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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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year, but let's start in san francisco were not discuss the ipo, but lyft drivers have publ but for this driver on san francisco's mission street, we fairly for what we are doing. we want accepted medical programs. >> reporter: there was no cause for celebration. stephen greg has been driving for lyft for two years. like all drivers have completed and at least 10,000 rights, he will get $1000 bonus for a stock option out of the ipo. greg is taking the cash to not r a car repair. even making a reasonable amount of money. >> reporter: drivers with 20,000 rights get $10,000 bonuses. greg says he drives at least 50
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hours a week and close about $700 after paying for gas. >> they are using driver labor to bolster their profits. >> reporter: but it's a different story for the approximately 1600 employees at lyft headquarters norelco park in san francisco. lyft management has ordered them not to speak publicly about the deal, but unlike lyft drivers who are considered contract workers, many full- time employees reportedly received company stock they can convert into cash. redfin, an online real estate group estimates that employees would earn enough in stock option to buy every single home currently on the market in san francisco. lyft driver say they company needs to do more for them. >> hopefully it trickles down , you know, the trickle-down thing maybe might actually happen this time. i doubt it, but yeah, i hope we can get enough drivers together and demand part of that money that is being floated around. >> lyft has always presented this as a partnership, and i
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allowed myself to kind of believe that. it does not feel like a partnership now. >> reporter: and drivers are also concerned that lyft will increase the rates it charges drivers to appease its new shareholders. alyana? >> rob roth live at the lyft headquarters in san francisco. so what the opening bell rang this morning, the cofounders of lyft were and silly rich beta-1 had shares worth estimated $700 million. the other headstock that it 480 million. but there are the instant millionaires today, and there will be much more in the weeks ahead. as other bay area companies go public, so tom vacar is in the newsroom with the ripple effects of these high profile ipos. time? >> reporter: which you see the skill of this. for many of the rich and superrich created to , and may
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be a case of be careful what you wish for. three, two, one. >> reporter: after lyft's public offering on friday, other household names like uber, airbnb, pinterest, and post mates are readying their finances today do the same. business analysts a that could cost as much as a quarter of $1 trillion in new ipo investments, creating some 5000 today as many as 10,000 renney bay area millionaires. when it comes to wealth gaps, san francisco already has the nation's big as well spread . >> i think this is an absolutely huge issue for the bay area right now. we've always had a chasm between the have and have-nots. >> reporter: she says of the city's top 5% of households, annual earning averages just over $637,000 compared to 103 for the average middle-class residents. up far greater gap for many of the lesser means. as the new york times reported
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on the oncoming waves of new millionaires, they want cars , they want to open new restaurants, they want to throw bigger parties, and they want houses. >> i think we are going to be seeing a lot of transition in the bay area, and probably a lot of resentment from people that did not become overnight millionaires. >> reporter: >> new offerings are going to great new generation of the young millionaires, and we've seen that before and its effect on housing prices. >> reporter: last year, half of the 2200 single homes sold in san francisco were two software employees . that will increase in the city as well as oakland, san mateo county, and the south bay. real estate analyst specialist dennis recently wowed a crowd saying san francisco single home prices could on average come to as much as $5 billion for cash buyers. but fast, big-money from inheritance or ipo does not necessarily buy happiness. >> when people get a windfall,
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it ends up with some sort of dissatisfaction. either the money is flaunted or they questioned their relationships or they have a moment of is that all it is? >> reporter: many ipo investors will rob peter to pay for paul. >> what happens on wall street is people sell some of the last round of ipo winners in order to come up with the money to buy in early on the new rounds. >> reporter: and no doubt, there will be cultural impact as companies move from freewheeling to publicly owned, and now highly regulated companies. a lesson tesla for example has lear2 news. >> we know the founder of lyft and the high-end employees of lyft get a big payout here, but lyft has 1600 employees . did
