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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 28, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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noon. >> good afternoon everyone, i am mike. >> we begin with a developing story we are following for you in north bay. police have arrested a man accused of stabbing his brother to death. this happened just after 7:00 last night at the canyon run apartments. elissa harrington has the story. >> reporter: police say they arrested in 18-year-old man for stabbing and killing his brother. it happened at the cayman run apartments last night just after 7:00. >> he was my life. >> luis torres shared this picture of his 25-year-old son ivan. ivan, from santa rosa, was visiting his father at an apartment with other family members. there was an argument. ivan was killed. he was stabbed to death by his own brother. >> there was a challenge to a fight. the fight started and from the
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physical fight somehow a knife came out and it was tragic. >> luis says his son died in his arms. >> my son kept on giving him cpr. i called him finis, 15 minutes before the amulets. it took 15 minutes and the hospital is right here. he took the last breath and that was it. he died. >> please arrested the younger brother. 18-year-old moses torres for murder. he was trying to flee town. they were covered the weapon. he was interviewed and he was caught hours after the incident. he was fleeing on foot. around the san jose area. >> police call this area quiet and residential and they don't respond to this area very often. in fact, this is the first homicide in hillsboro since 2015. in hillsboro, elissa
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harrington, ktvu fox2 news. >> we are learning more about the man who was connected to a boy who accidentally shot himself. it happened at a home in east oakland. we have been following the developers all day long. we are joined live from the newsroom. christina? >> the last hour a police spokesman to meet the mandate have arrested is the boyfriend of the little boy's mother. he has been identified as 37- year-old terrence wilson of oakland. family friends said the mother and her four-year-old son were visiting wilson at his home on ritchie street. the child reportedly found a loaded gun under a bed and accidentally shot himself in the head. police did take the handgun into evidence. the family member provided this photo of the little boy in a superman shirt. a woman who identified herself as the boys great aunt says his
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name is navaun jackson. he is described as an active, playful and happy kid. that woman also tells us that this incident is especially tragic because the family has lost relatives to gun violence. now a woman believed to be the boys mother was questioned yesterday by police. she is now released. we understand the little boy remains hospitalized at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland in critical but stable condition. mike? claudine? >> it is opening day for major league baseball around the country. while the giants are opening up in san diego, the a's home opener is about one hour away at the coliseum. >> they technically have played two games this season, and today is opening day. we have joe fonzi live in oakland with high expectations for this upcoming season. hello joe. >> good morning you guys. i should say, just afternoon actually. but for any professional sports
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franchise, it is about building a fan base. the a's are always trying to do something here at the coliseum to make that fan experience better. letter they added a tree house. this year we are adding the stomping ground where above the right field seats, if it is about building a fan base and a generational thing that baseball is, guess what kind of fans these kids are going to grow up to be? another thing that is new for the a's this year is the fact that former out fielder coco crist is in the broadcast booth. we talked them a while ago about the expectations for the a's after being a playoff team last year. >> definitely, a lot of guys with accolades coming into this year. a lot of home runs, manager of the year, there is a lot of good pieces in place. young guys good acquisitions, what they did last year just to carry over grows into something special this year. they have a really good team. we will see how it goes. >> you're the kind of player, i mean this as a complement, i would have called you an annoying player because of your speed when you're on base.
