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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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did residents get the message? rv controversy. the city of berkeley wants to drive out people living in motorhomes. >> cities around this bay area and around the state will do likewise. >> but where will they go? >> people living in rvs aren't doing it by choice. they are doing it because there is no available, affordable housing. >> berkeley's mayor sits down with me to talk about his new plan. but after two crutches, months apart, skepticism remains over questions over a safety feature. >> these were safety oriented additions. why were they not part of the required template? >> the effort by boeing to get grounded jets back in the year. from ktvu news, this is "the four." we begin with breaking news in oakland this afternoon. police say a 4-year-old boy has
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been shot. sky fox over the scene is officer tagged a weapon into evidence. the situation unfolding in east oakland right now. welcome to "the four." >> there's allies a large police present at the home in ritchie street near bancroft avenue in east oakland. alyana gomez live now at the scene, and alyana, you just got an update from police. >> reporter: heather and andre, we are learning from police at 4-year-old boy is fighting for his life at an area hospital in critical condition after they say he reportedly accidentally shot himself in the head with a gun that was inside of the home. i want to give you if you hear of the scene behind me. as he mentioned a very large police presence, heather and andre. a dozen or so investigators on the scene. they are inside of that tan house there with the dish on the roof. that is where everything is unfolding inside. that is what they are gathering evidence and trying to figure
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out exactly what happens. we are told this child did not live at his home and was actually visiting a friend here, a friend of the family, and when we spoke to police, they gave a bit more detail exactly what led up to them coming up to the scene today. >> a little bit after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, the oakland police department responded to the report of a 4-year-old child that had been shot in the 2400 block of ritchie street . upon arrival to the scene, the officers located a male victim. oakland fire department and paramedics were on scene at providing first aid to the victim, and were transported to the local hospital. >> reporter: in the last 30 minutes, we spoke with a family friend, a guy named anthony wilson. he says his brother, terrence wilson, was arrested. he and a woman we are told were arrested after the shooting incident, we believe that woman may be the child's mother, the police have not confirmed a name or exactly who that person is that has been detained.
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according to anthony wilson, he says his brother terence is scared and they are fearful for this child's life. he said they did not live in this home, that they were actually visiting. the mother and the boy were visiting this house. they came here often because there were other kids in the neighborhood. they said that out of nowhere, the child was in the bedroom underneath the bed , and they heard a gunshot. that is when they said the child had grabbed the gun underneath the bed and accidentally shot himself in the head. everyone here that we've spoken to so far the knows the family or knows the child that he was a happy boy, very loving and friendly, always very playful. they are hoping and praying that he pulls through. they are absolutely devastated by this situation, and as we know police have arrested two people, one of those being terrence wilson. they are working to find out how this happened and how the child was able to access that gun, and once we learn what we will be sure to bring it to you. heather, andre? >> hopefully that child does pull through. alyana reporting from us live in east oakland.
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just head to our homepage at we move to this now. people in and around lake merritt have may received a text alert on their phones that could be a crucial tool to warning residents about an earthquake. >> the shake alert is designed to help people get alerted about earthquakes. we go to christina rendon, and officials wanted to see how fast and effective this system could be. >> reporter: and they also wanted to know if it was even feasible to sent outthrough cell phones. today they learned they can and now they are analyzing those results. at 11 a.m. wednesday, look at that. got it? i got this crazy alert. california earthquake warning system. this is just a test. >> reporter: cell phones and data and oakland started buzzing. >> it works. i think it's pretty good
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myself. >> it surprised me. >> reporter: this is the first test of an early earthquake warning called shakealerts sent to the emergency low wireless system. people in a 60 block radius east of lake merritt were offered notified by office of emergency services and united states geological survey. and in this testing, cell phone started going off with and four seconds of the alert being sent out. orion arbor with cal oh yes said they received more than 700 responses from people who signed up to take a survey about the alert experience . >> were going to go back and review these results and look at operationalizing this or some other methods to public alerting with media. >> reporter: the people say the more time to repair, the better. >> how much time is given on the alerts, you know? if they're going to give it to you what is going on, you know it's happening, but if you get two minutes, 10 before it, that would be great. >> are from alabama, so i'm not used to earthquakes really.
