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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 29, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and went on to lose the game, the padres 12-1 -- won the game 2-0. officially the first in a new wave in san francisco companies, the opening number on the ticker and will it go even higher? light sabers, silicone valley takes on star wars this weekend, we will take you inside for preview. san francisco, babylon wants to hear from inspiring performers how they are trying to pave the path to success. good morning everyone, it is friday, march 29 2019, the last friday of march. this time to get up and seize the day, be the ball. >> if you want to stay in bed
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all day you have to listen to this, nasa and the european space agency are looking for two dozen people to spend two months in bed. >> that's right, participants will be paid $19,000 and validated by the german aerospace center, they are looking for women between the age of 25 and 55, non-smoking. they will be on bed rest, nasa researchers are doing this to look at the effects of artificial gravity on the body to see if it may be beneficial for astronauts to spent a long time and space.>> two months, i would not do it. even before the children and getting married, even single and 25 years old, i'm out. >> you have your price, right? that is not enough money. >> i think they will find the people. pam we were talking
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about lyft, san francisco-based lyft has the stock trading well above the starting price at $72. alyssa harrington joins us live with more on the story.>> reporter: so far so good, the shares, i want to show you the video when the cofounders of the company along with lyft drivers rang the opening bell. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the rideshare company is valued at $24 million despite never turning a profit. it is the company's major growth that has lured in investors. drivers have mixed feelings about the company going public,
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they say the drivers are not the ones getting rich, they worry executives will make more cuts to try to please investors. >> with anything, if enough drivers get together, they will be able to make them do something in a big corporation, you have to hit them in the pocket for them to do anything. hopefully, it trickles down, and it might actually happen this time. i doubt it but, i hope that enough drivers can get together and demand part of that money that is being floating around. >> they are making more money by giving us last, they do not want to chase off customers, they are obviously competing with huber, where are you going to get the company? you are going to get it from the drivers.>> reporter: is some drivers held a protest demanding higher pay, their the first of many highly anticipated debbie's expected
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to make a lot more bay area millionaires. another tech company expected to go is airbnb, pinterest and huber. live in san francisco, box 2 news. 's talk about huber, they have a big presence internationally, what do you think, is this a good sign. >> uber without their first, it is oversold in today's, so that means although those who did not get in on the ipo for left will want to jump in for huber. >> uber actually made a profit whereas lyft has not.
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>> as a long-term investment, i don't know they have to work out the employee things, so we will see, we will watch it. you this morning, deadly crash of the boeing 737 max jetton ethiopia, they have reached the primary conclusion. the wall street journal reported that a flight control feature automatically activated before the plane knows they into the ground. nose dived into the ground. the automation system failed on the ethiopian flight and the lion error line crash in indonesia. >> will cost as strong though sure that second passengers on flight 1675 from baltimore to sfo was diverted because of the strong odor in the cabin. several passengers were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. all of them will be rebooked to on new flights to san francisco. police say a woman was shot
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in the parking lot at about 10:30 pm last night and died at the hospital. police have not released the woman's name were any other details that led up to the shooting. the station was closed for about 30 minutes but it is back open this morning and police are still searching for the gunmen. happening today, some of the parents involved in the college scandal, are to appear today. as man was fired from his ceo position because of the scandal, the parents are accused of paying bribes to rick singer who is the ring leyner to get the children into elite colleges. we also have new information on the condition of a four-year-old who accidentally shot himself in the head in east oakland. the voice family spoke to reporters outside of children's hospital last night, the little boy he suffered a severe brain
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injury and underwent surgery. he is now in an induced coma and they are waiting to see if he will recover. >> it is a brain injury, and they will keep him isolated for couple of days and hopefully we can figure out what will happen to him. >> it is very sad, but he will be heavily sedated, as days go by they will gradually take him off of medication to see how he responds. we do not know at this time whether he will be comatose, all we know is that he is critical, please keep my family and my grandson in your prayers. >> the boyfriend of the little boy's mother, bassist child endangerment charges, the mother and son were visiting wilson on richie street in east oakland when the accident happened. a convicted drunk driver will be sentenced today for causing a crash that killed four people in san pablo. happen on interstate 80 in november 2017, 49-year-old fred
