been three recent de to the parkland and sandy hook
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school shooting. in the region are n the way preparin system. on the road in san francisco, northbound 101, traffic looks pretty good approaching downtown sf and so does westbound 80 coming into san francisco. still heavy stuff but we are trying ute for the bay area use it. another system on its heels will bring us some wet weather by tuesday. we'll have a look at what is coming up. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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happening today, the u.s. supreme court will once again hear a case on jerry man dering. the high supreme court is considering whether congressional districts set by north carolina republicans and maryland democrats gave their candidates an overwhelming advantage over the next decade. a decision against either state could mean a change whether legislature controlled by either party could determine their district. ana federal ban on bum stock will now take effect. with bum stock, a trigger can be pulled continuously.
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the ruling came after the president promised to outlaw bump stocks after the las vegas shooting. the justice departme of these have been sold. a man accused of murdering a homeless man at san francisco wharf will appear in court. police say that 56 years bruce penn stabbed the man. he was arrest two blocks from the scene. he was in court friday and pled not guilty. and a small earth quick hit the diablo range near san jose and morgan hill and about a mile northeast of anderson like 37 it was about 10:57 p.m. so far, no injures are damages have been reported. historic flooding in the midwest is blamed for several deaths and a lot of damage and more rain could be coming to a
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region already affect affected by that devastation. levees are flowing over the region, forcing thousands from their homes and the damage is unthinkable. >> we saw paintings flowing down. who knows how sentimental it is for people. we saw antiques. we don't know if it's family hire loom. >> there is concern will contaminated water. heavy rain here in the bay area means a lot of snow in the mountains. some part of the sierra could get up to two feet of snow tonight and tomorrow. cal tran says it will be fully staffed and the job of workers will be easier because they won't have to deal with weekend crowds. >> that makes it a lot easier for us as far as safety goes. the increased volume does pose a problem for us because it
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quadruples and triples the amount of time that people travels down the interstate. >> the initial level will be 5000 feet before dropping down to 4000 feet. it's 5:17. let's go to sal. you are following a number of things, sal? >> that's right. we are looking at the far away commute as we usually do, starting off with the gilroy super commute. traffic super slow. no problems. there are some slow spots in morgan hill. what i meant to say is that traffic is mostly good. as you get to the west valley, traffic is beginning to take shape but not slow. we do have a house fire in dali city, near the bart station, about a block off
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john daly boulevard. it might affect your getting to the bart station. this is a look at 880 in oakland at the oracle arena. bay bridge, the metering lights are upon. and filling in for steve is rosemary orozco. >> good morning, sal. we have an inch to a inch reported. benlomond, are 1.8 we'll remain
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the bay area. winter weather advisory also to replaced by another advisory as we await this next system in time for your bay area wednesday. so, first things first. winter weather advisory for today expires at 11:00 this evening. for the west slopes, highway 50 as well as i-80, 11:00 tonight. once that one expires, we have a new one in place a winter storm warning and as dave mentioned a moment ago, more snow coming to the sierra could see one to two feet out of this next system heading into the back end of the business week. for us, dry today, by tomorrow shall the rain moves in. scattered shower is a possibility to start your day on thursday before we finally return to dry weather into your bay area friday and into your weekend which looks good. 49degrees in berkeley. we have 51 to start your
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morning in downtown san francisco. upper 40s, castro valley where it is cooler. 47 in napa with partly cloudy skies. fog out there but so far so good when it comes to visibility. sal and i will be tracking that for you and let you know if that changes. today, we'll go low 60s oakland, 64 for the inner east bay of concord. expect for areas like san jose as well as morgan hill. extended forecast here, temperatures will remain in the low 60s, get through wednesday with a weather weather returning to the bay area. thursday, a chance for scattered showers before we rebound with temperatures and cry out in time, friday, saturday and into sunday. mid to upper 60s in the forecast under partly cloudy skies for your afternoon. pam? >> all right, thank you, rosemary. >> norwegian officials are now investigating why that cruise ship was sailing in stormy
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weather forces helicopter evacuations for hundreds of terrified passengers. and one wisconsin woman is taking to a public billboard hoping for a chance to find someone who could help save her life.
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four-year-old boy is in the hospital after falling from a fourth floor balcony in sun say vale.
