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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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whitewash of justice. >> this t is mr. smollett that committed the hoax, period. if he wanted to clear his name the way to do that was in a court of law. >> in an emergency hearing today, a judge grant prosecutors, in a statement the attorney's office wrote "after reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including his volunteer service in the community, and agreement to forhit his bond to the city of chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case. smollett speaking out after the ruling. >> i have been truthful on every level since day 1. i would not be my mother's son if i what i was accused of. >> eddie johnson says the police carried out a meticulous investigation. they are getting him to stay
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this is maga country. top cop is wrong and accused the police of trying the case in public. >> i have no idea where it came from. that is why you should allow an investigation and allow the state to investigate a large before you go to the press. >> reporter: executive producers for the hit show "empire" cut his character from the final 2 episodes of the season. now, 20th century fox is standing by him writing in a statement jussie smollett has always maintained his innocence and gratified that all charges against him have been dismiss them. >> the charges were dropped in exchange for community service and he forfeits the $10,000 bond. in chicago, back to you. now to new developments in the larry baer saga as we look at the giants ballpark ahead of the third and final game of the bay bridge series with the
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oakland a's. the giants president and ceo is suspended for four months without pay. comes after he was caught on camera in a physical altercation with his wife. ktvu rob roth spoke with antiviolence advocates today about the punishment. >> reporter: while they get ready for the final exhibition game before opening day, major league baseball announced san francisco giants president and ceo, larry baer, is suspended without pay. >> the commissioner spoke with him and concluded that his conduct was unacceptable. i find that he should be held to a higher standard because as the leader he is expected to be a role model. the suspension comes after this physical altercation between baer and his wife, pam, earlier this month where he fell off of a chair. it was captured on cell phone video. he has been on voluntary leave of absence in a statement he
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said quote i made a serious mistake that i retkpret -- regret. my behavior fell short of what should be demanded of every person especially a person in my position, enrolled in the community. shelter and counseling resource for domestic violence that the director written to major league baseball to take the matter seriously and feels mlb did just that. >> it seems like a reasonable period of time, i think it is meaningful. i think, you know, the suspension, the unpaid suspension it hits the suspension and the financial issue. >> signing the letter to the commissioner. >> the message coming out of this is that the mlb is serious about leadership and accountability and that it definitely wants to move forward in a constructive way.
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in a responsible way about setting a higher standard for officers of these organizations. >> the giants issued this statement quote the commissioner is imposed what we believe to be appropriate disciplinary measures and we will work with major league baseball and mr. baer to ensure all aspects of the program are completed. the commissioner is ordering them to get counseling and treatment. as for baer's wife, pam, advocates hope she, too is receiving help. >> i am hopeful she found friends, allies, resources that help her navigate her situation. and that, i think, was also a good outcome for her. >> larry baer will be allowed to return as president and ceo of some of the duties will be changing. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox news. to the south bay now.
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santa clara public workers spent the day visits 19 separate locations to warn businesses that a tourist infected with the measles has visited recently. jesse gary joining us live now from san jose with more of the work done by health officials, jesse? >> reporter: good evening to you, the public health director says the county was tipped off to this case of the measles over the weekend. staff plotted where this infected tourist visited. >> measles is a reportable condition so providers who suspect measles or confirm measles call us right away. that is perhealth regulation. >> public health director says dating back to march 16th the unidentified man went to two dozen places around the country. he contracted it outside of
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the u.s. and came here to see the sights. they have given windows of time when the traveler was at these locations. it is from 1st street in san jose early on the 16th, a few hours later, the hoover tower observation deck on the stanford campus from 12:30-3:30 that afternoon. that night, the macy's store. on the 20th, ate at a thai restaurant not far from campus. officials say santa clara county has a high rate of inoculation but still a risk. >> if you are one of the few not protected from measles and you are in one of these places at one of these times that the person with the measles was there, then you could be at risk of catching it. needs
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-- it is infectious. that is why we went to these lengths to notify everyone. >> reporter: health officials say an adult had measles and then two others contracted it, including a san francisco man. that marked that city's first measles case since 2013. the second person to be infected was a santa county clara child who was hospitalized and released. the symptoms start with a fever, running nose, red eyes, a tough and that he is all -- start with a fever, running nose and red eyes. if you suspect you have the measles do not go to your health provider, call them and make sure they can set up a area that can be quarantined to see you. we are live, back to you.