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lois sacramento was found guilty of four counts of murder, prosecutors say loe has several previous dui convictions and could spend the rest of his life in prison. news this morning pope francis has legislation for vatican personnel and diplomats overseas. for the first time, the pope is requiring catholic officials to immediately report or face fines or jail time. the legislation also requires that these big rooms are welcomed, listen to and provided with any assistance they need. the first part of rebuilding paradise, the first building permit has been issued. this comes five months after the wild fire destroyed most of the town. they plan to rebuild it and nearly identical home to the one they lost, the fire destroyed 11,000 homes. paradise has only received 21 building permit applications, three of those sites have received certification that the
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soil on the property is clean. governor newsom says pg&e is planning to nominate them, they plan to replace half of the board in the upcoming months after filing for break -- bankruptcy protection because of the fires in california. he struggled to learn the camp and he has a plan to have board members in hedge funds or with little or no experience in california. with this move, they would send a clear message that they are prioritizing quick profits over anything else, california deserves better. we will not see remain any rain according to rosemary. >> no rain today or for the weekend, we make it some rain in the first week of april, between now and then we will be in a warming trend. this is a look at what is
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happening, a little bit of fog this morning with residual moisture in place, it is a chilly start but by the afternoon we will be in the low six days and tomorrow upper 60s. how about right now, the san francisco area reporting low 50s, areas of over santa rosa upper 40s, struggling a bit over the north bay where we are dealing with fog. oakland at 53 degrees, livermore at 54, the 24 hour temperature change, areas where we are covered in gray, temperatures are still way down, by 7 degrees in nevada, where visibility has been poor. down by 6 in napa, a little clearing with dryer air in place, we started out chillier but the temperatures are rebounding. nevada, two miles visibility around 101, that is an improvement. the lighter shade of gray
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indicating the fog is getting better, we had a dark in many areas for most of the morning. here's a look at the partly sunny skies, for the afternoon we go partly cloudy, a little breezy out there as we transition to the warmer, drier pattern. 62 degrees a word, 64 and court, going to see the a's play? it will be a nice evening, 56 degrees at game time. when we come back, we will have a look at the extended forecast which includes the warm-up for the weekend. coming up next, changes coming to the delta, we have seen zero wildlife, no dead fish or dead beavers. we are happy about that. they were claiming that pesticides were claiming fish in the delta. say station for the second time this year, we will show
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you what is going on now and what they hope to achieve by the end of the day. there --
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ktvu fox 2, where the power of you comes to you. the space station, the astronauts are replacing the space station outdated batteries. this was supposed to be the first all-female spacewalk but they did not have enough spacesuits to fit the women. a male astronaut replaced one and another one is replaced taking place may 8. she will not be seeking reelection, the 66-year-old sheriff said she made the decision yesterday as she is dealing with a number of health, personal issues, her husband passed away last year and she is still recovering from knee replacement surgery. said recent chaudhry -- tragedies also played a role in her decision to not run again.>> i have to think about in the back of my mind, the
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passing of two other people, my life as i am getting older, my issues with my health, certainly. she's the first woman to leave the san francisco sheriff's department, san francisco mayor landon briggs said she has been a tremendous leader for our city. she was a trailblazer paving the way for women to serve. repairs to the uss arizona memorial are expected to take longer than expected. they awarded a $2 million contract for repairs expected to be complete in december for the next pearl harbor remembrance service. but damage reappeared and then it stems from a malfunction in the docs anchoring system, the work means there will be no
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walk on visitation during the summer. there's been a clear change in the sacramento san joaquin river delta, fishermen who son increase in dead fish and wildlife last year, they blame the state for using more pesticides to kill out-of- control grasses and weeds. officials say that pesticides were not tied to the dying fish, but this month california state parks announce they will greatly reduce the amount of pesticides they use, we have the report. we're this was the sight and sound from last march until november. >> what are you guys doing exactly? >> putting in antibacterial in the water to kill the bacteria. >> reporter: was to control fast-moving plants and weeks happened weekly on the sacramento san joaquin river delta. >> did you get complaints about killing off wildlife and fish?>>
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on social media that's about it. we're the ongoing social media campaign is brought on by the anglers coalition. last fall, 2 investigates one along finding floating lifeless fish. >> that right there, you see, that is what we have. >> reporter: to turtles and decomposing beavers even.>> they are dying everywhere. if it's not the pellets, tell me what it is. >> reporter: this date said the chemicals were safe, just this month, the department of fish and wildlife explain new case and new tests. >> our studies show there is no impact to the fish at the prescribed levels. >> reporter: they say eliminating some of the grasses help certain fish to employ invasive predator fish like striped bass.