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they get a chunk of this money is well? >> reporter: the way these things are usually done if it has to do with your importance in the company, and the other thing has to do with how much you earn and how much time you've actually spent with the company, so somebody who's been there in two years is not going to get as much money as somebody of more importance that is been there for five years. that is how this thing normally works, and the reason for that is is because back during the 80s when all the bond trading was going on, there were some bond traders making hundreds of millions of dollars sitting right next to somebody who did not get squat, and as a result there were a lot of bad feelings in a part of this is to dissuade some of those things, so it's pretty fair to say that most of the 1600 if not all got something out of this. >> them if they are going be flooding the market with cash. tom vacar reporting live in the newsroom. someone describe what's going on as an ipo gold rush . in our last hour before on "the four," he said there were similarities to the dot-com but a few years ago. >> is a strange thing here with the company with fairly big
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losses all the time is getting a pretty high evaluation. >> mcbride says lyft's big challenges is its number two in the market. uber remains number one peter guber is also in more countries. mcbride ads lyft has not been proper and has lost $3 billion since 2012 . the last big tech ipo to hit the market was snapped. the parent company of the snapchat at lows it's further on the new york stock exchange at $24 per share back in march 2017, but two years later snapped's value has lost more than half its value. today, snap close at $11 a share. in boston today, parents located in the college admissions scandal in court. 15 moms and dads appeared in court for paying bribes to get the children into top colleges. augustine hunis who owns a vineyard in napa, he's accused of paying for exams cheating and bribing the water polo
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coaches at the university of southern california to get his daughter into the school, and some very well-known hollywood celebrities are also caught up in this college admissions scandal, including a lack actress felicity huffman and lori loughlin. the two are expected in court next week. the so-called ringleader of this admission scam, rick singer, has pleaded guilty to charges including racketeering. officials say he took bribes from wealthy families from 2011 two last month with the promise of getting their kids into elite colleges and universities. california governor gavin newsom plans to travel to el salvador next month to learn more about what exactly is driving the waves of migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. when is enough the visit, he accused the trump administration of demonizing those fleeing violence in central america. newsom says there are more than 680,000 immigrants from el salvador now living in california. customs and border patrol officials are warning that the number of migrants and u.s.
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custody has reached crisis levels. the president has already declared a national emergency, and now with fox news ray bogan reporting, president trump threatens to shut down this border if mexico does not do more to stop illegal immigrants. >> reporter: kirstjen nielsen sent this letter to congress, outlining what she describes as a, quote, emergency situation at the border. now, president trump is adding even more urgency to get a fix. president trump may be in florida, but his mind is on mexico. >> they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the world, and we have the weakest, the most pathetic laws. >> reporter: on twitter, the president threatened to shut
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down the border next week if mexico, quote, does not immediately stop all illegal immigration coming in to the united states. >> we'll keep a close a long time. >> reporter: the president called on congress to change u.s. immigration law and blamed democrats for creating, quote, do we get immigration laws anywhere in the world. some democrats say they are open to a bipartisan solution . >> we are not an open border country period. i do not believe in that, i do not believe it is good for security, but the same time i also believe we should take care of the dreamers. these are folks that were here since they were little children. >> reporter: customs and border protection said the more than 12,000 migrants and custody is unprecedented, double what the agency calls crisis level. the arrest of families are especially high, up 338% border wide in one year's time. that includes a nearly 1700% increase in parts of new mexico and texas, and an almost 700% increase in the san diego area. the ranking member of the house homeland security committee called on colleagues tuesday in washington this weekend to address what he calls a true emergency at the border . but many members have already gone home. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. attorney general william