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>> all right, helpful information, jesse, thank you. state health officials say the number of unvaccinated children in california is growing and today lawmakers introduced a new bill to address that issue. right now every child enroled in school must receive a vaccination unless they have a medical exception. parents can get it from any family doctor. that is what lawmakers are hoping to change. under the bill doctors will have to forward medical requests to the state department of public health. it will become the only agency if california mario woods a settlement agreement has been reached with the city. in 2015 woods was a suspect in a stabbing in the bay view when he was stopped by the police and shot more than 20 times. officers say he retpaoufed to drop the knife he was parked. it started a backlash.
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we reached out to the attorney representing his mother but we have not already back. san francisco police say a suspect is under arrest. a 19-year-old man was shot in the lobby of a california department of correction's office on 13th street. it is at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. that man suffered life- threatening injuries. the police say a license plate reader in southern california got a hit on that suspect's car. chp found it a banded. the officers spotted the suspects and fired shots before eventually taking that man into custody. a search continues at this hour for a 28-year-old man who disappeared in the waters off of rockaway beach in pacifica. tyler collins went swimming with a friend at 3:30 this morning. collins and his friends were visiting. staying at the lighthouse
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hotel. they felt a strong undercurrent. the tprepbt got out of the water and collins friend never played it back to shore. >> we were unable to locate anyone in the water or come to shore. >> the coast guard continues the search for collins throughout the day by boat and by helicopter but so far, without success. new at 6:00. california's crab season is closing early this year. in an effort to protect whales and sea turtles from getting entangled in fishing lines and gear. it is reported this decision comes out of a settlement reached on tuesday by the center for biological diversity and fish and wildlife. california fisheries will close april 15th, ending the season 2- 1/2 months early. the goal is to prevent whales
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and turtles to be caught in crab gear. >> this is a big win that will protect whales out at the coast. >> they are with biological diversity in oakland. following what jones says were 3 record years for whale entanglements off of the coast. official and wildlife oversees the operation of the crab fishery. >> of the gear to be identified, the majority is california crab gear. some of them die, some self-disentangle. we don't know the fate of them. >> tuesday's settlement will lead to areas closed off for after an entanglement. the director of the pacific coast of fisherman's association says the settlement will have an impact on hundreds of fisherman. sellers, restaurants, tourists. >> it will be costly to the tune of tens of millions of
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dollars. a lot of anger but fishermen do understand there is what will have to be done. >> she says the fishing gear is still several years away and notes whalen tanglements were down last year. the new restrictions were a tough pill to swallow. they know there must be safe fisheries. >> there will be measures in future seasons and they will be tough, challenging but we are up for the challenge. >> endangering the whales and the sea turtles does not have to limit crab availability. it is slated to end early next year with long-term solutions to follow. fox 2 news. coming up on ktvu news at 6:30. surfers told to get out of the water. the efforts to evacuate one of the bay area's treacherous surf spots after a man came face-to- face with a great white shark. police chief in the south
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bay, banding together to call for changes to the county policy. the policy recommendations that were submitted today. and in weather, a bit of a break in the rainfall for today. already, the clouds moving in. a few scattered showers and more showers as we head into your wednesday. we will have more on the forecast for tomorrow, coming up. also ahead, it was supposed to be one small step for women. now, the first ever all female spacewalk is postponed. it has to do the size of the spacesuit.
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an effort to change the policy in santa clara county. the controversy was reignited a few weeks ago after an undocument was arrested in connection of the killing of bambie larson. we are in san jose with more. >> >> reporter: the california value's act signed by former governor, jerry brown, allows the counties to notify federal immigration authorities when a from jail but the santa clara county policy does not. that is why the police chief is joining a dozen others to help change that. >> last month's murder of san jose murder, larson, left a community seeking answers as to how an undocumented immigrant with a violent criminal past was released from jail. and able to a sraeud arrest.