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i don't know the depth of the damage, i guess, that they can do. >> reporter: caloes said if these alerts came out during a real earthquake, people farther away from the epicenter could receive a few seconds or 10th of a second notice that an earthquake is coming. >> we will continue to teach people that if you feel shaking to drop, cover, and hold on. >> reporter: be know cell phone will be the solution for everyone, so they are looking at other ways to deliver alerts. >> i got it, and i am satisfied. >> reporter: so alternative is looking into possibly having a set of receivers people can buy and install on their homes. there considering interrupting tv broadcasting , but right now they say that option takes too long to be effective, so heather, andre, all of these alert communications are still a work in process. >> it seems that a cell phone would be most effective because we all have them now. thanks so much, christina. >> how did the testing go?
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what is next for the shakealerts system ? we are joined by robert de groot with the united states geological survey. was the test a success? >> absolutely. we are very encouraged by the results from this test . we had a 35 devices that were set up in the caltrans district auditorium, and those devices went off starting at about four seconds after 11:00, and so this is very encouraging. so we are going to go back and actually we are going to do an analysis on all the devices we looked at to see what happened. we also have a lot of really great survey data that has come in from over 700 people. >> and these are centers, 463 sensors are set up to detect an earthquake. know how many people were you targeting here, and how many alerts did you sent out? how many people got those alerts on their phones? >> our goal was alert 60 square block region of downtown oakland west of lake merritt, and we expect it somewhere in the order 40,000 people to receive the alert. of course, we don't have an idea if all 40,000 people
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received that. that's actually really important part here, is that we want to know if people were in the region did not get the alert because we want to look at that, see what happened. >> you were at the people who received the alert to take a survey on my. will be that survey be used for, and are you getting a good number of responses here? >> we are, we've had over 700 responses, so 13 question survey, the first nine questions are going to ask questions basically what did you receive the alert, what kind of phone you have come up with your cell phone carrier. basic data about your phone, so we can begin to sort of divide up the information. the last four questions a more social science questions asking people about what they expect to get from a shakealert. >> this is a very important system here if it does start to work for us, but art are the limitation to the shakealert system. >> one of the major limitations
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, what we were testing today is we were looking at the delivery size, so we know how quickly shakealerts can be published by the usgs. we're talking something more five or so seconds , but the other part where you actually hand off that shakealert or distribution, that is what we really want to improve, and we need to know how long first and identified issues, then go back. >> robert de groot with the u.s. geological survey. the testing was pulled off today, and hopefully it is something you can use in the future to get alerts to an earthquake early warning system. >> thank you. if you been outside, you probably noticed it's been a day of intermittent rain and breaking up some bouts of sunshine. at times rain has been heavy. this is video from the dash cam of our photographer, george boost us. he said he drove along highway 24 in lafayette on 11:00 this morning. let's bring in meteorologist
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kyla grogan. >> that is what a lot of people are starting to see, heather. if you take a look outside here, you can see the blue sky making its way in over the golden gate bridge. it's beautiful and i think a much needed break for people. when we look at the radar, take a look at this. this is where we were earlier today and now where we are, so you can see it all tracked off to our east and to the north. some very heavy showers wrote to livermore. the visibility got down to about a half-mile but now they are doing better, but take a look at what's happening over at lake tahoe, kirkwood, donner pass. you can see all the snow coming down, and noticed there's an awful lot of lightning there too. that is -- they just put out an special weather statement by the national weather service because of the lightning and thunderstorms headed to where it is snowing. there's a possibility of thunder snow as we headed to the evening, so we are doing better here in the bay area, but it is not time to get in the car and drive up to the mountains. i will tell you a little bit more about that when i come back in a bit.
