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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 28, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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would take rain gear. too much is on the way as the system makes the move on shore upper 50s, low 60s, improving conditions but rain around. it's not much to the north yet. that's kind of light. it's picking up for some out towards solano county and areas near the san mateo coast near the santa cruz mountains picking up heading over to the east bay. our system arrived and continues to move in. we're getting the leading edge of that as a ways to go as it sweep across. cloudy to mostly cloudy. off and on rain. there's enough to dampen spirits. look for rain to continue for the morning hours. the low starts to move out and high pressure kicks in starting tomorrow. 50s and 60s on your temps. these are below average for this time of year. 5:00 in the morning, the east bay commute. this is for people trying to get to the east bay. a lot of people come from the
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tracey commute. i want to make sure we're here on 580. 205 is slow from the 11th street exit out towards tracey triangle driving out to dublin. it looks already. there haven't been major delays. the morning commute is obviously better than the afternoon commute. the morning commute has been good the last few days. we see the slow traffic i talked about getting to caster valley we don't have any unusual things going on on interstate 880. a reminder today is the home opener. bay bridge, a little bit of a backup in far left lanes. that's about all. 5:01, back to the desk. thank you sal. topping our news, a 4-year-old is fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself in the head. it happened yesterday afternoon in oakland while the child was at a family friend's house. 4-year-old jackson was rushed to children's hospital in critical condition.
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police are working to determine who owned the gun and how the boy got his hands on it. the family says 2 boy found the gun beneath a bed and the shooting was an accident. >> police detained two people including a woman who's believed to be the little boy's mother. so far no charges have been filed. time 5:02. investigators are looking into an parent murder suicide at a camp 6 site near the coastline. it happened at ocean cove campground north of timber cove. eight peers 71-year-old robert wade fatally shot his own wife maria in the trailer before turning the gun on himself. their dog was killed as well as. investigators say they determine the couple had extensive medical and financial issues. berkeley police are investigating the confrontation that left one with a stab wound
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and another with a bad head injury. police responding to a report of a stabbing after 8:00 last night near cedar street in north berkeley. police found one had been stabbed, another suffered a head injury after being hit by a chain. both were taken to the hospital. a man is seen pushing an 85- year-old demonstrator to the ground. this happened last thursday outside the planned parenthood building. the two scuffled for a while. the attacker could be charged with robbery with force and elder abuse. three auto burglary suspects are in custody following a chase that began in san mateo. police say the suspects jumped in a car, sped off as police approached them in a parking lot. this happened before 8:00 last night. police chased the suspects over the san mateo bridge into
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hayward where police say the suspect backed up and rammed a chp vehicle there. officers caught up with them . >> no weapons were fired or anything like. that it's a piece of resolution. no officers were injured. we're happy to say. that we have three individuals in custody that need to be off the streets. >> police will look into whether suspects are connected to other auto burglars in the area. a demand for san jose to find awe new place for the city sanctioned camp. it must be vacated by saturday. there had been plans to move the camp to land owned by the water district, but the district end 9 up rejecting that plan. late this morning, advocates announced what they will plan to do next. san mateo's mayor will lead the ground breaking ceremony
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entoiled bay meadows racetrack site. the project will create 68 places for people to live. the first tenants are expected to move in november of next year. we have new information about the man who's body was found in coyote lake. a body identified as 40-year- old marquez. police say he did not appear to have a perm gnat home. a hiker discovered the man's body over a week ago. police say there's no sign marquez was a crime victim. the man convicted in the deadly shooting at the university in oakland has died in prison. juan had been auguring student in the school and convicted of killing seven classmates and injuring three in 2012. he died last wednesday in the california state prison near folsom. the medical examiner is working