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>> arrested at least six times. looking at the state's policy he likely would have been detained by ice instead of on the streets. >> he was arrested multiple times, not only here but in los angeles county. and, really, it is just the legal system is what it is. he was ultimately released. there were detainers that were placed or they were ask were not, you know, not honored when ice contacted, you know issue the places where he was held in custody. >> the chief joins 10 other police chiefs in signing a letter sent to the county of board of supervisors, recommending changes to the policy. >> adopt a policy that is consistent with state law that allows for county jails to notify federal immigration authorities upon the release of serious felons. >> immigration attorney says
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his potential changes target the undocumented community. >> it appears to me to be a knee jerk reaction that sets a dangerous precedent. are we going to set policies that single out a single community? >> reporter: law enforcement argues that santa clara county is behind other counties because they prohibit any communication with ice even for violent offenders. >> no one is asking the county to hold on to an individual a minute longer. we are asking for notification of faciletation, a warrant is not needed for that. >> board is expected to discuss this issue on april 9th. >> thank you. now to washington where congress tried and failed to override a veto by president trump over his declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. the democratic-controlled house voted 248-181 in favor of overriding the president's veto. that fell 38 votes short of the
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two thirds majority that is needed. the president declared a national emergency so he could divert $3.6 billion of military projects to build his long- promised wall. we learned today it will be a matter of weeks perfect the public gets to see the details of the mueller report. the justice department and the attorney general is planning release a public version of that report to congress in the coming weeks. robert mueller concluded his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 the attorney general bill barr released a 4 page summary of that report. democrats have been pressing the make the entire report public. we will take advantage of the sunny breaks and already the clouds are working their way back into the weather picture. in fact, taking a look at the totals over the past few days some, areas picking up a lot. some areas, not so much.
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expecting rainfall later on tonight and tomorrow. already, a few scattered showers paying us a visit this evening. and the circulation out here. as a result we are going to keep the shower chanc forecast. and possibly thunderstorms as you are closer on the bay area radar. clouds and green slowing up as showers already for this evening. current numbers in the 60s, san jose, 66, santa rosa, 61, san francisco, 60 degrees, here is a live camera once again showing you all of the cloud cover in place. definitely including things up and the forecast for tomorrow, plan on a little bit of everything, clouds, sunshine, showers, possibility of some thunderstorms, here is what happens later on tonight and the possibility scattered showers. at 5:00, this could lead to
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heavier showers. bigger changes by the weekend. all of that coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, mark. still ahead, vice president mike pence sets a goal from missions to the moon. what he wants nasa to accomplish in the next 5 years by any means necessary. coming up later in sports, take you out to the ballpark with tonight's bay bridge match up for the a's and the giants. opening day for the giants is almost here
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nasa scrapped its first all female spacewalk at the space station. they said there are not enough correctly-sized spacesuits for the women astronauts. nasa astronauts mcexplain and coke were scheduled for the walk this friday. but mcclain's suit was too large and not enough time to get her the right side. coke will be joined by a male astronaut. pence is calling for landing astronauts on the moon again in 5 years. at a meeting of the space council in alabama today, the vice president says nasa needs to achieve that goal by any means necessary. the summer marks the 50th anniversary of the first man moon landing. the first woman on the moon and the next man there will be astronauts launched by u.s. rockets by u.s. soil.