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they are under that winter storm warning until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. what you can expect if you were headed up there in the weekend. a high school in fayetteville was closed today because of the threat of violence at the school, but this particular school is also dealing with allegations that officials have done little to stop several racist incidents. rob roth live now in fairfield with the details on both of these cases, rob? >> reporter: heather, this school is in theme of what the threat is, but the school has been closed all day. get at the same time, the family is charging that their son has been a victim of several racist incidents. favor police patrol car spent the day parked in front of vanden school. district officials closed the school today at authorities investigate what they say was a threat of violence at the campus. the school district would not reveal any details of the threat. >> out of the abundance of caution, we decided to cancel school and all school
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activities today at vanden high school. >> reporter: that does not appear to be the extent of the problems here at the high school. this family says their son, a senior advantage, has been the target of racist graffiti spray- painted near the baseball and softball field. >> i never expected in my weather days that my son a 2019 would have to deal with this. >> the graffiti included a swastika, derogatory comments about lesbians, and the daughter's name was included. the family has enlisted the support of president amos brown, the president of the san francisco naacp he's calling for investigations. >> unfortunately, the adults who should be in charge have not given the leadership to say, in no uncertain terms, that hate, bigotry, and evil acts will not be tolerated. >> reporter: the school district would not say if the
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charges of racism and the threat against the school are connected. >> unfortunately, vanden high school was a victim of a number of offensive images earlier this month and the fayetteville police, they did identify the individuals responsible. >> reporter: families of police found four students responsible for the graffiti, but the two of them are still attending class. >> we were able to administer the appropriate disciplinary actions pursuant to california education code. >> all we want is for our son to be able to go to school without having to look over his shoulder. >> reporter: there have been no further comments in the district on any of this, and still no word on when the school will reopen. heather? >> rob roth there in fairfield for us. the mint in did of a school mass shooting and oakland has died. state correctional officials say 50-year-old one goh died
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in custody at the sacramento state prison near folsom. the cause of death is still under investigation. goh was serving terms it back in 2012. several killed and three others were injured and that rampage. face with a lot of complaint, berkeley planning to crackdown on rv parking. the mayor jointly live in studio to talk about the ban and the new system that will be created following a very emotional debate. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection.
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to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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after a lengthy and emotional debate late into the night, the berkeley city council voted to ban rv from parking overnight on city streets. the ordinance passed late at midnight following hours a public comment. the city has received more than 1500 complaints from businesses and people living in berkeley about the loss of parking spots along with trash and other waste piling up on the streets due to the rvs, but opponents say the city is turning its back on the homeless, some of whom who have no choice but to live in motorhomes. >> i moved into my car, and the next step from that was moving to a van, and i'm too scared to get anything bigger because it's easier to get a car. i can't afford rent in berkeley. >> and we do have problems in ways, human waste, garbage, and trash, and we need to resolve this because it's really impacting our businesses. i support what you are moving forward with, and i really
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believe you have to have the courage to pass this. >> joining me now is berkeley mayor. thank you so much for being here. it was a contentious meeting last night. i think everyone will agree there was no easy solution here. in the end you voted for this band. tell me why you believe this is the best approach. >> while we are sympathetic to the fact there are growing number of people who are living on our streets and are living in recreational vehicles because they can't afford the rising cost of housing, we are seeing significant impact to businesses and residents. dustin fowler were there 100 putting nine complaints. needles, feces, illegal dumping, aggressive behavior, blocking access to businesses and driveways. it has a real impact on the quality of life of residents and businesses, and we have to do something to be compassionate and to address the needs of our own house, but also to support our business
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and residents as well. >> so that is what you are coming up with the permit system, so this ban did not take effect immediately. >> so the council voted last night to delay enforcement of the ordinance for 6 to 8 months while we work on a couple of things, doing outreach to people living in rvs, to let them know about the new regulations, and also to offer funding and resources. some people just may need to fix up the vehicle. some people may want to move into permanent housing to the people moving into permanent housing is our long-term goal, so if we can get people out of vehicles into permanent housing, we can do that. >> any idea how many rvs that are currently parking overnight in berkeley? >> two hundred, and a lot of them are concentrated in west berkeley, and you know, we want as many people who are living in rvs who want to get them off the street and to safe sites, we are looking at sites in berkeley, looking regionally, working with the county, working with neighboring cities, and save agency to look
