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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 28, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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have caused. >> smith was also ordered to serve 30 days in a work crew and is not allowed to contact jordan for two years. the investigation into jussie smollett far from over. what the president had to say this morning. we are alive for the aids home opener. why fans will want to get there early. a first for america's favorite family. the woman behind one of our favorite simpsons characters joins us to tell us what she is doing for the first time. good morning. look at this, take me out to the ballpark. it is opening day at the coliseum. all 30 teams are in action. the giants are in san diego the
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a's home opener is this afternoon. they are hosting the angels. >> time to turn it up a notch. we are live in the parking lot of the coliseum. there is a lot of food options inside of the ballpark. of course at a number of other ballparks this upcoming season. the minnesota twins are offering a broomstick. it is a 2 foot long hot dog. >> i don't know if i can do it. the houston astros has a highflying dog. and the pirates are selling something called the pittsburgh cone. it includes a swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and russian dressing. >> and oracle park the other day i went and had my wisconsin
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hot dog or sausage. it is really good with sauerkraut. it is phenomenal and my recommendation. today is the a's home opener. the game does not start until 1 pm but there are already people tailgating. >> we have been out there all morning long. getting a crowd now. >> reporter: yes. you can find a lot of different cuisine here. the grills are going, it smells like lighter fluid and all kinds of things being cooked. they are even making omelettes here at some of these tailgating events. we have a crowd of several dozen people. this is just one end of the parking lot. a lot of enthusiastic people ready including by the fans as i would consider them. dana morgan, how many years have you been coming to opening day? >> about 37 consecutive.
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>> reporter: what makes it different this year? >> it is just going to be better. we had a great year last year and this year is going to be better. this is what the best part is. >> some of the same people you have been seeing year after year. >> my husband and i fit in the left bleachers. we are all family, that is what we call each other. >> the a's had a great season last year, why do you think this year is going to be the year? >> it can only get better. >> reporter: this is a holiday for us. >> just in time for the weekend. >> i know. . >> reporter: thanks so much. you can see a lot of the stuff going on here. all kinds of food and beverages. i was really impressed by this set up. they are grilling omelettes.
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that is what you do at a tailgate at 9 am. people here having a good time. the game starts at 1 pm. the tailgaters are expected to be out throughout the morning and throughout the day. hout the day. meantime, the giants open the season this afternoon down south in san diego. madison bumgarner making his fifth opening day start. he will face a quite imposing lineup that now includes manny machado. in the off-season the giants home opener next friday, april 5 against tampa. we are now hearing the fbi is looking into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of criminal charges against jussie smollett. president trump was on twitter this morning. here is what he said. said.
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many people were surprised on tuesday when prosecutors dropped all 16 felony charges against jussie smollett for allegedly lying about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. san francisco police are trying to identify case where a man is seen pushing an 85-year-old demonstrated to the ground. this is outside the planned parenthood building. the video shows the two scuffling before the protester on the ground was being kicked. police say the attacker could be charged with robbery and elderly abuse. police are investigating a deadly stabbing and say they have arrested the 18-year-old brother of the victim. it happened around 7:00 last night at an apartment complex. earlier this morning we spoke to a man who told us he is the father of the victim. he said that his son was visiting from santa rosa and
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was stabbed during an argument. this is the first homicide in hillsboro in two years. new information about a person under arrest in connection to a boy who accidentally shot himself. the suspect was living with the child at last word the boy was ill at children's hospital with life-threatening injuries. we are in the newsroom where we have been in contact with police. >> reporter: we learn from the oakland police department that they have arrested a man who lives at the home where the boy shot himself. however, the boy does not live there. the woman and boy were visiting that man. she was questioned and released. we do know that family members identify the little boy as navan jackson. police were called to the home wednesday afternoon. family members say the boy found a gun under a bed, it was
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apparently unlocked and loaded. the boy accidentally shot himself in the head. they did take the handgun into evidence. we now know terrence wilson has been arrested. his brother spoke to us hours after that shooting. >> everyone knows that i got should be locked up. the situation, i don't know why. i can't tell you why it wasn't locked up. i can tell you it was an accident. >> family and friends describe the boy as a happy, playful kid. a woman who identified herself as an aunt says the family has lost several relatives to gun violence. they say the family has already been through a lot and are heartbroken over what is happening. we're told the man will likely be facing child endangerment charges. all of those charges are still being looked at by the district attorney's office. wilson remains jailed this morning. morning.