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nasa says they will do everything possible to meet that 5 year deadline. california senator kamala harris is unavailing her first major policy push as a presidential candidate. she wants to give america's teachers a pay raise. the democrat is proposing a plan to raise teacher salaries by an average of $13,500a year. it would cost $13.5 billion. the campaign says they will pay for that by strengthening the estate tax that is paid for by the wealthiest americans, making helping low income schoas minority students and teachers her top priority. up close encounter with a great white shark at mavericks. >> really bright white belly. came under me and rolled over, i can see the eye as it was looking up at me on top of the
6:26 pm
water. >> see what happened next as surfers frantically got out of the water. >> students to better understand the split second, life or death decision that can face police officers. how those students responded after going through use of force training today. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1% a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. ruptured spleen,
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now to our top stories, prosecutors in chicago today dropped all of the charges against "empire" actor jussie smollett he was charged with 16 counts for allegedly filing assault charges. officials felt like dropping the charges was the right decision after reviewing the evidence and the circumstances in the case. smollet, it is as he has been truthful and consistent throughout the entire investigation. major league baseball announced they are suspending
6:30 pm
san francisco giants'president and ceo after a physical altercation was caught on camera between baer and his wife in haze valley. the district attorney decided not to file any criminal charges against baer. he and his wife both saturday they were deeply embarrassed by the incident. a tourist with measles visited 19 spots in santa clara county. the staff spent the day notifying restaurants and stores in the area after compiling a list of all of the places that tourist went to. some of the businesses include the ihop in san jose and the valley mall. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. big wave surfers at mavericks got up close with one of the biggest predators, one of them riding a jetski spotted a 20 foot long shark. >> he came to the coast hoping
6:31 pm
for the maverick surfing competition. what he got was a different kind of thrill. >> reporter: long before humans came here, giant sharks swam, atand reproduced along the coast. >> it was scary. it was a scary thing to see because it dwarfed my entire jetski. >> reporter: drake stanley is a big wave surfer and personal watercraft safety operator. he was out at mavericks off of the coast on sunday when he got a surprise. right under his surf rescue jetski. >> it looked like a whale surfacing from beneath me. it was so pwaoeug. >> mavericks is in the red triangle, a patch of the ocean water. red triangle. it is one effort world's biggest gathering places for great white sharks. >> really bright white belly.
6:32 pm
as it came directly underneath me and rolled on to its side i can see its eye as it was looking up at me on top of the water. >> reporter: soon the shark fixated on a surfer. >> i throttled my engine. it was enough to it and head back out to see. >> reporter: as the camera shows, stanley used the jetski to tow 8 surfers back to the shore. attacks of any species of sharks on humans are rare. 64 fatal attacks in the u.s. in the last 60 years. 439 fatal attacks worldwide. rare, indeed, even up close. >> it was -- it was one of the most profound things i ever experienced in my life. just the sheer beauty of a
6:33 pm
creature like that. >> reporter: tagging the predator's program says be sides staying here many great white sharks will go out to the deep waters between here and hawaii where they stay at another place nicknamed the a car into the side of a house early today. first responders were called out just after 3:30 this morning to the cornof 50th and bancrof. an officer said the car hit the house but did not go into the house. multiple people were taken to local hospitals, it appears none of the injuries are serious. high school students in the east bay is getting a look at what it is like to walk in the shoes of a sheriff's deputy. paul chambers were there was as the young people had the opportunity to under go use of force training. >> i have to talk to you, man. >> this is one of several
6:34 pm
training scenarios put on by the sheriff's office that involved high school students, community members and deputies who recently attended a barbershop forum in hayward. >> in that they mentioned how they do not understand how law enforcement officers actually shoot people to kill them. so we wanted to give them an opportunity to see what law enforcement officers have to deal with. >> drop the knife, put it down. >> it is impossible to teach them 7 months of training in a short amount of time. but the hope is they can experience situations to law enforcement vantage point. that way they will under stpapbd the day to day dangers officers can face. >> are you okay, sir? please put your hands up. >> i just shot somebody like it. crazy. >> i can see where the police officers are coming from. they fear for their lives and in that case i feared for my life. >> i know a couple of people they are like well, police
6:35 pm