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investigators say that he landed on the concrete and was rushed to the hospital. foul play is not expected but the investigation continues. the investigation also continues into why a norwegian cruise ship was sailing in dangerous condition the ship's engine stalled and the captain dropped anchor near a rocky coast line off norway. the ship began listing dangerously, took on water. 28 passenger were hit, one critically. some people were hit by collapsing ceiling. a woman who has been looking for an organ donor has been hoping for a match, now she put a billboard up. they do have a program where
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if someone does not match me and they want to donate kidneys, then my name would go up on the list. >> she says as of yesterday, she has receivphone call but the will donor was not a match. the pandas at the san diego zoo are sadly getting ready to leave for china. momma panda bae yun has had six panda cubs. they will head to china last month. they are the last two pandas at the zoo. the others already left and they are part of a conservation loan agreement with china. >> the agreement that we with our chinese colleagues and the panda conservation has come to a close. >> that's sad. they are a big attraction. >> i like pandas and i don't
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want themleave. >> the will continue though in what form is unknown. the all-female space walk has ere are not enough space suits. they are all medium size. so the walk will be purchased by a male and a female. and we are following a major announcement from apple. up next, more details about the company's plan to take x an when will the full mueller report be released?
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the president is open to the idea. still damp out there from last night's rain and that could be slower from the morning commute as we drive to the peninsula. partly cloudy skies in store for today. mild temperatures as well. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the bay area tuesday and the rest of the week coming up.
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good morning to you.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, march 26th. >> i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. you are wondering, is the rain gone? >> i was wondering. >> good thing that rosemary is here. >> she's my favorite. >> yes and yes. the rain will be gone and will be here. we are clearing a little bit and the clouds are moving in, and with that, i'm expecting a little fog. we do have some clearing this morning, over the north bay. a bit of a chillier start. santa oakland reporting 52. livermore, 51 ann jose at 52. a look at the visibility if you are jumping on to the highways, areas look miles or
5:31 am
so before we are seeing some of the clearing and some of the fog. strews reporting visibility just before a mile. so along the valley floor here along the north bay to get worse before it gets better. we'll track that for you, sal and i, within the next two hours or so. here is a little bit of residual moisture over the diablo range. we are drying out for the most part. the rain and snow continues into the sierra foothills and mountains are we still have an advisory in place. we have highway 50s and i-80 here. this expires at 11:00 tonight, only to be followed by a winter storm warning. afternoon highs for today, mix of sun and clouds, 58 degrees. low 60s, san francisco, low 60s around the bay, mid- to upper 60s around the bay. details on that next storm in
5:32 am
just a little bit. how are the highways, sal? >> they are getting busy and we do have sol slowing, getting wet from the overnight rain and you are going to see some traffic in solano county, starting there, taking a look at 80 westbound. a couple of issues, 80 westbound near magazine street, there is a crash, also 37 near 29, they are clearing an accident and you can see some slow traffic coming in here although it is not as slow as it would be in the east shore freeway, looking pretty good from the pinole- richmond. traffic is backed up all the way out to the maze, metering lights on, went on and 5:15. crossing the bridge, once you get into san francisco, it actually looks pretty good so far. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> following two breaking news stories right now. taking you live to daly city. you can see firefighters on
5:33 am
the scene at los olivos avenue and san diego avenue. not far from the daly city bart station. sal mentioned it. keep an eye to see if that will affect b.a.r.t. at all. no word on what started that fire. we'll continue to work to learn more. in rockaway beach, the coast guard responded to rescuing a man from the waters. three men went swimming into waters about chest high but one of them didn't return. local authority searched for him for about 45 minutes until the coast guard was called about 4:30 this morning. ktvu's allie rasmus is on her way to that scene right now. we'll get an update from her at the top of the hour. berkeley police are looking for a man who grab add woman as she was about to go
5:34 am
into her home near the north berkeley station. she was not hurt but police are taking this seriously. berkeley police hope that someone will recognize that man and call them. they want to hear from anyone else who may have been been grabbed. and police in bellment are investigating a string of burglaries on the peninsula. a man found a man in his home that he didn't know. the night later, a man who lived two miles away called police after a window in his home was broken. the car was a b m w g t s from 2014 to 2016. >> it is official. san francisco-based uber is paying $1.2 billion for the
5:35 am
share ride karim. it's popular there because it accepts cash as well as cards. a 16-year-old boy from san francisco is sitting in juvenile hall accused of threatening to commit a school shooting on social media. officers received an anonymous tip and worked with the serra school staff. police are urging parents to discuss the consequences of threatening violence on social media. time is 5:35. three people affected by school shootings in park lands, florida, and newtown connect have died from apparent sue sides. 49-year-old jeremy richmond, the father of one of the 20 chirp killed in the sandy hook school shooting was found dead of an apparent suicide. he had just visited florida last week and visited with
5:36 am
parents there. last week, sidney aiello died of an an apparent suicide. her parents say that shes with suffering from survivor guilt. she was friends with sidney pollack who died in the shooting. an unnamed 19-year-old took his life last week. in boston, 11 people appeared in court charged with the school scandal admission. william singer, the consultant behind the scam has pled guilty and is cooperating with prosecutors. his business took in $25 million in bribes, sometimes funneling the money through a fake charity. u c students addressed the
5:37 am
college admission stand dallas they staged a rally. two u c schools have been named in the scam and one er solution. >> perhaps we might want to consider establishing a parenting course at u c and require parents to go through the bayics and show children the right way. >> the student rally was part of the annual lobby day. students went door to door inside the capitol to meet with lawmakers. democrats in congress have now set a deadline. they want the full result of the mueller investigation released next week. fox news correspondent doug luzader is joining us live now from washington. the president's critics are not letting up. good morning. >> good morning. democrats want more than just the four-page summary that the attorney general put out. they want to see the full report as the investigation
5:38 am
continues. president trump still reveling concluded robertoval office. he was open to the full release. >> up to the attorney general. would not bother me at all. >> and democrats are demanding robert mueller's final product. so far, we we have seen only a four-page summary from attorney general barr. even republicans who backed the investigation say enough is enough. >> it's over. it's time to move on. like the old willie nelson says, turn out the lights. the party is over. >> it's our josh and ale he do it. >> house judiciary chairman jerry nadler says that he will push with his investigation into the president. is there a risk of taking this too far is it. >> not if we do it right.