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to determine the cause of death. he had been serving seven consecutive life sentences. a man convicted in a car attack will no longer face the death penalty. he made a deal with prosecutors. he pleaded guilty to 29 hate crime charges. a jury did find him guilty of plowing his car into a crowd of people protesting in charlotsville two years ago. one woman was killed and 35 injured. in seattle, two were killed and two critically injured when a gunman randomly opened fire at car and a metro bus. it happened late yesterday afternoon in the lake city neighborhood. the suspect was arrested after he carjacked a vehicle and crash into another car. the metro bus driver was among those wounded. hailed aced a hero for drivers passengers to safety despite the injury. the chemical company says it will appeal the jury award
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to a santa rosa man 70-year-old hardman. he said the weed killer was a substantial factor in him contracting cancer. his lawsuit is one of hundreds nod or shake same claim. bare which owns the company says there's a scientific research showing round up is safe. a similar lawsuit will begin today by a couple. the high school campus was closed today because of a threat of violence. the school district says the threat is deemed not credible. they'll have police presence on campus providing support for inane needs it. the same school has been the scene of racist graffiti earlier this month. one family said their son was one of the targets. >> unfortunately, the adults who should be in charge have
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not given the leadership to say in no uncertain terms that hate, bigotry, and evil acts will not be tolerated. >> the school says four students were found responsible for the graffiti but the unified school district says there's no connection between that vandalism and yesterday's threat. no pleasant hill, a task force is working to address racist graffiti found on campus. there's been two separate incident this is month. both were found in rest registered nurse rooms on campus. the task force will address the graph fitty and engage the campus in a broader discussion. time to play baseball. oakland a's home opener is this afternoon. fans should get there nice and early. parking lot opening statements
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at 8:00 this morning. first pitch 1:07. the cast of hamilton will sing the national anthem. cocoa chris will throw out the first pitch. fans get rally towels prior to game. joe fonzi will join us for the home opener of the season. blue jays decided to trade this guy. 35 years old, expect today play first base while matt olson is recovering. morales is in a final year of a three year contract. toronto will be responsible for $10 million of his $12 million left of his one year deal. giants open at san diego today and will play against the padres first pitch 1:10 at
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petco park. their home opener is next friday, april 5 th. they'll take on the tampa bay rays. one winning powerball ticket was sold in wisconsin. the jackpot of $768 million is the fourth largest in u.s. history. the winner could take the lump sum pay out of $477 million. the top prize rolled over for three months with no big winner since the day after christmas. here are the winning numbers. the powerball is 12. we did learn that one ticket sold in san mateo and one in san jose matched five of six numbers. they'll get close to $3 million before taxes. not so bad. >> if we only had those numbers yesterday. >> life would be grand. coming up next, deputies are using new tactics to catch suspected criminals when we
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come back. how they used a popular social media app to track down and arrest the accused drug dealer. hear what berkeley's mayor had to say about parking rvs on the streets overnight. right now we transition from overnight to early morning, westbound 24 looks good. it's a little crowded in lafayette. plenty of room on your way to oakland. rain moving through. nothing tooh it will be with us. it's not just to the north this time. it stretches down to santa cruz mountains. we'll look at what's in store as we head to the weekend. forward
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that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. . welcome back. i man accused of using the social media app snapchat to sell drugs has been arrested. hard these was arrested after multiple undercover drug deals. more than 1000 xanax pills worth $30,000, $38,000 in cash, several guns including two reported stolen. martinez was arrested for drug sales and child endangerment. a federal judge is ordering jail officials to stop depriving female inmates of their sleep time. yesterday's ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by two inmates at the jail. they claim their sleep was
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being interrupted each hour by cell checks and other noise. the judge ordered the changes to limit the number of times female inmates are disturbed during the overnight hours. we're hearing from berkeley's mayor about the decision to ban rvs from overnight street parking. >> we're seeing significant impacts. since february, there were 149 complaints, needles, feces, illegal dumping, aggressive behavior, blocking access to driveways. >> the ban was approved tuesday night. the mayor says it will not be enforced 6 to 8 months. that will give the city enough time to work out the permit system and find a location for the rvs. the city hopes to find permanent housing. the plan is getting the push back allowing homeless people to sleep in their cars.
