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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 27, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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progressive city anymore the way things are going. it is saying that, unless you live in a high-rise, then you don't belong in the city and i think it's wrong. >> hours of emotional public comments in berkeley's over camping in rvs. we'll show you the decision the city council reached early this morning. and the reason law enforcement agencies in the south bay want to do away with the sanctuary policy. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, wednesday more, march 27th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm frank mallicoat, in for dave clark enjoying the day off. i hope that dave has a jacket because it's wet out there. kicking off with steve. steve is back. welcome. >> thank you. something new and different. >> thanks. 50s and 60s on the temps,
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very, very mild here. 57 castro valley. hayward, 58. so, the wind looks to be one the bigger factors here until the front gets close enough and it's getting there. out of the south and south- southwest for some butsfo has had gusts of 42. off and on heavy amounts in the golden gate. heaviest rain already. you can see mendocino county, san jose has had some light rain but for the conditions to continue to take us all the way into friday but we'll take a break. saturday, sunday, monday. a system wants to move in but not until monday night and tuesday. very mild on the temp, though, mid-60s for some, could be a
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few upper 60s in the santa clara valley. 5:01. sal is here to tell us that traffic is? is it. >> very moderate, steve. looks like the commute is just okay. let's talk about some of these drives here on interstate 580. if you are drying on 580 westbound, coming in through the altamonte pass, you will see some slow traffic here and there has been no major issues, looking about normal. always slow here. once you make it to live more and pleasanton, it does look pretty good. no jane otherissues on 880 north and south and you can see traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza is getting more crowded. at 5:02, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. firefighters are investigating the cause of an overnight house fire in the east bay. it started at about 2:30 this morning on bonham way near
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cowell road and concord community park. ktvu's elissa harrington is on the scene there. what can you tell us this morning, elisa? >> reporter: behind me, you can see the house. firefighters are getting ready to leave the scene. they got it under control but look at the damage right there. charred belongings. looks like the fire damaged the garage. firefighters arrived to this home on bonham way to find smoke coming from the garage area. windy at the time. the wind pushed the flames and smoke around making it tough for firefighters to figure out where the flames were coming from. the house was also l shipped. battalion chief paul silva described loud explosions coming from garage. >> as crews arrived, we put
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crews in aggressive position, got the fire knocked out quickly, controlled the fire quickly in the garage. a resident inside had minor burns to the hand. we transported her immediately to the hospital. >> reporter: they don't know the cause of fire but the fire is looking suspicious, they say. take a look at the damage. you can see some firefighting quite still on the street. we don't know the extent of the injuries to that woman. once again, she was taken to the hospital. we hope to get another update on her this morning. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. we have some developing news out of solano county this morning. bandon high school in fairfield canceled classes and all school activities today because of a threat. the district and police still not sure if the threat is
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credible but decided to be safe and canceled school while they investigate. they expect to be finish in time for classes to be held tomorrow. police are asking anyone who may have information to call the district or give police a call. all other schools in the travis school district will be in session today. we are also following another developing story in oakland where police are investigating a homicide. it happened in the area of church street and avenel avenue in east oakland. the police patrol desk tells us here at ktvu that victim was shot and killed just before 9:00 last night. officers core doned off the area and began to collect evidence. despite loud public opposition, the berkeley city council did approve a
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controversial measure that would ban rvs from parking. >> that conclude our business,. >> it passed at merchandise night after a very long and contentious debate and meeting. the city had received more than 1500 complaints from businesses and people living in berkeley about the loss of parking spots along with trash and some other filth piling up on the street but opponents say that city is turning its back on the homeless family who have no choice but to live out of their rvs. >> you cannot take me and my family away from these rvs in berkeley. i would literally die. >> i like to stay here. >> i fully support some sort of permitting which would take the fear out of my kids. those guys went to the city and got themselves checked out. they got a per met. >> the mayor of berkeley who
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supports the measure says that will be suspended in case of health and safety. opponents are considering taking the city to court. >> the coast guard has called off its search for a messing swimmer that we first told you about early yesterday morning. 28-year-old tyler collins and a friend went into the ocean in pacifica after a night of bowling and drinking. when they were chest deep in water, they felt an under current and decided to get to shore. the friend made it out but he called for help when he could not find collin. collin had come from lake tahoe where he works to meet some friends. we talked to collin's father who said that tyler was athletic, adventurous and had fear. >> i always thought that hegoin board or something. for some reason, he went into the ocean early. sometimes, you know, people