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a task force is working to address racist graffiti found on campus at diablo valley college. there have been two separate incidents this month. the messages targeted african- american and middle eastern immigrants. the task force will address the racist graffiti and engage the campus in a broader discussion. a democratic presidential candidate is appearing at an event tonight. he is the mayor of south bend, indiana and is scheduled to speak at at 6:30 pm. he is 37 years old and the youngest candidate in this crowded field. he is also the first openly candidate. tonight's program is sold out. it is opening day. obviously we were asked right off the bat about the possibility fans might be rained on.
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>> if it does rain it will not last long. they will play. at least there is sunshine. it is one of those hit or miss forecast. it may fall near them or around them, partly cloudy skies. there is a system coming in and that is a system that has to sweep through mainly north of the golden gate. there are pretty good lightning strikes embedded in there. you can see those already moving into mendocino county. already moving in toward santa rosa. we do have isolated cells. some big ones moving through. it looks like they are falling apart. still some rain. that is what we are dealing with, some sun, clouds and showers, but overall it is okay. once the system goes through will get a break and that will start on friday and take us into the weekend. there may be rained today, it looks to be more north of the golden gate. warmer temperatures will take
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us into the weekend. 60s and 50s today. we are looking for break as we go into the weekend. >> the weekend looks phenomenal. coming up next, questions about the effectiveness of sanctuary laws right here in california. and a report revealing many agencies are using legal loopholes. there is a new show in california and you can watch it right here on ktvu. expect to see a lot of big names hashing it out. we have the host joining us next to talk about what we can expect.
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armed forces say they have been taking back control of an oil tanker hijacked by immigrants. authorities say they hijacked them after they were rescued off the coast of libya. officials say the hijackers were forcing the crew to go toward northern europe.
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they were taken off the tanker after it docked. many police agencies are cooperating in spite of the state sanctuary law. the report found 40% of police agencies are using legal loopholes. the state sanctuary law prohibits law enforcement officers from helping federal authorities to attain immigrants except in cases of violence or a serious felony. the us customs and border protection commissioner held a news conference in texas yesterday. it said the number of asylum- seekers is on track to be the highest in decades. they also say there are tens of thousands of migrants being held at the border. this means asylum-seekers are allowed to pursue claims in court, which could take years.
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>> we are facing an unprecedented border security crisis along our southwest water. nowhere has it manifested more acutely than here in el paso. on monday and tuesday cbp darted the day with more than 12,000 migrants in our custody. as of this morning that number was 13,400. >> the commissioner blames the crisis on the vulnerabilities in the us legal system. they also say migrants know they will be able to stay in the country during the pending proceedings. we are excited to announce we have a new political show called the issue is that will air saturday morning at 6:30 pm. the show's host this year in studio to talk about what you have on the show. so much energy. everyone from the big politicians right in the middle of it all to celebrities. tell me about the mission.
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it is not just about talking about the serious stuff. >> our show is a combination of having the biggest and most important newsmakers, but we also aim to humanize people. we play some games and music and we do other things to get people off of their normal talking points. they end up revealing a lot more about themselves. we interview different kinds of people. this weekend we have ann coulter up against stephanie miller, two people who would never be in a room together, but will probably have a spirited debate. a lot of the biggest players in california politics we have had in the past. california is at the heart of the political discussion and we are the only show that will be in the two biggest markets in california. >> when they come on the show
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they understand. when bernie sanders was on he likes to talk about some of the issues. a lot of them do, whether it is kamala harris or anyone else, they have their points they want to make. when you find them stretching out in the other places who has been your most surprising person? >> what was really interesting was the mayor of los angeles. i surprised him with a piano. he is a great pianist. he just busted out an original composition and i didn't expect it to be as good as it was. it was amazing. >> i think people like to see depth. we have some fun moments that i was watching where we saw a lot of people. corey oliver was dancing. >> she loves to dance, but she insists on leaning because she says she is a reminisce. that is when we turn adam shift
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onto luke skywalker. it is not just silly, we really probe on big issues. this weekend we are actually talking with adam shift who is in the middle of this national firestorm. the president, and on him to resign last night. his colleagues on the house intelligence committee saying that he should resign. >> you call yourself a political junkie, you anchor the news down there. what has it been like for you? >> this is my passion. i feel so lucky to be able to do this and talk to the smartest and coolest people. this is like my dream to have a party with these people. i think it is really fun. i think that california is so at the heart of things right now. our primary has moved up. now it is going to be in march, we will be among the first. vote by mail goes the same thing as the california caucus.