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alameda county supervisors are considering the homeless to be able to use the hospital parking lot on a nightly basis. those living nearby are against that plan. >> you expose the area and let everybody know, there's a big open area here. we're taking in folks that have issues where homeless people. that's going to bring more. >> no decision was made last night. similar programs are underway in the east bay cities including oakland and union city. city of san jose is expanding the pilot program. it's called destination home. it offers financial assistance, legal services, child care help to those in need. 540 were helped by the plan. several of them were able to stay in their homes. >> we're getting feedback saying if not for these systems, i'd be living under a
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bridge. >> we're doubling down, scaling up the program because we've seen it works. >> city of san jose allocating $4 million to expand destination home. the program received private donations from companies locoingle and like google and cisco. this morning, chains are require on interstate 80 and highway 50. ski resorts including kirkwood, heavenly, alpine have extended the ski season through memorial day because of all the snow. looks like roads should be okay by friday. no basketball right now. >> opening day for hoopsters
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may take time. >> friday might be okay. >> frank is right. 80 and 50 have chain requirements now we'll ask steve if maybe it will snow there later. right now you need the chains unless you have 4 wheel drive and snow tires on your vehicle. gilroy to san jose looks good continuing up into the valley. looks nice up to the valley. we look at commutes. if you're trying to get a commute with slow traffic, right now is the time. also on the peninsula and east bay, we look around. 580 has slow traffic eastbound after highway 13. that's about it. we go to the daily city area. traffic looks good. today is the a's home opener. people arrive early, open the gates at 8:00. this afternoon, i'm more concerned about everyone leaving the game at the same
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time. here we are, 5:19. almost 5:19. you can see traffic is backed up. the meter lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza let's bring stephen. >> i'll take a look at our system mom producing some rain. for the a's home opener, i would take the rain gear. as the game goes on, it would improve. it's getting closer to upper 50s, low 60s on the temps. looking at the rainfall for the water year going back to october 1st. they're at 41, 63. i know our observer is up to 76, maybe 77 by now. san francisco's getting close 23, 22. the annual average 2365. should be early april i would
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think. oakland 102%. need to get to 2081. san jose doing quite well 190%. they're at 1478. they need to get to 1582. i'll go out on a wet limb and say they'll all get there. everybody will by the time we get to april 6th. looks to be a good system around then. not much to the north, scattered activity lake county. more in solano county heading to fairfield. going along interstate 80 fairfield, travis. it starts to pick up on the peninsula. not a lot. little bit is showing up across redwood city. even some now in the santa cruz mountains. our system is beginning to make it's move inland. the low funnels in this system. we have a ways to go further north, better opportunity for rain. it's making it to the santa
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cruz mountains. looks like everybody is in on it today versus yesterday. the system will give us off and on rain, nothing too heavy. the low will fill, weaken by tomorrow. improving weather over the weekend. 50s and 60s cooler to the north. closer about 64, 65. that's not happening. improving conditions on the weekend. low to mid 70s. looks like march is going out like a lamb there. april is going to be active. >> okay. thank you steve. another group has been banned from facebook. coming up, the rent took so long for the company to include white nationalists as part of the hate speech. amazon giving away free tickets with travels accommodations. how to enter up next.
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. a new audit finds the california dmv did not plan for federally approved driver's licenses. the poor planning left dmc dmv offices will long lines all over the state. dmv officials agreed with the findings is and say they're trying to implement new practices to streamline the process. in today's dollars and cents, san francisco's lyft
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raising the target prize of ipo between 70 and $72 a share. the new price final amount is set tonight. shares start trading tomorrow morning. interest in the ipo is high even though lyft has never turned a profit. a number of bay area tech companies are planning layoffs in the coming months. sap, paypal, insta cart have aall talked about he have job cuts early april through may. the decision comes less than two weeks after the shootings at two mosques in new zealand. the suspected sheet streamed those shootings on facebook. the social media network says it did not ban white nationalist expressions earlier
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because they were linked to broader con cements of american pride. several groups urged facebook to change the poll i. policy. now more than half of women over the age of 40 have dense breast tissue making cancer harder to detect. under the fda proposal, all women would receive a short summary including advice to speak to their doctor about additional testing. 35 states already require notification for patients with dense breast tissue. amazon giving away tickets. one could win vip tickets. all you have to do is post a self-if selfie with the amazon
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locker hashtag. quite the festival. a lot of attire needed. many are following the case against jussie smollett and baffled after the charges were dropped. after the break, here from the state attorney as she defends her department's actions . the president is weighing in. >> democrats want to see the full mueller probe released. some are talking ability releasing the classified documents that led to the investigation in the first place. i'm in washington. we'll have more on that. the . right now we see traffic that is moving well in oakland today for the home opener. more people are showing up. later this afternoon, you may see slow traffic in this area. redwood city, more getting
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rain. there's another system that starts to make it's move.
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good morning everyone. it is thursday, the weekend is approaching march 28th. i'm frank in for dave clark today >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve says a little rain if you're headed to the a's game.
