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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 29, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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>> this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. the magazine is half out. >> new dramatic body cam footage . >> it's an execution by firing squad. this is how we are living in america. is black and latino people.
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specs 20-year-old willie mccoy reached for his gun seconds before officers fired at him through his car window. with his family disagrees. >> we have been requesting the release of the body cam video for weeks. we want to warn you which were about to see and hear may be disturbing. >> gun, gun. >> police body cam video shows the moment that the legal officer spotted a gun on 20- year-old willie mccoy voice lab. >> there is a gun in his lap. >> the door looks open. >> i'm going to pull them out inspected. >> on february 9 at taco bell employee first reported a person possibly asleep in a silver mercedes blocking the restaurants drive-through. >> 911 emergency. >> i have a person unresponsive to carport honks in my driving. >> minutes after the call the scene unfolds.
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officers boxed in his vehicle with their cars. well other officers stand inches from the driver side window, figuring out what to do next work >> he has a gun in his lap. the magazine is half out so he only has one shot. it looks a lot. >> another officer tried the door and it is luck. >> if he reaches for it, >> after more than four minutes, mccoy finally moves. >> he is moving. >> video shows mccoy seemed to scratch his left shoulder with his right hand. the moments later he seems to bend from the waist and move his left arm. that is when vallejo police say >> reporter: real-time video shows a span of three seconds between the first command and the first gunshot fired. >> it's an execution.
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by firing squad. this is how we live in america. as black and latino people. >> reporter: hours after the release mccoy's family held a press conference reiterating concerns of excessive force and racial profiling by officers. the family filed a wrongful death claim against the city last month. >> he was a sitting duck. he was asleep. and anybody can see that he was sleeping. that he was never awake. remake police never responded to a request for an interview. in a statement police said that this is our first time releasing video in this fashion. it is our hope that we can provide sufficient context for the community to understand the facts of the case. >> reporter: after the shooting we learned he had a criminal record and the gun he had had been stolen. this is one of three separate vallejo police cases to investigate as recently
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reported, this month the police chief says he is retiring saying, it had nothing to do with these issues. a superior court judge today authorize the release of police records as required under a new transparency law. some police agency said the law should not be applied retroactively, but the judge today found that the records in cases of shootings, killings and misconduct should be released regardless of when they were created. the san francisco police officers' association dropped its legal action saying we believe all police agencies should fully comply with the request for records. our concern warictly limited to protecting the privacy rights of officers for records created prior to the effective date of senate bill 1421. police made an arrest shoot west oakland station that left
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a 17-year-old girl did. the suspect is a 16-year-old boy, he was arrested outside of his home. the shooting happened last night around 10:30 pm in the stations parking lot. the two teenagers to each other and no passengers were involved. some bark writers say they worry about their safety because they hear gunfire quite often at the west oakland station. specs sometimes when you come out there is a shooting over there, over there. you don't hear about it until the news in the morning. >> the case is now in the hands of alameda county district attorney's office. sonoma county, has seen three murder suicides this month involving married couples. the latest happened around 4 pm and a woman in failing health, dead. they lived on echo court in petaluma. we are live in petaluma tonight were social workers want elders to know help is available. the first case this month was domestic violence. a man gunned down his wife who wanted a divorce.
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but counselors find there are longtime couples advanced in age who find death a way out. >> they were both incredible characters. >> reporter: on echo court in petaluma, one couple had lived here as long as anyone could remember. >> both of them were in bad shape. i can't imagine either one of them wanting to live without the other. >> reporter: a relative found them. they are in their 80s. it was a murder suicide. both were in failing health. spiraling in recent months, but no one thought there lies within this way. in a house where they lived for decades and raised a family. >> i was shocked yesterday when i came home and heard the news. they will be greatly missed. i used to have we would visit. solve the world's problems. >> if they wanted to take their life, isn't there going to be some better option for them than this? i just don't get it. something has to be done.
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>> if we don't find resources for these individuals, that is when these tragic things happen. >> reporter: those who work with elders say it is startling great community to realize seniors in our midst are so despondent. but caring for a frail spouse is incredibly stressful. more so when the caregivers own health is poor. >> you can ask for help and people will help. there are so many safety nets, programs. >> reporter: helps for everyone to pause and pay attention. >> and say is there a difference, is somebody not coming down to the mailbox? isolation and a change in behavior are both red flags. >> i have not seen that neighbor in a while. maybe i should go knock on the door and see if everything is okay. >> reporter: i tried really hard to get them to go to elderly care, >> reporter: neighbors close to them say like many of their generation, were independent. stoic. not inclined to ask for help. >> there was no foul play.