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don't think. he was not thinking. >> reporter: rockaway beach is a small beach that locals know has strong current. there is a sign warning about rip current but collins' parents don't know if he saw that in the early morning hours. they do think that there should be moral warnings and lighting on the sign that's already there. they also suggest signs at hotel check-in desks. the time ills 5:02. we learned it will be matter of weeks before the public sees details from the robert mueller report. jed, the justice department announced -- yesterday, the justice department announced that the attoeygeneral plans on release in a public report. democrats have been pressuring the justice department to make the entire report public. in congress, a vote failed to override a veto by
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president trump for his declaration of national emergency at the southern border with mexico. the democratic-controlled house felt a few votes short to overright the veto. the president declared a national emergency so he could divert $3.6 billion from military construction projects to build his long promised border wall. >> 11 law enforcement agencies are working together to get santa clara county to change its sanctuary policy after outrage from the community over the killing of sandy bamberg. the man who accused of killing her is here illegally. the napa county sheriff deputy who was nearly killed by a suspect has been recognized as congressman mike
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thompson's public safety hero of the year. the congressman says he chose deputy riley for showing professionalism amidst intense pressure. chilling body camera footage shows the moment when a man in a car fired directly at the deputy. she was not hit and was able to return fire and kill the man who had a long criminal history and was in the country illegally. congressman thompson said that deputy dreky's immediate response prevented harm from being done to her and other people. and jussie smollett has all charges dropped. and giants ceo larry bear facing punishment from the league after an altercation with his wife. we do see traffic that is going to be affected by wet
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. a man accused of kidnapping a wisconsin teenager after killing her parents will be in court. he said that he plans on
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pleading guilty. there will be no trial if that case. people who know the girl hope that does happen so does not have to see patterson in court and testify against him. patterson has no criminal history before he was arrested in the case and could spend the rest of his life in jail. >> an unexpected twist in the jussie smollett case. prosecutors in chicago have dropped all charges against the empire actor. santa rosa native is sticking by his claim that two men shouted racial and antigay slurs and beat him up and put a rope around his neck. prosecutors say that they still believe that smollett staged the attack but he was not required to apologize or take any responsibility. >> this has been an corrine edible difficult time, honestly, one of the worst of my entire life but i'm a man of faith and i'm a man that has knowledge of my history and i would not bring my
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family's lives through a movement of fire like this. i just would not. cook county prosecutors said that after reviewing all the facts circumstances of the case including mr. smollet's volunteer service in the community, we believe that this is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to the case. giants ceo larry baer is being displaned by major league base ball for the altercation with his wife caught on video. he is suspended without pay for the next three months. the giants say that the behavior is unacceptable. a local shelter for domestic violence vick till asked the league to deal with this issue seriously. >> this is that the mlb is serious about leadership and accountability and that it it
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definitely wants to move forward in a constructive way. >> the giants say that suspension is approach yap. baer has been on a leave of absence since the march 4th incident. while he retains his titles, some of his duties may change when he returns. bear issued a statement earlier which read, i respect and accept the commissioner's decision. i made a serious mistake that i sincerely regret and i'm truly sorry for my actions. alameda county sheriff deputies gave some high school students an opportunity to see what it is like to make life or death split second decisions. >> excuse me, sir. stop. >> i don't have to talk to you. >> the deputies offered training scenarios with the hope that the teenagers can experience some situations from the vantage point of a law enforcement officer. >> i can see where the police officers are coming from because, like they fear for their lives and, in that instance, i feared for my
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life. i know a couple of people, they're like, well, police officers shouldn't do this, police officers should do this but you don't know until you are in a police officer's shoes. when we did that, it makes more sense now. >> students took part in onscreen simulated incidents. after the training, many students say they don't always agree with what officers do but they now have better understanding. ski resorts out east in utah are doing very well. some that had five or ten visitor as day last year at this time now have well over 300. it is the most snow utah has seen in nearly 15 years. >> people come flocking to here from texas. we get a lot of people from florida. we have a ton of people that come from hawaii.