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>> just a smidge. this is a wish forecast. we wish it wouldn't rain. >> not a wig downpour. >> there will be rain. >> little wet. >> a colleague and i were talking yesterday and said if they bump it to 7:00, we'd feel a lot better. so if you're going, i would plan on rain early. it would be better throughout the game. i don't think it will get rained out. there's rain and cool temps. upper 50s to low 60s. south wind picking up. rain is beginning to show itself to the north. not too much. watch off the coast getting closer out toward solano county. there's been decent cells going through. fairfield out of the forecast area. now moving on shore, marine county. look at peninsula. that is most active toward union city and free mont going right over. stanford. that looks to be strongest in
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the series now. towards the mountains, still some moving through heading over to the valley yesterday to the north, 9:00 or 0 then it moves south. the system will continue to rotate. 40s and 50s, we are cooler than yesterday by 10 degrees. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. decreasing in the afternoon. temperatures staying on the cool side with 50s and 60s. 5:32. i know things picked up at 5:19. i imagine they're heavier now. >> there is more slow traffic. you're right steve. good morning to you at home. if you're driving in solano county, let's go there and talk about interstate 80 driving in. there's been a couple minor issues that may slow traffic for the long term later on. 80w you can see there's slow traffic here through vallejo. there was a crash before the scales as you come in through the junction and head over to
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vallejo in the fairfield area. on the connector ramp to eastbound 80, there was a collision there. so far, driving into vallejo doesn't look too watch most is still a clear drive. looking at the bridge looks all right. here's the toll plaza. 5:33, let's go back to the desk. >> tthank you sal. a 4-year-old is fighting for his life after an accidental shooting. two adults are taken into custody. investigators are working to learn the circumstances surrounding the shooting. san francisco police are looking for a man that attacked an 85-year-old protestor outside a planned parenthood clinic. the attacker could be charged with robbery with force and elder abuse. in classes at the high
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school in fairfield will resume this morning. the school district says the threat is deemed not credible. they'll increase police presence on campus as well as provide support for anyone that needs it. more on a developing story in the north bay. police in hillsburg are investigating a homicide that happened last night on canyon run. alyssa joins us live at the scene with the latest on that investigation. good morning. >> good morning. there's still an active scene here. there's a few police officers left. i can tell you these are the canyon run apartments. we don't know exactly what happened at this point. i did call the hillsburg police department. i was told they had to wait a couple hours for a lieutenant to come in and he'd give me the information. we know there's an active homicide investigation. this is on canyon run.
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we took a drive up the street. there's a lot of large homes. seems like a quiet neighborhood. this apartment complex is quiet this morning. there's not anybody out. we're not typically up here for homicides. this is unusual. we're trying to figure out the circumstances. there's a police officer inside the park lots. we know this happened last night at 7:00 p.m. they have been actively investigationing since then. hopefully we'll have a better update for you later on this morning. live in hillsburg, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump's post mueller victory lab continues with a trip to the midwest. live in washington dc this morning, the president wants to release documents related to the report. good morning doug. >> good morning. the president is talking about releasing some of the early documents, classified documents that really led to this investigation in the first
5:36 am
place. demeanors demeanordemocrats are making their own case. >> we have seen boisterous trump rallies before. the one in michigan could be off the charts. with mueller's probe in the rear-view mirror, the suspect is turning attention to how the investigation began. some believe this could lead to wrong doing in the fbi. >> it was treason. if the republican party had done this to democrats or we had done this to president trump, you'd have 100 people in jail now. it would be treason. >> democrats between see the mueller report and all supporting documents that could amount to millions of pages. they're trying to take the case the president obstructed justice. >> we should be able to see the mueller report with a few appropriate actions. >> other democrats are moving
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on including some that are going to push for impeachment. >> a president does not have to commit a crime to be impeached. >> democratic leaders are pumping the breaks on impeachment talk for now. >> teresa may is willing to resign. she is prepared to leave the job earlier than intended in order to do what's right for the country. she did not give an exact date. parliament rejected prime minister's brexit plan twice. she's expected to bring a third vote to the plan in the coming days. well we are now hearing that the fbi is looking into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of criminal charges against actor jussie smollett. president trump took to twitter this morning saying, quote, fbi and doj to review the
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outrageous case in chicago. it's an embarrassment to our nation. >> many were surprised tuesday when prosecutors in chicago dropped all 16 felony charges against smollett. he was accused of lying to police about being attacked. charges were dropped in exchange for community service and forfeiture of his bond. >> 5700 people have participated in alternative prosecution cases. >> kim fox had recused herself from the case before smollett was charged because she had discussed the case with one of his family members. happening today, a san francisco man accused of toss a puppy in a trash shoot is
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scheduled in court. the puppy was found badly injured in a dumpster and apartment complex on otis street february 25th. the four month old chihuahua mix fell down a shoot and stayed in the dumpster for four days, no food no water. veterinarians had to amputate one of the legs because of extent of his injuries. that puppy has been adopted by one of the investigating officers. a free debris removal program for flood victims in the russian river is about to come to an end. piles of debris cover the towns along the lower russian river area. saturday will be the last day the county is offering free curb side removal. after that, people could face fines for illegal dumping. >> following completion of the program, they're subject to code against illegal dumping.
