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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 29, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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stock market. i'll have more on the initial public offering as well as what this means for investors. eans for investors.
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we are getting into the numbers when it comes to your visibility issues. less than half a mile visibility, down in napa as well. that stretch has patchy, dense fog. this is in and around the north bank. over the south bay and inner east bay, not bad, we see a little bit of fog, visibility is not as tough. please be careful, if this is your destination or commute this morning we have some
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sprinkles, afternoon partly cloudy skies, breezy in some areas as we transition to this drive former low 60s in oakland, low 60s in fremont and livermore. i will have the full forecast for you and the looking to your weekend in just a little bit. it is 7:02. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. we are looking at the commute on highway 40. traffic is improving here, volume is slightly later, we will see some improvement, the crashes in the middle of your screen, and it is gone - - it is gone, that is goodness. the commute on 580 is still very tough, it is almost all the way to the top of the grid, that truck had a diesel spill. don't let this price you. you don't want to take 580 into castro valley, it is crawling along. you might want to do something else.
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big rigs are allowed on 580 for now. you might see big rigs on 580 and oakland. twenty-four, moderately heavy, if you are approaching the richmond bridge, it looks good. no major problems of the bay bridge, but it is crowded. new information on a deadly shooting, a woman was shot in the parking lot around 10:30 last night and later died at the hospital. police have not released the woman's name or details on what led up to the shooting. it is back up in this morning. police are still searching for a gunman. a mother and her young daughter from richmond are back home safe after a relative reported the missing. jessica tucker and her daughter were visiting, they never change in until last night, when tucker and her daughter were located safely. new information on the
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condition of a 4-year-old who excellently shot himself in the head with a gun in east oakland, jackson suffered a severe brain injury underwent surgery. he is now in an induced coma, and waiting to see if the boy will recover. >> it is a brain injury. they will keep him sloughed for a couple days. >> he will be heavily sloughed sedated. we don't know at this time whether or not he will become a coat, toes. please keep my family and her grandson in your purse. >> the boyfriend faces child endangerment charges. the mother and son were visiting wilson's home in east
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oakland when that accident happened. some of the parents involved in the college admission scandal are scheduled to appear in court, because of that scandal. center has been identified as the ringleader to get children into elite colleges. >> the initial public offering is $72 to share. alyssa harrington is in san francisco, on how this will help investors and how they are responding. >> good morning. there is a lot of interest and a lot of excitement from investors despite them never turning a profit. and they ring the opening bell.
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[ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] obviously it was a big day for the company in general. right sure industry everyone has their eyes on the stock market to see how well they do today. $24 billion despite never turning a profit, the company accumulated $3 billion in losses since the launch in 2012 it has also seen major growth. this is the first of many highly anticipated detectors creating a who a new wave of millionaires in the bay area. interest, slack, and air b&b are also competition. some drivers held a protest, demanding higher pay. in san francisco, alyssa
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harrington reporting. a convicted drunk driver will be sentenced for causing a crash that killed four people, and interstate 80 in november 2017. fred low of sacramento found guilty of four counts, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. a san jose man is in custody, charged with attempted rape and burglary. they found richard hernandes inside a home on ironwood drive, near the expressway early yesterday morning. he broke in and attempt to assault a woman inside her bedroom. she did not know the attacker. >> gavin newsom will have done to el salvador to discuss the poverty causing migrants to seek asylum in the united states. when he announced the visit, he accused the trump administration of demonizing those fleeing the violence of central america.
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there are 680,000 immigrants from el salvador now living in california. preferences has issued new legislation for personal and different services. the pope is requiring catholic officials to immediately report abuse allegations to prosecutors or face fines or possible jail time. also requires abuse victims are welcomed and listened to. >> the brexit deal faces a third and final vote in parliament. if the vote passes, they will give an extension to me 22nd to finalize the deal. if rejected, britain has until april 12th to announce a new plan or leave without a deal. >> the sheriff says she will not be seeking reelection, come november. the sheriff making the
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announcement yesterday, she says the decision comes as she is dealing with health, personal and family issues. her husband died last year. she is still recovering from a painful surgery. she also told ktvu the recent tragedy also played a big role in her decision to retire. >> i'm thinking about their passing, i'm thinking about my life as i am getting older. my issues with my health, certainly. >> her retirement announcement comes after four decades in the department. she was a trailblazer in the sheriff department, paving the way for women to serve.
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coming up, new health concerns about possible exposure to measles. coming up, the safety alert in east bay, and the health alert earlier this week in the self- pay. >> cracking down on porch parents, a new legislation targeting thieves taking packages from peoples front doors. there are a couple of trouble commutes, this one is not one of them, 80 westbound looks all right at this time of the morning, driving to the bay bridge. >> we are drying out, but we have fog to contend with this morning and some areas, partly cloudy skies and a warming trend for your weekend. i will break it all down coming up [ music ]
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a couple astronauts are taking part in a spacewalk,
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they will be working on the power system and replacing batteries, the international space station is 262 miles above the surface of the earth, traveling at 17,000 miles per hour. today was supposed to be an all- female spacewalk but nasa did not have enough smaller spacesuits for women, so the spacewalk is being performed by christina cook. >> you can see them moving around. >> you can get lost. a man in san bernardino county got lottery fever and it got the best of him. police released the surveillance video of a suspect breaking into a liquor store, he kicked open the glass window and he held up a rack of lottery tickets he ended up cramming it into his car, jeremy and through the passenger window. the man was wanted for
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assaulting his girlfriend the day before. he is accused of multiple felonies including steals his girlfriend's car including the starts of lottery tickets as well. police in campbell released the surveillance video in hopes of catching a man who stole a specialized road bike, it happened around 4:30. if you can identify the man, contact, police. package thefts, a problem in many areas, some are considering a harsher jail time, they offered a bill that would enable package thefts to be charged as a felony. and whether they can be just as
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a repeat offender and whether they currently are. >> the current law does not catch the sense of vulnerability when someone takes something inches from your front door. >> that bill goes before the state assembly, it is passed by both the senate and the assembly, it could go into effect at the end of the year. the park service has ordered a $2 million part contract, to be completed in december. the damage has reappeared. new york is the first city in the united states to impose
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congestion fees, an idea that sentences who has studied and so far failed to implement. the money generated is going toward public transit projects. three cities with extensive congestion pricing. >> a bill that would have allowed san francisco to a pill to repeal those fees, the mayor is committed to appealing those later this year. >> you can pay during peak times, that is carpool pricing.