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they have to worry you might steal a base. i found those kinds of guys, the ricky henderson, those are just annoying guys that feel like they were on base every time they are there. that is kind of how i would describe you as a player. >> i appreciate that. a nuisance, ha? all right, i like to go off of that. i like to hustle and have fun. my team, my pictures, my main thing was the pictures up there working hard. i take a lot of pride in defense and trying to make a play for him. so when i went out there and went for the ball, it was for those guys, the camaraderie in the clubhouse. those relationships. you want to go out there and do her best for those guys. it is lonely out there. you want them to know that you're out there behind them putting your best effort out there for them. >> as we said, coco crist also has a new role as your. he will be in the a's broadcast
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booth. he might be nervous because he is throwing out the first pitch as well. he has duties to do as we get underway. i will show you some people who are definitely not nervous but they probably will remember where they were for their first maybe second opening day. they are in the stumper area. so reporting live from the oakland coliseum, i am joe fonzi. we will talk more baseball but these are some guys that i think are enjoying baseball game or just enjoying being here. >> i am with you on that one. joe, thank you. hopefully the rain stays away from you. as we move on, the chance is strong. a very nasty one of storms in the north bay. you can see it here behind me. but we also have video that we are sending. it is through the weather app. hail is falling in santa rosa just now. this storm has heavy rain and lightning and it has hail associated with it. it is rolling quickly along the north day. in fact, we will take a look at the radar. you can see what i'm talking about. there are all of the lightning
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strike that are happening. this is a bigger picture. the system is again, just in the north bay, this is why i have a little concern about that baseball game. picking up a few showers as we go throughout the afternoon. all the moisture is being dragged in. this is very powerful. it started coming in and then it hit hills park. the winds are all getting some of this rainfall right now. as you can see, it has little back and on it. that is going to slide a little bit to the south as it eventually follows the trajectory northeast before it exits. a lot of this is not hitting the ground. moisture is in the air and we are seeing dry right now. but we now have to be mindful that we have this very close to us. weather can do that. it can slide in there very unexpectedly. i will cross my fingers. meanwhile, it looks awfully nice out there now. take a look. is live picture of the coliseum. things are going well. we have wind out there that just picked up. it is a southerly flow about 60 miles per hour. you can but the pictures are keeping an eye on that today. and the home opener is set to
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start at 107. expecting about 62 degrees. the wind will be with us as we cross our fingers and stayed nice and dry for the game. we will talk about a much better weekend when i come back and just bit. back to you. >> state lawmakers are suggesting changes to standardized procedures. following a college admissions skin a. it would allow school districts to administer a.c.t. or s.a.t. for free to 11th grade students. prosecutors say some wealthy parents bribed proctors to take it exams for their children to boost their scores. the change would benefit students of more limited means. the city of san jose is expanding a pilot program to help people at risk of becoming homeless. the program is called destination home. it takes into consideration things like financials is sing, childcare, etc. many families were helps a 97% were able to stay in their
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homes. >> we are getting a lot of feedback that says if it was not for this assistance i would be living under a bridge. >> with promising results we have seen in the pilot, we are doubling down and scaling up the program because we have seen that it works. >> the city of san jose is allocating $4 million to expand destination home. they have received private donations by companies like google and cisco. it has a goal of help 900 people every year. a groundbreaking ceremony is happening in san jose for a new affordable housing complex on the old side of the bay meadows restart. it would create the stated promise for individuals and families earning 68 percent or less of the average monthly income in the area. it is expected to start immediately in the first tenants are expected to move in by november of next year. store -- more followed from that release of the mueller report. whose job could be at stake? a couple of power ball
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tickets are now worth $3 million each. more on where those were sold. also on the one ticket that hit the jackpot.
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well republicans on the house intelligence committee today demanded that california representative adam ship stepped down from his post. the request came regarding the russian difference in the
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election. in a letter signed by every republican, they slammed claims that there was more than circumstantial evidence between the collusion of trumps campaign and russia. >> alone, house representatives have the obligation and authority to provide effective oversight of the u.s. intelligence community. as such, we have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties and responsibility. we urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> he responded and continued to investigate russia's influence of the election. >> you think it was okay that when it was discovered when you're later that they lied about the meeting? they said about was adoptions. the president helped dictate that live. you might think it is okay. i don't. you might think it is okay that campaign chairman of a presidential campaign would
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offer information about that campaign to a russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness, you might think that is okay. i do not. >> on meta-, he signed a letter with the house committee chairs, demanding the full report by april 2. president trump is now questioning the legitimacy of the entire investigation. the present is talking about the classifying one application that he says points to wrongdoing at the fbi. >> it was treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats, if we had done this to president obama, you would have hundred people in jail right now and it would be treason. >> democratic lawmakers say they want to see the entire mueller report, one justice to permit official says the report is more than 300 pages long. robert mueller's team issued more than 2800 subpoenas, executed 500 search warrants
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and interviewed more than 500 witnesses. we are now hearing that the at guys looking into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of criminal charges against empire actor jussie smollett. president trump took to twitter this morning, writing the fbi and doj will review the outrageous jealousy, jussie smollett report. chicago's top prosecutors are weighing in to drop the charges. >> kim fox defending her staff is missile of empire actor jussie smollett's case. as people continued to be doubtful about the decision. >> while it is frustrating, the nature of his offense, we treat it with the same way we would treat a similar situation. >> users last month with staging a hate crime and wasting police resources. now all 16 felony count have been wiped clean and the case sealed. leaving people to wonder if he got special treatment. >> when i look at similar
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situations with people who are charged with the same level of felony, without a background, i believe in this case justice was appropriate. again, i didn't make the decision. that he was availed to alternative prosecution model that anybody else without his riches, without his name or also availed to. >> before defended his $10,000 bond. and did community service in action for dropping the charges. she avoided saying whether or not she thought vincent. but the police, mayor and prosecutor who took over the case all believe similar, that he is not innocent. >> meanwhile, jussie smollett continues to deny the allegations. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. >> fox recused herself before he was charged because she discussed the case with one of the family members. in new york, fox news.