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barr says congress and the public in expect to see a redacted version of the robert mueller report on the russian investigation by mid-april. barr told the chairs of the house and senate judiciary committees that the report is nearly 400 pages long. barr also offered to testify before congress on may 1 and second. barr summary says he did not find evidence that the trump campaign conspired with russia to enforce the 2016 election. tomorrow you can catch anisa political show on ktvu. it's called "the issue is: the." another case of measles diagnosed in the bay area, the third in a week. coming up at 5:30, the common link in some of the cases. a teenage boy accused of killing a teenage girl. new information about a deletion at the west oakland bart station. and weather, stock out some years they have moved out of town for the most part. the still a few sprinkles
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across portions of the bay area, but the weekend, it's going to be a nice one. the areas that are going to be hitting the mid-70s over the next few days. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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of vallejo police department released body cam a shortage of the death of 20- year-old willie mccoy. for some viewers, you might find it disturbing. >> the cars and drive. >> officers responded to a call, the man unconscious in the car. he was at a taco bell drive- through with a gun in his lap on february 9. now slow-motion video from the officer closest to mccoy shows him starting to
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wake up. officers shouted at him to keep his hands up for several seconds. police say they opened fire after he reached for the gun in his lap. it turned out later on that that gun was stolen. the department said it released the video to provide transparency and context to what happened. civil rights attorney john burris is representing the mccoy family will have the reaction coming up at 6:00. police in oakland to a deadly shooting in the parking lot of the west oakland bart station last night involved two teens who knew each other. the victim was a 17-year-old girl. the suspect arrested today, a 16-year-old boy. paul chambers was live at the west oakland bart station where a shooting has riders they're concerned, paul. >> reporter: bart police want to make sure you understand no time were any of the passengers of the transit agency targeted yesterday shooting. many we spoke with yesterday said they are excited and happy to hear that an arrest was made so quickly. for most people it was business as usual at west oakland bart
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station. bart police say around 10:30 thursday night, two teens who were not passengers of the service got into some kind of incident on the streets of oakland in front of the bart station. for some unknown reason, the two who police say knew each other came into the parking lot, and that is where the 17- year-old female was shot and killed by the 16-year-old boy. a woman who uses the station daily says her rideshare driver told her about the incident. >> he had heard himself, bang, bang, bang, bang, and he had to take an alternate route to get out of the parking lot here. >> reporter: investigators say the homicide is isolated, and no passengers were involved. still, some we spoke with to use the west oakland station were concerned because they hear gunfire quite often. >> sometimes you come out and hear shooting over there, shooting over there, and you really don't hear about it until it's on the news. >> reporter: oakland police took the suspect into custody outside his home. many we spoke with said this is a wake-up call in hopes that
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bart and oakland police will do my to keep passengers and those just walking the area safe. >> the world has changed a lot in a very short time, and it does make me nervous because there's nothing like the element of surprise. >> i don't see anybody in a parking lot, so i see more on the trend in the parking lot, so i don't see anybody out here. this never buddy anybody out here, at least when i'm around. >> reporter: the surveillance camera should help with the prosecution. >> paul, question for you here, i know bart police have come under fire recently for several incidents, shootings and deadly attacks that have happened at bart stations across the bay area, but you know, i heard that passengers say there are bart police on the train, but not outside of the train, and i know just from personal experience, not seeing many officers. you know if there were any officers near the scene or near that station when this happened? >> reporter: alyana, i do not know. i know they made a quick response out here.
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i will say there have an x officers are not necessarily extra officers. they were more officers i've seen today driving around the area, so they do take this very seriously. they want people to understand this was not a bart incident. it happened on the streets, however the shooting happened in the bart parking lot. switching gears now. >> signs of life are starting to emerge in the fire ravaged town of paradise in butte county. a second couple there announced they've received the permit to rebuild their home destroyed by the camp fire five months ago. colleen korner says she and her husband picked up their building permit today at paradise city hall. some 11,000 homes were destroyed which is about 90% of the town. the fire started november 8 and killed 85 people. so we had a lot of rain over the past few days. today though, we are doing pretty well, and the weekend is here, so that's what everyone wants to know, what is going to look like as we head into the weekend.
