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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 29, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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ipo. >> they can get some shares, invest in it, get money in it because it's a big company, and they are definitely making money. a young woman died after being shot in this parking lot of a west oakland station. growing concerns. public health officials confirm a third case of measles in the bay area just this week, as a warning goes out to people who dined at a livermore restaurant. >> people just got to be careful what they do when they go out in public. >> we'll talk live with a doctor about who is most at risk. from ktvu news, this is "the four." a 17-year-old girl gunned down in the parking lot of the west oakland bart station last night, and late today, police announced an arrest investigators say the deadly shooting involved two
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teenagers who knew each other. welcome, everyone, to "the four." >> it happened around 10:30 last night, and that is where we find paul chambers this afternoon. this latest coming from bart this afternoon is neither the victim nor the suspect were actually passengers on the train. >> reporter: heather, that is correct. bart police will make it clear that at no time were any of their passengers a target of last night's shooting. it happened on the streets of oakland and in the parking lot. people we spoke to today said they are extremely excited an arrest has been made so quickly. for most people business as usual for west bart station. bart police say around 10:30 thursday night two teens who were not passenger of the service got into some type of incident on the streets of oakland in front of the bart station. for an known reason, the police
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say they knew each other, came into the parking lot, and that is when a 17-year-old female was shot by a 16-year-old boy. a woman who uses the station daily set her rideshare driver told her about the incident. >> he had heard it go bang, bang, bang, and he had to take an alternate route to get out of the parking lot he. >> reporter: the homicide was isolated, and no passengers were involved. still, some we spoke with had used the west oakland station said they were worried about the area because they hear gunfire quite often. >> it's a little unnerving. sometimes we go out under the shooting over there, shooting over there, and we really don't hear about it. >> reporter: within 15 hours of the homicide, oakland police took the suspect into custody outside his home. >> thank god they caught the guy, and i'm glad they did. >> reporter: they hope hard and oakland police will do more to keep passengers and just those walking in the area safe. >> the world has changed a lot in a very short time, and it does make me nervous because there's nothing like the element of surprise. >> i don't see anybody in the parking lot, so i see more on the train the parking lot.
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when i'm around, anyway. >> reporter: bart police chief said that busbar surveillance will capture the incident and they will play a critical role in the prosecution. the case is in the hands of alameda county district office . heather? today for the vallejo police department released body camera footage of the deadly shooting of 20-year-old willie mccoy last month. now we want to warn you that you may find this video disturbing. officers were responding to a call about a man in conches and a car in the taco bell drive- through with a gun in his lap, back at the boy night. slow-motion video from the officer closest to mccoy shows mccoy start to wake up. officer shouted at him to keep his hands up for several
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seconds. police say they opened fire after he reached for the stolen gun on his lap. the departments that they release this video to provide transparency and context to what happened. civil rights attorney john burris is representing mccoy's family. he's planning to hold a news conference after this our. we will have that for reaction coming up tonight at 6:00. lyft made its highly anticipated to be on wall street today. the rideshare company's stock opened at $72 a share, and closed at $78.29 for a one-day gain of 8%. as elissa harrington reports, lyft's ipo was the first in a big class of tech companies expecting to go public this year. >> reporter: lyft hit the stock market this morning is $72 a share. here's that moment when the cofounders along with some lyft drivers ring the nasdaq opening bell. the san francisco base to ride
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hailing company entered the stock market valued at a whopping $24 billion, despite never turning a profit, but it's the company's major growth that has wooed investors. i spoke with some lyft drivers with mixed feelings about the committee going public. they say the drivers aren't the ones will get rich. they are word executives will make more cuts to try to please investors. >> if enough drivers get together, they'll be able to make them do something. any big corporation, they'll do anything. hopefully it trickles down, you know, that trickle-down thing that might actually happen this time. i doubt it, but yeah, i hope we can get enough drivers together and, you know, demand some, you know, part of that, you know, money that is being thrown around. it's basically on our bats. they are making more money by giving us less. they don't want to chase customers because they are competing with uber, so you don't want to make the customer pay more. >> reporter: lyft is officially the first rideshare company to enter the stock market, not
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expected to be followed too far behind uber. an uber driver will be watching what happens. >> i'm going to look more closely with uber because maybe , also if it's allowed, that i will be able to also invest with uber. >> reporter: live's ipo is one of many unanticipated ipos that created a whole new wave of millionaires. some other tech committee from the bay area expected go public this year include airbnb, pinterest, and uber. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. it was a good day for wall street with the dow getting more than 200 points, as traders close out the first quarter of 2019. nasdaq was up 60 points, and the s&p added 18. optimism about a china deal and rising oil prices helped to fuel those gains. stay with us for continuing coverage.