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>> this is trying to keep people from driving the city streets. it could affect people in the city. >> i have a feeling it's going on right now, we have that crash in castro valley, it has been there since 4:00 this morning. a big rig jackknifed and spilled diesel onto the freeway. it's going to be a while, before they can improve it. traffic is going to be very slow. if you are driving into castro valley, you're going to see a lot of slow traffic in this area. big rigs have approved the use of 580.
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highway 24 looks all right, it is a little foggy. we have slow traffic backed almost all the way to the marina bay parkway. the south bay has been quiet. look at the san mateo bridge, the south bay, we don't have a lot of slow traffic compared to a normal day. there is some, just not up to the levels that we see monday through thursday. many of us woke up with a little bit of sunshine. we have rain and hail falling in these parts of the day. we are drying out for the rest of the weekend. we have some visibility issues of the north bay valley location. rain is moving out.
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we have a little bit of moisture over northern company. the center of the circulation is right here, pushing east and northeast. the north edge of sonoma county, only for the first part of the day before we finally see that move out. visibility issues, we have reports done to about half a mile, and you will find it on the valley floor, over the north bay valley locations on the coastline. highway one, that shade of gray could be down to a quarter mile or even less. central and south bay locations, we have a little the fog and visibility along the highways and the roadways, it looks okay. a chilly start to the day, right now we have 47 in santa
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rosa and 37 reported in lake port. low 40s in concord, livermore checking in a 42, around the bay, middle to upper 40s, berkeley, oakland, 50 degrees, san francisco and the downtown area, and sfo. afternoon high temperatures, low 60s are expected for san francisco, hayward, 64, 61 in the fayette napa, and 65 degrees selected for san jose, without warming trend into the weekend. for tahoe, it's going to be dry here as well. the 40s in the forecast today, upper 40s on saturday, 50s expected on sunday. the extended forecast for us at home, how about this? 67 degrees is the average high for tomorrow on sunday, we flip a little bit on monday, increasing cloud cover, rain in the forecast for the first week of april. >> thank you, rosemary. a house in symphysis go no up for sale, coming up, the owner of the full house house and how much he paid for it. the first kidney transplant
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involving a living donor with the aids virus, next. you know when you're at ross
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will songs about sunshine, about time. some people have told me that
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they are tired of the rain, imagine that. what? is that un-american? no, i am kidding. there is a special song that you want to hear, we will player requests every friday morning. >> rosemary and i are humming along. sam romero took part in an mma competition saturday night. sunday night he went to the square to have drinks with friends. he walked along santa clarence street and never made it there. he was found partially submerged in the guadalupe creek. >> extreme hypothermia, he was pretty much gone at that point.
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hypothermia saved him from the ruptured hurt. >> he had several fractures, a collapse long, broken vertebrae and it is not clear exactly what happened. the money was taken from his wallet, his family believes he was thrown from the overpass and exactly what happened is still under investigation. the red-hot housing market is finally beginning to cool down, at least for now. a report released yesterday show some housing prices, the study found home prices dropped 16% in santa clara county and 6% in san mateo county. the typical home sells for about $1 million. highly paid highly paid professionals have had enough of sky high prices. a home back on the market,
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it is well-known as the site for the popular sitcom fuller house. the executive producer above shows plans to sell it after purchasing the house for $4 million. he is not revealing his current asking price. the new home of the golden state warriors is not even open yet, but already that she center in san francisco is breaking revenue records. the worriers have taken in an unprecedented $2 billion in tickets and sponsorship ship sales. the arena is scheduled to open september 6th, the concert features the san francisco symphony, the worriers preseason game is set against lebron james and the lakers. fulfilling the wish of a young boy, coming up, the
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recovery of that special young boy. a warning of a possible exposure, what restaurant but person visited after the break. things have not been bad for traffic, it looks all right heading out to the peninsula. >> we are looking at some fabulous weather getting into the bay area weekend. it is a little bit chilly, we will check up on those current conditions in your afternoon high temperatures coming up. is back ee wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downe and keep the public safe.right after so we can both respond out
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit this is mornings on two. >> even if you worked the weekend, happy friday, one and
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all. >> we have rosemary here. >> any weekend is a good weekend, even better. we are drying out, we have fought to deal with, for the north bay valley locations. partly sunny, partly cloudy, squeeze out another shower, before all said and done. temperatures are down from yesterday with a little clearing out there, not as much moisture, done by seven in oakland, and over send her love. this is where we are seeing that fog, central and south bay, a little bit of fog. along the highways and
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roadways, you should be okay. in novato, zero visibility. as we stretched for the west, we are seeing the dark shade of gray getting patchy, dense fog. be prepared for that getting out the door. sometimes it is patchy in nature, sometimes it is more hazardous, it comes at you without a warning, like a wall partly sunny this morning, partly cloudy for the afternoon, and as we transition into this warmer pattern, we have a possibility of the breeze picking up. 61 degrees in san francisco, lower 60s in hayward, 65 in san jose. i will have a look at the forecast for you and a look at the numbers for your weekend, in just a little bit. it is 7:31 the we need to get through the morning dry first. >> good morning, rosemary.