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it was two lifetime lovers and i believe they made that choice together. and it was sad. they were beautiful people. >> reporter: the other murder suicides this week was on the coast, a similar scenario. an elderly couple in poor health compounded by financial distress. in both of these cases, there were warning signs. authorities had been called to both households. and confiscated guns. because of suicidal behavior. >> that is such a sad situation. hopefully others will see this and get the help they decision that thank you so much. the sonoma county sheriff's office is warning residents that they may not be able to
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dial 911. the department says phone numbers starting with 887, 823, and 827 have no phone service and cannot dial 911. if you have one of these numbers, the sheriff's department says you should call 707 565 2121 or call 911 from a cell phone. the phone companies are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. strong reaction to the latest threat by trump to close the border with mexico. the president said he would ask next week if mexico does not immediately halt illegal immigration. >> reporter: the california chamber of commerce says mexico is california's number one export market. area companies from tech giants to small grocery stores could be hurt.times friday. >> i'm not playing games. >> reporter: he does not see a financial loss to the u.s. if
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he closes the border with mexico next week. >> with a deficit like we have with mexico, closing the border will be a profit-making operation. >> reporter: but president trump's threat drew sharp criticism. the u.s. chamber of commerce said it would be an unmitigated economic debacle that could threaten 5 million american jobs. the chamber says the u.s. and mexico trade about 1.7 billion in goods every day. and california senator dianne feinstein said in a statement, it would be an economic disaster. >> it would be extremely harmful economically. >> reporter: shaman of the senior director of the bay area counsel economic institute. >> mexico is our biggest export market from california. about 15 1/2 or 60% of all our exports to the entire world go to mexico. >> reporter: he says bay area technology companies such as alphabet, oracle, cisco, and hp depend on mexico for components. >> a lot of our companies have major operations in mexico. >> reporter: he says companies
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no longer keep large warehouses of extra parts. the biggest impact >> the big one is supply-chain. these are binational supply chains that are important to our companies. if you disrupt those you are disrupting their businesses. and the employment and other activity we have. re/max smaller businesses such as markets could also see an impact on produce for their customers. >> long-term it would have an impact on us. >> reporter: at village market in oakland, avocados, tomatoes, tropical fruits and winter vegetables are often available from mexico when they are out of season in california. >> we probably get about 40% of our produce from south of the border. especially this time of year. >> reporter: the white house has not said whether any border closure would include air travel , but today mexico's foreign relations secretary tweeted that his country does not act, based on threats. we will see what happens. if he follows through. >> thank you so much.
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william barr said today that a redacted version of robert mueller's report will be sent to congress by mid-april. according to bar summary, the report did not find that the trump campaign coordinated or conspired with russia. the nearly 400 page report will not be shared with the white house beforehand. democrats have requested the report be submitted by next tuesday. and may pursue a court order to get the full report without protections. lyft goes public. it's not the only one that is made it waste to wall street. the economic effects, a series of ipos could have on the bay area. the storm clouds are moving out of the area. get ready for a very nice weekend coming up. an event that has been running for decades, but it may not look the same. the changes coming to the burning man festival.
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you know when you're at ross and... wow! realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. san francisco lyft is now publicly traded. the founders rang the opening bell from the driver center in los angeles.
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instantly creating new millionaires. >> initially the stop popped about 20% to more than a be $87 per share before eventually ending its first day of training up more than 8% at $78.29. some lyft drivers will get a cash bonus or the option to my company stock. >> most lyft drivers say today's ipo beats little to them. lyft stock went public, they were cheers on wall street. but for this driver on san francisco's mission ... >> we just want to be paid fairly for what >> reporter: there was no cause for celebration. >> it has done nothing for me. he has been driving for two years, like all drivers who have completed at least 10,000 miles, you will get a $1000
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bonus or stock option out of the ipo. he is taking the cash to cover a car repair. >> this company is designed in such a way that the driver bears all the expenses and risks and now we are even making a reasonable amount of money. >> reporter: drivers with 20,000 riser market $10,000 bonuses. greg says he drives at least 50 hours per week and clears about $700 after paying for gas. >> they are using driver labor to bolster their profits. >> reporter: it is a different story for the 1600 employees at lyft headquarters in oracle park. the management has ordepublicly but unlike drivers who are considered contract workers, many full-time employees reportedly received company stock they can convert into cash. together, the employees would earn enough in stock options to
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buy every single home currently on the market in san francisco. lyft drivers say the company needs to do more for them. >> hopefully, it trickles down. it might actually happen. i doubt it. i hope, hope we can get enough drivers together and demand part of that money that is being thrown around. >> lyft has always presented this as a partnership. i allowed myself to kind of believe that. it doesn't feel like a partnership. >> reporter: driver say it could get worse for them. they are worried the company will raise the rates it charges them to imbottom line and please new shareholders. >> business analyst say upcoming ipos by big names include huber, pinterest, could raise as much as a quarter of $1 trillion.