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coming up at 4:30 today, we will talk more about the local ipos this year and if others new millionaires are going to exacerbate the economic inequality in the bay area. a group of wealthy parents implicated in the college admission scandal headed to court today in boston. >> as molly line report, 15 moms and dads appear before a judge to hear charges that they paid bribes to get their children into top universities. >> reporter: today's group of parents is the first to face a judge in this case. they all stand accused of paying bribes in this massive college admission scandal through the ringleader, william singer, in an effort to get the kids into elite colleges and universities. among those in court today, joey of newport beach , california. he operates in the shipping industry. he paid $75,000 in the scheme to have his son a.c.t. answers correct and safe state prosecutors. he's facing charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and michelle, prosecutors
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allegedly took dual paths, paying bribes to get one of her daughters into usc as a beach volleyball recruit and paying to cheat on an admissions test. recorded conversation, she expressed fears her younger daughter would get suspicious. in most cases, michelle, none of the kids now. obviously, who needs junior? he stands accused of both paying for exam cheating and paying to bribe the water polo coaches at the university of southern california to get his daughter in. though she did not play water polo, fabricated athletic profile to include a photo of someone else playing the sport. robert flaxman of beverly hills, california is the president and ceo of la-based real estate development firm. prosecutors alleged he participated both the test cheating and culture provement branches of the scheme. flaxman is represented by william weinrich, whose
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assistant u.s. attorney on the team that prosecuted the marathon bombing trial. more parents will be in court next week, including the most famous faces and broaden the scandal, the actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin. in boston, molly line, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump is now threatening to shut down the southern border next week if mexico does not stop all illegal immigration. fox news ray bogan reports the president's morning today comes as customs and border patrol said the number of migrants in u.s. custody is at a crisis level. >> reporter: yesterday, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sent this letter to congress, outlining what she describes as a, quote, emergency situation at the border. now, president trump is adding even more urgency to get a fix. president trump may be in florida, but his mind is on mexico. >> they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in
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the world, and we have the weakest and most pathetic laws. >> reporter: on twitter, the president threatened to shut down the border next week if mexico, quote, did not immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states. >> we'll keep it close for a long time. >> reporter: the president called on congress to change u.s. immigration law and blamed the democrats for creating, quote the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world. some democrats say they are open to a bipartisan solution. >> we are not an open border country period. i do not believe in that. i do not believe it is good for our security, but at the same time i also believe that we should take care of the dreamers. these are folks who were here since they were little children. >> reporter: customs and border protection said the more than 12,000 migrants in custody is unprecedented, double what the agency called crisis level. the arrests up and was are especially high, up 338% border wide in one year's time. that includes a nearly 1700%
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increase in parts of new mexico and texas, and an almost 700% increase in the san diego area. the ranking member of the house homeland security committee called an colleagues to stay in washington this weekend to address what he calls a true emergency at the border. many members have already gone home. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. a second confirmed case of measles in santa clara county. up next, we'll hear from a doctor about all the questions that parents are asking right now about the illness and vaccinations. a huge drug hall felt in california. the crazy way this cocaine was being disguised. in weather, nice to see more sunshine in the bay area. the weekend looking just great. we could be talking about the mid-70s in the bay area forecast.