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it is not friday light, but i do see a promising sign after watching traffic for so many years, i know what this means, you see this ramp? and putting an arrow on it. when that starts getting lighter, the rest of the commute at the bay bridge will usually follow. we have in our, that is a sign of things to come, things will get later. that is interstate 80 and oakland, both directions are looking good. we are getting through, west on 580 at 238, we have that truck accident, reduce down to one lane here at a very important interchange, traffic is very slow, it has been out there since 4:00, no sign of it going away. big rigs are temporarily allowed to use 580. there is some slowing in that area, there is 280 and in downtown san jose it looks good. we will go back to the desk. >> no to a warning from health officials in the east bay about
7:33 am
a possible measles exposure, it happened at the sauce barbecue and spirits restaurant in downtown livermore on first street. christina is in livermore this morning with more on that. >> contact your doctor no later than today, because you may have been exposed to the measles virus. a guest with measles is - - was here march 23rd between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00. the restaurant said dave contacted all of their staff, and there is currently no risk in the restaurant. they let people know if you may
7:34 am
have been exposed, contact your doctor. this morning it also applies to pregnant women, children that were too young to be vaccinated, and people with weakened immune systems. and he will contact your physician no later than today. a woman that was spoke with this morning said that as possible exposure exposure last night >> i am surprised that there is so much, the measles i was worried about babies and small children. >> in santa clara counties, they visited nearly two dozen shops and restaurants and other shops between march 16th and symptoms start with a fever, runny nose, red eyes, a cough,
7:35 am
sore throat sore throat, and followed by a rash. anyone was - - anyone who was here last saturday night and thinks they may have been exposed to the measles virus is asked to contact the doctor by today, and the restaurant says it will be open for business as normal, there is no risk inside the restaurant. and atlanta woman with hiv donated a kidney on monday, martinez wanted to make a difference in somebody else's life and counter the stigma that surrounds hiv infection. she is also feeling good and hopes to open doors for other would-be donors. doctors are calling the surgery a milestone for people with the aids virus. students and parents will demonstrate at schools to
7:36 am
support teachers seeking a deal. this will affect american high and irvington high. the rallies will be 30 minutes before each school starts. they are getting underway at this hour at 7:30. fremont teachers are looking for a 4% pay raise. administrators say they will have to make massive cuts to give teachers what they want. we are looking at - - the youngest candidate, just 37, he says he has a background in the military, he married gay men from southwest indiana, and he says he has relevant experience to lead the united states. >> we are going to make america great again, we are going to stop the changes so you don't have to change anything, you
7:37 am
cannot have honest politics around the word again. >> he believes it should not stand in the way of a white house run either. the mayor of florida is also running for democratic nomination. the democratic national committee says the first critic national debate will take place in miami on june 26th and june 27th. a new university poll shows for vice president joe biden holds a double-digit lead over the rest of the democratic hopefuls, bernie sanders and second facebook place, to o'rourke is in third, kamala harris leads over pete
7:38 am
buttigieg. the democrats have to decide whether they were continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [ censored ] >> that comment came after a fiery rally in michigan, the president also doubled down on his calls from adam shift to resign from office, the chairman of the house intelligence committee is leading the investigation in a possible delusion or conspiracy between the residence campaign and russia. he responded to the calls on our political show the issue is. >> what is your response to the president? and he plans to resign? >> often when the president says jim, mr. mccarthy and his republican friends in congress say how high. >> adam shift also told us he
7:39 am
wants to release interview transcripts related to the house tomorrow morning and join us for all of the new battle is brewing over teachers teaching sexual education in california classrooms, hundreds of parents protested new lessons about sex education, a new state to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is that we as parents feel should be at home from gender, sexuality and sexual behavior. >> i believe this is taking away my freedom and my freedom is apparent to control what my kids are exposed to.
7:40 am
the committee is looking to approve new tools that teachers can use in the classroom and the new health make all students feel more comfortable in the classroom. it has support from the american civil liberties union. a marin county man is among those appearing in federal court today as part of the nationwide college admissions scam, we will take you to boston where another dozen people are facing a judge in connection with that scheme. coming up, a major development in the investigation regarding a deadly crash with the boeing 737 max jet, the conclusion that has already been reached, coming up. >> you can see traffic is moving along slowly on some of these commutes, north bend 101 looking a little bit slow, passing he road. >> i'm tracking a warming trend for your bay area weekend, outside, a bit of a different story, a chilly start, and more to deal with, details on what you can expect, coming up.
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more than a dozen parents charged in a college cheating scandal are appearing before a federal judge, molly is joining us from outside the federal courthouse in boston with a look at some of those that are appearing in court this afternoon. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. the list in the courthouse just 15 parents, all as part of the college admission scandal. there are quite a few california parents, charged in this case, including a senior
7:44 am
executive at a global at a global private fund, she gave to singers fake charity, to get ect exams corrective. and lawyers argued that his son has a legitimate learning disability which he was diagnosed eighth grade, and he was afforded disability accommodation including extra test time taking. the also note no allegations that he attended any university based on alleged fraud, because he is still in high school. and augustine junior, the owner of the vineyard in napa, aware of this case as well, he is accused of paying for the exam side of the scam and the college coach bribery side of the scam, including a fabricated athletics profile,
7:45 am
photo of someone else playing water polo, and he would charlotte a $50,000 payment and $200,000 payment to the finger found and in la jolla, the owner and president of the media be paid to have her son billed as a powerful and talented pulled altar. next week will certainly be a day to watch, on wednesday, the actresses in this case, the city hoffman and lori loughlin, facing charges, they are expected to appear here in federal court, next week. >> some of the more familiar names. i'm just curious, what is it like? i'm imagining it is quite a media circus. >> there is an impressive amount of media here. initial coach nabbed in the investigation, a former women's
7:46 am
soccer coach, 30 or 40 media members were chasing him across the street. has been eventful, and next week we expect a significant media presence. >> molly, thank you for your report. >> the athletics are back in action, there they are, we will take to the bottom of the fourth. a solo home run, there it goes, and chapman the angels off the board in the fifth. >> toss to chapman, nice play.
