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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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veteran in the race. >> the mayor of south bend indiana brings his race for president to the bay area. >> beaut judge is getting more and more attention. >> buttigeg is surprised how quickly has popularity has serged. how he was received there. >> standing ovation both coming and going from the audience at the commonwealth club. he has not formally declared but his canadian isy is a go. i'm the only left-handed gay veteran in the race. >> standing out from the pack.
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it's a frequent question. he's 37. >> i would argue, the youngest phi in the conversation that my experiences are unusually relevant. >> his background is unique. rhode color. married gay man and military veteran. >> in my vehicle we learned to trust each other with our lives. >> his desire to run fueled by his time in afghanistan. >> they didn't care if i was going home to a boyfriend or girlfriend. they wanted to know if i knew how to do my job. >> his job as mayor, executive experience prepares him for the oval office. he's a progressive but hammers on practical solutions over ideology. working people are being left behind. >> we're going to make america
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great again. it means we're going to stop the changes so you don't have to change anything. that's not honest. >> he told the audience it's a mistake for democrats to snipe at each other or even donald trump. then they stop talking about the voter. >> the more we convey about what we care about, how your life will be different because you elect us and not them the better off we'll be. >> which is not the same as giving donald trump a pass on a devicive, ugly brand of populism. >> many people who had no illusions voted for him anyway. a vote to burn the house down. >> traveling with him is his husband who is a school teacher. sexual orientation did not keep
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south bend voters from reelecting him and it should not stand in the way of a white house run either. a university poll released shows he is rising in the polls. indeclared joe biden holds a double-digit lead with support from 29% of respondents. bernie sanders in second. beto o'rouke is in third. pamela harris follows. police are searching is for four suspects wanted for an armed robbery in a home in piedmont. it was on tyson circle. three suspects were armed with
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handguns. they were accused of ransacking the home. two people suffered minor injuries. the battle over the bay area housing crisis and a bill proposed by scott wiener was first and center. they don't want high density housing in neighborhoods of single family homes. >> state senator wiener said the goal is to help more people live near public transportation hubs. some think it would cause more problems and they don't want the state to interfere with local planning. >> at the or interesta or indah public likely they are interested the high dense tee housing.
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>> my worse fear is that this decision making will be taken away from our locally elected officials. >> owen murphy worries if it passes it would exchange the character of the city. his main concern is increased traffic, impact on the local school district and parking. >> we're not opposed to high density housing. they are talking about ridiculously high density. throwing away parking requirements. >> the senator is the author of sb 50 and says local jurisdictions would maintain some control. >> you can't ban apartments near transportation and jobs. >> the local community would have to approve or deny each project that comes up. local design standards will
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apply. >> the debate goes beyond or indah. >> one of the things that's not considered in this bill are the infrastructure kinds of requirements of increasing density as much as these bills would. where does the water come from, who'll pay for the schools and the kind of school growth that will happen. >> some feel the bill is unfair. >> we don't believe that a solution that's developed for large cities that have added a lot of jobs but haven't kept pace with housing that that applies to us. in days new york city will be the first u.s. city to impose congestion fees to drive in the
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busiest part of town. in new york starting on april 1 cars will have to pay 12 to $14 and tucks 25 to access certain streets during the peak hours, supporters say it's something san francisco should consider. >> to the cities that have introduced congestion pricing have even positive effects. in stockholm they cut traffic by 25%. >> a bill that would have allowed san francisco to impose to fees failed last year. moving day is almost here for a dozen residents of the hope village homeless camp in san jose. it is being shut down on
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saturday. it is across the free from the airport. >> it's ridiculous, it's an affordable solution and yeah. >> residents of the hope village are clearing their tents and packing up the contends. 10 months after the homeless encampment opened it will close. it's devastating for the 16 that call it home. >> this is our family. so, we have no place to go. this is hard. >> santa clara county leased the space from the city. it offers tents with play wood
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decking, showers. many hopped it would be a template for a partial solution. >> politicians, community at large, city and county all acknowledge we have done our part. >> county officials say the federal aviation administration raised objects because the encampment is under the flight plan. >> use of that site for hope village might jeopardize faa grants to the city. >> an alternative propose at called compassion village never got off the ground of the the water district raised objections. >> this is part of the larger moral failure of our society. we have a human rights crisis.
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>> the county is working to have these residents housed in a motel for 30 days and try to find more permanent housing. >> health officials in the ace bay are -- south bay arish oohing issuing a warning about measles. one person with the disease was at the restaurant between the hours. the warning applies to children too young to be vaccinated and those with weakened i mine systems. it's a much-needed change in the law. package thefts are a growing
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problem. new legislation that could mean prison time for some thieves. >> gas prices are on the rise. a refinery is contributing to that jump. >> sunshine, clouds, downpours and hail. things beginning to dry out for tonight and a beautiful weekend.