officers should not do that and they should do this. you will not know until you are in a police officer's shoes. and, when we did that it makes more sense now. >> we will look at the facts and the totality of the circumstances. >> is what a high school principal hopes for. he wants to learn why and how so many teens fear the police. >> what it is like to experience it and not just assume how an officer is supposed to respond but also to get a feel of what would you do in this situation? >> reporter: another scenario where they shot and killed their suspects. it was like what many hear in real life. i feared for my life. one student said just saying that alone was enough. >> i could not pepper spray him, he was too far. there was nothing i could
6:36 pm
dough. >> you interact with a suspect that can charge, or shoot them. one suspect said he tried to shoot the leg to wound him. >> trying to arrest him and not kill him. they fire at a person's up -- taught to fire at a person's upper torso or upper mass. >> many do not agree with what the officers do but have a better understanding. >> understanding what is going through their head and what they have to dell deal with. coming up tonight, the fight affordable health care, millions can be left uninsured. big act scheduled to perform during the 3-day music festival
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the supreme court says it is not involved in a federal ban on bump stocks that took effect today. bump stops help shooters fire semiautomatic rifles rapidly. groups asked the court to stop the government from enforcing the ban for now. today, the chief justice, john roberts, declined a request for the court to get involved. the requires people in position of bump stock devices to destroy them or turn them over to the atf. the ban comes after president trump promised to outlaw bump stocks following the mass shooting in las vegas. with the mueller report
6:40 pm
finished the conversation in washington, d.c. is now switching to health care and what to do about the affordable care act. the trump administration says in the past they wanted to repeal and replace the law. the administration is now hoping to overturn the law entirely. >> president trump promising health care is once again going to be a campaign issue. his administration is calling former president barack obama's signature health care law a failure. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> reporter: in december, a texas judge ruling the affordable care act unconstitutional. monday night, the department of justice backing that up saying that it has determined that the district courts comprehensive opinion came to the correct conclusion and will support it on appeal. >> democratic leaders say the white house is using the courts to kill a law. if they appeal the entirety of the law known as obama care it
6:41 pm
could leave 20 million americans uninsured. enrollment has been declining over the years. they blame slashed advertising budgets and the repeal of the individual mandate. lower enrollment could send premiums skyrocketing. >> the gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable health care of america's families. >> reporter: heading into the 2020 election democrats hoping to make health care a big issue. tuesday unavailing new legislation to prop obama care back up. >> house democrats were given the majority in order to defend health care on behalf of every day americans. >> they might be able to pass their legislation in the house it is unlikely to go anywhere in the republican-controlled senate that means it would never make it to the president's desk. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. after the break, the north
6:42 pm
bay beer with the cult like following is generated a lot of cash for sonoma county. how much money they brought in during the 6 week run. nice to see blue in the bay area skies. solid cloud cover, showers, things will pick up heading into your wednesday morning. now, ktvu news room with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> max 8 planes heading toward california forced to make an emergency landing. what went wrong and where the aircraft was in the air in the first place. imposing a state tax on some of california's richest residents. we will find out more and what the money was used to fund. back to you. you.
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to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock.
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the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the brewing company of the beer benefited sonoma county to the tune of $2.1 million. people line up to get a taste. they came from 42 different states and 14 countries to visit in santa rosa for the release. it says 1 third of the visitors paid for lodging in sonoma county. >> boy, people come from all over the world. i have been up there many, many, many years for the release of the it and. >>and you taste today? >> yes. good. >> yes. on a warm day even tastier, i
6:46 pm
am sure. >> sunshine, nice beer. sounds good. we have sunshine today, mark. it was gorgeous. starting things off. >> yes. i appreciate those breaks, i think people are thinking about the weekend, right? >> yes. talking about the beer and the sunshine? >> yes. saturday and sunday looking pretty good if you don't mind clouds approaching the bay area. today, blue skies in the bay area. you can see the circulation out here in the pacific. it is just sitting here for the next several days, as a result we remain in unsettled weather pattern with clouds, showers, maybe thunderstorms, green already showing up on the radar. some reports of rainfall already this evening in portions of mountain view, oakland, san francisco, nothing too major, the rain returning to the bay area skies and it looks like we will track more rain showers later on tonight. here is some of the cover replg -- coverage right now.
