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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: before the video was really, vallejo police said willie mcquay reached for a gun, his family who also saw the video said it showed he did not reach for the gun, brother scratched his shoulder. with this new footage, you can determine what happened for yourself, but we want to warn you what you will see and hear maybe graphic. >> gone, gone! rabbi police body cam video shows the moments of vallejo lease officer spotted a gun on 20-year-old millie mccoy's lap. >> there's a gun on his lap. door looks open. >> reporter: on february night, a taco bell employee first reported a person possibly asleep in a silver mercedes blocking the restaurant's drive- through. >> 911 come emergency? >> i saw a person unresponsive to car horn honks in my
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director. >> reporter: minutes after the call, this scene unfolded. officers box and mccoy's vehicle with their cars, while officer stand inches from the driver side window figuring out what to do next. >> he's got a gun in his lap . the magazine, magazine is half out. he's only got one shot to shoot. door looks a lot. >> reporter: another officer tried the door. it is part. after more than four minutes, mccoy finally moves. >> he's moving. he's not up yet. >> reporter: video shows mccoy seem to scratch his left shoulder with his right hand, then moments later he sees two band from the waist and move his left arm. that is when vallejo police say they gave mcquay verbal commands to put his hands up. real-time video shows a span of three seconds between the first command and the first gunshot fired. >> cease-fire, cease-fire! >> it's an execution by firing squad.
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it's just this is how we are living in america as black and laddonia people. >> reporter: hours after the video was released, mccoy's family left press conference reiterating concerts of the force and racial profiling by vallejo officers. the family filed a wrongful death claim against the city last month. >> willie was a sitting duck in the car. he was asleep, and anybody could see that he was sleeping, that he was never woke. >> reporter: vallejo police never responded to 2 investigatess report for a request on camera. police said this is our first time releasing video, and it's our hope that we can provide sufficient context for the community to understand the facts of this case. >> where good. i'm good, i'm good. >> reporter: after the shooting, we looked mccoy had a criminal record, and the gun which had an extended magazine had been stolen. now this is one of three separate vallejo police
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misconduct cases 2 investigates has recently covered. this month, vallejo police chief announced his retirement, saying it's unrelated to the issues. andre, alyana? >> candace, you been doing a number of investigations into vallejo police. hopefully this will provide some clarity to the community. thank you so much. police in oakland say the deadly shooting in the parking lot of a wet oakland park install bart station. paul chambers talked to riders about the deadly shooting. >> reporter: for most people, it was business as usual at west oakland bart station, a scene that was the scene of a fatal shooting the day before. two teens who were not passengers of the service gond the streets of oakland in front of the bart station. for some unknown reason, the police who they say knew each other came into the parking lot, that is when the 17-year- old female was shot and killed by the 16-year-old boy.
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a woman who says she uses the station daily said her rideshare driver told her about the incident. >> he had to take an alternate route to get out of the parking lot here. >> reporter: investigators say the incident is isolated and no passengers were involved. some that we spoke with said they are worried about the area because they hear gunfire quite often. >> it's a little unnerving. sometimes you hear a shooting over there, shooting over there, and you really don't hear about it until it gets into the news. >> reporter: oakland police took the suspect into custody outside his home. >> guys, they caught the guy and i'm glad they did. >> reporter: many we spoke with said this is an incident wake- up call and hope that bart and police officers will do more to keep passengers and those just working the area safe. >> it does make me nervous because there is nothing like the element of surprise. >> i don't see anybody in the parking lot, so i see more on
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the trend in the parking lot, so i don't see anybody out here. is never anybody out here when i'm around anyway. >> reporter: as of now, the case is in the alameda county district attorney's office. the wife of an eastlake adult school principal pleaded can not guilty today to his murder. police say 39-year-old maria vides shot and killed 45-year- old paul shadwell. he died saturday after being keppler five on life support. thomas burchard totally she's not during an argument at their home in pittsburg . he was the father of eight children, including three with vides. he was a principal of the pittsburg adult education center. a third case of measles just this week is confirmed to the bay area. the latest in the second santa clara county as another follows and alameda county. two of the cases involved international travel. >> reporter: santa clara county's public offices is the second measles case this week