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forces in multi-say they have taken control of an oil tanker that was hijacked by migrants. it was hijacked after they were rescued. the migrants were being taken back to libya when authorities say those hijackers forced the crew to head towards northern europe. four migrants were taken into custody after that tinker docked. >> of radioactive contamination from japan's fukushima nuclear power plant has been detected near alaska. tests near st. lawrence island found slightly elevated levels of radioactive contamination. it is extremely low and not considered a health concern. it was a 9.0 magnitude quake in 2011 that triggered the tsunami that led to the nuclear plant meltdown. a program to help debris removal after last month's flooding along the river is coming to an end. >> they only have until this weekend before the county starts imposing fines.
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>> all along the russian river, main roads and side roads received dozens of piles of debris. even after a short while, these piles can attract vermin, present health problems and be plucked through by scavengers looking for anything of value. there have even been reports that some people have been illegally piling junk at night on or near the the flood debris piles to take advantage of the free pickup for which the county has spent millions of dollars to help flood victims. >> it is not uncommon following a major disaster for illegal dumping. but we do have protocols in place to address that. we are stepping up patrols in coordination with the sonoma county sheriff. >> is probably true that some of the debris has been dumped illegally but it is just as likely that most of the debris is here simply because county officials and contractors misjudged just how much stuff
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there was to clean up. i think everybody was pretty surprised. how much damage there really was. and it destroyed so many businesses. >> lauren oldman finished cleaning out her home that flooded all the way to the second floor. it will make friday's final deadline. >> it was unrealistic, to get the manpower out here to do that. it is a lot of crews to clean up stuff like that. >> come saturday morning it could be find time. residents who placed debris curbside following the completion of the program are subject to illegal dumping. they were given notice before being cited. folks with special needs can ask for an extension to get the work done. ktvu fox2 news. at 12:19 pm , with a baseball game less than one hour away, people are wondering, will that rain is
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stay away? >> i am hoping it will. but there is a possibility we could see showers because of the back end of the storm. let me show you what i'm talking about. we will start out first, taking a live look at the coliseum. but notice when you look at these temperatures, while it is open now, it is 63 degrees in santa rosa. it is 49 degrees. there is a good reason for that. it is because there is an incredible line of storms rolling through at this hour. that is why we also see winds gusting up to 43 miles per hour right now in santa rosa while in oakland it is 16 miles per hour. this is what is going on. this dangerous line of storms is rolling through the bay, bringing rain and heavy downpours and hail along with it. you can see it just rolled through windsor and is now heading to points east. that is good news because it can cause damage if you get that kind of wind gusting and
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lightning. that is tough going. this is a thing i am worried about here. this line of these storms, as you can see, it does sweep a little bit south. there is a chance we could get showers, hopefully not for the game, which has its first pitch in less than one hour. but there is moisture in the air and there is certainly dangerous weather to the north. hopefully this will stay to the north and lift to the north even further. the problem is we have a low pressure system that is out here. it isn't getting its act together. you know? i hoped that it would but it hasn't. that is the deal. it will be here to the next 16 hours. we do have a chance of showers throughout the day today and tonight. then we will start to the area, we will get blue skies out there. it will be a gorgeous weekend. here is where we are now. when we track it, we can see the line of storms rolling through. this is 11:00 tonight. notice there is moisture out there. it doesn't fully give up as we get into friday morning. we are getting some good clearing. there is your friday afternoon and then we are set up for a
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beautiful saturday morning. if you showers out there today. be mindful of that if you are out and about. you could get caught because we are not quite out of it yet. temperatures will be relatively mild. 61, 62 if you're inland. these are the overnight lows tonight. we will be cooler than last night with lingering showers still around. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. a look at your extended forecast shows we will get great weather this weekend. check it out. not only will be clear out about it, but temperature will lift into sunday we expect a high of 72 degrees and then on monday we do have another chance of showers, mostly for the north bay is what it looks like now. but the north bay is having a little bit of a rough ride at this moment, hopefully that will clear out. we can get them torn nicer weekend. back to you. there was a big winner in last night 768 million-dollar powerball drawing. that ticket was sold in wisconsin. across the country, there are seven other winners that have smaller payouts. it is worth a good bit of money. two of those tickets are worth $2.9 million each. they were sold right here in the bay area. one was sold at central woods
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liquor in san mateo and the other one at gateway food and liquor in san jose. those tickets had five regular numbers but not the powerball number. so do you need to check that ticket? we will hear all of your winning numbers on your screen. sexting -- just had, the reason officers followed a car from the peninsula all the way up to san leandro. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock.