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>> chair lifts at one utah resort will shut down on april 21st. did you ever ski in utah? you know high elevation, you are skiing over 10,000 feet. >> and beautiful powdery snow. >> it's fluffy, different than the sierra stuff. sierra can be very nice as well and it's going to be nice for a while. 158, hopefully no chain restrictions as we move in spring skiing. >> that's always the best, isn't it? we'll keep you posted but, right now, things are doing okay in case you are going to the sierra. i would say that 99% the people watching right now head into work or school. let's see what we can do here. traffic, no major issues as you drive through. you can see traffic is going to be busy, though. the other day, someone asked me, what time will things be
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busy? i said 5:15. somebody said, used to be 5:45. yeah, those are the old days. walnut creek to oakland, moderate traffic. gilroy to san jose does not look too bad, morgan hill into the west valley. we don't have a lot going on. wet road out there, let's bring steve in. >> sal had the same conversation monday with a gentleman named john at zinias. he said, i had to catch an early flight. i could not believe the traffic. >> it's getting earlier. >> i said, there are even some cars out at 3:30 in the morning, for crying out loud. >> mild conditions, rain, but not a lot. the front is moving closer. the wind really cranked up and it is on the mild side, upper 50s, 60s on the temps.
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lake port, 51, are 58, fremont, 59 at the oakland airport. 59 tracy. blendwood is 5 all because of that strong south wind or south southeast breeze. gusts up to 42 at sfo. san jose, due south, 58 miles an hour. so cloudy, mild. the high will be set early probably. the front is still off shore but it will swing through and give people heavy rain. we'll get a break friday into the weekend. it is raining at last check and blue canyon also tahoe and truckey. 37degrees. even some thunderstorms activity. lightning detection picking up. might be more thunderstorm activity that have to worry about. wind or snow, that be high
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elevations. you head north of the golden gate. i follow the national weather service in phoenix. i don't think they had a 90- degree day yet. it's getting close but not yet if you are heading in that direction, probably not. the system in mendocino will continue to bring us moisture like spokes in a wheel. the next system comes in monday night into tuesday. mid-60s on a lot of these temps, looking for off and on p >> thank you. >> i do that for you. >> thank you. vice president mission to the moon. what he wants nasa to reach in
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five years, with any means possible. and the outside lands lineup has been announced. we'll tell you who they are and where you can grab some tickets. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. government's con elon must can is moving forward. the securities and exchange commission is asking the court
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to find musk in content a tweet made that said that tesla made zero cars in 2011 will make around 511,000. the tweet restated previously approved disclosures, his lawyers say. ups is now using drones, making flights carrying medical supplies between two hospitals. ups says that drone deliveries took less time than deliveries by truck and that it does plan to make multiple flights a day for the hospitals. in its latest crackdown, facebook shut down thousands of fake pages. facebook says that it has removed more than 26,000 pages, groups and accounts that engaged in coordinated unauthentic behavior on both facebook and instagram following months of looking for fake accounts. almost 2000 of those accounts were linked to russia and another 500 tied to iran. many of ps and media
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organizations. redwood city game maker says that it is linking 350 employees from its work force of 9000. the ceo says it is ramping down its presence in japan and russia. the company will do anything it can to help its workers find the next opportunity. some big names in music will be headed to san francisco for this summer's outside lands festival. childish gambino has been revealed. other partists include paul simon, twenty one pilots, casey upgrave who recently brought three emmys. tickets go on sale tomorrow. there is a warning to tell you about in the bay area. the 19 people may have been at risk. the boeing 737 max 8 and how it was allowed to fly in the first place. i'm doug luzader in
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washington. more on what a congressional committee is going to be looking into, today. rainy commute and that means it's going to be a little bit slow as you drive on westbound 92 heading out to the high-rise. a system is on the way favoring north of the golden gate.
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welcome back. good morning to mornings on 2.