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is from a county resident who is infected while traveling internationally. health officials and the patient was not contagious well on any flight or at the airport. but the presence of the second infection is escalating concerns for parents of newborns . >> we are really concerned because my younger kid does not have vaccine yet because he's too young to have the measles vaccine, so yeah. as a mother, i am worried. >> reporter: alameda county health officials reported possible measles virus exposure, this after an international traveler infected with measles visited sauced barbecue and dr. livermore march 23 between 8:00 and 11:00 at night . >> i heard about it from a friend. kind of caught me by surprise because we have been to sauced before. >> reporter: restaurant management had no on camera comment, but they say they're reviewing employees' calculation records. health officials anybody thsite the time in question and who is
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not inoculated is at risk of infection. this is cooperating and helping us try to determine if anybody is susceptible of measles. >> reporter: while the investigation was forward, santa clara county officials are monitoring nearly 2 dozen places visited by a tourist beginning march 16. his arrival marks the emergence of the first measles case that was announced tuesday. officials say that person was so sick, he was hospitalized due to the infection. last month, the first reported be measles cases in the bay area all arrived on incoming international flight at san francisco airport. officials in alameda and santa clara counties say none job as a publ department try to help prevent further cases of this developing. >> reporter: county officials say if you believe your effective and measles are showing signs, don't go to your doctor or healthcare provider. instead, call them so they can set up a quarantine area where
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you can come in and be evaluated. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. state health officials a unvaccinated travelers are largely to blame for the rights and measles cases. officials say two separate people traveled to the philippines and want to eastern europe recently. the travelers were not vaccinated and ventured into areas that are plagued by large numbers of measles cases, and when they returned to the u.s. they gave the disease to some family members and other unvaccinated people in their community. flu season is not going away quite yet in the south bay. it's heading at least one school campus pretty hard. the san jose unified school district tells us 33 students were out yesterday at simon zealotry school. in one fourth grade class, there are six confirmed cases of the flu. a disick spokeswoman said although the number of students out sick is pretty high, it's understandable since we are still in flu season. parents implicated in the college admission scandal headed to federal court in boston today, 15 moms and dads appear before a judge to hear
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charges that they paid bribes to get their children into top colleges. he owns a vineyard in napa and he's accused of paying for exempting and bribing the water polo coach at the university of southern california to get his daughter into the u.s. he. very will the hollywood celebrities are also caught up in this college and mrs. scandal, including actors felicity huffman and lori loughlin. the two are expected in court next week. the so-called ringleader of this admission scam, rick singer, pleaded guilty to  charges including racketeering. he took bribes from wealthy elections wealthy families and promises of getting their kid into elite colleges and universities. rideshare company lyft makes its debut on the nasdaq , and it has impacted the spread of the bay area. >> i think we are going to see a lot of transition in the bay area, and probably a lot of resentment from people that did not become overnight millionaires.
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and weather, nice to see more sunshine today across most of the bay area. if you want warmer temperatures, i will take you through the weekend forecast. a couple renting and airbnb discovers a hidden camera. how police and airbnb are now responding. taking a live look right now at the traffic. 680, the headlights are heading northbound. it does not look too bad, but still a little bit slow going on this evening. take a look at this. the traffic of people heading home, that on the right-hand side of your screen. heading into san francisco to them maccarthur maze. we will keep following the traffic situation for you. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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pink confetti there because it's official. san francisco rideshare company lyft is a public trader. they ring the bell from the lyft center, easily creating new millionaires. >> initially the stock top to 20% to more than $80 a share before ending its day of training a more than 8% at $78.29 a share. >> as rob roth report, minnie driver say this ipo means little to them. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: lyft went public friday, there were cheers on wall street. but for this driver in san francisco's mission street?