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we are going to see all the big players. i spoke to the mayor a couple weeks ago. he is coming to san francisco. we are going to see all of the players because there are more delegates and more money here than anywhere else. >> it is distinct you ask people questions, you are always asking questions so i am going to turn the table on you. i have a bone to pick with you because i am a bruin and you are a trojan. these are the kinds of questions we have, favorite food? >> chicken parmesan. >> favorite movie? >> i don't know. the wizard of oz. >> the a's are giants? i know you are a southern california guy. >> as more of a dodger fan i will go with ea's because i think it is the easier way. what about you? >> see i can claim both. i was born in the town with the
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a's but i grew up in san francisco. you can get me on that one. your favorite guess that you have had so far? >> i have liked all of our guests. we had mirrors urbino on and she was pushing for legislation about me too and she made a direct appeal to the governor and then she had this big press conference. she sat in front of the station cameras i want to thank alex michelson and his show for making this happen. to have actual and meaningful legislation happen because of our show or in part of our show was a really meaningful thing. >> looking forward to seeing you on saturday morning. right before mornings on 2. this is the team. there it is, the issue is a 6 am morning son 2. back to you. dodgers?
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come on. former golden state warrior tim hardaway speaking out and why he says were still more than a decade ago are playing a role in him not getting into the hall of fame. >> disney trying to help people maneuver through the crowds. he crowds. and live look at the coliseum. it is opening day across the country and the angels of anaheim are in town to take on the oakland a's. more coming up right here. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. the blue chips are down barely and it is less than 1%. likewise for the dow and s&p's. stocks are pretty much flat after investors are pondering us and global growth. facebook is expanding a ban on hate speech.
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>> the decision comes less than two weeks after a shooting at two mosques in new zealand. the social media networks that it did not ban white nationalist expressions earlier because they were linked to broader concepts. civil rights groups pressured facebook to change its policy. we are hearing the superintendent and assistant superintendent of dixie schools is resigning. it was announced in a letter. this follows month of contentious debates over changing the name. supporters want dixie to be dropped because they say it is a reference to the confederacy and slavery. the assistant superintendent is also leaving a major become superintendent of the rang com valley district in santa rosa. tim hardaway says he knows why he is not in the pro
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basketball hall of fame. he blames a homophone immigrant he made during 2007. four years after he played his final game he said during a radio show that he hatespeople . just hours later he apologized saying he should not have said it. 12 years later he says he still progressed the comments. he was part of the team in the 1990s. a pilot program to help people with need. 540 families were held by the program and 97% of them were able to stay in their homes. we are getting a lot of feedback. if it wasn't for this i know i will be living under a bridge. >> with the promising results
9:25 am
we are doubling down and scaling up the program because we have seen that it works. >> the city is allocating $4 million to expand destination home. this program has received private donations from companies like google and cisco. they have a goal of helping 900 people per year for the next two years. we are hearing about the decision to ban rvs from overnight street parties. >> we are seeing significant complaints from residents. s. >> berkeley city council approved the band tuesday night. the mayor says it will not be enforced for 6-8 months. he says that will give the city enough time to work on a new system. the city council is hoping to work with people to help them
9:26 am
find permanent housing. disney has announced it is banning oversize strollers and removing all smoking areas starting may 1. starting may 1. disney says it is making the change to help ease the congestion. also starting may 1, smoking will be prohibited in all disney parks, designating smoking areas will be available outside of park entrances. there was one big winner in last night's powerball drawing. the ticket was sold in wisconsin. >> across the country there are several winners who have smaller payouts. two of the tickets are of $2.9 million in each were sold in the bay area. if you haven't checked your tickets here are your winning numbers. numbers.