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another case of measles has been confirmed in santa clara county. it's the second area case this week. officials say the patient in this latest case contracted the measles while overseas. the public health department is now reaching out to those who may have come in contact with the infected person while they were contagious. health officials in alameda county also are warning of a possible measles exposure at sauced bbq and spirits at down to livermore. a guest who had been exposed to
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measles visited that restaurant last saturday night. joining us not to talk about all of this is dr. jeffrey silvers. he the medical director of pharmacy and infection control for sutter health hospital here in the bay area. thank you so much for coming in, doctor. a lot of questions people have about this measles outbreak we are seeing right now. help us understand why measles is one of the most infectious viruses out there. why is it so contagious? >> well, measles can be compared to influenza. if somebody has the flu, two to three other people will acquire your flu from that one person if they are not vaccinated. with measles, 12 to 16 people we'll that disease. from being exposed to one person. >> so it just spreads that much more quickly, and hence the reason we are seeing these warnings about a person with the measles visiting, you know, let's it's a restaurant or store mall somewhere, and anyone who may have been in that area potentially was exposed. >> the virus particles are different size fees measles was
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influenza, and they stay in the air longer so they spread more. >> most of us have been vaccinated against the measles at some point in our lives, right? but there are certain groups that really do need to be concerned when we talk about measles exposure. what are those groups? >> well, everybody should be vaccinated, first of all. the group that can't be vaccinated, that are unable to be vaccinated are really children, really under the age of one, but really those under the age of six months. it does not work. pregnant women, people who are severely immune compromised. they can't even receive it, so we have to vaccinate everybody else to also protect those people who cannot receive the vaccine. >> the when we talk about with children, and i think this may be one of the questions we have from one of our viewers. we did ask some of our viewers to submit some of the questions they had about measles, and here's the question we have from danielle biella. she asked if you have a baby
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who is too little to receive the vaccination, what are some of the preventative measures in early symptoms signs that you should watch out for? it's a good question. >> yeah, so measles is not endemic in the united states. most of the cases we are seeing is from people who traveled to foreign countries and brought them back to the united states, so if a baby is under a year of age, they have not been vaccinated, you definitely don't want to take them to an area where measles is endemic including the philippines, parts of israel, venezuela. so in terms of seeing what you will find in a baby, it's pretty much the same as an older child come up but they are sicker, so it's a fever and a cough, a runny nose, watery eyes, and it's a very high fever, and subsequently they will get a rash. >> and if i have a child who is young who has received that first measles vaccine but has not received the follow-up booster vaccine, that seems like that age group, you would
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especially be concerned about, and can you get that follow-up booster shot earlier if you are concerned? >> so the first dose is about 93% effective in terms of providing coverage and prevention to disease. the second dose brings it up to 97%. ideally, under normal circumstances you get the first dose around 12 months of age, four to six years for the second dose. if you're going to be traveling to an area with measles, you can take the second dose earlier as long as it is four weeks away from the first dose. >> why are we seeing this uptake of measles cases right now? >> we just have a lot of people throughout the world were not vaccinated, we people throughout the country that are not vaccinated, really pockets of people who are not vaccinated, and they are bringing it to areas that are exposed. >> why are there so many people in our country not getting vaccinated for things like measles?
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>> most people in our country have never seen a case of measles, so they don't understand that before the vaccine was developed, we staff we used to people die, we used to have people who had brains ramage lose their hearing. they don't see that, so we don't understand the significance of this disease. >> we have to leave the conversation there. dr. jeffrey silvers from sutter health. appreciate you coming in. heather? thank you very much, alex. let's turn things over not to our meteorologist mark tamayo to find out what lies in store for the weekend. >> it better be nice, and i think we'll deliver, especially as we head into sunday. today, it's actually kind of a mix of some sunshine, clouds, and even a few leftovers pringles across portions of the bay area come some delavan development on the north bay. right along humboldt county, right about cape mendocino. as you come in closer, it looks
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like this. at the scattered showers popping up, so we are not 100% dry, but most of the bay area experiencing just a few clouds out there for your friday afternoon. let's check in on some core numbers. san jose 63, livermore 62, and napa checking in 63 degrees to wind speeds a bit of a breeze. oakland airport, that the westerly wind checking in at about 14 miles an hour. some more reports for you. sfo, that is a gust of 22 miles an hour. here's a live camera look toward san francisco bay, so some lingering clouds out there. tonight we will call it partly cloudy. the weekend but definitely a warmer forecast, next week the rainy season is not over just yet. we could be talking about the marsh our chances into next week . this evening before the a's and, we are expecting partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 60s, with a northwest wind right around 15 miles an hour.