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and all that cash could create anywhere from 5 to 10,000 brand- new bay area millionaires. that new earning power is likely to keep bay area real estate prices in the stratosphere. >> i think we will see a lot of transition in the bay area. probably a lot of resentment from people that did not become overnight millionaires. >> san francisco already has the nation's largest wealth gap. the top 5% of households earn an average of just over $630,000 per year. that is compared to hundred $3000 for average middle-class residents. >> you thought it but now you know it. wall street wound up the first quarter with solid gains. the dow was up 211 today, the nasdaq was up 60, and s&p up 18. the s&p is up 13% for the year now. the dow is up 11%. the nasdaq, 16%.
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the tech sector has driven much of the gains. with those numbers going up why not boost the temperatures. 60s and 70s, especially sunday. today it was nice. a few clouds left over speakers, san francisco 59. santa rosa 62. concord 65. san jose 64. here's a satellite showing clouds from earlier. especially over northern california and some pop-up spangles. we are clear to partly cloudy across most areas. we will show you some current readings. santa rosa 51, oakland 50, san jose lower 50s. there is looking out toward san francisco, above the city, out toward the bay. plan on some patchy fog floating or developing in inland valleys tomorrow morning.
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we will, partly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s. very nice forekast. temperatures in the 60s, approaching the 70 to remark. here is the temperature range by about three or 4 pm. the beaches could be low 60s, warmest locations lower 70s. and sunday will be even warmer. we will talk about that and return to possibly some rain chances, coming up. crews are not giving up hope of finding a missing father who dove into the san joaquin river, trying to rescue his one-year-old son. the 41-year-old went into the delta after the child fell from a moving boat. this happened this afternoon in the water near a hilton. the daughter called 911 and
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told dispatchers what happened. she and his sibling waited in the boat until rescuers arrived. all three children including the one-year-old who is wearing a life jacket of time were rescued. but their father still has not been located. >> this water is approximately 50 degrees. which is extremely dangerous for anyone and sustain for any amount of time. >> when the boy was pulled from the water he did not have a pulse. he was rushed to the hospital and remains in serious condition. crews have suspended search efforts for the evening. they say they will begin again around 7:30 am tomorrow. estes at an open house caught on camera. the unusual items the homeowner says he took. for a controversial ending in minnesota, why tonight's mvp was -- another measles case and anothein the bay recent infections hav
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san mateo police are asking for the public's help to catch a thief who struck during an open house for a home up for sale. it happened last sunday and was caught on the surveillance camera. you can see the suspect as he is greeted by the realtor. when the showing was over the homeowner noticed some of her expensive lingerie was missing. the suspect is described as an asian man with a slender build he was wearing glasses, a gray longsleeved shirt, vest, and jeans. teachers at another bay area school district are rallying support during contract talks. teachers in the fremont unified
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school district rallied outside the school before classes began this morning. the teachers say they are at an impasse with the district over wages, they are asking for a 4% raise. a fact-finding hearing is set for next week. a round of court appearances in the admission scandal. more than a dozen parents filed into a courtroom accused of paying top dollar for their kids entry into top schools. they include ceos, investment executives and real estate developers. authorities say many of the brwent through . he has already pleaded guilty to a host of conspiracy charges. >> you have to ask yourself what is the big fish? is that him? or is it all the people? >> none of the 50 people in court friday were asked to enter a plea, court officials simply recited the charges and
10:26 pm
possible sentences. some very well known hollywood cell properties are caught up in the admission scandal. including felicity huffman and lori loughlin. they are expected in court next week. officials say the admission scandal involving singer and his wealthy client has been going on since 2011 and ended just last month. for a popular netflix show is making its way across the country. coming up how marie kondo's tidying up is accepting donations centers around the bay area. big changes for burning man. some say the festival has to return to its roots. if you like to shop online, your total tab may be going up. the changes to california's sales tax rules that take effect next week. >> closed capto you by mancini sleep world. head over to mancini's best buy mattress sale or visit sleep
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. tickets for burning man go on sale next week. organizers are making major changes. s it is not the burnin man festival your parents used to go to. many people are not happy with changes. they are looking for alternatives to the festival which started decades ago.