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>> it's a nice schedule. it's going to be a nice weekend. it will be warming up. with the pause in the rainfall, it's going to take up in warmth. it's been a healthy rainfall season. a few sprinkles across areas in the bay area. the rainfall season is not over just yet, and santa rosa has picked up over 42 inches of rainfall going back to october 1. is 133% of average. oakland over 18, san francisco over 23, and san jose approaching 15 inches. is 100% of average, but as we mentioned we get a pause in the rainfall this weekend. for the a's in this weekend, we are expecting northwesterly winds at 15 miles an hour. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. some of the cloud buildups across portions of the bay area, especially up in the north bay earlier today, and a little bit of some green especially toward lake county, so we are not 100% dry, but we are getting close to that
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point. right now for the cloudy skies across the bay area. we have a live camera looking outward san francisco bay, and you can see some of the clouds buildup over the east bay hills. overnight low, we are expecting 42 -- 40 to 50 degrees. we will be getting a nice weekend. tomorrow lots of sunshine, temperatures in the lower 60s, all the way to the lower 70s, so starting on the cool side tomorrow morning, but a nice recovery to the afternoon hours. the entire bay area, we are sneaking back up to the 60s, and a few neighborhoods could be right around 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon, all because this guy, this area of high- pressure offshore. you can see way out here, this could be a factor into early next week, by monday and into tuesday. at least for this weekend, it will be a warmer forecast. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend, and for monday into tuesday, more clouds, showers were not, and there's a chance it could be tracking a few showers as we head into early next week . but here's
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the forecast models more, showing you a nice forecast for tomorrow. saturday mostly sunny skies, and and the sundays we will thicken up the cloud cover throughout the afternoon hours. this is filtered sunshine effect. by about for about:00 tomorrow afternoon, then on monday definitely we will clotting zepeda by 1:00, some showers approaching mendocino county, so the best chance of showers will be in the northbay. it's only a chance and it may be a light shower, a few sprinkles as we head into tuesday. forecast high for saturday, and everybody up a few degrees. right around 70 around concord, santa fe will be 67, and half moon bay 61 degrees. here's a look ahead, your five- day forecast. i think we really appreciate these warm, dry days where we can be celebrating this weekend, but saturday into sunday and into next week. there's a chance of a shower, especially focused in the northbay, and a chance at a tuesday you you can see some changes headed our way. it reinforces the message, get
5:22 pm
outside this weekend. it should be nice for both these days of the weekend, saturday and sunday. upset about plans for a homeless shelter and crowd funding tens of thousands of dollars to fight the city's plan. how the effort has also prompted a counter campaign with its own donations. a couple makes a disturbing discovery of a hidden camera inside their airbnb. why police say no crime was committed. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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if crowdfunding campaign is underway in san francisco to block a plant homeless shelter , and people who live along the city's waterfront has raised tens of thousands of dollars to mount a legal challenge against the city plan. >> it's prompted a counter campaign which is also bringing some major cash to help the homeless. ktvu's monte francis is live with the details, monty? >> reporter: the plan is to transform this parking lot into a navigation sensor with 200 beds. so far neighbors have raised about $70,000 to stop it. just steps away from this parking lot on san francisco's waterfront, luxury condos with sweeping views tower overhead. some people who live in those condos want the parking lot tuesday a parking lot.
5:26 pm
>> we care about the homeless, but this is not the solution. >> reporter: bergen james has lived in the watermark for 13 years. the building overlook the parking lot on bryant street and the embarcadero. she along with her neighbors have donated tens of thousands of dollars to a gofundme campaign to hire a lawyer to prevent the city from turning the lot into a navigation center. a 200 bed shelter with expanded health and social services for the homeless. >> we have the highest concentration of children, day cares, and schools within a three or four block radius, and i do not think it is safe and fair for these children to be put through what they could be put through. >> reporter: in response, supporters of the navigation center proposed by mayor breed earlier this month started their own gofundme campaign, raising more than $70,000 for the coalition on homelessness. >> what it shows is that there are small number of people who have hateful attitudes towards homeless folks, but we have far
5:27 pm
more people who are supporting folks who were out there that want to see solutions. >> reporter: jennifer with a coalition of homelessness is that money which came mostly in small donations would be used to support efforts toward helping the homeless, and making the navigation center a reality. >> we make every penny structurally for. it will be used for going out and educating folks about homelessness, about working on solutions, from gathering input from homeless people how they would like to see the nukes and organized. >> reporter: while the effort to block the shelter is gaining steam online, so is the effort to help the city's homeless, not all residents of the high- rise condos oppose the projects. >> i can understand the feelings of the people living in the area that they would rather not have it, but i think we definitely need it. >> reporter: the residents have hired san francisco attorney andrew zach , and so far it's a clue what his legal strategy will be. the port commission is whether to release this plan to the city on april 3.