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here's a plan for tomorrow though. more sunshine, temperatures 60s, the warmest locations right around 70 degrees, and it is that time of year that pollen levels are up, so we could be sneezing more into the weekend, especially for some of these trees for portions of northern california and the bay area, so those pollen levels are rising across the region. here's our forecast model showing you this. starting the day in 40s and right around 50 degrees, but a nice into the afternoon hours. 60 all the way to 70 and sunday, it will be warmer. we'll talk more about that sunday for and more about those rain chances with the full forecast in a few minutes. not to merced were and alerted police officer made a big cocaine bust during a traffic spot. the officer pulled over the driver of a toyota camry around 3:00 yesterday afternoon for tinted window violation, and during a search of the vehicle he found three boxes of cereal. police say each of them contained not cereal, but a kilogram of cocaine officials estimate the drugs found in
4:22 pm
each box have a street value of $40,000. the driver was arrested and booked into merced county jail. still ahead here on "the four, and called the big political headlines of the week including a fire exchange in washington involving a southern california congressman. we'll talk live with a host of the show "the issue is." here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup on ktvu. at 8:00, you can catch "last man standing" followed by "the cool kids." and stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code?
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you might think it's okay that the campaign of a presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness. you might think that's okay. i don't. i think it's a moral, i think it's an ethical, i think it's unpatriotic, and yes, i think it is corrupt. >> california congressman adam schiff with a fiery response to republicans yesterday. they have suggested that he step down as the head of the house intelligence committee because schiff maintains there's evidence of collusion even if there's not evidence of that crime. in the southern california congressman is the featured guest tomorrow morning for alex michelson's new show, "the issue is " would a's here at
4:26 pm
6:30 a.m. welcome. >> thank you so much, heather, and we are so excited to be on ktvu. >> we are excited for your debut here in the bay area. please explain the premise for your show, "the issue is." >> so it is a show about politics through a california- based lens, but in addition to interviewing big newsmakers like congressman schiff in the middle of the national dialogue, we also try to humanize our guest so we play some games, play some music, we get to know people in a different way. we also bring together panels of really interesting and different people that you would never see together on any other show, so this week we have and coulter on the right, we have stephanie miller, one on talkshow host on the left coming together. they agree on some things you will not see, they disagree on some things. some of the past guests we have had, these are all different guests. bernie sanders. so we are players on all sides
4:27 pm
of the aisle talking about things and kind of unconventional ways. let's get back to adam schiff. i mean this is a big get for you. this is a man in the middle of the president's crosses. he's obviously not letting up on the release of the mueller report, twitting out something again saying show us the report. what was your take away from the interview? >> my take away is that the congressman is giving it back as much as he's getting it. i mean the president is really putting a lot of attention on adam schiff. last night, talking about him at a rally. he's calling him out pencil neck, it is a nickname for him. i mean all the republicans on that has intelligence committee in the top republicans in the house, kevin mccarthy, are now calling for adam schiff to resign. this is a congressman who really became the face of the resistance and became the face of this investigation into collusion between the trump campaign and russia, and so now we have this report come out with robert mueller, and some
4:28 pm
people think that it makes congressman schiff look bad, but what he does on our show is explain why he still believes that there is evidence of collusion, sort of lays out his case. you know, schiff is a prosecutor and lays out the case on the show . the question is where do we go from here? one of the big things is being when are we going to see the robert mueller report, and that is something he and democrats are pushing hard for. >> setting out the deadline. looking forward to it, alex. thank you so much for taking time to talk to us. you can catch that show that focuses on california leaders in california issues. it airs this saturday at 6:30 a.m. friday here on ktvu fox 2. a whole new crop of millionaires in san francisco , all thanks to a number of big
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. sheriff in san francisco's first day of trading on the nasdaq. the company so 32.5 million shares. it is shares of lyft nearly 9% to close it 78. giving the company a valuation of $25 billion. >> here's a look at some of the other san francisco-based companies expected to go public later this year. the include live cold rivals