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to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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we are taking a look at the market. stocks are modestly higher on wall street after he early rally lost momentum. as you can see here, the dow jones is up currently about 80 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are slightly in positive territory. gas prices are starting to pop in california. right here in the bay area as we are now in the spring season, approaching summer. one of the reasons could be the temporary shutdown. the average price of gas in california is $3.54 per gallon, which is one dollar higher than the national average of $2.67 per gallon. that according to aaa. gas prices in california jumped $.17 per gallon in the last week. bolero finery was temporary shutdown after an issue at the refinery caused the release of smoke containing particles that could cause breathing difficulties for people with respiratory problems. thousands of passengers
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were stranded. airlines announced that it has ceased operations. the low cost carrier that goes to iceland expanded quickly. now passengers are being advised to book flights on other airlines and that some might be eligible for position. while the ceo told reporters in iceland that negotiations to say the airline went on until the early morning hours, the airline was hoping that an investor would step in. but that did not happen. >> still to come, we are seeing the results an audit of the department of motor vehicles. also getting answers to a gas leak. what is behind the long lines at the dmv? >> was opening day for the a's is rapidly approaching. we are less than one hour away. we will head out live to today's starting pitcher. we will talk about how he is feeling before the big matchup.
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the lack of money, staffing and training. that is what state auditors say was behind the hours long lines at dmv offices across california last year. >> ellie is live in oakland where some customers say their experience hasn't been too bad. >> yes. some of the people we talked to today say they believe rings have improved somewhat over the past couple of months for
12:31 pm
starters. there is no line going out the door of this dmv office. but in a newly released report from state auditors, they concluded that over the past year, the dmv has been unprepared for all of the drivers who went to get updated real ids. the drivers licenses that are federally approved that you need to travel across the u.s. and a couple of years. auditors say that the surging demand is part of the reason customers face long lines getting anything done at the dmv laster. the audit found the dmv had a long list of problems from poor staffing, service windows, to lack of employee training and outdated computers. internet connection issues also led to the long wait times. the head of the dmv says that the agencies worked hard to make improvements since late last year. the average wait time is about 30 minutes. republican state lawmakers are skeptical of that claim. some say their experience it now is far better than it was last year. the system was down and we were waiting in line for hours.
12:32 pm
i was here for maybe four hours in total. people had to leave and come back. this time it was very smooth. i was done within 30 minutes. >> i haven't been here since i've been back. only 30 minutes. it was pretty quick. >> pleasantly surprised? >> yes. honestly i have. i thought i would be here for 3 hours, honestly. when he asked the dmv to talk to us about the results of this audit, they sent us a statement saying he will continue to streamline processes and improve the overall customer experience for all californians. to these findings and upcoming. nations of the team, i'm confident they will see improvement with both staff and customers. jerry brown ordered this audit of the dmv back in september. current governor newsom has a strike team that will take a look at some of the agencies problems. and make recommendations in the future. i checked inside in the dmv office had about a dozen people waiting in line to get one of those real ids.
12:33 pm
in the line that was for appointments, there was no line. that seems to be moving quickly. starting october 1 of 2020, all californians will need to have one of those federally approved real ids if they want to use them at airport checkpoints across the country. you do have to show up in person at the dmv office to get one. live in oakland, ktvu. >> the appointment helps. a canvas was closed because of the threat of violence. the threat has been deemed not credible. we have learned the same school was the scene of a racist afridi earlier this month. one family asked for help from the naacp saying their son was one of the targets. in pleasant hill, a task force is working to address racist graffiti at the college. there have been two separate incidents just this month. both found in campus restrooms.