7:47 am
double-play. >> is chris davis with an insurance run, his second on the early-season. tonight first pitch, it should be a nice night for baseball. >> they hosted a special make-a- wish event, anthony slocum is now in remission from cancer. and yesterday, dave is gave anthony a baseball bat. >> thank you so much, for doing everything, to do that. >> a grateful and polite young man. >> speaking of bats, the giants didn't have any yesterday, they
7:48 am
are trying to get on the scoreboard. the padres shut out the giants yesterday, opening day. madison bumgarner - - madison bumgarner struck out nine, including the newest and well- paid manny machado, he goes in the seven, when gloria will hit this one off the wall. padres still go to when it 2-0. they will play tonight at 7:00 in san diego. >> maybe there might be some traffic tonight, because it is the nighttime opener. >> i think that game will be well attended. they are used to having a nice opener, friday night. >> it is going to be fun time. we will talk about that. we will go to the bay bridge, it is lighter than usual right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving well, and it is beginning to clear out. >> night opener at the 80s, my suggestion is always part.
7:49 am
the san mateo bridge looks okay. 580 westbound, very slow through castor valley. big rigs are allowed on 580, i would not recommend this drive. let's bring in was very happy friday to you and all of you, have nice weather coming our way, more sunshine, more warmth and dry conditions through the weekend, rain in the forecast for the next week. let's take a look at the rainfall amounts since we all began in october. we are looking at 42 inches and four tenths over santa rosa, bringing 133% of average, san francisco, 112 for oakland reporting 18 and a half inches. 102 and ten it in san jose, we can use a dry and mild weekend. we have a little bit of rain over northern california, this is going to continue east and
7:50 am
northeast, we won't really see much out of this if we could get - - we could see some scattered showers over sonoma county. partly cloudy skies expected for your afternoon with a bit of breeze as we transition to this dry and warmer pattern. visibility is also an issue, reporting zero visibility along that stretch, be careful out there. napa reporting half mile visibility, we have highway one covered that shade of gray, indicating patchy, dense fog as well, outside of this area we are in pretty good shape, a line over venetia, martinez, and the east bay. it is out there, when it is patchy in nature, it can be very hazardous and it can hit you like a wall. 45 degrees in berkeley, 46 in napa. downtown san francisco, 50, san jose, 46. a bit of chill in the air, you don't need a raincoat but you may need a coat.
7:51 am
sixty-one in san francisco, 62 in oakland, 64 in concord, 65 in san jose. if you're the game, may need a jacket, upper 80s in the forecast at game time, partly cloudy skies with a bit of a breeze, that will wipe down and amateurs will begin to cool into the evening hours. here is a view of your extended forecast. upper 60s for tomorrow, low 70s on sunday, we begin to shift on monday, with the possibility of rain on tuesday. >> thank you, rosemary. a candidates company hosting a job fair, coming up, the jobs open at that there. >> good morning to you, frank. coming up, a shooting at a parking lot at the west oakland bart station. and we are getting new information about the person who was killed. also, improving lives, a woman
7:52 am
live on the night to talk about a great scholarship opportunity for high school students. stay with us, we will be right back. seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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thank you very much, susan, for requesting this song.
7:55 am
i will play your requests. >> sounds good, thank you. >> breaking news, british lawmakers have rejected teresa mays brexit deal. this is the third time it has happened, leading the date from the - - voting against the withdrawal agreement, britain must either cancel brexit or leave the block without a deal. it is the first trading day for lyft rideshare. how are they doing? have a opened it up? >> we reported the price at the high end of expectations, $72 per share, they are working out buying and selling, i'm sure. we will keep an eye on that.
7:56 am
san francisco based lyft rideshare headed south, and executive and drivers from around the country rain develop for the nasdaq, remotely from the new tribal center in los angeles for checking in on the mount on the markets, the dow jones, nasa and he 500 all the board 79.78 points, s&p 500 of about a quarter, the nasdaq is up a third of a% and a denver catalyst company is holding a job fair today in east bay, they make it is infused products, and they plan to open a manufacturing facility in oakland at the old diamante cannery, the job fair begins at 9:00 this morning. the company will be conducting
7:57 am
interviews for reduction assistance and supervisors. the legal cannabis industry has added an estimated 200,000 full- time jobs and colleges are starting to add cannabis related courses and programs. >> it is almost like winemaking. okay, pam, thank you for that. a pair of astronauts floating outside the international space station, there is one of them right there the latest on the spacewalk, when we come back.
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it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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new information this morning about a late night shooting in the parking lot at the west oakland bart station, what we now know about the
8:00 am
person who was killed. >> lyft rideshare hits the trading floor, what the value of the stock means for the customers who use the rideshare service. >> we have rosemary in the weather center, it looks like we will probably have some nice sunshine this weekend, looking forward to it. >> we are in the 40s still at this hour, drying out still with the possibility of maybe a sprinkle or two, left over, higher elevations can see that, the north edge of sonoma county as well. temperatures are in the low 60s for the afternoon, a bit of a breeze as we transition to this dry and warmer pattern. the numbers at this hour, 47 degrees in santa rosa, 46 in napa, 49 in oakland, middle 40s
8:01 am
in livermore, san jose, 48 pick even though we are cool, temperatures are beginning to climb ever so slightly. we are cooler than yesterday morning without the cloud cover and the dry conditions in place, down by 5 degrees in napa. getting into the afternoon, we will be slightly warmer. visibility issues for portions of the north bay. and a little sliver along the east bay as well, moving in a little bit closer, reporting visibility down to about zero, less than a quarter mile. napa reporting a quarter mile visibility. right near richmond, you might find some over vallejo, and over the mentoring is area. we have patchy, dense fog. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, dry, afternoon high temperatures are 61 in san francisco, 60s in pacifica, low 60s for the east bay shore, mid- sixties back in livermore.
8:02 am
the weekend is again looking quite nice, ranging in the upper 60s and low 70s by sunday. details in just a little bit >> rosemary, thank you very much. slow traffic is approaching the san rafael bridge. and almost to marina bay parkway, as you drive up to the bridge, you can see some slow traffic, moving very well, now it is down the road just a little bit. if you are trying to get to the bay bridge, as i suspected, it has cleared out, at least with this morning. you can see that traffic is doing very well. not a big back up at all. 880 looks good, some people may be stuck behind a huge traffic jam. look at all the slow traffic. that jackknifed truck spilled diesel fuel at 4:00 in the morning. it has been out there for four hours.