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it is wednesday, march 27th. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat for dave clark today. >> i'm pam cook. nice have steve back talking about a little weather. i always do like the johnny carson thing. there he is. >> a little bit of rain out there, you guys, frank and pam. mainly north. sal will touch on in a second. if not, cloudy for some, but not all. gusts to 32 in sfo. temperatures are very mild. low 50s, mid-50s but a lot of upper 50s. fremont at 58 degrees. brentwood at 58 degrees but the south wind has been robust. look for cloudy, breezy, windy conditions for some. the rain continues to develop.a golden gate but the heaviest so far has bewill move through. sierra is about rain and
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lightning detection picking up a few cells there. rain, maybe thunderstorm activity. more rain to the north. mendocino county, you can see the line from marine county north. 60s on the temps with off and on rain. sal is here at 5:31. it's busy and he will tell you? >> it is busy not affecting -- traffic is not affected by any major incident which is good because, sometimes, when it rains and it is early, people go too fast and they get in trouble. let's take a look at the commute in solano county. fairfield, vallejo driving out, traffic headed west. this morning, traffic in pinole and richmond, carquinez bridge to the mac maze, can you see that traffic is all right. westbound bay bridge backed up already. metering light is on. let's go back to the desk.
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>> i'll take it. >> some of the morning's top stories. police are investigating a homicide in the area of church street and avenel avenue. officers cordoned off the area. the body of a woman buried in a landslide in fort funston has been found. kirra scarlet has been found. she was with a friend on february 22nd when a beach front collapsed. south bay health department officials are tracking
5:33 am
person who was unknowingly infected with the measles. after compiling of all the places that this tourist went, staff notified restaurants and stores. there is the i hope in san jose, hoover tower observation deck and the macy's store at valley fair mall. >> if you are one of the few who is not protected from measles and you are in one of these places at one of these times, that the person with measles was there, then you could be at risk of catching measles. >> measles symptoms start with a fever, runny nose, red eyes, a cough and sore throat followed by a rash. health officials say that if you believe you have been infected, do not go to your doctor. call instead because they need time to set up a quarantinein. we posted more on the warning including a full list of the businesses where people may have been exposed. state health officials say that nu unvaccinated
5:34 am
children in california is growing. so lawmakers have introduce add new -- a new pill. some doctors are abusing the process and authorizing exemptions for kids, hundreds of kids, without a cause. the new bill would force doctors to forward medical exemption requests to the state department of public health. county in new york now banning unvaccinated children from public spaces as measles continue to spread there as well. since october, more than 150 people have been fidgeted in rockland county, about an hour north of new york city. officials say that parents will be penalized if they are found to have brought their unvaccinated children to public places. the ban went into effect last night and will last the next 30 francis wonky is scheduappea
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he will enter a plea of killing kathleen anderson at her home in men lo park. friends discovered her in the home and she appeared to be stabbed. they found wonkie in the home and held him until police aprivate. sex trafficking survivors are suing sales force saying that the san francisco company profited from a controversial website. bloomberg says that the women claim that the website provided databases. sales force says in a statement that we are deeply committed to the ethical and humane use of our products. there is another issue for the boeing 737 max 8. pilots in florida had to make an emergency landing after an
5:36 am
engine failure. doug luzader joins us from washington. as congress is taking a close look at the federal aviation administration. >> good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. congress will be looking into how the boeing 737 max 8 was certified. this boeing 737 max 8 made it back to the gate in orlando but there were some tense moments on the air. we are leveling off here at 20,000, runway heading with engine failure on the right side. >> reporter: max 8 aircraft in the u.s. have been grounded after two fatal crashes but southwest airlines had special permission to ferry this one to the hangar gary ya. this appears to be unrelated to the control failures. but as the boeing 737 max 8 beef gain to pile up, congress wants to know how this new version of the 737 got off the
5:37 am
ground. >> not enough to get the software certified. i want to know that training on the new software, on the fix and how it impacts the entire system of the aircraft is going to be conducted. i want to know that there 'tis going to be more than, as one pilot described it, a one-hour session on ipad. >> the inspector general has questioned the close relationship between boeing and the f.a.a. he is expected to tell the committee that the f.a.a. will introduce a significant change in its oversight approach. >> now, at the same time, the f.a.a. has defended what it sees as a collaborative approach with boeing to help ferret out design flaws. >> thank you. celebrity attorney michael avenatti is fighting back against charges of alleged extortion and shakedown of nike.