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they say it is a mimic to get back to historic conditions. >> fish have a tendency to reach a certain age and best way, they have shorter life span, what is causing it, i do not know? but we do not believe it is tied to the pesticide use, to control the aquatic vegetation. >> reporter: what is clear is that the diop seem to stop during the winter months. >> we've seen zero dead wildlife, no dead beavers, no dead fish so we are very happy about that. >> reporter: concern fishermen are happy about the new pella plan for 2019, the number of treatment sites will be greatly reduced by thousands of acres and limited two harbors around
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docs and marinas. >> we were surprised to have it downplayed as much as they did, but we are happy with that. we are seeing the ecosystem bouncing back and thriving. >> reporter: this date maintains the tremendous change from year to year, all of it is monitored to make sure people and wildlife are protected for generations. >> we are paying attention to what is going on in the delta everything as far as we can see is safe and moving along, we have top-notch scientists looking at various studies, trends and coming up with the better ideas to protect the fission resources we have. >> reporter: crews are out treating right now, -- >> where concerned but grateful and happy to see what they propose. >> reporter: while there is no known connection between the dead wildlife in pesticides, they say their job of keeping tabs on changing conditions is far from over. >> the state parks department is holding three workshops about their treatment plan. they want to educate the public about plans, grasses and weeds. ktvu fox 2 news.
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if you have something you would like to investigate, you can email us, but definitely let us know. the producer of beach blanket babylon joins us in studio to talk about how they are making dreams come true.
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one of the best shows in san francisco is improving lives , joe shuman silver, once again back with us on the 9, thank you for coming in. >> this is fun, i love coming here. >> is 2019 she knew well?? very good. >> there was 2002, there was a dream born for the scholarships, talk about how that was born?>> a came up because of my late husband, i'm
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going to start crying. he left us a foundation, for kids for high school in the bay area for them to go on to higher education. and as been very successful, this is our 17th year, which i can't even believe. we follow up with all of the kids that have been winners through the years, they always come back and talk about what they have been doing. and it is so fun for everybody. >> can you give us an example of one person that you have followed up? >> all of the winners, her name is tracy shavano, she was the first dance winner in 2002, and she has gone on to such wonderful things, she tours with pink, she tours with other artists and is on dancing with the stars and she comes to the
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show once or twice a year and checks in with us. >> i love that she comes back. >> they all do, and they always come back for the night of the scholarships which is june 3 this year, and they talk about what has happened with them through the years. >> and they are very grateful because of the dream and helping high school students. >> there are three categories of these scholarships. $15,000, for each category, so when you judge, you bring it down to nine, they basically perform for judges and the audience. >> yes and for their family and friends and it is a great time. >> so what about the acting category, what you look for in somebody on stage? >> kind of like what we look for in beach blanket, i know it is trite but just if they have it or not. voice is easier because you go by their voice and then, acting,
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we have a lot of judges, and we just look and see if they are good or not. they're terrific, we had one and acting last year who was one of the best performances we've ever seen, everybody was crying when we saw the video we kept saying, what is this? she was so amazing, she one in the second, she was really good. >> you know what i like about this as well, because people ask me, my grades aren't the best, but that has nothing to do with that. it's about what you can do on stage. >> exactly, they send in a three minute tape, we go through hundreds of them and we have to get it down to nine performers, three in each category. and then they come in, the last day which this year is june 3, and perform in front of celebrity judges and their family and friends, and it is
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the most fun night. most of the past winners come back just to enjoy it. >> every time i have been there, it is one particular day in june, is it your super bowl? >> know i look forward to changing the show every day which is what we are in the midst of doing right now because of what is going on in the world today. so every day is really fun, and special because how we are able to give these kids special scholarships and we get letters from them saying i wouldn't have been able to do this or this without the scholarship, that makes us feel good. >> how can they find you? if they want to send in an application? >> all you have to do it is go to beach blanket scholarship, it is so easy it is all right there. everybody should really apply. >> three categories, $15,000
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for each category, thanks again and have a great show tonight. coming up here on mornings on 2, there is a health alert once again, and a popular restaurant may have been exposed to measles. mma fighter on the brink of death, his close call and his road to recovery. all tyson any'tizers chicken,
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is raised with no antibiotics ever. [ music winding down ]