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>> residents will be given a 24 hour notice before being cited. people with special needs can ask the public works for a short extension of that deadline. 5:40 your time. there's i don'ts that bay area school districts can't seem to fill. coming up, why there's a growing shortage of school bus drivers. plus we're going to explain new it standardized testing proposals. your commute so far not bad. it's not raining in most areas. that could change. we'll let you know where it's going to be affecting the morning commute.
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. welcome back.
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both says it's about ready to roll out safety systems for the max 737 jets. the company invited pilots to the seattle facility to ex plain changes to the flight control system. it will require pilots to take and pass the test on flight control software before they're allowed to fly the 737 max jets. both made the announcement at the same time lawmakers were accused of having a cozy relationship. members of congress questioned how the agency certified the max jets grounded after two deadly overseas crashes. senators questioned the acting faa administrator about how and why aircraft companies helped the agency certify their loan planes. >> faa decided to do safety on the cheap and put the fox in charge of the hen house. >> close relationship between industry and regulator threatened to erode trust in the entire system. >> the faa says the way it
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works with aircraft makers holds down costs, speeds up production and can make it less likely the manufacture will bury problems it knows about. the transportation department inspector general says the faa plans to significantly change how it oversees development of new aircraft. there's no indication they plan to abandoned the collaborative approach it currently uses. state lawmakers are suggesting changes to standardized testing procedures following the nationwide college 6 admission scandal. it would allow administering of exams on campus of free. prosecutors say wealthy parents bribed proctors to take exams for their children to change scores. teachers in santa rosa stand to receive a 7% pay raise over two years. a tentative agreement includes
5:45 am
3% salary increase the first year and 4% the year after that. the deal includes $1500 in medical benefits. the tentative agreement must be ratified by the school board and teacher's union. the district is dealing with a shortage of school bus drivers. there's 15 openings for drivers. the district says it's been tough for qualified people to fill the void. shortage of drivers impacting 85 bus routes. >> if we don't have enough drivers, they're doubling up on routes. we have to get kids to and from school safely and on time. sometimes we're a few minutes late. >> that bus driver shortage is a problem in other school districts. a memo park commission
5:46 am
allowed a property own tore remove seven redwood trees. the property owner says they're a safety hazard. the building has damage to the structural foundation, and he says the trees are in way of repairs. some repealed for the environmental commission to save the trees. the commission voted last night to deny the appeal. >> last year we lost 700 trees. over the years, we've lost millions of trees to drought. >> this is a safety issue. this is so the building occupants will be safe. >> 14 new trees will be planted where the seven are cut down. the trees could be removed as early as summer. a woman is expected to make a full recovery after a tree fell on her car yesterday
5:47 am
afternoon. the sheriff's office tweeted this photo and say the woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the tree was removed and road reopened about 90 minutes later. we'll keep that road theme going and check in with sal to see how we're doing on a wet thursday. sal? >> it is wet out there. i'm looking around to see if i see anything major. let me see if i can dial up the commute. here we go. traffic is going to be a little slow on the altamonte pass as you drive on 205 and 580. just been looking around to check a little slow traffic on highway 4 as you drive into concord from bay point. the commutes are about the same. northernle on 205 and 580. gets better in liver more. out to pleasanton, it's fine. beginning to see more life here
5:48 am
as you pass the oakland, coliseum. we've been crowded for a half hour. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay. no problems on the bridge it's going to be wet today. >> starting already for some. looks like the biggest cells are over headed to free mont, union city. we'll take a look in a second. cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. i'd plan on some rain if you're headed out early for the a's home opener. during the day, it should improve. leading up to game time, i expect rain to move through the area. there's a lot of waterfalls. for the year 3628 they're well above. getting close for san francisco. need to get to 2365. i would think by april 6th, everyone here should go over, maybe oakland as well. san jose doing well.