4:32 pm
uber, airbnb, postma, slack, and pinterest. a vanity fair article out expected that it will build a class of new millionaires in san francisco, driving up housing prices even further and creating even more economic inequality. >> tom vacar has been looking into the so-called wealth effect, and he joins us now from the newsroom, tom? >> reporter: foreign some of the newly rich and already rich, and may be a case of be careful what you wish for. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: after lyft's initial offering on friday, other household names like huber, airbnb, pinterest, and post needs a reading their finances to be the same. business analysts a that could
4:33 pm
cost as much as a quarter of $1 trillion in new ipo investments, creating from 5000 to as many as 10,000 brand-new bay area millionaires. when it comes to wealth gaps, san francisco already has the nation's big as well spread. >> i think this is an absolutely huge issue for the bay area right now. we've always had a chasm between the have and have-nots. >> reporter: of the city's top 5% of household, annual earning salaries are just over $630,000 compared to 133 for the average middle-class resident. a far greater got for many of lesser means. as the new york times reported on the oncoming waves of new millionaires, they want cars, they want to open new restaurants, the they want to throw bigger parties, and they want houses. >> i think we are going to be seeing a lot of transition in the bay area, and probably a lot of resentment from people that did not become overnight millionaires. >> reporter: new offerings are going to create new generation
4:34 pm
of not only young millionaires. we've seen that before and its effect on housing prices. last year, half of the 2200 single homes sold in san francisco were to suffer employees. that will increase in the city as well as oakland, san mateo county, and the south bay. real estate analytics specialist said san francisco single-family home prices could on average crunch as much as $5 million for cash buyers. but fast, big money from inheritance or ipo does not necessarily buy happiness. >> when people get a rum fall, it ends up with some sort of just dissatisfaction whether the money is alone or they questioned their relationships or they have a moment of is that all it is? >> reporter: many ipo investors will rob peter to pay for paul. >> what happens in wall street is people sell some of the last run of ipo winners in order to
4:35 pm
come up with the money to buy in the new rounds. >> reporter: now, there will be no that a cultural impact as companies move from freewheeling to publicly owned, and now highly regulated companies. that is a lesson tesla has learned bitterly. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk more about this now with james mcbride from the mcbride group. this has been described, james, as an ipo gold rush. how do you characterize the appetite and the current landscape? do you see any similarities here to bust of 20 years ago? >> i sure do. there is a sort of frenzy and there is a thing with ipos called a fear of missing out, so people are rushing in to gobble up this ipo, and some of the other ipos you talked about, but they are different from the dot-com were companies were doing an initial public offering with no earnings whatsoever. there was a lot of revenue like about $2 billion with
4:36 pm
lyft, but they have huge losses , so it is somewhat similar in that there is a frenzy for techie geeks, but there is a strange thing here where a company with very big losses all the time is getting pretty high evaluation. >> i think a lot of people at home were sort of scratching their heads over the that. is a company that is not turned a profit suddenly become valued at $25 billion? >> i will tell you how they felt it. this is just like amazon. amazon did not make money for the longest period of time. now it is probably one of the wealthiest companies in the world, so they are trying to follow that model, and the model that amazon had was making the market bigger than people anticipated. you know, what is the total available market? what is that, and amazon went from selling books or selling everything. now the question is how big is
4:37 pm
the transportation service market, lyft is saying it's bigger than you can imagine, and we are a big part of it. >> we will be getting into a lot more cities, lamarr markets. we clearly saw a big appetite for lyft today. what do you attribute that to? >> again, the frenzy, fear of missing out, and it's real interesting, technology. also, this sector. you know the transportation service sector is supposed to be like a $1.2 trillion market, and that includes ridesharing, car sharing, on-demand delivery, things like that, and lyft controls 40% of the ride sharing market. that is huge! >> in the had a substantial amount of bookings too. to me people are using this service, but, james, with that success come some risks come so what are some of the risks. as we look at the key to success which are just some of the things you mentioned, there are risks associated with lyft. >> the biggest risk for lyft is they are number two. uber is number one.