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for safe parking. >> those sites would be designated for rvs, and this is the permit system, so you would go through a process, apply for a permit, be granted. would they be able to park at the site forever? >> the permits would be for three months, but they can be renewed for another three months, so the goal is hopefully not to have people permanently living in their vehicles while we are working with our housing navigator to get them into permanent housing , but if people need long-term parking will provide long-term parking. >> the while they are at the site met, you will have people out asking what their needs are and trying to match them with a suitable location for housing. >> so one of the things i'm doing this evening is testifying at our school boards. we are working in partnership with our school boards to find location for district property to provide parking for families with children in our school districts and providing supportive services to them as well. >> mayor, what about those who are going to be at the sites, and they refused any sort of help or any services? then what? >> well, then i think we need to enforce, one of the things the council did say is while we are delaying enforcement of the ordinance, but if there are cases of health and safety, meaning there are significant impact on safety or public
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health, that we can go in and force it immediately, and i think it's important to have the exception to make sure that while we are providing from the resources that were not creating a situation for businesses. >> berkeley, you are not alone in trying to find a good balance here. appreciate you coming out to take the time to talk with us about this . again, the next six months or so sort of surveying how to move forward with the system. >> fighting locations and working one-on-one and helping people. >> mayor, thank you so much. were going to turn it over to kyla grogan with your forecast. thunder snow in the sierra. >> which is an unusual phenomenon, and they put out that weather statement because we got thunderstorms heading to the mountains, the same storms that were in the bay area this morning. you are looking at a loop of the last six hours. you can see how those storms rolled in, really got juiced up
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as they headed into the east of us. you start to see all of that orange and red as it is heading toward sacramento. that is why we are starting to see the thunder and lightning up the as well. this is what was left in its wake here in the bay area. about 8/10 of an inch of rain, marina just over 3/4 of an inch. novato just over 1/2 inch for you. and san francisco, not too much there. just a little bit, about 14/1 hundredths of an inch, so not much. the wind has been very gusty out there, so we are still seeing that this our. 20 miles per hour and santa rosa, a look at concord. 25 miles per hour in fairfield, beating them all. 31 mile per hour gusts right now. is a little bit better when we had to the south, but we've got some wind other, certainly 10 to 15 miles per hour. livermore, one of the spots are getting breezy. most of the action has tracked off either to the south or to the east of us. however, san jose, one of the pluses still to be getting some of this rain, you can see a few
4:23 pm
of the shower still falling just south of livermore, but those will be moving on as well, and you will start to get some clearing there too. all the snow that is happening in the sierra right now, and there is the lightning also with the storm, so that is why they are looking out for the possibility of thunderstorm. they are under that winter storm warning until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, so not the time to travel up there. if you want to do that, wait till tomorrow but later in the day. as we head back to the bay, show you the clatter out there. temperatures testing milder at 58 and san francisco right now, 61 in napa. i will be back in just a little bit. we'll talk about what we can expect for the open it is game tomorrow and your weekend. despite what police say is overwhelming evidence, the nfl's most successful owner is working to clear his name. details on the court case
4:24 pm
involving robert kraft, next. to in for a monster lineup tonight. it is fox's hit series empire at 8:00, followed by star at night, and stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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a wisconsin man accused of kidnapping jayme closs and killing her parents pleaded guilty today. >> i'm pleading guilty on the kidnapping charge. yes. yes. >> jake peterson appearing in court in barron county, wisconsin. the 21-year-old admitted to kidnapping jayme closs and murdering her parents at the family's home in october. he held her at a cabin for 88 days before she managed to
4:27 pm
escape back in january. the two cans of potential homicide of the murders of james and denise closs each carry a sentence of life in prison. just a few months after winning a sixth super bowl, the owner of the new england patriots is now fighting to clear his name, but as rick leventhal reports that may be easier said than done. >> reporter: the nfl's most famous team over him to clear his name, pleading not guilty and demanding a jury trial on two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution at a florida massage parlor. if convicted, robert kraft faces 100 hours of community service and a $5000 fine, and the slight possibility of up to a year in jail. what is more certain is that the damage the reputation of the 77-year-old owner of the world champion new england patriots. >> that is the big mystery up in the year. what is the nfl ultimately going to do when they find he's responsible for this? even if he gets off on a technicality or is not exactly
4:28 pm
found guilty, the nfl could still move against it with some sort of partition harsh punishment. >> reporter: cameras reportedly recorded video evidence twice in two days, as the orchids of a leshara orchids of age are spa in jupiter, florida. as per raja caddell says players and owners will be held to the same standards. >> the personal conduct policy applies to everybody, commissioners, owners, executives, players, players, and it will be applied to everybody, but it will be done after we get all the facts. >> reporter: kraft apologized, saying he was truly sorry but denies exactly what for. kraft's lawyers are fighting to keep them in such part of video out of public view, but it could be used as evidence at trial. kraft's case is due back in court april 9. in miami, rick leventhal, fox news.