5:28 pm
another case of the measles and the bay area. the third this week. up next come were health officials believe this latest person could have spread this contagious virus. the latest chaos over britain's bubbling brexit. her methods are sweeping across the country. does an item bring you joy? if not, it's time to get rid of it. the phenomenon of marie kondo and how it has brought a surge of donations to bay area charities. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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today we learned about a third measles case here in the bay area just this week. to have been in santa clara county and at that in alameda county. jesse gary found out there's a common link among some combo santa clara county cases involved international travel. >> reporter: santa clara county's public health officer says the second measles case
5:32 pm
this week is a county resident was infected while traveling internationally. health officials say the patient was not contagious while on any flights or at the airport, but the presence of a second infection is escalating concerns for parents of newborns such as julie allman. >> we are really concerned because my younger kid does not have an effect in yet because he too young to have the measles vaccine, so yeah. as a mother, i am worried. >> reporter: public health officials have reported possible measles virus exposure. this after an international traveler infected with measles visited sauced barbecue in march 23 between 8:00 and 11:00 at night. >> i heard about it from a friend, kind of caught me by surprise because we have been to sauced before. >> restaurant management has no on camera comment but say they are reviewing employees' input inoculation records. anyone who visited the restaurant during the time in question and is not inoculated is at risk of infection. >> business is cooperating and helping us target and determine if anybody is assessable of
5:33 pm
measles. book while that >> reporter: while that investigation was for, santa clara county officials are monitoring nearly 2 dozen places visited by a tourist beginning march 16. his arrival marks the emergence of the first measles case, but it was announced tuesday. officials say that person was so sick, he was hospitalized due to the infection. last month, the first reported measles cases in the bay area all arrived on an incoming international flight at san francisco's airport . officials in alameda and santa clara counties say none of these cases are related. >> our job is a public health department is try to help prevent further cases on developing. >> reporter: county officials if you believe your infected with measles are showing signs, do not go to your doctor or healthcare provider. instead, call them so they can set up a quarantined area where you can come in and be evaluated. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:34 pm
and stanislaw kelly, health officials it is a possibility of measles exposure after a person with disease attended an event at turlock high school last week. officials say those who attended the central valley senior showcase last thursday and are not vaccinated may be at risk and should watch for symptoms. flu season is still with us and it's heading at least one bay area school pretty hard. the san jose school district that 33 students were out sick yesterday at simons elementary school, and one fourth grade class there are six confirmed cases of the flu. a district spokesperson said although the number of students it's high, it's understandable because this is flu season. cases of the flu are up all around the states, and officials say we can expect selectivity for another few weeks. according to the state department of health, flu activity is elevated and widespread. since last september, there has been 418 deaths. officials and the number of hospitalizations, people receiving outpatient treatment
5:35 pm
for influenza is also above expected levels. out of sacramento county were a searches underway for a father who jumped in the delta after his young son fell out of a boat. this happened this afternoon in the water near isleton. all three children including the 1-year-old who had fallen from the boat were rescued, but the 41-year-old father has not been found. >> we are starting the waterways for him right now. our boats along with several other agencies' boats are conducting a grid search, utilizing solar and other tools to try to locate the father. we are not sure where he is, but we are looking. this water from what i'm told is approximately 50 degrees, which is an externally dangerous position -- temperature for anyone to be in and sustained for any amount of time. >> the coast guard is still on the scene searching for that man. the 1-year-old boy was taken to an area hospital helicopter.