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they're a great decision for snacktime. allowing the band to practice at your house... not a great decision. keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers. welcome back to the nine, we can say it is not raining today. >> the fog is here, it is a little windy out, but there is no rain right now. >> we are dry today, tomorrow, we are dry and sunday, how about that? we actually have a warming trend coming for saturday and sunday. here's a view of san
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jose where we have blue skies, and unlike yesterday where we started with blue sky and a change for many, it will not change in the way of wet weather but in the way of dry, warmer, springlike weather for your bay area weekend. today will be slightly warmer than yesterday, saturday the warmer, and sunday looks like it will be the warmest day. here's the storm tracker, this will continue to shift east and northeast and not slide in our direction. here's a view of the visibility and i'm around, northbay valley locations have some fog, has since improved though. temperature has climbed, 48 degrees in napa, a little chill in the air but getting better. 51 degrees castro valley, 49 degrees in downtown san francisco per 62 degrees in oakland, mid 60s in livermore, partly cloudy skies, light to
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moderate breeze as we switch over to this new pattern. riday, saturday, sunday, lake ka-ho will be in the 40s, 54 degrees the afternoon high. and how best here at home? saturday afternoon 67, the average, sunday into the 70s, we do begin to slip on monday, first week of april will include april showers. there is a warning from a health officials in the east bay about another possible measles exposure. >> happen at sauce barbecue and spirits, that is a restaurant in downtown livermore. we're the warning is for people who visited here last saturday, and they are not vaccinated for the measles virus, if you fall in that category, you are urged
9:32 am
to contact your doctor no later than today. we learned that a gas with measles with you at the restaurant last saturday, march 23 between the hours of 8 pm to 11 pm. in a post on facebook, the restaurant says they have contacted all of their staff and there is currently no risk in their restaurant. we urge anyone who thinks they've been exposed to contact their doctor. this warning is for pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems and children too young for the vaccination. you need to get healthcare six days within exposure, contact your doctor no later than today. >> i heard about it from a friend, it caught me by surprise because we have been there before it is a great restaurant, it is unfortunate but it is not the restaurant's fall. people just have to be careful what they do when they go out in public. >> reporter: we are told this possible exposure is not related to the recent cases in santa clara county, a tourist with me says visited two dozen
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shops, restaurants and other spots in the south bay between march 16 and march 22. measles symptoms starts with a fever, runny nose, red eyes a cough and a sore throat followed by a rash. anyone who might have been here in livermore last saturday is urged to contact their doctor if they are not vaccinated or if they feel they may be at risk for the virus. the restaurant says there is no risk there scheduled to open later today, in livermore, ktvu, fox 2. more in today's top stories, let's check out the newsroom with frank malcolm. >> police are investigating at deadly shooting, a woman was shot in the parking lot about 10:30 pm last night. she later died at the hospital, police have not released her name or details about what may have led up to the shooting, the station had to be shut down for about 30 minutes back open this morning, the police are still searching for the gunmen. today for the third time, the british parliament
9:34 am
rejected a brexton deal. a departure from the european union, britain has until april 12 to announce a new plan or leave the eu without a deal. trade negotiations from china and the u.s. are resuming and beijing today to try to resolve disputes over tariffs. u.s. treasury secretary and trade representative robert white hauser posed for photos with their chinese counterparts but they do not comment about stated negotiations just yet. they will be traveling to washington dc to continue the talks. a look at some of the top stories we are working on this friday morning. pam, we will send it back upstairs. a professional mma fighter
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is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after he was found near the guadalupe river. this 22-year-old took part of an name a competition saturday night, sunday night he went to san pedro square to have drinks with friends, he walked toward santa clara street heading home but never made it. a jogger found him monday morning partially submerged under the highway 87 overpass. >> i estimated he was in there for 6 to 8 hours with extreme hyperthermia, he was free much gone at that point. but the hypothermia saved him from the ruptured heart, bleeding out. >> has several fractures, a collapsed lung, broken vertebra and swelling in his brain he has had several surgeries and is scheduled for more. it is not clear exactly what happened but friends say the money from saturday's fight was taken from his wallet, his family believes he was thrown from the overpass but exactly lapan is under investigation. at county approved homeless
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encampment will close down tomorrow. this is south of the men that does airport, it is a pilot program for the homeless camp, the income and as tenants was showers and laundry facilities. the federal administration had raised objections because it is under the flight location. the city has not been able to find another place. >> i am emotional because this is my family, we have no place to go really. so this is hard. >> the county is moving the homeless into a motel and then we'll try to figure out another temporary long-term housing plan. calling on adam choose to resign accusing him of a false narrative. the president is attacking him, but he is not backing down. >> little pencil neck adam schiff.
