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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a border closure or partial closure could come with a significant economic toll. >> the trump administration says the number of migrants in u.s. custody at the border has reached a crisis level. the president wrote in a tweet, so much money, when you add in drug trafficking, the border closing would be a good thing. americans could feel a closure in a number of ways. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber giants to small neighborhood markets could be impacted by a stop in the flow of goods. trump repeated his threat several times friday. >> i'm not playing games. and he doesn't sencial loss he closes the border with mexico
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next week. >> with a deficit like we have with mexico and if had for many years, closing the border would be a profit-making operation. >> reporter: but trump's threat to through sharp criticism. the u.s. chamber of commerce said it would be an unmitigated economic debacle. that could threaten 5 million american jobs. the chamber says the u.s. and mexico trade about 1.7 billion in goods every day. and california senator dianne feinstein said in a statement, it would be an economic disaster. >> it would be extremely harmful economically. mexico is our biggest export market from california. about 15 1/2, 60% of all exports to the entire world go to mexico. >> reporter: he says and bay area technology companies such as alphabet, oracle, cisco and hp depend on mexico for components. >> a lot of our companies have major operations in mexico. >> he says now companies no
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longer keep where large warehouses of extra parts. the biggest impact >> i think the big one is supply chains. these are binational supply chains. they are very important to our companies. if you disrupt those, you disruptor businesses. and deployment and other activity we have here. >> reporter: smaller businesses such as markets could also be impacted. >> long-term it would have an impact. at village market in oakland, avocados, tomatoes, tropical fruits, and winter vegetables are often available from mexico when they are out of season in california. >> we probably get about 40% of our produce from south of the border. especially this time of year. ident did qualify his statement at one point saying that he would close the border or large sections of it. the white house did not say whether air travel would also be included. and mexico's foreign relations secretary tweeted that his country does not act based on threats. gavin newsom will travel to
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el salvador next month to learn more about what is driving large numbers of migrants to seek asylum in the u.s. he announced a visit and accused the president or the trump administration of demonizing those fleeing violence in central america. he says there are more than 680,000 immigrants from el salvador now living in california. police are searching for a man who reportedly ramped a fremont police car in the took off. just before 8 pm officers tried to pull over the man at a motel 6 but said he drove off, slamming into their car. they pursued ensued and ended in the hayward hills for the suspect got out of his vehicle and ran into nearby yards. officers are going from house to house searching for the suspect. the principal's wife pleaded not guilty to his murder. the man was shot and killed on march 16.
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the 39-year-old told police she snapped during an argument at their home in pittsburgh. the 45-year-old victim died on sunday after being kept on life support. he was the father of eight children including three with her. he was the principal of the pittsburgh adult education center. today's running -- a man shot his wife and himself due to poor health and finances on the coast and yesterday a similar scenario and petaluma. there is help for seniors in distress. >> they were both incredible characters. >> reporter: article court and petaluma, one couple had lived here as long as anyone could remember. >> both of them were in bad shape. and i can't imagine either one of them wanting to live without the other. >> reporter: a relative found the couple, in their 80s, thursday evening.
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a murder suicide. both were in failing health, spiraling in recent months. but no one thought there lies within this way. in a house where they lived for decades, and raised a family. >> i was just shocked when i came home and heard this. they will be greatly missed. >> i used to go have coffee with them, take my dogs over, visit. solve the world's problems. >> if they wanted to take their life, is there going to be a better option for them than this? i just don't get it. something has to be done. >> if we don't find resources for these individuals, that is when these tragic things happen. >> reporter: those who work with elders say it is startling for a community to realize the seniors in their midst are so despondent. but caring for a frail spouse is incredibly stressful. more so when the caregivers own health is poor. >> you can ask for help and people will help. there are so many safety nets, and programs. >> reporter: it helps for
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everyone to pause and pay attention. >> and say, is there a difference, is somebody not coming down to the mailbox? isolation and a change in behavior are both red legs. >> i have not seen that neighbor in a while. maybe i should go knock on their door and see if everything is okay. >> i tried very hard to get them to seek elderly care. >> reporter: neighbors closest to them see like many other generations they were independent, stoic, not inclined to ask for help. >> there was no foul play. it was two lifetime lovers, and i believe they made that choice together. and it is sad. they were beautiful people. a four-year-old boy remains hospitalized with a brain injury after accidentally shooting himself in the head in oakland. today prosecutors charge this man, terrence wilson, with child abuse, criminal gun storage, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
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the said he had slept with a gun under the pillow tuesday night, and forgot to put it away the next morning. he also told investigators that he bought the gun on the street in san francisco two weeks ago. and was aware that he was not allowed to have one. the child remains in critical condition. today we learned about a third case of measles here in the bay area. the latest is the second in santa clara county and follows another in alameda county. all three cases involved international travel. >> the public health officer says the second measles case of this week is a resident who is infected while traveling internationally. health officials say the patient was not contagious while on a flight or at the airport. but the presence of a second infection is escalating concerns for parents of newborns such as julie on. >> my younger is not old enough to have the vaccine. as a mother, i'm worried.