5:36 pm
the wife of the east bay adult school principal pleaded not guilty to his mother today. police say maria videz shot and killed someone in march 16. the 39-year-old totally she's not during an argument at their home in pittsburg. the 45 year victim died on sunday after being kept alive on life support. he was the father of eight children, including three with videz. he was the principal of the pittsburg adult education center. a man accused in a swatting case that led to the death of an innocent man will spend 20 years behind bars. tyler perez was sentenced in federal court in wichita, kansas today. in december 2017, the 26-year- old falsely reported his father was murdered, and that his family was being held hostage when police showed up to the address he gave them, the ended up shooting and killing ,28 and revenge. barris also confessed to other
5:37 pm
additional swatting incidents. a united airlines flight headed to sfo from baltimore had to be diverted this morning to washington dallas after several passengers became ill. the cabin of united's flights was reportedly filled with a strong odor of fuel. passengers complained of feeling nauseous. the plane landed safely and several people were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. united states all the passengers will be rebooked on flights to san francisco. they are waving flags, holding signs, chanting. thousands of brexit them stratus protested outside of the house and parliament today, well inside british lawmakers voted down the prime minister's latest plan for leaving the european union. as a reporter report, this means a country may pull out of the eu with no framework on how to handle the economic impact. >> reporter: heated brexit alleys outside of parliament our was supposed to be the day
5:38 pm
britain bowed out of the european union peter welch inside, lawmakers are still deadlocked on withdrawal plan. they rejected prime minister theresa may's proposal a third time, making it increasingly possible the uk will leave with no framework would how to handle key economic issues like trade and commerce. >> it could cause catastrophic, economic dislocation in the short term, and in the longer- term it would leave us with a smaller economy for us. >> reporter: critics say it defeats the purpose of withdrawing from the european bloc. may's handling of brexit has been's facing such heavy oppositions is offered to resign if it would help determine a majority support for the deal. but it was still voted down. 344-286. illustrating the heavy divide amongst lawmakers. >> once again we've been they applications of the house a postdecision. >> reporter: what comes next is unclear. essentially britain has two weeks to decide between postponing brexit are leaving on april 12 without a
5:39 pm
transition plan, something neither side wants. >> this deal now has two change. there has to be an alternative stand. >> reporter: parliament will convene on monday for an alternate brexit plan. fox news. changes are coming to the vatican. what the pope is doing for the first time ever when it comes to reporting on child sex abuse. plus, serial drug dealers busted in the central valley. you see right there, the creatively they tried to hide a big haul of cocaine.
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5:42 pm
pope francis has issued a sweeping new set of guidelines for vatican personnel and diplomats overseas. for the first time in history, the pup is requiring catholic officials to immediately report abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors or face fines or possible jail time. the new protocol also require abuse victims are listened to and provided with any assistance they need. actor george clooney is calling for the boycott of nine hotels in the u.s. and europe with ties to the assault in rune because next month assaults and plan to strict islamic law and punish gay sexual relations by stoning offenders to death. clooney wrote are we really going to help fund the murder
5:43 pm
of innocent citizens? some of the hotels include the beverly hills hotel and hotel bel air in los angeles, which are owned by the brunei investment agency. we go to mercer were an alert feed discovered stash of cocaine hidden in cereal boxes to a crash big stop. officer pulled over the driver of a toyota camry along three yesterday afternoon for tinted window violation. during the search of the vehicle, the officer found three boxes -- these three boxes that contained one kilo each of cocaine. officials estimate each box contained drugs with a street value of $40,000. the driver was booked into the merced county jail. police in las vegas is a woman is under arrest of the murder of a doctor in salinas. they say this body of thomas broussard was found in the trunk of an abandoned car in north las vegas three weeks ago. the corners and he died a blunt
5:44 pm
force trauma to the head. today, police revealed 25-year- old kelsey turner was taken into custody in stockton last week. turner's being held without bail. the california newspaper said the doctor had been paying rent for turner, and her family, but decided last fall to cut them off. the last angela's memorial coliseum may not take on a new corporate name after a. the main change was going to be part of an extensive renovation of the nearly century old landmark. would've been known as united airlines memorial coliseum, and that sparked criticism from people who say corporate name would be disrespectful to the facility it was history of honoring truth to those who fought and died in 11. though airline that they would walk away from the $69 million deal if usc's a breeze. it seems simple, tidy up and declare your life. >> she's extremely valid, and declare, declare your life. >> on they was telling me how he's already done it. see how an author netbook so to help people paired up possessions is now helping bay area charities clean up.