8:03 am
this is getting a little bit more filled in. >> thank you. we have new information on a deadly shooting at the west oakland bart station parking lot. it was a woman who was shot at 10:30 last night, the victim was transported to highland hospital, where she later died. bart police have not released the woman's name or any details about what led up to the shooting. that is now back up in this morning, the gunman fled the scene, at this time there is no description of the shooter. officials in vista getting a deadly crash of a boeing 737 max jet in ethiopia have reached at least one chimeric conclusion. the wall street junior concluded - - the wall street journal concluded there was an accidental activation before the plane nosedived into the ground, the strongest suggestion yet that the automation system failed before the crash and the crash that happened five months before. lyft rideshare is making a
8:04 am
stock market debut, strong investor demand, market value at $24 billion, this marks a big day for the rideshare industry. alyssa has more on the story. >> there is a lot of interest and excitement from investors. and some drivers are bringing the opening bell. all eyes are on the stock market this morning, to see how well lyft rideshare does on its first day. valued at a whopping $24 billion, despite never turning a profit. in fact, the company accumulative $3 billion in losses, it has also seen major growth, and i spoke with a driver who feels going public could make it worse for the
8:05 am
driver, his concern is that executives will get a lot more money and then try to please investors by making cuts. >> they are making more money, they don't want to chase off customers, they are obviously competing with uber, you don't want to make the customer pay more. so what are you going to do? ticket from subscribers. >> some drivers held a protest demanding higher pay. there were many highly anticipated debuts, expected to create a new wave of millionaires in the bay area, some other tech companies are expected to go public including air b&b, pinterest and uber rideshare. happening today, some of the parents involved in the college admissions scandal are appearing in court, among those, a fired ceo, fired
8:06 am
because of that scandal. the parents are accused of paying bribes to vic singer, identified as the ringleader in the scheme. the parents are trying to get their children into elite colleges. new information on the condition of a 4-year-old who accidentally shot himself in the head with a gun in east oakland. jackson is now in an induced coma, they are waiting to see if he is going to recover. >> with the brain injury, they are going to keep him isolated for several days, and hopefully we can figure out what will happen from there. >> he will be heavily sedated and gradually they will take him off medication. don't know know - - we do not know at this time if you will be comatose, we know that he is
8:07 am
critical and we are asking everybody to keep our family in your prayers. the mother and son were visiting wilson at his home, in east oakland, when that shooting happened. a convicted drunk driver will be sentenced for causing a crash that killed four people in san pablo, crash happened in november 2017. the 49-year-old fred low of sacramento was found guilty of four counts of murder, he has several previous dui convictions, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. the public policy institute of california says 62% of those surveyed favor a life sentence of this convicted of first- degree murder. gavin newsom entered a moratorium in his first term as
8:08 am
governor. sweeping new legislation for vatican personnel, requiring immediate report allegations to prosecutors, or face fines or jail time. abuse victims are welcomed, this is provided in the that they need for a man charged with attempted burglary, they found richard hernandez yesterday morning, he broke in and attempted to assault a woman inside her bedroom. the woman told police that she did not know the attacker. the first permit to rebuild in paradise has been issued, it came nine months after the campfire destroyed most of the town. they plan to rebuild a nearly identical home to the one that was lots. so far, they've only received
8:09 am
21 building permit applications, three i received certification that the soil on the property is clean. governor gavin newsom is criticizing the list of people dominated the board of directors for and the governor sent a letter, the plaintiff board members with little or no experience in california, sending a clear message that they are prioritizing profits from wall street over public safety, saying california deserves better. astronauts step outside the space station for just the second time this year, coming up we will show you what is going on this time and what they expect coming up.
8:10 am
and a warning about people who visited a very popular restaurant. >> you can see that we do have traffic that is improving on some of these drives. the south bay commute is not bad. >> happy friday to you. i will have a look at your forecast coming up. stay with us, we will be right back.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
a spacewalk outside the international space station, the astronauts in this picture are replacing outdated batteries. this is scheduled to be the first all female spacewalk, they did not have enough spacewalks spacesuits if it comfortably. another spacewalk is set for april 8th. president trump has withdrawn a controversial puzzle to eliminate funding for the special olympics. the budget plan called for cutting $17 million in funding, 7% of the total budget. betsy devos was drilled on the proposal at budget hearings in recent days. >> i have been to the special olympics, i think it is incredible, i just authorized funding, i have overridden my
8:14 am
people with funding. >> the special olympics said president trump joined a long history of 50 years of presidents and members of congress on both sides of the aisle in their support of the special olympics on the work that we do. the south korean president is going to be traveling to the united states to be with president trump, they will talk about uniquely rising north korea and achieving these things on the north korean peninsula. summit talks ended last month without any new deal. the national park service has awarded a $2 million contract for repairs that are expected to be completed in december, in time for the next remembered service. concrete at the memorial was recently repaired but the damage reappeared, the damage stems from a malfunction in the anchoring system. there will be no opening during
8:15 am
the summer months. a 66-year-old sheriff said her decision comes as she is dealing with health, personal and family issues, her husband passed away last year and she is still recovering from knee replacement surgery. recent tragedies involving other san francisco city leaders played a role in her decision to retire. >> in the back of my mind, i'm thinking about their passing, i'm thinking about my life as i am getting older, my issues with my health, certainly. >> she is the first woman to lead the sheriffs department in their 170 year history, and the san francisco mayor said the sheriff has been a tremendous
8:16 am