5:38 am
he threatened to reveal e compa paid him over $20 million to keep quiet. the corporation has been investigated with the investigators. he tweeted out, if nike was cooperating with the government for one year relating to this scandal, where are the sec disclosures? they can buy that for 22 1/2 million dollar and then we're done of a nat faces down 97 years in prison if convicted. he has been ordered to appear in month.
5:39 am
u.s. education secretary betsy devos is defending budget cuts that would affect after-school programs, grants o and would completely eliminate support for special olympics. yesterday, before a house it committee, she said that she believes that special olympics is better supported by philanthropy. the bunt would increase funding for charter schools and give tax credits for scholarships to private schools. such proposals are unlikely to pass the house now controlled by democrats. lines are expected to be pretty long at places selling lottery tickets. the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. tickets are $2 so if you may
5:40 am
not be interested in buying a ticket is the person who bought a ticket at san leandro. didn't have the powerball number but still was worth a million dollars. what plunged a tow truck into the river. and a community is coming to the rescue. what thousands are doing to keep the flamed flintstone house intact. rain for some, mainly north of the golden gate. cloudy for many but temperatures on the mild side. we'll look ahead to the week and see what's in store.
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new this morning, rvs can no longer overnight on berkeley city streets starting this morning. sara zendehnam joins us now live in the city of berkeley co controversial measure after hours of public comments and criticism that went into the wee hours. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. the city council voted 6-3 in favor of the ban. the meeting was pretty long and at times heated and the vote didn't come until after midnight. take a listen at the reaction. >> motion passed. >> motion carries. that completes the business for the coin sill this evening. (boos). >> the ordnance baparking on city streets between 2:00
5:44 am
and 5:00 a.m. accord ting city, more than 1500 complaints came in from residents and businesses. they complain about trash, human debris. those living in rvs say they are living in rvs because they have to. we heart from boat sides. >> people living in rvs are not doing it by choice but doing it because there is no affordable housing and banning rvs is criminalizing being poor. >> i support some sort of permitting. you know, that would guys are good, they have been checked by the city. >> the ordinance takes effect immediately and those who are parked overnight in the rvs could be ticketed. of course. the people that are against it, say that they may take the city to court. in berkeley this morning, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news.
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a tow truck driver is presumed dead after his truck plunged off a bridge into the sacramento river on westbound highway 50 west of interstate 5. the truck hit a semi truck and went over the guardrail of the pioneer bridge. search crews were able to locate the truck but not the driver. investigators say that more than 3400 marijuana plants were found growing yesterday inside four homes in the in the and ingleside neighborhoods. they also seized three vehicles and $11,000 in cash. the homes had numerous fire code violations and electrical work as well. steen pan and kyonk chien is a
5:46 am
save the flamed flintstone house in hillsboro. a petition addressed to governor gavin newsom now has the support of more than 14,000 people who like the flintstone house. the town of hillsboro sued the homeowner saying that home is a nuisance. the homeowner added dinosaurs in the yard and a sign saying yababa yaba doo. >> you know, it catches your eye. >> we drove up on 280 my daught i mean, personally, i put it on my facebook page. i think it's kind of cool. >> i do, too? not my choice -- >> again, i don't live in hillsboro about but the animal statue look very night, they are dirt colored.
5:47 am
>> you can't diss dino. >> that's an interesting debate. >> we all have social media, right? >> you can always tell us. >> getting right to highway 24, frank and pam because, westbound 24, we have slow traffic coming in through orinda. the road sensors are showing slow traffic heading west but lafayette is not affected yet. you can see in our picture that you are driving through, driving through and then just around the corner here, you can see sha slow traffic on the way to the tunnel. bay bridge is crowded, backed up to the maze. at least 15 to delays. no problem on the san mateo bridge or, for that matter, on the dumbarton bridge. we are getting slow traffic on northbound 101 past 280. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> thank you kindly, sal. >> you're welcome, sir.