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the powerball number and last night drawing was 12. the next drawing is saturday night and the jack pot is $40 million. coming up, we are a few hours away from the a's home opener. we are live from the field next. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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termites, we're on the move.24/7.. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. a police officer says a man stabbed his brother to death last night. >> reporter: police say it started as a family dispute here. you can see crying scene tape surrounding the unit. we spoke with a man who says he
9:30 am
is the father of the victim. we have now learned he is the father of both men involved. he shared a picture of his son. he said that he was visiting him here when this happened. a police sergeant said it was a family dispute that ivan and his 18-year-old brother that into a fight and then moses staffed ivan with a pocket knife. police say they were able to track down the suspect as he was trying to flee the area. the father told me he initially did not know who attacked his son and that he died in his arms. >> i kept giving him cpr. it took 15 minutes for the ambulance. the hospital is right here. he took his last breath and that was it, he died. >> it appears it was a physical fight. from the physical fight the 18-
9:31 am
year-old pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed his 25-year- old brother. it is unfortunate. i spoke to the dad and we are in contact with him. our condolences to the family. this is not something that happens here. >> police describe the area as a quiet residential neighborhood. this is the first homicide there since 2016. for more on today's top stories let's check in with frank. >> police have arrested a man in connection in the case of a four-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself. he was rushed to children's hospital with head trauma. family and friends say he was visiting a home yesterday they found a loaded gun underneath
9:32 am
the bed. police have confirmed they have arrested the man who lives at the home. he will likely face child endangerment charges. a woman who was detained has since been released. a man convicted of a deadly car attack at a white nationalist rally is no longer facing the death penalty. he made a deal with prosecutors . under that agreement he pleaded guilty to 29 different hate crime charges. a jury found him guilty of plowing his car in a crowd of people. one woman was killed, dirty five of injured. the us department of housing and urban development is charging facebook with housing discrimination, claiming it's targeted advertising restrict who can view housing ads. the charges come one week after facebook agreed to overhaul its atoll cutting system to prevent discrimination and ads for
9:33 am
jobs, housing and loans. it is a look at some of the top stories we are working on in the newsroom. by boeing says it is about ready to roll out an up date on safety systems for its 737 jets. they have invited about 200 pallets from several airlines to its facility to explain the changes. it will also require pilots to take and pass a test on new software for they are allowed to fly. boeing made that announcement at the same time lawmakers work using the faa of having a cozy relationship with the airplane manufacturers. members of congress questioned how the agency certified the max jets. senators question the acting faa administrator about how or why agency certified their own planes. >> the faa decided to do safety on the cheap and put the fox in charge of the henhouse.
9:34 am
>> the faa says the way it works holds down cost and can make it less likely that a manufacturer will try to bury any problems. the inspector general says the faa plans to significantly change how they oversee the development. there is no indication the faa plans to abandon the collaborative approach it uses. a man accused of tossing a puppy in a trash chute is scheduled to appear in court. he pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty. the puppy was found badly injured in a dumpster at an apartment complex on february 25. the four-month-old puppy fell 3 stories down the chute and stayed in the dumpster four days without food or water.
9:35 am
veterinarians had to amputate one of his legs because of the extent of his injuries. the puppy has been adopted. the german company that purchased my santos says it will appeal the jury award to a santa rosa man who sued the company, saying exposure to round out was a substantial factor in him getting cancer. his lawsuit is one of hundreds making the claim. bayer says there is scientific research showing roundup is safe. not only as an opening day, but a lot of people are asking when will the wet weather finally be gone? >> there is no sign of that ending at. we will get some sunshine. temperatures warm up pretty quickly. the a's will play today, if there are any shower activities it will go through quickly.
9:36 am
it is close by. a few of these could produce brief and heavy rain and maybe even thunderstorm activity. lightning was picking up a couple of those cells ready fast. it is moving again on the coast , moving into northern sonoma county. some of that has lifted up northward into lake county. it is a general area of rain, nothing too heavy. that is what we are dealing with. when one of those develop she will get some rain. we have the same thing happen in the santa cruz mountains. here comes another one coming into the boulder creek area. it is that kind of a deal. wait a couple of minutes and the line could trigger thunderstorm activity. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. this'll be the last in this current system. after today we will see
9:37 am
improving conditions. some thunderstorm activity could pop up by friday saturday and sunday. we will take 50s and 60s today. this'll be the cooler day as temperatures bump up. low to middle 70s on the weekend. the a's home opener is just a view hours away. there is a legitimate party going on in the parking lot. >> we all live inside on the field with a look at what's going on. >> reporter: you know what's happening, we are getting close to baseball activity. we will be having batting practice going very shortly. it is my pleasure to welcome in the a's president. dave, nice job of ordering up about eight perfect baseball
9:38 am
day. >> it feels great and it will be a great day. >> i think last year at this time we were up in the tree house, tell us what's new for the fans this year. >> we have a brand-new kids area, the stomping ground, a great area for kids to race. that will be a great addition. a lot of great options here at the coliseum. >> reporter: no matter the record, opening day is always special. you guys are coming off of a season. it is hard to say because last year at this time you didn't really know what you had. you had a lot of guys who did not play a full season. they have proved they are legitimate gold glovers. now it feels like the expectations have dramatically changed you consider all of those finishes and the fact that you were in postseason last year. >> we have a great young teen.