leader, a trailblazer in the sheriff department, paving the way for women to serve. the time now is 8:15. we are checking the roadway, 580 in castro valley. >> that has been the trouble spot. and since you asked me about it, i want to go to a first. she does the traffic sometimes, i was cycling through to that map. we will go to the castro valley area. this is the worst traffic problem in the bay area, it has been out there for nearly four hours. we have a commute, a jackknife truck, and the problem getting out of the way, they have to be very careful. they are trying to contain the diesel from coming to a nearby creek. i would not suggest using 580 from dublin to castro valley. big rigs are temporarily
8:17 am
allowed on 580. and these other commutes, they are looking pretty good. people are getting stuck there, the bay bridge is a nice- looking drive getting hello, rosemary. >> we have a nice-looking forecast. we are drying out, we are warming it up in time for your bay area weekend, a light to moderate breeze, temperatures in the lower to middle 60s for the afternoon, as this warm up again spirit what we are expecting into the day ahead, clearing skies, dry conditions, and here is a view of the storm tracker where there is still little bit of rain and snow that you can see over northern california, the sierras are also winding down. no advisories if you're heading up for the weekend. it will be mostly sunny and cool, and for us at home, we are off to a chilly start with a relatively mild finish. warm weather is expected for the days ahead. we are also dealing with some fog, visibility is very poor
8:18 am
all morning long, over toward highway one, it is very thick. heading east a little bit, it looks like the richmond area along interstate 80, napa, visibility is looking okay, 3 miles is an improvement, down to half-mile a half-hour ago. temperatures are slowly rebounding, 50 degrees in downtown san francisco, and san jose, checking in write about 48, for the afternoon, lower to middle 60s around the region, 61 degrees in san francisco, in the north bay, 62 for santa rosa. for the inner east bay, mid- sixties, livermore and antioch it will be a cool one with partly cloudy skies, a northwest breeze at ten up to 15 miles per hour or so, 58 degrees at game time and cooling into the evening hours, so yes, you will need a little bit of something to cover you
8:19 am
up, at least. over the weekend, we got upper 60s in the forecast, for tomorrow, though 70s by sunday, how about that? it does not stick around for long, increasing cloud cover on monday, tuesday looks like the first chance of seeing some rain into the month of april. >> double-digit losses in the south bay, the bay area housing market appears to be cooling off, the latest trend and where we are seeing the prices. a lottery fever scheme, how authorities found him. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
8:20 am
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california girls are really the most. >> california son. this particular picture is not showing too much. mix of clouds and sun. give me a shout out on social media, facebook, twitter and instagram. >> good call, mark. >> caught on camera, a man let lottery fever get the best of him. police released surveillance video of the suspect taking into a liquor store earlier yesterday morning. he kicked out a glass window to slip inside and ripped out a rack of lottery tickets.
8:23 am
he had a hard time getting it out of the store and coming it into his car. he was identified and wanted for assaulting his girlfriend the day before. he was booked on multiple felonies including ceiling his girlfriend's car, and that stack of lottery tickets. caught on camera, police released this video in hopes of catching a man who stole a specialized road bike on march 12, at 4:30. if you can identify this individual, you are asked to call campbell police. opponents of the state housing bill are putting another community meeting, about 100 people attended a forum last night to discuss state senate bill 50, it would prevent banning of high density housing within a quarter mile of high use bus stops. critics say it could lead to traffic and infrastructure
8:24 am
issues. >> who is going to pay for this? >> the bill retains a lot of local control, the local community will still have to approve or deny each individual project that comes up, local design standards will apply. >> the magic - - measure is scheduled for the first hearing on tuesday. >> an idea that san francisco has studied so far and failed to implement, cars will have to pay 12 up to $14 and trucks as much as $25 to access certain streets during business hours. the money generated is going toward public transit, supporters say it is something san francisco should consider. >> introducing congestion pricing has seen positive
8:25 am
effects. there are extensive congestion pricing programs, in stockholm it cut traffic by 25%. that would have loved san francisco to oppose those fees for last year. a similar bill is being considered for next year. hello list command, and in the bay area, there is another side the red-hot housing market is to cool down to home prices have dropped in the past year around high-tech high-tech centers, home prices dropped 16% in santa clara county, and 6% in san mateo county. the average price is still $1 million. and the full house comes back on the market, victorian and broadway street, well known as the setting for a popular
8:26 am
sitcom for full house and fuller house, currently owned by jeff franklin. he plans to sell it after purchasing the house for $4 million, in 2016, franklin is not feeling current asking price. a health alert in the east bay, customers exposed to measles. and a southbay mma fighter death, a close call and his road to recovery, next. good morning, you can see that on the freeways, most of the freeways are okay, there are some that are not. we will separate them straight ahead. mostly cloudy start to the day, feeling a little bit of fog out there as well, and chilly conditions. i have a warming trend to talk about and then it is time for your bay area weekend, details coming up. lockout
8:27 am
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my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite. this is mornings on channel two. >> steve paulson also has the day off, rosemary is here for us, it is nice to get the break from the rain but suddenly i see the fog. >> it is not hard to get the fog this time of year. it is especially thick in the north bay valley locations. lower to middle and upper 40s out there.
8:30 am
changes in the half moon bay, novato up to 5 degrees. we are a little better than where we started, ten or 12 degrees cooler than where we were earlier this morning. we will make a difference as we get into the days ahead. visibility is improving over some areas like napa, richmond, vallejo, along interstate 80, some improvement there. darker shades of gray are indicating patchy dense fog. the central and southbay are okay. in petaluma, novato, we are still dealing some trouble, and off toward the west, highway one looks like patchy dense fog, rubbing as well. and valeo moving to richmond. we are still partly sunny at the moment, some sprinkles are a possibility, and that satellite and radar view, not much if any at all.