5:49 am
they need to get to 1582. 109% of normal. my gosh. i remember a lot was due in february. it and miss today north. beginning to pick up off the coast. you can see that moving northward. cloudy with some rain. also up towards solano heading to the sacramento valley, this went right over. it's on the peninsula headed over around the done barton bridge as well as free mont, affordenwood, new ark. that line is stretching over stanford. even picking up in the santa cruz mountain, scotts valley over to 17 back to santa cruz the system is moving through because the low is starting to generate that system. we have a ways to go. it's not a strong system. it's enough to give us cloudy guys and rain. 40s 5:00s, cooler compared to yesterday.
5:50 am
yesterday was north of the goaden gate. today it's south. i'll look for cloudy skies to continue through the morning hours. we should get a wreak later this afternoon. there's not a lot of rain couple 100th. going into april looks wet. we're not done yet with rain. favoring more in the morning than the afternoon. high pressure builds in giving us a warmer pattern going to the weekend. below average temperatures 50s and 60s. should be warmer than. that we'll turn that around starting tomorrow and taking us into the weekend. frank? >> thank you steve. a friend accused of pushing her friend over a bridge last summer learns her fate. the sentence handed down and the message the teen had for her former friend coming up.
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. back at 5:53. a woman is sentenced to two days in jail for pushing her friend off a bridge in washington state. joel here being pushed off the bridge went viral last summer. she broke six ribs and punctured her lungs in the fall. 19 veal taylor smith pled guilty to a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment last
5:54 am
week. >> didn't ask for this. last summer, my said to be good friend changed my life for the worst. >> i'd like to apologize to jordan, her family and friends, for pain and humiliation i have caused. >> smith was ordered to serve 38 days on a work crew. she's foot loued to contact jordan for the next two years. an east bay teenager has been accepted to a high school in concord. at the same time, he's honoring the legacy of a cousin killed. home of 13-year-old terrence josh carr is filled with academic and sports awards. he's a star baseball player, 4.1 gpa. he's named after his cousin terrence kelly, a football star who was gunned down in 2004 two days before going to university of oregon on a football scholarship. >> i wanted to carry on the legacy and get into that school since i was like in third to fifth grade. so when i heard i got in, it
5:55 am
was just a relief. >> we're pleased to inform you that you've been accepted as a ninth grade student in our 2019- 20 success program. >> some feel there's pressure on the teen living in his cousin's name. a ceremony is held this morning for a traveling vietnam memorial now in the town of windsor. it's a replica of the vietnam memorial in washington dc. it's two thirds the size and instead made of synthetic granite. it features the names of 58,000 americans killed in vietnam or later died from wounds suffered in the war. the sacred display is open to public around the clock until sunday afternoon. >> to us, it's a pilgrimage. we've got to remember, you
5:56 am
know? they don't teach this in school. we just got to keep remembering. you can view the memorial at the wilson ranch soccer park on cameron drive. there's no charge, but donations are appreciated. the display travels to 30 cities each year. after windsor, it will head north to oregon. it's not the most well known candidate running for president but drawing interest here in the bay area mid western democrat campaigning today in san francisco coming up. good morning. we have traffic on the bridge. the bay bridge driving into san francisco. that look good. it's moving along in an orderly fashion. there's a back up at the toll plaza we'll tell you what that is coming up. a little bit of rain moving through from the peninsula over towards free mont. based on off and on rain, not a
5:57 am
big system but enough. we'll generate some more.
5:58 am
. a little boy in oakland is in critical condition after he
5:59 am
shoots himself. his family and eyewitnesses describe how it all happened. it's the a's home opener at the oakland coliseum. we'll have a look inside the stadium and talk about features fans can enjoy here this season. good morning. thank you for joining us thursday, friday eve, march 28th. i'm pam cook. >> bring it on. we love our thursday and friday too. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. steve is here with news of more rain. >> yes. >> not a lot but some. >> enough to rain on the a's game. >> i don't think it will get rained out, but there's going to be some. if you're going out to the game, take the umbrella to cover everything. i believe there's rain. mainly for the morning and by afternoon, we'll see improving conditions. upper 50s, 60s. not a lot to the north yet.
6:00 am
beginning to pick up. had a decent began going out. coredelia. the strongest is across the peninsula heading to free mont. i would think there's a little bit of rain on the bridge. see the system over to free mont, new ark. some rain there. as well down to santa cruz mountains. not a lot but enough to dampen things. low is rotating in. one more piece of energy. 40s, 50s, cooler on temps. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. off and on rain. nothing too heavy. tomorrow better conditions. we'll take that into the weekend. below normal temps 50s and 60s. 6:00 in the morning, sal is here to tell you. we're going to lo


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