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a movement among state lawmakers. what happens today in an effort to keep the products out of the hands of those who are under age. boeing announces new safety features all in at an effort to try to get it 737 max planes flying again after those two deadly crashes. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. [ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more.
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4:32 pm
afternoon to that home on ritchie street fishery. the boy was visiting the home and did not live . right now, it's unclear if this was an accidental shooting, if the boy was somewhere able to ask a loaded gun or so were other circumstances that led to him being shot in the head. police say two other people have been detained, but would not do what the relationship is to the little boy. we will have much more on the story coming up in a live report at 5:00. boeing announced new safety features that will make the max jets ready to fly. customers have been grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes. ray bogan has more on the tough questions the airline faced and reaction. public boeing hopes new safety features will get max jets flying again by the end of april or may. boeing is trying to get its worldwide fleet of nearly 400 737 max jets in the year.
4:33 pm
the company and that the new safety features, including a software update to prevent the anti-stall system from his firing. out of the 737 is a safe airplane. the 737 family is a safe airplane family, and the 737 max builds on that tremendous history of safety. >> reporter: 737 max jets have been grounded in the u.s. for two weeks. the worldwide groundings prompted by dual fatal crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. in a senate hearing, the is administered in the hot seat answering questions from lawmakers. >> we actually don't know the cause of the crash. 's a lot more to find out to the investigation. >> is also scrutiny over safety features on the max jets that were optional and cost extra. >> it's very questionable. these were safety oriented additions, why they were not part of the required template of measures that should go into an airplane. >> reporter: the united states
4:34 pm
was one of the last country to ground the plane after the ethiopian airlines crash. secretary chao explaining at the time, the faa did not have any information which would mandate a grounding. southwest airlines announced thousands of canceled flights on the next that have contributed to $150 million less in revenue than projected. in a just and, american airlines has canceled all flights on the jets through april 24. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. to the push in california to ban flavored tobacco sylvia lawmakers in sacramento introduce legislation that would make it illegal to sell flavored tobacco products in stores and in vending machines. and this afternoon, this legislation got its first hearing in the state senate. for more on this proposal, we are joined by state senator steve glaser of miranda. thank you so much for being here. what you believe this is important to pass this legislation? >> well, the flavored e- cigarettes, vaping is becoming an epidemic at our schools, and the centers for disease control reported that 3.6 million students are now vaping in our middle and high schools.
4:35 pm
one out of every five students in high school are vaping, and the entry point for them are these flavored e-cigarettes marketed by these companies and way to appeal to our youth. they market and flavors like watermelon and strawberry, cotton candy all in an attempt to addict the next generation on this terrible product, so it's become a real, real problem. that what this legislation is advancing. >> tell me other products that will be covered under the ban. >> this ban would cover all flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. so this is something that has been a problem within the tobacco use. listen, what do the flavors do? they hide the taste of this poison, this nicotine poison going in people's bodies that is highly addictive, and so the companies have learned that the slavers are ways to combat that this taste of their products, and they use it to hook people, and they are hoping our youth.