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>> we just want to be paid fairly for what we are doing. we want access to medical coverage. >> reporter: there was no cause for celebration. >> it really has done nothing for me. >> stephen greg has been light driving for lyft for two years, like drivers have completed at least 10,000 rides , you'll get $1000 for stock option out of the ipo. greg is taking the cash to cover a car repair. >> this company is designed in such a way that the driver bears all the expenses, all the risks, and now we are not even making a reasonable amount of money. >> reporter: drivers with 20,000 rides armor get $2000 bar and this is. greg's says he drops a few dollars a week and clues about $700 after paying for gas. >> they are using driver laborer to bolster their profits . >> reporter: but it's a
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different story for the approximately 1600 employees at lyft headquarters oracle park in san francisco. lyft management has ordered them not to speak publicly about the deal, but unlike lyft drivers were considered contract workers, many full- time employees reportedly received company stock they can convert into cash. and online real estate brokerage estimated that the employees would aren't a must stock option to buy every single home currently on the market in san francisco the lyft driver said the company needs to do more for them. >> hopefully it trickles down. you know, the trickle-down thing that might actually happen this time. i doubt it, but yeah, i hope we can get enough drivers together and demand part of that money that is being t has always pres this as a partnership, and i allowed myself to kind of believe that. it does not feel like a partnership now. >> reporter: drivers say it could get even worse for them. they are worried the company will raise the rates it charges
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them to improve the bottom line and appease their new shareholders. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. lyft's ipo comes after a number of bay area companies prepared to go public. tom vacar looks at what that means for the bay area and growing gap in the divide in wealth. >> three, two, one, zero! >> reporter: after lyft's initial public offering on friday, other household names like uber, airbnb, pinterest, and postmates are readying their finances to do the same. business analyst say that can cost as much as a quarter of $1 trillion in new ipo investments, creating some 5000 to as many as 10,000 bran new bay area millionaires . when it comes to wealth gaps, san francisco already has the nation's big as wealth spread. >> i anthink this is absolutely huge issue for the bay area right now. we've always had a chasm between the have and have-nots.
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>> reporter: of the city's top 5% of households, annual earnings averages just over $630,000 compared to 103 for the average middle-class resident. a far greater gap for many of lesser means. as the new york times reported on the oncoming wave of new millionaires >> reporter: deniz recently while the crowd by saying san francisco single-family home prices could on average cost
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as much as $5 million for cash buyers. but fast, big money from inheritance or ipos does not necessarily buy happiness. >> when people get a windfall, it ends up with some sort of dissatisfaction. either the money is squandered or they questioned their relationships or they have a moment of is that all it is? >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. well, more sunshine in the bay area. of you or spot right around 70 degrees. that graphically behind me, just letting you know of very small earthquake to report. you can see clutch diwali and rodeo area. if you're coming close on this map, and happened during the 5:00 hour, 5:34, managing 2.9 , a depth of over 5.5 miles below the surface, the hypo center,
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so there's the location. you don't expect any damage or injuries with this, no reports of aftershocks, but magnitude 2.9 happened at 5:34 about just an hour ago. here's a look at some of our highs from today. 50s and 60s. santa rosa security degrees. take a look at fairfield, and not if you city three degrees. here's satellite and radar. some green, some cloud cover here, even a few isolated sprinkles popped up across portions of the bay area. it's hard to believe some of the sunshine we had today, but still a little bit of leftover instability. right now if you left of the clouds primarily up in portions of the northbay. current numbers, checking out san francisco 56, we have napa 60, fremont 60, san jose right now 61. as far as overnight lows, thinking 40s across most areas to start at your saturday. no rain for tomorrow, just some patchy fog in san francisco , and we will go with more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. a beautiful saturday afternoon with temperatures on track to reach the 60s. a few neighbors once again
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approaching the 70 degrees mark. 62 right around 70. this is it saturday for. sunday will even be warmer. we'll talk about that for 10 rain clouds. all of the coming up with your phone update in a few minutes. president trump threatened to shut down the southern border to put a stop to illegal immigration. >> we'll keep a close for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> how members of congress are responding to this threat. who the golden bears decided to hire in its key vacancy.