5:45 pm
maybe some spring cleaning this weekend. will have lots of sunshine coming on board for both saturday and into sunday. warming temperatures. it could be tracking some mid- 70s and eventually some more rain clouds in our five day forecast.
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a family says there
5:48 pm
surveillance camera caught a door dash delivery driver doing something pretty disgusting. the doorbell video show the driver taking a sip from the customers milkshake right there. moments you're going to see him handed right off to the customer. in a statement released today, door dash that we reached out to the customer immediately after being notified of this event three weeks ago. we've been take in appropriate action by. the investigation of the boeing 737 max 8 plane that crashed in ethiopia. doug mckelway reports investigators are focusing on pilot training and the similarity to the crash of the lion air jet last year. >> reporter: this is a low altitude stall in a boeing 37 max simulator. first a voice morning,'s next the stick shift, and warning a launch. the nose pitches down, and the ground filled the windshield. aided by proper training, the pilot get the plane back under
5:49 pm
control. the 2016, this video may give a sense of the last moments of ethiopian airlines flight 302. the wall street journal reported just 450 feet above the ground it's nose began to pitch down. the first officer radioed a flight control problem, but a minute later the plane bounced widely then dove. page up, pitch up is her before the radio goes dead. the journal also reported the pitch control computer in the max 8 automatically activated before the plane dove into the ground. reuters reported today the u.s. and european regulators knew at least two years before the lion aircraft that, quote, the usual method for controlling the boeing 37 max's know dangle my not work and conditions similar knew those in two recent disasters. regulators cleared the plane, noting additional training would equip pilots for the rare pitch problem. the focus on training is consistent with what two separate sources tell fox news, and what the acting faa chief said under oath, that a
5:50 pm
properly trained pilot would have known how to stop the wild pitching, sometimes called runaway stabbed trim. and any version of the 737 from earlier ng model to the max a. >> it presents itself the same way, and it's dealt with the same way. >> reporter: will foxes also and maximal a similar tests, pilot unaware of mcat issues were able to recover from mcats pitching in 15 seconds. is concerned that ethiopia has not given them the black box rotator you. ethiopia has no dedicated and accident investigators, instead relying on its ministry of transport to filter what information it chooses to release. doug elway, fox news. much clearer afternoon today, and the temperatures up slightly. >> a little bit, yeah. >> i'm typically the guy that had to kind of ruin your weekend plans. >> you are cool with us now. >> finally, happy forecast.
5:51 pm
more sunshine this weekend. take a look at the height this afternoon. we've got 50s, 60s, even 70s up in fairfield, and most areas will be up compared to today. there are some neighborhood that be closer to the 70 degrees mark. you might be thinking it's nothing but sunshine in the bay area, but a few spotty sprinkled across portions of the bay area early today. a few lingering clouds up in portions of the north bay. current numbers, first i will show you this radar right now. for the most part we are clearing things up. here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. right now we just up on the cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies and some spots. you can see santa rosa 61, livermore 63, and san jose 62 degrees. tomorrow, it's a nice evening forecast. more sunshine. it will be 60s, maybe a few low 70s out there. the pollen levels have been trending up, so be prepared to
5:52 pm
sneeze a bit more, especially if you are by some of those trees. some of the tree pollen have been trending higher in the year. the warm pattern, breezy condition set up by this afternoon. this area of high pressure kicks in the next several days, so we had that warmer forecast, and the storm track has pushed out to the north. is it early next week monday into tuesday? more clouds as the system approaches our coastline. some showers of to our north, and we could be tracking shower chances up into the northbay in early next week. lake tahoe will be beautiful this weekend. take a look at the current conditions out toward like south lake tahoe. clear sky for truckee. 43, and here's the plan for both saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine, temperatures will be the upper 40s, to the 50s. no chain control to worry about, no winter storm warnings. lake tahoe will be in the clear. here's our forecast model for tomorrow. we are in the clearview saturday, and by sunday we will bring a few clouds. into monday, we will see some
