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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 27, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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we are off to a nice start today. it is what out there. it will take 17 minutes according to the road sensors.
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once you make it to the bridge, it looks okay, as steve mentioned, san francisco traffic both directions is looking pretty good. let's go back to the desk. >> there is another issue for the boeing 30s -- 737 maxi. pilots had to make an emergency landing after emergency failure that appears to be unrelated to the two fatal maxi crashes. it comes just as congress is taking a close look at the federal aviation administration. >> the senate committee will look into how the government certifies the 737 max eight and whether the system is flawed. this boeing 37 max they'd made it back to the gate in orlando but there were some tense moments in the air. >> we're having engine failure. >> all max eight aircraft have
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been grounded after two fatal crashes overseas. southwest airlines had special permission to bury this to a storage area. the engine problem appears to be unrelated to possible control system failures expected in the accidents. nt as the idle aircraft begin to pile up, congress wants to know more about how this new version ever got off the ground with faa. >> it is not enough to get the software certified. i want to know the training on the new software, on the fix, how it impacts the entire system of the aircraft. i want to know if it will be more than a one hour session on an ipad to get training. >> the transportation department says they have a close relationship between faa and boeing. according to the wall street journal, they are expected to tell the senate aviation committee the faa will introduce a significant change in the oversight approach. >> at the same time, they are defending what it sees as a collaborative approach with
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boeing that helps ferret out design problems. is 4:34. a celebrity attorney is fighting back against charges of extortion and an alleged shakedown scheme against nike. prosecutors say he threatened to reveal violations involving a team sponsored by nike unless the company paid him over $20 million to keep quiet. he is challenging nike's claims. the corporation has been cooperating with investigators. he tweeted out if nike was cooperating with the government for over a year related to the scandal, where the disclosures and their filings? wait until the sec begins investigation and starts to ask why nike had the information from investigators. federal investigators say they have audio recorded by nike's lawyers where he says if nike wants to have one confidential settlement and they can buy
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that for $22.5 million and we are down. the confidentiality that we will ride off into the sunset. he is facing up to 97 years in prison if convicted. he has been ordered to appear in court next month. the secretary of state is defending proposed budget cuts. the trap administration budget would cut $8.5 billion from the education department. it would affect afterschool programs, grants for textbooks and equipment, and completely eliminate support for special olympics. yesterday, before the house committee, betsy devos says she thinks that special olympics is better supported by philanthropy. the budget would increase funding for charter schools and give tax credits to get private schools, such proposals are unlikely to pass the house that is controlled by democrats. a 26-year-old is scheduled to appear in court to enter [no audio].
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. driver is presumed dead after a truck plunged up the bridge and into the sacramento river. this happened at 8:30 last night on westbound highway 50 just west of interstate 5. the tow truck hit a big rig and went over the guard rail. search crews were able to locate the truck but had to call off the search for the driver. san francisco police department have made two arrests and a money-laundering investigation. more than 3400 marijuana re fou inside four homes in the ingleside neighborhood. they also seized three vehicles and $11,000 in cash. lycie the home had numerous
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fire code violations and illegal electrical work. two men have been charged -- two people have been charged with conspiracy. police began the investigation back in december. a new push to save the flintstone house in hillsboro. the petition addressed to the governor now heads -- has the support of 14,000 people who like the house just the way it is. the town sued the homeowner claiming that the home is ae ho statues to the yard and assigned reading g do. the homeowner did not get proper permit building -- a open its doors. this is in the north bay. this is in the
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across from ferry terminal. the first opened in palo alto in december. they've developed a loyal following a 280 locations worldwide. the website reports the new location will feature a northbay theme custard dessert. a long line is expected when the doors open. i have not had one yet. >> i have not either. i head over there all the time, i might have to try. a popular chain of entertainment focused restaurants is holding a pep rally today. big al's has locations in the pacific northwest the city of oakland is testing the earthquake alert system within a 60 block lake the alert at 11:00.
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the city said some people outside the range may receive the alert as well. if all goes as planned, it will be the first test of the earthquake warning system in california. they hope that the system will give advanced warning before an earthquake happens. the agency says the test will help you understand how quickly alerts can get defense before earthquakes hit. they're asking people to respond. where you were when he received it. >> it could mean a lot, duck and cover. >> how are we doing on the rainy wednesday? >> we have some slow traffic. i told you about the crash on 101 s. it caused a little slowthere's some slow traffic here on the split. this is westbound 80 to southbound 101. as bad as it co be. there's a little slow traffic here. we are going to keep watching it for you this morning.