4:38 pm
they are kind of the big dog. they control 60% of the market. lyft has a limited geography. they are mainly in the united states they've recently gone into canada. compared to uber which is in something like 58 and 59 countries and over 300 cities. the biggest concern that i would have about lyft is they are not profiable and they have never been profitable. they have lost $3 billion since 2012, and last year they lost over $900 million. there ipo is the largest loss for a company that has ever done an ipo, and there's other things like their expenses, sales and marketing, acquisition of customers is very high, and it's also insurance , and their drivers, so how do they lower their costs? the easiest way would be self driving cars, but the research i did suggest they might be behind the curve on that. >> so many other committees are looking into that as well. >> for san francisco-based
4:39 pm
lyft, we will have to see how this stock goes in the days ahead. appreciate it. are covered to the aikido boom continues after the break. we'll look at the effects of all these new millionaires having on housing and rental prices here in the bay area. it's been almost 5 months since the camp fire swept through the town of paradise, destroying thousands of homes. the milestone reached today and the rebuilding process. and in weather, a live look at that at san francisco. we are partly cloudy conditions. if you waited for a nice, sunny, warm weekend, that's on your way in the forecast. or le. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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it's been dubbed the year of the ipo, and as a number big san francisco companies go public , many of their employees are turning into newly minted millionaires, and of course many of them looking to buy a new home. joining us to talk more about how this ipo boom might affect the housing market is michael friedman, residential realtor with the grub company. so we are talking about as many as 6000, maybe even more new millionaires sort of flooding the market. billions of dollars pouring into the real estate market. what is this going to do to home prices, particularly in san francisco? >> the real short answer and i guess we can wrap of his prices will go up. >> well, see you later. but how much our home prices going to be going up? >> money is not going to show
4:43 pm
up all at once. there's lockup period and the money coming in six months, and how is that working, and i don't think we are going to suddenly have 6000 people wanting to buy houses, but our market has always been a robust market, even though 2018 with a little softer than 2017 because there is scarcity, so now with all this money coming in, a lot of cash money. >> sure. i was going ask you about that. these are all going to be cash buyers coming in. how difficult is it going to be for someone else other looking to buy a house in san francisco to compete with that? >> well right now about 1/3 are cash anyway, so the good news is 2/3 are not. >> we are going to see if shift there, though. >> we are definitely going to see a shift, and when buyers come what they are buying are houses that are ready to go. they are younger buyers, they are handier with an iphone than a hammer, and they want something they can just move
4:44 pm
into, and those are the houses that are getting a lot of attention. >> let me ask you is this going to be more focused in san francisco where we see home prices really starting to skyrocket ? i mean do most of these folks who are working at these companies are going public , they are probably going to stay in the city, or will we see a trickle-down effect beyond the san francisco, across the bay area? >> both things are true. we trickle down effect now, and even from 2012 when the market was starting to accelerate and facebook came out, and it all started happening at the same time, the folks that like the east bay lifestyle, there's folks who like the san francisco lifestyle , but there are different opportunities in the east bay. >> you know, some people would say we are starting to see the housing markets began to soften. i'm sure you're seeing that. it started to soften a little bit here in the bay area. sales are slowing down. is is going to all of a sudden just kind of like turn things right back around, and we are going to heat back up?