10:30 pm
it's a celebration that takes over the black rock desert every summer. it creates a city for 70,000 visitors literally overnight. it is never easy. >> it seems like it's a complete change from the burning man my friends went to. when things for started. registration starts at noon on wednesday for tickets. closing by friday at noon. you can buy a ticket and vehicle pass by noon wednesday, april 10. tick tickets run for the $25, vehicle passes are $100 apiece. >> when i went i bought my ticket at the gate. i went on a whim. knowing i was going to get shown some love and be able to find someone selling tickets. and we got to the front doors and got a ticket for a couple hundred bucks a gun in. only 23,000 tickets are for sale. 10,000 vehicle passes. >> it's not the burning man i grew up wanting to go to. i don't know, is that something i can totally for.
10:31 pm
and a sign of the times organizers declined our interview but responded by email, which outlined the changes such as eliminating one ticket tier to increase low income ticket sales, and increase the cost of vehicle passes to encourage people to carpool. >> i don't know, >> reporter: all good things change over time. >> even though it's changing, it will still have hopefully. >> they you have your google camps. it's a farce. among other things, the bureau of land management wants federal oversight, security approved by them. all of these points being debated.
10:32 pm
the tax rate is scheduled to go up monday in many cities. changes include increases in martina, redwood city, santa rosa. unincorporated areas of sonoma and santa cruz counties will also see increases. online sales are not exempt from the new roles. starting monday california will require all out-of-state retailers to collect sales om c. the agency sent a request to the department of finance today, after the state released an audit detailing years of performance failures. it said it would use additional funds to hire more workers and update equipment. lawmakers are scheduled to hold a dmv budget meeting next month. another case of measles is
10:33 pm
confirmed in santa clara county, it is the third bay area case just this week. officials say the patient contracted the measles while overseas. the public health department is reaching out to those who may have contacted the individual. while they were contagious. the other cases, one in santa clara county and one in alameda county, involved patients who traveled internationally. >> night younger kids don't have the vaccine yet. they are too young to have the measles vaccine. as a mother, i'm worried. >> last month the first reported measles case in the bay area arrived on incoming international flight at san francisco's airport. officials in alameda and santa clara county say none of these cases are related. the jurythe families of two brothers who died of cancer from exposure to benzene. gary and randy eades were exposed to a solvent containing benzene in their jobs at a tire plant.
10:34 pm
they both contracted cancer. their families a sued union oil which made the solvent, saying the company failed to warn users. the jury found the company knew or should have known about the dangers of exposure to benzene. and alerted chp officer discovered a stash of cocaine hidden in cereal boxes. during a traffic stop. the officer pulled over the driver of a toyota camry in merced around 3 pm yesterday. for tinted window violation. during a search of the vehicle the officer found these three boxes that contained one kilo each of cocaine inside. officials estimate each box contains drugs with a street value of $40,000. $40,000 a pop. the driver was booked into the jail. >> not exactly cocoa puffs. racing resume today at santa anita park following the death of several horses. apart cancel braces earlier this month as 22 horses died
10:35 pm
during the two months.. officials are investigating what led to the deaths. animal rights activists are demanding changes to racing guidelines including banning the use of whips during races. the california board of horseracing is meeting next week to consider new safety roles. actor george clooney is calling for a boycott of several hotels across the u.s. and europe, amid a gate crackdown over these which hotels are included. i'm working on a nice weekend forecast miwe could tal rain chance is once again. a lot to talk about, coming up. more breaks it trouble in uk. today's vote that some feacrisi
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a man was struck and killed in san mateo, shortly afterwhil investigated what happened. passengers on the train were delayed for an hour or so. caltrain says the train hit eight male trespasser near the hillsdale station. it is the third fatality of 2019. we are learning more about the max eight aircraft that
10:39 pm
crashed in ethiopia. the wall street journal reported today that a flight control feature automatically activated before the planes nosedived into the ground killing all 157 people. the acting fda chief said under oath that a properly trained pilot would have known how to stop the wild pitching of the plane. sometimes called runaway --. >> it presents itself the same way and it is dealt with the same way. anything that we can change and make better, we will. >> finding from the black box shows strong similarities to that deadly lion air crash six months ago in indonesia. investigators and that probe found that pilot tried to keep the plane pointing up. but the flight control system forced the nose down. the british parliament voted to reject teresa mays brexit deal. they had agreed to step down if lawmakers approve the deal but that was not enough to win approval. the no vote means britain will leave the your unit in two weeks with no framework in place to deal with borders and trade and many fear that will
10:40 pm
lead to economic chaos. >> once again, we have been unable to support leaving the eu. the implication, his gray. >> they've announced an emergency summit april 10. it's possible they could allow another extension of up to a year for britain to negotiate an agreement. george cleaning is calling for the boycott of nine hotels in the u.s. and europe with ties to the sultan of brunei. that is because next month, the sultan plans to implement a strict islamic law and punishsexual relations by stoning offenders to death. he wrote this we quote are we really going to help fund the murder of innocent citizens? some of the beverly hills hotel and hotel bel air in los angeles which are owned by the sultan of brunei's investment agency. it is being called the marie kondo effect. >> that's about 25,000 more
10:41 pm
donations than last year. >> how a netflix show about decluttering is actually contributing to an increase interest ordinations. >> and we will have the complete bay area forecast and it looks like the weekend has beautiful weather in store. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes.