6:47 pm
the yellow cell indicating a moderate downpour for this portion of the bay area. so, still scattered showers to talk about for tonight. mild. showing you san jose right now, 66, santa rosa, 61, oak land, 60, half-moon bay in the upper 60s. live camera looks out towards san francisco, reporting of light rainfall earlier this evening. solid cloud cover over the bay area and overnight, the rainfall will pick up. plan for the early morning commute tomorrow morning, downpours especially up in the north bay. upper 40s to 50 degrees. here is the plan for tomorrow. little bit of everything, a variety pack forecast. the clouds, sunshine, showers, possibly thunderstorms it is that cold and unstable enough to produce isolated thunderstorms. here is the deal. cold air up to the north. we have experienced mild air to the south. this area of low pressure as i mentioned just hanging out here over the next few days. kind of a direct and more storms headed towards the pay
6:48 pm
area. showers for your wednesday. not an all day rain event and showers and a chance into your thursday forecast. the miracle winter continues in the sierra. now it is springtime. and above 18-20 inches above 8,000 feet. more snowfall in the sierra forecast. here is the ls. and throughout the day, off and on showers and sunny breaks, that can fuel a thunderstorm and then on thursday, possibility of scattered showers especially for thursday morning. upper 50s, ahead of the five- day forecast. the shower chance on thursday. we will have to keep an eye on the a's home opener, weekend, friday, for the weekend look it is great. announced that paul simon will headline the show, today,
6:49 pm
the rest of the lineup was revealed, artists include childish gambino and pilots and pilots and luminers and more. 3-day tickets go on sale to the public this thursday. they will >> no doubt about it. >> the a's and giants play the final bay bridge series tonight in san francisco and opening day for both teams just around the corner. mark will have all of the details, next in sports next in sports
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bay bridge series, now, the third and final game tonight. >> the final game of the exhibition season. are you ready for that? >> it just gets so old and so long that you just want real baseball. no weather issues to deal with today. in san francisco. nice and clear. nice night for a ball game. i don't know how many people are going to show up, the stands look empty, new starting time by the way for giant games, 6:45 all night games. >> there was a big rain delay last night. >> 1 1/2 hours, better stuff today. giants wrap up the spring
6:53 pm
tonight against the a's who won the first two games of series. giants will open in san diego, angels hosted by the a's. a couple players assessing spring training at this point. >> nobody looks at the record in spring. i think we look at it as a collective hole in how healthy everybody is, where is the moral of the group. how we feel going into the season and i think all of those things are positive boxes checked. >> we feel like we are one of the teams to compete to win this division and go on and challenge teams for a world series. you know, i think we have a very good team and it is all about, you know, doing it on the field and not worrying about what we are saying, but performing. >> thursday in oakland for the a's. meantime, it is everything compared to mike traut's contract, puny. he signed today.
6:54 pm
yes, $137.5 million contract. that is, think about it, it is a third of what mike trout signed for. 31 years old and, won the cy young award with a 51. 17era. i would say he is doing okay. hard talking about owner's meeting without talking about a move of the franchise, that has been done. the talk all about football and the big acquisitions for the raiders over this off season. of course, john gruden, rough season. trading mack and cooper, but, this is a nice spin job by gruden. he preplanned all of this stuff so he can pick up guys like antonio brown and get the high draft picks, listen to john's spin on this. >> that was our plan, honestly.
6:55 pm
we lost a couple good ly good players last year. we acquired draft picks. so, it is a double edge sword for us. we needed the draft capitol to get younger, to get young emerging players and we needed the cap space to add. we felt we had a lot of needs and doing our best to address as many as possible. >> knew it all along. this might be a over reaction but don't tell it to saints fans, remember this play? in the nfc championship game. basically determining the rams would go to the super bowl today and nfl rule change. it will be a 1-year trial basis. pass interference, called or not can be reviewed. previously, like on this play right here. decided the super poll participants on you could not review that. now you can for at least a
6:56 pm
year. there you go saints fans. >> it is the time of the evening to check this out. how about this, a dance off between a usher and a fan last night. a generation gap but still fun to watch. [music] ic] >> got moves. >> oh. >> there you go. >> yes. a generation gap. but still, both of them worth checking out. [music] >> for sure. >> yes. no doubt about it. >> good stuff. >> where was it at? >> in orlando. check it out. a fan exhibition game but this fan in midseason form with a bare-handed grab right there in the bleachers. all worth checking out. we will have more of that at 7:00. that is the sporting life for right now. >> all right, appreciate it. >> thank you for being with us.
6:57 pm
our coverage continues right now over on ktvu plus. >> thank you for joining us, good night good night
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it's from game of thrones. what do you think? i don't know. if we're going to start a fantasy sword collection-- and i've long thought we should-- is this really the sword to start with? what did you have in mind? well, off the top of my head i'd have to go with excalibur. it gives you the right to rule england. it would be a replica of a movie prop. fair enough. it'd give you the right to rule a replica of england. well, they don't have an excalibur here, so what do you want to do? mm. tough decision. there's no weaponry from lord of the rings forged in a chinese sweatshop? just bilbo baggins' sword over there. two grown men with a hobbit's dagger; wouldn't we look silly? okay, let's
7:00 pm
go for it. oh, i see you guys haveund my little .


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