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customs and border patrol officials are warning the number of migrants in u.s. custody is at a crisis level. >> ray bogan tell us president trump is now threatening to shut down the southern border next week if mexico does not find a way to stop illegal immigration. >> reporter: yesterday, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sent this letter to congress, outlining what she describes as a, quote, emergency situation at the border. now president trump is adding even more urgency to get a fix. president trump may be in florida, but his mind is on mexico. >> theirs is the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the world, and we have the weakest and of the most pathetic laws. >> reporter: on twitter, the president threatened to shut down the border next week if mexico, quote, did not
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immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states. >> we'll keep a close a long time. >> reporter: the president called for congress to change u.s. immigration law and blamed democrats for creating, quote, the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world. some democrats say they are open to a bipartisan solution. >> we are not an open border country period. i do not believe in that. i do not believe it's good for our security, but at the same time i also believe we should take care of the dreamers. these are folks who were here since they were little children. >> reporter: customs and border protection said the more than 12,000 migrants in custody is unprecedented, double what the agency called crisis level. be arrested families are especially high, up 338% border wide in one year's time. that includes a nearly 1700% increase in parts of new mexico and texas, and in almost 700% increase in the san diego area. the ranking number called on colleagues tuesday in washington this weekend to address what he calls a true emergency at the border, but
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many members have already gone home. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. gavin newsom will head to el salvador to learn more about why a large number of migrants are seeking asylum in the u.s. it will be his first international trip as governor. when newsom announced the visit, he accused president trump in the administration of demonizing people fleeing the violence and southern america. there are more than 680,000 immigrant from el salvador now living in california. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with a disturbing discovery inside and airbnb. >> this is evil. this is inhumane. this is not all right.found a hidden camera, why police say no crime was committed. the fight over a francisco's waterfront. help both opponents and supporters are turning to crowdfunding to support their cause. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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back now with our top stories. the family for vallejo man shot to death by police is reacting today to the release of body cam footage of the shooting. now willie mccoy family said the 20-year-old was a sitting duck after falling asleep in a car at a taco bell drive-through . officers opened fire after they say he reached for a gun in his lap. a family has filed a wrongful death claim against the city. police say the shooting in the parking lot of the best west oakland bart station about two teenagers who knew each other. the victim was a 17-year-old girl, and the suspect arrested today was a 16-year-old boy. it happened last night around 10:30. police say the homicide was isolated, and the passengers were involved. another case of measles has
6:30 pm
been confirmed, and it's a third bay area case this week. the patient and the latest case and contracted them eagles will oversee the the public health apartment is reaching out to those who may have come into contact with the infected person while they were contagious. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. neighbors hoping to block a plan homeless shelter on san francisco's waterfront , there crowdfunding to file a legal challenge. >> they reach tens of thousands of dollars, but as monte francis told us, it prompted a counter campaign that's also raking in big-money. >> reporter: steps away from this parking lot on san francisco's waterfront, luxury condos with sweeping views tower overhead . some people who live in those condos want the parking lot to stay a parking lot. >> we care about the homeless, but this is not the solution. j lived in the market for 13 years. the building overlooks the parking lot on brian street and the embarcadero. she along with her neighbors have donated tens of dollars to a gofundme campaign to hire a lawyer to present the city from
6:31 pm
turning the lot into a navigation center. a 200 bed shelter with expended health and social services for the homeless. >> we have the highest concentration of children, day cares, and schools within a three or four block radius, and i do not think it is safe and fair for these children to be put through what they could be put through. >> reporter: in response, supporters of the navigation center are proposed by mayor breed last month raise their own gofundme campaign, raising $75,000 for the coalition on homelessness. >> there's a small number of people who have hateful attitudes towards homeless folks, but we have far more people supporting folks out there that really want to see a solution. >> reporter: jennifer friedenbach with the coalition of homelessness said that money in small the patient would be used toward efforts helping the homeless and making the