8:31 am
lower to middle 60s, over the next few days, slightly warmer than yesterday, the trend will continue into saturday and sunday. it is 62 in hayward, 64 degrees in concord, and 65 in san jose pick if you are going to see the athletics play, it is still cool in the upper 50s, bring your jacket. i'm tracking that warm-up, and the extended forecast coming up. let's check the highways this morning. >> good morning, rosemary. we do have traffic on westbound 24, that is going to be crowded, but not stop and go, the commutes are getting much better, as you drive through, the richmond bridge has been backed up all this week, it is backed up from the marina bay parkway up to this point. we have seen a break at the bay bridge, log is moving through early this morning, can see the sun clearly, can see the hills, no you can't see much. this is a look at 80, traffic
8:32 am
is moving very well, this time of morning. and 582 castro valley is very slow, from dublin, to the top of castro valley, because of a truck accident that has been there for a while. 8:32, we will go back to the desk. no to a warning about a possible measles exposure, it apparently happened at the sauce barbecue and spirits restaurant in downtown livermore, christina is joining us from the car more with more on the story. christina? >> good morning, mike this is applicable to people who are not vaccinated and may have been here at sauce barbecue saturday night. you are urged to contact your doctor if you believe you are
8:33 am
at risk. in a post to facebook, the restaurant says they have contacted all of their staff, there is currently no risk in the restaurant, the urge anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to contact their doctor. health officials say this morning also applies to pregnant women, children too young to be vaccinated, and people with weakened immune systems. in some cases, people may need to seek preventative treatment, people are asked to contact doctors by today. we talked to a man about how he heard of that measles exposure today. >> it caught me by surprise. it is unfortunate, but i think it is not the restaurants fault, people just have to be careful of what they do when they go out in public.
8:34 am
>> we are told the possible exposure in livermore is not related to the recent cases in santa clara county, officials there say a tourist with measles visited two dozen shops, restaurants and other places in the southbay between march 16th and march 22nd. measles will start with a fever, runny nose, red eyes, a cough and sore throat, followed by a rash. anyone who was here at south sauce barbecue in livermore, if you are not vaccinated and may have been exposed, you are urged to contact your doctor by today. the restaurant is saying there is no riskier, they will be scheduled to open at 11:00. >> christina, thank you. here is a look at the other top stories we are following. art police are investigating a deadly shooting, a woman was shot at a parking lot and later
8:35 am
died at the hospital. details were not released, that station was closed for about 30 minutes, it is back open this morning, police are still searching for the gunman. for the third time, the british parliament rejected a brexit deal by teresa mae, leaving terms uncertain, they have until april 12 to have a new plan or leave without a deal. trade negotiations are resuming in beijing, and trade representatives posed for photos with chinese counterparts, but they did not comment about the state of negotiations. they are scheduled to travel to washington dc to continue the talks. >> students and parents are
8:36 am
demonstrating to seek a new waiver deal, with american high school and irvington high. and fremont teachers are asking for a 4% pay raise while the district is offering less than 1%. ministry to say they will have to make massive cuts in order to give teachers what they want. a professional fighter is in the hospital recovering from severe injuries after he was found near the guadalupe river. what happens to him is still a mystery. adriana gomez had the story. >> this is sam is it sam romero and all his glory, happy, humble, ready. he between superhard at night, he goes to mma and jujitsu.
8:37 am
martial arts is his life. >> the 22-year-old spent the last decade working and training with a longtime coach and friend. they took this photo together after the fight saturday night. bloody, yet still smiling. on sunday, the night after the fight, he went to san pedro square. when it was time to leave, they went their separate ways. sam walked along santa clara street, he never made it there. a jogger found him partially submerged in the water lupe creek at the highway 87 overpass. >> it was estimated he had been there for 27 hours, hypothermia saved him from the ruptured heart, bleeding out. >> a go fund me page already has more than $18,000, you will need every penny. a collapsed lung, broken
8:38 am
vertebrae, lectured pelvis and brain swelling. >> he is going in for more surgeries, he is very beat up and has a long journey ahead of him. >> the money was taken from his wallet, his family believes he was thrown from the overpass, what exactly what happened is under investigation. sam is conscious but have has no memory of the incident. friends hope that the signed gloves and well wishes will help him return to the ring someday. the lawyers are bringing in the cash in oakland and san francisco, coming up, how much the team is making well before opening the doors to the new arena in san francisco. >> the force is strong in silicon valley, the hit music from star wars performed this weekend, we will have the inside look for you, coming up.
8:39 am
things are mostly good, some commute are kind of stubborn, they are getting better all the other ones. we are trying to figure it out, we will let you know more, coming up. things are fairly stubborn this morning, we are drying out and warming up in time for your weekend, and we will look at your current conditions and what you can expect in the extended forecast after this. stay with us, we will be right back.
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sans about the sun, this is our last request, thank you for getting this song on. windsor, back when i was a radio djs to play it. friends on facebook, twitter, instagram, give me a shout on social media. >> pete buttigieg talk about what makes him stand out in the crowded field of democratic candidates. >> i am the only left-handed
8:43 am
game multis american episcopalian veteran. >> he senses background as a military veteran, married gay men, and mayor of gives him plenty of experience today. >> we are going to make america great again, what does that mean? we are going to stop the changes so you don't have to change anything. can have honest potus that revolves around the word again. >> he was reelected mayor in a landslide and a new poll shows joe biden holding a double- digit lead over the rest of the democratic hopefuls with 29% support, bernie sanders in second place, beto o'rourke in third, harris follows that pete
8:44 am
buttigieg, and the time now is 8:43. a nice victory for the athletics, the giants should out, hopefully they will bounce back tonight with a victory. >> it is only game one, i know this. but we need to get that offense going. we will take a look at the biggest traffic issue that we have on 580 westbound, all morning long, i jackknifed truck being jackknifed is the biggest problem, and the diesel spill, they were trying to contain it when it went into a nearby creek. i don't suggest driving from dublin to castro valley. big rigs are temporarily allowed on west on 580. richmond ridge also has a problematic commute this morning, it has been pretty slow getting up to the toll plaza and across the bridge.