12:34 pm
the language targeted african- americans and muslims. it would engage the campus and a barter discussion. students in santa rosa stand to receive a raise. the teachers union reached a tentative agreement that included a 3% salary increase for the first year and 4% increase the year after that. the deal also includes an additional $1500 in medical benefits. that tentative agreement must be ratified by the school board in the teachers union. we are 30 minutes away from the first pitch at oakland. the a's are getting ready for the home opener. the team is expecting high things after the postseason laster. joe fonzi is live at the coliseum. i'm sure the players are looking forward to this. we are hearing we will not have them. there he is. >> sorry, guys. i was doing a little pr work. the one thing about opening
12:35 pm
day, we know we are getting close to game time as we look out on the field, it has all been dragged. there watering it down. the batting cages gone. so we know that we are getting very close to baseball. the other thing is if you look out into the outfield, you can see there are pyrotechnics out here as well. the a's are out there with the white uniforms. the angels in the road gray. we are opening. the thing about the a's is that the expectations are dramatically different. when they broke camp last year at this time, they weren't sure what they had. they had a guy by the name of matt chaplin, matt olson, both developed into golden glove players. they had walkoff wins, more than any other team in the american league. all of a sudden, confidence built and they got into the postseason. this year, the expectations are much higher. we also have an interesting dynamic tonight or today i should say. that is that starting pitcher mike fires is going to be doing
12:36 pm
his second opener. he started last week in japan. he gets a chance to start is the opener today as well. he talked about the excitement of being the opening-day starter. >> i never get old. it is always exciting to have your name called out there. it is really cool. we see the fans come out and support us. it is our job to play and go out there and play hard. hopefully get the win. >> all right, mike is a guy that the a's are counting on. he is another one of the reasons that the a's became successful in that stretch run down towards the end of the season. he was brought from the detroit tigers. he had nine starts as a member of the a's. he is now the a's and the guy they are counting on. if there is anything the a's are wondering about, they have one of the best closers in baseball. they know they will score runs. it is that starting stuff that
12:37 pm
they're running about. how this guy has evolved. there hoping for big things from mike. i don't care how many times you come to opening-day, it doesn't matter how old you are, and you see the bunting all around the stadium, when you see the sense of anticipation that all of the folks in the stadium have, no one has lost a game. the a's are 0-2 but this is the first time before the home crowd as people are very excited about the start of the baseball season. no matter how many times you have been here. as you can hear, they are welcoming us to opening-day. we are getting very close to the start of baseball out here today. >> it is a great day. i am with you on that. let's hope the a's can go get it. to kickoff the home opener the right way. thank you for that. the giants open the season on the road in san diego. madison made his fifth opening- day start and will take on a pretty new lineup which now includes manny machado. he signed the 10 year, 300 million-dollar contract in the
12:38 pm
off-season. the giants home opener is set for next friday, april 5 against tampa. warriors are back on top of the western conference standings after reading the grizzlies. >> there he is coming back up on the refund. he windmills it home. >> kevin durant having the best shooting night of his career. he scored 28 points by going 12 of 13 from the field. steph curry not a bad night either. he got 10 rebounds. the warriors went on to win. they play the timberwolves in minnesota. an investigation is now underway after an elderly man was attacked. what led up to the confrontation? the charges this person could be facing, still to come. we are looking pretty good in the bay right now. but in the north bay, they are dealing with wind, rain, hail and some pretty stormy weather. i will have your forecast next.