4:36 pm
>> and what you say to the makers of these products, for example juul based in san francisco that say this is a legal product and they believe that every used to use this, and they try to make it so it does not get into the hands of young people. >> it's not enough. it's an epidemic proportions now, and while there may be good intentions by some, these companies it's a huge profit maker. there is a reason that austria, the makers of marlboro cigarettes are now a 35% investor in juul . it's a big money maker. nicotine is addictive. it's addictive and tobacco products, addictive with e-cigarettes, and these companies know where they can get the money, and that addicting our youth with these products. >> i'm going to imagine they are going to launch a pretty expensive effort to shoot down
4:37 pm
this proposal. how confident are you that you have the votes for it to pass? >> well, the bill got out of the senate health committee today. bipartisan forward. republican and democrats joined together to say we have to protect our kids. adult can make whatever choice they want to make about nicotine products, but we have to stop the next generation from being addicted you know we've got a great start today in the senate health committee, and i'm optimistic that when it comes to our kids, we are altogether on this. the adults to make their choices, do what they want, but we've got to protect our kids, so we got a good start today. >> senator steve glaser of orinda, we will be following this legislation as they move through. business owners and the san francisco fire chief seeking a solution after a woman was hit by a truck on a busy city street this morning. sara zendehnam has more on the investigation and effort to make the area safer for pedestrians. >> reporter: traffic is back to normal at second and bryant street on san francisco. a tow truck came and removed the truck about three hours after the incident happened. now residents and officials
4:38 pm
alike are trying to come up with solutions so this does not happen again. atypically busy san francisco intersection at a standstill this morning, after this truck hit a woman crossing the street. >> really sets the wishon, and we do wanted to keep recurring. >> reporter: the san francisco police department said happened around 6:45 a.m. the driver of a truck turned left from bryant street to second street, well a woman was walking the cross walk for second street p they both had green eyes, when the driver hit the woman. she was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. >> we are trying to hard to look at different solutions , and you know, even one of these is way too many. >> reporter: san francisco the fire department chief says she's brainstorming ideas. one possible solution to avoid another accident like this could be looking into removing the crosswalk. >> i see a time and time again. it's just a really busy intersection. this many interferences, but
4:39 pm
this is one for sure. card getting ready to go on the bridge, people rushing. we may need to rethink this. >> reporter: the threat is all- too-familiar for business leader leslie hennessey. >> myself, my wife, my employees always get killed in the crosswalk. >> reporter: hennessey's one a specialty food have been here for years. he things the best solution is more officers in the area to control traffic. >> people are dying to get on to the bay bridge, and they are stress from work, and they want to get through this really bad intersection, and there is no control of it of the light situation. >> reporter: whatever the answer may be, chief hayes' weiss said there's an issue. >> is a lot of competing interest. you got vehicles during the coming hour, you got deputies, bicyclists, and we want to make sure everyone is as safe as can be. >> we talked with the san francisco police department, and they know this is a heavily traveled area. they know they do have some officers patrol the area and do traffic control from time to time. in san francisco, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news.
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maybe you've heard of them, maybe you happen, but they are called nutria. they are large rodents that can go up to 20 pounds! coming up next, we are going to talk to state wildlife officials about the efforts to try to eradicate this invasive species. and i'm keeping an eye on the weather, where you can see behind me we've got some blue skies out there. they are very welcome, but we do have a little bit more rain in the forecast.
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let's take you back outside and take a look at the live conditions, and boy, what a beautiful picture of those rolling green hills and blue sky today. >> yeah, you kind of funny here like ahh! that is what the rain does though, right? you don't necessarily love the rain, but it sure looks pretty when those hills are green, and we are seeing a lot of that out there. it depends what direction you are looking at, so this is hands those a. they're starting to get a little bit of clearing. you see the sun trying to make its way. there one of the plot places to seek living. we are looking at san francisco. depending what direction you're looking at, cloudy out this way, so that is the story right now. we've got some really nice clearing, but we've also got a few spots hanging onto the clouds . those in the east they certainly have the rain later
4:44 pm
than everybody else. also the south bay. 59 degrees, napa 61, about 50 in livermore, and 62 in san jose. the wind has been whipping. if you walk outside here in oakland, at least your hair is blowing around. 31 mile-per-hour gusts in fairfield, about 25 miles per hour concord, and you can see we've got 23 mile-per-hour got back down in san francisco, so it's a little blustery out there. we've seen most of this now push off to our east. however, if you were in place a look livermore you still got a few showers falling, and that's going to be heading away for you as well, and you should start to get some clearing in there too, so if you are in richmond, novato, a lot of this not hitting the ground, but if it is your getting a sprinkle or two. all that moisture heading to the mountains, and the sierra is getting a lot of snow right now, and also lightning as you can see here and perhaps some thunder snow. i was looking at donner pass, a video of some trucks rolling through there. it is snowing and very slow to going. tonight we are going to see a little scattered showers, mostly in the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. as arlo
4:45 pm
dropped onto the upper 40s in san francisco, 50s in a couple spots, but mostly it will be a mid to upper 40s kind of night. tomorrow is cloudy skies in a little a few showers here and there throughout the day on thursday. and you will have the chance of showers in the afternoon . as we go later in the day, you'll see things start to improve and we'll get better as we work our way up to 58 degrees in san francisco. if you heading to the oakland a's and, i think you've got to bring the rain gear, especially if you're going to early to tailgate because we are going to have some of those spotty showers around. i don't think we will get downpours we had today, but at a 1:00 i think we could see a little bit of a shower, and i will show you on futurecast what i'm talking about here. this is tonight at 11:00. we are looking good. we get to the overnight hours, but here comes a little more rain rolling through, at this is now 3:00. again it is body. it does not look as concentrated as heavy as today, thursday at 11:00 p.m.