9:37 am
>> reporter: during a camping rally, president donald trump mocks adam schiff. >> will we don't know, there could still have been some russia collusion. >> reporter: as chairman of the house intelligence committee, he leads the investigation into the potential collusion or conspiracy between the drum campaign and russia. after special counsel robert millard declined to include anyone, republican intelligence committee are calling on shift to step down. >> the findings conclude with the fact that you abused your position. >> reporter: sherrif uncharacteristically emotional. >> you might think that is okay, i don't. >> reporter: president donald trump calling into sean hannity radio show.
9:38 am
>> what is your response to the repressing? any plans to resign? >> sadly, when the president says jump, everyone else says how high. >> reporter: he said that he would release transcripts of the became chairman. >> are you going to release transcripts? when will that happen?? we are, and we are continuously caused by the intelligence community. >> reporter: is especially concerned by donald trump junior meeting with the russians. >> what did john junior do when he received the overture? did he call the fbi? no. did he rebuff them and send her know the circumstances? no. his response was i would love it. the evidence of collusion is him
9:39 am
plain sight. >> reporter: why do you think they aren't going forward with some sort of prosecution? >> it is a high burden of proof to show conspiracy, not even don junior will sign his name to a written contract saying i hereby accept the help of the russian government.>> you can see the full interview with congressman shift tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. and join us with everything else on mornings on 2 from 7 am until 10 am. details on a new bill with punishments for porch piracy. the hit music of star wars will be performed this weekend, we have an inside look coming up in a few minutes. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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one group of performers is getting an early start on the so-called start fours may the force be with you. silicon valley, the symphony will perform the score from the first installment of the movie channel franchise of star wars. >> reporter: we are standing in the lobby, in less than 11 hours the symphony silicon valley will take to the stage to begin the performance of star wars episode four, for those of you keeping score, that is the first star wars movie. last summer, july 2018, the symphony put on a score at the symphony hall. back in 1977, john williams
9:43 am
spent the original score, the first star wars movie nominated for 11 oscars and took home seven statues. joining me now to talk about what will happen tonight here is the conductor of the silicon valley symphony, jeffrey schindler and lester with the first question, why now? star wars day, may 4 is more than a month away, so why now? >> it is a question of logistics, it is a popular film and needs to fit into certain scheduling parameters, and frankly pulling together 90 people on stage, the technical crew, the availability of the facilities, just pointed to this weekend, that is why we are here. >> all right, what is the most difficult part about conducting this score when you have a live movie playing, because when you
9:44 am
see the movie it is edited together, so how difficult is this? >> it is a complicated process, there is a special video that has visual aid fell me, but the complication is actually keeping coordination and synchronization between the live musicians on stage and the movie that is being projected. so that is the major complication here you not only have to lead them musicians, show the music as a conductor would but also stay synchronized, usually right down to the frame, particularly in a movie like star wars with so much action, keep it all together. >> so you're watching a little bit of the movie and the music? >> yes i am keeping my eye on a lot of things. >> which is your favorite star wars movie musically?? this one, i am so excited you asked that question this one, it is an amazing score in a grand and golden age hollywood tradition.
9:45 am
it was really a breakout piece of music because, hollywood had sort of moved away from this grand symphonic tradition for about a decade and then suddenly here was back again in the hands of an absolute master. and it brings you back to steiner and kornfeld, that waxman, the golden age of hollywood music and here it is back again and it has been with us ever since. >> you mention some names, these were all academy award winners, they're all geniuses in their own right, but still, williams is in a different atmosphere, how does he do that? >> john williams, it is so hard to qualify this, quantify this, he is a genius, his ability to reach inside our hearts and
9:46 am
touch us, and see a scene and said that scene, is extraordinary. he brings out an emotional contact in the film that sometimes we are not even really sure is there, we see one thing, he goes for something different sometimes. and he is able to explore that and articulate that through his music, he takes the cinematic experience and the filmmaker's vision to an entirely different level. it is important for the movie. extraordinarily important for the movie. it inflicts the visuals that you see, if you change the music, you can change what people are feeling from what they are seeing on screen. so it is an extraordinary and to part of the artistic process. >> so your performance tonight the first one is at 7:30 pm here at the center for performing arts, there are two
9:47 am
tomorrow, one at 230 p.m., the matinee and then 7:30 pm again, and then sunday the last performance, matinee 1:30 pm. maestro, good show. >> thank you so much. >> he is the master, i am just the reporter. the number two seed tomorrow will play missouri state, the lady bears upset i was stay to advance to the sweet 16, cardinals beat byu, tamara tip-off at 3:30 pm. with package staffs going in becoming a problem, some lawmakers are calling for harsher penalties. in assembly men, offered up a bill that would enable package chef to be charged as a felony, right now it is considered petty theft. under the new rules, they could be sentenced to prison time
9:48 am
depending on their criminal history and whether or not they are a repeat offender. >> i think the way the law is currently, where it is only a petty theft, doesn't capture the sense of vulnerability and security that is shattered when someone takes something really inches from your front door. >> the bill now goes before the public safety committee, if passed, the senate and assembly, it could go into a fact by the end of this year. authorities in fresno urge looking for a man trying to steal doorbell cameras. he succeeded once, authorities feel like they have enough evidence in this case and are confident that they will catch him. now continuing coverage on empire actor, jussie smollett, they ordered him to pay $130,000 to cover the overtime cost of the police departments investigation. police say he reported the alleged attacked and it was stage, to promote his career.