6:32 pm
navigation center a reality. >> we make every penny centrally far. it will be used for going out and educating folks about homelessness, working on solutions, around gathering input from homeless people, how they would like to see the news and to organize. >> reporter: while the effort to block the shelter is gaming steen online, so is the effort to help the city's homeless, and not all residents of the high-rise condos oppose the project. >> i can understand the feelings of the people living in the area that they would rather not have it, but i think we definitely need at. >> reporter: the residents have hired san francisco attorney ktvu plus zach, but so far it's unclear what his legal strategy will be. the port commission is scheduled to vote on whether to lease the land to the city on april 23. in san francisco, monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. so teachers at another bay area school district are gathering support during contract talks now. teachers in the fremont unified school district held a rally after school before classes begin this morning. teachers say they are at an impasse with the district over
6:33 pm
wages. they were asking for a 4% raise, a fact-finding hearing is set for next week. started new legislation aims to ensure that sexual predators are kept out of public school classrooms. the bill calls for requiring schools to make more detailed background and reference checks on potential hires. it also mandates that school districts disclose any records of investigations, allegations, or findings of sexual misconduct to other school districts. >> when a person is being investigated, before the investigation is concluded, that teacher or coach or staffer will resign, and the investigation stops. then they maybe move on to another school. saying? and the school does not tell what that school what happened. >> little simulation was attempted last are the legislative by the teachers union and aclu convince democrats to kill the bill. lawmakers in support of the legislation say it will go to
6:34 pm
committee in april. a couple from southern california is considering legal action after they found a hidden camera in their airbnb. video shows the moment christina discovered that camera. it was hidden inside a smoke detector pointed directly over the bed of the rental in garden grove. while they admitted they called police who confirmed it was a hidden camera, but because it was not turned on and out recording, police said no crime was actually committed. >> this is evil. this is inhumane. this is not all right. >> i'm still shaking and startled about other sick minded people out there. i never thought i would actually lay in the hands of one. >> airbnb set its policies prohibit hidden cameras in listings. the listing for the house has been refunded removed. for men involved in a home invasion robbery. it happenerday morning in a hom tyson circle. police say three of the men were armed with guns. they are accused of ransacking the home, stealing money, cell phone, and jewelry. police say to people who lived at the home suffered minor
6:35 pm
injuries while trying to escape. how the golden state warriors already shattering revenue records. how much money the chase center has pulled in without even holding an event. an incredible achievement just announced, as singer, dancer, and actress rita moreno becomes the first latina to attain ap got only joining two other americans. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things?
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in 2020 presidential candidate kamala harris is in
6:38 pm
for a fundraising event. is expected to attend a fundraising event in the bay area. tomorrow, she scheduled to travel to southern california. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg addresses so that audience in san francisco last night. >> i'm definitely the only left- handed gay episcopalian bettering in the race. >> at 37 years old, he's also the youngest candidate. his back on his a veteran who served, and a married gay give them relevant experience for the united states today. >> we are going to make america great again. it means we are going to stop the changes so you don't have to change anything. and it's not honest. you can have an honest politics around around the world again. >> but it is is a sexual
6:39 pm
orientation do not keep south bend voters for reelecting him in a landslide, and he does not believe it should stand in the way of the right house run either. after 40 years of the san francisco shares department, sheriff vicki hennessy said she will not seek reelection this november. the ,66 chef made the announcement yesterday. she said the decision comes as she's dealing with a number of health, personal, and family issues. her husband died last year, and she still recovering from a painful knee replacement surgery. she also told ktvu recent tragedies involving two other san francisco civic leaders played a role in her decision not to run again. >> i have to think in my back of my mind i am thinking about you know ed lee and jeff adachi and their passing. i am thinking about my life as i'm getting older, my issues with my health, certainly. >> hennessy is the first woman to lead the san francisco shared apartment and it's 170