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we have a happy update. a violin left aboard a bus was taken by a writer and has been returned to its rightful owner. investigators have identifiedin it is not been determined if any charges will be filed. pet stores in the bay area and around the world are inundated with donations. -- threat thrift stores. this bike is attributed in part to the marie kondo effect.? she is the lifestyles grew encouraging people to tidy up as people de-clutter their homes thrift stores are reaping the benefits. >> reporter: goodwill of
10:45 pm
silicon valley is having a good year. actually, a great one. donations have been pouring in by the carlo.? we are up 12% as of yesterday. we are pretty happy. that's about 25,000 more donations that we took the same time last year. this month it is been even better, up 16%. they chalk it up to a good economy, targeted marketing and marie kondo. >> i love her. she is the queen of decluttering, the titan of tidying. now her book and netflix show spark what is being referred tot thousands of people flooding thrift shops with items they no longer need. >> de-clutter. de-clutter your life. it makes you feel good, if it sitting in the garage and i don't use it, why have it in the garage? somebody else can use my toaster oven that i don't use anymore because i bought myself
10:46 pm
a new one. >> reporter: thrift stores worldwide have noted an uptick prompting some to ask for more volunteers and others to ask for a giving hiatus while they sort to the back lot. but goodwill of silicon valley is taking the extra volume in stride. >> we would never say don't bring us anything more. we survive in donations. the more we can get the happier we are. kondo's item says hold item, see if it sparks joy, and if not let it go. for her, it was time. >> the been hanging in the house for a while. now it's time for someone else to have them. >> reporter: if they keep up this pace they will set a new record this yer the first time. if you are feeling inspired to de-clutter you are in luck, the city is offering a day of free bulk and waste disposal.
10:47 pm
it is being called a bulky block party. the event will be held at 7101 edgewater drive and it is open to oakland residents only. the goal is to educate oakland residents about the cities oaky pickup service that allows residents to call and schedule a curbside pickup. you don't have to worry about any rain. more sunshine and some temperatures, on the mild side, approaching the 70 degree mark toward sunday.a look at where w go back to october 1, up above 42 inches, san francisco 23. oakland about all these numbers up above the average. we get a break from the rain over the next few days. the clouds from earlier today. a few sprinkles across some of the bay area but we have cleared out nicely.
10:48 pm
it is clear to partly cloudy now. are live camera looking out for the bay bridge toward san francisco bay. most areas are in the 50s. cool spots tomorrow morning start out in the lower 40s. 40 to 42. apollo levels have been trending up especially for tree. with the drive forecast this weekend, the warm forecast, and a bit of a breeze, that can boost the levels. approaching the high category tomorrow saturday and wins out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. temperatures are warming, sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. and into next week, we are tracking the return of a week system. with that some clouds and some showers of the bay area no
10:49 pm
major storms. a few light showers. here is the forecast model into sunday. mostly clear skies but increasing clouds i sunday evening. this is your monday, definitely cloud cover. the best chance of showers in the north bay, a few sprinkles elsewhere. on tuesday we have a chance of a light shower. forecast highs tomorrow, upper 60s, a few 70s. out toward fairfield, gilroy. san mateo 65. nice weekend. sunday showing 74. the could be some spots, 75, 76. and that next week you see picking up the clouds and add a few sprinkles. just enjoy the next couple of days. we need to break. >> don't have to tell me twice. >> a little break.