9:49 am
they dropped 16 felony accounts on tuesday, he has maintained his innocence and assist that the attack was real. nicholas cage has filed for an annulment 40s after he got married. tim zay says he tied the knot in las vegas and this is his fourth marriage. disney's live-action film selling the tell of an affordable elephant again by, we have more from the cast of dumbo. >> welcome baby dumbo. >> reporter: inspired by that 1980 -- classic, dumbo the elephant born with extremely big ears and becomes a sensation when he learns to fly. directed by tim burton, the kid friendly adventure stars michael keaton, danny devito, and others. >> movies set a simple fabled in a nicely net package.
9:50 am
so those things, that's what dumbo symbolizes a creature that doesn't fill in. >> feeling good about yourself, finding out who you are, understand how to take a step forward and live your life the best way possible.>> i want my children exposed to this message, it is nice to see that there is another way. >> it is about standing up for what is right, standing up against bullies. >> how did they get in the elephant to play? pgi had visual assistance on creating dumbo.>> a couple of actors came in and portrayed dumbo, a gentleman named by aaron who is extraordinary. >> lots of different options. >> you can do it dumbo. and hollywood jeff paul, fox news. are you going to see that
9:51 am
with the kiddos?? maybe. >> it is all about bullying, everybody picked on dumbo about his big ears. coming up, what would you do to get out of work? a florida man came up with an idea that he may regret. you live in the bay area, you love the bay area, that is why you should watch ktvu fox 2 news, the only station in the bay area with the power of 2.
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news this morning, president donald trump is threatening to close the border with mexico as soon as next week. in a series of tweets in the past hour he says mexico must stop all immigration coming into the united states or he will shut down the border. the president accuses mexico of taking u.s. money but doing nothing to cut down on illegal immigration. in the meantime, border agents has skyrocketed, the agents are on pace to make 100,000 arrests this month. so much rain to the bay area, has brought a ton of snow to the mountains. parts of yosemite national park will remain open for skiing and snowshoeing two weeks longer than usual. glacier point road will stay open through april 14, the yosemite ski and snowboard area will still close for the season this sunday, march 31. sales of new homes climbed 4.9% in february, analyst say it is an indication that falling mortgage rates have boosted demand for myers.
9:55 am
from buyers. dropped to nearly 4% this week according to mortgage fire freddie mac. sales are running 2.8% higher for the two months of 2019 them the same period last year. the housing market is beginning to cool down, home prices have dropped in the last year, around santa clara and san mateo counties. home prices dropped 16% in santa clara county and 6% and san mateo county, the average price for a home is still $1 million. current camera, authorities say a man in san bernardino county got a lot of feeder and let it get the best of them. >> the suspect breaking right into a liquor store early yesterday morning, he clicked out the glass window and slipped inside and tried to rip away a rack of lotto tickets. he had a hard time getting the
9:56 am
rack out of the store and into his car, opened the door. investigators were able to identify him because he was wanted for assaulting his girlfriend the day before. the 47-year-old was booked on multiple felonies including stealing his girlfriends car. a florida man is in trouble after he is accused of faking a robbery to get out of going into work. >> kind of extreme, according to the sheriff's office, the 32- year-old call 911 tuesday to report an armed robbery. anderson said two suspects took his money, necklace and cell phone, later the deputies say the robbery never happen and anderson made up the whole thing to avoid his shaft at the restaurant, he was arrested and charged with misuse of 911. secretary of homeland
9:57 am
security will join us live in studio to talk about the college admission scandal, border security and the upcoming presidential election next year, and other topics as well. it should be a good interview. that is our show this morning, thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy your friday morning out there. we do not have rain finally. yes, enjoy the weekend, as sunny nice warm weekend. i will see you back here at noon. . termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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