5:53 pm
showers into our north. that is what we bring a few chances of a few sprinkles, a few light showers. that will be favoring the northbay. but no major storms in our outlook. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s. a few spots right around 70 degrees. you can see gilroy 70, san mateo 65. here's a look at your five day forecast. there is a chance of a sprinkle or shower primarily into the northbay into monday. maybe a shower chance into tuesday, so this weekend though we are all happy. >> and that's all we care about. will does this spark joy? >> if not, let it go. >> i don't know. they've been hanging in the house a while, and now it's time for someone else to enjoy them. >> call it the marie kondo effect, and bay area places are seeing a surge of donations because of it. sterger we should you newly released body cam footage of a
5:54 pm
shooting in vallejo. we will hear from the family of the man who was killed, and their reaction to the video. a couple renting and airbnb discovered this, a hidden camera aimed at the bed. the and excited response to the incident from airbnb. ♪ [ crying ] ♪
5:55 pm
you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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so thrift stores in the bay area, around the world were being inundated by donations, and while there may be reasons for this, much of the spike is being attributed to the marie kondo effect. yours truly guilty. >> kondo is a lifestyle guru encouraging people to tidy up. and ruben explains, as people declare their home, their stores are apparently reaping the benefits.
5:57 pm
reporter: goodwill in silicon valley is having a good year, actually a great one. donations have been pouring in by the car load. >> this year we are currently up 12% as of yesterday, so we are pretty happy about that. that about 25,000 more donations that we took the same time period last year. >> this month it's been even better. up 16%. they talk about a good a comedy, targeted marketing, and well, marie kondo. >> hello, i am marie kondo. >> reporter: she's the queen of decluttering, the titans of tidying up , so now her book and netflix who is being referred to as the kondo effect. people are flooding thrift dots with items they no longer need. >> she's extremely valid, so the clutter, declare your life . >> it make you feel really good because it it sitting in the
5:58 pm
garage and i don't use it, why had it in the garage? somebody you can use my toaster oven that i don't use anymore because i bought myself a new one. >> reporter: thrift stores worldwide have noted an uptick in donations, prompting some to after more volunteers and others to ask for a giving hiatus while they sorted the back lord. but at goodwill in silicon valley, they are taking the extra inventory in stride. >> we would never say don't bring us anymore because we survive on donations, and the more that we get the more we can serve. >> reporter: emily carassas says for her, it was time. >> they brought me joy as a kid, and i don't know. they've been hanging in my house for a while, and now it's time for someone else to enjoy it. >> reporter: if they keep up this pace, goodwill in silicon valley will set a record. bringing 1 million donations for the first time. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. police body cam footage released today shows the moment
5:59 pm
six vallejo police officers opened fire on a man in his car with a gun on his lap. >> it's an execution by firing squad. this is how we live in america, as a black and latino people. >> vallejo police say the man was reaching for his gun, and they say they are releasing the video with the goal of showing the community the facts of this incident. i'm andre senior. >> and emma alyana. the video shows the moments leading up to the shooting of 20-year-old millie mccoy. >> candace nguyen if you would 2 investigates. she been requesting the video, and now we have it. >> reporter: before the video was really, vallejo police said willie mcquay reached for a gun, his family who also saw the video said it showed he did not reach for the gun, brother scratched his shoulder. with this new footage, you can determine what happened for yourself, but we want to warn you what you will see and hear
6:00 pm
maybe graphic. >> gone, gone! rabbi police body cam video shows the moments of vallejo lease officer spotted a gun on 20-year-old millie mccoy's lap. >> there's a gun on his lap. door looks open. >> reporter: on february night, a taco bell employee first reported a person possibly asleep in a silver mercedes blocking the restaurant's drive- through. >> 911 come emergency? >> i saw a person unresponsive to car horn honks


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