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san francisco police are trying to identify a man seen in this video pushing and 85- year-old demonstrator to the ground. this happened last thursday outside the planned parenthood building they scuffled for a while on the ground but then the man started kicking the protester. the attacker could be charged with robbery with force and elder abuse. three burglary suspects are in custody following a chase that began in san mateo. the suspect jumped into a car and sped off as officers approached him along fashion island all of our it just for 8:00 last night. police chased the suspect across the san mateo bridge and it to hayward where the suspect backed up and ran. officers finally caught up with them near family and her. it is a peaceful resolution for the most part, which is good. officers were not injured. we are happy to say that. we have three individuals in
12:43 pm
custody that needed to be off the streets. >> police say they will look into whether the suspects can be connected to other auto burglaries in the bay area. a father from the sacramento area has created a video game to teach teenagers about the real-life consequences of distracted driving. ktvu's jana says it is drawing attention off the road. >> he says during the five years of training drivers, he has eaten the need to learn about the dangers of distracted driving. >> especially for teenagers, they cannot drive with their cell phones. not when they're operating the car. >> he says the california dmv does require teens to complete 30 hours of online training plus behind the wheel training with a driving school instructor and then drive with their parents. six hours with the driving
12:44 pm
school and 50 hours with their parents. >> according to a report by the national highway traffic administers, 3450 people died in 2016 due to distracted driver crashes. now one call from the father is using an xbox simulation game to drive that message home to teenagers. >> the rules of the road are very different than actually having experience on the road. >> bob davis is ceo of virtual driver interactive. the goal of his videogame driver essentials, is to give teens a chance to practice developing good habits and defensive driving skills. the game shows the impact of distracted driving and other real-life situations. >> we always say we want teens to go through dangerous situations without ever being in danger. then they will be more prepared when stuff happens. is other simulation programs have been used district wide and in the u.s.
12:45 pm
postal service. and unlike videogames were you crash and just reset, they show the real-life consequences if you don't follow the law. >> we work with sacramento superior court judge and there is a segment of the program that when you're driving on a distracted drive, and anything happens, you end up in a courtroom face-to-face first person with the judge. >> some parents say it is an interesting idea. >> they are more aware. it is simulated. it is not an actual situation. >> i play video games my whole life growing up. i don't know if that's something i would have taken to but if there is something you could get kids excited about, videogames are certainly that. it could be positive, that is good. >> jana, ktvu fox2 news. sunshine and the sulfate we have rain in the north bay. >> we sure do. it has been quite a nasty line of storms that is rolled through, bringing rain, hail and some wind is along with it. the north bay is still dealing
12:46 pm
with. but meanwhile we take a look at the oakland coliseum and we are doing well. you can see the distance there are certainly clouds out there. but the temperatures tell the story. in santa rosa, where the storms rolled through it is 49 degrees. napa is 60 and oakland, where you are taking a live look, it is 63. that is the difference. because of the line of storms. 58 in san jose and 59 over here. you take a look at the current wind speed, 20 miles per hour winds in santa rosa. 43 per hour gusts. very different and oakland worry are seeing 60 miles per. it is pretty juiced up in the last hour or so. it is starting to roll in now it came in to the bay and headed over to santa rosa and hills berg and down to petaluma. now you can see the heavier showers have gone over to clearlake and are heading to points east. we have showers along for the 101 there following and that will head towards sonoma and napa as it tracks to the north and east. i am hoping it will leave the baseball game alone but
12:47 pm
certainly no guarantees that they will see a few showers there as well. right now we are doing pretty well. the moisture is certainly very close by so i would cross our fingers it will stay that way. this is the problem. it is a low pressure system off the coast. it is hanging out there and that is why this disturbed weather is with us. it is why we continue to drag moisture in. basically, it will go for the next 12-16 hours. a few showers out there, depending on where you are. certainly in the north bay. more showers and heavy rain is there. it will get warmer and clear. high pressure will build in as we had to is the weekend. friday is warmer than today. saturday is even warmer and sunday it will be really beautiful. as we track it, we'll see the line of storms heads out there. as we have the residual moisture, again as we go into the overnight hours will see tops on the reader. but we do clear out as we get a friday morning. there is or friday as you had was evening and a beautiful
12:48 pm
saturday on top as we start to clear out and get really nice sunshine. we will go throw the day today. temperatures will stay relatively mild in the upper 50s and low 60s as we look out for that unsettled condition and that lingers as we go throw the night tonight, looking out for upper 40s and differences go about 40 degrees and 43 in santa rosa. this is your extended forecast and tonight is a nice one as we head towards the weekend. friday is good, saturday full sunshine and sunday, how about some 70s? not bad, mike. i think you are okay with that. >> i'm good. inc. you, kyla. they are paying tribute to vietnam veterans. >> it is a replica of the memorial wall in washington dc. as ktvu's deborah tells us, they are teaching younger generations about the 50,000 people who died in the war. >> it is that one. >> a design overwhelmingly simple. risen from the earth. >> as he walked back out the other side, you would want back into the life that is, >> it is an exact. of the vietnam veterans memorial in washington but two thirds the size and synthetic
12:49 pm
granite. the reaction is the same. >> tears and downright crying and sobbing and folks who haven't been able to approach the ball for 3 days and on the fourth day they finally get there. >> it is called the wall that heals. 30 year to see it. >> i want them to know what happened. people don't know. >> that led the effort to bring the wall. >> i felt sorry for the guys were coming back now because they are in worse shape than we were. the sand wars, is what we call it. 55 names from sonoma county are on the wall. and the big rig that carries the memorial becomes an exhibit with memorabilia people have left at the real wall. the incredible amount of tax. these are just p.o.w. and mia plates. >> plus photographs of young soldiers. brothers then and now.