6:40 pm
year history. san francisco mayor london breed said this. sheriff hennessy has been a tremendous leader for our city. she was a trailblazer in the shared apartment, paving the way for women to serve. the condo effect now being partially credited for a spike in thrift store donations. >> i bought them as a kid, and i don't know. they've been hanging around in the house for a while and it's time for someone else to enjoy them. and weather, lot more sunshine today here in the bay area. the weekend will be very nice. when we could be tracking a few mid-70s, and your bay area fo. re let's go to heaom with a lo at some of the stories they are working on for the 7:00 news on the ktvu plus. sacramento police rushed to save the life of a suicidal man pertaining to jump off of the freeway overpass. the dramatic incident that was captured on video. also, it was a quick marriage even by hollywood
6:41 pm
standards. harvey 11 tells us why nicholas cage broke up with his new bride just four days after their wedding. those stories and more live on "the seven" over on ktvu plus. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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thrift stores in the bay area and around the world are being inundated with donations, and while there are likely numerous reasons, this bike is being attributed in part to the marie condo effect. condo is a lifestyle group is encouraging people to tidy up. and ruben explains as people
6:44 pm
declare their homes, thrift stores are apparently reaping the benefits. >> reporter: goodwill in silicon valley is having a good year, actually a great one. donations have been pouring in by the corridor. >> this year we are currently up 12% as of yesterday, so we are pretty happy about that. that's about 25,000 what donations we took in the same time period last year. >> reporter: this month it's been even better, up 16%. they chalk it up to a good economy, targeted marketing, and well, marie kondo. >> i love her. >> hello, i am marie kondo. >> reporter: she's the queen of decluttering, the titan of tidying up, and thousands of people are flying thrift shops with items they no longer need. >> she's extremely valid, so hence, de-clutter, decluttering your life. >> and make you feel really good because it's been sitting in the garage and i don't use it
6:45 pm
. why have it in the ground? somebody you can use my toaster oven i don't use anymore because i bought myself a new one. >> reporter: thrift stores worldwide have noted an uptick in donations, prompting some to ask for more volunteers and ask forgiving hiatus while they sorted the backlog. but at goodwill in silicon valley, they're taking the extra volume in stride. >> we would never say don't bring us anything more because, like i said, we survive in donations, the more we get the happier we are. >> reporter: condos tells you to hold an item, see if, quote, if it sparks joy, and if not let it go. >> it brought me joy as a kid, and i don't know. they've been hanging in the house for a while, now it's time for someone else to enjoy them. >> reporter: if they keep up this pace, goodwill in silicon valley will set a record, bringing over 1 million donations for the first time. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. let's turn things over to mark tamayo. you been saying with a good weather , it might be time to
6:46 pm
do some spring cleaning. >> marie kondo. >> reporter: >> hold onto the umbrella. you might think the rainy season is over, but it kick up next week. this weekend, you can get outside. that is our main message for both saturday and sunday. rainfall, i feel like we have trumped the rainfall total. santa rosa picking up over 42 inches of rain. that 133% of average. san francisco over 23, and san jose approaching 15, oakland and 18.5 inches of rainfall, so we are well above the average, and we could be talking about the more rain next week, but not for the next few days. some clouds up in the north bay earlier today, even a few pop- up sprinkles, so we were not 100% right. for the most part big improvement compared to yesterday in the past few days.
6:47 pm
here's a look at our camera right now, looking at what san francisco where we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we will bring in some of the current numbers. there mainly in the upper 50s right now to the low 60s. santa rosa 60, mountain view 61, santa rosa checking in at 61. overnight lows, we are taking cool spots right around the 40 to 50 degrees. we could have some patchy fog with some inland valleys into tomorrow morning. once again, lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. the wars location could be right around 70 degrees. the pollen levels have been turning up especially for the trees, so it's that time of the year were used these a bit more. that could be the case this weekend because we have warm conditions and dry conditions in breezy conditions as well all weekend long. here's this area of high pressure starting to set camp this weekend. it will be a nice one for saturday and into sunday. this weather system moved in from the west, so as a result we could be tracking some showers to the north of the bay area.