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. >> hennesy won't run again for sheriff. recent tragedies involving other leaders played a role in her decision to retire. >> i have to say in the back of my mind i think of ed lee and
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jeff their passing. my issues with my health. hennesy is the first woman to lead the san francisco sheriff department in its history. her retirement announcement ends her four decade career in the sheriff department. two bay area lawmakers want package thieves to face stricter penalties. >> you've steen the videos on social media. home cameras capturing thieves taking packages off porches. >> no record, just stealing a package. >> typically the criminal issued a citation, evan lowe wants to change that. >> i've been a victim, neighbors have been a victim. there's not a week that goes by
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i don't see a post on facebook. >> with help from jeff rosen the two authors state bill 1210. >> i would say that porch piracy is the new residential burglary. >> right now it's a petty theft, at six months in jail. the new law enables the crime to be charged as a felony. that could be prison time. >> i think the way the law is currently, it's only a petty theft does not capture the sense of vulnerability and security that is shattered when someone takes something inches from your front door. >> it's a needed change in the law. >> police baits and tracks packages with gps devices hidden inside. >> the person we had last night
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was under the influence with drugs, had a warrant. >> critics worry the new law could lead to more jail overcrowding. >> i like the felony. simply because it's a deterrent. >> if passed, the new law could go into effect at the end of this year. gas prices have increased after a temporary shut down of the vell euro valenzuela euro. the average price of regular gas is 3.57. that's 89-cents higher than the gnash average. it's been quite the week tracking downpours in the area.
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hailstorms and thunderstorms, things drying out for tonight. that's the beginning of a warming trend. look at the rainfall totals. these numbers are not humongous. to most areas taking up a 10th of an inch. here's what happened earlier today. this was between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. look at the lightning strikes, the thunderstorms. more development throughout the afternoon hours across san francisco and portions of the east bay. showers in sonoma county. and then in the south bay san jose showing partly cloudy skies, we're watching shower development for tonight. we're not completely dry. current numbers in the 40s and
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the 50s. here's the live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. clouds in the morning, there's a chance of isolated shower until six or 7:00 tomorrow morning. we can't guarantee a completely dry forecast. for most of friday a sun-cloud mix. it will be breezy. no rain threat. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 50s. the area of low pressure has been hanging off shore. kicks out for tomorrow and replaced by an area of high pressure. warming by the weekend. tomorrow morning the clouds may be isolated sprinkle. partly cloudy skies. saturday everything clears out. the weekend starts off sunny and warmer. highs in the upper 50s to the
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60s. the 5-day forecast. the rainy season is not over but we get a break. >> we'll focus the weekend for now. if you want to sample chocolate or enjoy a film fast val there's plenty to do. rosemary has more in the weekend watch. >> moving into the final weekend of march and here are a few things happening around the bay. spend the day tasting your way through chocolate at the chocolate salon. happening saturday at the san francisco county fair building hall of flowers. head to san mateo memorial park will be the sight of lion
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dances. it is conducted each spring. in the east bay a festival is hayward at chapel of the chimes. in the north bay the sonoma film festival is underway showcasing 100 hand selected films. the five day event gives you an opportunity to enjoy local cuisines and wines. in sports the sharks are hope, a's are home, giants are on the road. . the a's hosted a special make a wish foundation event as part of the opening day celebration. chris davis made it's a home opener to remember for anthony
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slocumb who's in remission from cancer. davis med the boy last year. this year he gave anthony a baseball bat. >> thank you so much for doing everything you did for me and giving me a jersey and bat. >> and he signed it. >> anthony met other a's stars past and present including rickey henderson. >> i would say anthony had a good day. >> up next as we know, baseball is back. mark ibanez tells us how the a's and giants did today. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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. mark is here, we're playing basketball. the a's and giants in action today. going from the opposite direction. the a's look good, the giants -- >> i don't know how many conclusions you can draw from the first game. if this is a preview, the giants have problems. >> the a's have a good ballclub. it rained hard in the east bay. a's picking on 'em early with
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nice defense. matt chapman helping sixth inning of no hits. crush davis off to a great start. second decker. very festive move. the a's win 4-0 for their first win of the young season. in san diego, bruce bochy. he used to manage the padres. he will hang it up. machado making his padre debut. he was 0-3 in the game. a couple strikeouts. mad bum doesn't take kindly to players with flamboyance. a good outing for mad bum. 7innings, 5 hits and nine strikeouts. wil myers takes him deep for a
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home run. giants had only five singles. playing their worst hockey. the sharks with 5 games left in the regular season. how do you disappoint that face. they were down 3-0 in the first 11 minutes. couture to myer for the score. what was to be, his 29th goal. 4-4 in the 2nd. a couple minutes later, kuennic 5-4. the sharks have lost 7 straight games and most disturbingly five on their own ice. it is time to check this out. it was opening day and we might have a candidate for best play of the year already. it probably is.
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lorenzo kane brewers centerfielder. up and beyond the call of duty. as it turned out that was a game favorite. that would have been a home run and they are off to a nice start. here's another great play by matt chapman. the platinum gulf winner. the best player at any position. watch this. this is tiger woods, 10th hole, his ball behind the thorn. a left-handed stroke. the club upside down. he would par. he did lose the match to brent met kerr. he has to have a big day tomorrow. that's what you call creative golf. >> kind of like a miniature golf shot. >> thanks for joining us tonight.
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manny: morning, all. good morning, papĂ­. hump day. am i right, jay? your day ends at 2:30. can't come fast enough. quitting time. am i right, jay? let's not make this a thing. whoa, whoa, whoa. where's my soft-boiled egg? i scrambled it. it's good for you to try new things. i don't want to try new things. you can't just spring this on me. i have bad news, manny. this is not the biggest curve ball that life is going to throw you. don't close yourself off from new things. i ever tell you the story about me and crab cakes? thought i didn't like them, tried them, love them. wow. are the movie rights available for that one? phil: dunphy spring classic. who's gonna do the dishes for the next week?


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