4:45 pm
>> what has also happened in the last two weeks is interest rates took a star to drop. have about recall 50 basis point, would you like the biggest drop in 10 years, so all of a sudden buyers buying power has really increased. and so, we are seeing some buyers that are almost like saying before the wave comes, with all these millionaires chasing me down, i want to jump in the market now. but i think if we look at a bigger picture, it's going to be tougher for those folks to compete because prices are going to go up not only in the real expensive properties, but on a lot of young buyers today don't necessarily want the big house. they are thinking more ecologically. they will get a smaller one, so that house in berkeley that is near north berkeley bart is going to be selling for more because it is cute, good for transportation. >> are you word some folks, average folks, low income, middle income folks in the bay area might be priced out forever? >> yes. i think we are seeing -- we've
4:46 pm
been seeing that for a while. in fact, if we look at all the building going on in oakland with 8000 and rental units coming on, i think the developers are just sort of figuring that too. is going to fill those rental units, or the price is going to be affected? maybe that's a discussion for another time , but it is really hard, especially for the folks in the services, the cops, the teachers. very challenging. >> tough market and only going to get tougher. we have to leave the conversation there. mike friedman, realtor with the grub company. appreciate you coming in to talk with us. heather? is and that is fantastic news for someone like myself? i've been looking for months not to buy a house. >> focus on how nice the weather is. >> i love you, alex. your optimism. way to shift that. this is a beautiful shot of mount diablo. beautiful blue skies, really beautiful picture today. >> and we go back to the 1970s when my parents bought our house in marin county?
4:47 pm
>> i would love it! >> right now, alleys we've got the nice weather pattern this weekend. loss of such an as we head into saturday and into sunday. here the satellite imagery showing you this, we still have some clouds popping up over the bay area, still up few pop-up showers. i noticed a few sprinkle today driving around the bay bridge earlier this afternoon. nothing major, and we are heading into our break as we head into saturday and sunday. we have cleared a partly cloudy skies, and outside right now, our live camera looking at were san francisco bay . so some of the clouds in the distance. let's bring in current numbers. today was warmer than yesterday, show you some 60s, napa 62, fairfield 67, san jose 63 degrees, and a few neighborhoods tomorrow could be close to 70 for your saturday afternoon forecast. for as overnight, partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog, and temperatures around 40 to 50 degrees to start out your
4:48 pm
saturday morning, so it's almost your weekend, and the weekend weather will be just great as well. so here's what's happening in the pacific. we have this weather system. we are watching this for next week. ahead of this, we have a big area of high pressure try to develop offshore, and this weekend it will be here, so as a result, a warmer forecast in saturday and into sunday. the storm track for now get pushed up north. things will change into next week p.m. monday and tuesday definite summer class, cooler temperatures, and dubbing some showers were north. on monday we do bring in maybe a few sprinkles are like showers or possibility in the north bay. on today we can be tracking a slight chance of a few showers for the rest of the bay area. if you're heading to lake tahoe, looks great all weekend long. here's a look at the current conditions for south lake tahoe in truckee would temperatures in the low 40s, around 40 to 43 degrees. the weekend looks just great. it will be warming up, almost like springtime skiing. that will be up in the upper 50s. that is for south lake tahoe. here's the forecast model you
4:49 pm
showing this. lots of sunshine for your saturday. now sunday, kind of that filtered sunshine effect as we head toward sunday afternoon. this is 4:00 and 5:00, and look what happens into monday. definitely some clouds. showers up in northern california, and maybe there's a chance of a few light sprinkles are showers on monday, and the best chance would be up in the north bay. forecast high for tomorrow, santa rosa 69, san francisco 64, brentwood 69 degrees , a few more neighborhoods in the upper 60s, and san mateo 65. here's a look at your five day forecast, and it's a nice one. saturday into sunday, but it will not last long into next week. there's a chance of a northbay shower and a chance of of of you sprinkles. and might be tempting to think we flipped the calendar to april. rain is out of here. not just yet, but this weekend,
4:50 pm
we are going to enjoy that sunshine. the first people to rebuild their homes. they come nearly 5 months after a wildfire wiped out most of the town to the homeowners receiving the permits up to begin construction in a couple of weeks. one-family plans to rebuild a home nearly identical to the one it lost. the camp fire last november destroyed 11,000 homes. paradise officials say so far they've only received 21 applications for building permits. three of those sites have received certification that this one on the property is cleaned. andre senior joining us now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. and andre, neighbors taking sides and the dispute over a new homeless shelter. >> it's a classic case of not in my backyard. neighbors along san francisco's waterfront crowdfunding tens of thousands of dollars to fight the city's plants up at a homeless shelter in the
4:51 pm
neighborhood. coming up tonight at 5:00, how the neighbors's efforts have prompted a counter campaign with its own big money donations. she's the woman known for sparking joy or asking. know whether the things they anspach joy. now we are seeing a trend. >> this is pretty interesting. her methods are sweeping across the country. doesn't bring joy? if not, time to get rid of it. the phenomenon of marie kondo, and the record donations she could set at bay area donation centers. andre, that's coming up at 5:00.