4:46 pm
we start to clear out, such as a for friday, and there we are. that is the subject as we head where the weekend. we will be looking good. not a lot of rain expected between now and friday morning . we're talking one/10th of an inch. if you heading to tahoe this weekend, they are under the winter storm warning until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, but all man is it going to look nice there this weekend when all that snow is on the ground. if you want to head up to ski, i think it's going to be terrific. we have one of our friends in the studio over here heading up there this weekend. i told him he picked the right weekend to try and his new snowboard. look at this go, guys. friday sunshine beautiful, that they warming up to 66, 70 on sunday. you don't see any rain there on the forecast saturday, sunday, or monday. we made it through the rain. how does the song go? and we are almost there comes a little sun now. we'll have a little rain tomorrow, and we will get through it. after tomorrow morning. >> duly noted. >> i won't be going, but if i were that is when i would head out. ladies, i have a favorite story.
4:47 pm
fish and one life efforts are continuing with their efforts to eradicate this, a large runner from the state's wet lines. it's been one year since the devilfish a while i began looking for nutria. that is what they are called. they can grow to be as large as 20 pounds. look at that till long tail right there. 410 of these rodents have been killed. mostly ladies likely in merced county, so it's a little bit away from here. we are joined by. tyra. he's a spokesperson for the california deposition wildlife. first of all, what is nutria? >> nutria our south american rodents that turn up in california in 2017 for the first time in almost 50 years. california has a bit of a long sordid history with nutria. they were brought to the state in the 1904 for farming . when the for market collapse, they were turned loose on the environment. this day declared them eradicated officially in the 1970s, and we had not seen one since 2017. >> what happened, where did
4:48 pm
they come from, how did they reappear again? >> we don't know, and we may never know. the issue, however, is that we have to deal with them while they are here. they are incredibly destructive and present all manner of problems. >> that's what i want to talk about. what problems do these rodents pose to the ecosystem and wetlands? >> we call them a triple threat because there are three big issues with nutria. one, they destroy wetlands in the california has lost most of its wetlands historically. these wetlands are needed by our native wildlife and the health of our state. secondly, they are in an agricultural past. they are a big concern to the agricultural community. and significantly, they are a public safety risk. nutria burrow into levies and dams in pitches, and that is the entire water infrastructure of california depending on drinking water, for irrigation, for flood control to protect our cities, so we don't have to
4:49 pm
imagine the catastrophe that could happen. we have seen in places like texas and new orleans, where they are overrun with nutria, so we don't want that here in california. >> how many do you think there are out there right? >> we don't know exactly. the problem is we keep finding more the more we look, and we are finding our methods looking carefully, so -- but we are hopeful and optimistic we are on top of the population and can once again remove them for the state, where they have no, you know, natural predators, no checks on their population. >> peter, and for that there was an issue in everglades what they were dumping their pythons in the everglades. the python population exploded. they had to launch this new initiative to get people to hunt these pythons. what you think can be done to get rid of the nutria out of the wetlands? >> now we have modeled our population on the chesapeake
4:50 pm
bay. chesapeake bay, the only incidents in the united states with this exceptionally eradicated nutria, so we are working closely with our colleagues there, some of the methods for trying to find nutria are getting them, this kind of thing. we are learning as we go. are scientist had to google what a nutria was the first time one showed up, so we are learning as we go. we get a lot of experience in that past year. we are becoming more successful all the time, and powerful to optimistic that we can remove them before their populations reached such a point that it is an operable. >> the first time i've heard of it, and the first time any of us have heard of a particular press, so we hope you are successful at getting rid of them. thank you so much for sharing this information. >> thank you, andre. alex is in this week for frank, and he joins us now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. a lot of questions this afternoon about what happened inside and oakland home. a lot we don't know. a 4-year-old boy shot in the head this afternoon and oakland. two people have now been detained. we'll have an update on the still developing story.