5:48 am
>> cloudy for most. some rain, mainly north about the golden gate for now but the system is inching closer. just look to the west. this looks to favor areas more west than south. they had some earlier but looks cloudy now. 50s, oakland 50. that's the oakland airport and even oakland and downtown, i saw 60 degrees in temperatures. we are running 5 to 9 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. that didn't take long but you get that strong south wind all everybody has a southerly component here. there have been gusts at 42 in sfo. 35 in travis. san jose due south to 28 miles an hour. and you can see the system tipping to lift south to north. as it drags across, we are in the warm sector right now. it's rain and thunderstorms. what? rain and thunderstorm in the
5:49 am
sierra? not much snow right now. looks like they are headed into the feather river canyon. mendocino county and lake county, so you can see the line there. our good friend ron and ken say wind and more rain. to keep the theme going here, we'll get the rain going. then a break friday, saturday and sunday. sunday looks warm but another system moves in on monday into tuesday. you can see there is decent amounts here. again, that's total for the next six days. cloudy, windy, off and on rain, heaviest to the norm. warmest to the south. break friday, saturday, sunday. 74 on sunday. a big white shark at maverick. a man rushed surfers to safety after he spotted the 20-foot shark.
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5:52 am
police in l.a. are looking for a porch pirate caught and camera stealing packages and nearly running over a victim. the homeowner saw him and ran out on the street. the thief got into a blue
5:53 am
sedan. the home opener tried to stop him, bounced off a car. the thief has neighbors worried. >> it's crazy, like they are stealing packages and everything. i don't know. it's crazy. >> reporter: police say that across the country, there are 26 million package thefts a year. >> vice president pence is calling on having astronauts on the moon again within five years. nasa need to achieve the goal by, quote, any means necessary. >> currently, the earliest possible lunar landing is in 2028. nasa rockets will be replaced by commercial rockets if need be. >> if nasa is not currently capable landing american astronauts on the moon within five years, we need to change the organization, not the mission. >> nasa says that it will do everything possible to meet
5:54 am
that five-year deadline. by the way, this summer marks the 50th anniversary of the first man moon landing. we are learning more of a close encounter with a great white shark. he got a surprise right under his surf rescue jet ski and there it is, a great white shark was swimming right next to him with surfers trying to catch the big wave. >> really great, white belly it rolled on to it size, i could see it eyes as it was looking up at me on top of the water. >> a is your i have line camera shows he stayed between the shark and the surfers. eventually, it did cake off. great white car, are a common
5:55 am
occurrence in the bay area. and dungeness crabbing season is over. california's crab fishersry will close about two and a half months earlier than they normally do. the decision comes out of a set will. between the center for vying cal diverse aand the california of fish and wildlife. >> the va majority of dungeness crab year. some of them die, some disentangled. >> there is a lot of anger, disillusion. but in the end, fishermen understand. >> more than 900 acres of red
5:56 am
school are beina deal between environmentalists and the lumber company located near the forest of nasim mark stayed park. they will be safe from development. all part of a land swap between peninsula open space trust and the big creek lumber company. the deal allows the lumber company access to a sustainable supply of timber while the land thrust now can protect red wood forests. both sides say this is a win- win arrangement that ts the forest and-the-timber industry. the local connection to the college scandal admission. and the man accused of exposing himself near the u uc berkeley campus has finally been arrested. how police tracked him down. we do have traffic
5:57 am
affected by wet weather although it has not been raining here on the san mateo bridge in the last few minutes. we do have some collisions out now, the rain line seems to be focused north of the golden gate but it's on its way. cloudy, windy conditions before the system gets there. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes.
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at the ross spring dress event. on now! and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day.
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at ross. yes for less. we are learning more about a house fire here in concord that left one woman injured. more on what firefighters say they heard when they arrived? also, protecting against the next big wildfire. the city that is looking to make major changes in order to protect the homes. >> good morning, since dave clark is here, i will say that we made it to the middle of the week. i'm pam cook. >> i just started. this is my monday. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. so we are here with the
6:00 am
dreaded rain. >> dreaded? >> you know, i'm looking forward to it. i don't have to onr. >> okay. i'm over it. >> north of the golden gate, marine county north. a mild one. 50s on the temps. cloudy, windy for a few. temperatures are running 5 to 9 degrees a rather robust southerly breeze. gusts at 42 at sfo but not as much right now. south wind, occasionally 25 to 30 miles an hour. the warm sector looking north but the cold front is inching closer. as it does, that will bring the sierra, more wind and rain and thunderstorm activity, lots of lightning detection picking up there. isolated cell. northern napa, sonoma, more in line for rain that areas


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