12:50 pm
>> he was a classmate. >> some veterans visit this wall whenever they can. >> to us it is a pilgrimage. we have to remember. they don't teach this in school. and we have to keep remembering. >> many volunteers as well spend the night standing guard. we are doing this and volunteering to educate people. it makes us feel good about it. >> this is the youngest person on the wall. >> after 50 years, most people visiting either wall were not alive during the war. so the challenge is making vietnam real and relevant. >> this guy harry, i guess my grandpa grew up with him. it is kind of cool. >> for the children of vietnam veterans, the wall carries a message. >> it compels us as to how we handle things in the future. realized people that are people serving now. to provide a constant like. >> ktvu, fox2 news.
12:51 pm
still had, a big achievement for a 13-year-old in the east bay who is honoring a late family member with his acceptance.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
an eighth grader has achieved his goal to attend this high school where his cousin was a star athlete before being gunned down. >> as baltimore's reports, the 13-year-old is already setting new goals. >> reporter: in his short time on earth, terrence car, josh, has a most a lot. >> these funds are for getting a 4.0 as well as this one and this one. >> these are just a few of his academic and sports awards. however, his biggest
12:54 pm
achievement to date came a few days ago. his family told him he was accepted to this high school. >> you have been conditionally accepted as a ninth grade student for the 2019 active endemic year in this success program. >> i like to carry on the legacy and get into that school, ever since i was in the 3rd to 5th grade. when i heard i got in, it was a relief. >> the legacy he was following started before he was born. his cousin was football star talents kelly. in 2004, kelly just two days away from going to college on a full scholarship to university of oregon was shot and killed in richmond. that is around the same time kelly's cousin malika heard he would be a father. >> this is my tribute. this is my dedication to my little cousin. it was impossible for me to do. it still is. >> many and the family call him josh instead of terrence.
12:55 pm
his father is extremely proud of his sons excesses. baseball drive somebodies education pushes him to do his best. that now eighth grader has a 4.10 point average and his head is in the right place. he works hard in school and sports and everything he does. he puts his all into it. >> it is just as important for academics. i can always have something to rely on if baseball doesn't work out. >> joshes father said he made a pact with his son, go to school, get good grades and he would take care of the rest. some may feel there's a lot of pressure on josh living in his cousin's shadow, but his father says the young man chose this path and will succeed on his own name. >> they made movie about that. we know about that. be the best you. he got his name, he got his blood, go do what he didn't do. >> vanderbilt, clemson, ole
12:56 pm
miss, or texas tech. that is my next big goal. >> if all goes as expected, he will enroll in day lasalle school and be a part of the graduating class. >> we wish that young man the best. taking a look at the big board. the dow is in the grain just slightly. it is up about 97 point. the nasdaq is up 27 point. the s&p 500 is up almost 11 points. a stock to watch today is the lemon. they had some big earnings reports and are pushing to get more men to buy into the fitness line. they are up about 40%. 20 points. it is been a good year for them. the city of san jose is moving on from a sanctioned homeless encampment. >> coming up today, why the city says it has decided not to renew the lease for the land. the reaction from homeless advocates. that is today on the 4. that is it for us.
12:57 pm
that is the best of luck to the oakland a's. the 2019 season. we get a live look at the coliseum. it is a's and the angels in about 10 minutes. the giants are in san diego. have a good one.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> i do. >> i do. dr. oz: the real housewives of murderers. how women fall for convicted killers. and, believe it or not, there's an app for that. plus, can everyday allergy medicine cause you to kill? >> it was an extremely vicious attack. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now.


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