5:39 am
>> some republicans have gone after california congressman adam schiff who have said for months that there is collusion. >> schiff should resign. he has told lies day after day after day, unchallenged. >> i am used to attacked by my gop colleagues and i don't expect nothing less. >> we don't know what the attorney will release the full report but he is due in the house here in less than two weeks. in new jersey, the legislature voted to legalize up to an once of recreational marijuana and will lower the level of marijuana sentence for anyone incarcerated or on
5:40 am
parole. >> this week alone, more than 600 new jerseyians, the majority of him will be persons color will be arrested for marijuana possession. >> in new york, governor cuomo has made legalizing are marijuana a priority though there is no bill pending there. here in california, two guards were given the drug- saving dose of narcan. they were exposed as
5:41 am
examined substance rolled in paper. one guard became incoherent and the other became sick. don't be alarmed if you get an alert on your phone about an earthquake. going to be slow out there already on some commutes and others are beginning to wake up like this one on interstate 880 in oakland. >> drying out this morning but in its place, we'll have patchy fog to deal with. checking in on the current conditions and talking about when the next system will arrive and i'll have a peek into your weekend coming up.
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shooting that happened in the philmore district saturday night. investigators say that 25 years dee carnell simmons of fran was killed and five other hurt. sean harrison of con sort and 26-year-old jamari coats of san francisco were arrested both booked on homicide and firearms charges. >> the city of santa cruz play as leading role in the new movie "us". some people say they are now too scared to visit santa cruz but it's attracting others. >> i think about a lot of fun.
5:45 am
we are looking for things in the film. >> they recognize that horror content is fantasy and not real. >> boardwalk employees are looking for a private screening of the movie today. they are hoping that movie will bring even more people to the boardwalk this weekend over spring break. time is 5:45. a prominent san francisco restaurant in the theater district that attracted a crowd to the haze neighborhood will be closed for good. jardineier will close. the chef, tracy desjardins told the times that she wants to focus more on mexican cuisine as well as the other six restaurants she owns. a traffic alert to tell you about today around levi's state yum. thousands of fans are expected
5:46 am
to attend a match between mexico and paraguay. the largest crowds are expected to arrive this afternoon. the matchup is 7:00. and it is expected to finish at about 8:45 this evening. time is 5:46. problems continue to plague the richmond-san raphel bridge. cal tran had to close one of the lanes to fix a big pothole that opened up in the middle of the span. this follow as problem last month when a chunk of concrete feel from the upper deck down to the lower deck. cal tran says that the bridge was built with thinner, lighter decks than other bay area bridges and it's really showing its age. >> we anticipate, over the course of the next ten years, that that's probably going to require $80 million in maintenance. >> traffic on the richmond-san rafael bridge is up 13% a lot
5:47 am
more than the increase on the bay bridge during the same time period. traffic is up more than 30% and even more traffic is expected. a test on a new earthquake warning system is scheduled to take place in oakland this week. it is the same system that send an amber alert or weather alert to your phone. the earthquake test is planned for 11:00 a.m. wednesday, sent out to mobile phones. they will get the shake- alert,. >> it will go to every device in that area. one of the things that we want to do is get the shake alert out toes many people as possible by as many path ways as possible. >> the city is urging residents for participate. they are asking people to note the exact time the alert appears on the phone. there is a survey they would like you to take after the test and you can find a link
5:48 am
to that on our website, >> let's get you out the door right now. sal is here watching the commute. how does it look? >> looking okay. watching to see that the commutes are still within the acceptable ranges. we are off to a nice start. let's start with the commute into livermore. looks pretty good now. uld norm you can see some slowing on 205 and 580. once you get through the altamonte pass, there has been no major issues when you get to 238 and make that turn on to 880 south. there is slow traffic there. 880 and 580, still looking pretty good, driving pup the lights are on at the colyseum. they are getting ready for the home opener, of the a's and angels.