9:39 am
i think they are excited to build on last year. these young players are excited to get back out there and represent oakland. >> the last minute finishes, you led the league and those last year. what do those two, when you have games like that what does it do for the confidence of a team? >> it means that they can overcome anything. i think they are so resilient. these young players sometimes don't realize what they are doing. they are having such success. the fans love it and it is a great way to finish a great gang. >> we talked to some guys this spring who have very high expectations. let's listen to what they had to say. >> we did well last year and we want to do better. that means we have to come out to a better start. we know our strengths, we know we play good defense.
9:40 am
>> we have a bunch of stuff to prove, not only to ourselves but to everyone else to show that we are here to be a force. the expectation was the world series. i think we all know that is very possible. >> reporter: i suppose that is pretty good news for you to hear to have them say we don't just want to be in the playoffs, we are looking at the possibility of being in the world series. >> it shows what our aspirations are as a club, to bring more world championships to oakland and to have that success for our community. we are very excited. >> you mentioned the ballpark, how is that all going? we have seen the pictures. that is probably the easy part, how is the difficult part coming along? >> it is going well.
9:41 am
we are in active negotiations. both of the negotiations are moving forward at a quick pace, we are also moving forward with the environmental impact report. we are on pace for our 2023 opener, which is great. we are still on pace. we are still on target. we are working diligently to make sure we accomplish our goals. >> before we say goodbye what is it for you about opening day ? it doesn't matter what the team's record was the previous year, there is just something special. do you recall your first one? >> i think i was six years old and cleveland, ohio at municipal stadium. just the ambience and the feel of opening day is so special. it is a great thing to share with your family and your loved ones and we are excited to have people out here.
9:42 am
>> your first one was at the mistake by the lake. >> yes. >> reporter: have a great season, best of luck and thank you for dropping by. >> coming up next right here on mornings on 2, a big achievement for a 13-year-old boy from the east bay. how he is honoring and then family member with his acceptance to the high school of his dreams. the voice of bart simpson joins us next. nancy cartwright will tell us what she is doing for the first time in her career.
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♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective, ♪ that's key! ♪ no hormones! ♪ not an ounce, ♪ with an ingredient ♪ i can pronounce. paragard is a hormone-free iud that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain, pelvic infection, or miss a period, call your healthcare provider. pregnancy is rare but serious and can cause infertility or loss of pregnancy. rarely, paragard may attach to or go through the uterus. want hormone free? ask for paragard by name. an eighth grader has just been accepted to his dream high school.
9:45 am
he excels in the classroom and on the baseball field. this 13-year-old is also carrying on a family legacy and honor of a cousin killed days away from attending college on a football scholarship. in his short time on earth, josh has accomplished a lot. >> what are these? >> these are for getting a 4.0 as well as this one, this one and this one. >> just a few of his awards. his biggest achievement came a few days ago when his family told him he was accepted. >> we are pleased to inform you have been conditionally accepted as a ninth grade student for the 2019-2020 academic program. >> i want to carry on the legacy and get into that school every sense i was in third grade. when i heard that i got in it
9:46 am
was just a relief. >> his legacy started before he was born, his cousin was football star terrence kelly. in 2004 kelly, just two days away from going to college on a full scholarship to the university of oregon was shot and killed in richmond. that is around the same time his cousin emily heard that he will be a father. >> this is my tribute and my dedication to my little cousin, but it was just impossible for me to call the name. it still is. >> which is why many call them josh. his father is extremely proud of his son and says all the baseball drives and his education pushes him to do his best. the now eighth grader has a 4.10 grade point average and his head is in the right place. >> he really deserves it. he works hard in school and in sports, everything that he does he puts his all into it. >> it is important to keep my
9:47 am
academics up so that i can always have something to rely on if baseball doesn't work out. >> his father said he made a pact with him to go to school and get good grades and he would take care of the rest. although some may feel there is a lot of pressure on him his father said he chose the path and will succeed on his own name. >> be the best you. you have his name, you have his blood. go do what he did it. >> vanderbilt, clemson, ole miss, lsu, or texas tech, that is my next big goal. >> if all goes as expected he will enroll in july and be part of class of 2023 in august. >> great things ahead for that young man. a hot debate starts in the office in minutes. how do you slice your bagel? seresto, seresto, seresto.