4:52 pm
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it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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pope francis issues sweeping new sex abuse guidelines for vatican personnel and diplomats overseas. for the first time ever, the pope is requiring catholic officials to immediately report abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors or they will face fines and the possibility of jail time. the new protocol also requires that abuse victims are listened to and provided with any assistance they need. travelers in u.s. and europe are frustrated after iceland's low-cost airline wow shut down with no notice. the airline had been experiencing financial troubles for months now. back in december while flights and sfo so, the but the closure of the airline has left many people stranded in airlines and they are stepping up to try to offer emergency fares. i should have the has the story. >> i get a message saying flight canceled. >> reporter: wow grouting
4:55 pm
planes on thursday, leaving passenger stranded across two continents. this comes after the airlines suspended operations due to financial troubles. >> i went to google wow, then i see it's bankrupt, going to financial problems. >> reporter: this carrier is over treat travel drills known for cheap travel. there will be no more flights, advising them the check for other airlines for ways to reach a destination. >> we are just kind of like cockroaches and carpets in their eyes. >> reporter: prosecute passengers were stranded in boston. >> the airline gave us no information. we had to find out on the internet. it which is unclear, completely unclear. they put me in the hotel, and the hotel kicked me out. >> reporter: the airline struggling to make profit from
4:56 pm
its budget flights the bankruptcy. where to begin operations in 2012 but expanded quickly with flight some 27 airports, including washington, new york, paris, and london. iceland officials at least 4000 travelers could be affected from this shutdown. >> the contingency team once to extend traveling. >> reporter: some of the affected passengers may be eligible for compensation. in new york, aisha hockney, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 begins right after the break. we will see you again at 7:00 we will see you again at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> three, two, one! >> and there you have it with the ring of the bell. lyft becomes a publicly traded company. the san francisco rideshare company launched its highly anticipated ipo today, creating a new wave of instant millionaires. good friday evening, everyone. >> there was reason to cheer as investors raised to embrace lyft, and enlisted the stock popped at about 20% to more than $87 a share, but eventually ending it's first day of trading up more than 8% and $78.29 a share.
5:00 pm
>> live team coverage of this ipo this evening. tom vacar is live in our newsroom to tell us this is the first of several big-name companies set to go public this year, but let's start in san francisco were rob roth is outside of lyft headquarters. rob? >> reporter: you're at lyft headquarters , employees have been ordered to not discuss the ipo, but lyft drivers have plenty to say. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: when lift's stock went public friday, there were tears on public. but for this driver on san francisco's mission street, -- >> we just want to be paid fairly for what we are doing. we want accepted medical programs. >> reporter: there was no cause for celebration. stephen greg has been driving for lyft for two years. like all drivers have completed and at least 10,000 rights, he will get $1000 bonus for a stock option out of


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