5:49 am
let's take a look at the toll plaza. traffic is backed up almost to the maze. meters lights are on. about a 20 minute wait before you make it on to the span. it's 5:49. rosemary is filling in for steve. >> we are trying out and we'll remain dry for the bay area tuesday. more rain in the forecast, wednesday, a few scattered showers. mix of sun and clouds out there at this hour and with that residual moisture in place, we do have a little bit of fog forming over the north bay valley location p visibility for the central and south bay not bad but as we head to the north, here is a look at what's here? visibility a quarter mile or so. santa rosa reporting three miles. so that stretch of 101 and some valley location, you can expect fog, drying conditions. the future cast model here shows you into tuesday afternoon, we partly
5:50 am
cloudy and reway. going to the sierra, there is a winter storm watch, winter weather advisory and then a winter storm warning replaces that and that will go all wait into thursday. a look at the evening hours. notice a little bit of moisture beginning to pop up over the southern areas of the bay. back with mostly cloudy skies too many morning, as the scattered showers and rain will be back with us. partly cloudy, partly sunny and scattered showers for your wednesday afternoon. wednesday morning will be a wet one, wednesday afternoon, not too bad. scattered showers are continuing to fall. we'll continue to dry out ickly half inch to an inch expected could be a little more than that on the hills and north bay. the sierra, a foot or two feet of snow at the higher peaks and the winter storm warning
5:51 am
re is a look at the temperatures right now. 54 in nova to, upper to low 60s around the bay for today, warmer than that for the south bay. extended forecast, drying out today, rain returns tomorrow. scattered showers on thursday before we dry out. dave. >> rosemary, all right. time is 5:51. a 12-year-old boy in the east bay transformed a mound of dirt into the bmx bike track. why his creation may be torn down by a homeowners association.
5:52 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a bicycle jump track build in danville by a 12-year- old boy may soon be turned done. gregory leitch turned this dirt into a track. some neighbors complain it's not safe. now the local homeowners association seems ready to tear i down. >> like something that just brought everyone together and, you know, i made new friends from doing this. i just really enjoy this. >> it's someone could get injured and they will be the
5:55 am
ones that win. >> the hoa wrote that there con homeowners association should a child or any individual smaller. they wrote that they will restore the area meaning that they'll likely remove the track. a new book is out from the u c president and former secretary of homeland secretary, janet napolitano. the new book is called, "how safe are we, homeland security since 911". she breaks down the security since the 9/11 border wall. next monday, we'll have the secretary to talk about her new book as well as the challenges fu c
5:56 am
california. the list of entertainers booked to perform at the new san francisco chase center growing p.m. grammy award winning singer john maier will perform in concert september 16th. pre sale tickets are available this morning. regular tickets go on sale to the general public friday. other acts include phil collins, metallica, the san francisco symphony, and the dave matthews band. chase is expected to open with a few concerts before the warriors move in for their season. tomorrow, the powerball jackpot drawing is expected to be the fourth biggest in the history. the next drawing is expected to have a top prize of $750 million. last time anyone hit all six winning up the day after christmas. 12 people in california did win $20,000 in saturday's
5:57 am
drawing. they had four of the five numbers without the powerball. time is now 5:57. the search is underway right now for a missing swimmer along the peninsula. we'll tell you what the map was doing before jumping into the ocean. and a big announcement this morning from california's senator and presidential hope itful kamala harris.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a search is underway right now. >> one person in the hospital in daly city as fire crews continue to bat al house fire. we'll get an update on this early morning fire along the peninsula. >> you won't need an umbrella
6:00 am
today because rosemary told me. >> but tomorrow, you will. yes. >> we'll check visibility for just a moment with a look here at sfo where we are partly cloudy eat there. right now, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. a little clearing over areas of the north bay. starting out a bit cooler for you in santa rosa. 47. 48 in napa. the winds are generally light. here is a look at storm tracker 2 where you can see a little bit of residual moisture there over the coast line and some in the higher elevations. that's about it as far as the bay area goes. how about the have snow that c here and advisory that tips here. winter advisory for


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