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>> reporter: public health officials have also reported possible measles virus exposure. this after an international traveler infected with measles visited barbecue and down to livermore march 23. between 10:52 pm. >> i heard about it from a friend. it caught me by surprise. we have been there before it's a great restaurant. >> reporter: management had no on camera comment but say they are reviewing employees inoculation records. health officials say anyone who visited the restaurant during the time in question and who is not inoculated is at risk of infection. >> the business is cooperating and helping us tart determine if anybody is susceptible to measles. >> reporter: while that investigation was forward, visi by a tourist beginning march 16.'s arrival marks the emergence of the first measles case that was announced tuesday. officials say that person was so sick they were hospitalized
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due to the infection. last month, the first reported measles cases in the bay area all arrived on incoming international flight to san francisco airport. officials in alameda and santa clara county say none of these cases are related. >> our job is to prevent further cases from developing. >> reporter: county health officials say if you believe your infected with measles or are showing signs, do not go to your doctor or healthcare provider. instead, call them so they can set up a quarantine area or you can come in and be evaluated. let's talk about measles statewide. officials say unvaccinated travelers are largely to blame for thficials say in several re cases, unvaccinated travelers visited the philippines and eastern europe and ventured into areas that are plagued by large numbers of measles cases. when they return to the u.s.
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they gave the disease to family members and other unvaccinated people in their community. we care about the homeless, but this is not the solution. >> the battle over a proposed homeless shelter in san francisco is heating up. coming up, the online campaign has raised tens of thousands of dollars. a man was hit by a car while walking, we will have details just into the newsroom. storm clouds moving out, get ready for former weather this weekend.
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he was reportedly walking outside the crosswalk when he was struck by the vehicle. police say drugs or alcohol do not appear to be involved. the roadway was shut down for several hours while officers investigated the scene. ridesharing lyft is now
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publicly traded. the stock popped initially and then settled to a modest gain. it ended about 8% higher to finish at $78.29. the company founders ranked the nasdaq opening bell today, instantly creating new millionaires. but for many lyft drivers, there was no cause for celebration. stephen greg has been driving for two years. he dries 50 hours per week and makes about $700 after paying for gas. >> this company is designed in such a way the driver bears all the expenses and risks. >> hoping to get enough drivers together and demand part of that money that is being floated around. >> reporter: lyft drivers say it could get worse for them. theyto appease the company's new shareholders. upcoming ipo spy big-name
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companies could raise as much as a quarter of 1 trillion dollars. all that cash could create anywhere from 5 to 10,000 brand- new bay area millionaires. that new earning power is likely to keep their area real estate prices in the stratosphere. >> i think we will see a lot of transition in the bay area. probably a lot of resentment from people that did not become overnight millionaires. >> in san francisco already has the nations largest the top 5% of households earn an average of $630,000 per year. that is compared to $103,000 for average middle-class residents. neighbors hoping to block a homeless shelter on the waterfront are crowdfunding to mount a legal challenge r they thousands of dollars. but the effort has prompted a counter campaign that is also raking in big bucks.
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>> reporter: just steps away from this parking lot and san francisco's waterfront luxury condominiums with sweeping views tower overhead. some people who live in those once the parking lot to stay a parking lot. >> we care about the homeless. but this is not the solution. >> reporter: she has lived in the watermark for 13 years. the building overlooks the parking lot on bryant street and the embarcadero. she along with her neighbors have donated tens of thousands of dollars to a gofundme campaign. to hire a lawyer to prevent the city from turning the lot into a navigation center. a 200 bed shelter with expanded health, and social services for the homeless. >> we have the highest concentration of children, day cares and schools within a three or four block radius. and i do not think it is safe and fair for these children to be put through what they could be thought through.