10:50 pm
the hall of fame introduction ceremony is in place in new york tonight. stephen x became the first woman inducted twice in the hall of fame. she had already been inducted as a member of fleetwood mac. and her acceptance speech she called on more women to be inducted in 2020. janet jackson was honored, def leppard, radiohead, roxy music, and the zombies. rita moreno is about to enter a very exclusive club. >> ♪ >> the 87-year-old will be honored with a peabody award for her achievement. that means the actress will reach the status by winning a peabody, ma, grammy, oscar and tony award. she joins only two others, barbra streisand and mike nichols, who have won all five. she will receive the honor at the peabody gala in new york. in may. coming up, a traffic stop
10:51 pm
it turns into anything but routine when a driver rams a police cruiser and takes off. the urgent search for the person who is behind the wheel. warriors sound off on the controversial officiating tonight. sports is up next with the details. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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warriors temper was. >> you thought it was a routine when. it didn't happen. you can make a case that the warriors should not have been in the position to lose to a semi-crummy team. you could say this is some of the worst officiating ever. either way you would probably be right. jordan bell was back on the court. the smile is back. the waitress led by as many as 19. we going to overtime down by 3, he was fouled. know. wait a minute. they wave it off. they said he was fouled before the shot. so they give another chance, warriors inbound, look at steph curry and a possible shot, basically the buzzer to tie it. but there is half a second left. and minnesota is ready to inbound, trying to win it. kb is called for a foul. >> what?
10:55 pm
>> into the line. goes anthony, he hits the free throw. and that is a sardonic smile. 131-130 overtime loss. curry was angered by the call. >> you'd have to ask of the mvp is tonight, mark kogut. he was the, he is so good with his whistle, he knew they were going to sell me and he called it before i shot the ball. he's one of the greatest rest on the turf. >> can't find them for that. in case you are looking for the oakland a's, azor giants, not happening. although early, it's the manager of the year, designated hitter, metalsmith back, eric
10:56 pm
chavez holding the glove for chapman. sixth inning doing his thing. he has 3 already. the a's the angels 3-2. the eighth inning, simmons, right back up the middle for a base hit. he scores a pair and it is 4-2. the richest man in baseball. you know that's who i'm talking about. he shot into the gap and got himself a to rent double up, 6- 2 final. they are 1-3. with the giants it's not whether they were going to win the game, it's whether they were finally going to score a run. in the second game. they had to wait until the ninth inning. and ron burgundy the anchorman,
10:57 pm
third inning san diego, gone. padres lead 3-0, i can't believe it. ninth-inning, no runs from the giants. finally evan longoria, the first run., and its 4-1. giants load the bases. called out by lance, he argues the call, the giants leave with bases loaded you want. it still 4-1 defeat. they are oh -2. meantime, march madness, you could almost hear the sweat running off the cbs executives for heads. when the number one attraction, nearly eliminated from the tournament. escaping by the skin of their teeth. check that out.
10:58 pm
23 points for zion. doing his thing. but in the final seconds, virginia tech was only down 2 with the ball, a great look at it, to try and tie it. see the replay. he does not get it. and duke manages a by the skin of their teeth, 75- 73. they will meet michigan state sunday in the elite eight in the eastern region, midwest is auburn upsetting top seed north carolina, they will now meet kentucky on sunday. the men's basketball teamfor cal finally has a new coach, they been doing things quickly. they fire him and they hire him. he is been around, had a great program going in nevada. moved onto georgia. they bring an experience to try
10:59 pm
to right the ship at cal's troubled basketball program. they will have a press conference monday morning to make it official. mark fox the new man at cal. that is the sporting lineup. it is 11 pm and time for more news. it extremely harmful economically and closing it would have impact that has nothing to do with tru threatens to close the southern order as early as next week if mexico does not immediately stop halting immigration. illegal immigration. a border closure or partial closure could come with a significant economic toll. >> the trump administration says the number of migrants in u.s. custody at the border has reached a crisis level. the president wrote in a tweet,
11:00 pm
so much money, when you add in drug trafficking, the border closing would be a good thing. americans could feel a closure in a number of ways. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber giants to small neighborhood markets could be impacted by a stop in the flow of goods. trump repeated his threat several times friday. >> i'm not playing games. and he doesn't sencial loss he closes the border with mexico


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