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you be all right as you drive on northbound 101 approaching split. let's talk about the commute coming in as you drive on the westbound 80 commute, you can see traffic will be all right. 580 at the ultimate pass, you can see slow traffic. as you drive over to the pass itself, livermore to pleasanton looks good, no major issues north and south as he passed the oakland coliseum. steve, tomorrow is the homeowner -- home opener for the a's. what is a look like? >> there will be rain around. hopefully not much. i would plan on it for now. i'm working on it, doing my best. [laughter] >> do nothing but. >> exactly. it is really mild. downtown oakland, 60 degrees. there have been best up to 42
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degrees, cloudy, windy, 61 degrees. buchanan, 60, 50's for some, mid-50s for some. some light rain, not a lot yet. we are waiting on a system. this is a warm sector. the low is moving north. it is west of northern california but starting to funnel and a lot of moisture. we will probably set are high early in the day and get cooler air in here. rain is developing offshore. before that, it is very windy. 35 miles an hour, we talked about the guest at 42. still 25-30 for many there will heavy rain, that looks it does look like light rain for everybody. through today but another round
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comes in of cold air that sets the stage tomorrow. we are looking for not heavy amounts of rain. we are going to see some rain. that takes us in tuesday and thursday. we get a break friday. the weekend looks fabulous with mid-70s. another system roles in monday night and tuesday. 60s for temperatures, it is not a cold system. mid-60s before the cold air gets here. cloudy, often on rain, we have a break into the weekend. thank you. r he spotted the large shark in the water. that is coming up. oh! oh!
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surfers are on the hunt for the big waves that mavericks had an up close visit from a great white shark. tom spoke to the surfer who spotted the 20 foot shark over the weekend. >> it was scary, it was a very scary thing to see. it dwarfed my entire jetski. >> drake is a professional big wave surfer and a certified personal watercraft safety operator. he was out at mavericks, off the san mateo coast, when he got a surprise under his jetski. >> it looked like a whale surfacing from beneath me. it was so big.
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>> mavericks is under a triangle, a huge patch of the ocean waters extending to bodega bay just past the west and big sur. the red triangle is one of the world's biggest gathering places for great white sharks. >> a really bright, white belly. it came directly underneath me and rolled over onto its side, i could see its eye as it was looking up at me on top of the water. >> chin, the shark fixated and following a surfer paddling away. >> i thought of my engine a few times right above it, that was enough to it and get it to turn and head back out to sea. >> as his surfline camera shows, use the jetski to toe eight surfers back to the shore. 38% of white shark attacks in the whole u.s. have occurred in the red triangle. 11% of the worldwide. having said that, attacks of any species of sharks on humans
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are rare. >> it was one of the most profound things i have ever experienced in my life, just the sheer beauty of a creature like that. >> the tagging process it -- the tagging program says many great white sharks will go out to the deep waters between here and hawaii. they stayed another place nicknamed the sharks cafe. ktvu fox2 news. >> that is why i like lakes. california crab season is closing early, it's in an effort to protect whales and sea turtles from getting entangled in fishing lines and gear. the dungeness fisheries close april 15, two months earlier than normal. the decision comes out of a settlement for the center of biological diversity and the california department of fish and wildlife. >> of the gear that can be identified, the vast majority is california dungeness gear.
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some die, some disentangle. we do not know the fate. >> there is a lot of anger and questions, a lot of resignation, in the end, fishermen do understand that this is what is going to have to be done. >> crab season is slated to end early again next year with long- term solutions to follow. one possibility, crap fishermen switching to rope list gear. more than 900 acres of redwoods in the santa cruz mountains are being permanently protected in a deal between environmentalists and a lumber company. they are located near the nays amp state park and bhutan a state park. they will be safe from a land swap. the deal allows a lumber company access to sustainable supply of timber while the land trust can now protect nearly 1000 acres of redwood forest valued at $11 million.
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both sides say this is a win/win arrangement that benefits not only the forest but the timber industry as well. . >> i was supposed to go first. [indiscernible] >> it's a nightmare. coming up, a families heartbreak message, hear from the father of a young man who went swimming in the ocean but never made it back. good morning, we do have rainy conditions, it will be a tough commute, you should try to leave the house earlier. right now, traffic is moving well. if you do not have rain, you probably have windy conditions. we have some rain that will play into the forecast today. it is just offshore.
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live in con court concord this morning where one was injured in house fire. berkeley is not a progressive city anymore the way things are going. it is saying that, unless you live in a high-rise, then you don't belong in the city and i
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think it's wrong. >> hours of emotional public comments in berkeley's over camping in rvs. we'll show you the decision the city council reached early this morning. and the reason law enforcement agencies in the south bay want to do away with the sanctuary policy. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, wednesday more, march 27th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm frank mallicoat, in for dave clark enjoying the day off. i hope that dave has a jacket because it's wet out there. kicking off with steve. steve is back. welcome. >> thank you. something new and different. >> thanks. 50s and 60s on the temps,


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