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>> reporter: in response, supporters of the navigation center proposed by the mayor earlier this month started their own gofundme campaign raising more than $70,000 for the coalition on homelessness. >> to me what it shows is, there are a small number of people who have hateful attitudes towards homeless folks. but we have far more people who are supporting folks who want to see solutions. >> reporter: coalition on homelessness says that money, which came mostly in small donations, would be used to support efforts toward helping the homeless. and making the navigation center a reality. >> we make every penny stretch. really far. it will be used for going out and educating folks about homelessness, working on solutions, gathering input from the homeless, how they would like to see the new center organized. >> reporter: while the effort to block the shelter is gaining steam online, so is the effort to help the city's homeless. and not all residents of the high-rise condos oppose the project. >> i can understand the
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feelings of the people who live in the area. that they would rather not have it. but i think we need it. >> reporter: the residents have hired an attorney but is so far it is unclear what his legal strategy will be. the commission is scheduled to vote on whether to lease the land to the city on april 23. tickets for burning man go on sale next week. it takes over the black rock desert every summer. this year organizers are making major changes. only 23,000 tickets are going for sale. the event usually does double that amount. organizers say they are also eliminating one ticket tier 2 increase low income ticket sales. and increasing the price of car passes to limit cars. >> it seems like it is a complete change from the burning man that my friends went to when things were started. >> everyone goes and gets naked and finds nirvana and come back
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and go back to the desk job. >> reporter: registration starts at noon wednesday, tickets are $425, and vehicle passes are $100. paradise in butte county is beginning to rebuild. the second couple there has announced they received a permit to rebuild a home destroyed by the camp fire five months ago. she says she and her husband picked up their building permit today, at paradise city hall. 11,000 homes were destroyed, about 90% of the town. the fire started november 8 and killed 85 people. it has been an active weather week. today the storm clouds, we had a few sprinkles. get ready for a nice weekend. highs today upper 50s on the coast, 60s, the warmest, around
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fairfield, 70 degrees. there's a satellite showing you clouds earlier today, right now, we have cleared a partly cloudy skies. patchy fog. especially overnight. it could impact visibility especially in the valley. santa rosa 50 degrees, oakland 48, is a 54. here is looking out toward sfo for your friday night. not much fog right now. just partly cloudy. the main headline this weekend, i guess two, it's dry, and it is warming up. especially by sunday. were thinking 40s overnight, walking watching out for patchy fog. in the afternoon, lott to sunshine, mostly sunny's. temperatures in the low 60s,
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flirting with the mid-sixties tomorrow afternoon. 40 to 50 to start out, a nice recovery in the afternoon, 60 270. all because this big high- pressure offshore is strengthening and will stick around this weekend. it is warm for saturday and sunday. sunday will be the warmest day of the week. next week we see this week system move-in. we will be tracking more showers. we bring in a chance by monday afternoon and a chance for sprinkles the rest of the bay area as we toward tuesday. a great temperature, lots of sunshine for saturday and sunday, temperatures and south lake tahoe in the upper 40s to 50s. saturday, we are in the clear, sunday we will pick up the cloud cover by four 5 pm. monday we bring in clouds and a
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chance of a few sprinkles, a few light showers, especially up in the north bay. highs for tomorrow 60s to around 70. your five day forecast, next week we are tracking that shower chance. think about this weekend. it will be great. it will be warmer. >> looking forward to it. giants and a's looking for a win. and a controversial ending in minnesota. why some lawyers say the mvp was an official. sports is next. three peregrine falcons recently hatched at pg&e headquarters. the research center applies tracking bands to the birds. they have started a webcam so people can watch and listen to the checks eat sleep and flap their wings for the first time. you can watch them on the pg&e website.
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at this like the rest did ascend but how about this, band together and make it us against the world and rolled right through. for another great. and all that stuff. jordan bell was back tonight smiling after his suspension. the warriors led as many as 19, overtime, he hits the 3, much do's deep curry chagrin, they wave it off. he was found before the shot, ridiculous, they get the ball back, same situation, steph buries it. and impossible 3 from the corner. only a half second left. he will inbound and he is inexplicably called for a foul with half a second left. to the line goes carl anthony, he hits the free throw. and the warriors lose 131-130 in overtime. not good. neither is the scene for the san francisco giants.
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the big question not are they going to win the game but are they going to finally score a run. they had to wait until the night. ron burgundy is a favorite on the set. giants down 4-0, top of the ninth, evan longoria, the first homerun for the first run for the giants for this young season. they trail 4-1, load the bases, 2 out, that's just a bad call. you are better than that. that ball is up above the letters. he's not happy in the giants find themselves 0-2 although kind of cool, all the hardware, designated hitter of the year, manner the manager of the year. a's lead over the angels, 2-0 in the six, he has three already. but richest man on the planet,
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at least in baseball, hits a two run double, that ensures the 6-2 when, the angels over the a's. oakland now 1-3. friday night, time to check this out. ncaa basketball, you know everybody wanted to see this guy, zion williamson and duke, this is just defining gravity. beautiful shot. 23 points for him, duke barely escaped with a victory to move on in the madness of march. check this out. goldschmidt in his first season with st. louis, traded in the off-season by arizona, three home runs tonight. that's a way to ingratiate yourself. a win over the brewers. 's >> have a good night everybody. >> have a good weekend.
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