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so you are saying i should do your job for you at home for free? >> nancy cartwright has been the voice of bart simpson for decades and now she is crossing into new territory. she joins us now from los angeles. good morning, nancy. i know that you have been a
9:51 am
performer on the show for a long time, my favorite character on the show. now you are doing something new. tell the world. >> reporter: i have written my first simpsons episode that airs sunday night. i am super excited. >> one of the things about you being a character, you probably already know what bart simpson was saying in every situation, with that make it easier now that you will be writing an episode? >> i probably would say, especially bart, whatever he would say. that does come up occasionally. y. i guess it does give me a little bit of an advantage. it is totally a different
9:52 am
viewpoint. i was surrounded by 20 of the best writers arguably in the history of television. they are so good at what they do. i had their total support, kind of like a gymnast. i had all of the spotters around me. it was an amazing process. i was kind of surprised. it kind of blew me away how dedicated these writers are. i respect them so much more now that i have actually done this. i got to actually be involved with the whole process, the whole postproduction and getting into the sound effects and the music and what the picture looks like. the direction was amazing. it makes me love my show even more after all of these years. >> i heard that the episode, you didn't have to sit down and think of what to write. can you explain how he came to
9:53 am
you. >> i pull from some experiences in my own life. i think that is the best way a writer comes up with new material. i was in a band when i was 10 and all through high school. i played the trumpet. i was also in competitive speaking. that kind of lent itself beautifully. it focuses on lisa and her being in the bands and being very competitive in the bands and being such a good musician that it took a lot of support from the family and the sacrifices that homer, marge, even bart and the baby have to make to make sure lisa gets to rehearsals on time. it is not like it is right there, they have to travel kind of far to keep her involved. she really wants it and she really loves it, it plays a told on the family. i kind of pull from that in my own life. >> congratulations on writing
9:54 am
it, i know this is something you have been looking forward to doing. we will catch it on tv. congratulations. >> super great, he will see my guest star who is so great as well as dave matthews. they do a great job. thanks for having me. >> nice to meet you. good luck. killer whales have returned to monterey bay. people on a whale watching tour say they spotted a pot of work is tuesday and noticed another about half a mile away. the two eventually emerged and put on quite the show. those on tour say they swim close to the boat for close to one hour. a traveling to vietnam war memorial is now in windsor. >> it is a replica of the war memorial in dc. it is about two thirds of the side and made -- size and made
9:55 am
of granite. it is open to the public until sunday afternoon. >> to us it is like a pilgrimage. they don't teach this in school. we just have to keep remembering. >> you can see the memorial at the wilson ranch socc park. there is no charge. donations are welcome to help with the $15,000 cost to the hills very military group that brought this exhibit to the bay area. this display travels to some 30 cities and will be heading north. the golden state warriors are back on top after beating the grizzlies.[ clip playing ] >> kevin durant had the best shooting percentage going 12- 13, running away with 21 points. steph curry also had 28pointand
9:56 am
he also outrebounded kevin durant. the warriors win. eight games left in the regular seasons. the warriors take on the timberwolves tomorrow night. it is the final round of additions for the san francisco 49ers today. luminary auditions have been going on all week. tonight the public is invited to see the performers. the finalist will be judged on crown appeal, dance skills and personal interviews in front of a live audience. the auditions will begin at  6:00 tonight. tickets are $20 online or $25 at the door. by a man in missouri started a heated debate after he posted a photo of bagels. he says he introduced his coworkers to the secret. some people on twitter reacted saying bagel should only be enjoyed with the original row
9:57 am
shape. i guess sliced was through the middle. the man got a tweet from panera saying next time the bagels on us, slice however you would like. >> doesn't really matter? you put that box in the newsroom and think you are walking away from it? >> a very good point. point. we leave you with a live picture, the a's home opener just about three hours away. have a great morning and a great opening day. cvs pharmacy. ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy.
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