6:48 pm
definitely s'more clouds. there's a chance of a few sprinkles are a few light showers favoring the northbay. that could be into monday, but no major storms in our forecast just yet. lake tahoe, a great place to be this weekend. temperatures and south lake tahoe in the 30s. lots of sunshine. temperatures approaching the upper 40s to the 50s. here's our forecast model. we are in the clear for the saturday afternoon, and into sunday we will thicken up the clouds. by monday devon i saw the cloud cover, and you will notice showers in the north bay area. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle in the northbay by monday afternoon. highs will be in the 60s right around 70 degrees. warmest day this weekend will be on sunday to make the most of the weekend. thankfully no major start to talk about, but we could be dodging some next week. the new home of the golden state warriors had not even opened yet, but already the chase center in san francisco is breaking revenue records. bloomberg news report the
6:49 pm
warriors have taken in an unprecedented $2 billion in ticket sales, sweeps, and sponsorship sales as well. the arena is scheduled to open september 6 with concerts featuring metallica and the san francisco symphony. the warriors first preseason game is set against lebron james and the lakers. earlier it was a natcher would perform at the chase center on thursday, november 21. it is part of her care legal again featuring rogers and shakespeare the multitalented star rita moran is about to enter a very exclusive club. the 87-year-old will be honored with a peabody award for career achievement, and that means the actors will reach pegot status by winning a peabody, emmy, grammy, oscar, and tony award. she joins only two others, barbra streisand and phil director mike nichols would've won all five. she will receive the honor in
6:50 pm
the peabody gallery in may. the ncaa march madness field grows slimmer with more sweet 16 action today. and cal fills a vacancy. the new face of the golden bears basketball team. [ loud traffic sounds ]
6:51 pm
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mike ibanez joining us now with some news for the cal bears and some new people on the team. >> things move fast. remember it was like a week ago, cal made an announcement, why king jones is not going anywhere. they gave him a voice of support. a couple days later, they fire him, a couple days later today they've got a new coach, and here is the man. he's got a lot more experience than the departedking jones. mark foxes his name. they go with a much more experience guy. he's coached that nevada where he had a great run, went over to georgia for a few years , and was fired their, and he's been in numerous postseason games. in fact, averaged 20 wins during his coaching career over 14 seasons. he will study the ship. the cal bears were held a press conference on monday morning to make it all official. there is your guy, mark fox. we have a college
6:54 pm
basketball expert in our department, scott reese. he called is between a mild and a major upset, but anytime north carolina is connected with a big l, it is in that upset range, and this is bruce pearl on the left. you guys are to young to welcome him. six seconds before half. mccormick coast-to-coast, pillar to post, beats the buzzer, and the tigers looking like winners, taking a two- point lead in pulling away. knights behind the back from harper and anthony macklin more. he nails the three. auburn goes on to win it 97-80. first treated the elite 84 them since 1986. roy williams and company not a bunch of happy campers. meantime, yeah, a couple of guys acting like dumb and dumber, or are they just -- first have spartans leading by 15. erin henry, of balance on the
6:55 pm
shot. the spartans would lead by 12. lsu tigers would make their run. draymond waters with a grab, steal, and finish on the other end. 12 - 01. only a five point deficit, but the spartans would go on a run of their own. some good ball movement. kenny goings with the three, and draymond green, a graduate from there are very happy with this. first trip to the elite 8 for them since 1988. meantime the golden state warriors, of who we speak, kind of had it going on against the minnesota timberwolves's. led by 14 at halftime. it has evaporated. they are just during the fourth quarter on the road. it is a tie game, but check this out. some of the earlier activity, that is ryan saunders, son of
6:56 pm
flip saunders. he's the youngest coach in the nba. age 32. kd, picking up where he left off the other night in memphis. there's draymond playing defense. he comes up with a steel . nice hook past. klay stomping on a dime and releases a three, and the warriors were totally in control. they go on a 12-0 run. stephen curry on the corner all catching it, and scoring it. the 12-0 run on all three as everybody is all smiles, but like i said heading into the fourth quarter there, they are all even up with the minnesota timberwolves. with come to that time where we must "check this out." for this evening, world golf championships, dell technologies matchplay. tiger woods, 82 yard approach for an eagle on the par course
6:57 pm
13. does not get any better than that. you pump right there. he will take on roary macklin more tomorrow, as they will finish out on sunday. bucks superstar giannis antetokounmpo was signing autographs. a young girl named willie brought him a jury to see. lily handed him an artwork folder of him, and it's not often you get to meet an nba star, certainly as gracious as that. kind of like a stephen curry moment, but she tears up as he examined her artwork, and like i say the artwork was all drawings of her favorite basketball player there. a giannis antetokounmpo. and that is the sporting line. >> such a good guy. >> his brother coming up do it make sure you join us at 7:00 live on ktvu plus.
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