4:51 pm
our crew at the scene just talked to a family friend about what may have led up to the shooting. also, thinking outside the box to address one of the top concerns of many bay area residents. >> unique way to prevent homelessness that started to have more than 500 southbay families, and it involves paying them to help them stay in their homes. see how well it is working coming up tonight at 5:00. thanks so much, alex. next on "the four," how the state of north carolina has once again made aviation history. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
4:52 pm
the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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4:54 pm
the trump administration announced that an american will return to the moon in the next five years. u.s. as not first landed on the moon nearly 50 years ago and now vice president mike pence said it's time to make the next giant leap. the vice president may be an answer before the national space cancel in huntsville, alabama. if nasa is not up to the task, the administration will turn to commercial rockets to complete the mission. north carolina and another spot in the record books for making history in the air, this time with drones. brett larson has more. >> reporter: the tar heel state knows a thing or two about flying. the wright brothers after all who did it first here in 1903. apropos the north carolina has notched another itchy minute aviation, only this time no need for an orrville or another. drugs are used for special delivery at campus in lake med hospital in raleigh, the first
4:55 pm
time the faa has allowed regular commercial flights like this were a payload is involved. in this case, we are talking the lab work. >> it's very common, perhaps, to have to wait several hours to transport a lab table across from one of our civilities to our main lab, and that is the standard right now. >> reporter: the status quo not good enough for the medical staff your, so they enlisted the help from the men and women in brown, ups. it is not an especially long >> reporter:, about 1/3 of a mile, but with six trips a day, five days a week, there will be savings for the hospital. >> we believe drone technology provides a clear route for better effectiveness and efficiency. likes patients and staff you will also benefit from this pilot program. >> that technology can potentially shorten that down to a minute, and the benefits to our patients a clear. we can get them a result faster, and that helps our people take care of them, their
4:56 pm
patients much more efficiently. >> reporter: earlier this month, the faa allowed drunks to deliver defibrillators to heart attack patients everything that schedule. making north carolina first for a second time. in new york, brett larson, fox news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is up next. we will see you here at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. a 4-year-old boy shot in the head and oakland. tonight, he's in critical condition at a local hospital. police say a man and woman are detained in connection with the shooting. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm alex savidge. frank is off tonight. this afternoon, we saw and oakland police officer tacking a gun and putting it inside an evidence box. more than a dozen police cars were at this home that was surrounded by crime scene tape. the child was shot inside a home on ritchie street about a block west of bankrupt and near the east oakland pride elementary school. alyana gomez joining us live now from the scene with the latest information you are learning, alyana? >> reporter: alex, julie, good
5:00 pm
evening to you. i'm going to set the scene for you because things have changed in the last hour. there was a large police presence at 4:00, and the many police officers have been leaving this time, while some investigators are still inside here. you can see that tan home with the red vehicle in the driveway. there is no investigators outside of the home where the shooting happened, and of course inside continuing to gather evidence and process the scene. you mentioned that gun that was seen via sky fox there. all of the evidence we are told has already been removed from the scene, and now they are still trying to work to figure out exactly what happened inside of the house. now we do know and we are getting an update on the 4-year- old boy's condition. we learned in the last 15 minutes or so from friends of the family. they said that the child is in stable condition and that the bullet may have just grazed his head. that is what we are hearing from family and friends. we have had not been confirmed by police just yet, but we are told that child is at children's hospital. again, initially said he was in critical condition, but we are


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