8:45 am
at theay bridge, this has cleared up nicely, there has been a report of an accident, it does not seem to be affecting anything at all. what traffic is looking good. san mateo and the bridge commute is also fine. the south bay commute is also filling in. 45:00, 280 in san jose, we will go to rosemary. >> we are partly cloudy, with blue skies, some of us that with fog this morning, it is partly cloudy for everybody, with a light to moderate breeze. we are dry for the weekend, we are in great shape when it comes to involve the season. 133% of average, san francisco, 112, oakland, 102, san jose getting close to 16 inches for the season, 108% of average. here is a view of the system,
8:46 am
northern california is covered, they still have some light shower activity. this is going to push east and northeast. we have a possibility as we go through the first part of the morning, after that we are in the clear when it comes to probability of rain coming our way. as far as visibility, that is a different story. it is thick in the north valley locations, slowly getting better, we still have some trouble over highway one with patchy and dense fog. low visibility, gusts around zero, it stretches into napa valley, and nappy about - - napa valley is three-mile visibility. a darker shade stretched down toward richmond, that is improving as well. temperatures outside this morning, a chilly start, 45 in castro valley, 47 in napa, 50 degrees for downtown san francisco, it is actually an improvement over earlier this morning, we will continue to see the numbers climb,
8:47 am
eventually into the 60s. it is 61 degrees for san francisco, 64 degrees in fremont, for the south bay, 65 in san jose. tahoe, low 40s today, any afternoon, low 40s by tomorrow, 54 degrees is expected on sunday, dry weather is in the forecast for the sierras and tahoe. here is the view at home, upper 60s by tomorrow, low 70s on sunday, how about that the transition, getting back to work on monday with a pot of rain in the forecast for tuesday. okay, rosemary, thank you. a new plan to protect your packages while you're gone, have details on the new bill and a potential punishment for porch pirates. caught red-handed, the thief wasn't looking for packages, but the camera actually caught these images.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
quick actions by sacramento police helps to prevent a young man from taking his own life, police released body camera video of the incident that occurred earlier this month, officers were called to a highway overpass for the young man was threatening to jump, they ran and grabbed him before he went over the railing, he was transported to the hospital after being taken into custody. package that is becoming a growing problem and some are calling for higher penalties and even prison time for porch pirates. a bill would enable pakistan to be charged as a felony, right now it is considered petty
8:51 am
theft, under the new rule, some could be to present based on criminal history and whether or not they are a repeat a lot as a petty theft, it does not really capture the sense of vulnerability and security shattered when someone takes something just inches from your front door. >> the bill now goes before the public safety committee and the state assembly, if passed, it could go into effect at the end of this year. authorities in fresno are looking for a man trying to steal doorbell surveillance cameras, he made four attempts to take the devices, succeeding once. authorities think they have enough evidence and feel they will eventually catch him
8:52 am
>> the public notices of a few fermentative to remove your device, bring say theft detection mostly in place. and if you send a copy of your police report, ring will replace it free of charge. lyft rideshare stock went well above expectation. >> interest sold out in two days, and the stock price last night was $72 per share at the highest, expectation opened up at $87. right now it is hovering around that level, and it will take a while to sort out all the buy and sell orders. lyft rideshare headed south to bring that opening bell this morning, executives and drivers from all around the country ring that bell from the nasdaq,
8:53 am
from the new driver center in los angeles. checking in on the broader markets this morning, the dow jones is up 149, 150 points, up by more than half a%. about the same for the nasdaq and the s&p 500. the nasdaq is at 7716. keeping an eye on wells fargo stocks as well, that is after the president and ceo announced he is stepping down, tim sloan says he will retire from the san francisco bank june 30th, the council will serve as interim ceo, sloan has been with the bank for more than 31 years, during which, wells fargo has experienced a sheriff troubles including a bank account scandal, where the company was fined $185 million for opening update bank accounts and credit cards without customer knowledge. >> the wires new home has not even opened up yet, already
8:54 am
that chase center in san francisco is breaking records. the arena is scheduled to open with metallica, and the san francisco symphony. the first preseason game is october 5th against lebron james and the lakers. a congressional committee has approved a legislation to help marijuana businesses. there is concern about breaking federal laws. that forces the companies that operate many as cash businesses, the proposal goes to the full house for consideration. a denver cannabis company is holding a job fair in the east bay, they make cannabis infused products, they plan to open a manufacturing facility in oakland at the old del monte
8:55 am
cannery, the job fair begins at 9:00 this morning at the executive inn and suites in oakland, the company will be conducting an on-site interview for reduction assistant, supervisor, and illegal in its industry has added an estimated 200,000 full-time jobs so far and it is expected to have another 5000 jobs, colleges and universities are now adding courses and degree programs in cannabis related business. >> and lyft rideshare could go even more. we were talking about it, is it a good investment? they are not making money. there is a lot of interest on the first day. >> and cooper was the first out there. >> coming up, what was said to demarcus cousins and how the boston celtics are taking action. [ music ] tore prices! more new dresses means more rsay yes.
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this is been banned for a season and a half for using a racist slur at the warriors center. the incident happened when the warriors went to bus in in january. he muttered the and word to cousin, the fan was ejected but the news of the band just surface. this comes two weeks after the utah jazz permanently banned a fan who called russell about a word. just under 23,000 people at the coliseum to catch the angels and the a's at the bottom of the fourth. matt chapman kept the angels off the board in the 5th inning.>> knicely, nice play. >> adding in insurance run,
8:59 am
with a fellow shot and his second home run of the season. he only gave up one hit, the a's when 1-0, tonight's pitch just after 7 pm. anthony slocumb is now in remission from cancer last season chris davis met the boy and gave him a signed jersey. yesterday dave -- davis gave anthony a signed baseball bat. the giants will try to get their first run of the season tonight in san diego. the padres shut out the giants yesterday on opening day. he gave up two runs on five hits, and struck out nine, in the sixth, it bounces off the wall and was thrown out at 6 base. the giants challenged the ruling, but lost the challenge
9:00 am
and went on to lose the game, the padres 12-1 -- won the game 2-0. officially the first in a new wave in san francisco companies, the opening number on the ticker and will it go even higher? light sabers, silicone valley takes on star wars this weekend, we will take you inside for preview. san francisco, babylon wants to hear from inspiring performers how they are trying to pave the path to success. good morning everyone, it is friday, march 29 2019, the last friday of march. this time to get up and seize the day, be the ball. >>


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